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The Smell of Sex 8


The Smell of Sex Ch.8
by Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by
sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture


A distraught Laura staggered back to her dorm room. She
opened the door to the room in her disheveled state to find
Monique reading at her desk. She ran to her roommate as
tears began to fall from her eyes and collapsed at her feet.
Putting her arms around the dark skinned girl, she began to

"Damn girl, what's wrong?" Monique asked the weeping girl.

"Oh Monique, today was horrible, just horrible. What you
did to me this morning worked for a while, but later on,
my-my . . ." Laura struggled to find the right word, "pussy
got all wet and gushy and made me do the most horrible
things," Laura sobbed.

Monique put her book down, and tried to sooth the hysterical
girl, "It will be alright Laura, see I've been reading today
to see if I can discover a cure for you." Monique pointed
to the thick psychology book she just put down.

"I've been reading today, trying to come up with some more
answers for your fetish. According to what I read, as long
as you didn't cum today you should be fine. See, if you
cum, it will act as positive reinforcement for your
perviness." Monique pretended to reassure her fearful
roommate, even though she already knew the little snob had
cum. The blonde bimbo smelled like a walking pussy factory.
"You didn't cum today, did ja pervie?"

Laura's body shook even harder at this horrible news! Not
only had she cum, but she cum like crazy and it seemed like
every cum was longer and more powerful than the last.
"Yes," she sobbed, "I couldn't stop myself."

Monique extricated herself from Laura's arms then looked
into the girl's red teary eyes. "In that case, I'm afraid
we are just going to have to step up your negative

Laura hated this reinforcement business, but she hated
acting this way even more. "Anything," she whispered,
"please, just let me get control over my body again."

"I already noticed that some of the things we were doing
didn't seem to be working like I had planned. So, I called
a friend of mine who is a lesbian. Well, she isn't *just* a
lesbian. You could say she is a lesbian expert, because she
actually has women that she keeps as slaves," Monique said.

For some reason that Laura couldn't quite explain, when she
heard the word slave, her cunt gave a sympathetic throb of

"So I told her about your problem and she laughed and said
she thought that you were a sub. Then, when I showed her
the tape of you sniffing my panties, we both agreed you had
to be one sick subby slut to do that." Monique pretended to
be serious, but just barely managed to stifle a laugh.

Laura looked up at her questioningly. 'Who is this *sub*
person?' she wondered.

"You don't know nothin' about sex do ya girl?" Monique
laughed at Laura, causing the girl to blush at her own
inexperience. "Sub is short for submissive. A *sub* gets
off on being tole' what to do and being punished, dummy."

Laura felt like she couldn't breathe and turned a brilliant
shade of crimson. She thought back and realized that when
Beth, Dr. Adams, or Monique bossed her around or even
spanked her, she had gotten turned on! 'Oh please don't let
me be a sub!' she thought, horrified that it may already be
too late for her. No, she couldn't admit this revelation to
Monique. Not to Monique, who she had always felt superior to
in the past.

"So my friend Latanya says I need to treat you like a slave
and see if you get off on it," Monique said, looking to see
the resistance forming on Laura's face. "I know what you
thinkin' girl. I said the same thing to Latanya. I'm not
keepin' no fuckin' slave. Shit, that's sick, 'sides they
got laws against slavery!" the dark girl said, thickly
pouring on the ebonics to reassure Laura that she was just a
dumb girl from the hood, trying to help in her own way.

"Well, she says if you a sub, you gonna be someone's girl
anyway. It would be better for ya ta find out with someone
ya trust. She said it wouldn't take long to find out if you
one of these *sub* people anyway. So, are you ready to get
started pervie?" asked Monique.

Laura lowered her gaze and blushed, "Yes," she replied

"Yes, Miss Monique!" the dark girl corrected.

"Yes . . . Miss Monique," Laura replied, in a voice that
shook with her helplessness.

"Good, then strip those clothes off, like we agreed
earlier." Monique ordered. In a way, Laura was glad to the
be free of her ruined smelly clothes, but she also knew this
would expose the effects of today's activities to her
roommate. She tried to hide them, but between the phone
number on her breast, the puffy red swollen sex, and the
pink ruler marks on her ass, there just weren't enough hands
to go around.

"Goddamn girl, maybe you're a sub after all," the dark girl
said, as she looked at the handiwork of Dr. Adams. Monique,
ran her hand over Laura's pink bottom to see if it still
felt hot. "Did you enjoy it, slut?" she whispered in
Laura's ear.

A helpless whine escaped deep from within Laura's throat.
"No," she lied, while she arched her ass back to meet
Monique's retreating hand.

"Let me give you your chores to do, while I'm gone tonight
pervie. Oh, don't look so sad pervie, I'm going to the
library to read books about your fetishes and shit."
However, Monique thought to herself, 'Ha-ha, actually, I
have a date with a *man* bitch!'

Monique walked over and turned on the video recorder.
"First, record your journal and tell the camera all about
how you got in such a state today. Remember, you must tell

"Then when you are finished with that, clean up this fuckin'
room! It's beginning to smell like your smelly pussy,"
Monique said, as she arched an eyebrow up and looked
accusingly at Laura.

Next, I want you to wash all the dirty panties in the
hamper. Since you like to sniff them so much, I want you to
smell every pair all over. Then, on a sheet of paper, write
down which panties you liked the best and why. Just pretend
you are at one of them fancy wine tastins' and tell Miss
Monique all about her panties. I want to know all about the
bouquet or whatever shit they're always saying on tv and you
better tell me what you think I was doin to make them
bitches smell and taste so good. Oh yeah, that reminds me.
I've got a coupl'a stains in them mugs and I'm all out of
Shout. So, how about when you're doin' your tastin', you
put a little extra special attention to the dirty spots with
you tongue."

Next, I want you to rate how horny my panties make you from
zero to ten. I'm warning ya in advance pervie, if my
panties don't get a good rating, then I'll make your ass go
'round and collect some more from the other girls in the

'Oh please no!' Laura prayed, trying to convince herself not
to do the disgusting things Monique was saying. However,
her juicy quim told a different story, as it opened and
began to drip with desire. "Yes, Miss Monique," she
answered obediently.

Monique walked to the dresser and picked up some lacy under-
things and a pair of heels. "Now, for the negative
reinforcement; if you are going to be my maid, you have to
look the part. I took up a collection from some of the
girls down the hall for your outfit." Monique tied the
extremely large pair of white lace panties around Laura's
waist. "Every maid needs an apron," she said grinning.

Next, she placed the tiny black satiny panties on Laura's
head and adjusted them, until they were just right, "and a
pretty little bonnet, for her head. A cute little outfit,
fo my cute lil' pervie maid, hee-hee!," she laughed.

"Go ahead and put your heels on Laura, while I finish up
here. All maids wear heels when they clean."

Laura thought back and she remembered her family's maid wore
a maid's uniform, she didn't wear heels. 'Well, Rosa was
probably too fat for heels anyway,' Laura thought.

While Laura sat trying to put the high heels on her feet,
Monique put a tape in the VCR and turned it on. As Laura
finished donning the heels, she looked in horror at the
image on the VCR. *It was her*! She was on the floor with
her nose stuck in Monique's discarded running shorts!

"Okay, I'm goin' ta be leavin' now Pervie. If you get all
horny and shit, you can play with yo cunt. Just remember,
any orgasms you have, thinking about or smelling panties
will positively reinforce your lezzie tendencies and ruin
the hard work I've don for you. It'll take me weeks of
increasingly severe negative reinforcement to overcome any
transg- I mean you fallin off the wagon or some shit,"
Monique said, catching herself before she slipped out of

"If you feel your pervie self getting' out of control, just
take a look at the tv and watch your sick self sniffin my
stinky shorts fo' motivation. So remember control your
slutty ass and above all *NO CUMMING*!"

Unless of course you *WANT* to become a total lesbian fuck
slut," Monique said, as she closed the door behind her,
leaving Laura dazed and confused in her wake.
Teetering on the unfamiliar shoes, the dazed blonde looked
at herself again in the full length mirror.

The perverted creature she saw couldn't be her! Yet there
she was, formerly Ms. Straight A, Princess Prim and Preppy,
but now - now, she was only Princess Panty. Even the lowly
Mexican maid that served at her family's house wouldn't be
caught dead wearing such a ridiculous outfit.

What was even worse, Laura loved it. She craved it.

"Oh God, what is happening to me? Why is my body doing this
to me?" Laura asked herself, as she raised her makeshift
apron up to examine her sex. "Ohh, my poor pussy," Laura
whimpered, looking down at her red swollen ripe quim. The
suction from the breast pump had not only sucked out Laura's
juices, it caused her outer pussy lips to swell up to twice
their normal size. Her mons and inner lips were also swollen
and puffy looking. Her clit had become so large; it stuck
right out of its hood and would actually bob up and down
whenever she moved.

As she attempted to keep her hands off it, her eyes looked
up at her bare breasts and thought, 'I have only the chest
of a very little girl, but I've got the pussy of a woman!'

'No, that's not right. Monique says I have to say it right!
I've got the cunt of a whore.' she thought, as her right
hand naturally reached down, and began rubbing her sore
labia between her sticky fingers.

The effect was electric! Laura had to stop herself from
accidentally cumming. She spread her nether lips as she
gazed longingly at her leaking sex. 'Such a juicy quim; a
cunt that was made to be fucked,' she thought.

'Damn! What kind of narcissistic slut must I look like to
the camera?' Laura thought, as she remembered the camera
recording her actions.

Then Laura had to subject herself to the additional
humiliation of reliving today's events, as she reciting each
of them before the video camera.

She couldn't help herself! She rubbed her pussy and cried as
she was telling all the sordid details of the worst day of
her life.

She wanted desperately to cum! But, she stopped herself
short of cumming each time she came close.

How her clit ached for release, and Laura cried, but she did
stop herself. Laura had to be strong. She remembered
Monique's warning, 'If you cum too many times you would
become a real-live lesbian slut forever.'

Trying to get her mind of her aching quim, Laura began the
task of cleaning up the room. She moved around the room
teetering around on the unfamiliar high heels. The uppity
girl found that with every piece of lint she picked up, bed
that was made 'just right', every surface that was cleaned,
and every menial task that used to be beneath her, took on
new meaning as she did it wearing her humiliating outfit.

Suddenly, cleaning the room and becoming the black girl's
maid had become sexually stimulating.

Laura mind wondered and she began to daydream while she
continued to clean in her sexual daze. In her fantasy, she
was Fifi the maid, and Monique was still in the room,
ordering her around as she cleaned. 'Come on Fifi, keep
those legs straight and bend at the waist when you pick up
my clothes maid! You missed a spot in the corner Fifi,
maybe I'll have to put you over my knee and spank your nasty
little girl ass. Spread those scrawny legs bitch, when you
are on your hands and knees, I want to see that wet juicy
cunt. Come one bitch, wiggle that flat ass when you wipe up
that spill. Look at yourself in the mirror Fiffi, see what
a depraved slut you've become.'

Then when she looked into the mirror, she grew wetter with
humiliation and desire. The heels did hurt her legs and
feet, but she saw they made her ass and legs look extremely
sexy. While the panties she was wearing on her head made
her look like a dumb bimbo, her ass stuck prettily out from
the back of her makeshift apron.

She also found that her panty-apron came in handy for wiping
up the constant flow of pussy juice as it ran down her
thighs, threatening to ruin her new heels.

Suddenly she heard the audio of herself cumming from the
video that was playing. The image of her kneeling on the
floor, hips humping in abandon, as she buried her face in
her roommate's shorts, caught her total attention. She knew
she should be disgusted just watching it. Even the very
idea that she would sniff her roomie's nasty, smelly panties
should have disgusted her, but the sight and sounds of it .
. . brought back the memory of her first glorious CUM!

She so desperately wanted to do it all over again.
Frantically, she looked for those soiled panties from

'I wonder if they are in that pile of panties on the floor?'
she thought. Then sanity returned. Laura stopped herself!
She could wait, she had to! At least until after she had
cleaned the room as she had been instructed.

'After that, maybe . . . just maybe. Gotta clean the room
first then Monique's delicates.' Laura thought, but she just
couldn't wait! Her aching cunt NEEDED IT!

'Damn the room and my imagination!' Laura mentally cursed

She quickly gathered all of Monique's soiled panties and
nighties up in her arms. She tried to resist, she tried to
be strong but, 'Maybe just *one* little sniff. What could it
hurt? Monique even said I was supposed to smell them.' Laura
bent her head down and inhaled Monique's aroma from the lacy
garments she was carrying.

She couldn't help herself! Maybe she could sniff them just a
tiny bit and then finish cleaning the room.

Carefully, she laid the soiled lingerie out on Monique's
clean bed, and then knelt down on the floor beside the bed.
'Well, maybe I'll just go ahead and write down what I think
of each of her panties. After all, she did ask me to.'
Laura thought.

Laura got a pen and piece of paper. She also brought back a
book to write on. Kneeling by the bed again, she began to
rate each panty as if it were a fine wine.

Panty #1: Warner's bright strips eggshell color. They were
satiny with vertical lines and a slight odor of sex. I
imagine you must have worn these to class this week. I rate
them a six.

Panty #2: Victoria's Secret black satin with lace front
panel. They have a light scent of sex and a delicate
perfume. I imagine you wore these on a date due to the smell
of perfume. I give them a six.

Panty #3: Victoria's Secret solid satin and peach in color.
These panties reeked of sex so strongly, I could smell them
from the bed. I also detected a foreign odor and looking
closely I see there is a dried stain in the crotch panel. I
guess you had sex with your boyfriend when you wore these.
The smell made me so horny I almost came, but the taste was
not good, so I rate them an eight.

Laura's cheeks burned red. 'Why do I feel so jealous of her
boyfriend?' she wondered.

Panty #4: Haynes white cotton brief. These have the
strongest smell so far. They are still damp to touch and
smell strongly of sweat and sex. There is no boyfriend
odor, yet the smell of your arousal is even stronger on
these than the peach panties. I imagine you exercised and
then masturbated while you still wore the panties. These
panties are the hottest so far and they make me want to do
bad things. The taste was slightly salty and extremely
musty. I don't think I can bring myself to wash them. Part
of me wants to save them for later. I rate them a ten.

'Oh God, I am so fucked up!' Laura thought as she considered
how perverted she must look right now, rating soiled
panties, like others would rate wine. 'If this video of
what I'm doing ever got out, I would be ruined forever.' As
much as she would have liked to have stopped, the poor
blonde couldn't help herself. Her will silently crumbling,
as she bent down and buried her face in her favorite pair of

She couldn't help it! She sucked on the crotch and began to

As she stroked her over-heated pussy she remembered the
events from the previous night. In her mind, she could hear
the dark girl ordering, 'Go on! Rub those small tits you
lezzie bitch. Finger fuck that sloppy white pussy for me
girl. You know ya loves it!'

Laura felt another orgasm coming on strong. She couldn't
help it! She forgot all about her instructions in the letter
and the video camera recording her every action. All of the
desperate girl's attention was consumed by the smell and
taste of panties. 'I am a sub,' she thought, as she began
stroking her enlarged clit and viscously twisting her tiny

All she could think about . . . all she cared about was

Just then, at the most inopportune time in the world, there
was a loud knocking at the door. It wasn't the kind of know
that said, will you open the door please? Instead, was a
police knock. The kind of knock that says, open the door
right now, if you know what is good for you.

Then a loud very crass female voice boomed out, "Girlfriend
let us in right now. We knows you in there!"

'Go away please. I'm almost *there*,' Laura thought, as her
index finger began to rub her clit even faster.

"You gots to the count of three to open this door *Lezzie

To be continued . . .

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