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Archived Sex Stories

The Smell of Sex 9


The Smell of Sex Ch.9
by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture

"One! boy that Laura sure be one nasty pussy slut!
You can smell her from out here," the loud voice
proclaimed for the world to hear.

'Oh God! Someone will hear her and my reputation will
be destroyed!' thought Laura. Reluctantly, Laura
pulled the fingers from her sex and quickly got up off
the floor. She tore off her panty-apron and made her
way to the door.

"TWO! - Last night that white bitch done sucked my c-"

Laura opened the door open as fast as she could to
stop whoever it was out there from ruining her
reputation with all her neighbors. She hid her naked
aroused body behind the door, as she peered out into
the hall. She was stunned by the sight of two large
black girls, who forced their way into the door.

"Would ya look at this Tamara, she be all ready to
partay. She already gots her a pretty little party hat
on," said the taller of the two girls, pointing to the
throng panties on Laura's head.

Laura jerked the small soiled panties off her head and
held them balled up in her hand. Suddenly aware of her
nakedness, she moved both of her hands down over her
sex and turned away from the black girls.

"Please, you must go away!" whimpered Laura. She
pulled the sheet of Monique's bed and clutched it in
front of her.

"Now don't you be gettin all uppity on us girlfriend!
We your guests and we gonna crash this partay!" the
taller girl said, as she ripped the sheet from Laura's

"My name is Latanya and this here is *my* girl,
Tamara," indicating a shorter black girl standing just
inside the door.

"Monique told us she was living with a white girl who
was turning into a lezzie ho'. Naturally, we had ta
come on down an see her for ourselves."

"Now girl don't you be going all shy on us. Stand your
cunt up straight bitch! Let Latanya see all your nasty
parts." Latanya pulled Laura's ear until the blonde
stood on her tiptoes. "Don't move, if you know what
is good for you slut," she commanded.

Latanya walked around the blushing white girl,
inspecting her naked body from all sides. "You
looking good . . . for a white girl that is."

"But what done happened to your tits and pussy hair?"

The thoroughly humiliated Laura could only stand there
blush and tear up.

"ANSWER ME!" Latanya demanded. When Laura was not
forth coming, she reached out and cruelly pinched her
erect left nip.

"Owww! I-I-I've never been well um e-e-endowed and I
lost my p-pubic hair in . . . an . . . um . . .
accident," Laura replied stuttering, as she tried to
massage the pain from her aching nipple.

"I don't think so bitch. What do you think Tamara? Heh
Heh. We think you don't have no tits or cunt hair cuz
you be a little baby girl, just pretending to be a
full-grown woman," Latanya observed as she ran her
strong black hand over Laura's small orbs and soft
lower belly swell.

Laura said nothing. She just looked down at the floor,
held her aching nipple, and allowed the black girl to
take liberties with her body as she had never let a

'Please God, make them go away and leave me alone.
Don't let my body respond like this,' Laura prayed.

"Now, you say it for me, baby girl!" Latanya demanded,
as she plucked Laura's right nipple, this time,
twisting it.

"Ye ooooooow ie!" Laura screamed. Tears formed in the
poor girl's eyes, as she tried to protect her
throbbing right nip. Quickly, she tried to repeat what
she had been told.

<Sniff>"I-I have small breas-ooooowwww!" cried Laura
as her aching nipple was mauled again.

"Monique done told us, she taught you how to talk, so
don't you be sassing us. Say's it right, slut. But
take your time. We got's all night to learn your

"Got no tits or cunt hair, remember," warned Latanya.

"I-I got no t-t-tits or c-c-c-unt hair, cause I'm a
little <sniff> baby girl, p-p-pretending to be a
woman," Laura repeated quickly, as tears streamed down
her face. In short order, Laura realized that she
would be punished for any hesitation and she was going
to try her damnedest not to get punished again.

"I-I got no t-t-tits or c-c-c-unt hair" mocked the
black girl. Why can't you talk right bitch, your
tongue tired from eatin' too much pussy, huh baby
girl?" Latanya demanded, moving her hand threateningly
just above the sore left nip.

"Yes, <sniff> my t-t-ongue is tired from licking too
much p-p-pussy." Laura would say anything to avoid
those cruel fingers.

"See Tamara, I done told ya I could teach one of these
educated white bitches some manners," Latanya bragged.
"Anyway girl, after I talked to Monique today, I just
came here to see if you be a real lezzie or not."

"See, this here's my girl, Tamara," Latanya said, as
she moved behind her shorter friend and hugged her.

"Now lookie here at her pretty panties," Latanya
demanded as she pulled her girlfriend's skirt up and
traced her left index finger over the bright yellow
nylon panties. The tall black girl pushed the yellow
panties into the cleft of Tamara's pussy with her
finger and the shorter girl moaned and ground against
her hand in response.

Latanya pulled the crotch of the panties to the side
exposing her friend's sex to Laura's gaze. "Mmmmm . .
. see her pretty pussy baby girl? And lookie here, she
gots hair . . . lots of hair, like a *real* woman on
her cunt."

"Gimmie your hand baby girl," the tall girl ordered,
as she took Laura's hand in her own. Then she began
rubbing Laura's right hand through the black forest
covering Tamara's cunt.

"See there! That's what a real woman cunt's got.
That's why she's a woman and you're only a little

Laura froze naked and watched as Latanya stripped her
smaller friend of all her clothes except for her
panties, which were now buried in the cleft of her

Turning to Laura, she hefted one of the smaller girl's
large round black breasts for Laura's inspection and
said, "Ahhh . . . lookie here baby girl, take a good
look at a real WOMAN'S tit. This may be close as you
ever get. Come on girl it ain't gonna bite ya. Go on!
Lift it up for yourself. *Feel it*. Why it must weigh
10 times more than your little girlie tits."

Reluctantly, Laura placed her right hand under the
large black breast and hesitantly lifted it up. 'God,
they *are* heavy and just look at the size of her
nipples. They are huge!' she thought as she looked at
another woman's breast from closer than ever before.
Strangely enough, she found its smooth black skin,
contrasting against her own, very sexy.

"Don't ya be a'scared of it, baby girl. You can suck
on it if ya wanna. Don't worry, Tamara will let a
pervie like ya do that!" Latanya said, as she grabbed
Laura's ear and pushed her face between the large
black breasts.

Laura couldn't believe it. Her head was being rubbed
all over the soft silky breasts by Latanya, while the
shorter black girl smiled down at her.

"Well Monique done told us, you was pussy trained, but
I had to see for myself. Okay, now for your favorite
part, baby girl. Tamara! Turn your black ass round
here, and gimme your panties!"

Tamara turned backwards and then swiveled her large
hips as she removed her panties under Laura's
transfixed stare. When she was done, she bent down to
pick them up and handed them to the taller girl.

"Now Laurie girl, take a good look at that big
beautiful black ass. I bet you'd just love to have an
ass like that? 'stead of these little white garden
peas ya got back here?" The tall black girl roughly
pinched the small under-swell of Laura's ass cheeks
making the blonde girl's legs dance, as she sought to
escape Latanya's strong fingers.

Then, Latanya walked behind Laura and hugged her large
muscular black arms around the cowering white girl's
thin frail body. With one hand she began rubbing
Tamara's panties all over Laura's face and with her
other Latanya alternatively teased her blond victim's
nipples and clit. "Answer the question dummy!"

"Y-yes, I would like to have an ass like that,"
replied Laura.

Latanya pushed the blonde down to her knees, "Baby
girl, reach out and feel that beautiful black ass. You
knows you love it!"

A horrified Laura could only kneel helplessly,
smelling Tamara's sweet arousal, emanating from both
from the panties and her sex. She reached her hand up
. . . hesitated and pulled it back slightly, then
gently stroked the firm ass flesh of Tamara.

"Tamara, spread them cheeks so white slut here can see
inside. Oh and back up so our little baby girl can
really sees the best parts," Latanya commanded.

Tamara reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide
open. Then she leaned forward, projecting her ass into
the white girls face, exposing her dripping pussy and
puckered rosette to Laura wide eyes.

"See this here Laura?" Latanya pushed Laura's face
forward just inches away from the dark hairy pussy
spread before her. "This here be a woman's cunt. You
done ate one of these before haven't you? Now don't
you be lying to big Latanya now or I'll whup your
narrow ass."

Laura could only nod her head, she was too embarrassed
to admit to this controlling black woman what she had
done, but she knew better than to lie. However, her
right nip was tweaked harshly again.

"Oww!" Laura cried. She had obeyed, why had she been
punished again?

"I done told you *baby*, answer me and do it right and
call me Mistress or ma'am, my little girlie cunt."

<Sniff> "Yes, I-I've eaten c-c-cunt ma'am!" Laura
struggled to get the words out. Yes, she had licked a
woman's vagina before, but she didn't do it because
she wanted to. They sort of just expected it and she
felt she owed it to them. But, having to say *eat
cunt*, made it seem like she had wanted to do it.
Made it sound as if she were a lesbian or worse . . .
*a sub*.

"Sho' nuff! Well if you done ate cunt, then you at
least be bisexual sweet meat. Cuz, once ya done it,
you always gonna want to eat cunt, understand?"

"Yes, I understand ma'am, I-I'll always want to cunt."

Latanya grabbed Laura's blond hair, twisted it to get
a firm grip, and forced her face just in front of
Tamara's rosette.

"See this here? This here be a nasty asshole," Latanya
said as she tapped a finger on the shorter girl's
exposed brownie.

"You ever eat a nasty asshole, baby girl?"

"No ma'am . . . I nev-never eaten a g-girl's ass,"
Laura replied.

"Good! Cause, if you ever eat a woman's asshole, you
be her bitch for life."

See Tamara here, she's my 'BITCH'! She eats out
my ass when I want her too. If she ever gets the
notion, she's better'n me, she will always remember
rimming her *better's* brownie."

"I'll never respect her again cuz' . . . in my mind,
she'll always be the bitch with her tongue stuck up my

"Now baby girl, do you wants to eat Tamara's ass out
and be our bitch?"

Laura eyes beheld the puckered hairy shrouded hole and
shook her head vigorously, and answered in a whisper,
"No ma'am!"

"Good, I be your first, okay baby girl? Move on
forward and get your face down under here. That way
you'll get a good look at that pretty pussy of hers."

"Come on, now don't hang back there. Move your head
under and in closer. That's my little baby girl," the
tall black girl demanded as she pushed Laura's face a
fraction of an inch away from Tamara's dripping cunt.
The thick black kinky bush rubbed against her soft
white cheeks.

"Smells good, don't it?" Latanya said, as she dipped
her finger in Tamara's delicate folds and rubbed the
wet index finger under Lana's nose and against her

"Lookie here at how wet it is. She be all hot, just
for you. See how much she likes ya?"

Laura tried to hold her breath, but eventually she
caved in and inhaled Tamara's aroma. The shorter
girl's erotic musk made Laura so horny she began to
lose control of her body once again.

"You want's just a little taste? Ya know's ya wanna,
sweet meat. Don't you be lyin to me!" <Smack!> Latanya
spanked the blonde's ass as she forced her pretty face
into Tamara's wet pussy.

"Mmphhh..." Laura moaned into the girl's pussy keeping
her lips tightly shut, so that she wouldn't actually
have to lick this ignorant girl's sex. After all,
there was no telling how many people she had slept

A smiling Latanya reached down and began toying with
the blonde girl's denuded sex and nipples.

"That's it girl. Don't be shy. Get your nasty self
right on in there. Now don't you be teasin my bitch .
. . put that little pussy lapper to work. You knows
how, don't you? Now don't you be movin them hands,
all you needs ta think about is lickin that black
pussy, bitch!"

Under Latanya's exacting direction, Laura began
licking Tamara's flowing sex as she had been taught
earlier in the day by Dr. Adams and the Goth Goddess.
It was the same and still different, but it was so

"That's it baby girl. Eat her pussy, bitch! You
know's you want to do a good job for her. Don't
cha' girlie cunt?"

Latanya rewarded the submissive blonde's efforts, by
stroking Laura's red swollen clit faster and faster as
the blonde's enthusiasm increased.

"You know what? You be Tamara's first white bitch
pussy lapper. You like that don't ya baby girl??"

"Oh yeah! This here gonna be your new place. Whenever
you see's us, you be down on your hands and knees
waiting for some cunt to lick!" Latanya said, as she
began to spank Laura's ass.

"That's my good little white cunt lapper! Keep'a
working on that beautiful black pussy for me, while I
get something out of my goodie bag just for your
narrow ass."

Latanya forced the blonde's face so deep in Tamara's
cunt that it forced Laura's pert nose into the tight
dark rosette.

"Now don't you be doing that, if you gonna be
somebody's bitch, you gonna be mine. So, don't you be
lickin her nasty ass," Latanya cautioned.

'That last thing I want to be is Latanya's bitch. FUCK
NO! I can't be, she is so -- so crude and cruel and
she always talks so ugly to me.'

'On the other hand, Tamara seemed like such a nice
girl though. She has such a pretty body; so big and
black, a womanly body, a big black womanly body.'

'It might not be so bad being Tamara's bitch,' Laura
thought. 'Wait, what am I thinking? I don't want to
be anyone's bitch. I am a college student, soon to be
a graduate, and a career woman; not some kind of
*sub*,' she realized in horror.

Standing bent over for the ministrations of the little
white slut's tongue, had caused Tamara's muscular
thighs to weaken. So she bent down to her hands and
knees. All the while, Laura faithfully followed her
pussy, and continued to eat her rapidly flowing cunt
from behind.

Meanwhile, Tanya retrieved a pair of handcuffs from
her bag. When she turned around, she noticed that
Laura had had begun to playing with herself while she
continued to lick Tamara's pussy.

"Damn it! You horny little bitch! I turn my back on
you for one second and you start playing with that
nasty thing!" Latanya bellowed as she spanked Laura's
red smarting ass.

<Smack> "Bitch <Smack> I <Smack> didn't <Smack!> say
<Smack!> you <Smack!> could <Smack!> play <Smack!>
with <Smack!> yo <Smack!> SMELLY <Smack!> TWAT!"

Disgusted, Latanya took the handcuffs and fastened
Laura's arms behind her back. With Laura's arms
immobilized behind her back, she once again leaned
forward, and pressed her face in Tamara's musky cunt.

"That'll fix you from strokin' that nasty hole without
permission, baby girl!" Latanya said.

The handcuffs made things much more difficult for
Laura. She couldn't balance her upper body on her arms
anymore, so she had to stick her ass out attempting to
distribute her body weight evenly. She wished the nice
black girl would move back to make things easier on
her. Instead, she appeared to be moving forward just
out of Laura's reach.

"Latanya, your white slut is falling down on the job.
I don't think she likes me no mo'. Look at that lazy
bitch. She's barely lappin my pussy," said Tamara.

"B-But-" Laura tried to explain.

Latanya was lying on the bed, luxuriating in the scene
before her. It was amusing to watch Laura struggle to
tongue the pussy that was just out of her reach.

Grinning wickedly, Latanya lifted up her leg and
placed her high-heeled shoe in between Laura's stuck
out ass cheeks. She shifted around till the heel was
in position. Then, without warning, she gave a push,
driving the pointed stiletto heel deeply into Laura's
dry tight virginal brownie.

The effect was immediate. Laura squealed as she was
penetrated and fell face forward right into Tamara's
sweaty ass.

<Mmmmmmmppphhhhh. Glomph Glomph> Laura attacked the
dark girl's cunt with renewed vigor.

"Ahhh...I don't know what you'se done Latanya. But ...
Mmmm. Do it again! ... Mmmmm .. Oh yeah. That sho
'nuff did the trick on this bitch. Mmmmm"

Laura sucked and licked Tamara's pussy for all she was
worth; anything to keep the rock hard pointy high heel
from stabbing her ass hole again. Her mouth and nose
were all that supported her forward body weight. As a
result, her nose was embedded in the black girl's
brownie and Tamara's pussy was so far in the blonde's
mouth, it was hard to breath.

While the blonde worked on her lover's pussy, Latanya
leaned over and began to tease the laboring white
girl's denuded sex. She stroked it, fingered it, and
spanked it. She even pinched it!

'Hee Hee. I've got this here white slut right where I
want her. The little cunt even be pushing back against
my fingers, when I pinched her big clit,' Latanya

About half hour later, Tamara had climaxed three times
on Laura's skillful tongue. Yet, Laura had not been
granted an orgasm. She was desperate for any form of
release. Right now, she was rocking her ass back and
forth, the pointie heel of Lantanya's shoe slid in and
out of the blonde's ass.

<Knock Knock>

<Knock Knock> "Laura, it's me, Beth. Are you in there

<Knock Knock> "pssst...Princess-Panty, it's me,
Goddess Goth. Let me in," whispered Beth from outside
the door.

'Thank God, it's Beth. Maybe she will scare these
crazy bitches off!' Laura thought with relief.

"Come on in Beth, join the fun. The door is
unlocked!" Latanya shouted to the girl in the hall.

As she entered, Beth could only stand there, gaping in
shock and jealousy at the scene before her.
Her Princess was down on her knees with her arms
cuffed behind her back, eating out a naked black
girl's pussy. While another fully clothed black girl
sat behind her, pushing the heel of her shoe in her
blonde girlfriend's ass. It appeared she was pushing
her Princess back and forth into the other girl's

"What a bad host blondie is for not introducing us.
But, I guess the *cat* has got baby girl's tongue. My
name's Latanya and that there is Tamara. I guess you
already know baby girl down there, don't you Beth
baby?" Latanya told the dumbstruck Goth.

"Damn girl! It's rude to stand there gawkin, come on
in and close the damn door behind you. What's with
all that black shit you wearin? You look like a damn
vampire or somethin."

"I'm expressing my individuality," replied Beth, while
she covetously looked on with lust at her Princess,
her Laura.

"Your friend Laura, she sure is a looker ain't she?
She luvs some pussy that girl. Well Gothie, you
want to get you some of that tongue workin on your
pussy? Well, do you?"

"Um ...uh .. well ..Yes..." Beth stammered

"Go on get undressed Gothie. Laura's got enough
tongue for all of us, that girl do love her work.
Hurry up or you'll miss your chance girl, you don't
wanna hurt baby girl's feelins do ya?"

As the Goth girl stripped her black cloths, her snow
white alabaster skin emerged. Latanya loved it! This
bitch would be a great addition to her stable. 'My
homies in the 'hood be tripping over their dicks to
get um in that white skinned whore,' she thought.

"Good girl, you have such pretty white skin Gothie,"
Latanya encouraged the stripping girl she lusted for.

"Tamara, you get on up out of there," Latanya told
Tamara, who was hesitant to give up the pleasure she
was receiving.

"Now, Bitch! We've got's us some guest pussy waiting.
Gothie here's got's an achin' for bitch's tongue. Let
our little pussy lapper here have a go at this nice
lily white girl's puss."

Tamara reluctantly gave up the tongue licking her
pussy and stood up on very shaky legs.

The two black girls stood around and watched the now
naked Goth girl lead the kneeling blonde to the edge
of the bed. Then the Goth girl sat down comfortably
on the bed, spreading her pale white legs wide in
front of Laura's slimy face.

She petted her pussy and encouraged the blonde girl,
"C'mon Princess! C'mon ..girl .. Just like today ..
Remember? You like to lick my pussy. Don't ya girl?"

A very tired Laura looked up at the familiar white
face and then at the familiar black haired pussy. The
smell was familiar and she began licking again. It
seemed that was all she did anymore. It was a relief
for her though, because Beth was much nicer to Laura.

Beth stroked Laura's hair as her pussy was eaten.

"Good girl .. Princess! Come on like today .. Use yo--
Oh!" she exclaimed, when she saw the handcuffs.

"Latanya, can you undo her hands? I want her to use
her fingers in me. She's real good at that, okay?"

"Sure thing Gothie, anything to make you more
comfortable. pussy licker here be one talented slut
ain't she?"

Beth didn't really care for the way these girls were
calling her Princess bad names. She called her
Princess panty sure, but that was a term of
endearment. 'Well, maybe Laura's into a little harder
stuff than I thought, I guess I'll have to be a little
tougher in order to keep her for myself,' Beth

Latanya uncuffed Laura's hands from behind her back,
watching the proceedings with great interest.

"Bitch, you be keeping them hands in Gothie gal, and
away from your nasty pussy. You move um from your
white friend's pussy and I'll shave your pretty blonde
head tonight, you understand me?" she hissed into
Laura's ear.

Laura vigorously nodded her head in response.

Tamara sat down on the bed behind Beth's ghostly white
body. She reached around and began to caress the stiff
pink nipples capping the Goth's alabaster orbs. All
the while, Laura licked the white girl's black-haired
sex. Beth was in heaven, as she was pleasured by two
girls at one time. Then through the foggy haze of the
sexually induced high, she didn't resist as she felt
her hands being pulled behind her back and down toward
the black girl's pussy.

But then, just as she felt the kinky soft pubic


Beth felt the cuffs close around her wrists, holding
them solidly behind her own back.

"Hey! What's going on here? Let me GO!" the naked Goth
said, as she struggled futilely against Tamara, who
held her firmly by her breasts from behind.

A smiling Latanya reached in her large bag and pulled
out an aerosol can and a black leather riding crop.
"You white bitches be boring us. Got's no style doing
the dirty! Be time to spice up this here partay!"

"Tamara baby, reach down there and hold them fat pink
pussy lips open for me. You get your face out 'of her
pussy, baby girl."

"Now then Gothie gal, we're gonna to spray this
'Prolong' stuff way up inside your nasty little cunt.
That's gonna make it real hard for ya to feel anything
let alone, cumie cum, bitch!" she said as she was
spraying the noxious smelling liquid up in between the
Goth's held open pussy lips.

"And if you move them little baby hands from doing
Gothies gals cunt, I'm gonna have to shave all that
pretty blonde hair off'n your head bitch. I promise
you be REAL popular with my friends in the 'hood when
I tell em, you be a skin head racist bitch!"


"Now! Get that tongue busy bitch!"


"This hurts you a lot worse than it hurts me! I know's
that! Hah-hah"


"That's it! Lick that cunt like you mean it slut!"


"Mmmmphhh -- glom -- glom." Laura stuck her fingers
deep into the Goth's pussy, massaging the girl's G-
spot as she had been taught earlier in the day.

Laura did her best to please Beth and not think about
the crop as it welted her aching ass. But, eventually
the dull burning sensation increased until she
couldn't stand it anymore. She licked and counted the
seconds in between each blow.


'One one thousand. Two one thousand. No please, not


Latanya's labor was turning Laura's smooth white ass
into two swollen pink moons criss-crossed with angry
red welts. She found the sight of the trembling ass
and the solid thud of the crop quite satisfying. She
had never spanked a white girl, but she quickly found
that she LOVED IT! A black girl's ass could never
turn such a beautiful shade of red.

As the black girl continued to apply new welts to the
white girl's ass, she knew it wouldn't be long until
Laura couldn't stand it anymore. She could already see
the signs. The girl was crying into Beth's pussy while
her ass absorbed the relentless onslaught. She wasn't
even trying to escape the blows anymore, she had
realized the futility and now only tensed her ass
before each blow that fell, then humping her hips
delightfully after the crop contacted her tender

"Oww! Please Latanya have mercy!" Laura cried out when
she couldn't take the pain anymore.

"Does my widdle baby girl's ass hurt?" Latanya asked,
as she began tracing Laura's labia and opening with
the crop, while the blonde passively allowed her pussy
to be explored.

'Oh yes, she's quickly learning that this white
childish body belongs to me..." thought Latanya, as
she penetrated Laura's glistening cunt with the knobby
handle of the crop.

"Get back to licking Gothie's pussy, baby girl or I'll
start workin' on your ass again."

The sobbing blonde shoved her face back in Beth's dark
matted sex and started to hungrily lick again. She
shifted position and began sucking on the pale girl's
clit, while she ran circles around the little nubbin
with her oh so sore tongue.

"Ahhh OOOO Princess! Keep doing that. Make me cum. Oh
God! Do it harder ... again .. oh please Make me feel
it!" Beth thrust her pussy in Laura's face trying to
*feel* anything. She grew increasingly frustrated
watching the gorgeous blonde get whipped and eat her
cunt with abandon, yet being so number, she could not
feel it enough to get off.

Latanya brought Laura's hungry cunt almost to the
point of orgasm. Watching with wicked glee, while the
pretty blonde humped her sex on the crop, but at the
last second . . . she rudely jerked it out from
between the blond's nether lips. Then, she turned the
crop around and began again whipping the blond girls
thighs with sharp stinging blows.


"Oh yeah Bitch. You whities look good playing
together. I likes watching ya'll do the dirty,"
Latanya sneered. "Don't it make your pussy wet to see
the goings on of whitie, Tamara?"


"Come on Gothie, don't you want ta help out your
little Princess? All you got's to do is cum! That's
all . . . just one little *cum* and then you can
rescue your panty Princess from this mean ol'

Maybe havin the blond slut lick your cunt doesn't turn
you on enough. Maybe you got's to think some nastier
thoughts Gothie!"

"I know Gothie, think about my black ass ridin up top
of those black lips of yours, while you be rimmin my
nasty brownie ... Oh yeah, I can look in your eyes and
tell you liked that Gothie."

Beth said nothing as Laura's tongue went on and on.
However, instead of thinking about Latanya, she
thought about how it would feel to have Laura lick
*her* ass. She imagined dressing Laura up just like a
TV princess and then sitting on the blonde's face,
while Laura service her from below. Just the thought
of the image caused Beth's cunt to throb, letting her
know that an orgasm was not impossible.

After the crop had turned Laura's thighs a brilliant
shade of red, Latanya moved down and began working on
the blonde's shaking calves.

"You wanna eat some ass now baby girl? Hmmm. You gonna
do the nasty for me? I needs me a white bitch at home.
One to eat out all my girlfriends. Come on girl, move
those hands down so I can shave that blonde mop of

Laura was out of her mind by the time the crop started
spanking the inside of her thighs, causing the crying
blonde to spread her legs wide so the crop wouldn't
hit the same place every time.

'Please someone help me!' she thought.

It was torture not to be able to protect her ass from
the crop, but Laura couldn't bear the thought of
losing all her beautiful hair. The loss of her pubes
was bad enough, but losing her golden tresses! No way!

"Ow Fuck!" Laura cried when she felt blows from the
crop land on her tiny left breast and then alternate
to the other breast. She worked Beth's pussy like her
life depended on it. She fucked three fingers rapidly
in the girl's cunt, while she sucked frantically on
Beth's clit.


"That's it Princess! Fuck my pussy baby! Oh God! Don't
worry about hurting it, just <ahhh> m-make me cum for
you," Beth moaned deliriously.


The crop smacked wetly as it connected with the
swollen lips of Laura's red cunt, causing her copius
secretions to fly in all directions.

"Eeeeeiiiiii!!!!" she cried as she looked pleadingly
up at Goddess Goth with tear streaked mascara running
down her red-rimmed eyes.


Another blow of the crop landed on Laura's defenseless

'I just can't hold out much longer. Only a few more
seconds and I'll beg her to shave my head,' Laura

She sucked hard on the Goth's girl's clit, hitting it
with her tongue as hard as she could, and working a
finger into Beth's tight asshole.

"Oh! Oh Fuck! There!!! Oh god! It's . . . Princess!
Baby . . . I'm cumming baby! I'm cumming . . . All
for you! Ah . . . Ah--Ahhhhhhh!" the Goth girl cried
out, bucking her hips spastically as the rest of her
body collapsed.

Latanya was not going to be denied! She directed an
even harder blow directly up between Laura's reddened
sex lips connecting with her clit, causing the wet cum
to splatter everywhere.


"Arghgharhggrfuid!!!" Laura cried out. She couldn't
help herself! Her hands flew down cupped her tender
denuded sex lips with her hands.

"Bitch, I done tole' you not to move them hands off of
Gothie down there, but you went and done it anyway.
Gonna have ta shave that pretty blonde head of yours
now. You gone' be my smoothie bitch," Latanya informed
the sobbing Laura.

"*No*! Please don't. Please! Not my hair. I couldn't
help it. I tried! I really did!" Laura bawled

Latanya took a pair of clippers out of her bag and
walked menacingly towards Laura who had crawled back
and was now huddled crying in the corner.

Beth stood up, with her hands cuffed behind her back,
and placed her body between Laura and the menacing
black girl.

"Come on Latanya, this has gone far enough. Please
leave Laura beautiful hair alone. Besides, it's so
beautiful," Beth tried to reason with the menacing

However, Latanya's resolve did not waiver. "She done
broke the rules Gothie, so someone's gone' have ta'
kneel down at my feet and get they head shaved. I
don't give a shit who it is."

"Don't worry," Beth said, as she bent down and kissed
Laura on the lips. "It will be alright Princess," she
said before kneeling down at Latanya's feet.

Smiling, Latanya began to cut the Goth's longer pitch
black hair with the clippers. Laura kept her eyes
glued to the floor. She was ashamed she had let Beth
take her punishment for her and began to cry in
sympathy as she watched clumps of black hair fall to
the floor, while the angry buzz of the clippers droned
on. Laura couldn't help herself and she looked up and
was stunned by the transformation of her friend. The
once scary Goth, now looked pale and weak, as she
submitted to Latanya's administrations. 'No, she's
not weak," thought Laura, as she became ashamed of
herself, "Weak, is someone who gets her friend in
trouble and doesn't try to help."

Laura couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of
Latanya coating Beth's head in shaving cream and then
shaving it from front to back with long swaths.

"Hey Gothie you be real sweet on Blondie over there
don't cha'? Your smooth head is gone' feel real nice
next to my pussy tonight," Latanya said, as she shaved
the remainder of the dark stubble from Beth's head.
When she was done, she applied some baby oil and
rubbed it in making the now denuded white skin shine.

"You know Gothie, I believe Blondie had more hair than
you, so I believes you still owes me some hair, bitch!
Lay down on your back and spread them boney white legs
open wide so as I get at that fuckin hairy bush of
yours," Latanya demanded.

Beth was mortified. She couldn't believe how these
two girls had successfully rendered her so helpless.
If she just had her hands free, she could protect
herself and Laura too. But, as it was, she could only
go along with whatever they had planned, until she
could get free. Not having another option, Beth rolled
over, the hard tile floor hurting her arms that were
cuffed behind her. Then, she obediently spread her
lean legs as she had been ordered.

As Latanya proceeded to shave Beth's pussy, Tamara
tried to place a ball gag in the Goth girl's mouth.
Beth struggled violently to fight her off. She looked
to Laura for help, but the scared girl was still
uselessly curled up in the corner with her eyes

"Now don't you move your cunt now, Gothie. Be a real
shame to have them lips clipped up or cut off down
there," Tamara cautioned the struggling girl.

Defeated again, Beth ceased her struggles while her
pussy was shaved and the gag was put deep into her
mouth. She had lost all control of the situation and
resigned herself to the hopelessness of her situation.
Her hands were still secured behind her and now she
couldn't shout for help. She and Laura were both naked
and at the mercy of whatever these two psychos had
planned. For the first time since she was a child,
tough Goth broke down and began to cry.

Latanya looked down crying Goth on the floor and
smiled. Then she turned and commanded the blonde
huddled in the corner, "Okay, little baby bitch! Lay
on top of your little girlfriend. Come on! On your
hands and knees bitch, pussy to face."

Laura snapped out of her daze and rushed to obey. She
had no intention of angering the black woman and
risking additional punishment. The young blonde
quickly crawled over to Beth, hesitated only
momentarily when she noticed her tears, then straddled
the shaven girl below her. Latanya took off her own
clothes, looking proudly down at her new conquests.
'Two bitches for the price of one,' she thought

"Okay Bitch, we gonna play a new game now," the black
girl said, as she sprayed her own pussy with the
Prolong, "and here be the rules."

"You ever been fucked in the ass Laura?" Latanya
asked, as she poked experimentally at Laura's tightly
clenched anal pucker.

"N-n-never ma'am," Laura replied. The poor girl was
in obvious pain, as she her rear door was explored by
the dry digit. She dared not try reach back and stop
Latanya, so she did the only thing she could, which
was clench her little grommet tightly to prevent

"Good, this gonna be even more fun," Latanya said, as
she looked lustfully at the white virgin.

"See Laura, whenever you give your ass to someone, it
means you give um your whole body. You gonna beg me to
take your ass and when you do, your white little baby
girl body going ta belongs to *LATANYA*."

"Tamara's goin ta whip your ass with that mean ol'
crop until your spreads them pretty cheeks and
beg me. Please! Missah Latanya, Please! I begs ya to
take my ass cherry."

Then Tamara here is gone teach you all about the joys
of ass fucking. Gonna fuck your ass like a mug. Ya
gonna be soo open, you be able to handle a bus back
there!" Latanya taunted the white girl who was
trembling in fear.

"Tamara, show her big black," Latanya commanded.

Tamara reached into the bag and brought out a large
black dildo. The surface of it had several large
ridges and was covered with gnarly veins. Tamara had
big hands, but her long fingers couldn't even reach
around the dildo's massive girth. Laura stomach
dropped and she almost passed out upon seeing the
monumental black dildo Tamara proudly displayed. 'God
it must be over a foot long and 4 inches wide.
There's no way that can go inside me!' Laura fearfully
pondered. However, a small part of her was also
excited and wondered how it would feel to be filled
and stretched by the black monster.

"Please don't ma'am, it will tear me apart!" Laura
begged, groveling before Lantanya's knees.

"Don't worry baby girl, she's not gonna use Big Black
first, she gonna work up to it. First, she gone use
that one. That be 'bout the size of one of your white

Laura watched Tamara strap a six inch dildo onto her
waist, inserting the small head of it into her own sex
and then bobbing it up and down menacingly.

"Baby girl, you be able to stop Tamara anytime, by
either making me cum or beggin to eat my asshole,"
Latanya said, as she pinched Laura's hard nipples
until the blonde girl's face grimaced in pain. "You
know's what happens when you eat someone's ass; so you
goin ta either make me cum or Latanya's gonna own baby
girl body and soul."

Then Latanya let go of Laura's erect teats and pinched
Beth's nose and forced her bald head back, until she
stared directly at the slick lips of the black girl's
thick-lipped cunt. "Gothie, or should I say Baldie,
you got's the best seat in the house. So watch close
now and try to learn from Baby Girl, cuz your bony ass
is next!" Latanya laughed scornfully.

<Thwap!> <Thwap!> <Thwap!>

The crop cracked as it pelted Laura's already abused

'I'm so sorry I dragged you into this too Beth!' Laura
thought ruefully, as she leaned forward and began the
odorous task of licking Latanya's hairy black pussy.
'I'll make it up to you somehow. I promise...'

. . . to be continued.

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