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Archived Sex Stories

The Subjugation of Tammy


Disclaimer: No one under 18 years old should read this.

The Subjugation of Tammy (r) by JR Parz


Christopher Naples opened his eyes and smiled... Then he shifted around
to the soft warm girl beside him and ever so lightly caressed the contours
of her shapely body. He had to agree... Tammy Stevens did possess the
finest ass on campus and he couldn't resist running the back of his
fingertips along her ever-inviting crack... just stopping short of her
'puckered' rim. Oh, how he'd love to 'mount' her right now but instead he
slid out of bed and left the room.

He recalled how one of Tammy's friends described her as a 'free'
spirit... and before last night he would've agreed. Now, however, she was
more like a 'captured' spirit and soon to be his 'enslaved' spirit. Was it
just six days ago when he had first met her? He remembered being 'smitten'
the very first time he lay eyes on her, drawn to her sexy innocence like a
moth to a flame.

Then the rejection two days later...

"I'm not looking to get involved with anybody while I'm in college...
all I want to do is focus on my studies... I'd love for us to be friends,
though." She replied, smiling. It was as if she had rehearsed the line,
but instead of allowing this to deter him it only made his resolve that
much stronger.

Having taken a few courses in psychology, he knew that Tammy would be
looking at ways to make up for her rejecting him, so a couple of days later
he made sure to capitalize on it.

"I thought you might assist me with a few behavioral experiments I'd
like to conduct." He suggested.

"Ah... sure... it sounds like it could be fun." She replied.

Chris responded enthusiastically to ensure she wouldn't change her mind.


To think that this all started out quite innocently a couple semesters
ago during his Bio-Chem class. It was there that he accidentally
discovered a way to make a synthetic pheromone that triggered the
endorphins responsible for sexual desire. He stumbled upon it when he
applied his special formula to his skin and asked his lab partner, Jessica
Manners, to take a whiff.

"I'm thinking of bottling it as a new after shave for men... what do
you think?" He asked while she inhaled the scent.

"It smells nice." She responded... and then took another deep whiff.

"Really?" He remarked, rather pleased... and then asked. "Good enough
to make some money on?"

Then 'it' happened...

"Ungghhh." she groaned... "Suddenly, it's so hot... really, really

Chris had been startled at this sudden development... but that was
nothing compared to his stunned amazement when she proceeded to unbutton
her shirt, unsnap her bra, strip off her pants and slide down her frilly
white panties. Then she openly began to play with herself, groping her
spectacular tits with one hand while she fingered her pussy with the other.

"Jessica!" He exclaimed.

She responded by giving him the wickedest grin he'd ever seen and then
in a soft sexy voice she said. "Fuck me... I need you to fuck me...

They ended up 'doing it' on the desk, twice... then on the floor...and
finally he took from behind while she braced herself against his
workstation. She had been insatiable, very, very 'wet' and extremely loud
as she cried out with one orgasm after another.

It wasn't until much, much later when she finally calmed down enough to
realize what she had done... and started to cry.

"I'm a lesbian." she sniffled, trying to compose herself.

"You could have fooled me." He replied, unable to tear his gaze from her
naked beauty.

She must have realized just then that she was naked because she suddenly
blushed, got up, and started to put her clothes back on.

"I was so hungry for you... I... I couldn't help myself. I just had
to have you...and for the life of me I don't understand why."

"Look... I'm not complaining." He responded.

"You don't understand... I was with a boy once in high school... but
that had been a mistake. I'm... I'm a lesbian... really I am."

"I'm sorry for the confusion." He responded... slipping his underwear
back on.

"The after shave!" She cried out... suddenly connecting the two.

"Huh?" He replied... but then he realized it made sense.

"You slipped me an aphrodisiac... You raped me!" She cried.

"No I didn't" he replied, getting angry at the accusation.

Jessica started to back-up... so he reached out and wrapped his arms
around her from behind... trying to calm her down.

"Let me explain!" he pleaded.

She struggled in his arms for a few seconds but then suddenly stopped...
and instead of trying to break out of his hold, she instead began to grind
her ass up against his groin.

Chris couldn't believe it... she was horny again! He twisted her
around to look at her... and that was when he saw the 'look' in her
eyes... confusion and lust.

"You're horny again, aren't you?" He asked... wanting to hear her admit

"I... I can't help it! This is crazy!" She screamed... unable to deny
the feelings from flooding her body.

"Look... I had no idea that this would happen... and to prove it I'm
not going to take advantage of you. So, get dressed and go home... forget
about me." He stated.

"But... I... I need you... can we do it one more time." She pleaded
in frustration.

"No! Go home." He responded... raising his voice.

He could see the tears well up in her eyes before she turned around to
leave... and when she was gone, he quickly retrieved all the documentation
on his findings, pocketed his bottle containing his formula, and vacated
the premises.


For the next three days, Jessica made it quite obvious that she still
'wanted' him... and as much as he would have loved to fuck her again, he
refrained, fearing that if they did fuck that her obsession would grow even

He concluded that his formula, once applied to the skin, created a
synthetic pheromone that induced an irresistible desire for sex. It was
also his belief that these feelings could be directed towards anyone as
long as they were wearing the scent on their skin.

It took ten days before Jessica stopped making advances towards him...
and when he finally felt it was safe enough to approach her, he was taken a
bit by surprise at how angry she was.

"If you don't leave me alone I'll report you!" she snapped at him.

Given her state of mind he complied.


At the tale end of the semester, Chris decided to try out his formula
again... but this time he selected a girl with more to lose than himself.

Charlene Temple... a student teacher he met jogging in the park one
afternoon, wasn't necessarily 'drop dead' gorgeous, like Jessica had been,
but she was still a 'hottie' and very much in love with her fiancée.

Charlene stood about 5'6" and weighed 130 pounds... she was one of
those girls that possessed an over abundance of curves and he was
especially attracted to her juicy plump breasts.

One weekend morning he waited for her and when he saw her arrive, he
squirted himself with his formula and then joined her on the trail. It was
about one hundred years down the path when she suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter?" He asked, trying to sound innocent. He could see
that same desperate 'longing' in her eyes... not to mention the heavier

"I...I feel so strange." She whispered... as her hands slowly came up
to caress and knead her breasts.

"Let's go sit down and rest for awhile...okay?" He replied, wanting to
get her off the main trail and into the woods for some privacy. Meanwhile
she was openly playing with herself.

"I don't understand it...I...I've never felt hot like this
before." She stammered.

"I know where's there's a water you want to get a drink?"
He asked.

"No! Not... Not that kind of hot... Oh God... I need...need
know...I need you! I need you, NOW!"

And with that said, she crushed her 'hot' throbbing body up against his
and helped each other strip... and seconds later she mounted him and
proceeded to fuck him like there was no tomorrow!

The sex was incredible and she had been insatiable! She begged and
whimpered for him to fuck her harder and faster while she experienced
multiple orgasms! Her passion was so loud that he feared someone might
mistake her cries of passion for cries of rape. Fortunately, no one did.

A couple of hours later, as she lay naked and nestled close to his
body... both their 'juices' coating the insides of her thighs. Her hair
no longer in a ponytail but in a wild disarray. She finally managed to say
something. "God...that was incredible...I...I don't know what came over

Chris reached over and pinched one of her nipples. She yelped in
response. "Incredible is an're the best lay I've ever
had. Fucking you was like fucking a bitch in heat." He chuckled.

"Chris...I'm going to be married and this should never have can never happen again. I love my fiancé...and I don't
ever want to jeopardize my relationship with him. I...I...what happened
can never...I just don't know what came over me." She blushed.

Chris smiled and then began playing with her tits again... he could
tell from her movements and irregular breathing that she was getting horny
again. "That may be what your mind and heart are saying but it certainly
isn't what your body is saying."

"Please don't." She pleaded in her weak attempt to resist.

He then slipped his hand down between her juicy thighs, cupping her
moist mound. She groaned and then submitted... spreading her legs.

"Oh God... fuck me...please... I need you to fuck me again!" She


He ended up fucking Charlene for three straight days... and with every
'fuck' she seemed to grow more and more addicted to him. On the fourth
day, he tried breaking it off, but she had grown so desperate for him that
she was causing a scene on her hands and knees, begging him.

Chris had to leave town, claiming there was a death in his family...
and it was a whole month before he returned... and when he did see her
again, she avoided him.

It convinced him that she was no longer under the affects of his
pheromone and that repeated intercourse induced greater addiction... and
it also convinced him that he was ready to take these 'findings' to a brand
new level.

Subliminal conditioning...

The concept alone would be difficult... but coupled with his synthetic,
it was plausible. He believed that he could use careful phrases, sights
and scents, combined with his synthetic pheromone and that it could
actually alter a girl's behavior.

This led to Tammy Stevens... and he couldn't help but reflect on last
night's seduction of her.

Getting her up to his apartment had been easy... especially after he
promised he'd be on his best behavior. Then he fixed her an ice tea while
he excused himself to go to the bathroom. He doused himself with his
formula and returned to the living room.

"Word association is the first experiment." He grinned.

Slowly, he put her though some of the basic exercises while he watched
closely for symptoms... and it didn't take long before she started to show
them. He remembered thinking that Jessica had been his best lay...then
Charlene topped her... and as it turned out, Tammy's performance 'outdid'
the both of them combined! He could feel himself getting 'hard' at the

"I'm feeling really, really strange." She had mumbled to him.

He watched as she started to strip... and to save time he followed
suit. Then he joined her on the couch. A touch here... a touch there...
and before she knew it he was between her legs entering her! She was
tight, but well lubricated, and although she cried out from his
penetration, he didn't realize that she was a virgin until he saw the

He ended up 'doing' her three different times that evening and it wasn't
until much, much later that she was able to talk. She told him that she
had intended to wait until she was married before having sex... and then
she began to cry. 'What was it with these girls crying?' He wondered...
oblivious of the impact of his actions. His answer was simply to 'prime'
her again and soon her cries of sorrow turned to cries of passion.


That was last night... and now it was the morning. Tammy was still
sleeping when he walked back into his bedroom. It was time to start the
second phase of her conditioning.

He knew that once a girl had a dose of his formula, that repeated fucks
could tie her to him sexually...but based on Jessica and Charlene's
reaction, it transformed them more into 'wanton' animals that begged for
sex than what he preferred... sweet, docile and subservient. Now, with
subliminal conditioning in the mix, he was convinced that he could achieve
his goal... and transform Tammy into his own personal sex kitten.

As he gazed down at her nude form, he thought that she epitomized
eroticism. He again wished to 'mount' her but again refrained. Instead,
he slowly reached down to his erect member and began to masturbate...
seconds later he ejaculated into his palm. Then he rubbed his essence all
over his cock and groin and walked over to his drawer to pull out his
aphrodisiac. This, too, he sprayed all over his lower region...making sure
to saturate his cock. He then retrieved a small Walkman-looking device and
placed it over Tammy's ears.

Chris climbed on the bed and straddled her, facing her sweet smelling
pussy while his cock hovered just over her mouth. The subliminal tape...
filled with carefully selected words... flooded her subconscious.


Tammy felt like she was swimming in an ocean of sensual bliss. With
every breath she took, she smelled the most delectable scent; eliciting a
'need' unlike she ever felt before. Then she opened her eyes and saw 'it'
and gasped. Chris's large cock stood at attention just inches away from
her mouth.

She wanted to suck him... to take him inside her mouth... and the
desire and cravings to do this overwhelmed her with incredible intensity.

Memories of last night flashed through her mind... She remembered quite
vividly how Chris induced waves upon waves of pleasure and the thought that
he was about to 'do' her again, added to her delicious 'hunger'. She
wanted him... She wanted to capture the head of his cock and suck on him.
She could see how he had positioned himself above her body... it wasn't by
accident that their mouths and cocks were lined up for a '69', but just
like his cock was out of reach, his lips were out of reach, too.

Suddenly, in desperation, Tammy thrust up her pelvis in an attempt to
rub up against his mouth, but Chris must have expected this because he
backed away, successfully. Then he brushed his cock against her nose,
playfully poking her. She tried catching the 'head' of his cock with her
mouth, but failed.

"Please." She whimpered. "Please...I need you."

"Yes honey...I know you need me...but first you must completely
understand what it is you'll do to have me." Chris replied.

Suddenly, she felt a 'need' to prove herself. She had to prove that she
deserved what it was that he waved so tantalizing in front of her face. He
smelled so incredibly edible... and all she
wanted to do was lick and suck him dry... but first she had to prove that
she was worthy.

"Please...anything! I'll do anything...just let me have you." She

"First you must must always behave and be a good little
girl...and the best way to behave is to please me...and to please me you
must obey...obey me always without question...without you
think you can do that? Huh? Do you think that you can be a good little
girl for me and behave?"

"Yes...yes...I can behave." She murmured and groaned. Of course Chris
was right, and she just knew that it was very important for her to be a
good little girl and behave.

Suddenly, Chris lowered his cock closer and closer. If she behaved and
did as she was told, she would be rewarded with this and this is what she
so desperately wanted. She wanted to please him in every way and she so
desperately wanted to open her mouth and worship his cock like it deserved
to be, but first she needed permission.

"You may suck my cock." He stated.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." she moaned as she took him inside her mouth... then
whimpered more when she felt Chris smother her 'wet' petals with his mouth.
Every time she slid her tongue along his shaft, he stabbed her clit with
his tongue... when she sucked...he sucked.

"Always obey...always be a good little girl and do everything you are
told and as a reward for you pleasing get to feel like this
always." He told her this over and over and she knew deep down that she
wouldn't be able to refuse him, anything.

Tammy cried out with one orgasm after another, but she didn't stop
servicing him until he not only came... but until she sucked and licked
him completely. Now, she lay there satisfied and happy... her own pussy 'juice' leaking onto the sheets underneath her. She had never felt happier
or more in love than she felt now. She wanted more of this feeling...
would always want more...and now she understood what it was she had to do
in order to feel this way... always.


Chris was pleased as he gazed down at his lovely pet. The subliminal
conditioning combined with his synthetic pheromone appeared to have taken
perfectly. Of course, the real test would come later once she woke.

Tammy would have no memory of her conditioning but would remember with
vivid detail how incredible their sex last night. His distinct essence
would always enslave her senses and make him irresistible to her. The
sight of him, the touch of him, and the sound of his voice would overwhelm
all her senses and render her his own little sex kitten.

The once carefree spirit that had become her trademark before was now
enslaved and her new needs and desires would now overrule. The more she
submitted and pleased him, the more aroused and passive she'd become. But
what was so incredible about this conditioning was the fact that Tammy
would still be Tammy amongst everyone else. Her previous personality would
still dictate beyond him and she'd never forget her memories. It was just
around him that she would turn docile and subservient.


Tammy woke with a yawn as she stretched her lithe body... then it 'hit'
her! She reached down and felt her body... naked! She remembered
everything! How could this possibly have happened? She blushed.

Not only had she broken her cardinal rule about dating while in
college... she had lost her virginity... willingly! A sudden image of
Chris, naked and hammering into her from behind, made her feel even more
embarrassed... yet in addition, she found herself getting excited. She
reached down to feel her swollen lips... 'Wet'... real 'wet'. It was
like Chris had sexually awakened something inside of her.

Slowly, she got off the bed and walked over to the mirror. She felt a
twinge of soreness and blushed yet a deeper shade of red. Their lovemaking
last night had been incredible. She gazed at her beautiful reflection in
the mirror and cooed... it was the same reflection she had seen yesterday
morning but somehow she looked different. 'Does losing ones virginity
affect everyone like this?'

She inventoried her body... Thanks to her constant exercising she was
well toned. She wore her sandy blonde hair short and sassy-like and loved
the perkiness of her small tits... 'Perfect for palming' she thought with
a giggle. A slight turn allowed her to gaze upon her ass... and what an
ass it was... according to her friends, it was the finest on campus.

Tammy looked around for something to wear and spotted one of Chris's tee
shirts. It came down just below her crotch. She wondered where her
clothes were... then recalled at how their lovemaking had started out on
the couch. She blushed again at the vivid recollection of her 'doggy
style' position.

She opened the bedroom door to peak out... now that she thought of it,
she couldn't remember leaving the couch. How did she end up in the
bedroom? Then she felt a sudden chill at the thought that she might have
been slipped a 'date rape' drug. She remembered the tea she was given...
was there a drug in it? Then she giggled at the realization that something
this good couldn't be artificially induced.

"Chris." She yelled out.

"Well, sleeping beauty has finally arisen." Chris yelled back from the
living room.

Tammy felt a tremendous rush of pleasure from hearing the sound of his
voice and a sudden compulsion to go to him. Quickly, she made her way down
the hallway but just before she was about to enter the living room she saw
the bathroom and her bladder screamed at her.

"Chris... let me pee and I'll be right there." She called out, and just
as she was about to enter the bathroom she saw him come around the corner.
He was stark naked and visibly 'hard' and the sight of him took her breath

"No would please me to see you right now. Come to the living
room." He responded, smiling.

Tammy desperately needed to pee but how could she deny Chris? The very
thought that she would be pleasing him with her immediate presence excited
her... and quickly she complied.

"As scrumptious as you look in my tee shirt, I'd rather see you naked."

She blushed as she quickly stripped off the oversized tee shirt... then
she tossed it over onto the couch. Now, she stood before him as naked as
he was, mesmerized by the sight of him. She licked her lips in
anticipation when she gazed down at his cock.

"You are so fucking beautiful... you wouldn't believe how horny I get
from seeing you like this."

"I can see." She whispered, smiling.

"I want you to be naked for me every time you're either in my apartment
or yours... that way I get to see you naked as much as possible."

Tammy gushed at his pleasure... feeling so incredibly happy that her
body pleased him so much. Then Chris opened his arms for a hug and she
rushed into his arms. She practically 'came' when he reached down and
cupped her ass cheeks, spreading her cheeks apart with his fingers. She
loved the way her small tits flattened up against his hard chest... she
loved the way his hard cock poked hard against her tight stomach. He was
so, so sexy. She especially loved the way he smelled. She wanted to make
love again... but she really needed to pee.

"Let me go pee... then we can make love." She whispered, trying to
sound seductive. She knew she sounded incredibly sexy when she acted like
this... she hoped Chris liked it.

"First... I want you to take care of this." Chris responded, gesturing
down to his throbbing cock.

Then it all happened so fast... her mind registered what Chris wanted
and suddenly she felt the 'need' to go down on him. She lowered herself
down to her knees and wrapped her hands around his long thickened shaft and
proceeded to take him inside her mouth and suck him. She knew this was
something that she'd never done before but her incredible desire to please
him overrode every other emotion. Like a girl possessed, she made love to
Chris's cock like a seasoned veteran. She sucked, licked, and totally
worshipped him and didn't let up until he finally shot his load deep down
her throat. She greedily swallowed every glob of him and nearly cried when
a small drop escaped her lips.

'Wow' she thought to herself... then she looked up at the object of her
lust and beamed. He looked so incredibly virile and strong... she felt so
weak and helpless. He smiled down at her and patted her on top of her
head. Intellectually, she realized she should fee anger but instead the act
comforted her, making her feel safe and secure... not to mention how 'wet'
it made her.

"That was awesome're a good girl."

A flood of even more pleasure washed over her, eliciting yet another
blush. It was the first time that she had given a 'blow job' and she
wondered if every girl that went down on a guy felt this good. "I...I
can't believe how much I want...wanted it...wanted you..."

"That's pleases me to know you need bet you are
just dying to pee...aren't you?"

His words reminded her and suddenly the need became unbearable.

"I need to pee so bad." She whimpered but remained on her knees. She
then watched Chris walk over to the coffee table and pick up a tall empty

"You know Tammy...I've always found myself a little turned on with the
idea of watching a girl pee. Maybe it has something to do with watching
them perform their most private act... something that they're rather
embarrassed about. Anyway, it would really make me happy to see you pee right here in the living room."

Tammy was stunned. Never in her life had she peed in front of anybody.
In fact, she even closed the door when she was alone inside her own
apartment! This had gone too far! But no sooner had she thought this,
Chris held out the empty glass to her and she took it! Then she lifted her
rump up and positioned her pussy over the glass and began to squirt.

"I...I can't believe I'm doing this...but I...but I want to make you
happy. You... you're so important to me." She mumbled while turning beat
red from humiliation.

"If you really mean that you'd stop peeing and provide me a better view
of yourself." He replied with a grin.

Suddenly, Tammy used all her muscles to stop from peeing... it proved
an effort, but she managed it. The fact that she was being forced to
further humiliate herself no longer concerned her... Instead, she wanted
to provide him the best possible view possible.

Tammy turned around and squatting. Then took the glass, that was filled
about a third of the way with her urine, and positioned it up against her
pussy without obstructing his view and felt a rush of pleasure and relief
as she finished peeing. Pleasure at providing him the best possible
view... relief, from emptying her bladder. Now, the glass was filled to
the top and she felt relieved that it didn't spill over the rim. Remaining
on her knees, she handed Chris the glass, beaming up at him with pride.
Chris took the glass, smiled, and then placed it on the coffee table.

"Thank you made me so you can go to the bathroom
and clean up. Take a nice hot shower because I want you smelling clean and
fresh before we sit and have a long talk about your future. After we talk
I'll let you masturbate for awhile. I've always wanted to watch while a
girl played with herself."

"Okay." Tammy replied, still blushing. Then ran off to the bathroom.


While Tammy was in the bathroom, Chris was patting himself on the
back... He contemplated whether or not he should tell Tammy what he had
done to her. It wasn't like it was going to change anything. The program
was in place and after a little more programming tonight and then some
special conditioning tomorrow, she would be his for life.

After Tammy was done in the bathroom... she joined him on the couch,
naked and looking and smelling incredibly fresh.

"Tammy, I want to have a question and answer session with you... feel
free to ask me questions...okay honey?"

"Yes... okay." She responded in a soft sweet voice.

"What were you thinking about in the shower."

"I...please...I don't want to upset you...please don't get upset."

"Listen Tammy...I won't get upset as long as you tell me everything.
Tell me the truth. The truth will never upset me."

"I...well...I was thinking that the behavior experiment you performed on
me last night must be why I'm acting this way. You behavior
towards you. This isn't like me, normally."

"How very perceptive...remarkable." He replied, amazed. Tammy was
smart...even in her current condition.

"I can't understand why I feel this overwhelming need to please you.
The way I get so, so aroused from being near doesn't make any
sense to me."

"Are you afraid?"

"No. Although I think I normally would be...but no matter what you tell
me to do or how bizarre it is...I'm not afraid."

"That's because I've eliminated your ability to be afraid."

"Then it's've done something to me to make me feel this way?"

"Yes Tammy...and how does that make you feel?"

"I should be angry...I know I should...but again, I'm not. Instead I'm
happy that you've done this to me...and I feel all tingly inside because of
it. Yet...yet deep down I know that what you did to me is wrong and I
should be angry with you for doing this to me."

"Again Tammy, it's due to the conditioning. I eliminated your anger
except if anyone badmouths me. If that ever happens you'll find yourself
very angry and protective of my reputation. Anyway, the happiness you feel
keeps you in a good mood...all of the time. I want you to be happy."

"Truly happy or artificially happy?" Tammy replied.

Chris again was shocked at her response. She was quick with her wit in
addition to being smart. "Does it matter?"

"Deep down to me...I know it should, but I...I just...I guess it

"Very good Tammy...and as far as the world is concerned, they'll look at
you and see a happy young woman in love with me... They'll never know that
you are anything but a happy young woman...will they?"

"No Chris...they'll only know that I have fallen in love with you and I
want to be with you for the rest of my life." Tammy replied, smiling...
then looking momentarily confused... but only momentarily.

"Why Tammy...why do you want to be with me?"

"Because I want to please make you happy."

"And how will you make me happy?"

"I...from obeying you without matter what you ask of

"And how does it make you feel when you obey me?"

"I get so horny...really horny and then I want to make love to you... I
need you to make love to me. I'm pleased when I obey you because it makes
you happy."

"Did you also notice how horny you get when you act passive...or when
you're told to do something that you normally would find embarrassing?"

"Yes... I got so horny when you made me pee in front of you...I
couldn't believe it."

"That'll grow even stronger as time passes."

"What...what type of conditioning did you do to me?"

Chris smiled at Tammy's independent thought. He had allowed her to ask
questions and she was taking full advantage of it. "I won't get into the
specifics but your previous conditioning will continue to be
reinforced...and I'll be adding more triggers in order to make it easier
for the both of us."

"Easier for me?"

"You'll see... just know that you will love it."


Tammy woke again with a yawn...looked down at her self and saw that she
was naked. She didn't remember any of her new conditioning, but she didn't
doubt that it was in place. She could hear Chris out in the living room
and it sounded like he was talking to someone. Slowly, she crawled out of
bed and headed out there... the compulsion to immediately see him was
overwhelming. The fact that she was stark naked and had to pee again were

When Tammy entered the living room she saw that Chris was talking to
someone, but instead of turning around to put something on, she quickly
went to him and knelt at his feet. Chris looked down at her and smiled...
She smiled back, not even realizing it.

"Hi Tammy...did you sleep well?"

"Yes Master...I...I feel so wonderful." She responded and then she
wondered why she addressed him as 'Master'.

"Tammy, come up here and sit beside me... there's someone we both know
who I'd like you to see. I thought it would be nice for all of us to have
a talk."

"Yes Master." She replied and turned around to take a seat... when she
did she saw the visitor was someone she knew and blushed. Raymond Wisk...
a classmate of theirs. She remembered he once 'hit' on her and she
wondered if she was going to be forced to fuck him. She desperately wanted
to cover her nudity but something prevented her from doing so. She figured
it must have been the new conditioning.

"Hi is really nice to see you...especially like this." Ray
greeted her.

"Hi Raymond." She replied in a pleasant tone... accompanied with a
bashful smile.

"Chris here has been telling me quite a story...and in looking at you it
appears it's all true."

Tammy just sat there feeling more and more embarrassed.

"Tammy...Ray here has a thing for one of your friends...Lisa Reed...and
I was thinking that you could help us get her back to my apartment."

Tammy didn't consider Lisa a close friend but she did hang out with the
same crowd from time to time... what made Lisa stand out so much was her
long dark hair and healthy pair of tits.

"Master...may I speak freely?" She asked, surprised at her respectful
request. She wondered for a second what it was he had done to her.

"Yes Tammy... please."

Tammy felt a jolt of pleasure from being allowed to speak freely.

"Lisa is going home this summer to get married to her high school
boyfriend." She stated.

Chris thought for a second before he looked over at Ray.

"Did you know this?" He asked Ray.

"Actually, no. I knew she had a boyfriend back home, but I didn't know
she was getting married. Does it matter? It's not like girls haven't
changed their minds before." Ray responded.

"'re right about it not really mattering. Once the
conditioning is complete, this guy would be the last thing she'd be
thinking of...but do you want to risk the wrath of a jealous fiancé?"

"I see what you mean."

"How about that blonde summer hire...ah...Heather?"

"Oh, I hadn't thought about her." Ray replied.

"Well, think on it and get back to me. Remember...don't tell anybody.
I'm serious about wouldn't want me as an enemy. Understand?"

"Chill Chris...I'd never cross you. I'd be stupid... Anyway, why would
anyone pass up the opportunity to own their own sex slave."

"Good... loyalty must be absolute." Chris replied.

Tammy sat there quiet. Part of her was pleased about saving Lisa from a
life of slavery... and yet another part of her wondered if she might be
depriving her of these incredible feelings.

"Master...can I go to the bathroom?"

"Why Tammy?"

"Um... I have to pee." She replied, timidly.

"Sure...but not in the bathroom. I want your first morning pee to be
exciting. Hmmm... Let's see... ah... how about you go outside to the
back of the building... there's a shed back there and you can squat in
back of it... then come back here and give me a blow job."

"Yes, Master." Tammy replied, smiling.

Tammy headed out the door, downstairs and outside. She noted that she
did all this without the slightest hesitation. Despite being stark naked
and embarrassed as all hell, she jogged around to the back of the building
and darted behind the shed. Then, she squatted and peed. Arousal and
embarrassment played havoc on her. Then she quickly darted back to the
front of the building and back inside. As she sprinted up the stairs she
passed Ray coming down... this time she was able to cover her nudity. She
blushed... knowing that she must have looked ridiculous using one hand to
cover her groin area and the other to cover her breasts.


Chris couldn't have been happier. His subliminal conditioning program
was a major success and Tammy Stevens was living proof. The girl was one
hundred percent subservient in every way and conditioned beautifully to
please and pleasure at a whim. As soon as she got back in, he allowed her
to slide down his pants and underwear, so she could suck him off. She was
so damn horny for him that she 'came' while doing so.

The more she blushed, the more he enjoyed looking at her...and it took
very little to get her panting with desire. He still loved the jiggle of
her tits and loved her ass even more. Does life get better than this?

It was time to think about adding another fine piece of female flesh and
he decided whom better than Tammy to recommend someone.

He asked Tammy to write about her three most beautiful single friends.
Making her describe their looks...grade their beauty...and even include a
brief bio on them. Later he studied the list. One was a blonde with big
tits... another was a brunette with short hair and small tits... much
like Tammy's in fact... and the third was also a brunette with hair down
to her shoulders and sporting a healthy set of 'C' cup sized breasts. All
three of them were high school friends.

"Okay Tammy... now I'm going to let you pick one of these girls to be
your lover...which one will it be?"


Tammy looked at Chris in stunned silence...then drew courage to speak.
"Permission to speak freely, Master."

"Go ahead Tammy."

"Master...please don't force me to pick. I...I'm not...I'm not
attracted to girls and I couldn't do this to one of my friends. I...I just
can't...I...please don't make me pick." She pleaded. It was obvious that
she thought that this was the worst possible thing that she could do to her

"Well Tammy, it isn't really an option. You see... if you don't select
a lover amongst the three of them, then I'll enslave all three of them and
rotate their servitude... Now pick."

Tammy wanted to cry but even this ability had been eliminated. Instead,
she thought hard and finally concluded that Kara would make the most
sensible choice. She was the wildest of the group... in fact; she had
even experimented with lesbian sex. She remembered Kara telling her once
if she ever wanted to indulge that she'd be more than happy to be her
partner. Of course, she never took her up on that. Kara had also gotten
herself a boob job.

"Good girl...oh...she certainly has big tits, doesn't she? A 'D'cup.
Very interesting... are you partial to big tits?" He asked.

Tammy felt a flood of pleasure from him calling her a good girl but then
was worried that he thought she liked girls with big breasts. "Master...
Kara has had a boob job and I could care less about the size of her

"You mean you didn't select her for her boobs?"

"No Master...I picked Kara because she's the wildest of the three and
would probably have an easier time adapting to the situation."

"Hmmmmm. Interesting... so it isn't that Kara is any prettier?"

"No Master. Actually, they are all very pretty."

"If you were going to have sex with one of them...who would you want it

"'s hard to answer that because I'm not into girls...and
I can't imagine sleeping with any one of them but because Kara has gone
both ways I thought she would be the sensible choice."

"Okay...go hustle that pretty ass of yours into the bedroom...this
should be your final conditioning. For awhile anyway."

"Yes, Master." Tammy replied...feeling horny at the thought of the


Chris looked down at Tammy...god she was a sight. Her shoulders were up
against the headboard in a sitting-up position while her legs were spread
wide. Both her hands rested at her glistening 'V' and every now and then
he saw her stick her fingers inside of herself to masturbate.

In addition to priming her to lust and love her big-breasted girlfriend,
he also couldn't resist re-conditioning her to secretly desire bigger boobs herself. Something about bigger boobs made a girl look more like a girl.

He had to alter the conditioning to some degree given the object of her
desire wasn't physically present. This took longer than the usual way.
His aphrodisiac worked with association and this played on four of the
major senses...smell, touch, sound and sight. Using an image drawn from
the mind invoked one of the senses... therefore he had to use subliminally
enhanced words to trigger the rest of the senses. As a reward for the
proper response, he allowed her to masturbate.

If he were to leave this as a stand alone conditioning, Tammy would find
herself sexually attracted to Kara but still have the willpower to resist
her... taken into consideration was how strong willed she was due to her
normal heterosexual ways.

Once he finished up with her conditioning he 'mounted' her... not even
bothering to wake her. Her body had been conditioned to respond,
regardless whether she was awake or not, and she continued to play with
herself when he entered her. She felt so smooth, so wet and the insides of
her pussy felt like a glove.

He moved in and out of her, allowing the pleasure to build, and just as
he was about to explode, he woke her up... looked deep into her eyes and
shot his load deep inside of her. Based on her reaction, it was obvious
she enjoyed this.

X. (Two Weeks Later)

As planned, Tammy went back to her college classes. Her total
subjugation took no more than a weekend. The outside world saw her and
Chris as a loving couple... nothing more... nothing less. She couldn't
believe how many times she heard people refer to them as the perfect
couple... and she giggled thinking if they only knew.

In public, she'd been conditioned to treat Chris like her loving
boyfriend... but in private she treated him like her 'Master'. She
remembered her old life but basked in her new life.

Fortunately, Chris was very good to her... despite his fetish to
humiliate her, he made sure she was well fucked...and given how horny she
constantly felt...this was a good thing.

One morning Chris stopped her from taking her morning pee and forced her
to wait until she reached the college. Then he ordered her to pee outside
on the campus grounds.

By the time she found a secluded spot she was so uncomfortable from
holding it that she felt a small squirt escape her before she could push
her panties down. After finally relieving her bladder, and before she
could pull her panties up, she spotted the school custodian and he was
staring right at her. Never had she felt more embarrassed at getting
caught as she did now... and she also feared that he would report her. In
addition to feeling incredibly embarrassed, she also felt incredibly horny
and was forced to go to Chris for some sort of relief. He told her she
could masturbate...but it had to be in their next class.

To prepare, she rushed to the bathroom to strip off her panties... and
given she had already peed in them a little bit, she wasn't unhappy about
stripping them off and going naked underneath her dress. As she took a
seat in class... right next to Chris, she was worried that if she started
to masturbate, the class room would be able to smell her... but despite
the potential for embarrassment, she began to finger herself. She quietly
came within seconds but she didn't stop there. Her own nose told her that
sex permeated the air but at the moment, nobody knew where the smell was
coming from. Not until a couple of the guys turned to look at her and
smiled... they couldn't see her fingers doing their work, but it was
obvious from the way they looked at her that they knew what she was doing.
Instead of feeling more embarrassed, she felt more aroused.

Tammy was on the verge of another orgasm and looked across the room at
Lisa... she was smirking at her. Suddenly, she saw an image of Lisa doing
this and thought to herself how easily it could have been her. One final
stab at her clit and she cried out with an orgasm.

When she slowly came down from her sexual high, her sex smelled up the
room. The professor was simply too embarrassed to say anything and she was
too embarrassed to move. Chris leaned over and whispered "good girl" to
her and this made her so happy, she nearly cried.


Later on that same evening, Tammy received a call from Kara. From the
first second she heard her voice she found herself thinking about her in a
new sexy way. Intellectually, she knew that these new feelings were
artificially induced, but the longer they talked the stronger her desire
became. The vivid image of Kara Starr, stark naked, with her legs spread
wide increased her desire even more!

"Guess what Tammy! Great news...I can come up for the weekend." She

"Oh Kara, that's great!" She replied... no longer having the ability to
care what it meant.

After Tammy was done talking to Kara, she immediately called Chris.
Chris was excited too and told her that he wanted her to wear a special
perfume for the occasion.


Chris was pleased with how the blonde beauty looked. Tammy had just
gotten done introducing them and blushed when she called them the perfect
couple. Before leaving them alone... he took Tammy into the bathroom and
doused her with his special aphrodisiac. If everything went according to
plan, the two girls would be making love all night. The lovemaking would
reinforce Tammy's desire for Kara, while inducing a new desire inside of
Kara. By the end of the weekend they'd be lesbian lovers... and whenever
he got around to subliminal conditioning Kara for himself, she'd be just
like Tammy.

Chris returned back to his empty apartment and reflected a bit. He had
given Heather to Ray the other night... so he was set. Tammy and Kara
were together, so they were all set... and this left him... alone.

He thought about going out to a bar... maybe meet a girl the normal
way. NOT! Knowing he had the ability to turn any girl into his own
personal slut there was no way he could ever go back to the old fashion way
of picking up girls. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his vial.

"Isn't it about time I gave this wonder scent a name?" he asked himself.

He studied the bluish color for a second and then smiled. He then
turned and headed out to his car. Tammy and Kara were undoubtedly busy
making love by now and he didn't doubt Ray and Heather were having at it...
and this prompted him to think about Lisa. 'A one night stand won't hurt her engagement' he thought with a certainly hadn't hurt Charlene's.

XII. (The Next Morning)

Lisa couldn't believe it...just like that she had cheated on her
fiancé'. How could she do that to Tony!?! Slowly, she moved her naked body
out of bed and felt the pleasant tingle left over from her lovemaking with
Chris. Lovemaking? Hell, it was more like 'fucking'. She blushed at the
memories. She could certainly see why Tammy fell for him so fast. She
wondered if Tammy knew that he was cheating on her. Chris had been
unbelievable and she couldn't get over how hungry she still felt for him.
She wished Tony could make her feel like that! She blushed at how
insatiable she had gotten and literally lost count at how many times she

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She looked a
mess...but a sexy mess. She wanted to fuck again... she wanted Chris
again. 'What did he do to me?' She asked herself. 'Maybe I should give
him a call.'

She walked over to the phone and just as she was about to reach it, she
accidentally kicked something.

"Ow". She whimpered.

She picked up what it was she kicked and saw that it was a small vial of
perfume. 'Huh? It must have fallen out of Chris's pocket last night.'
Then she heard a knock. 'Was that Chris!?!' Quickly, she threw on her robe
and rushed to the door...

"Hi sis, surprise!" Lori greeted her.

"Hi, this is really a surprise." She responded to her twin

"Do you always open the door like this?"

Lisa looked down and blushed. She had never tied her robe and because
of it she was openly displaying her lovely full tits and her dark patch
below. Good thing it was her sister.

"What's that?" Lori asked while pointing to the vial in her hand.

Lisa had forgotten it was still in her hand and invited Lori in. While
they walked over to the couch and sat down.

" friend let me try it...ah...what did he call it, oh
yeah...pheroscent...something like that." She mumbled, still feeling
slightly disoriented from her fucking last night. She unscrewed the cap
and took another whiff... the scent nearly knocked her over. "Here, smell's nice." She told Lori as she handed her the opened vial.

"Is it some sort of perfume? I never heard of it." Lori responded,
bring it up to her nose.

"WOW! You ain't smells licorice-like...I love that
smell." She exclaimed, placing the opened bottle on the coffee table in
front of them.

Soon Lori joined Lisa in a dreamy spacey like feeling.

Lisa found herself admiring her twin's beauty...she obviously worked out
more than she did. She hadn't realized it but her robe had opened up again
and she was caressing her breasts... she giggled when she saw Lori
watching her.

"You have beautiful tits." Lori mumbled.

"They're the same as yours...dah." Lisa responded, continuing to giggle.

Her sister giggled along with her...and then the next thing she knew she
felt her sister's mouth begin sucking on one of her nipples.


Chris tried the door to Lisa's apartment...thank god it wasn't locked.
Slowly and quietly he walked in. He prayed that he had dropped his vial of
pheroscent in here...thinking the damage it could cause if he had lost it
out in public. As he was about to head towards Lisa's bedroom, he spotted
the vial sitting on coffee table. 'Whew.' He thought with relief. He was
then concerned that the cap was off and he quickly screwed it back on.

After putting his aphrodisiac in his pocket, he thought he should check
in on Lisa. Had she taken another whiff of the pheroscent? She must have
masturbated up a storm. He wondered why she didn't call him? The last
thing he wanted to do was ruin her engagement.

When he peaked inside the open door he was stunned. Not one Lisa...but
there were TWO of them! Both stark naked and in a sixty-nine position.
More than likely they had passed out in the throes of an orgasm.

"Oh my god." He whispered.

He had no idea that Lisa had a twin sister and quickly left the
apartment. If the sisters could manage to refrain from making love to one
another again then they'd be able to break the bond the pheroscent would
cause; otherwise, they'd be lovers for the rest of their lives.

Despite the severity of the situation... he did find it rather funny...
not to mention a bit arousing. The sight of them together like this
sparked a sudden desire for a threesome... so he made his way over to
Tammy's apartment.

When he walked in on Tammy and Kara he nearly busted a gut from
laughing. Tammy and Kara were in almost the same identical positions as
Lisa and her twin was in. 'Too funny.'

Chris dabbed some of his pheroscent on both sleeping beauties... more
for Kara's benefit and then waited for the scent to take affect. While
doing so, he couldn't help but appreciate the rise and fall of Kara's
generous tits... they may be artificial, but they looked lovely and he
looked forward to seeing Tammy with a pair like them.

Chris stripped out of his clothes and moved between Tammy's legs. He
reached down with his mouth and it only took a few licks before Tammy
started moaning. Then he stabbed hard against her clit making her 'cum'.

When Tammy recovered she opened her eyes... she looked visibly elated
to be awoken like this. Chris instructed her to straddle Kara's mouth
while he took a position between the blonde's legs. Then he thrust into
her making her cry out... harder and harder he slammed into her, turning
the blonde bombshell into a wildcat! Meanwhile, Tammy sat down on her face
and allowed Kara to eat her out. In less than a minute they all shared an


Lori groaned as a soft tongue licked at her cunt. She wanted to cum again and reached over to grab Lisa's ass... it wasn't unintentional when
her finger slipped inside her puckered anus. She needed her sister's love
cream and she always came hard when one of her lovers fucked her asshole
with a finger. Lisa grunted and then cried out... coming hard against her
mouth... Lori loved the taste of her... nice and thick like her own cum.
This was all so incredible! She had had tons of fantasies starring her and
her sister...especially during their teens years... but never in a million
years did she ever think that they'd become reality.

"I can't believe we're doing...ungghhh...doing this." Lisa grunted
again... not letting up for a heartbeat.

"I...I can't either...but...but don't stop!" Lori cried out in response.

Seconds later the twin sisters screamed out in unison.

The End.

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