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The Survivor


>>> Adults Only <<<

If you are under 18 or if reading erotica is illegal in your locality please exit from this screen NOW.

That said, this story may be printed by individual users of ASSTR by my permission so long as those printed pages are for the personal use of an adult and minors will not have access to the story. This story may be posted to free websites with my permission or to the free section(s) of pay websites with my permission.

Disclaimer: This is just a story! I like murder mysteries yet I've never killed anyone and I also like Tom Clancys' work even though I've never nuked Denver, crashed a 747 into the United States Capitol, sunk a chinese missile submarine, or tried to wipe out the entire human race with biological weapons. I'm trying to say that I would NEVER do any of the things portrayed in this story nor did I write this story to compel or inspire someone else to do such a thing.

I also love to hear from my readers so feel free to write to me with comments, compliments, suggestions, or criticisms - it's all welcomed.

MF romance

The Survivor - Copyright 2001 by Patrick Flanagan

My former life seems like a work of fiction anymore. It was such a
nightmare when the FBI showed up at my office at the state capitol and
arrested me. The trial followed with all of the horrible charges of
corruption. The media were on me like wolves on an injured lamb. My
ever-loyal wife of eight years left me and filed for divorce while I was in
prison. I never saw her again. Just as well.

I wiped my tears away with the forty-five million dollars I had on
deposit in the Cayman Islands.

What crime did I commit to warrant such a lavish bribe, you ask?

Ironically, it was the crime I really did commit. All the while I sat
in that courtroom listening to the arguments by the prosecutors and by my
own team of attorneys I was silently agonizing over the evidence that would
exonerate me of the crimes I was accused of.

"Your Honor!"

I could hear myself saying.

"I did not commit these crimes and I can prove it!"

The judge would bang his gavel to quell the furor I would raise in his

"Explain yourself."

"I was five hundred miles away committing an even worse crime at the
time I am accused of committing these crimes!"

Oh, sure. I can really picture myself saying this.

So I cut a deal with the Devil and silently accepted the sentence of two
years instead of the thirty years I really deserved.

I spent the next two years being the model prisoner at the minimum
security honor farm where I kept company with several of my former
colleagues from the state legislature and many more of my former business
associates. The tennis courts and the pitiful excuse for a golf course
were an annoyance, of course, but it was nothing I wasn't man enough to
bear. At least the Scotch was palatable. It ended up being an uneventful
two years except for when the one burly fellow threatened to rape me. That
particular afternoon my bank account decreased by a mere one hundred
thousand dollars and the following day the poor man coincidentally suffered
a tragic accident while he was on a roadside work crew.

With all of the amazing advances in medical technology these days and a
little faith and perseverance on his part, he may someday walk again. I
make a point of sending him flowers whenever he has to go in for another
round of excruciating and prolonged surgical procedures.

I feel bad about what happened to him. Really.

After all, I had only paid for two broken legs. Paralysis was quoted to
me at a quarter of a million bucks. I really feel bad that he got more
than I had paid for.

After my two years were up I walked out of prison a free man, my debt to
society barely even dented. The waiting limousine whisked me off to a
chartered jet and from there to Canada. My attorney, following my detailed
instructions, had a nice little place waiting there for me on a remote
stretch of Vancouver Islands' northwest coast and I intended to get in a
little fishing, catch up on my reading, and enjoy the fruits of my
ill-gotten gains. The floatplane from Victoria gave me a wonderful view of
the rugged and isolated coast that was to become, in a perverse way, my new
prison. Granted, the five million dollars that had been invested in the
place provided for a most comfortable and well-stocked prison, but I wanted
it to be my prison never the less. It's not that I'm a masochist, and it's
not that I'm repentant. Hardly. I simply needed to be away from everyone
for a while to clear my thoughts and to plan my next move.

I needed some peace and quiet.

The pilot of the floatplane had followed the coast for almost three
hours before he turned right and flew maybe ten miles into a narrow fjord
before alighting on the glassy smooth waters. A deft and capable pilot, he
killed the engine and stepped out on the float as the craft moved to my
brand new pier. At the last second he nimbly danced onto the pier and made
fast the moorings. All of my gear, clothing, and supplies had been shipped
in long before so all I needed to do was to tip the good man for a
comfortable flight and then wave goodbye to the last human being I wanted
to see for a very long time.

I luxuriated in my solitude for the next ninety-six days. I found peace
and clarity in my fishing, in my reading, in my cooking, and in my
occasional target practice at the dead trees across the fjord. I felt
myself becoming me again. The spring was back in my step and a song was in
my blackened heart. It was the very last day before the first cold weather
was to set in and I had decided to take the canoe out to where the fjord
became the Pacific Ocean. I'll admit no noble intentions of becoming one
with nature and my environment; I just wanted to see what the hell was

And that was my mistake.

The air was crisp and the ocean unusually calm as I paddled out beyond
the safety of my little inlet. A light mist hung in the afternoon air as
the gulls noisily descended on a school of fish nearby. I had set down my
paddle to let the canoe just float with the tide back to shore when the
gulls burst into the air with a visible and silent alarm. I feared a shark
or perhaps a lurking killer whale could be stalking me when I felt a
bizarre pressure in the air around me.

In a moment that stretched into a brief eternity I felt my own mortality
rush up to greet me and spit in my eye. And then a blur of metal and color
impacted the sea maybe twenty yards from my canoe. Like an ass, I sat
there perplexed as the wave from the impact nearly capsized me into the
lethally frigid waters.

I quickly regained my senses and, wondering what the hell had nearly
turned me into crab feed, I paddled over to the impact site. Oddly enough,
I found an airline seat cushion floating in the water that now had a sheen
from what smelled like hydraulic fluid. I took it aboard for what seemed
like a good reason at the time.

A bright spot of red popped up to the surface just a few yards away and
I casually paddled over to see what other surprise could be waiting for me.
I figured it had to be another seat cushion so my mind had a hard time
grasping why a seat cushion would have brown hair? Without even thinking
about my actions I hauled up on the red sweater and found myself looking at
an ashen faced young lady. Unconsciously, I checked her pulse and, feeling
a pathetic little thump under my finger, some lingering sense of my
humanity compelled me to pull her aboard and wrap her in the throw I'd had
on my lap. The cold water had somehow worked to prevent her from drowning,
which was fortunate for her.

I took a cruise around the impact site to see if there were any more
surprises and, finding none, I made for home with my catch of the day.

Her breathing was painfully shallow and fitful as I paddled homeward.
Having taken charge of her well being I picked up the pace and soon had the
canoe fairly slicing the calm waters of the fjord. I decided to skip the
pier and ran the handcrafted wood hull onto the rocky beach close to the
house. I surprised myself by leaping out and dragging the little boat
ashore, cargo and all. It was then a minor detail to pick up my charge and
carry her into the warmth of the house.

She was freezing and I was certain that if she wasn't in shock from the
cold water, then she was surely in shock from the event that had landed her
in the water. I remembered my basic first aid and laid her close to the
hearth and elevated her legs on my coffee table. I faced a brief moral
dilemma as I wondered what to do about the wet clothes and then settled
that by pulling them off as gently as I could after briefly thinking about
just cutting them off with my fishing knife. I no sooner had her relieved
of the soaking wet fabrics than I had her dried off and bundled up.
Tossing a few well-seasoned logs on the fire I soon had her ensconced in a
radiant heat.

I simply watched her for the next twelve hours. The sun set and rose
again before I moved from my chair. Her breathing was calmer and the color
had returned to her face and I figured it was time to check for broken
bones. I was being practical because I realized that setting a broken bone
would be much easier with an unconscious patient than with a screaming,
crying, and flailing patient. I was careful to check her arms and legs and
I felt along her spine for any ruptured or slipped discs and, miraculously,
I found not one visible fracture. I gingerly lifted my patient and took
her to the extra bedroom and set her down on the rustic style bed and drew
up the blankets and a quilted comforter over her. Then I went to call for
help and remembered having spitefully made sure that there were no
transmitters or satellite phones at the house. I had wanted to be isolated
and I know realized that there was a flaw to my plan. I did have satellite
television for the games and the stocks so I switched it on and shortly
heard of a dramatic airline flight between Anchorage and Seattle where a
door had blown out of the plane and several people were assumed to be dead.
The crew had landed the plane safely despite numerous problems and was
being hailed as heroes. Then followed the obligatory film of the anguished
families of the dead. I pondered the fact that I was probably looking at
the family of my little guest in this voyeuristic piece of reporting. The
bad weather, which I had not observed just yet, was supposed to be
preventing any search activities. A Royal Canadian Navy spokesman said
there was no sense risking lives to go look for dead people and alluded to
the fact that any search, if any, would be cursory and brief. His US Coast
Guard counterpart said about the same thing, but not as directly.

I checked on my guest rather often as she slept all of the next day.
About noon on the third day of her stay with me I was cooking some lunch
and my bleary eyed visitor managed to find the kitchen and asked, almost as
if she was embarrassed about her predicament,

"Hi, could you tell me where I am?"

Now I must say that my first impression was that she looked absolutely
precious in the heavy robe and slippers I has set out for her. And that
very thought surprised me as I had thought of myself as quite the bastard
when it came to my sensitivities. Frankly, I had planned on telling the
girl to get the hell out of my house after she got on her feet. But her
tousled brown hair and her helpless and vulnerable appearance managed to
bring forth that last shred of humanity I'd hidden away in some dark corner
of my soul. I really gave a damn about this life I'd saved from an icy
death. What do you know about that?

"Good morning!"

I even smiled. My attorney would have been shocked. Come to think of
it, so would my ex-wife.

"Sweetie, you seem to have fell out of your airplane and splashed down
about a hundred miles from just about anywhere. I'm glad you made it. Sit
down and I'll get you up to speed on who I am and you can fill me in on who
you are. Fair enough?"

She politely and even gracefully pulled out a chair and sat down at the
kitchen table and slowly replied,

"Yeah,, yeah, that'll be just great."

I found myself having to look away from her.

"I'm David, what's your name sweetie?"


Sara. Even her name struck me as beautiful. Was I so damn weak that
this little girl was getting to me? The lobbyists back at the Capitol
would have cut of their nuts to see me like this.

"Well, Sara, it's like this..."

I spent the next hour telling Sara all about how she nearly ended up
sleeping with the fishes, and how I nearly ended up there, too. I also had
to break it to her that she was stuck with me until the plane came back the
next April, almost six months away. She seemed to take it just fine until
I explained having seen people on the television crying about all of the
people who were assumed to be dead, including Sara. Sara just burst into
tears when she realized that her family thought she was dead and she had no
way of telling them otherwise. She started to plead with me to take the
canoe and get her back to civilization and all I did was gesture out the
window and she saw the snow already blowing in from the sea as if to seal
her fate. So despite my well laid plans, my confinement would not be

Over the next month we got to know each other in conversation. I heard
all about her recent 20th birthday and the outing to Prince William Sound
with her friends, her uncertain major at a junior college, her wonderful
family, and her stories of an intense and failed relationship with some
jerk who left her for a cheerleader. She had denied him when he had
demanded her virginity and then he jumped into bed with the junior-varsity
tart. I assured her that she was incredible and that the guy was an
asshole for leaving her and I also told her that if it would make her feel
better I'd arrange to have him killed. She laughed and thought I was
kidding. Okay, sure.

I managed to leave her alone most of the time as she tore through the
library and discovered the literature that had been key to my character
when I was younger and untainted by the temptations of power. Sara would
often discuss the themes of the books with me and she reawakened feelings
and thoughts in me that I had almost forgotten about. It was as if she was
renewing my lost innocence with her joyful curiosity.

I have to admit that I was falling in love with my young guest.

As jaded as I was, I did feel a pang of guilt over the fact that I was
eighteen years her senior and possessed of a lifetime of experience that
she could easily fall victim to. I am rather adept at manipulating women
to get what I want; yet Sara had me being very careful not to exude my
con-artist instincts around her. I was protecting her from me.

All the while I was admiring her charming personality I will also admit
to admiring her willowy and beautiful body. Being the handiest female for
a hundred miles around, I found Sara to be the center of my fantasies, some
of which kept me up late at night. My animal urges I kept well in hand, so
to speak, to better tame them. Yet I would still find myself staring at
her when she was lounging on the couch by the fireplace or when she was
working out in the gym in just her underwear.

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving when I found myself walking by her
room after she had been working out and I dared to let myself in. Steam
was wafting out of the bathroom as Sara was washing up after her almost
Spartan regime. The blood rushed up in my head as I peeked around the
corner and saw her in the open shower stall washing her hair. My eyes
lingered on her gorgeous body, traveling from her shapely ankles to her
perfect ass and then to the side of her pert breast, the angle hiding a
better view from me. Her skin was just the most amazing golden hue I had
ever seen on a woman and I was transfixed by her beauty and also by my
need. I felt my cock rise in my pants and I subconsciously felt it as I
looked at her. I shook some rather unsavory thoughts from my mind and
quietly retreated from her room so as to maintain the trust I had now
secretly violated.

She sensed my guilt when we sat down for dinner and asked what was
wrong. I lied and told her how I felt bad about her being trapped with me
and she surprised me by telling me that she didn't feel trapped at all,
rather, this was like a fine vacation with excellent company.

My heart was in my throat. Did she like me? And if so, how much?

And then, one night after our usual evening by the fire, she kissed me
goodnight right on the lips. And then she just zipped off to her room like
nothing had happened at all. I about blew my rocks right then and there.
As I finally made my way to bed, I found myself by her door, tempted to
enter and pursue the feelings in my heart and the urges in my loins. Yet
one more time I made it to my own bed without incident.

"Good morning! I made breakfast for you!"

I woke up to the smell of coffee and biscuits and Sara bringing them to
me on a tray. I sat up in bed and fairly wolfed down the fresh biscuits
while Sara sat at the end of my bed apparently pleased with my appetite.

"The fjord is frozen over, could we go for a walk and see it?"

"Sure thing, sweetie! Let me get dressed and I'll be out to the kitchen
in a minute, okay?"

She took the empty tray and headed out for the kitchen while I got my
heavy clothes on.

We ended up walking maybe a mile up towards the head of the fjord so
Sara could enjoy the winter scenery. We found a sunny spot and sat down
for a bit while she just drank in the glory around us. The rumblings of
avalanches could be heard from high on up the mountains around us, a few of
the loud rumblings got Sara to scoot a little closer to me for security. I
didn't complain. On the walk back we talked more about our past
relationships and what we both wanted out of the future for ourselves. I
cannot place exactly when it happened, but at some point our conversation
crossed a line of intimacy and we both realized it. For the rest of the
day and into the evening we said very little to each other. I think we
were both trying to analyze not just what we said to each other, but what
the true feelings behind our words were.

The embers on the fire started to fade and I finally put down my book.
Taking my cue, Sara placed the bookmark in her novel and stretched as she
stood up.

"I think I'm going to bed, okay David?"

"Yeah, that's a good idea. It's time to turn in, kid."

I swear I couldn't help it. Sara came up and got on her tiptoes to kiss
me goodnight, on the lips like before, and I took her in my arms and drew
her close and kissed her the way I'd been wanting to kiss her for months.
She went limp in my arms as I held her face to mine and ran my fingers
through that luxuriantly fine hair. Her lips were so soft and yielding and
her skin so amazingly surreal that I just lost hold of myself. I knew what
I wanted and I had waited long enough. My eager hands pulled the tie from
her robe even as my own robe dropped to the floor. I swept it off of her
shoulders and she silently allowed it to join mine in an embrace of their
own. Sara felt herself lifted off the floor as I picked her up and carried
her to my bedroom.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for this, David," she quietly whispered in my
ear as I carried her, "Maybe we should wait?"

My answer was to put her down and take her into my arms again and kiss
her with all of the passion I could muster. When I went to kiss her neck
and she offered it to me I knew she had surrendered and that I could make
my next move. My t-shirt came off in the dark and then my boxers' fell to
free my swollen cock. I felt a tremor run through her body when I pressed
naked against her and began unbuttoning her pajama top.

Oh, the incarnate joy when I pushed that top off of her creamy
shoulders. Like magnets, my hands instantly fell upon the pert breasts that
had been the core of many of my fantasies and daydreams these long months.
Her skin was ever so silky and her nipples answered my attentions with a
pleasing response. I felt the goose bumps run over her virgin body as I
drew one of her tender buds into my mouth and teased it with my teeth. I
went lower and kissed her firm belly as I wrapped my hands around her waist
and the eased her bottoms and panties off in a favorite maneuver of mine
from when I was married. The smell of her musk was almost too much to
bear. She didn't have the heavy smell of a practiced woman; it was
definitely the lighter scent of an untouched maiden, with just the barest
hint of the juniper splash she had made for herself. I rose and lifted her
into my arms again only to lay her back into the covers of my bed. I felt
like a teenager again, I was so eager to be with her. Clumsily, I banged
my knee as I got up into the bed and then had to silence Sara's laughter
with a renewed assault on her senses.

I lay beside her and had her fully engaged in kissing me as my hands
explored her body and my fingers probed her every last inch. Three times I
tried to feel her unblemished pussy and each time she shrank back from me,
testing my limits of control. Only on the fourth attempt did she allow me
to touch the holy of holies, and she was utterly amazed by the result. She
gasped as my fingers quickly sought out and found her clit in it's little
hiding place and began their task of bringing her to a climax. Sara never
said a word as I carried out my task, her body tensed a bit at first, but
then settled into a sort of rhythm as her breathing, gentle thrusting of
her hips, and flexing of her legs all matched tempo with my ministrations
to her tenderness. Our kissing became more intense and my fingers matched
that intensity with not just the attention to Sara's clit, but an
occasional probe into her virgin pussy. I had two fingers probing up to
her hymen when my busy thumb finally succeeded in wringing an orgasm from
her lithe little body. I made my strokes to her clit ever more deliberate
as the waves of pleasure broke across her maiden body. Everything I knew
about extending and increasing a woman's pleasure I applied to my lovely
Sara. The wetness flowed out over my hand as I prolonged her pleasure
almost to the point of agony. When I could sense the fury of her release
subsiding I redoubled my efforts and soon had her almost faint with an even
more powerful orgasm that wracked her body with spasms of sheer delight.
Wasted and spent, she lay dazed in the bed wallowing in the afterglow of
her first carnal pleasure at the hands of a practiced man. I kissed her
gently now as I eased myself on top of her limp form and spread her legs
out to accept the invasion I could no longer delay. I still managed to be
as gentle as I could and I massaged her arms and lifted them over her head
all while kissing her as I got my desperate cock into position.

Sara instantly sobered up when my cock made its' first contact with her
sensitive pussy lips. She tensed in my arms and tried to retreat
underneath me with a feeble whimper. Faced with the reality of the moment,
she wanted to second-guess the chain of events that had led to this
wonderful and life-changing event.

"No, David, please don't. Not yet." She whispered.

It was far too late for me to stop. Sara's plea for clemency had fallen
on deaf ears.

I silenced her protest with a kiss and began the slow process of humping
my thickened cock into her tight, sweet, hairy little heaven. I simply
rubbed my cock between her lips to get it moist and to try to get her to
answer my urges. She moved a little underneath me and made her little
noises of protest as she tried to escape the fate that had been inexorably
laid out for her when she got on that plane in Anchorage. She jumped a
little when the head of my cock finally eased into the tight little crevice
between her pussy lips. Oh, the very glory of the moment! I made a few
light thrusts to get her used to my cock just being in her that much and
then the urge overcame me: in one slow and sure motion I pushed right
through her virginity and on into her depths.

The scream in my ear was almost deafening.

I have a sadistic side that made me enjoy my angel's pain and I just
pumped her sore little body until I was pounding at the back of her
once-virgin pussy. Her ass felt wonderful as my balls bounced off her
lovely little cheeks with each thrust of my cock into her wetness. Sara's
pain finally reached my heart and I forced myself to drive in as far as I
could go and then just hold it there.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" I was really concerned.

A sniffle, "It hurts a lot. Can we please stop and we'll do it again
another time? Please?"

Her big brown eyes pleaded with me for mercy and I couldn't help but to
kiss her as gently as I possibly could. Slowly, I started to back myself
out of her...but I couldn't! Just as slowly, I eased it right back in and
started a tempo that didn't last very long at all. In just seconds I felt
my cum rising in my cock and I knew there was nothing I could do now. I
lifted myself up off of her until the only thing that touched between us
was my dick in her pussy.

Her breathing was just as ragged as mine as I rammed it into her again
and again without even the least amount of mercy. I virtually impaled her
poor little body as I stuck it in with all my might and let my balls
explode their pent-up spunk into her velvety vise. The jets of cum blowing
out of my cock made her brown eyes go wide with every spurt against the
vault of her womb. I noticed the sweat on my forehead when it dripped onto
her belly, I realized that I was exhausted and I collapsed partly on her,
taking the wind out of her yet again.

It was at this very moment that I thanked God above for the long winter

* * * * *

The sun broke through the clouds to shine through my window and make me
greet the day. It took me a moment to recall the events of the last
evening and then I turned to find Sara had already gotten up. I lingered
in the warm bed a while longer while relishing the memory of the night
before. Just thinking about Sara made me feel like a teenager again and I
found myself with a warm and tender emotion in my heart that I had almost
forgotten over the years.

I put on my robe and my slippers and headed out to the living room and
found Sara in my big chair all bundled up.

"Good morning, sweetheart!"

My heart sank when she slowly looked up at me and revealed her
tear-stained face to me. She made me regret ever having been born with
that look that didn't condemn me, yet she conveyed an eternity of pain in
her eyes.

"Oh, my God, what have I done?"

I fell to my knees and tried to hug her and she just shrank away from

"Sara, I'm so sorry...I wanted it to be...I thought it would be..."

Shit. For the first time in my life I was at a loss for words.

"David, I had thought my first time with a man would be the most
romantic time of my life. You didn't care that you were hurting me, did
you? All you cared about was what you wanted. Now all I'll remember about
giving my virginity away is that I wasted it on you."

A bullet through my head would have been easier to take than her calm
and accurate assessment of me. She was right, all I cared about was my own
needs, I couldn't even be patient enough to be gentle with this woman who
was taking over my heart.


"David, I really don't want to talk to you right now. I'm going to go
take a shower and clean up and then I'd like you to leave me alone for a
while, okay? I need some time to myself to think about all of this. I'm
worried about getting pregnant, too, since you didn't bother to think about
what could happen last night. I had wanted you to stop so we could get a
condom or something, but you didn't want to listen to me and so now here I

So a twenty-year old girl told off the Emperor of The Assembly and left
him speechless on his own living room floor while she just walked out. I
sat there filled with guilt for what I had done, for what I may have ruined
with someone I really and truly had come to love.

Over the next two weeks we barely spoke to each other and we always
managed to stay on opposite ends of the house. Our meals together were
painfully silent except for the usual social niceties. I made several
futile attempts to start a conversation with Sara, and each time she would
just get up and leave without responding to me.

Finally, she caught me in tears one day after she had left me in the
living room alone again. I couldn't take it anymore and I just had to let
it out. And then I broke down further thinking about what had become of
the tough bastard I'd always fancied myself as being.


Now she caught me.

"Are you okay?"

I tried to hide my shame and turned away from her.

"David, are you crying about me? David?"

She tried to turn me around and I flinched from her touch.

"Dammit, Sara, leave me alone."

And when I turned around, she was gone.

I guess I got a little satisfaction out of that little outburst and I
built on the moment to wipe off my face and get a stiff shot of brandy to
buck up my self-image. I figured I needed to get a grip on what the hell I
was doing to myself and I needed to harden up a bit. This puppy-love crap
was going to kill me and it had to stop.

I finished the brandy and decided to call it a night and headed off to
bed. After taking care of my needs in the bathroom I climbed into the cold
bed and drifted off rather quickly into a fitful sleep.

I guess it seemed like a dream when I woke up and felt a petite little
arm wrapped around me. I gently felt behind myself and realized that Sara
was cuddled up behind me! I decided not to act too rashly about anything
and I just lay there and listened to her breathing next to me.

"I know you're awake, David."

I rolled over to face her in the darkness.

"Why are you in here Sara? I thought you'd never forgive me? I thought
you'd never let me touch you again."

Her hand brushed my face.

"I wanted us to try again. I could see you felt bad about what you did,
David, and since I have nothing left to lose I wanted to try again."

The pain in her voice over my taking her virtue was clear and only added
to the guilt I had felt earlier. How could she forgive me? After what I
had done? How selfish I had been?

I felt her gentle kiss on my stunned lips.

"But, David, you have got to be a lot more patient with me, okay?"

"I promise, Sara."

And then I crossed that bridge I had sworn I'd burn down when I got to

"Because I love you, Sara."

Her answer was to take my hand and bring it up to her naked body and
then she kissed me again with just a little more fervor.

This time I promised myself that I wouldn't fuck up my second chance
with the precious jewel in my arms.

We kissed and explored and felt each other for the best part of an hour
before her hand finally found my cock. Her attentions to my member made it
stand to attention and I felt the same old animal inside me demand to throw
her back and...

No. I was determined to do this the right way.

I pulled her over on top of me and let her legs spread out on either
side of mine. I was almost mad with the desire a man feels when he knows
his loves' pussy is waiting just mere inches from his need. Still, I
managed to restrain myself.

Sara cuddled up into my neck as I ran my hands over her naked back and
down to the smooth skin of her beautiful ass. I even started massaging her
to help get her relaxed and she responded with a pleasured sigh as my hands
kneaded her body. I gave in a little to my wiles and massaged her down my
body to get her moist crevice to kiss up against the tip of my cock.

"I know what you're doing, don't try to be all sly with me, David."

A moment of fear rushed through me before Sara balmed my fear with a
thrust of her body at my eager tool.

"Let me do this my way, okay?"

"Anything you want, Sara."

Hell, yeah! I was absolutely not going to turn back now.

It took forever for Sara to rub and thrust and rub and grind her body
onto mine without relieving my need. And I took it like a trooper, not
even once attempting to rush things along.

I will say that it was one of the most erotic moments of my life when I
felt Sara sit up on me and slowly lower herself onto my cock.


She gasped as she settled herself on my spear.

"Oh, David..."

She pulled off a bit.

"Oh, God...ahhh!!!"

I damn near exploded when she just dropped herself onto me and buried my
cock to the hilt in her tender body.

"Oh, David...please...just hold me for a minute."

I felt her warm breasts crush against my chest as she lay down on my
chest and just held my cock motionless in her warmth. It took every ounce
of my being to not start humping her and I was about ready to scream

Maybe two or three minutes went by when she made the most delicate and
imperceptible thrust on my cock.

(Which, to me, felt like a drink of water after a hike in the desert.)

I allowed her tentative thrusts at me as she discovered the peculiar
pleasure and pain that is making love. Her thrusts became more assertive
as she found out how deep she could have me before she felt any discomfort.
Sara took her time, but I was rewarded for my own patience when she took up
a slow and steady rhythm of humping me into her depths.

The raw joy of feeling her body grind into mine to satisfy her own
curiosity and need drew me to a new sexual intensity I had never imagined:
I was making love for the first time in my life. I had fucked women, I had
taken women, I had used women, and I had even raped women. All to satisfy
my wanton physical needs.

Now I was feeling a need in my heart that could only be filled by my
submitting my wants and needs to the love and pleasure of this wonderful
woman in my arms.

"David...mmmm...oh, yeah..."

Sara sat up on me again and allowed me to slowly plunge all the way into
her soft and yielding body. There were no complaints now as my cock bumped
against her cervix. Oh, no, now she seemed to demand even more from me.

I could feel her body shudder and quake with each thrust. Her demands
became more intense and my darling Sara began to hump me with the same
ferocity I had given to her a fortnight before.


My own body began to surge with need as Sara fell to the waves of
pleasure that crashed across her body.


I couldn't hold it back anymore and my balls erupted their white lava
into Sara's quaking body in surge after surge of my own release. I finally
gave in to my lust and fucked her as hard as I could while my balls still
pumped her body full of my seed. Unlike our first night together, Sara's
whimpers were of delight as my pounding and pumping intensified her
pleasure and brought on a crescendo of an orgasm that I felt when her pussy seized my cock with a series of the most wonderful contractions.

I really had no idea that sex could be so good.

She finally collapsed on top of me and fell, exhausted, into a very
restful sleep while I simply held her on top of me. I guess it was maybe
two or three hours later when I woke up and realized that I was still
buried in Saras' wonderful body. My cock came back to life with this
joyous realization and I was soon enraptured in the passionate throes of my
desire for my love.

Having earlier sated my initial lust, I was now so slow and deliberate
in making love to Sara this time that she never even stirred as I enjoyed
her body again and released what little sperm I had left into her lovely
form. And now, this time, I finally did drift off and sleep the sleep of a
contented man.

* * *

The morning dawned with a darkened sky and my lovely Sara cuddled up by
my side. The only thing that could have made my life even more perfect was
when Sara stirred and looked up at me with her lovely brown eyes:

"I love you, too, David."


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