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The Teaching of Squirrel Girl Masterbation


All Characters trademarked by Marvel comics

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Mystique walked down the alleys of New York with not much on her mind.
She wasn't afraid, who would be when their form is big enough to take on a
semi? She had been on her own for a while now, not yet ready to make her
appearance public again. It would be good to operate in secret again. Now
she could do stuff people wouldn't expect her to do.

As the night wound down she started thinking what kind of company she
should try and round up for herself tonight? She liked men and women,
though women seemed more her style lately. She didn't want a "human"
though. It may sound odd but she preferred mutants who were at least on a
par with her genetically.

She decided to take a walk in central park to try and get some ideas.
Shifting to her "normal" appearance since it was close to 11pm and few
people were in the park she wandered trying to think of ANYONE to fit the

After some thinking she started to feel odd. She didn't think she was
alone any longer and smirked. ~Maybe some over eager boy who wants some
involuntary action?~ As she turned she saw something she couldn't quite
figure. Whatever it was it WAS female...early 20's was Ravens guess.
That's about all she could use though as the poor woman looked more like
something out of a sideshow.

From what Raven could see the lady had light brown fur on her body, a
fairly long and very fluffy tail, two front teeth that were bigger than her
mouth and a look of wildness that made Raven squirm.

"What are you doing here like that?"

Raven blinked not expecting the creature to know English. "Just
walking. Who are you?"

The woman looked to settle a little. "Last time I ran into a super hero
around here was when Iron man Battled a loony named Dr. Doom. Oh my name
is Squirrel girl and you?"

Raven tried to think. Squirrel Girl? She Vaguely remembered Dr. Doom
coming to a run in with Iron Man, though to be fair they have probably
mixed it up a few times. "So what are you doing here?"

Squirrel girl laughed. "I live here...or more specifically in the trees
here. Come-on I'll show ya my place."

Raven shrugged and followed Squirrel girl through the dark park looking
around at various trees, fountains...eventually they came to a proud tall
tree in a forgotten corner of the park.

"I hope your not afraid of heights." Squirrel girl said as she
unsheathed small daggers from her wrist and used them to help her climb.

Raven smiled at her and morphed her hands into claws "Not at all." She
said as she followed the woman up to a small treehouse.

As she stepped in she smiled. Very basic. She had a bed and a small tv radio that she said Iron man gave her to make sure she could keep up with
"The Outside".

As raven took a seat on a small stool, Squirrel girl flopped in her bed
and turned on the radio to a news channel. "So what kind of mutant are you
that you can do that to your hands?"

Raven blinked and looked. She had forgotten to re shift her hands.
"I'm a shape shifter."

Squirrel girl laughed. "I could tell that. What I should've asked is
why aren't you in a more.."human" form?"

Mystique thought about this. By every right she should've been. She
was still trying to make people think she was dead after all so waltzing
around like this probably wasn't to bright. "Just doing some thinking,
sometimes I forget to if I get lost in thought."

Squirrel girl nodded. "I ask because it isn't everyday ya find someone
who is supposed to be dead in Central Park."

Mystique looked up quick. How Could she?...Of course, the TV. "Well,
not dead as you can see...just hoping the world believes it for a while. I
need a rest."

Squirrel girl nods. "Lots of people try to hide from life, but it
usually catches them. Don't worry I won't turn ya in as long as ya promise
to stay a while. I don't get much company except for occasional visits
from Iron man to check up on me."

"What did you do to attract his attention so much?"

Squirrel girl looked away from her TV. "Oh just helped defeat Dr.

Mystique's jaw dropped. "Not to sound mean but how could someone like
you help out Iron Man?"

Squirrel girl looked hurt. She narrowed her eyes at Mystique and
muttered something she couldn't hear. In a moment she felt something
tickling her back. She looked around and saw a squirrel. "Cute, but how
could that help?"

Squirrel girl stood up looking right now rather pissed and this time
spoke in the odd language louder. within seconds 50 squirrels were on
Mystique nipping at her clothes and skin. "does THAT answer your

She whistled and the squirrels ran off leaving Raven looking a bit worse
for wear. "Indeed, Is there somewhere I could tend to these cuts?"

Squirrel girl handed her a first aid kit and humphed on bed keeping an
eye on Raven. Raven for her part was taking some Neosporin to some of the
cuts before noticing her back was cut up to. Not wanting to scare the girl buy literally making her head spin she asked Squirrel girl for help.

The young lady reluctantly agreed and took the Band-Aids and Neosporin.
as she dabbed off some of the blood she found her fingers lingering at time
to feel the woman's skin. It felt soft to her. As she moved more down her
back she noticed her eyes focusing more on the curves of her body than the

Raven who had started noticing as well quirked an eyebrow when the lady
stopped. "Done already?"

"Huh? OH no I'm sorry. I was just..Nevermind."

Raven Blinked "Just what? just curious about me?"

Squirrel girl nodded. "Yeah, though I understand what ya think. I know
I'm not pretty."

Mystique turned around and looked at her. "you are to..who told you

"Oh just some boys who occasionally meet me here at night. They said
only they could love me."

Ravens eyes turned red, literally. She HATED that attitude. True she
used the same reasoning sometimes, but not to a woman. She knew how that

Raven looked to her."Why do you let them get away with that?"

Squirrel girl blinked."Thats how love is isn't it?"

~Good lord she's innocent.~ Thought Raven. "what do they do when they
meet you?"

Squirrel girl told Mystique about how a couple months ago a pack of boys managed to catch her and rape her. That night she felt something strong in
her gut and while she tried to ignore it she couldn't. Later that week the
same group caught her again and raped her again. as they were walking off
she noticed the burn in her chest was dimmed a bit. She caught up to them
and asked if they could do it again. While the boys said they would come
back from time to time.

Mystique let a growl escape her throat which she didn't notice until she
felt Squirrel girl Jump. She looked up at her. "Sorry about that. do you
feel that "burning" lately?"

Squirrel girl nodded. "they haven't been by n a couple weeks so I've
been literally jumpy."

Mystique could imagine that. She leaned back and noticed that her
panties were ripped in a couple places. Smiling she thought of a way to
help Squirrel girl and herself. "Would you like me to show you how to calm
the burning without them?"

Squirrel girl looked at her kinda funny. " do you mean?"

Mystique smiled like a cat. "first off pull your pants down." Squirrel
girl nodded not sure what she was doing but comfortable enough that she
didn't mind.

Mystique looked at he. She imagined that the fur covered her whole body
but she didn't count on it being the same hazel color. She felt herself
blush and shook her head. "Now I want you to look at me OK?" Squirrel girl nodded. "And do what I do."

Mystique stood and slide her robe and panties off and sat on the other
side of the bed from Squirrel girl. She put a finger in her mouth and
sucked on it watching a confused Squirrel girl do the same. She then moved
her hand between her thighs and traced the finger along her inner lips.
Smiling she was startled by a "yip" from Squirrel Girl.

"Everything all right?" Squirrel girl shook her head. "
felt...weird..." Mystique sighed she was trying to teach a women to
masturbate who had no clue of the concept. She moved along the bed until
she was close to Squirrel girl. "Would you like me to help?" Squirrel girl felt her face blush and nodded. Mystique took her hand gently moved it
between her legs. Squirrel girls tail moved to block her but mystique
moved it gently out of the way.

"now first off you take your finger and trace it along you thigh..."
Doing this made Squirrel girl squirm and whimper a bit. ~good lord~
thought Mystique.~At this rate she'll come before I've taught her.~She bit
her lip though and moved Squirrel girl's finger slowly along her inner
thigh. Then looking up at the girl whose eyes were shut tight and her
hands kneading the bed she moved the finger to her lips. As she slowly
moved the finger to circle her inner lips Squirrel girls body began to
quiver. Mystique could smell her musk and her own sex began to get moist.
As she moved her finger to her clit the young lady moaned and shivered.
Mystique's other hand was now massaging her own clit as teaching the you
woman was a huge turn on for her.

Mystique's breath began to get heavy and she took Squirrel Girl's thumb
and pinched her thumb and index finger on her clit. Then she did the one
thing she knew would get the young one off. she moved the two fingers to
put friction on her clit and almost immediately Squirrel girl came.

It wasn't quiet either. She screamed a long primal scream which made
Mystique come just out of surprise. as Mystique's legs went limp she used
what little strength she had to finish the work on the young girl. Before
long Squirrel girl was panting heavily and looking at Mystique.

"Why...why didn't anyone tell me this?"

Mystique smiled "It's usually something you find out by accident. I can
teach you more when you recover if you would like."

Squirrel girl nodded and hugged Mystique..."After I wake up..."

Mystique smiled as the young mutant feel asleep. she then turned off
the radio and wrapped her arm around Squirrel girl's waist before going to
sleep with a smile on her face.


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