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The Teaching of Squirrel Girl Self Exploration


Authors note:This is a filler :) Gyrich hasn't yet gotten much of a
following and as such is picking on mutants to scared to challenge his
views of them. I don't know if this timeline could work or not. If not
just blame one of the zillions of alternate realities that seem to spring
up LOL

The next morning Mystique woke to find Squirrel girl still out cold on
the bed. ~poor thing~ she thought as she stretched. ~~I probably gave her
the best orgasm she'd had since her first.~ She smiled at the thought and
then moved t o the stool over by the treehouse window.

She could see why her friend won't leave this place. During noon (which
Mystique guessed by where the sun currently was) the park was alive with
people. Joggers, businessmen on lunch break, families picnicking, It was
very peaceful.

As she looked around for her clothes she started to wonder. Last night
she felt better than she had since loosing Irene. She knew enough about
love to know it didn't hit like lightening all the time, but there were
moments you just couldn't ignore it. She should be happy, after all to the
world she no longer exists, but she is a mutant and dare say one of the
most wanted in the world. She would be uncovered eventually.

That thought made her frown. Why couldn't people leave her be? She was
a criminal, she knew that. Even if some of her "jobs" were for the greater
good how could she convince people of it. She has played with the lives of
people for so long now...she doesn't want to play with this one. She knows
in her soul she will eventually. Good old mystique never does something
not to her advantage damn her.

As she sat thinking Squirrel girl woke up. After a rather exhilarating
stretch she sat up and looked around for Mystique who was no longer in bed.
Seeing her by the window the young mutant made her way over to Mystique and
gave her a hug. "Good Morning"

Mystique smiled as the furry arms held her close. She moved her arms to
rest on Squirrel girls and sighed. "It can't work you know. Even dead I'm
to high profile to be forgotten, They'll find me...and you."

Squirrel girl nodded. "I know. Trust me, I know. People have silently
"known" I've been here for a while now."

Mystique turned her head. "How did you find out?"

Squirrel girl smiled and pointed out the window to a kind of circle in
the park. "Some anti-mutant dork had a few moments out there telling the
people of the towns mutants. after they arrested him for public
disturbance people started talking. The problem is for me at least it

"Mystique arched an eyebrow and smiled lightly. She loved it when the
anti-mutant movement got set back. "What happened?"

Squirrel girl giggled. "Well, ya could say I got adopted. usually by
nightfall there is a basket below this tree with some food for the
following day. I even got a Christmas present last year." She smiled and
went over to a small desk where a badge sat. She brought it over to show a
curious mystique who looked at it and smiled. "Official Park Patrol
Staff." She laughed. "That fits. So you are a member of the night crew

Squirrel girl shrugged. "I'm here when they need me. Most of my work
is daytime, though usually pretty stealth. Rescuing kittens and kids from
trees. saves a lot of money since with me around they don't have to keep
fire ladder trucks close and can use them where they do more good."

Mystique nodded and then a thought crossed her mind. "Have you told the
city of the rapists?"

Squirrel girl hung her head. "Not yet. My main problem is usually they
have masks. The only one I ever truly saw was a driver, it was the
anti-mutant jerk. I guess this is his way of saying I'm not safe even with
the city."

Mystique growled. "Do you know who he is?"

Squirrel girl nodded. "Someone named Gyrich. Seems he is trying to get
some political power and is using mutants to get it."

Mystique slammed her fist on the window. "DAMNIT!" she covered her
mouth immediately and moved away from the window hoping no one would see
her. "Sorry...I just know the name...very well."

Squirrel girl looked confused then it hit her. "He is making your life
hell to?"

Mystique nods. "HE has every right to. I abandoned him years ago, and
now he blames all mutants for his hard life. I'm his mother."

Squirrel girl shouted this time feeling like the peace she had hoped she
had found being ripped from her. "NO!!!! You're lying admit it...PLEASE!"

Squirrel girl didn't care who heard her. Unlike Mystique even though
she was rarely seen people knew her voice.

Mystique moved quickly over to Squirrel girl to try and calm the young woman's nerves. "Shhh....I'm sorry. I should've know it would hurt you.
Damnit anyhow. Now I know I can't stay here."

Squirrel girl started to choke. She wanted to cry so bad, to try and
convince Mystique that she could stay, but knowing how persistent Gyrich
could be she knew once he learned she had a friend he wouldn't rest until
he found out who and then there would be no escape. She would be red flagged with Mystique. Even if she never saw her again.

Then a thought struck her. "I know how you can stay" Squirrel girl said
with a grin.

Mystique blinked and backed ut of the hug looking confused at her
friend. "How?"

Squirrel girl smiled "You're a shapeshifter aren't you? We just have to
take your publicly hated form and change it to one "Squirrel girl points to
herself "that is more acceptable."

Mystique smiles. Of course. She could assume Squirrel girls form and
have at least some mobility AND keep an eye on her more annoying pup.
Maybe she could even get revenge on him and her rapists...

Mystique smiles and in a flash Squirrel girl had a twin. The two
mutants chuckled and thought of all the fun they could have now. Gyrich
was in for a nasty surprise.

As Mystique glanced over her new body she saw Squirrel girl looking at
her. She smiles and says "Thinking about a little self exploration?"

Squirrel girl blinked not sure what her double meant. Seeing the
uncertainty Mystique moved back onto the bed with Squirrel girl and took
one of her hands and placing it on her breast. "Ever wonder what you feel
like to someone else?"

Squirrel girl was mesmerized. She knew that mystique could assume any
form but she didn't expect it to be so...real. She stared at the body
which was a replica of her own and moved her other hand up to Mystique's
other breast. "they feel so real."

Mystique grinned "they are. Now go ahead and "explore your body"" she
said with a feral grin.

Squirrel girl Smiled and moved up to kiss Mystique. As their lips met
the young mutants hands rubbed Mystiques nipples gently starting to try and
get the courage to further explore. Only after a few minutes and at
Mystiques insistence that her nipples were now VERY sensitive did Squirrel
girl react, though not how Mystique thought.

Squirrel girl, being new to this wanted to see how her body reacted to
everything. Starting along that premise she moved her head down and
started sucking on Mystiques over sensitive nipple. Mystique ground her
fingers into the bed with a sharp his as she felt the pressure on her body
and her hormones kicked in. She moved her hands to Squirrel girls head and
tried to move it, but the young mutant would have none of it as she took a
chance and flickered her tongue over the nipple.

Mystique arched her back and lie back down on the bed as Squirrel girl moved with her keeping up the work on the sensitive nipple. As she heard
Mystique moaning she decided that the nipple had suffered enough and moved
to the other one. Mystique blinked and closed her eyes not even bothering
to resist. This young lady was VERY interested in her body and was going
to try it all before she was done.

As Mystique was starting to calm down she felt Squirrel girls mouth move
off her nipple exposing it to the air. with a sharp breath she looked up
at her to see a grin on the young mutants face. "I may not be to much of
an expert but I would guess you're enjoying this." Mystique nodded. Indeed
she has sometimes done "Self Exploration" with others, though most of them
were usually much more sexually mature than Squirrel girl. She was as
close to a virgin as anyone could be.

Squirrel girl moved next to Mystique and let her hand slide along
Mystiques belly. Mystique just smiled happy enough to sit here forever
being loved by Squirrel Girl. then she heard a chuckle.

"You know I think its time someone got payback."

Mystique looked over in curiosity as Squirrel girl moved between her
legs. Reaching up and taking Mystiques hand she made it slowly glide over
her thigh and used her own hand to follow it. Mystique's eyes grew wide as
she realized that Squirrel girl was going to try and make her come the same
way Mystique had.

As Mystiques guided hand moved up her thigh Squirrel girl followed it
with her long nails. Mystique gasped when Squirrel girl had her had
between her legs. Just as she had done Squirrel girl guided Mystiques hand
along her inner lips following it as always with her nail. Mystique
started to squirm a bit, but Squirrel girl rested on her legs preventing
her from moving to much.

As Squirrel girl started using Mystique's Fingers on her clit she got an
odd idea. While Mystique was moaning from the attentions Squirrel girl made her hand give her Squirrel girl moved her free hand between Mystique's
legs and started rubbing the lips of her lover with her fingers. Mystiques
eyes widened suddenly realizing whatever script the were following from
last night just got tossed out.

Mystique for her end decided it was time for another lesson. As she
squirmed from all the attention she managed to pull Squirrel girls body
into position where she could have some fun of her own. she was just
starting to think of seeing how the girl would handle a finger when
Squirrel girl beat her to the punch.

Mystique let out a low howl as the curious woman slid a digit inside her
and started tickling the insides of her. As she withered Squirrel girl sat
up and stared at "her" face. She wanted to see herself come and she
wouldn't stop until she had.

Mystique finally getting some awareness pulled the young ladies legs
over and slid a digit deep inside her wiggling like mad. Squirrel girls eye widened like saucers as she collapsed as the assault on her body threw
her mind in temporary shock.

"All bets are off now" Warned Mystique as she sat up and slid her finger
out long enough to slide her tongue in. Squirrel girl cried out. her body
had been getting wet as she had worked over Mystique and now she was ready
to climax. Mystique though wanted this climax to be one she would never

closing her eyes and concentrating she made her tongue shift into a form
of a cock and stared literally fucking the young lady. Squirrel girl tried
to squirm as she felt a cock inside her and decided the only way was to
send Mystique over the top. With that in mind she lowered her head, took a
gulp and used her bucktooth to nibble on the clit of Mystique.

Mystique almost choked. Even she hadn't thought of using the tooth like
that before. She fell back as her thighs started to twitch and as
Mystiques orgasm hit She saw Squirrel girl next to her smiling.

"I always wondered what I looked like." She snuggled next to Mystique
who's turn it was to pass out.


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