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The Third 1


The Third 1/? {Redman} {sf MF MFF}
( c ) October 2000


Authors Note: This story is very much a work in
progress. As such, please read it "as is" with the
understanding that I will be revising/reviewing. I
would be interested in any comments or corrections
that readers might care to share with me. I can be
reached at

If you're a minor - don't read it.
The Third 1/?
I can never remember a time when women didn't greatly
outnumber men. I've scanned the histories, scanned the
fictions (even tried to write a few fictions about
that time myself), but its beyond my experience to
even understand a time when women weren't completely
in control of the world and society. With roughly
eighty percent of the population, of course they're in

There's still the thread about the how's and the why's
of it all. Geneticists have a reason for it all, but
the last time I tried to bone up on it, it was bigger
than my little mind. I'm just a writer of popular
fictions after all, not a sci writer. I leave the hard
thinkin' to the ladies.

It's not like there's less people though, dammit. It'd
be nice to be able to find a slot when I need one when
I'm out roamin'. Every slot's taken near the best
zones all the time! At least people still d'load and
scan fictions else I'd be out of credits. Well, I'd
still have Maggie's credits to live off, but then I'd
have to answer to her for every little chit I wanted
to lay down.

Not that Maggie's a dom with me. We've been together
for too long for that. I fell for Maggie the first
time I scanned her; we were both twelve and even back
then she put her hooks deep in me. Maggie's always
known what she wanted and gone straight after it. I
know it's crude, and I'd never say it in mixed
company, but it doesn't hurt that she's a five-star
babe either. I mean, she pulls down tons of credit
working the 'cast, but the reason I fell in love with
her back then was because she zaps me real hard.

Maggie's been a good provider over the years and I
really have no beef with how she's run things, but
there's always been the ongoing problem of our Third
that she's never wanted to deal with. I know it isn't
right because her attitude has always been too old
fashion in this area, but I can't help but be a little
jazzed that she never wanted to share me with a Third.
It's almost like she's jealous and that rev's me too.
Still in all, we've got no choice now.

Maggie used up our last waver with the option that
came through last month. The gal didn't seem that bad
to me either, but Maggie can be as hardheaded as she
is beautiful, so there ya go. Any day now someone's
gonna exercise an option and then we'll not have much
choice in the matter. Unless she's a kinker or a
dyker, we'll be SOL. At least assuming she makes as
much as me, that is. That's always why Maggie's
encouraged my commercial scribings. At least with the
credit I pull down we won't draw a Third that's a
freeloader, like some.

I wish I could say I understood all of Maggie's
problem with taking a Third in, but I guess that's a
woman thing. I know some families clash with their
Third, but by and large the Third laws have worked to
everyone's good - just like the government says. Like
they say, four girls for every boy, something had to
happen. Can't blame the Thirds for the variances of

It's not like any woman really wants to be a Third.
Every Jane wants her own Johnny, but obviously that
can't happen. There's a lot more dykers of course, but
that's not for every girl after all. Not every Jane
can be satisfied with a seventh night ride just once a
while. I know I wouldn't want that myself, though
seventh night can be pretty fuckin' fun. But I guess
it's different if you're on the female end of it.

But it's not like Maggie uses me all six nights she
has me anyway. First of all, she's got her career and
all, so she's working most of the time. Then there's
the fact that most girls that even have steady rides
don't want 'em six nights a week. Even at our ages
we've steadied out to about five times a week, and
most of those are during the day when Maggie's not as

So it's not like she can't spare me for a Third. It's
not even that in our bracket the Third might choose to
live with us. I'm realistic after all. Despite the
stories, I know we're not gonna draw a knockout babe
that's gonna do us both every night with cheap, hot
sex. I'm not into that anyway; I don't even go into
the bird's nests on seventh night when I could.

Maggie's just a sweet soul that never really learned
to share her goodies with anyone. She's a collector
and she doesn't like people messing with the stuff
that she's collected over the years. I know that she
cares for me and all, but Maggie not wanting a Third
is more about not wanting to share what's hers than
not wanting to share me.

Even on eighth night Maggie's a little distant. (I
know, there's really no such thing as eighth night,
but everyone knows what the old joke about eighth
night sex being so good means.) But I don't wanna
sound like I'm down on Maggie, 'cause she really does
it for me like no seventh night hottie can. Just
seeing her on the 'cast while she's workin' can get me
rocky and I get to toss her five times a week. If I
weren't flippin' her, I'd have a bad dose for her.

Anyways, I get back from a 'noon of strollin' the
zones, not really a heavy shoppin' trip or all, and
when I get home there's an official noti on the wall.
I d'load it and sees we been pegged with another
option. I know Maggie's gonna boil.

Still and all, I am a little curious, so I check the
sender and do a lookup. I did it discreet like, at
least. The sender turned out to be one Elizabeth Rose
Lancaster, who I have never heard of. It might have
been some Jane I flipped on seventh night, but I
usually liked to get a name. Like I said, I'm pretty
conservative about such things.

I pulled up Lancaster's public bio and at least she
wasn't a complete barker. She wasn't a babe like
Maggie, but then not many are. She was a little older
than us, a touch on the heavier side and (most oddly)
listed herself as double hetero. There weren't too
many double h's, these days. Even Maggie listed
herself as BI even though she hasn't bedded another
Jane in quite some time. At least, not that she clued
me in on.

At least Lancaster showed a descent credit scan on the
public side. She made twice what I did, though still
not as much as Maggie. She listed herself as a writer,
which was about the only thing I scanned that we had
in common. Don't know what kinda words she was
selling, but someone parted with nice credit to d'load
'em. I calc'ed that I had two choices. This evening
was my seventh night anyway and I was supposed to
check in by 17:00. It was already 14:00. I could wait
and see if Maggie was gonna scoot by, but generally
she won't see me off before seventh night anyway.
Maggie's never said it, but I've always had the idea
she didn't approve of seventh night. "Course, it's the
law whether she approved of it or not. Every man had
to pull at least one seventh night gig a week with but
a few exceptions. At least I didn't usually pull more
than one, unless Maggie was busy or out of town on

The other alternative was to mark the noti as unread
and let Maggie deal with it when she got home. I could
always check in early and earn a few extra credits. As
compared to facing Maggie immediately after she read
the noti, that sounded peachy with me.

After I hit the shower and changed, I left a sticky
for Maggie to remind her where I'd be. Sometime she
can be so tied up with work that she forgets our
plans. I hit the Metro to buzz down to the local
Seventh House.

Normally I didn't flirt while I was out but there was
a Jane on the Metro that was giving me serious eye. I
was on the way to the House anyway, so it's not like I
was lookin' to get some on the sly like most Johnny's
do. She was a looker and a bold one too 'cause she
came right up and sat beside me, wanting to cuddle.
She had the look of the lonely and I hated to tell her
I was married, but when I told her I was on my way to
do my civic duty, she brightened just fine. Her voice
had an eager rasp when she asked which House I was
headed too. Since she was such a looker (and seemed a
sweet gal as well) I told her and we brought out our
pads and swapped sigs.

At the door of the House the attendant read my pad and
pulled my records. She thanked me for coming in early
as she gave me my pharmis. There was a new pharmi this
time and, after scanning it, she told me that the docs
read that it helped for stamina. She was a nice one,
so I gave her a little wink and a tickle, but she just
laughed me off. Probably the attendants got free rides
whenever for all I know. I'm sure the ones that
dispense the pharmis got as much as they wanted.

Next the Doc got her blood sample from me and gave me
the run thru. It may have been the pharmis already
started boiling in my system, but it felt like she
took a little longer with the inspection than she had
to. That was fine by me, of course, because by then I
was ready to flip her anyway if she would have only
given me the word.

I checked a single room with the dispatcher and looked
to see if the Jane from the Metro was here yet.
Unfortunately she wasn't, but the ration of fems-to-
mens in the house was 2 to 1, so I doubted I would be
lonely for long. Besides, by now my sig was out so
that any interested Jane in the area would know that I
was here. I usually didn't go for repeaters, because
of Maggie, but there ya go.

When I went into my assigned room, I hit the switch to
show that it was occupied. I set the fem limit to two
as I always did. You hardly get more than two in a
single room anyway, unless you're some kinda star.
Besides, if I want wall-to-wall fem I could go to the
bird's nest in the middle of the house.

I had just drawn a glass of water when my first Jane
comes in. She was an older gal, maybe twice my age.
That didn't bother me 'cause I always had a thing for
older gals anyway, especially the ones that blush and
act all shy on me when I first meet them. Some of them
can even remember the one-to-one days, but that's
usually the ones that are too old for even me. This
one was probably raised by a one-to-oner though, so
she might still have that mind.

Anyways, we talk a bit and she seems a nice one. (I
said I was conservative at these things.) She's got
soft, wavy brown hair and a gentle smile. She was
wearing a bronze sweater that buttoned down the middle
and when I reached for the top button she smiled like
a young girl. Her name was Martha and her breath
tasted like wintermint.

Since she was my first tonight, we both had on all our
clothes. I think Martha liked that because she seemed
to enjoy me taking off our clothes a piece at a time.
There was nothing under the blouse except sweet woman
breasts that were too small to sag much. When I gently
sucked them into my mouth, her moans made me feel that
it had been a very long time since anyone had done
that for her.

That's what seventh night is all about for me, anyway.
The rich and the beautiful, both young and old, can
marry or catch meat on the sly. But the average
looking gal with an average job might go years without
a man if not for seventh night. Maybe her whole life.
Something about the average women, the lonely ones,
made me feel like this was something worthwhile. At
times, something sacred.

Soon we were both naked and she seemed pleased that
she had entered my room. I knew when her clothes were
off that I had never seen her before because she had a
dark brown birthmark on her side that I would have
remembered anywhere. Martha's hips in front were a
little bony and her butt in back sagged at bit, but
she had a nice mouth and she kissed wonderfully.

I had already set the aromas to lilacs and the lamps
to soft violet so when I pulled her down into our own
little nest it startled her a bit, but then she smiled
and giggled. I think it had been such a while for
Martha that it was almost like being with a virgin,
only a virgin who had lived and waited a very long

But, I don't think she was a virgin really because she
knew exactly what she wanted. I tried to go down on
her, but Martha was eager for the ride by then. Or
rather, she was eager to be ridden. She surprised me
when she flipped me and wanted on the bottom. Seven
out of eight ladies want to be the top so they can get
their fill, but Martha just wanted me to hold her
tight and work into her gently.

She pulled me down until my face was buried into her
hair and her bony pelvis thrust back against me hard
for a while. Eventually her thrusting slowed as she
wore herself out, but she wanted me to keep going. By
this time she was hugging me tightly and crying, so I
figured she was thinking about someone very special to
her. I tried to fuck into her lovingly, like whoever
she was thinking about would have or should have. I
don't think Martha had an orgasm, which I thought was
a damn shame. She was a lovely, tender woman and I
wanted to do everything I could to make her happy
while she was here. I think the emotions were just too
intense for her though, because eventually she decided
that she had to go. Before she left, she asked for my
sig and begged me to see her again sometime when I was
in the House. I told her I'd be happy to share a nest
with her again but that next time she had to promise
to let me please her. She giggled and blushed like a
schoolgirl in my arms. This was why I loved seventh
night so much. Maggie was wonderful and I love her so
much it hurts. But, having a forty-year old woman in
your arms blushing, dying to come back and toss you
anytime, makes a Johnny feel pretty nice.

I was feeling a little sad after Martha left when in
walks a couple of go-girls that were on a date. Man,
they were ready for action. They clued me that they
had been to the bird's nest but there was not enough
meat there for their taste, so they were ready for a
hard ride. Janni and Marta couldn't have been more
different than Martha, which is what you get sometimes
with seventh night.

Marta was the dom, so she went first crack. She pushed
me back into the nest, leering all the while, though
she was gentle enough about it. Janni cranked the
enviros to pulsing lights and some harsh, smoky
fragrance I didn't even know. Marta's shaved beav
between her leathers was already glistening so I knew
she would be fast on the draw. Sure enough, by the
time my back hit the floor, she was already settling

For all her complications, Marta's needs were simple.
She just wanted a wild ride on hard meat. She had her
sub rubbing her off as she rode, one hand frigging her
clit and the other with knuckles knocking at her back
door. Since my hands were free and I wanted her done,
I pulled and twisted on her nipples that poked out of
the leather cutouts. She thanked me by picking up the
pace and soon she was popped.

She pushed Janni's head down on my meat and had her
clean it off. For a reward, she let her sub straddle
me with her ass facing back at me and sit down. Of
course, Marta wouldn't let Janni thrust on me until
she had eaten out her dom's beav proper. That was a
little boring for me of course, with nothing to do or
look at except Janni's ass. With nothing better to do
I thought I'd give her tail a tingle, but Janni's tail
looked like it had already been well used by her dom
already today.

Lucky for me, Janni was adept at getting Marta juiced,
so in short order her dom was wicked tired. Janni spun
around on my meat without even pulling back; then she
began to work me with the well-trained muscles of a
good sub. She was brutal with me, squeezing my cock
out like a wet dishrag. Janni probably never got real
meat, but I could tell she was well versed in the
plastic and rubber flavors. From the way she squeezed,
I wondered if they ever broke.

Even with the pharmis I had a hard time not popping.
It looked like Janni was on a personal mission from
God to see if she could make me shoot, because she was
working it too good and too hard for it just to be her
own rock she was after. Sure enough, Marta came around
dogging her saying no way this Johnny's gonna 'load on
her scrawny snatch. Janni had a wild look, like she
really needed it. No telling what perv Marta had
waiting if she couldn't get me off.

I don't like doms anyways, so I decided to try and
give Janni what she needed. I started rockin' hard,
thinking of all the Jane's that get me rollin'. I
thought of Maggie, of course. Then I thought about
Martha, but our rockin' was too hard to think about
tender Martha. I thought about a girl from school with
long, silky black hair. Just as I was about to get my
nut, I thought of the picture of Elizabeth Rose
Lancaster, the plain looking woman that wanted to be
our Third, and I blew.


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