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The Third 2


The Third 2/? {Redman} {sf MF rom}
( c ) October 2000


Authors Note: This story is very much a work in
progress. As such, please read it "as is" with the
understanding that I will be revising/reviewing. I
would be interested in any comments or corrections
that readers might care to share with me. I can be
reached at

If you're a minor - don't read it.
The Third 2/?
The second day (which happened to fall on a Thursday
for us), Maggie and I had our first face-to-face with
Elizabeth Rose Lancaster. Maggie was knotted about the
whole deal, straightening up everything and ordering
new environs. The lighting was just right, but
Maggie's wicked sense threw a little bitter into the
aromas. I'm not sure if that was for her own mood or
for me, since this wouldn't be a full sensor meet and
Lancaster for sure wouldn't smell it.

Maggie had even gotten a new, uncomfortable sectional
to project a more professional image than our old,
cozy one. When I suggested that we soften the whole
look with some flowers, Maggie almost orbited and
snippily reminded me that we weren't setting up a date
here. I must have looked a little hurt, 'cause even
Maggie knew she had stepped too far. We cuddled after
that and I told her that no matter what I was her
Johnny and reminded her how much she did it for me
with a nice grind.

That seemed to brighten her a bit, so while she
straightened up, I cleared the wall and set up to
receive and broadcast in ten. Maggie came back in five
and she even looked a dish in her 'caster threads that
she had chose to wear. Maggie always had an eye to
what threads wear where. I guess that comes with being
a 'caster.

She had picked out my gray flannel, which was about
the least studly threads I own. It could have been
worse I guess. Knowing Lancaster was a double h, she
might have asked me to wear something fem. Whether she
just didn't think it or whether she just knows that
dressing fem doesn't do it for me, I'm not sure. Our
wall notified us it was syncing with Lancaster's and
Maggie primped us both before she flashed, as big as
life face-to-face.

Lancaster looked just like her public sig, of course,
only 180. She had chosen to 'cast sitting behind an
old fashion writing desk. It was a tasteful look,
though cluttered at first glance. However, all around
Lancaster, subtly presented, were the icons of a
scriber. There was the feather pen on the desk, old
fashion linen stationary in a stack before her, even
an old QWERTY keyboard in a frame on the wall. It
seems even Lancaster had an eye for the pose and
wanted to make sure we knew she was a scriber.

I don't know why she bothered. If I knew my Maggie she
had already paid a digger to find out everything about
Lancaster that she was willing to admit to the world -
and then some. Because she was a 'caster, Maggie knew
some righteous diggers, too. As a talent herself,
Maggie couldn't dig any better than I did. But no
doubt, she already had someone on the case and would
have had at least a prelim already.

There was a protocol on face-to-face's in our credit
bracket of course, so as the originator Lancaster had
the first crack.

"Greetings! Thank you for receiving me into your home.
My name is Elizabeth Rose Lancaster. Acquaintances
call me Elizabeth, but my friends call me Rosie."

Lancaster had a nice voice, a little deep and throaty,
but definitely fem. Her greeting was a nice touch,
being friendly right off the bat. I doubted whether
she'd get the same from Maggie.

"I greet you Ms. Lancaster. My name is Margaret Alicia
Juarez. I invite you to call me Ms. Juarez for now."

A bit less cordial for sure, but professionally
delivered, as one would expect. Lancaster didn't seem
twisted by Maggie's cool response though, immediately
directing a friendly gaze at me.

I realized I had to step lightly here. I certainly
didn't want to twist Maggie any more than she was
already. After all, I have to live with her. But, I
didn't want Lancaster to think that we were both
twisted out of shape either.

"I greet you Ms. Lancaster. My name is Robert Allman
LaCroix. Acquaintances call me Robert; friends call me
Bobby. I invite you to call me Mr. LaCroix." I hoped
that Lancaster could tell that I wanted very much to
add "for now," but even what I had said already
twisted Maggie a notch or two. I could tell by the
tension in her gorgeous thigh that was touching my own

"Ms. Juarez, Mr. LaCroix, I realize that it is not
common practice that Third options are offered by
complete strangers. I would like to do everything I
can to allay any reservations that either of you might
have and to do whatever I may to begin our
relationship on a positive note."

Even Maggie would have had a hard time delivering a
better line and she had scripters to help her. Whoever
Lancaster was, she was obviously a sharp cookie and a
fair scriber to boot.

"Ms. Lancaster," Maggie began in a professional, if
icy, tone, "since our legals are still working on the
contract, I'm not certain that we would have a
relationship at this time that we might have
reservations about."

"Ms. Juarez, as I'm sure your legals have advised you,
I'm not asking for anything but the standard Third
contract that has been well tested by law for some
years now. Assuming there are no serious preconditions
that you are requesting, I see no reason why the
contract cannot be finalized within the next day or
so. Would you feel more comfortable if I were to call
again at that time?"

"No, Ms. Lancaster, that won't be necessary. It is
good to at least see the woman who might be living
with us for the next year."

"I had been led to believe that your current
accommodations were sufficient for me to exercise the
residence options. I assure you that I will take up
far less room that I am legally entitled to. But, if
that is a problem, I will of course agree to
underwrite any reasonable relocation expense that you
might incur."

Maggie was just being a snit. All that Lancaster had
said was a given. She was legally entitled to a third
of our space, but we had plenty anyway. We even had a
larger flat than the law required of married two's.
"No, I don't want to move. Our lives are going to be
disrupted enough with this - this arrangement. We will
make do here." Maggie may have been more twisted than
even I realized.

"Ms. Juarez, I can empathize that this situation might
not be what you would most prefer. I will do whatever
I can reasonable do to accommodate your feelings. I
realize that we will not be a family, that I will
always be a Third in what is YOUR home, but I hope
that in the end we can be friends."

Maggie was obviously twisted, out and in, but
Lancaster had been a stand-up lady about it all. I
felt like something else needed to be said and even
though it might not have been my place to say it,
well, there ya go.

"Ms. Lancaster," I began feeling a little tentative.
"Elizabeth, thank you for expressing that attitude. I
hope that you will bear with us. Maggie and I have
been together for a long time and we have never had a
Third before. It's all a bit -new- to us."

I said it all looking at Maggie, hoping she would feel
that I wasn't dogging her. It seemed to help a little.
Maggie does it for me more than any Jane I ever met,
so even if Lancaster got a little twisted, Maggie was
my main concern.

"I hope that both of you know that I can respect
that," Lancaster said more subdued, more gently than
even before. "It's obvious that you both care about
each other deeply. I don't want to do anything that
would intrude on your relationship."

"Does that mean you'll withdraw your option?" Maggie
questioned a little too eagerly, a little too

Lancaster took a moment, drawing an obvious breath
before coming to a conclusion. "Ms. Juarez, mine is a
serious offer. I didn't make it frivolously. I'm not a
frivolous woman. However, if after taking a bit to
know me, if you have objections to me personally I
will withdraw my option. Surely you understand that
even if you reject my option, you will soon be forced
by law to accept another. You could do much worse than
me as your Third, Ms. Juarez. But, I don't want to
exercise my legal rights and then live in a situation
that none of us would find bearable. And, of course, I
would feel the same about you, Mr. LaCroix. If there
is any reason you might find me unacceptable, I would
understand as well."

There was no reason that I could see why we shouldn't
accept Lancaster's option. This wasn't like Maggie to
be so upset. We've known about the Third laws since we
were kids. We knew about it when we decided to get
married. It's not like every married couple in the
world didn't have to do the same thing. In some
cultures it was much worse.

Maggie was still too twisted so I spoke nice and told
Lancaster we would be in touch. Then I signed out.

I just held Maggie for a long time because she wanted
to be reassured. It wasn't cuddling really, at least
not at first.

But holding Maggie and wiping her tears, it's hard for
me not to get rocky for her. I guess the same was true
for her because soon she wanted to be cuddled nice and
all. We've been together for so long that it's not
like a seventh night grope with us. We both knew where
to go to get each other steamy even when we're sad.

I led Maggie into our bedroom and we slowly pulled
each other's threads off. Maggie wasn't in any hurry
and neither was I. More than anything she just wanted
to know that I loved her and that nothing would ever
change about that. After we were skinned, I let her
lay me back. She wanted to work on me in a bad way, so
I lay back as she took the lead.

Maggie always takes my breath away, but even more so
when she's skinned. Her luxurious, black hair falls
down her back like a mane and it's the first part of
her wild, sultry look that grabs the eye. Her hair is
wicked, but it's her eyes and her lips that get me so
rocky. She has these wide, almond-shaped eyes that
make me feel like I'm floating when she turns them on
me. And her lips! She has these thick, sexy lips that
make me wanna blow just thinking about them.

That's just the part that I can always see! When she's
skinned, it's like someone put me in a pressure tank
and vented the air. First she's got this all over
tanned complexion thing from her mother's side that
gives her this smooth burnt copper goddess look 360.
She's always had a tight bod, but as she's gotten
higher on the 'cast's food chain, she's had her ass
and tits aug'ed. They're not synth'ed - so it's all
her - but she's had them shaped and who knows what

Anyways, Maggie laid me out and took my hard meat
between those silky lips, running her hot tongue all
the way around the head. Seeing her looking at me with
those big eyes while that tongue worked on me was
stone rocky. She nibbled her way down the outside of
the shaft and switched to pumping the head with her
soft hand as she chewed the root softly, just at the
base where it rises out of my sack.

As much as I love it when Maggie gnaws on me, I can't
look at her enough when she's doin' it. So, I pulled
her up, encouraging her to either mount for a ride or
let me feast. I guess she thought I looked hungry
'cause she kept coming up until that lovely, lovely
beav was right before me, waiting to be devoured.

Maggie had a permanent shave years ago so all that was
left of her curly's was just enough to tickle my nose
as I lapped her. Maggie has always been a juicer, so
it was easy to slide my fingers deep as she stood
before me on her knees. She was leaning with her hands
high on the wall above our bed and I could look up and
see those wonderful tits rising and falling with her
hot breath. I would have loved to grope them, but my
other hand was busy stroking her firm ass and it was a
lot closer.

Maggie's button was swollen and erect as I licked it.
She clamped down on my fingers inside her and what
juices I couldn't lap began to run down my forearm.
They were so hot and thick, as they flowed in little
rivulets down my palm and over my wrist they snaked in
a slow, sensuous way that felt great. Her moans
harmonized with each squishy finger thrust to produce
a lovely music, firing me up even more.

My left hand was feeling her tightly muscled tail
flexing more and more convulsively, so I knew when
Maggie was just about to pop. Right before she did, I
sucked up her button and buried my fingers deep and it
was a good thing I was holding tight. Maggie let out a
wicked scream that let the whole block know she had
got her nut and her puss was squeezing my fingers
wicked. It was one of the best pop's she's had with me
in a long time. I was so glad she could get it just
when she was worried most about all this Third option

But Maggie didn't leave me hanging like some Jane's
can do. She looked at me all lovely as she settled
back on my meat and we had a long, gentle ride
together. Since Maggie had just pop'ed so wicked, she
was able to take her time before she built up to
another. I think she just wanted to look into my eyes
and rock me slow and gentle 'cause that's what she

I told Maggie how much she did it for me. I told her
that she had been my first and she would always be my
First no matter how many Thirds we had. I know your
not suppose to say that, that legally there's no such
thing as First, but it felt like something that she
needed to hear.

At first I thought maybe I had upset her, cause she
started crying right off. But then Maggie started
rockin' so righteous I knew it must have been right.
We had such a lovely, loving toss that I was sure that
no matter what happened with Lancaster or any other
Third we would ever have, Maggie and I would love each
other for the rest of our lives. That was the way it
had always been. That's the way I wanted it to be


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