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The Transformation Ch.1


The Transformation Ch. 1

"Kneel" Adrian heard his Mistress say from behind him in the hallway.
Obediently he turned and knelt down before her, head lowered, eyes glancing
up at her. He had been her slave for three months now, having come to her
in the hopes that she would teach him how to control his own slave. He had
been shocked when she had informed him that the two of them would have to
move in with her to undergo the training, but he gladly agreed.

"Your punishment for your retreat this morning is that you are going to
please me without me touching you or you touching yourself, " she stated
plainly. "And if you do not cum, I will know that serving me is not enough
to satisfy you" she glanced down at him with a stern look and continued,
"You do not want that to happen, I assure you," another pause. She would
speak to him this way frequently, carefully judging his reactions to her
commands. Her powerful looks sent warm shudders through his body, and he
was often torn between wanting to please her and the desire to see what his
punishment might be if he interrupted her relay of orders. Today he
decided not to push her, for he could sense she had a bad day at work, and
knew how harsh she could be when she was in a bad mood.

"While you are licking my cunt, I will be thrashing you with my new
shaving strap" she declared as she pulled the thick piece of leather from
behind her back and slowly ran it across the palm of her hand. The sight
of the strap instantly sent shivers through him, and uncertainty passed
before his eyes momentarily, for she had never asked him to release himself
solely from his subservience, and he did not know if he could accomplish
the task. "Yes, Mistress," he stated weakly, unable to hide the doubt in
his voice. Anger flashed in her eyes as she saw the doubt in his.

WHACK! the strap landed hard across his ass. "Do you question my
judgment?" she asked, voice seething. A cry escaped his lips and tears
welled up in his eyes. "No, Mistress" he winced, hoping that he believed
her. " I would never question you. "She looked at him, carefully thinking
over his response. She knew that he was still getting used to being in the
role of sub, and still granted some leeway when it came to giving the
proper responses to her commands. After a few moments, she told him "If
you show restraint and follow orders... I may allow you to stroke your
cock..." her words trailed into an echoing WHACK! from the leather strap.
He didn't flinch this time; instead he asked simply "May I begin pleasing
you, Mistress?"

She raised her leg over his shoulder and placed her heeled foot against
the wall, exposing the wet folds of her sex just above his nose and eyes.
With one hand still on the strap, Mistress Rhian parted her nether lips
with the other, her strong fingers spreading herself wide before her slave,
allowing her juices to drip freely from her swollen cunt. "You may" she
permitted, her eyes fixed on his blood red ass His cock had already
hardened from the lashings of her strap, and the site of her own hand
displaying herself before his eyes made him dizzy. The wonderful smell,
and the visible juices guiding him as he lowered his head and tentatively
licked her cunt. WHACK!- another lash from the strap across his raised
ass, driving his tongue deeper inside her hot center.

A moan escapes her lips at the intrusion of his soft obedient tongue,
but she held her passive gaze, not allowing any loss of control to surface
her tingling flesh. He licked along her folds, tracing her plump lips,
drinking in his Mistress' sweet nectar. The pain on his ass from the
stinging welts her loving strap left drove him on, harder, hoping to lose
his pain in the pleasure he tried to coax from her.

As he worked his tongue deep inside her cunt and along her swollen clit,
her moans increased in intensity. She was quickly losing herself in the
gentleness of his forced lapping, and knew she would soon be ready to coat
his eager throat with her hot, sticky cum. She brought the strap down hard
again as she ground against his face. The sudden blow startled him, caused
him to lose his balance and fall hard against her mound. He pulled away
quickly and began apologizing, embarrassed.

She glared down at him, upset by the sudden disruption of her pleasure.
"Have you not been doing your balance exercises?" she demanded, then a calm
reserve smoothed over her face. "Stand up and face the wall" she tells him
with a cool harshness he has never heard before. Fear coursed through him,
not sure what she was going to do, and also because of the horror at
displeasing his Mistress, but he immediately rose and walked over to the
wall, saying, "Yes Mistress, I'm sorry, Mistress." She stared at him only
for a moment before finishing her orders. "Apology not accepted ... hands
down at your sides, bend over slightly with your ass sticking out and stand
on your toes."

Adrian quickly does as commanded, straining to stand on his toes,
feeling exposed as I turned his naked, red, buttocks toward his Mistress
while she continued, "If you really want to please me, you will refrain
from falling, now won't you?" WHACK! another lash from the strap. "That,"
she explained "is for not answering me." The sting of the blow caught his
voice in his throat, but he managed get an apology out for fear she might
give him another. "Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry, Mistress" he gasped, a hint
of desperation laced in his voice. "How are you going to command a slave
of your own if you cannot do as your Mistress asks you..." Rhian let her
voice trail off, positioning herself behind her slave to dish out the

He tried no to let the tears of humiliation and pain stream down his
face at her disappointment in him, but as she bore down hard on his already
welted ass, rapidly, they flowed freely down his face, and he struggled on
his toes, not wanting to displease her again. Whack! Whack! Whack! With
each whack he grit his teeth against the pain, and struggled, wanting this
to end, yet to never end. As she lashed him, she instructed him:

Your slave will never" whack! "respect you" Whack! "if you do not show
control" Whack! Whack!:: "Do you understand?" Whack! "Have you" Whack!
"learned your lesson finally?" She turned his head toward her, and waited
for his response which came very quickly and ragged "Yes, Mistress, I do."
He was crimson with humiliation, and shook from the exertion of standing on
his toes, and the pain of his Mistress' lashes.

An unexpected, soft smile crept across her lips as she gently wiped away
her slave's tears. "Then prove it to me, my pet" she stated in almost a
whisper, his willingness to take her harshness without question touched her
deeply. "I want you to show me how much you love me as if it were not
required of you" Her voice was ragged in her throat, with just a hint of
more than just lust and satisfaction laced through it. Adrian had never
heard her sound this way, and he had waited for almost three months to hear
her say those words to him. He turned his face in her palm and kissed it
gently and whispered "Yes, Mistress ... that is all I have ever wanted."

She led him into the bedroom, where candles were lit all around and a
new satin sheets adorned the bed. It was apparent to him that she had
prepared for quite a different evening, and that his clumsiness almost made
the softness she had wanted disappear. "I am so sorry for my clumsiness
earlier, Mistress," he began, the tears welling up in his eyes again "I had
no idea that you had something planned..." She turned to him and cut him
off in mid sentence "Do not be sorry now for something that I have already
punished you for. Just remember each lesson I teach you, for you will need
them when you become Lauren's Master." A sad smile crossed her lips; she
knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready to control his beautiful lover
on his own, and she was going to miss both of them very much. She had
broken her own rule and become attached to them, and was really going to be
sorry to see them go.

At that moment, Lauren walked into the room from the adjacent bathroom,
and took both of them by the hand. Warmth filled her eyes as she stared at
the both of them, never doubting how much she loved her Mistress or her
soon to be Master. This was the first time she had been included, and she
knew it was going to be one of the last...she and Mistress Rhian had
discussed this the other night while Adrian had gone shopping. The time
was coming for them to part her company, and though Mistress did not let
any emotion show on the surface of her long, beautiful face, Lauren could
tell that she was going to miss them too.

Shall we begin, Mistress" Lauren asked, lust and anticipation audible in
her soft voice, as she kneeled before them both. Mistress Rhian placed her
hand on the back of Lauren's head while she moved Lauren's new Master in
front of her kneeling form. "Yes, my dear." she whispered, "It is time to
begin your training"

To be continued...


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