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The Transformation Ch2


The Transformation Ch. 2 "Shall we begin, Mistress" Lauren asked, lust and
anticipation audible in her soft voice, as she kneeled before them both.
Mistress Rhian placed her hand on the back of Lauren's head while she moved
Lauren's new Master in front of her kneeling form. "Yes, my dear." she
whispered, "It is time to begin your training"

Lauren and her lover, Adrian, had come to Mistress Rhian over three
months ago for instruction of the Dom/sub relationship. She wanted Adrian
to be her Master, but he was afraid that he would push things to far, get
caught up in his power. A friend of theirs told them that the Mistress was
taking in new students, and Adrian was quick to call her. Part of their
"training" was for both of them to move in with Mistress Rhian, with Adrian
to be Mistress' slave during his instruction, and for Lauren to be little
more than a companion for their Mistress. Occasionally Mistress Rhian had
allowed Lauren to watch her training of Adrian, but never to participate.
She had waited for this night for what seemed an eternity." How may I serve
you, my Master?" Lauren asked, keeping her head down as she kneeled.

He stared down at her for a few moments, not sure what he should say.
There were so many things he wanted to do ... wanted her to do, but he had
not taken the role as "Master" yet, and turned to his Mistress for
guidance. Mistress Rhian just walked over to the bed where she could watch
the show, making it clear that she was not part of this. After a few more
moments, Adrian placed his hand on Lauren's hair, knowing it was time for
her to shift from lover to slave.

"Well, my Pet. You can masturbate for me," he started "I want to watch
you pull down your panties, and then slide your fingers into yourself, and
I want to watch you fuck your hand," then a spark glinted in his eye, the
knowledge that he was in control of her no setting in. "Hard. That'll be
a nice start."

"Yes, Master" she said as she slid her panties down her thighs, and she
moved back slightly, and parted her legs. She then ran her fingers down
her body to her wet cunt, and spread apart her lips with one hand, while
she slid the other through the folds of her waiting sex, totally exposed in
front of him. "Like this, Master?" she asked as she slowly slid two of her
fingers into the tight opening of her pussy, her juices flowing past then
to soak the rest of her hand.

"Yes, pet, " Adrian answered her "Just like that" He took his cock out
of his pants and started stroking the shaft, his eyes never leaving her
cunt fucking fingers. He was amazed that she did as told without question,
and watching her fingerfuck herself drove him mad with lust. As she
continued to pump her fingers in and out of her tight hole, her hips moved
up to meet their thrust, and soft moans escaped her upper lips. Adrian
could tell that it wouldn't take much more of this before she reached
climax, but he had other ideas for his new slave tonight.

"I want you to crawl over here, and put your fingers in my mouth, so I
can suck all of your sweet juices from them. Then I want to lay you down,
and open yourself for me, so I can fuck your cunt with my tongue like your
fingers are doing now" Just him saying the words to her made his cock
twitch and grow harder, but when she turned her body over, careful not to
let her fingers leave her sex as she crawled on her elbows toward him, he
almost came at the sight.

When she reached her Master, Lauren pulled her fingers from between her
pussy lips and held them up to her Master. She could not believe she had
just crawled for him, without question, but knew that this is what she had
wanted from him for a long time: to be controlled by him ... completely.
Her hungry mouth was just inches from his thick cock head, and she wanted
so much to take it into her mouth, to taste him as he was tasting her from
her own fingers. Soft moans escaped her throat with each lick of his
tongue on her tiny fingers, her cunt throbbed and mouth watered, but she
dared not do anything but kneel there, wanting to do nothing to displease
her new Master.

As Adrian cleaned Lauren's juices from her fingers, he could feel her
soft breath on his hard cock, and wanted to feel those lips devour him, but
knew how much she wanted it as well. He had decided he was not going to
give into her tonight, wanting to make sure his dominance was firmly
established. "You want my cock in your mouth, don't you, slave" he asked
her between licks. A raspy moan escaped her lips when he asked, and she
feebly answered him "Yes, Master... I do..." hoping that he would give
into her desire for him. A sharp laugh echoed from Adrian's mouth as he
replied "No, pet... I want to taste your juices from the source now...
Lay back and spread yourself for me" he demanded.

With slight disappointment, she did as her Master instructed. She was
very aware that Mistress Rhian was laying on the bed behind her as she
positioned herself for her Master. Lauren could smell Mistress' sex as she
masturbated, watching them, and she was a little nervous at the thought of
her Mistress' scrutiny. As she spread her legs wide, her cunt lips parted
of their own accord, her juices flowing freely from her tight channel,
ready for her Master to drink. She could feel Mistress' foot circling
around her hair, and a shiver went through her body; what if they both
decided to Dom her?! A slight panic coursed through her veins, but was
quickly lost when she felt her Master's cool lips rest on her warm, wet

Adrian had wanted to taste her sweetness from the beginning, but having
waited for it made it all the better. As he traced the outline of her
plump lips, he looked up to find Mistress watching him intently as she
rolled her own clit between her long, thin fingers. He had forgotten that
his Mistress was here until now, and the sight of her fucking her own cunt while he lapped at his slave's made his already hard cock grow even harder.
Slowly he circled the tip of his tongue around Lauren's clit, never taking
his eyes off of his Mistress, and loud moans began to erupt from deep
within her throat with each flick.

As he eagerly lapped her cunt, Lauren began to grind against his face,
needing to feel that tongue inside her throbbing sex. She kept trying to
move his probing tongue down to enter her, but he held her firmly in place,
never once wielding control to her, even in the slightest way. This made
her even hotter, and her juices began to flow over down his chin. Her
bucking began to get wilder the tighter he held her down, and when Mistress
moved from her behind her to drape her legs down the sides of Lauren's body
and grabbed Lauren's hair and pulled back hard, as if she were riding
Lauren, it instantly began to push her over the edge to orgasm. "May I
cum, Master?!" she cried out, hoping she could stop herself if he said no.

Adrian unburied his face from his new slave's mound long enough to tell
her that, yes, she could cum. The sight of Mistress pulling Lauren down by
her hair almost caused Adrian to cum, himself, but he had other plans for
his seed. On his command, the waves of orgasm traveled over Lauren's body,
and just as her sweet nectar flowed out of her like a river, he plunged his
tongue deep in her sex, letting the juices flow over his face. He lapped
at her, probed her tight, quivering cunt, then lapped again while she rode
the wave of ecstasy, never letting her move from the position she was
locked in. Finally, her shudders began to die down, and Adrian licked her
satisfied cunt until she was perfectly still, lost in the taste of her
desire for him. "Now, my pet" he began once he lifted his face from her
mound "Now it is time for you to convince me that I am indeed your Master"

Confusion swept across Lauren's face at his statement. Hadn't she
already done that; after all, she did not resist or argue any of his
commands thus far. "What else can I do, Master, to convince you?" she
asked between breaths. A wicked smile spread across her Master's lips when
he replied- " You are going to let me claim your virgin ass, my pet. The
one thing you have never let me have." Panic spread through Lauren's entire
body; she had never had anything near her tight back hole, and the thought
of his thick cock in there petrified her. She was so scared she couldn't
even speak, but pleaded with her eyes for him to be joking. "What is
wrong?" he asked her when she did not respond, a note of anger in his
words. " Do you not trust me?" he looked to his Mistress for guidance, but
he could tell by her flat expression that he was not going to get any from

"Of course I do, Master" Lauren replied weakly. She did not want to
disappoint him, and she was afraid he would call off this whole thing, that
everything would return to the way it was before they had come here to
learn from Mistress Rhian. "The choice is yours, my pet. I will not force
you into this," she heard her Master say. It's not that she didn't want to
feel him inside her, but that she was afraid the pain would be too much.
After a few more moments of deliberation, Lauren cleared her throat and
replied "If it means that you will be pleased, then I will do as you wish,

A flood of relief washed over Adrian, but he was quick to hide it, not
wanting to show weakness in front of his Mistress. Slowly, he turned
Lauren over to where her delicate ass was high in the air, making it easier
for his hard cock to access it's tiny opening. Running his hands along the
folds of her cunt, he eagerly wet his fingers and slid them over the small
rim of her ass, making sure there was enough wetness to ease his entry. As
he did this he also rubbed his cock between the folds of her sex, letting
her juices coat it as well. Soft moans escaped Lauren's lips as the ridge
of his cock stroked her hard clit, and she clawed at Mistress Rhian's
thighs, suddenly wanting to taste her Mistress. who just smiled down at
Lauren while she eased her dripping cunt toward her face. The sight of
Mistress taunting his slave was too much, and Adrian pushed the swollen
head of his cock into the tiny, waiting hole.

A loud GASP! resonated form Lauren's throat, her breath caught in her
chest. At first the pain was too much for her to bear, and she tried to
pull away from her Master-only to find her face buried in Mistress Rhian's
cunt, her head being held by Mistress' firm grip. Slowly her Master pushed
his cock inside her, inch by painful inch, until he completely filled her
and his balls rested against her ass cheeks. A tingling filtered through
Lauren like none she had ever felt before, and the pain gave way to wanting
... the wanting of her Master's cock to pump her ass like he had pumped
her cunt many, many times, so she backed into him hard, trying to take more
of him in, then pulled forcefully away.

Between the tightness that gripped his shaft, and seeing his Mistress
holding his slave's face in her wet cunt, Adrian almost lost ability to
stand. As Lauren rammed herself into him, Adrian began to lose himself in
lust, and cared for nothing but fucking Lauren's ass for all he was worth.
He grabbed her hips tightly and rocked into her, shoving all of his hard
cock up her tight chute. While he fucked Lauren from behind, her moans and
screams were lost within the folds of Mistress Rhian's cunt, which Lauren
hungrily lapped at like a mad woman. The three of them rocked against each
other, and their moans began to grow louder." That's it, Adrian" their
Mistress' voice commanded "Fuck your slave's virgin ass while she licks my
cunt" The sound of her demanding voice sent shudders through both of her
slaves, and violently they worked, Adrian slamming his cock hard into
Lauren while she lapped at their Mistress' juices while she ground against
her face. Finally, Mistress announced "I'm going to cum!" and grabbed
Lauren's head as her back arced skyward, the waves of her orgasm pushing
both of her slave's over the edge as well.

After what seemed an eternity, Rhian pulled both of them down beside her
on the bed. Neither of them argued, spent after their tumultuous session.
" Now, my pets, we are going to sleep in the afterglow" she started with a
choked voice "In the morning we will discuss whether you need any more
lessons from me or not."


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