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The Tutor 1 MF Voy


This is a work of erotic fiction. This work may contain description of
sexual intercourse between consenting adults, non-consenting adults, adults
and children (both consensual and non-consensual). If you are turn off but
such works, leave now.

The author, bentspoon, exerts his rights over this work and wishes to
know known as the owner of this piece of literature. You are free to read
and distribute his works provided it is clearly mentioned on all copies
that he is the author of the work.

The author maybe contacted at for clarifications
and comments.

If you are still here I guess you really want to read, welcome aboard.


Author's Note: This situation in this story is based on a scene I saw in
a movie, I don't remember the name, long ago as a little boy. The scenario
was a definite turn on and the basis of a lot of boyhood fantasies.

The Resident Tutor (MF)

"You lucky bastard", Jake said as he teased Roger about his new tutor.
Both the boys were fourteen and study in the same class as school. Their
friendship was three months old but like all friendships at that age, it
was unshakeable. Roger's dad was into marketing and his job required him
to move a lot. They had just moved into town and Roger had been pleased
that there was a boy his age for him staying next door. Usually he hated
these moves but this one was pleasant.

On the evening of the day before the one in question Roger had been
introduced to Ann, his tutor. Ann was unlike any tutor he had had earlier,
in more ways than one. First of all, she was young, most of his earlier
tutors were old hags and he hated them, Ann was in her early thirties and a
figure that belonged on a modeling ramp. The second difference was that
she was going to stay with the family, this was unusual since all his other
tutors would come in the evening, teach him and then leave.

He had spent the night thinking about the woman in the room next to his.
His penis was in a perpetual state of erection. As he lay in bed he toyed
with it until he could control it no longer and so had masturbated himself
thinking of the woman. In the morning he had rushed over to Jake's place
and dragged him to his place so that he could pass his comment on the woman
who had filled his lusty dreams the previous night. The 'luck bastard'
comment meant that Jake approved on her too.

The Sunday was spent loitering around Roger's place so that they could
get glimpses of Ann. But they were disappointed since she went out into
town in the morning and did not return all day.

Roger lay in bed waiting to hear the sounds of Ann's return. As he
waited he dozed off. Suddenly he woke up with a start and looked about.
He knew that he was waiting for something but somehow he could not figure
out what it was. Then it dawned on him. It was the sound of shuffling
feet in the next room that had awoken him. He slid out of bed, opened his
door softly, and crept into the corridor. There was light coming out from
beneath Ann's room. He crept back into his room and closed the door
lightly. He hoped she had not heard. Then he slid the balcony door open
and crept out into the balcony. Both Roger and he had staked out the room
for points where they could observe its occupant. They were pleasantly
surprised to discover that it was simple to jump into her balcony from his.
He crept up to her balcony door and thanked his stars that one corner of
her curtain was open enough for him to peer into her room. He scanned the
room but she wasn't in sight. He wondered where she was but his thoughts
were answered when he heard the flush from the toilet. The door to her
toilet opened and she walked into the room. She was wearing a white top
and a blue skirt that stopped just above her knees. He hoped she would
change in the room. His prayers were answered when she pulled her top over
her head and dropped it to the bed. She had a lacy white bra on. She then
reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. He couldn't
believe his luck. She peeled her bra and dropped it on the bed too.

His eyes wandered over her rich, full breasts. They were capped by
light pink areolas, her nipples stood firm like a triumphant mountaineer
atop a mountain that he had tamed. She undid the zipper on her skirt and
it slid down. It revealed a light green bikini panty and wonderfully sexy
thighs. He ogled at her as she bent down to pick up her skirt from the
floor. As she reached down her breasts too reached for the ground, they
were stretched to their full length and he marveled at their beauty. She
put the skirt with the top and the bra. Then she peeled her panties off.
She had a lush patch of pubic hair covering her vagina. She was facing him
as she placed it on the bed. Then she sat on her heels and as she did he
got a peek at her bright, pink pussy.

She got up and went to her cupboard, while she was there he got a long
look at her firm buttocks. She turned around with a white negligee in her
hand. She slipped it on and went and lay on the bed. Suddenly she sat up.
He literally jumped with her. He wondered whether he had inadvertently
made a sound to give away his actions. But she got off the bed and went to
her door and opened it. In walked his father. As soon as he was in the
room they began to hug and kiss passionately. Roger hadn't thought his
penis could grow any larger that it already had but now as he watched the
erotic display in front of him it began to ache as it stretched longer.
His father's hands roamed Ann's body seeking out crevices and hills. He
pushed her to the bed. She fell on the bed and lifted her legs. Roger
imagined the wonderful view his father must have of her cunt. His father pulled his pants down and went down on her. Soon the both of them were
making frantic love. He was banging into her and she seemed to reach up to
meet each thrust.

Their lips were locked. Occasionally when they parted he saw that their
tongues were exploring each other's mouth. Then without a pause in his
banging of the beautiful teacher his father's lips left hers and were
sucking her nipples. His father was as intent in getting as much of her
breast into his mouth as she was in getting as much of his penis into her.

Roger released his penis from the confines of his pajamas and began to
masturbate as he watched his father fuck his teacher. It was not long
before he felt the familiar pressure build up in his crotch. He put an
palm under the tip of his penis and squirted his cum into it. As he
squirted he saw his father pull out of Ann's cunt and stood in front of the
bed. Ann sat up, took his penis in her mouth, and began to energetically
suck his organ. Then his father began to squirt his sperm which hit Ann on
the face. She had her mouth open and was trying to catch as much as
possible in her mouth. The working of her throat showed that she was
eagerly swallowing all the cum that landed in her mouth. After his father had finished squirting she took his penis in her mouth again and kept
sucking on it. Roger guessed that she was cleaning up the leftovers.
After she was finished she scooped the sperm that had landed on her face
with her fingers, began to push it into her mouth, and finished off by
licking her fingers.

Roger was still playing with his penis, he felt the pressure build
again, and he squirted some more sperm. This was the first time that he
had cum twice in such a short period. He looked into the room again and
saw his father pull up his pants and kiss Ann before he left.

Ann locked the door, came back, and lay on the bed. She lifted her
negligee and began to play with her cunt. Roger watched in fascination as
she pushed three fingers into her cunt and pumped into it like they were a
penis. Then she arced her back and held the position for a moment before
collapsing back onto the bed.

Roger leaned back on the wall to collect himself. Then crept back into
his bedroom. There he washed his hands and lay down to a dream filled
sleep. No prizes for guessing what those dreams contained.


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