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The Unexpected Journey 5 6

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The Unexpected Journey Chapters 5 - 6

Chapter Five
Taking a pair of nail scissors, James trimmed all the long hair from my
cunt. He grabbed it in bunches - not that I'm a particularly hairy woman -
and trimmed it short. When all the long hairs were trimmed, James carefully
spread the shaving cream on the skin. He pointed out that he was careful to
avoid getting the cream in my delicate folds, as apparently some women can
get a rash from that. When my cunt was all creamed up, James began work with
the razor. He began low down beside my vag ^ cunt, and worked carefully
"You missed your real calling" I joked, noticing the care with which James
was shaving me. He laughed, and continued his task. Rinsing the razor
between strokes in the bowl of water, it wasn't long before he finished. He
stepped back to admire his handywork, then paid careful attention to my ass
to remove the few hairs in that area.
"Mmmm, I think I'm finished now. Back in a second."
James disappeared into the bathroom, returning shortly with a face cloth and
mirror. Firstly he carefully wiped all around my cunt, starting inside the
folds and working his way outwards, until every last hair had been removed.
"Do you want to see?" James asked. My shyness and embarrassment returned.
"You should look - your cunt is absolutely beautiful."
I nodded, wondering if I would regret this. James adjusted the mirror until
the view was good, and I surveyed the previously secret part of me. The skin
was particularly white, years of being covered with hair and wearing swim
suits had ensured that no sun had ever reached it. With my legs spread wide,
the central slit and labia - sorry lips - were much more prominent. Using
two fingers, James spread the cunt lips to reveal my hole. "See, it's so
moist already. I'm looking forward to giving it some serious fucking." I
quivered at the thought, and observed my lips quiver too. Carefully
spreading the cunt lips further, James exposed my clit. It sat at the top of
the slit, a small pink pearl nestled amongst the folds. "See your clit? It's
just sitting here, waiting for some attention. Do you want me to give it
some attention? Ask me properly."
Ask him properly? What did he mean? Oh, of course.
"James, would you suck my clit?"
"Anything else?"
"Well, if you finger fuck me while you suck my clit, I would probably come
pretty soon."
"Good Sam, you really are getting the hang of all this."
James slid off the bed, and began to remove all the shaving paraphernalia.
"Lift" he commanded, and I lifted my bum so that he could slide the wet
towel out from underneath. It felt like he had still left several towels
under there. He dumped all the stuff in the bathroom, and slid up on the bed
beside me.
"But I thought ^" I began.
"I know what you thought. You can give suggestions - I can ask for them. But
that doesn't mean that I have to act on them. There's no race here, your
orgasms will take as long as I want them to take. And believe me, there will
be more than one of them. Soon I will gag you, so that you can scream for
mercy when you've come so many times you think you're going to explode, and
no one will hear. But first, I think I'll get naked and show you what you'll
be begging for before long.
Having said that, and I'm sure just to confuse me, James leaned over and
began kissing me again. Softly, so softly, his lips brushing mine and then
pressing more firmly. Finally his tongue sliding on my lips and then my
mouth opens and his tongue is diving inside my mouth. My tongue moves to
meet his and it is probably the most mind blowing kiss I've had in all my
life. If this experience were to end now, I think I would be satisfied.
James works his tongue and lips down my neck, over my shoulder bones and
down to my breasts. Sorry, tits. First he ignores my nipples. Funny how
there isn't a slang word for nipples, I think. After sucking and licking and
kissing all over every inch of skin on my chest, he finally targets my
nipples, sucking, nipping, rolling them in his fingers. Pressure much more
firm than I'm used to, but I like it. I seek it.
"You like?"
"I like."
When James has paid one nipple a lot of attention, he moves to the other
back. Back and forth for a while. I have no idea of time - five minutes or
five hours could have passed. And I'm naked and spread for his pleasure. And
for mine too. And he's still fully clothed! As James slides his teeth over
my right nipple, I gasp in realisation that he's applied the nipple clamp. I
fight the bindings - I'm not ready for this surprise. But I don't use my
safe word. It's not the pain, though it does hurt. But it's a nice hurt.
James turns to the other tit. It's hard to relax when I know there's another
nipple clamp to come. Sure enough, after lots of kissing, licking, sucking
and nibbling he raises the left nipple with his teeth and then snaps on the
clamp. Aaaah!! Fire!! I see red. I panic. But I don't scream. James slides
his arm under me and holds me close as I thrash against the ties.
"You're doing fine. You're doing great. It's OK. I know it's strange, but
you'll soon get used to it. Don't fight it, just relax."
After holding and soothing me, eventually I ease into the pain. Funnily
enough, I don't think it's as painful as his teeth. The pressure is steady,
intense but bearable. James holds me close.
"You're doing so well. I'm really proud of you. You've got me so excited."
Now that was the magic word, for I do want to excite him. I realise now how
much I want to please him.
"You like?"
"Um, not yet. But I might."
"Good on you. That's my special girl." James leans over and kisses me, just
once on the lips. "You're doing so well." He reassures again, and kisses
each eye on the eyelid. Then he moves off the bed and stands and surveys the
scene. I realise later that the visual is terribly important for James.
I'm lying bound hand and foot, legs spread wide as far as they go. My bum is
raised in the air somewhat to emphasis my clit and hole. My tits are
standing to attention, the two nipples cruelly mashed in their nipple
clamps. I get the feeling that James is liking what he sees.
He stands there and slowly unbuttons his shirt, shucking it from his
shoulders. His chest has a small amount of body hair, the two nipples dark
brown against his brown skin. The muscles are clearly defined on his chest
and shoulders. He bends over and slips his boat shoes off, sliding off each
shoe smoothly.
"You ready for this?" James smiles as he turns to face me fully, then
carefully unbuttons his jeans. He comes to the bed and kneels over my chest.
"Undo my jeans with your teeth." He helps me grasp the metal tag with my
teeth, and helps the zip slide down. It's hard to get the zip over the tight
"I forgot to ask - do you like to suck cock?" A great time to ask, with one
two inches away from my face. I blush.
"What times?"
James likes to know all the facts. "I like it when a guy fucks my face. But
only if I really like him". That'll teach him to ask me. "I like sucking the
round policeman's hat on the top. I like swallowing the cum, big mouthfuls
of cum. I like the taste and the smell of cock."
"Darling, you're really getting into this. Does it excite you to talk like
I thought about it. "Yes, it does."
"Right, see how you get on with this."
At that, James pushed his jeans and shorts down, letting his cock spring
free. It's hard - really hard. And it's big. Not huge, or humungous or
enormous or any porn story size. But it's a decent length. My secret trick
is to measure cocks by the handspan. It's easy to do, and the guy never
knows you're even doing it. Some people say size doesn't matter. But that's
not true. Sure, it's what you do with it that counts - but a big one, used
well, has to be the best. But I can't measure James' cock as my hands are
tied. I reckon it must be nine inches, about a span and a half. But the best
bit is that it's thick. I think my mouth will be really stretched to take
it. Jesus, I wonder if he's going to try to stick it up my ass! Panic!!
"Don't just look at it, do something!" James voice is demanding.
So I lean forward and take the tip of it in my lips. I gently kiss it. James
leans forward towards me, pushing his cock into my mouth properly.
"So you like your face fucked, do you? Happy to oblige?" James voice sounds
harsh as he slams his cock down my throat. My mouth is stretched, my jaw
open as far as it will go. He leaves it in for a few seconds, then pulls
"You like?"
"It's a little bit big for my mouth. I need to get used to it. But it's a
lovely cock."
"Think about what it's going to be doing to you today." James climbed off
the bed.
"Oh, nearly forgot." He leaned over to my left nipple and tightened the
clamp one notch. I yelped. By the time he reached the second clamp I was
prepared and did not make a sound.
"That's to give you something else to be thinking about." James slid his
jeans off and stood watching me. His cock sprang free from the forest of
dark hair that surrounded it, his balls hung heavily below.
Soon he rejoined me on the bed and began his ritual of kissing me. I liked
the way he paid attention to all of me, despite being tied up and spread
open I felt I was being made love to more than fucked. But on the other
hand, I hoped to be fucked as well. Maybe 'making love' was not really
satisfying, maybe I did need to find the earthiness James was talking about.
He kissed his way around my face, down my neck and around each tit, avoiding
the nipples with their metal cages. James kissed/sucked his way down my
stomach and to my cunt. He carefully pointed his tongue, then spreading my
cunt lips gave my clit three firm strokes. I jerked in the ties at the
intensity of the feeling, but James had moved off to kiss/suck his way down
my leg. Again he sucked my toes and played with my instep. Straightening up,
he leaned over my chest and tightened the nipple clamps another notch each.
By now the urgent stinging had relaxed into dull throbbing, but the
tightening made them sting again. I felt tears come to my eyes. James
studied my face.
"You're going really well Sam. They'll come off soon. See if you can manage.
I had my eyes screwed up tight. "Sam. Open your eyes. Look at me." I did as
he asked, and looked into his eyes. "You're OK. We're in this together. Do
you want a break?" Surprisingly, I shook my head 'no'. "OK love, we'll carry
on. I'm so proud of you." James' reassurance gave me the courage to
continue. My nipples were screaming - bolts of pain were shooting from them
into my body. My muscles felt taut as they fought the pain. My fists were
clenched, my toes curled.
James noticed all these things. "You need to relax Sam. You're using too
much energy fighting the pain. You need to relax into it. It's like having a
sore tooth. Once you know what is causing the pain, you don't need to fight
it. You can carry on." He kissed and held me again, and after a time I began
to relax into the pain, relax into his arms. "This is going so well." James
assured me. "It won't be long now." My mind was beginning to dissolve into
the feelings, I didn't even think about what wouldn't be long now.
James kissed his way to my cunt again. He lay down between my legs and began
lapping at my cunt lips. They soon parted with his attention, and he ran his
tongue up one side of the lips, across my clit and down the other side. He
gently sucked each lip into his mouth, stroking it with his tongue while
sucking it.
"You taste delicious Sam. I could eat you all day." James dived back into
his task, inserting one finger into my cunt hole. Sliding it in and out, he
focussed on sucking my cunt lips and added another finger, then another and
then a third. Soon he was really stretching my cunt with three fingers
banging away. Pausing again, James reached up and adjusted the nipple clamps
another notch. I groaned. The pain, which had settled a little bit, rose to
fireworks again. It felt like small explosions were tearing into me.
"Sam, Sam, look at me, Sam." I opened my eyes to look into him. "You're
fine, you really are, everything is fine. I'm going to gag you now. Once you
know you can scream freely you will deal with the pain much better. Do you
want to use your safe word?" He waited for my answer. "Sam?"
I shook my head 'no'. I didn't want to continue, but I didn't want to stop
now either. My body and mind were strangers to me, the pain blurring the
boundaries but the pleasure pushing its way through. I felt like a
collection of sexual parts, each one separate and each one being pushed to
the max. My whole body felt sexual.
"Open your mouth. Wider. That's it." James put a folded facecloth across my
mouth, between my teeth. He slid a tie behind my head, bringing the two ends
forward and knotting them over the facecloth between my teeth.
"OK? Sam?" He had to work to get my attention. Everything was so strange.
Arms stretched, legs stretched, cunt stretched. Everything open. Nipples
clamped. And now mouth gagged. I panic, what about my safe word? How will he
hear me?
"Sam, listen Sam. Sam, look at me!" James spoke firmly to get my attention.
"Here's a buzzer. I'm putting it in your hand. As your wrist is tied, not
your hand, you can easily squeeze it. Squeeze it Sam." I did, a definite
'buzzzzz' emanated. "Just squeeze the buzzer if you need to stop."
James slid up and held me in his arms. "Now, Sam, you're about to go on a
journey. I know you can deal with it, and I know you will be grateful in the
end. If it gets too much, you can squeeze the buzzer and I'll stop. You know
I'll stop. But I'm going to blindfold you now too." He sees my panic.
"There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm right here. The blindfold is like the
bindings, it concentrates your body on what you can feel - not on what you
can see. You ready for this?"
Wearily I nod 'yes'. I feel broken, exhausted. But I'm not ready to stop. He
places a folded cloth over each eye, then ties a tie around my head to hold
them in place. It's not totally black, but I can't see anything other than
diffuse light. James whispers into my ear. "OK?" I nod. "Give me one squeeze
of the buzzer if you want to stop, two if you want me to continue."
I squeeze twice. I am entering a trancelike world of my own. James is here
too. I feel his body, sliding down mine. I feel the pain in my nipples as he
tightens the clamps again. This time I do scream, but only a quiet muffled
squeak reaches my own ears. It feels like two fires burning and stinging at
my nipples. James strokes my shoulders and arms, avoiding my tits totally. I
think he knows they are at their limit.
Soon I feel his fingers fucking me again. I'm not sure how many, he has
thrust them into my hole in one group. But I'm certainly stretched. Is this
what they call fisting? I don't think so, I think that would be painful and
this isn't painful. James fastens his mouth on my clit, and begins to suck.
Softly, softly - so soft I can hardly feel it, then a sudden suck/bite. I
scream and thrash against the ties. Again, soft, soft, then suck/bite. Then
his fingers start fucking me furiously, banging against my pubic bone with
the force of it. I've never felt anything like it before. Nothing exists
except the thrusting, the pain in my nipples, the tightness in my muscles,
the spread of my legs. I am a slut being finger fucked by a man, and I am
loving it. With one more suck/bite on my clit, I begin to come. Oh Jesus,
it's intense. I am screaming, and screaming - with knowing no one can hear I
can vocalise all the pain and the pleasure. I am thrashing and throwing my
body around, the pain is glorious, my cunt feels violated and stretched. All
of me is sexual, I can feel my fingers, my toes coming. One orgasm finishes
and another begins. The waves of pleasure last for a long time, and as I
experience them James doesn't miss a beat. He carries on sucking and fucking
as if I were remaining still. Oh it is exquisite and ecstasy together.
As I begin to come back to earth, James moves to my face to remove the gag
and the blindfold. "You were wonderful, I knew you would love it, I knew you
could persevere. I'm so proud of you." He kisses my cheeks and my lips and
my ears. "Sharp pain now" and James clicks the clamp off my nipple. I squeak
as the pain flows from it again. "It'll sting just for a minute while the
blood flows back in, then it'll settle down." I trust him now, I know he
knows what he is doing. "Next one", the second nipple clamp hurts more as he
removes it, but soon it too settles to a steady throb. James unties the ties
from the bed, but leaves them tied on to my wrists and ankles. He slips the
pillows from under my bum, and settles us both into the bed. It is a hot day
- I have no idea what time it is - but we lie spooned together in the shade
of my room. I feel at peace.

Chapter six.
Some time has passed. "You OK?" James whispers in my ear. I nod. "We'll talk
about it later." He gently kisses the nape of my neck, then works his way,
kissing and sucking, down my spine. James seems to know exactly when I am
ready for more. I was just thinking about his cock, to which I was only
briefly introduced. I reach behind me and find it lying there, semi-soft and
ignored. I don't know what to do.
"Am I allowed to touch?"
"Yes. Good girl for asking. You are just amazing at this. For someone who's
never even been tied up, you seem to know instinctively what is going on."
I gently stroke his cock. It hardens under my touch, lengthening and
thickening. I love the little rim around the policeman's hat, and the little
part that always stays soft where the two ridges meet underneath it. I guess
that's what's left after circumcision. Whatever, I've always liked it.
"May I suck it?"
I scoot down the bed and study it. What is it? Is it my new friend? My
duelling partner? Whatever, I think I'm going to like it.
"Hello" I kiss the tip of it. One soft, gentle kiss on the slit. Then I open
my mouth and give it a good licking on the top like it was an ice cream
cone. Mmm, I like this flavour. I begin to move in the age old rhythm, up
and down on the shaft with my hand, over and around with the tongue.
James groans. "That's great. I really like that. But would you take it all
in your mouth soon? I want to fuck your face - my way. I'll teach you."
His words send a gush of moisture to my cunt. I thought I'd had it for the
day, but obviously not. The responses are working overtime today. I continue
the licking and stroking for a bit, then reluctantly kiss his cock on the
tip again and move away.
"I'm not sure how you want to do this," I say. James smiles, I know it is
pleasing him to know I want to please him.
"First of all, get a glove and some KY from the nightstand." Mystified, I do
as I'm asked. "Grease up the index finger of your right hand. Now, find my
asshole and gently push your finger in. It's nice if you go round and round
the entrance with your finger before you push it inside."
Well, I asked him what he wanted. So I lift his leg to see where his asshole
is, then rest the tip of my finger in the entrance. As requested, I move my
finger round and round in the small dip, pressing inward with each circuit.
Finally my finger is entering his ass. It feels tight and warm. I slide it
in as far as I am able, then slowly slide in and out.
"That's lovely, but there's something else you need to do. Lie on your side
facing my cock, so that you can take it in your mouth when I'm ready." I
wriggle and rearrange myself, finally becoming comfortable. (Well, as
comfortable as I can be with a large cock one inch away from my face and my
finger impaled in someone's asshole.)
"Now push your finger in as far as it can go. That's it. This is lovely for
me, you're really pleasing me." I feel a glow of warmth and femininity,
knowing I'm pleasing him. This dom/sub business is certainly not all one
way. "Now bend your finger and stroke the wall of my ass. Like you were
beckoning someone." Now this is getting really strange. "Can you feel
something? Aaaah, that's it. That's my prostate. Now stop. Leave your finger
there, don't stroke the prostate. Just move your finger gently and slowly in
and out. I want you to suck my cock now. But later when I ask you, I want
you to find my prostate and press against it with your finger. Don't rub it
or anything. Just press firmly. Got that?"
This really is getting complicated. I like sucking cock but this is a lot
more involved than I'm used to. James slides his hands to my head.
So we are lying on our sides, facing each other. Except my face is facing
his cock. His hands are each side of my head. And my finger is buried in his
ass. Interesting.
"Now when I get thrusting, it's great if you can just relax and let me fuck
your face as I want. But I know my cock is big, and it might get hard to
breathe. If you tip your head away from me, but still with my cock in your
mouth, you should be able to breathe OK though. I know it sounds
complicated, but believe me the pleasure I feel is great. And when I come, I
usually shoot quite a lot of spunk. It's up to you whether you swallow it,
sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all. You start sucking when you're
I've had my instructions, now I just have to remember to carry them all out.
Oh well, here goes. James gave me such a great time, he deserves the same
himself. I lean in and lick the tip of his cock. sucking gently, I slide my
tongue up and down the slit. Up and down the slit, round and round the tip,
sucking all the while. The precum is oozing out, the taste is salty and
pleasant. Up and down the slit, round and round the tip. Sucking, sucking.
"I want to fuck your face now."
Obediently I open my mouth as wide as I can, being careful to keep my teeth
away from the invading cock. It's a stretch, but I can make it. Tipping my
head back does make it easier to breathe. His thrusting begins, he holds my
head between his hands and really fucks his cock right in. "This is great
Sam." James grunts between thrusts. He is beginning to thrust quite hard
now, reaching back into my throat. The tipped back angle stops me from
choking. I can feel his balls swaying and bumping underneath my chin.
I've forgotten to do the finger thing. I start groping for his prostate.
"No - in and out for now." James is breathing harder. I relax my head, and
let his hands control my face fucking. He is really banging at me now. The
scent of raw cock fills my nostrils. I am sawing my finger in and out of his
ass, trying to time it with his strokes into my mouth. Soon we are in a good
rhythm, fuck fuck fuck fuck, finger in - out - in - out - in - out.
"Prostate now!" James gasps. I thrust my finger right up his ass, and bend
the finger. There it is (I hope)! I press firmly against the ridged lump.
James is fucking furiously. "Aaaah" his climax begins. His cock starts
twitching and then convulsing as the spunk shoots into my mouth. He is still
continuing the fucking movement, there's spunk flowing everywhere. I can't
even think about swallowing or doing anything, there just so much of it it's
even hard to remember to breathe.
"Take it out." James gasps. I slide it out immediately. His cock spurts some
more cum, just as he withdraws it. I get spunk in my face. I lean forward to
catch the last of it in my mouth. Silly really, as my mouth is full anyway.
It's flowing down my cheek onto the towel. I swallow what I can. James lies
still, puffing and trying to catch his breath. He releases my head from his
hands, and I lick and suck his cock to clean it, being careful of the
sensitive tip and slit. James strokes my hair, then draws me up to be at
eyelevel again. He looks into my eyes as he leans forward and kisses me, not
worrying about the spunk that is on my lips, my chin, my cheeks, my nose. He
sticks out his tongue and licks some of it off, and then kisses my mouth
some more. I realise how stretched and swollen my lips are.
James leans back and studies my face. "You are an amazing woman, you know
that? We have done things together that I could never have done with some
women. I might have been able to do it with some others, after a long time
together. But we've done them on our first date."
"This actually isn't a date," I interrupted.
"You're right, but I can see we'll have to rectify that small omission. But
for now, come and bathe with me. We both need a rest."
James took my hand and led me to the bathroom. He turned on the taps and
added sensual oil to the water, then turned and held me close, kissing my
lips again as we waited for the bath to fill. He knelt down and untied the
ties from my feet. Then he went into the living room, returning with the
"May I?"
I nod 'yes'. These were in my 'no' pile before, but now I'm happy to wear
them. Correction, I am pleased to wear them. I want to wear them. He undoes
the knot on one wrist and snaps on the handcuff, then repeats with the other
hand. My hands are fastened together at the front. The steel is cold against
my body.
"You know, I could fall for a woman like you." Did I hear him properly? I
looked up, but his eyes were closed. I could hardly ask him to repeat it.
Turning on the spa jets, we slipped into the water. Me between his legs,
resting the back of my head on his chest, his arms around me, we lay
together in the warm, scented water.

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