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The Unexpected Journey 7

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The Unexpected Journey Chapter 7 (final)

Chapter seven
After a time, we both returned to the world. We had had our separate
journeys, together yet apart. I felt as if I had returned from Mars. And yet
I was a changed woman. Not only did I know things intellectually that I
didn't know before, on a fundamental level I was different. I would never go
back to an ordinary guy again. A guy who figured he was a good screw if I
managed an orgasm somewhere along the line. A guy who probably didn't worry
too much if I didn't have an orgasm somewhere along the line.
It was like learning a foreign language. Suddenly a whole new world had
opened up for me. And yet I knew I was only at the beginning of my journey ^
"Back to bed, madam." James voice broke into my thoughts. He helped me from
the bath and wrapped a bath sheet around me. We walked into the bedroom.
James stripped the cum stained towels from the bed, and fluffed the pillows,
then helped me into bed. I lay there, naked and not ashamed. Even though he
had shaved every hair from my cunt. And even though he had been exploring
into every secret part of me. My hands were still cuffed in front of me.
James returned from the living room, as naked as I was, carrying the fruit
platter from my brunch. I suddenly felt ravenous. He fed me morsels of
fruit, sharing bites of strawberry, watermelon, mango. He licked the
escaping juice from the sides of my lips.
"Open your legs for me."
I paused, then did as I was told.
"Good. Now we'll talk. I'll undo one handcuff so you can drink your water."
James handed me a long tall glass of water from the bure's fridge. He sat
across from me, his cock and balls resting on the sheet with his legs open.
James observed where I was looking.
"You like?"
"I like." With a smile.
"I want you to listen carefully to what I've got to say now. We've had a
great time together. I've loved pleasuring you, and being pleasured by you.
But now the journey gets a little tougher. But you also know how great the
rewards could be. There's a lot we haven't done yet - we haven't even fucked
so far! And we don't know many of your boundaries, those that need to be
pushed and those we must leave untouched. So I'm going to go out to the
living room now and arrange the toys for you to view again. I want you to
think of two things. Firstly, do you want to continue? You might have had
enough for today, or you might have had enough for a lifetime. Only you can
know your heart's desire about that. And I want to say now that I respect
you immensely for today, for what we have already achieved. If that is all
you wish to discover, for now or for eternity, then so be it. I will always
be proud of you.
"But if you wish to continue today, you need to choose which items we will
use this next time. You previously had the handcuffs in the 'no' pile, but
now you are happily wearing them. I promise you again, I won't do anything
without your agreement - or at least, I will stop if you use the safeword or
buzzer. You join me when you are ready."
Whilst James was speaking, I had noted his cock beginning to rise to the
thought of more to come. I thought about my cunt. It still felt swollen from
this morning's intrusion, but more juice had flowed since my bath a short
while before. I realised in my heart that there was no question of not
continuing on the journey. Had I had enough for today? No, I had to be
honest, I really did want to feel that cock in me. There was unfinished
business to attend to. So all that remained was what toys I would be happy
about. Mentally I checked them off:
Handcuffs - yes
Cords/rope - yes
KY, condoms - yes
Nipple clamps - no
Vibrators - yes to all of them
Dildo - yes
Porno books - yes
Vaporub - no
Whackers - yes (!)
Cock gag - yes
I couldn't think of anything else in James' bag. So, just the nipple clamps
and Vaporub in the 'no' pile. And that was only for today, because they were
still very tender. I'm turning into a good little fuck slut, aren't I? I
went to join James in the living room and knelt on the floor beside him.
"What have you decided?"
"I want to continue."
"Are you sure? Are you sure you want to continue today? Why?"
"I would like for you to have fucked my cunt with your cock. I would like to
try being fucked in the ass. I would like to trust you to take me on another
journey." That certainly woke James' cock up. It sprang to attention,
looking as big as ever.
"Very well. As you are still only a beginner, you may choose the equipment."
James had laid all the equipment on the coffee table again. I reached
forward and removed the nipple clamps and the vaporub. Then the 3 inch belt.
Then I knelt back on my legs and waited for him.
"This is all you wish to try?"
"No, this is my 'no' pile."
James surveyed all that remained - the whackers, dildos, porno mags, bondage
items. "You're sure?"
I nodded.
"Well, I'm proud of you for trying. But you probably don't realise how much
you're letting yourself in for. We won't use all of these today, it's best
to wait a little bit. You will have to trust me to help you on your
He reached for the cock gag and weighed it in his hand. "No, not yet. Suck
my cock for a bit Sam."
I scooted over to James, who obligingly opened his legs to display his erect
cock. I felt like I was greeting an old friend, and set to work sucking its
tip. James leaned down and pinched my nipples. I jumped and his cock fell
from my mouth.
"Too tender? Lesson one, just because something is tender, doesn't mean I
leave it alone. Do you understand?"
I nodded. I felt confused, I wanted to trust James but my nipples were so
sore I wanted them left alone.
"What is your safe word?"
"Right, now use it if you need to. Start sucking my cock!" The last was a
demand. Oohhh, I realised. No more Mr Nice Guy. Part of the sub thing was
doing as I was told. So I did, I got stuck in and sucked his cock as if my
life depended on it. I tongued the head and sucked the tip, I sucked the
soft part and tried to deep throat the shaft. You could have auditioned me
for a vacuum cleaner, so determined was I.
"That's enough for now. Wait here while I go and prepare the room." James
lifted the whole coffee table, with its contents, and went into the bedroom.
I could hear furniture being shifted, and wondered what on earth he was up
to. After some minutes James returned again and reached for my hand.
"Last chance Sam. You sure you're up to this?"
I nodded. James looked me in the eyes, then kissed the centre of my
forehead. Holding me close, he stroked my hair. "I admire your courage
immensely." James turned my head and kissed me, aggressively this time. His
tongue thrust straight into my mouth, and imitated fucking movements. His
hands stroked my breasts, circling the nipples. Sure enough, he pinched both
nipples simultaneously. I fought my way away from him, pulling my head from
his mouth and trying to push his hands away.
"Want to use your safeword?"
I shook my head 'no'. "Well, you DON'T do THAT AGAIN!" James was shouting.
"You understand?" I sobbed as I realised he was angry at me. "If that
happens again, I will whack you - hard! You understand? Safeword, I stop.
But if you say nothing, I AM THE ONE who decides what happens. IT IS NOT UP
TO YOU! Understand?
I nodded 'yes' without saying a word. James' anger came as a shock. Then I
realised it was for my own good. I needed to trust him, knowing I could use
the safeword if he transgressed on me too much. I would try to do better.
"Hold out your hands." I did, and James resnapped the handcuffs. "Open your
mouth." I did, and the cock gag was pushed in, and then fastened behind my
head. James then tied the thick rope to the centre of the chain joining the
handcuffs. "Follow me."
Like some animal with a leash, James led me into the bedroom by pulling on
the rope. The bed had been pushed into the corner of the room, so that
access was only from two sides. The contents of the coffee table were now
laid across the bed. The coffee table itself was now in the centre of the
room, with pillows on top of it and stacked on the floor beside it. James
sat on the coffee table, on the pillows, and pulled me towards him with the
rope and my cuffed hands. "I want you to sit on my lap, facing me, with your
legs spread wide over mine." I did as I was told. James cock rose between us
like a third person. Firstly, he held me tight and close. I relaxed into his
loving caress. For, despite the pain James was causing, I could feel that he
was loving as well. He bent his head and began to kiss my breasts - ooops,
tits. He licked and sucked around them once again. I felt my juices begin to
flow. Reaching down beside him, James surprised me by holding up the nipple
clamps. I had to fight myself not to flinch.
"Sam, I want you to listen to me. First, here's the buzzer. Hold it in your
hand. Now you know you can stop me when you need to?"
I nod 'yes".
"Now I want to put the clamps on you again. I can see you cringe, good on
you for not pulling away. But listen to me Sam. I promise you I will not be
tightening them. I will just put them on and leave them there. Remember how
I did that at first, and you coped OK didn't you? I think we will both have
a more exciting time if your nipples are clamped. Now I'll put the first one
on. You buzz me if you need to."
I took a deep breath, and watched as James applied the cruel tormentor to my
nipple. I gasped as the roughness first touched my nipple, then relaxed
somewhat as the expected level of pain did not appear. Don't get me wrong -
it sure hurt, but in a dull aching way rather than a stingy fireworks way.
James looked me in the eye. "OK? Now here's number two." I yelped as that
one went on, but the gag muffled the sound. James paused, waiting for me to
buzz and take them off. But I didn't buzz, I took the pain and breathed
through it.
"You're doing so well. I'm so proud of you for being willing to get through
the pain if you need to." James kissed me again, then slipped his hand down
to my cunt. He rapidly inserted a finger or two into my cunt and fucked me
with them.
"Aaah, yes, very moist. Now I have just the thing a moist cunt likes. Stand
I did as James asked, and he too stood up. He moved away from the coffee
table. "Kneel on the pillows on the floor."
The pillows were nice and soft. I knelt and waited for my next instruction.
James pulled on the rope and my hands were stretched out in front of me. He
walked over to the bed, and tied the rope to one leg of the bed. This kept
my hands stretched straight out in front, with the handcuffs clearly
visible. James walked around to the back of me. "Lean your tits onto the
coffee table." Following his instruction, I was pleased to see that the soft
pillows did not add any pain to my squashed nipples. They were still
uncomfortable, in the twilight zone between pain and pleasure, and throbbed
quietly. I noticed the moisture from my cunt.
"Spread your knees." I finally realised what James was doing. I was bent
over the coffee table, somewhat higher than usual because of the pillows I
was leaning on. My hands, handcuffed and attached to the rope, were
stretched out in front of me. Probably for the visuals which James liked so
much. I realised James was binding my thighs, spread as wide as I could make
them, to the legs of the coffee table. James stood back up and walked
around, his cock stiff and at attention. "Perfect. Now Sam, I want you to
scream as much as possible this time. No one with hear you, with the cock
gag in your mouth. Do you like the gag?" I nodded - it was pleasurable to
feel a cock, even a pretend cock, in my mouth at a time like this. "If you
scream, you'll help your muscles to relax. It will also help you find a new
way of expressing your sexuality. You don't have to be ashamed of being
excited, of loving being fucked." James walked over to the bed and selected
some items from its display. I couldn't see what they were.
I could feel James kneeling behind me. First one finger, then another,
slipped into my cunt and resumed fucking it. I hadn't realised just how
pleasurable a finger fuck could be. James introduced his other hand around
the front of my waist, and slipped it down to my clit. With several fingers
in my cunt, one finger stroking my clit and the two nipple clamps adding
their sensations, it wasn't long before I came. Not a big cum, but a good
one. "Well done Sam, that was great" James encouraged.
He gently slipped his hands from me, and I heard the unmistakeable sound of
a condom wrapper. Oh God, was he going to put that dick up my ass now?
Without thinking I tried to clench my ass cheeks. WHAAACK! I heard the sound
of the sandal whacker before I felt the sting of it hit my ass.
"DON'T PULL AWAY FROM ME! Use the buzzer if you need to!" I had been warned.
"Now lean well over!"
As I did so, I felt James press right up behind me. His breath was warm on
my neck. I felt his hand guiding his cock to me, and tried to relax and
breathe out. Surprisingly, his cock bypassed my anus and pressed to my cunt.
"I know you wanted a proper fucking Sam. And after this morning's effort, it
will be a while before I come again. So I can give you a good banging up the
cunt. With the condom on, I can go straight up your ass then if I want to."
James language was a real turn on. He pressed the thick knob against my
slit, and the lips parted to let him enter. I moved my knees and hips to
facilitate his entry "Good Sam, you help him in" and felt the extreme
stretch as James cock invaded my virgin hole. No, I wasn't a virgin and
hadn't been for a long time. But with sex like we were having, I might as
well have been. The entrance to my hole burned with the stretch James was
giving me, and it took a while before his length was right in. I had never
felt so filled in all my life. The stretch was both painful and pleasurable.
James kept quite still, letting my hole adjust. Then he reached around and
began to gently stroke my clit again. No other movement, just the stretch,
the nipple clamps and a soft, soft stroke on my clit. Despite the softness
of his stroke, my cum was powerful. I must have convulsed uncontrollably.
"Yeah Sam, go for it." James encouraged me by twitching his cock inside. It
felt great.
As my orgasm subsided, James began to gently slide in and out. I could feel
the cunt lips moving in unison with him, pulling on my clit. Without
warning, James began a fast fuck. He really liked to make himself noticed.
The force of his banging pushed me right into the pillows, which dragged a
little on the nipple clamps. But it was great. The feeling of being invaded
and stretched was nothing like anything I had felt before. I began
vocalising into the cock gag, enjoying the freedom to babble and moan as
time after time James fucked right up into me. He was fucking so far inside
it felt like he was reaching my brain. I began to come again, smaller ones
but coming one after the other so it was almost a continuous cum. "Go Sam,
Go!" James could tell what was happening. And after a time, he suddenly
pulled out. Right out. I wanted him in there. I loved it. Please James, give
me more. I knew I could use the safe word if I wanted him to stop, but what
could I do to get him to go? Then I realised, again, that it was up to
James, not me, what happened next. I had to trust in him and let go.
So I did. I relaxed and caught my breath. James undid the gag and gave me a
drink of water.
He obviously didn't want to interrupt the flow of things. The gag went
straight back in. James walked over to the bed and tightened the rope. Now I
couldn't choose to have my back straight, I had to lie over the coffee table
as there was no slack available in the rope.
WHAACK! Again the sound, then the feeling. WHAACK! Again and again. Not too
stinging, but hot all the same. James worked his way around my ass cheeks. I
could feel them glow. It was only when he began to whack an area that had
already been hit that it did hurt. I jumped.
"Scream Sam, let it go" James knew just what was happening. So I did. I
screamed and screamed into the gag. I let a non-stop stream of language,
punctuated with screams, flow from my mouth. No one else could hear it, but
the release and the relief was amazing. The burning on my ass was intense,
but I even began waiting for each whack to arrive, in order to greet it with
a scream.
Soon James began to stroke my cunt lips again, and surprisingly I came again
the minute he brushed my clit. Today had brought so many revelations. James
scooped my cunt juices and stroked them from my ass to my clit area, without
touching my clit itself. He obviously didn't want to wear me out. Then I
felt a gob of KY being applied to my ass hole. So now was the time. I didn't
tense, but I did check my hold on the buzzer. This was what I had asked for,
and James obviously felt I was ready for it.
There was some pressure at the actual opening of my ass, so I concentrated
on breathing and letting my muscles relax.
"That's great Sam. This is just the narrow vibrator, to get you stretched a
bit. Just relax the muscles and let it in. I know you can do it." The
feeling of anal violation was indescribable. There was some pain. There was
a feeling of being stretched. There was the knowledge that my ass was being
spread wide for James to look at. And I felt like such a slut for enjoying
it. James pressed the vibrator in further, then withdrew it somewhat, then
pressed in again. Eventually it was in a good way, and James began to slowly
fuck me with it. Once I had adjusted to it, it was quite pleasurable. The
feelings were so different from being fucked in the cunt. Up my hole I could
feel all of James, but in the ass with the vibrator the feelings were
concentrated around the opening. It only took one tug from James' other hand
on my clit for me to come again. I couldn't believe it.
James withdraw the vibrator, which he hadn't even turned on, and began work
with a larger one. I knew it wasn't his dick, it felt too hard and wasn't
thick enough. I still did have some concerns about taking the thickness of
his dick up my ass.
Again, the feeling of being stretched. The stinging pain, leading to
pleasure as he slowly thrust the vibrator in and out. More KY being added.
And again, a sudden flick on my clit to make me cum. More KY. The vibrator
being fucked in harder, faster, more roughly. And I am screaming into the
gag 'fuck my ass, fuck my ass, oh god, harder, faster, harder, fuck it, fuck
James could obviously hear something, he was whispering encouragingly into
my ear. And again, a flick on the clit. This was a big cum, and James ceased
fucking my ass and held me as I bucked and shook and quivered. When I was
still once more, he carefully removed the vibrator from my ass. Again, he
hadn't even turned it on. Then I felt his tongue gently at my cunt lips,
sliding into my hole, back to my cunt lips. Then his tongue at my ass,
circling the opening and then pointing itself and gently tongue fucking my
ass. Such a strange, but pleasurable feeling. I knew I would like to try
that again one day.
When he had finished, James moved up close behind me. I could feel his
hardness pressing against my thigh.
"It's time now Sam. You wanted this, and I know you can cope. Big breaths,
relax your muscles, and scream if you need to. You've got your buzzer if you
need it."
And I didn't feel afraid. I knew James would be careful. So I spread my legs
as wide as I could, and presented my ass to meet him.
"That's great Sam. This is going to be pretty intense, but I'm here with
you." He touched the tip to my asshole. The cold of the KY and the
realisation that this is IT made me jump. James whacked me with his hand,
right on the side of my ass. I knew not to jump again.
He pressed forward, and I tried to relax and press back. Slowly, slowly his
cock began to enter. The first bit was OK, but then the big stretch began.
"There's no hurry Sam, just relax. We'll get it in." James uttered streams
of encouragement. Whether he was doing this for my pleasure or his, didn't
matter. He was doing this for US. The stinging was getting intense, really
intense. I felt like I was splitting in two. It was burning, my ass was on
fire! Oh God, I'm seeing red! The pain, like a red hot poker up into me. I'm
being violated, torn in two. I can't bear it, even screaming my head off
isn't helping.
I squeezed the buzzer. Immediately, James stopped. "I'm here Sam. You OK?" I
shook my head 'no'. "You want me to pull out?" I shook my head 'no'. You
want me to stay still?" I nodded my head 'yes'. "OK Sam, I'll just stay
still and let you rest a bit. You've done so well, the head is about halfway
in". He leaned over and kissed my back, my shoulders, but being careful not
to move his cock any more.
"You OK now?" I nod 'yes'. "You want me to come out?" I shake 'no'. "You
want me to try some more? I nod 'yes'. "OK Sam, but you squeeze the buzzer
again if you need to. This is going so well, I've lost count of how many
times you've come and I'm really excited too. So you've pleased me so much
as well."
In my gag I smiled. Whatever happened, I wasn't a failure. I had pleased my
man. And he had pleased me. This was going to work out OK, whatever
And so James started pressing in again. He had added more KY with his
fingers, and worked it in around my asshole. I think having the condom made
the entry more difficult. I continued to try and breathe through the burning
and to relax my muscles, and James kept up the gentle pressing, pressing and
the encouragement into my ear. Finally the head popped through the muscle,
and the muscle contracted to the thickness of the shaft. That felt much
better! The stretch was surely there, and some of the burn, but not the
sting and tear feeling.
"It's great Sam, nearly there. Once I'm right in, I'll hold it right up
you." I could feel myself quiver at the thought. "When you're ready, nod
your head and I'll start fucking." And he did just what he promised. Slowly,
slowly he pressed his cock up my ass. Slowly, slowly I felt a different type
of stretching going on. And it felt good. Eventually James sighed "I'm all
in now, Sam. Good on you for relaxing so well. This is just great. You're
now officially being fucked in the ass for the first time!" And he kept
there, pressed right up into my ass, until I nodded.
James withdrew slightly, and slowly pressed back in. I had thought he would
fuck me uncontrollably, but looking back I realised that with a cock his
size and my first time that would have been a bad idea. I soon relaxed into
his rhythm, and James slid in and out comfortably for a while. Then he
withdrew most of the way, and I could feel the large ridge of his cock
resting against the asshole muscle on the inside. "I'm just going to fuck
you a little with the head now Sam, OK?" I nodded yes, and waited to see
what happened. The feeling of the ridge sliding over the muscle was amazing.
James slid it in and out maybe only an inch, but that inch was the stretch
over the widest part. Initially it did hurt but eventually the pain barrier
was broken through again. Once James was inside my asshole again, he thrust
quite firmly right in as far as he could again. At the same time he tugged
my clit, and I came. Another big one. I hadn't expected it. I had been so
busy thinking about the pain and relaxing the muscles, I hadn't realised how
close I had got. I screamed into the gag and quivered and shook.
"More?" James spoke gently into my ear. I shook 'no'. "I figured you had
just about had enough, but I know you wouldn't want to use the safe word."
James slowly withdrew from my asshole. I was sorry to see him go. But
hopefully another day ... He pulled off the condom and untied my legs from
the coffee table. My ass felt stretched and empty. I felt as if we still had
unfinished business, after all James still hadn't come. But I didn't know
how to say anything.
James pulled the equipment from the bed, then turned and untied the rope and
then unfastened the handcuffs. It was good to flex my arms. He reached down
and removed the nipple clamps, then last of all undid the cock gag.
James sat down beside me on the floor. "That was amazing Sam. I didn't think
you could take it up the ass first time, but you managed it. You have such a
beautiful ass. It ripples while I fuck you in it. It took all my control not
to just fuck us both to oblivion, but I know we weren't ready today. Maybe
another day? Come here."
He held me close, and kissed the top of my head. Then, standing up, James
helped me to my feet and let me to the bed. We climbed in and snuggled down
amongst the pillows. James kissed my face, my mouth, my ears. He licked my
nipples, and stroked at my cunt and clit again. I turned and sucked his cock
for a while, clasping the shaft in my hand and stroking firmly up and down.
And when we were ready, he laid me down on my back, spread my legs, and slid
his cock straight up into my cunt. It sure knew where it was going, it felt
like his cock was coming home.
Thrusting slowly at first, James looked me in the eyes. "There's no rule
against us having straight sex as well, you know", he smiled. "We wouldn't
have time to have a whole scene each time we fuck. It's good to save some
things for special."
"I don't know, this feels pretty special to me now", I said. James increased
the speed of his thrusting, and I thought no more except for thinking about
the fact that he was fucking me silly, and I was loving every minute of it.


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