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The Virgin's Story

The Virgin's story
(MF cons)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

November 2001

Note from Chrys:

Someone offered to pay me for my stories, but I couldn't waste the time
if they were going to pay me a paltry $10 per story. And they wanted 5 in
a timely manner? I'm sorry, I have a life. That would be less than
minimum wage. I have classes and school ...

Anyway, so I asked for more money in return for my stories, and, true to
the incredibly upstanding reputation of the Porn Community, she never wrote
me back. Who thinks that's tacky? Yeah, I do, too. (Should I post the
name of the site to which she belonged to?)

Anyway, I wrote this shortly after the other one, but was going to wait
and see if she wanted to buy it before I posted it. Then I got busy and
never got around to posting it, so here it is, a month after it was

It's probably a story that happens commonly because it takes its
inspiration from a heardit-through-the-grapevine story one of my
pseudo-friends told me. (He's a pseudo-friend because right after he told
the story, he told me how cool it would have been if it were him instead of
his friend. Yeah, I thought that was really tacky of him, too. He said
stuff like that all the time. *rolls eyes*)

So, ok, maybe it wasn't TOO tacky, because I wrote my own version of it.


Hearing all those stories from Beth about the fun she has in college had
made me a little apprehensive. I was really looking forward to joining her
at her state university and spending most of the weekends at drunken
orgies, but there was one problem with that-I was a virgin.

It didn't really bother ME that I was a virgin, but Beth said that guys won't go all the way if they think it's your first time and you're drunk.
ESPECIALLY if you're drunk. They don't want rape charges brought against
them or something like that.

So what was I going to do? I asked her. She decided that we needed a
plan of attack.

"It's not going to be that hard," she said. "I mean, look at all the
guys I had sex with in high school. Any one of them would be delighted to
pop your cherry."

I blushed. "Don't say it like that," I admonished her. "It's ...
vulgar." But I had to admit that I liked talking about it like that. It
just didn't go with my good girl image.

It's not that I'm a prude, it's just that I tend to be choosy in my
relationships. I don't know why I hadn't had sex yet--I guess I hadn't
found the right guy. I always figured I'd have sex before I graduated high
school, but that deadline had passed. And with only a couple weeks to go
until college started, I needed to get a move on it if I didn't want to
start the new school year a virgin.

"I'd suggest just telling one of our guy friends that you're looking to
be fucked for the first time, and he'll probably have a boner from then
until you guys actually do the deed," she said.

"Yes, but which one?" I asked.

"Who do you like the best?" she inquired.

"Well, I've got a lot of guy friends, but none of them that I would want
to have a relationship with."

She rolled her eyes. "We're not looking for a relationship here, Raven.
We're looking for SEX. You don't WANT to have sex for the first time with
a guy you're having a relationship with. It just doesn't go well. You
have to know how to please a man before you get into a serious
relationship. guys take sex so seriously. It's a big deal to them."

"Well, how do I pick, then?" I asked.

"All right, here's the deal: I personally like a guy with a big dick.
And if you have sex with well-endowed guy for your first time, it's going
to hurt anyway, so you might as well make it hurt real good," she said.

That didn't really make much sense, but I nodded.

"The guy with the biggest penis of our friends is John, but he's not a
very good lover," she said, thoughtfully. "Ah! I've got it! Devon's ...
oh, he's so big. Yes, and he knows exactly what he's doing. Mmmm. You
know, if you don't have sex with him, I might just decide to do it again."

"All right. Devon it is."


I approached him the next day while most of our friends were playing
sand volleyball at the beach. He was complaining about being bored of it
and asked if anyone wanted to throw a frisbee. I agreed, and we walked off
towards the water a little ways.

"Hey, before we do this, can I ask you to do something for me, Devon?"
my heart was pounding in my throat, and I could feel Beth's eyes on the
back of my head.

"Sure, what is it?" he squinted against the sun as he looked at me.

"OK, well, let's go this way a little bit." We walked away from where
two little kids were dumping water in the moat of their sandcastle and I
lowered my voice. I took a deep breath. "If you don't want to do this for
me, it's OK. In fact, don't answer right away." I stopped for a moment.
He looked at me in confusion. Then I just blurted it out. "Devon, I'm a
virgin, and I don't want to be when I leave for college. Would you do me a
favor and ..."

"... have sex with you?" he finished as I choked on my words.

I suddenly became very fascinated with drawing lines in the sand with my
toes. "Yes."

"Raven, I will answer you right now--yes, I'll do it."

When I looked up, he was grinning. I blushed. "OK, um, thank you."


When I woke up two days later, I stared at myself in the mirror. "This
is what you look like as a virgin," I told myself. "What will you look
like tonight as a girl who's just had sex?"

The truth of it was that I was completely petrified. I had no idea what
I was doing. Beth had talked about "orgasms" and I knew from sex ed what
all of the organs looked like, but I had just never done it before. I had
no idea what to expect.

As I wondered more and more what an actual male penis would look like up
close, I started realizing I'd never really looked at myself before. So I
made sure the bathroom door was locked, got out a mirror, pulled my pants
down, and sat down on the floor. I spread my legs out and propped up a
mirror on the floor until I could clearly see what was between them.

I peered down at the mirror into the folds of pink flesh that were
before me. I tentatively brushed my hand across them, thinking about how I
only did that when I wiped from going to the bathroom and felt a little
embarrassed. I'd never touched myself there before if I didn't have to--it
just didn't seem right. I got a little bolder and pulled some of the folds
apart, but I couldn't distinguish what I was seeing. Everything looked so
strange and foreign, it was a wonder it even belonged to me.

I stood up abruptly and put the mirror away. I didn't want to keep
Devon waiting on his father's boat.


Devon's father owned a chain of jet ski rental places all up and down
the coast, so he was fairly well off. We'd all partied on his boat before,
but it was less of a boat and more of a yacht. I'd been in the bedroom
once, and it was fantastic. Much better than my parents' boat. You could
stand completely upright in the bedroom. In fact, the ceiling was just as
high as the one in my living room. The bed was covered in a white fluffy
down comforter with white pillows and mirrors at the head of the bed.

When I showed up at the dock, Devon was just stepping off the boat to go
grab something to drink. "Do you want anything?" he asked me. "I'm going
to get a Dr. Pepper."

"No," I answered, smiling shyly.

"Then go ahead and go on up to the top. I'll be up there in a minute."

I jumped onto the boat and headed up to the top. I sat behind the wheel
in the chair and looked out at the great, wide ocean. In just a little
while, I'd be out there somewhere, losing my virginity. I imagined doing
it up here, with the boat speeding along, the wind in my hair--but then I
stopped and blushed again.

Devon came back and I climbed down to help him untie the boat from the
dock. We headed up top again and set out into the ocean.

We didn't say anything, but he had a sort of smirk on his face that was
starting to make me nervous. At one point I asked, "What are you thinking,
Devon?" but he only grunted and said, "Wind is 10 knots out of the

After ten minutes of boating straight out from the coast, Devon shut
down the motor and dropped anchor. He turned to look at me, and said,

I nodded gently and followed his silhouette down and into the bedroom

He gently shut and latched the door, and I pulled the shades down.
There was practically no chance of anyone even coming near us out here, let
alone seeing us, but I just couldn't leave the windows open.

I turned to him.

We stood for a moment, just looking at each other, and my eyes dropped
to his pants. I said, "Look, I know this is probably weird for you, but I
really want you to ... I don't know ... TEACH me how to do this. I've
never seen a naked man before, and I really want to know how ... it all
... works." I was blushing a deep crimson again.

"Raven, I understand," he said. "I'm not going to make you do anything
you're not ready for. I'm here because YOU asked ME. Can I just ask,
though, how you got through 18 years of life without having sex?"

I thought for a moment. "I don't know. I just wasn't interested in it.
Beth tells me about all her sexual exploits and I don't understand it."

"What do you mean, you don't understand it?" he asked.

"Well, she talks about 'coming' and how nice it is to have a 'big,
throbbing cock' inside her, but I don't understand how it would be nice or
what she means when she says she 'comes.'"

He looked at my skeptically. "You've never had an orgasm before?"

"Well, no. I'm a virgin."

"Raven, you've never masturbated before?"

I blushed. "No. My mom caught me looking at myself in the mirror when
I was little and she said that good girls do not touch themselves more than
they have to."

Devon looked at the ground and said, "Oooo." He seemed deep in thought.

"If you don't want to--"

"Raven, I think that now more than ever do I want to. Eighteen years of
completely asexual behavior ... I don't think I could do it," he said.
"OK, let's--" he stopped, seeming torn. I was confused-he seemed nervous,
too. Why would he possibly be nervous? He knew what he was doing.

"OK, wait," I said. "I know what I want to do first. I want to see ...
you." I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Me?" he said. "Oh, um, ok." He seemed hesitant, nothing like the
self-confident love god that Beth claimed him to be.

I watched as he unzipped his pants and slid them down. He kicked them
to the side and pulled his shirt over his head. He looked at me as if
hesitating, but then hooked his fingers in his boxer shorts and pulled them

I leaned forward and stared at his penis, larger than I'd expected and
standing straight out from his body. "Come here," I said and he came

I looked it over, staring at the top and moving to the side. I studied
his head, which was a darker color than the shaft, then moved so I was
looking underneath. I stared at his balls hanging there, then moved my
eyes back to his shaft and sat up. I licked my lips and said, "And you're
hard now?"

He snorted. "Yes, I'm hard now."

"Well, I'm sorry," I felt a little bit embarrassed. "I didn't know."

"No, it's OK." He stood there, shifting his weight from one foot to the
other. "Uh--"

"Can I touch it?" I asked, looking up at him.

He let out a sigh. "Yes. You can."

I put my hand out tentatively and placed two fingers on the head. Then
I got a little bolder and wrapped my whole hand around, so my fingers were
encircling the shaft. He moved a little bit towards me then, almost
involuntarily, and I moved my hand up and down, stroking it once.

"OK, you gotta do it harder than that," he said. "That just isn't ...
Just, harder."

I squeezed my hand a little tighter and did the same thing, and he said,
"Harder." I tried again, and still, "Raven, HARDER."

I let go abruptly.

"Fu--Raven, what's wrong?"

"I don't want to hurt you," I said.

"Look, you're not going to hurt me. Look, watch this." He gripped his
dick in his right hand and began jerking himself off. I watched wide eyed
as his hand moved up and down his shaft, squeezing the end and pulling back
to his body. He stopped. "See?"

"Yes," I tried again, mimicking his movements. He let out a moan and I
got nervous and let up on the rhythm. I looked up at him, my hand still
wrapped tightly around his shaft. He looked down at me. "Can I ..." I
couldn't finish my sentence. I licked my lips and looked back at it, at
its thickness in my hand.

"Yes," he said. "Like an ice cream cone. Don't use your teeth at all."

I opened my mouth and began tonguing his cock. It was salty with an
almost sweet undercurrent. "This is what Devon tastes like," I thought to
myself. I stopped and asked, "Now what?"

"Now, lick around the head, hard licks," he said breathily.

I followed his instructions, swirling my tongue around his tip.

"Now down the shaft."

I moved my hand and licked all the way down to his body and back up

"Take it into your mouth," he said, moaning.

I opened up, careful of my teeth and let it slip between my lips. I
still licked it with my tongue, but let it travel further and further back
into my mouth. It was halfway into my mouth when I couldn't get it any
further, and I pulled it back out again, continuing to lick the head.

Suddenly he said, "Raven, I'm going to--" and jerked it out of my mouth
and stepped back and turned away. He grabbed hold of his dick and jerked
on it harder than he was before. I looked him in the eye and he was
staring at me with a wild look in his eyes, and my eyes jumped back to what
was in his hand. As I watched, great gobs of come shot from his cock and
hit the wall right beside the window. The milky white fluid shot out
again, and once more, but a bit was still stuck to his cock when he let out
a long breath and let go.

His dick hung there limply, but I couldn't resist the urge to get down
on my knees in front of him and taste the jizz hanging off of it. I licked
it quickly up and swallowed it, tasting it all the way down my throat.

Suddenly embarrassed, I moved quickly back to the bed and sat down. As
I did so, I noticed a funny feeling between my legs, and my heart pounded

Devon sat down on the bed beside me and turned my face to him. "What
are you thinking, Raven?" he asked, almost impassively.

I stared at him. "I don't know. That was ... different than anything
I've ever seen before."

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine," I answered. I wasn't sure what was wrong.

"Well, you've seen me. Are you ready to see you?"

I nodded.

He started helping me pull off my clothes. My shirt came over my head,
then he stood me up and pulled down my pants. He stood up and quickly
unhooked my bra and dropped it to the floor.

I was topless.

Devon put his hand around my left breast and said, "These are so
beautiful." He squeezed my nipple with one finger and I just stood there,
fascinated, as it grew rigid beneath his fingers.

"I'm going to take off your panties now. Are you ready for that?" he

"Yes, I--"

And then they were down.

Beth had sneaked into her brother's room a couple years ago and pulled
out some of his dirty magazines. We had spent time looking at the pictures
of naked women, laughing at how fake their breasts looked and commenting on
their pubic hair.

"Look at her!" Beth said. "She's bald!"

"Are most girls bald like that?" I asked, a little self-conscious. I
definitely wasn't.

"No, the girls in the magazine shave it all off. I don't know, the guys think it's great. Personally, I like her," she said, pointing to a girl who had all her pubic hair, but closely cropped to her skin. "That's what
I look like? Do you want to see?" I declined, but turned back to the

The next day, I took a pair of scissors to my own genital region and
ever since then kept it up. I felt guilty every time, but that was the
only time I ever touched myself down there when I didn't have to.

Devon stared at my mound of hair too short to be curly, then asked, "May
I run my fingers through it?"

I nodded, biting my lip, and felt his hands stroking me gently, then
pulling away.

"We're going to look at you now," he said. "Orgasm is not something
that only happens during sex. In fact, sometimes women don't always want
to have orgasms during sex. But you need to know how to make yourself come
if you're going to teach your partner how to make you come."

"But how am I supposed to know how to make myself ..." I couldn't say
the word. It sounded wrong. "... if I've never done it before? I don't
know what it feels like. I don't think I'll know what it feel like."

He laughed. "I think you'll know what it is when you experience. It's

He stepped away from me and gathered pillows on the bed. "Here, lay
here, facing the mirror on the wall."

I sat down, primly putting my knees together and folding my hands over
my chest.

Devon started laughing heartily. "Raven, honestly, you can't be doing
that now. Look, sex is nothing to be ashamed of. But if you don't want to
do this, I can't help you."

I said, "No, no, I do want to do this, I just ..."

"OK, here," he said down next to me. "Get comfortable." He arranged me
on the pillows and then gently pulled my knees apart. "Look here," he
said, pointing to the mirror. "Look at yourself."

I looked. It was the same image that I saw in the mirror in my bathroom
this morning. Folds of pink skin all jumbled up. I couldn't make sense of
it and hoped he could.

"I'm going to touch you now," he said, and I nodded.

Devon took a finger and traced lightly up my thigh and I shivered
involuntarily, suddenly. Then he traced it along one of the folds and
said, "These are your outer lips." I stared at them, and he pulled them
apart. He began tracing along the inside of them, but stopped and pulled a
finger away. It was glistening. "Look, you're wet," he said.

"I am?" I asked.

Devon smiled and said, "I think you liked my little show."

I blushed and said, "Well, yes."

He put his hand back down there and said, "Look, here are your inner
lips." He massaged them gently between his index and middle fingers.
Things began feeling funny down there again, in the same way I felt when I
sat on the bed after watching him have his orgasm.

"Look, I'm going to pull your lips apart now and show you," he said. He
did just that, pulling my lips apart with the index and middle finger on
both hands. I felt naked and exposed, but something caught my eye.

"What's that?" I asked.

Devon pulled the folds back even further and said, "Look, that's your
clitoris." It was nestled at the top of my lips and I stared at the little
pink nub in the mirror for a couple minutes before asking, "What does it

"Well," he said, "I'm going to touch it. Just relax." Holding the top
part of my lips open with his index and thumb a little awkwardly so I could
still see, he ran his finger from the other hand right over my clit.

"Oh!" I exclaimed and jerked, causing him to lose his grip. He pulled
his hands back.

"Yeah," he said. "Pretty neat, isn't it?" and laughed.

"Well, maybe," I said, a little confused. I wasn't sure what that was.
"Was that an orgasm?"

Devon laughed heartily. "Oh, no, Raven, it's so much better than that.
I cannot believe you've never--" He laughed again.

"Where's my vagina?" I asked. "Beth calls it a cunt sometimes." After I
said it, I felt a little silly, like the nave little girl I am.

"Here," he put his hand down there again, then pulled my lips wider
apart than they were before. "You can't really see it because there's
nothing really to see. It goes all the way into your body." It was just a
pucker of flesh and pink, all leading into my ... cunt? He stroked his
finger over it, and a different feeling flooded me and I jumped again. Not
as much this time, because he didn't lose his grip and he did it one more

"Most women need to have their clitoris stroked before they have an
orgasm. So that's what I'm going to do right now," he said.

Devon reached down one more and pulled my lips apart to reveal my clit
again. "I want you to try not to jerk away. Just feel my finger rubbing
you. I'm going to start on the edge."

He placed his index finger right next to the little nub and I watched,
fascinated, as he began to stroke it gently up and down. I began to feel
tingling sensations all over my body as I got goosebumps. As he moved
closer to my clit, pleasant feelings shivered through my lower body and I
moaned. He wasn't even touching it yet.

And then he was, gently circling just the edge with his finger, going
around it. I stared at the little fold of flesh, pink and hard beneath his
touch and began to enjoy the caresses. He moved his finger over the top of
it and I was flooded with sensations inside and outside my body.

Devon pulled his finger away and said, "I want you to try it now."

I looked at him horrified, but he raised his eyebrows. "There's nothing
wrong with it. You just watched me do it, right?"

I nodded and looked back to where I was spread out in front of the
mirror. I hesitantly put two fingers to the side of my clit and began
rubbing. It felt the same as when Devon did it, but I noticed that I could
moved my hand around just to where it felt best. Soon I was stroking
myself, my fingers running back and forth over the little nub and around to
the left side, which made me a little more tingly.

I was enjoying that, but then something was happening. I felt like
someone had turned a blender on in my body and my clit felt like it was
starting to twitch, although my fingers felt nothing. I jerked my hand
back, horrified at the sensations.

"What happened?" Devon asked.

"I--I don't know. Something weird is going on. But not anymore. I
don't like it."

"Relax," he said. "You were about to come. For the first time."

"No, no, I don't want to," I said. "It feels weird. I don't like it."
I stared at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed and my legs were
spread out. I stared down at my sex, and started to close my eyes when
Devon jerked my knees apart again.

"Relax, Raven," he said, and placed his fingers on my clit and started
rubbing like he was before.

"No, Devon, no, I don't want to," I tried to squirm, but he put his hand
on my stomach and pinned me there. All I could do was watch in horror as
his fingers moved over my body and felt the blender-feeling in my pelvis

The feeling got more intense and tears started to roll down my cheeks. I
so desperately wanted to get away, didn't want to feel this, didn't want to
experience this strange, involuntary spasming of my lower body.

Suddenly, it felt like Devon's finger had extended in a white hot flash
deep into my body. I shivered as it began to spread out and I clenched my
eyes shut against it. That only made the feelings more intense, as I felt
a supernatural hand squeezing and clenching the entire area between my
legs. I could hear my wails but couldn't do anything about them. I
wondered what would happen if I did relax like Devon had asked, so I let my
body go limp and the feeling only intensified. I could still feel Devon's
finger stroking my clit but it was secondary to the flashes of light than
seemed to be rippling through my body. I shook involuntarily and then
pressed my hips against his hand against my will. The feelings echoed down
my legs and I writhed, pressing my feet against the wall and flinging my
head back against the pillows as the feeling continued.

I could feel it dying away into rhythmic pulses in what was probably my
vagina, and I finally relaxed fully and slumped into the pillows.

Devon took his hand back.

When I opened my eyes, he was licking his fingers and I felt myself
turning a deep shade of crimson. "I'm so sorry," I said, wiping the tears
that were beginning to roll down my face again.

Devon grabbed my wrists roughly and looked me right in the eyes.
"Raven. Do not be sorry. That was the most fucking beautiful--I'm sorry,
most beautiful thing I have experienced. I love to see women orgasm and
the fact that it was your first one makes it all the more intense for me."

"Really?" I asked, almost not wanting to believe it.

"Really. And if you don't believe me, believe," he gestured to his
lower waist.

His penis was as rigid as it was before, but this time, the tip was
turning a deep purple color. "What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means I liked it," he sighed.

He laid down on the bed next to me and gently wiped my tears away. We
sat with our own thoughts for a few minutes and I enjoyed a rhythmic
thumping in my lower body. As it died away, I said, "What now?"

He took a second to answer. "Well," he started, "you're still a

"Oh, yeah," I said. Then, "well, that's the whole point of this little
rendezvous. Maybe we should get that taken care of."

"Maybe we should."

He sat up on the bed and had me do the same. He spread some pillows out
at the head of the bed and then some out at waist level and gently moved me
so that my hips were propped up a little ways. He pushed me back on the
other pillows.

"Raven, I don't know what it feels like for a girl to have sex for the
first time, but girls have told me that it hurts. If it hurts, I will stop
and pull back out."

"No, Devon." I said. "Don't pull out, because we've got to do this.
Just ... keep it in there."

"I will go slow."

"Go ... Go very slow," I said, and took a deep breath. I spread my

He leaned over me and positioned his cock right outside my entrance.
"Are you ready?" he asked gently.

"Yes. SLOWLY," I said, a little frightened. I held onto his left arm,
the one that was balancing him above me.

I stared at him. I could feel his dick pressing against my body and
wondered how it would ever get inside. It didn't seem like he was pushing
it into an entrance and he was just going to slide along my leg. But then
I felt it--it was a stabbing, searing pleasure. He stopped pushing.

"Raven, are you OK?"

"Yes, yes," I gasped. "That feels so ... just push gently and then
stop again."

He did and I gritted my teeth against it. It was the most intense thing
I'd ever felt, such an intense pain but the most pleasureful pain I'd ever

"Are you sure you don't want me to stop?" he asked.

"No, go, more, oh, please, more ..."

He pressed deeper into me and suddenly it felt like something snapped
and the painpleasure broke and spread into a warmth and he was inside of
me. "I'm going to keep going, OK?" Devon asked.

"Yes," I said, and he slid ever so slowly inside of me until he was as
deep as he could go.

He sat back a little and said, "Well, I'm in."

I looked down to where our bodies were connected. His dick had
disappeared inside my body. That throbbing, huge thing was inside of me. I
squirmed a little bit and could feel his fullness pressing out against me.
I gently traced a small spot on my lower stomach and said, "Your head is
right here," almost inaudibly.

"I'm going to slide partly out now," he said. "Just feel it, OK?"

He leaned back over me and did just that, inch by inch, pulling out
until it felt like he was going to pop out of me. He didn't, though, and
he stopped. "You doing all right?" he asked again.

I smiled and said, "Devon, I'm fine. Go a little bit quicker now."

He complied, and I could feel his penis pressing my cunt out as it
slowly plunged in. I moaned beneath him. When he was all the way in
again, he grabbed my hips with his hands and wriggled my body. Suddenly my
clit was touching his body and as he slowly slid out again, his lower body
glided over my little nub and rubbed it so deliciously.

"I'm really starting to like this," I told him. "Press your dick into
me faster."

He seemed a little shocked, but did so, then stopped once he made it all
the way in again. "You just said 'dick' without blushing."

"I guess I did," I said, gripping his shoulders. "It kind of makes it
better this way. It's like it's ... naughty. For you to ... fuck my
cunt like that."

I couldn't tell what the expression on his face meant, but he laughed.
"So you like to talk dirty while we fuck?" he asked.

"Yes, I like it when your cock fills my pussy up really full."

"Pussy?" he asked, pulling out and pushing back in again. "That's
something I didn't know was part of Raven's vocabulary."

"Fuck me a little faster," I moaned, and he did, sliding in and out of
me as his body stroked my little nub pleasantly.

"Raven, I can't last long if we're going to go faster," he said.

"Devon, are you going to come?" I asked.

"Yes," he said simply.

"Go faster then. I want you to come inside of me and fill my cunt up
with your ..." I couldn't think of a word for it.

His strokes were becoming faster and harder and I was beginning to
shiver as his body stroked my clit to heights I'd reached for the first
time only a little while ago. I could feel the same squeezing sensations
that I had before and knew I was going to come again shortly.

"You want me to come inside your cunt?" he groaned.

"Yes," I moaned, writhing against him.

"You want me to fill your box with my hot come?" he moaned.

"Fuck me, Devon, fuck me like that," I moaned. "I'm going to come, too
..." And then I did, that same supernatural hand squeezing and tightening
my pussy, made even more intense by the hard, thick dick that was pumping
and throbbing in and out of me. "Fuck," he moaned as he drove his dick
hard into me even as my orgasm continued. I realized that I could squeeze
my muscles around him and I felt him explode in me, filling me up with his
hot come. Our bodies shook and shuddered together and my pleasure spread
out through my legs once again and slowly died off.

He sat up as though he were going to pull out of me, but I pulled him
back down. "No, don't leave me yet," I said. "Just stay inside me for a

He wrapped his arms around me and put his weight down on my body. I
felt him on top of me, his body a crushing weight against me, as his dick
seemed to shrink inside of me. I liked the feel of it still and wiggled a
little bit to make sure it was still there and hadn't shrunk away.

"Thank you, Devon," I said, not knowing what else to say. He'd taught
me a lot of things in this short amount of time, and I was excited to go
out and use my knowledge in just a week and a half at college. Beth and I
were going to have so much fun ...

"No, thank you," he said. "That was so good."

I awkwardly pushed his head up so that he would look at me, and he sat
up on his elbows. "I haven't kissed you yet," I said, and then our lips

I decided that there was no finer thing in the world than kissing when a
man--hard or soft--was inside of you. I stroked his tongue with mine as
our kiss lasted on and on.

Suddenly, I could feel it again, pressing gently against the walls of my
vagina. As I kissed him, it grew bigger and harder until it was pressing
out with the same urgency as before.

"Oh, God, Devon, not again," I said, pulling back and smiling.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it--"

"I'm just kidding, it's OK."

"Are you sure?"


He grinned.


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