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Archived Sex Stories

The Visual Stimulation Aide



By Francine

My name is Estelle. I am a divorcee of a few years, and I just
celebrated my fifty-second birthday. I am not a beauty queen, and never
was, though I do try to be well groomed and keep my weight under control.
Most of the time I am employed as a paralegal, and this is what I usually
tell people who ask my occupation. Only if pressed do I usually reveal
that I have a second job, at which I work usually on Saturdays and
occasionally evenings.

My second job is in a medical office, where I am known as the “Visual
Stimulation Aide”. This little story is just about that job and how I
happened to get it.

I will confess an interest in certain sexual matters, not that I find
this unusual for a female of any age - we are no longer in Victorian times.
Also, I do not think my interest should really be called a fetish - I
simply admit that I like to look at naked men. In particular, I like to
see male sexual organs, which doesn’t mean that I want them to enter me. I
have a partner to whom I intend to remain faithful, and the main event is
always reserved for the two of us; which does not, however, prevent me from
enjoying the view of the occasional side dishes.

My main job has long been in a large office building, in which many
firms are housed. In such cases, it is not unusual to form friendships
with others who work in the same area and use the same common areas and
lunch facilities. In fact, I was frequently joining several other women
for lunch, where we shared a bit of our life experiences.

It was at such a gathering that something was said about women who liked
to see unclothed men, and I was not particularly slow to indicate that I
could share that interest. At once, a friend gestured toward a woman at an
adjoining table, saying, “You ought to talk to Colleen over there. If you
like to look at men, well, she has the ideal job. She spends her days
looking at males, a lot of them while they are undressed. Ask her about

“What is she?” I asked. “A nurse, or a masseuse, or is she an attendant
in the men’s room?”

The others laughed a bit, then I got my answer. “Not really. She works
in a Health Clinic that deals with male problems, mostly impotence, but
she’s not really a nurse. She’s - well, why don’t you just ask her about
it. She’s not shy - she’ll tell you. And you might be surprised.”

At that moment I decided I would get acquainted with Colleen.

A few days later. I joined her at a coffee break, and introduced
myself. Colleen, I could see, was about thirty, nice looking, a little
shorter and lighter than I was. She was wearing a white lab coat over what
appeared to be a light dress. As she had come into the room I had watched
her, and I guessed from the movements of her upper body that she was
braless. The white coat made one think of a medical professional, but the
thin dress and the apparent lack of underwear didn’t fit with the usual

We began to talk, and after some introductions and exchanging a few
pleasantries, I commented, “I hear you spend a lot of your day looking at
undressed men. How lucky can you get?”

She smiled. “Yes, I work at the Mens Health Clinic on the ninth floor.
The kinds of problems we see with our patients tends to focus on what most
would call ’private parts’, so in the course of doing examinations and
diagnostic procedures, a lot of them have to disrobe. Sometimes the choice
of scenery is pretty bleak, but sometimes it is quite interesting.”

“Are you a nurse or a technician? I hadn’t heard just what you do.”

“Well”, she began, with a bit of hesitation that was obviously not
coming from embarrassment, “I am not exactly either. My role is not
exactly technical, but it is quite special. They use me in the diagnosis
of certain problems. I am not a nurse - I don’t touch the patients, or
administer any medication. I just, well, sort of, be there - at the times
they need me. On any particular day they may call me in to help diagnose a
dozen or sometimes two dozen patients. When I am not needed for that
function, I stay in the office and help with the records or answer the

“You’ve aroused my curiosity”, I asked her. “How can you help with the
diagnosis if you’re not a nurse or technician? Do you run some kind of

“That’s about it. I do run a test - of sorts. You might even say I am
part of the test. Well, time’s about up. Can we continue this tomorrow?”

At that point we went back to our respective offices, but my interested
was piqued. I wondered what she could do that involved seeing naked men,
not touching them, but running some kind of test. At our next meeting I
asked her for more detail.

“Oh, I don’t mind telling you, Estelle. But, you know, a lot of women
might look down on what I do, if they didn’t understand it. So don’t ruin
my reputation by starting any rumors, OK?”

I agreed. She went on.

“The Mens Health Clinic treats almost exclusively men. Once in a while
a doctor has a female patient for some reason, usually a family member of
one of the staff, but nearly all the patients are male. We have several
doctors, a few nurses, and a couple of what you might call technicians or
receptionists. And me. The specialty of the clinic is men with impotence
problems; you know, ‘ED’ or erectile dysfunction? They also treat other
types of related problems, but ED patients are about 80 percent of our

“That means, I suppose, that you are mostly dealing with older men?”

“Not as many as you might think. We have men as young as thirty five
with ED. A lot of men in their forties and fifties come in, and, yes, we
do see a number of men who are older. Most of the men are not completely
impotent - they often can get an erection, but can’t hold it very long.
Some can’t get one at all. Others can get it sometimes, but not when they
want it, or with the partner they usually have. There are various
treatments - it’s not always a pill. The problem is not always easy to
diagnose. A man can’t just tell his penis to get stiff - erections come in
response to stimulation. The doctor has to figure out if the patient’s ED
is from a physical problem, or because he’s just not getting the right
stimulation. Then, when he gives some kind of drug or therapy, he has to
determine if it’s working, and, again, the patient has to have the right
stimulation to produce a response.”

“Then you provide the stimulation?” I asked her.

“Exactly. But I never touch the patient. I don’t act like a prostitute
or sexual surrogate. You see, doctors have different approaches to
providing the right stimulus. Some want the patient to stimulate himself -
others provide erotic reading, like books with pictures of naked women for
the patient to look at. Our doctors don’t think pictures work as well as
the real thing - so they use me!”

“And the patients look at you?”

“Right on. When they want to test a patient’s response, and he doesn’t
respond on his own, they call me in. What I do is walk into the room where
the patient is, wearing my lab coat, and stand on the opposite side of the
room from the patient, but where he gets a good look at me, and I get a
good look at him. Usually at that time he’s naked, and he doesn’t have an
erection. What I do is to kick off my shoes, and hang up my lab coat, and
just stand there in front of him. You see, I don’t wear anything under the
lab coat when I’m working, so when I take it off, I’m naked, just like he
is. I take off my shoes because the doctors say some men are aroused by
women’s feet, so we cover all bases. I don’t dance, or do anything
particularly suggestive. Oh, if I’m not getting any response from him I
might once in a while scratch a breast or spread my legs a bit; but I’m not
a performer. I am allowed to talk to the patients, and while I won’t do
dances or wild poses, if there is something simple they want me to do, like
pulling on a breast or moving my legs to give him a special viewing angle,
sure, I’ll do that. I’m there just to see if seeing a naked woman close up
stimulates him to an erection. Some doctors think that if that won’t,
probably nothing will. Anyway that’s my job. I come in each morning, go
into one of the exam rooms and strip off everything but my shoes, and put
on the lab coat. That’s all I wear all day, unless I leave the office, in
which case I have a dress I can quickly slip into. Sound like good work?”

“Interesting work, at least. Do you find your stimulation is effective?
How long do you spend with a patient?”

“Depends on what the doctor wants. If he’s trying to find out if the
guy can get an erection at all, I may stand there up to half an hour. If
he’s trying to find out if he can hold an erection, I might stand in front
of him as long as an hour!”

“I like what you do. Never heard of it before. Let me know if you need
some help some time!”

“Do you really mean that? There is a rule that I must never be alone
with a patient, and while normally we have a doctor or nurse or someone
else there, sometimes when we’re short handed we need to bring someone in
as a kind of chaperone. That sometimes happens when we have hours in the
evening or on a Saturday. If you wanted to do it, I might be able to call
on you the next time we need someone.”

I pondered her comment for just a moment. “OK - if you need someone
outside my own working hours, let me know.”

She surely had one of the most unusual jobs I had encountered. I
wondered if, indeed, she would ever call on me to “chaperone” her services.

Surprisingly, she did, and I had not long to wait. Two weeks after our
conversation she called me on a Thursday.

“Estelle”, she began, “still want to do chaperone services for our
clinic?” I answered, “Of course, if you need me!”

“Well, we can use you on Saturday. I am scheduled to work this
Saturday, and Saturdays are usually busy days. There are a lot of patients
scheduled, and they are short of nurses, so we need a chaperone. If you
can do it, you get paid the going rate for the day, and you need to be in
the clinic at eight Saturday morning!”

I had a date. It promised to be interesting.

At eight on Saturday morning, I met Colleen at the clinic. Appointments
didn’t start until a half hour later, but there were already several men sitting in the waiting room. I went with Colleen as she prepared herself
in an examining room. She quickly showed me the geography of the area,
then started to undress. She stripped off her clothes and put on the white
lab coat. She had obtained one for me, too, but told me I could just wear
it over my clothes. “Makes you look more professional”, she noted.

When we were both ready, Colleen retired to a small office behind the
receptionist’s counter. “Looks like we’re going to be busy - over thirty
patients scheduled today!” she observed.

Colleen said it would likely be a while before she was needed, so she
began to work on updating records in the office, while I watched. Looking
into the waiting room, I saw a number of men, and one woman, sitting there.
From time to time a name was called and a patient was directed to one of
the examining rooms.

My heart was speeding up a little, as I contemplated my first encounter
with a patient. I had not long to wait. Shortly before ten, a nurse stuck
her head into the office and spoke to Colleen. “Colleen - Room 10, and
take your chaperone!”

“Let’s go!” Colleen responded, and the two of us headed to Room 10.

Without warning, Colleen walked into the room, dressed in her lab coat,
with me in tow. What I immediately saw was a man of perhaps forty-five or
fifty, fairly good looking, sitting on the edge of an examining table. He
was stark naked, and he was sitting with his legs spread so that his
genitals were clearly displayed. A nurse stood by him. She spoke to
Colleen. “Colleen, this is Mr. Emery. He has an erectile problem, and we
need to see whether he can achieve an erection. Mr. Emery, this is
Colleen, whom we call our Visual Stimulation Aide. You may talk to her,
but she is not allowed to touch you. She is here to provide you visual
stimulation which may enable you to erect. The lady with her is Estelle,
who will be present just to observe and see that all goes well. Now I must
leave you - Colleen will work with you for up to half an hour.” With that,
the nurse left, closing the door. Colleen motioned for me to seat myself
in a chair, which happened to be only a foot or so from the patient.

Colleen explained her function. “Mr. Emery, I’ll just want you to
remain where you are, with your legs apart, so we can see if you manage to
erect. It appears that you are quite flaccid at the moment. Now, I am
going to stand over here, and I want you to keep your eyes on me. Don’t be
embarrassed to look - we just want to see if the stimulation of seeing a
female body will produce an erection for you!”

With that, she slipped her feet from her shoes, then unfastened the lab
coat and quickly slipped it off her shoulders, dropping it on the end of
the table. She then stood facing him, clasping her hands behind her back,
her legs slightly spread. Her naked body was fully exposed to his view.
She looked at the patient with a smile on her face.

Mr. Emery stared at her body. From where I was sitting, I could see
the response in his penis, as it began to stiffen. I watched it closely.
So did Colleen.

“Mr. Emery, I see we have some results. Now I am going to continue to
stand here, and I want you to keep looking at me, so we see if you get a
full erection and if you can hold it!”

Mr. Emery himself was surprised. “This hasn’t happened in a long time”
, he commented. “I don’t know what took place!”

“I do”, Colleen answered. “Keep your eyes on me!”

“My pleasure,” Mr. Emery answered. Obviously it was.

Colleen shifted her pose occasionally, but stood in front of him for
perhaps fifteen minutes, talking to him in a friendly manner. The nurse
returned. As she opened the door, she looked directly at his erect penis.
“I see we have results!” she noted. “We now know it is possible for you to
erect and to hold for a time. OK, Colleen, I think that’s enough for now!”

Colleen slipped on her shoes and lab coat, and we left the room.
“Obviously you were effective!” I observed. “This time was easy. It was
probably just a case that he couldn’t do it with his partner. When it’s a
new woman, sometimes the effect is just stronger. Now we just wait for the
next call! By the way, you were sitting close - did you get a good look?”

“Very good - and close up. He did get an erection, and, to tell the
truth, I think I did, too!”

In a few minutes, there was another call for Colleen. This time the
patient was younger, late thirties, perhaps, and we were told his problem
was inability to sustain an erection. We were introduced as before, but
this time the patient was standing up, his erect penis protruding out in
front of him. The physician with him told Colleen to stay with him and try
to get him to hold his erection for at least twenty minutes. He then left

Colleen sized up the situation, then explained herself as before. She
told the patient, “I want you to keep standing there. If you start to lose
your erection, I will then offer visual stimulation to help you hold it”.
She slipped off her shoes in preparation, but kept on her lab coat, as she
stood, her eyes focused on his penis.

She kept talking to him in a friendly tone for several minutes, until
she saw his erect penis begin to drop. Immediately, and without warning,
she slipped off her coat and told him, “Now keep your eyes on me! Let’s
see if it helps!”

His erection perked up again. She kept her eyes on it. He kept his
eyes on her. She kept talking to him, watching for his erection to soften
again. She noted his eyes fell mostly on her breasts. In a few minutes,
his penis started to drop again. Immediately she reached up with her hand,
seized her left breast and squeezed it firmly, then did the same with the
right. His eyes followed the action intently, and she noted his erection
stiffened again.

Although there some softening, he was able to hold his erection for
almost twenty minutes. The doctor returned to check on him, and Colleen
told him what had happened. Then the two of us were excused.

I will admit I was feeling a bit aroused myself. I hadn’t before been
so close to so many naked men openly trying to achieve erections. In short
order we went through five patients, only one of which could not achieve an
erection at all.

“Looks to me like you’re pretty effective”, I said to Colleen after the
fifth. “Thanks”, she answered, “but it’s not really me. I don’t know
whether they’ve had some therapy or medication or not; I just help with the
test. Also, often just the idea of seeing a different woman is enough to
affect them. The most disappointing are the cases where they never get an
erection at all, like the one we had next to last. Sometimes you can tell
how fired up they are, but then they just can’t make it work. That’s when
the doctors have their work cut out!”

Two more calls came for Colleen, one which was a man of about seventy
who quickly achieved an erection, and one much younger who never did. Then
we took a break for lunch.

“I have to admit this is fascinating. You must love to do it, but do
you ever imagine what the wives and girl friends of these men think of
you?” I inquired of Colleen.

“I hope they appreciate me, because I’m helping their men get in shape
to give them a more satisfying love life! I’m like a medical technician -
I’m not a rival! Anyway, think you’d like to do this kind of thing?”

“I’d love to do it, well, I think I would. But, anyway, I don’t have
the body for it. I’m twenty years older than you are. And as for showing
myself to all these men, I’d need to get used to that; and I’m sure they
would respond much better to you!”

“Don’t be too sure. It isn’t always age and shape that men find
arousing. You might do better than you think!”

After lunch, we went back to work.

The first patient for which Colleen was called was a man in his
mid-fifties, and there was an immediate response to Colleen’s visual
stimulation. She recognized the results. “They had given him a pill -
probably too strong a dose. When it gets that firm that fast, and holds so
well, you can almost guess he’s been prepared. But, that’s what I’m for -
to check whether it’s working. His wife is going to wonder what happened
to him - I hope it’s a pleasant surprise for her!”

We retired to the office, awaiting a call. This time it took a while.
When it came, we both went to the designated room. The naked patient, a
fiftyish man with graying hair, was seated on the table with a completely
flaccid penis. I stared at it, not yet being completely used to this.
After the introduction, Colleen and I were left alone with him. She
explained her role, and took her pose, standing naked facing him, and
asking him to keep his eyes on her. He followed the instructions to the
letter, staring at every curve and crevice of her body. She tried several
changes in pose, and even flipped her breasts around a bit. There was no
visible response in his genitals.

“I’m sorry, it’s just not working. I know you are trying, but-” he
stammered a bit, trying to excuse his physical failure.

“No need to apologize, Mr. Shaw”, Colleen answered him. “We’re here to
try to help. I am just part of the diagnostic process.”

The patient was still apologetic. “I know, Colleen, you’re trying to
arouse me, but it isn’t working. It’s nothing personal, but when I look at
you, it’s as though I was looking at someone’s daughter or student - it
just doesn’t seem right to me!”

Colleen continued to posture herself, trying to stimulate him. He was
looking at her, but there was no response. She stayed with him the
allotted half hour, but when the doctor returned, she just shook her head.

“Sorry, Doc,” the patient told him. “This young lady tried her best,
and she’s not bad looking. It’s not her fault, but I just can’t respond to
her. I keep thinking of my daughters and young women I’ve taught or worked
with; and my body just can’t accept that I should be responding to her. I
feel bad, because she’s really tried-”

“He’s quite upset that I couldn’t stimulate him to an erection”, Colleen
told the doctor. “But, sometimes, I know it doesn’t work for everyone!”

“A bit unusual”, the doctor observed, “but not unheard of. Mr. Shaw’s
problem hasn’t been an inability to get an erection, but rather that he
can’t sustain one. I am surprised that he showed no reaction to you!”

“Please, doc, it isn’t her fault. I just can’t relate to her as well
as--” his voice trailed off.

“As well as what?” the doctor asked.

Suddenly I noticed Mr. Shaw was looking directly at me, sitting in a
chair not far away from him. “I mean no disrespect, because it’s not her
job, but if it had been someone like this lady here, it might have, well,
been different!”

“Excuse us a moment”, the doctor replied, and motioned for Colleen and I
to join him outside the room.

“This patient has been able to get erections, at least for short
periods. It seems like he has a mental block or guilt complex because he
doesn’t think it’s appropriate for him to be aroused by viewing the body of
a woman so much younger. But, he might well respond to the body of an
older woman. Estelle, I know this is your first day with us and you are
just here as a chaperone, but would you consider - would you be willing to
reverse roles with Colleen for this one patient?”

He was looking directly at me for an answer. Up to this moment, I had
no thought of doing anything like this. I glanced at Colleen. “Estelle,
you did say you might like this. It’s not hard - would you try with this
patient? I’ll stay with you!”

My mind was in turmoil. I was being asked to put myself on display,
nude, in front of a man I had never met up until a few minutes ago. I
wasn’t prepared for this. Two people were looking at me, wanting my
agreement. I nodded, not sure how I got into this.

Colleen smiled. “I knew you could. Here, I will help you get ready!”

The doctor was happy, too. He said, “I’ll tell Shaw you will be back in
a few minutes. I am sure he won’t mind waiting for you!”

Colleen escorted me into an empty room. “Take off your coat, and all
your clothes. You can leave them here. Might as well leave the shoes
here, too.”

Shaking nervously, probably blushing crimson, I began to disrobe. When
I got down to my bra and underpants, I looked at Colleen for encouragement.
“I don’t know if I can go through with this - I don’t look like you! Look
- I’ve got a bulge in my belly, my hair isn’t trimmed at all, and - well,
if I take off my bra my breasts are going to drop several inches and flop
all around. I’m not thirty, you know!”

“If you were thirty, then it wouldn’t work with this patient. Now let’s
get those things off you, because you’re just what he may need to see!”

I couldn’t bear to look at my own naked body. I just slipped on the lab
coat and looked at Colleen. “Ready?” she asked.

“No, and I won’t be!” I answered in a shaking voice. Colleen almost
pushed me out the door as I walked, barefoot, clad only in a lab coat, back
to the examining room Mr. Shaw was in.

Colleen nudged me through the door.

“Mr. Shaw, we’re back!” Colleen addressed the patient cheerily. “But
this time, Estelle is going to provide the visual stimulation for you. We
will see if this makes any difference in your response. Colleen motioned
me to the position in front of Mr. Shaw, while she herself took a seat in
the chair.

Nervous, shaking, and blushing, I tried to smile at him. All I could
think to say was, “Mr. Shaw, I hope this helps!” I slipped off the coat
quickly, and dropped it on a table.

My eyes were so tearful I could hardly see. My mind could hardly grasp
that I was standing naked in front of a strange man. I was so absorbed in
my own embarrassment that for the moment I wasn’t even looking at him. I
didn’t know how to stand. Without a bra, my breasts were drooping
considerably and I knew it. I was trying to hold myself absolutely still,
afraid my breasts would flop around noticeably if I moved. I looked
quickly down at myself - the items I quickly noticed was that I had two
nipples not pointing straight out, but somewhat downward, and both were
rigidly erect. Farther down, I could see the bush of my pubic hair
extending out from my body. I was embarrassed more than I could imagine a
few minutes earlier.

I tried to think of something to say. But Colleen said it for me. She
gestured toward Mr. Shaw’s penis, standing rigidly erect, his eyes focused
clearly on my two drooping breasts. ”I think”, Colleen began, “that we can
say Mr. Shaw is able to achieve an erection under the right stimulation.
Now we just need to see whether he can hold it for a while!”

In a sense, it was torture for me to stand there, seeing his eyes
staring at my most personal parts. I could see his gaze shift from my
breasts down to my pubic area and back. I could see his erection, hard and
firm, as his penis projected straight from his body. Now, I had been
fascinated looking at such male parts, but now the tables were turned - I
was providing the female parts for him to stare at. I can’t say it wasn’t
arousing - my own nipples were stiffly erect, and I was quite aware of
them, and embarrassed by them. What would he think, I wondered, as if that

I was also aware of a wetness in my lower regions as my own juices were
starting to flow. I knew I was erect down there, too, and wondered if he
could see it. At first I was trying to stand very still, so as to minimize
the motion of my breasts; but as time went on, I had to move a bit.

Hardly knowing what to say, I said little. Colleen mostly did it for
me. She addressed him, observing “You must like what you see in Estelle -
your body is responding quite nicely. Just keep looking at her - look at
any part of her you find interesting, and don’t be shy about it!”

“She’s very nice - Estelle, thank you for doing this. It does seem to
be working”, Mr. Shaw answered, continuing to stare directly at my

Colleen’s continued comments saved me from having to say much, but I
felt I had to say something.

“Mr. Shaw, I’m glad to be able to help you”, I said, struggling with
the words. “Please just keep looking at me. If there’s anything you want
me to do, maybe, so you can see better, or anything, just tell me!” I
thought this was what I needed to say, but the words came hard, and
immediately I began to think of the impact of my offer.

“Yes”, he quickly replied. “I like your - your breasts; but could you
let them swing a bit? I like to see them move. They are - beautifully

Graceful! That was a word I wasn’t expecting. He obviously meant it as
a compliment, but I hadn’t thought of my appendages as graceful - sloppy
was more my view. I did twist and turn a bit, probably blushing all over
as I did, allowing my “graceful” equipment to move a bit.

“Maybe”, Mr. Shaw added, quite politely, “you could, if you would, bend
over and let them hang a bit? I would love to see them hanging!”

Colleen interjected, “Estelle, clasp your hands behind your neck and
just bend over forward. It may be very stimulating to him!”

Stimulating? Well, that was what I was there for, embarrassing as it
was. I did what was asked, bending from the waist and allowing my breasts to drop down. I could feel them swinging loosely below me, with the
nipples still standing out rigidly. I held the pose a minute or two.

In a way it was amazing, and good for my ego. Colleen had stood naked
in front of this man for twenty minutes and got no physical response at
all; and here I was, with considerably more flab and sags than she had, and
his erection was immediate and lasting.

I bent over again, this time looking down at myself. I could see drops
of moisture glistening on my pubic hair. I reflected immediately that it
was too bushy and I should have trimmed it if I thought anyone was going to
see it.

Finally, the doctor returned. He stood for about five minutes looking
both at Mr. Shaw, with his rigid penis, and at me, in my complete nudity.

“Looks like we got results!” he observed. “Estelle, it looks as if you
were, as we say, just what the doctor ordered! I’m glad you were willing
to do this. I know Mr. Shaw appreciates it, too!”

“Indeed I do. Thank you again, Estelle!” Mr. Shaw added.

I recovered my lab coat and slipped out with Colleen beside me.

“How did you feel?” Colleen asked.

“Terrible - I was so embarrassed! Did it show?”

“It showed - and it helped. He got quite an arousal. And, from what I
saw, he wasn’t the only one getting an erection. Before you put your
underwear on, you might want to dry your bottom - your arousal was showing
there, too!”

I was almost too embarrassed to answer her.

“Could you get used to it?” Colleen asked. “You do get to see a lot of
naked men when you do this!”

“That part I liked - but, him looking at me. Yes, I know the
stimulation was evident on me, too. I couldn’t control it!”

“That’s normal”, Colleen went on, “but you can get used to it!”

I dressed and returned to the office.

There was another call for Colleen, but this time they didn’t need a
chaperone because a nurse was with the patient, so I waited in the office.

While I was there, the doctor who had watched me with his patient came

“Estelle, I am Dr. Morrison. You know I watched the effect you had on
Mr. Shaw. Again, I want to thank you for helping. Also, I want to ask
you if we could call on you again?”

I didn’t understand what he meant, and asked him to explain.

“What you saw with Mr. Shaw happens with other patients. Not all of
them respond to the same stimulus. We use the visual stimulation aides
here because it is much more effective than showing them dirty pictures or
having them look at erotic books. Still, one size doesn’t fit all, and you
saw that. If you are interested, we could use you as a Visual Stimulation
Aide to fill in part-time, on Saturdays, for example. You could be very
effective with certain patients, and not just older ones. What do you

That’s how I got the job. So I am a paralegal during the week, and
dress neatly in business suits; and on weekends and sometimes in evenings,
I am a Visual Stimulation Aide and dress in nothing at all. But, then, I
do see a lot of men who are dressed the same way.



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