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The WOPI Chronicle Part 01


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Archive name: wopi1.txt (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas (
Story title : The WOPI Chronicle - Part 1 - 4

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

The WOPI Chronicle (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
by Homer Vargas (

Chapter 1: Knight's Capture

The short flight from Brussels had David Knight into
Barrajas by late morning. He shaded his eyes as he waited
impatiently for his pick-up. He was eager to start his
new assignment. The North Atlantic Security Office had
sent him to Madrid to investigate a wave of kidnapping of
prominent anti-feminist men. The victims were not held
for ransom, only detained several weeks, then released
unharmed with no memory of their captivity. What
attracted NASO's attention was that after release, the
ex-captives had totally changed opinions about the role
of women. They all became strong supporters of women's
issues, especially of Women's Power International (WOPI).
Several gave up careers to stay home with new babies
their wives gladly provided them. NASO suspected that
WOPI was behind the abductions and was worried that the
group may have developed a new brainwashing technique to
control the minds of its opponents.

A car of the correct make and number plate pulled up to
meet him. The driver who stowed his bags in the boot
hardly seemed to take notice. Now his eyes had to make
the opposite adjustment as he settled back into the
obscurity of the back seat.

"Good afternoon, Captain Knight," a tinkling feminine
voice greeted him. Instinctively Knight threw his weight
against the door and groped for the handle. "The door is
quite secure. And don't bother pointing your sidearm at
me. The one that came out of the X-ray machine isn't
loaded. Don't waste your effort trying to get away from
me, Captain Knight. We've made it impossible. You are my
prisoner, but don't worry. When WOPI sends someone kidnap
a man and 'accompany' him on a trip, they chose someone
who will make sure his short spell of captivity will be
very enjoyable."

"Who are you?" he demanded.

"Perdon, Captain Knight. Allow me to introduce myself. My
name is Carmen and WOPI has sent me to escort you to your
destination. Your assignment from NASO, IS to find and
infiltrate the headquarters of WOPI, is it not?"

This was disastrous. Not only had he been abducted, but
his captors knew what his mission was. Even as he
continued to try to force the lock, Knight was making
note of the direction and speed of the automobile. He
intended to know where he was going, at least.

Carmen looked at him and smiled. "I'm sure your powers of
observation are very good, but don't waste your time. If
WOPI wanted you to know where our headquarters is, we
would have printed it on an invitation. We are going to
put you to sleep for most of the trip so that it's
location will remain secret. That and other reasons," she
added with a smile. Don't you recognize the gas that is
slowly filling the compartment?"

David sniffed briefly and nodded. "NO2," he said. "An
anesthetic. It will knock up both out." As his eyes
adjusted to the light, he noticed the big knockers of the
pretty, dark-haired young woman in an astoundingly daring

"Indeed, It will, but before they put you to sleep, they
want you to have some fun. Why else would they send you a
curvy girl like me to sleep with?" she giggled.

"What do you mean? We'll be unconscious, but that doesn't
make it 'fun,'" he growled.

Carmen smiled indulgently. "Don't be so sure, Captain
Knight. NO2, besides being an anaesthetic and euphoric is
also a very effective aphrodisiac. Before you drift off
to dreamland, you're going to be a very horny man. You'll
be screwing like a bunny before I put you to sleep.
Haven't you heard how disreputable dentists use NO2 on
their patients they want to fuck?

Knight looked skeptical, but Carmen continued, happy to
keep her captive distracted while the gas took effect.
Quite against his will, David was already starting to
like the idea of having a woman with tits and thighs like
Carmen's climb all over him. A woman with her boobies and
her hips could probably get into his pants any day, with
or without gassing him. "No, what do you mean?" he asked.

"Sounds like you're asking for a sexy bedtime story. But
I doubt you need one. I think you must know the feeling?

"I think I do," David grinned, feeling quite amorous and
unconsciously moving closer to Carmen.

"I thought you would, but let's make sure," she said,
placing her hand between his legs and starting to massage
his prick. "Isn't this better?"

"Oh, yes," he sighed.

"Good. My bosses are women who understand men. They knew
I could make you enjoy the trip. I feel your cock
starting to get hard, just the way it should be. When it
gets hard enough, you're going to put it in my pussy and
let her make it soft for you. How does that sound?"

"Nice," he murmured.

"It will be. Now be quiet and let me play with you."
David couldn't suppress a giggle. "I guess you'd like the
storyteller to put you to bed?" He sighed and snuggled
closer and slipped a hand inside her blouse.

"There will be time for that later if you're a good
little bad boy," she said and removed his hand. "Naughty,
naughty. Don't play with the storyteller's tits, yet.
Just behave and listen. I'll decide when it's time to put
you down for your nap. Now, would you like to hear about
Madam and the Dr. Hands?"

"Sounds like a dreadful breech of professional ethics!"
David replied in mock horror.

"Yes. Unsportsman like, but effective. A little gas can
get the horny doctor into any woman's blouse. And
fondling her bobbies does the rest. If done well, feeling
up the tits of even the coldest bitch will make her open
her legs and beg for your cock."

"Tell me!" David agreed. "In fact, the colder she seems,
the more playing with her bobbies makes her crave to be
penetrated. Crack a frigid woman's inhibitions, and she
usually turns out to be a sex maniac."

By now David was feeling mildly ecstatic. "But there's
something else I want to know," he said, putting his had
back into Carmen's blouse. "And does it only work for
dirty old dentists with evil designs on their pretty
women patients." he leered, now totally under the
lascivious influence of the gas.

"Oh, no," she laughed, "It's totally devastating on girls
alone in the back seat of a car getting their boobies
ravished by a man."

"Tell me more," he said, drawing her closer.

"It makes a girl's boobies feel warm and itchy. It makes
her glad to have the nearest man get his hands on her
titties and feel her up," she said opening her blouse so
he could work her boobs better. "Especially a girl who
has been told to get her man horny and give him a really
good time."

"Who told you that"?

"You'll meet her soon enough," Carmen replied. "She told
me to make sure you are in the right sort of mood when
you arrive."

"What sort of mood is that?"

"So sated and dumb we can do anything with you"

"And how do you intend getting me in that mood?" he
asked, teasingly.

"Doing exactly what I'm doing, silly," she said,
snuggling up close to him. "Getting you nice and horny
and ready to fuck. Women know that heavy sex is the best
way to make a man tame and manageable. After I screw your
brains out a few time you'll do what you're told." she
said smugly.

"An what would you do I fully realized that the gas and
your mini-skirt and beautiful bobbies were all part of a
trap set for me?" he teased. "Suppose I don't want to be

"It would mean that you are still thinking too clearly.
But it wouldn't matter. I could tame you anyway."

"How do you tame a man against his will?" he grinned.

"Well as gassed-up and as horny as you are, darling it
won't be hard," she giggled, kissing him. "You won't
think so well once I let my titties work on you, David.
I've let you feel how hard and erect my nipples are erect
from arousal. Now let's see if you can disobey this
order. 'Take my tits, darling! Kiss my boobies, suck them

David knew he shouldn't, but she was right. He couldn't
resist the chance to bury his face in her tits and nurse
those magnificent knockers. She moaned softly with
unfeigned desire, but she must also have known the even
greater effect it was having on him. "Oh, David, I'm
getting so hot. The way you suck my tits just turns me on
all the more. You're driving me crazy. I need some
stimulation down here, too. I want you in my pants," she
gasped, and guided his hand to her warm, moist cunt.
"Play with me, David. Play with my pussy! Finger fuck me!
Get me off!" she demanded.

His fingers found her clit and sent her off her nut. "Ai!
Ai! Ai," she yelped as she came again and again. "David,
David! It's wonderful the way you diddle me, but it's not
enough! My pussy's on fire! I've got to be fucked. I want
to feel your prick up inside me! Get me out of my
panties. I need your cock. Penetrate me; plow my pussy
with your prick!" He tired to obey her, but sluggishly.

"What's wrong darling? Have we killed enough time for the
gas to have its effect? I think so. You can't think too
clearly, can you? The gas is making you wonderfully
drowsy just the way you should be. But I do want your
prick in me when you go to sleep. And you want to fuck,
too. You are getting too sleepy to spread my legs and put
it in me. So I'll have to do the fucking. Let me help you
undress, honey."

The aroused intelligence agent let her pull down his
pants. "That's a good boy, just relax now David," she
said soothingly. "We don't have much time before I'm
unconscious, too. So let me roll you over on your back
like this." Deftly she extricated herself from his
embrace and he found himself mounted by this beautiful
woman. He felt the warm wetness of her cunt engulf and
seize his penis. "Now it'll be alright, David. I've got
you down the way I want. pussy has your prick and I'll
take charge now, darling," she said sliding his cock
deeper up into her pussy. "All you have to do is close
your eyes and let me give it to you. You like the way
pussy has swallowed your cock, don't you. You like it
when she slides up an down. ... Up and down on you cock.
She makes him feel so good. pussy controls your cock and
your cock controls you. You like letting me fuck you,
darling. Surrender to me. All you need to do stay
relaxed. You are becoming very sleepy, floating in a sea
of pleasure ... getting laid. I'm making you feel so ...
good. You just want to close your eyes and let me give
you a good... long... fucking."

While constantly and expertly riding his cock to keep him
within a hair's breath from orgasm, she continued to
speak in a low, sing-song voice. Deeper and deeper she
sent him until he was ready to explode inside her. In and
in and in; she wouldn't let him stop. He saw she was
coming too, but as his jism drained out of his balls, he
felt exhausted, dissipated. He knew she had defeated him.
Carmen, on the other hand, was smiling down at him
contentedly. She had fucked him and he was sinking into
unconsciousness. She cradled his head on her breast
before she too sank into a sated slumber.


Comments please to Homer Vargas. I would enjoy exchanging
ideas about future directions for this story.
You my read other stories of mine at


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