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The WOPI Chronicle Part 02


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Archive name: wopi2.txt (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas (
Story title : The WOPI Chronicle - Part 2 - 4

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
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The WOPI Chronicle (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
by Homer Vargas (


Chapter 2: Meeting Alexandra

When David Knight came to, he found himself slouched in
a chair in a well-appointed office. A mature, but very
attractive woman watched as an attractive nurse removed
a hypodermic syringe from his arm. He head was still
clearing when she spoke.

"Good afternoon, Captain Knight. Let me introduce
myself. I am Alexandra Milan, the director of WOPI. My
sources told me you wanted to visit WOPI. Welcome to my

"Said the spider to the fly," Knight thought. As his
eyes focused he saw a woman with steel-gray hair wearing
a short skirt and translucent blouse. Her smooth thighs
and large breasts did not go unnoticed. "A rough way to
issue an invitation," he complained.

"I don't think you have any grounds to grouse, young
man," she chuckled. "We gassed you up to make you feel
good and gave you someone soft and cuddly to play with
on your way here. Carmen is one of my hottest agents.
Men generally like the way she 'entertains' them before
they go beddy-bye. You were certainly no different."

"I couldn't say," he replied dryly.

"You don't have to. When the car arrived here last
night, your prick was still where Carmen had put it.
And you know what? She says Captain Black really likes
sex with the woman on top. Carmen was still astraddle
you with her arms and legs wrapped around you like a
python smothering her prey."

"At least SHE enjoyed the trip," he replied.

"And you, my friend, had the biggest, most satisfied
grin I have ever seen on a man. Seems our little girl
must have taken a lot out of you," Alexandra smirked,
"You have been sleeping off the gas and her lovemaking
for almost 20 hours Lord only knows how many time she
got you off. If I hadn't given you a stimulant, I don't
know how long you would have been out."

"Well, now I'm here. What do you want?" David replied
as coolly as he could, taking account of what the
stacked woman's big tits and large expanse of creamy
inner thigh were starting to do to his hormone level.

"We heard NASO wants to know what WOPI does to the men
we kidnap. I believe you even use an ugly word like
"brainwash." We prefer to think of it as turning old
enemies into new friends," she smiled. "As they sent a
bright young man to investigate, I thought we would let
find out first hand what we do by spending some time
with our women. I think you'll enjoy it and in the
process we will bring one of NASO's most brilliant minds
under our control," she added, her smile turning colder.

"Surely you do not think I would work for you?" David

"Of course, you will, gladly. We turn our victims by
mastering their bodies, minds and will with 'eroto-

"'Eroto-hypnotism!' What kind of mumbo-jumbo is that?"
David sneered.

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough," Alexandra smirked.
"In a way it's nothing new. The principle is simple and
has been used in rudimentary form by women for eons.
Every woman knows that she wants to get a man to do
something he doesn't want to do, she takes him to bed.
He may suspect his partner is only going to take
advantage of him, but when she shakes her tits at him or
lifts her skirt, he still lets her do it. If she's
clever, she makes love to him until he can't see
straight and asks her favor while his prick is still in
her pleasure box. A man who has just been treated to a
good fuck, is dazed, sleepy, and happy. His resistance
to suggestion is nil."

"You think you can enslave me that way?"

"You're a man, aren't you?" Alexandra replied smugly.
"A sexually sated man will do almost anything for the
woman who has just zonked him."

"That might work for a wife to get a new dress or to
persuade her husband to get her pregnant. It certainly
would NOT include my betraying the agency because I'm
grateful for a good fuck," he sneered.

"Ah, but WOPI has a little twist. We give our captive a
bed mate who is not only a good lay, but a trained
psychologist. Our sexpots know how to create moments of
maximum vulnerability. Like Carmen, each has a body
that men can't refuse. He succumbs to her offer of sex
and gladly lets her ravish him. As he lies sated and
vulnerable in her arms, she puts him into a light
hypnotic trance. At first she leaves him with just a
few post-hypnotic suggestions."

"And then?" David asked, his curiosity peaked.

"When he awakes, his new dominatrix will be with him and
the first day of his total subjection begins. They have
a pleasant breakfast and perhaps go for a walk. Soon
our captive finds himself remembering the pleasure of
the night before and he wants his partner again. He
feels growing desire, but is unable to take the
initiative because of the inhibition that was also part
of the post hypnotic suggestion."

"Our woman knows what he is feeling and pretends
sympathy. 'Your shyness makes you cute, honey, but I
know what's going on in your dirty little mind,' she
teases. `I've seen you peeking at my tits and I think
you are having naughty thoughts about me. Why not go
back to my quarters where we can have some fun putting
those naughty thoughts into practice.'"

"When she has him alone again, she slips into his arms.
'I love to see you nice and horny again, darling, but
you've got a problem. You don't want to fuck me.' He
tries to protest, but she stops him with a kiss. 'You
don't want to FUCK me sweetie, because I spoiled you
last night. I taught you that BEING fucked is much more
fun. You ENJOY letting a sexy, aggressive woman like me
take you to bed. You LIKED being seduced. And that's
OK with me, too. I like a man who is dependent on me,
one who becomes docile when I get into his pants,' she
says as she starts undressing him. 'I get my kicks from
having sex with reluctant guys and you are a perfect,
darling. Now I'm going to put you to bed an fuck your
brains out.' She lays him down and mounts her man, soon
bringing him to the orgasm he wants and that knocks him
out again. By screwing him repeatedly over a series of
days and nights, she and others can deepen the trances
and make his craving for sex more intense. Eventually
we totally control his mind and body."

"WOPI wants you to work for us, not against us, so I
will have a team of my women begin putting you, too,
under our control ... but not until tomorrow. Tonight I
have other plans for you."

"Other plans? I can hardly wait to hear." David
replied, sarcastically.

"I think you'll like them. Have you heard of "droit

"I think so. Wasn't that the right of the lord of a
manor to sleep with each woman on the wedding night
before her new husband could have her?"

"Exactly! The lord exercised his right to poke the
pussy of each bride so he would be the first man to
knock up each young woman in his dominion. Well here at
WOPI, I am the mistress of this `manor' and I exercise
"droit d'madam." I do it solely for my sensual
pleasure, however. You see, I like to have an aroused
man's prick rammed into my cunt as much as the next
woman.. After he has been conditioned, a man can still
please a woman; he can get her off exactly the way she
tells him to, but it's not quite the same. I like the
real thing. So before I let any of my girls get to work
on a virile, good looking man, I claim the privilege of
having one night alone in the sack with him first. I
shall expect you in my quarters for dinner tonight,
Captain Knight.. Come prepared to sleep over," she

"Forget it," he snapped.

"Excellent, Captain! That's exactly the attitude I
hoped for. I love a challenge. It should make for
quite an amusing evening. I want the thrill of besting
you in a battle of wills. I want to overpower you with
sex to make you betray everything you believe in. You
match your training and will power against my powers of
seduction. It may seem easy now, my arrogant young
friend. You are still recovering from having Carmen
squeeze you libido dry. But in a few more hours your
desire for sex will return. Then we'll see then if you
can stay out of my bed," she grinned confidently.

"Don't count on it," David glared at her angrily as he
was escorted from her office, trying to conceal his

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ideas about future directions for this story.
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