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The WOPI Chronicle Part 03


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Archive name: wopi3.txt (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas (
Story title : The WOPI Chronicle - Part 3 - 4

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
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The WOPI Chronicle (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
by Homer Vargas (


Chapter 3: The Duel

Teresa Carrillo sat at her desk at NASO headquarters,
electronically sifting through the entire set of
messages, trying to ensure she overlooked nothing of
importance. When the message through an anonymous
remailer had arrived purporting to be from David Knight
she had been skeptical. David had disappeared -
presumably abducted by WOPI -- several days earlier. She
hardly expected to be getting e-mail from him. But after
an exchange of information only he could know, she had
become convinced that indeed David was somehow sending
messages from inside WOPI headquarters. And he did not
sound like he was under any compulsion. The explanation
was in one of the first substantive messages.

TO: Teresa Carrillo<
From: None<

Dear Teri,

You have asked me how it is I am able to send message
from the "lioness's den." Well, the short answer is the
lioness turned out to be a "pussy cat."<g> She's in her
office right now, so I have plenty of time right now to

When I awoke after my abduction outside of Barrajas (how
embarrassing!) I found I had been taken to the office of
Alexandra Milan, head of WOPI. That's when she explained
how WOPI ins able to brainwash its victims, the eroto-
hypnotism technique I reported on before. Then she told
me that it was her custom to have one night alone with
each "guest" (at least "the virile good looking ones"
<modest grin>) before his conditioning began.
Consequently, she was inviting me to her private quarters
later that evening, "for dinner," and by implication, a
postprandial seduction. I naturally told her she was
crazy if she expected me to sleep with her. She just
smiled and said in that case, she would be looking
forward to the challenge.

The "cell" where I was taken, while not quite luxury, was
(and is) quite comfortable, having a bed (of course),
chairs, a desk, a continuously restocked minibar, reading
material, tv and bath. My luggage had been brought to the
room and unpacked for me. Apparently making their
prisoners comfortable is part of WOPI's technique. The
view from the window was pretty, but not distinctive
enough to identify the site. In coming days I hope you
give you enough information about times of sunrise,
sunset, and weather to enable the tech boys to pinpoint
the location. At the moment I can only suppose it is
somewhere in southern Spain, though Carmen and I (I'll
tell you about her later <g>) could have been loaded onto
an airplane and flown almost anywhere in the almost
twenty-four hours I was unconscious.

I had several hours to wait before dinner. Of course I
checked the room thoroughly for means of escape, but,
equally of course, there was none. I am on a fourth of
fifth floor with no ledge. I suspect the glass is pretty
much unbreakable. The ventilation outlets are small, not
the nice big ones that James Bond and Indiana Jones
always find.<g> The one door opens only from the outside,
apparently with some sort of card key.

Looking around at the books and magazines and checking
out the fare on TV, I realized that it was all
pornographic, most of it involving fem-dome themes. I
guess they knew sooner or later, from boredom if nothing
else, their prisoner would begin to use the material and
that would soften him up for the conditioning. Just
knowing that this is what these women wanted me to read
and watch before seeing Alexandra again was worrying -
and disconcertingly exciting.

About seven a pretty young woman brought a (perfectly
fitting) tux to my room. "Ms Milan likes formality," she
smirked. I turned down her invitation to "help" me shave,
bathe, and dress for dinner. At five of eight the same
young woman returned, eyed me approvingly and escorted me
to Alexandra's quarters. I followed her to an elevator
that took us to a circular room on a basement level.
There she led me to one of several identical well-lighted
underground corridors to another elevator. This took us
to the top floor of another building.

Opening a door with her key card, the young woman gave me
a final once over and left me in a small ante chamber
facing an elegant wood door. Feeling both slightly
foolish at being dressed like I was going to a high-
school prom and uncomfortably horny -- remember I told
you how Alexandra was dressed during our first meeting -
I rang the chime.

If Alexandra had looked good in her tight-fitting power
suit earlier, now she looked absolutely scrumptious in an
emerald green gown clung to every one of her many curves.
A slit almost to her crotch displayed acres of soft
tanned flesh. Her hair, piled high on her head seemed
blond now rather than silver. Her matching heels made her
almost as tall as I and brought the roundness of her
breasts within each reach. She smiled as she watched me
gape. "Welcome, Captain Knight."

Still staggered by her sensuous beauty I followed her
into the sitting room. I was struck by its normality,
just what one might expect the apartment of a tasteful,
successful business woman, not the lair of a vamp. I
didn't know whether to be reassured by that or not.

Dinner was smoked fish and white wine which I only picked
at while we made small talk. At last Alexandra laughed at
me. "Don't worry, David. I didn't put anything in your
food to make you fuck me. I have no reason to drug you;
that would take all the fun out of tonight. My game is
plain old-fashioned, femme fatale, man-helplessly-
succumbs-to-sexy-woman seduction."

"I'm glad to be providing you with an entertaining
evening," I told her sarcastically,"

"Oh, you have and will. You are going to sink into bed
with me tonight and let me fuck you until your brilliant
mind is the consistency of warm hash. I intend to make
you want sex so bad you can't control yourself. And for
that I don't need anything but my body. It is my own big
breasts, curvy hips, and teasing eyes, not chemicals that
will lure you into my bed, David."

"Not yet!" I told her defiantly, trying to hide my

"And it's working just as planned," she smirked. "I have
been enjoying watching you struggle unsuccessfully to
avoid staring at my tits through this see-through top. I
know what my big round boobies do to young men. My erect
nipples make him forget his good intentions and sap his
will. You are right to struggle; look at them long enough
and you will wonder why you ever wanted to resist me."

I shifted my gaze away from her breasts and replied.
"It's not working, Alexandra," wishing I believed what I
was saying.

"No?" she smirked. "Are you really not thinking about
holding me in your arms, darling, cupping these knockers
in your hands, fondling and kissing them until they are
hard with arousal? I think you are fighting the urge put
your hands on my breasts to tweak my nipples, to suck
them until they stand up and beg for more. But you don't
control your desires, David; I do."

"No, no!" I protested, weaker than before.

"And no matter how often you wrest your eyes from my
inner thigh just inside the slit, an overpowering
magnetism draws them back. You can't keep from thinking
about my pussy in there. You'd like to pull up my dress
and slip your hand up between my legs, wouldn't you? Am I
wearing any panties? Could you feel up my soft furry
pussy, slip your hand in my cunt and start finger-fucking

I was looking at her, not able to speak.

"You are putting up a admirable fight, David, but one you
are bound to loose to an experienced woman like me. On so
many nights I have given pleasure to so many men. Wanting
to be my playmate tonight is nothing to be ashamed of.
You can't defeat lust, David. I am getting you horny as a
skunk and soon you are going to have to get laid."

I shook my head, but continued to stare.

"Your every sense is under sexual siege. Your defenses
are crumbling. Soon you are going to tire and go under.
The urge to give up and let me ravish you is growing
stronger by the second. The effort to hold out against me
is exhausting you. You want to surrender to me."

"Is this ... this it? The eroto-hypnotism you told me
about?" I managed to ask.

She got up and came over to my side of the table and
stood in front of me. I couldn't move "Oh, David, my
poor, oversexed David. No, it's nothing so fancy. I've
just got you aroused. You want to be fucked. You were
such an arrogant and silly young man this afternoon to
think you could stay out of bed with me when I decided to
have you.

"No," I almost whispered.

"Yes," she whispered back "You are going to enjoy your
defeat so much. Don't fight me any longer, darling. You
are too excited; you need to be soothed, and
tranquilized, and put to bed like a naughty boy. Never
mind how I got you there. Forget who you are and who I
am. Forget everything except that you are an aroused man
and I'm a horny woman who I intends to give you what you
want, what you need so badly! With this! ... Take it!"
she said and slowly lifted her skirt.

Her silk-clad crotch was inches from my eyes. I fought
the urge, but the rank warm smell of her womanhood
enveloped me like an erotic fog. Her voice was soft and
far away. "It's my pussy, darling. Go ahead, she's going
to be your new mistress. Worship her," she ordered.
"Don't just look and sniff. Pull down my panties, honey;
you know what to do."

Unable to restrain myself longer, I took the elastic of
her silky panties and drew them down over her wide hips.
As they dropped I was staggered by the aroma of
Alexandra's overwhelming sexiness! I grasped her firm
round buttocks in my hands and drew her dripping snatch
to his mouth.

"That's it my darling, put your head up in between my
legs. Kiss my pussy. See how aroused I am, too, darling?
I can feel my cunt juice flowing. I taste delicious! Lap
it up. Lick my clitty! Get me off and there will be even
more for you to drink" I lost myself between her thighs,
gulping down her delicious salty twat. I felt her come as
her cunt flowed like a fountain.

How long she had me continue -- minutes or hours -- I
don't know. Loosing myself in her cunt was paradise! But
eventually came the expulsion. "I think you've had enough
pussy loving, darling. Now I have something even better
for you," I heard her say at last. She stood me up and,
smiling, nudged me toward the bed. "That took the Mickey
out of you, didn't it Captain? Nothing like eating pussy
to get a man in the mood getting laid. Now you won't give
me any trouble. You are ready to be bedded and fucked.
You're nice and high on quim, aren't you?"

"God, yes, Alexandra." I responded, so horny I couldn't

"I lied when I said I wouldn't drug you, honey" she
teased. "I dosed you with the aphrodisiac no man can
resist; you're doped up for sex with my pussy juice.
You'll have to let me take you to bed and screw you,
won't you?"

"Yes, Alexandra, anything. I want your body. I want my
prick in your pussy! Take me, Alexandra! Fuck me!" I
pleaded. Dazed by lust, I was hardly aware that she
undressed me. When I was naked, she led me to bed and
gently pressed me down on my back.

She gave my cock an admiring kiss before climbing on.
"This is reason for our dinner date tonight, darling, to
get you prick in me. Now let's bring this evening to a
beautiful finale. You deserve a prize for eating me so
good," she said and climbed on. In seconds she was riding
me to a mind-melting orgasm.


Oops, Gotta go. More next time.



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