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The WOPI Chronicle Part 04


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Archive name: wopi4.txt (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas (
Story title : The WOPI Chronicle - Part 4 - 4

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
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The WOPI Chronicle (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
by Homer Vargas (


Chapter 4: The Morning After
Teresa picked up Knight's next message, a continuation of
the previous one.

TO: Teresa Carrillo<
From: None<

Dear Teri,

OK, I'm back.

Well it looked pretty bad for the "good guys," no? I
don't think Alexandra was able to hypnotize me or
anything, but in spite of my self, I wound up in
Alexandra's bed, letting her fuck my lights out. I don't
even have the excuse of the gas. All I can say is, she is
one amazingly sexy woman.

When I woke up, I was still in bed with her. She was
naked and smiling down at me. "Good morning, darling.
Sleep well?" she asked.

As I looked up into her glowing face this morning, there
was something different about her. The hard edge of last
night seemed missing. As I studied her with her hair
pulled back in a ponytail, the slight sag in those
marvelous breasts and the tiny wrinkles around her eyes,
she no longer seemed the domineering bitch-goddess.
Instead, I saw a beautiful older woman with a fire of
desire in her eyes that made her look ... available.
Maybe this was my chance.

"Dreadful!" I teased. "I had this dream of a big sexy
woman who kept feeding me her boobs all night to make me
screw her again and again."

"Sounds like a bad wet dream. You must be a very horny
guy. Probably your regular girlfriend is a little frigid,
doesn't give you enough ass before she puts you to sleep
at night. Don't you think you need a new woman...?" she
asked, placing a hand suggestively on my prick. "A woman
that could give you all the sex you need?"

"He was *getting* all the sex he needed until he dumped
me," thought Teresa sourly. "His male ego just couldn't
accept that I wasn't ready to be a one-man woman. That
little gnat-titted blonde in cryptography may have been
'faithful,' but look how frustrated she left the big

Teresa read on.


So far so good; I decided to plunge on. "I believe you're
right, Alexandra. Can you think of anyone?" I asked,
pulling her down with me and kissing her. She giggled. "I
think I need a really big woman to keep me satisfied. I
don't mind if she's a little bit plump if the extra
pounds in all the right places." I had reached my hand
behind Alexandra's lovely ass and tugged her closer. "I'd
also hope she were big here," I said as I reached for one
of Alexandra's boobies that hardened at my touch. "I've
always heard that big round women with big round tits are
highly-sexed. They are easy to turn on and when you get
them hot, they're dynamite in bed. They tell me they howl
like banshees when you put your prick in them. Too bad I
don't get to choose a partner like that. Today you are
going to sic your minions on me, right?"

Alexandra was panting slightly from my erotic assault.
"Oh... Maybe not. There could be a little change of
plan," she replied, obviously enjoying having her titties
fondled. "I think we could work something out," her hand
idly on me half erect prick moved, "To our mutual

She eyed me with smoldering lust. "Carmen told me you
were going to be a lot of fun. She even 'warned' me about
this lovely thick dork." Alexandra's fingers had become
more animated. 'He was practically under, but when it
went in I couldn't think any more,' Carmen told me. 'He
stayed hard for so long, just making me come and come, I
wasn't able to get him into even a light trance before I
passed out, too,' Carmen had said. I didn't believe any
man could make me feel that way, but, oh my dear, when I
actually got your cock in me, I realized she was right. I
don't intend to share you with anyone else just yet. I'm
going to keep you for a while as my private 'assistant.'"

"And just what would my duties be, Ma'am?" I asked with a
grin as I reached for the other tit.

"Your job will be to do anything it takes to keep the
Boss Lady happy. I warn you; I am a very demanding
woman," she replied with mock formality. "Do you think
you are 'up' to the job?"

"If I'm not, you know how to get me 'up,' ma'am. I don't
think you will have any complaints once I know how you
like to be pleasured. For instance, I already know the
Boss Lady has a big sensitive set of tits. Does she fancy
having her boobies felt up right now?" I said and started
fondling Alexandra's breasts more vigorously.

"Indeed, yes!" she sighed and closed her eyes. "You are
doing very well for your first day on the job. Your
fingers are very naughty, but talented."

"It looks like it's going to be easy to please a randy
Boss Lady like you, Ma'am. These tits are getting hard
fast. The nipples are standing up like little soldiers. I
think the Boss Lady is ready to have her boobies nuzzled
and sucked and kissed." Alexandra only purred as I worked
her tits with my hands and mouth.

At last I pulled away and looked over into her half-
closed eyes. "Oh, Alexandra, you are easy to get horny
aren't you? You may pretend to be tough and domineering,
but foreplay makes you a docile sex kitten. You like to
have a man play with your tits and turn you on, don't
you?" A low moan was her affirmative "I bet I know
something else the Boss would like me to play with," I
whispered as I slid my hand between her legs and started
stroking her honey pot. "Do you like this, Ma'am?"

"Oh yes, David. Play with my pussy," she gasped

"Spread you legs, then, you horny woman. Let me open up
your twat so I can get a better hand on you!"

She squealed and started bucking as one then two and
three digits invaded her cunt. "No! Yes!! Oh .... Diddle
me. Finger me. Ai!... Ai... You're getting me off, David.
You're going to make me ...come. Ai, AI! Aiii!!" she
brayed as successive orgasms rolled over her.

"Oh, Alexandra, you messy girl. You are having way too
much fun, your pussy is overflowing. You are getting come
all over the bed every time you have an orgasm. Maybe I
should stop fingering you."

"No, no, David please no!" she pleaded between gasps.
"Keep it up. I love the way you make me come."

"In that case we'd better find some way to plug your
honey pot. Would you like me to stick something in it to
keep your come from running out?"

"Yes!" she wailed. "Put it in me!"

"What would fill up that juicy cunt of yours? Maybe you
would like a prick! I think you need a man in you,
darling. Your hot little cunt wants a big cock shoved in
it. Open up your legs wider, baby, I've got something
long and thick to slide in you, if you want it."

"I do, David! I want you so bad! Put it in me, David.
Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Is this what you want, Alexandra?" I whispered as I slid
my cock into her warm and waiting cunt, "A big hard cock
in you pussy? It feels good, doesn't it. The Boss Lady
likes having a man ram his prick in her. She doesn't feel
much like being Boss when she's got her legs spread and
her pussy full of cock, does she?"

"No, David, not when it's you! Just fuck me! Yes, yes!
Like that, darling. Fuck me! Fuck me ..." she was still
pleading when I came in her and she passed out.

Well from them on I became Alexandra's special project.
And the most incredible thing is I've discovered that
Alexandra, even though she's the president of this place,
does not really control everything WOPI does. For
example, she knows nothing about the links of WOPI to ben
Laden and the Libyans. In her slightly twisted way, she's
a remarkable woman, just a sincere feminist, trying to
rid the world of the worst male chauvinists."


"Of whom you are one of the worst," Teresa thought, "or
were." That remark sounded like David might be under some
kind of conditioning after all, or - Teresa could only
grin at the thought - he was falling in love.

She continued reading.


"Still the irony is wonderful. Not only am I inside the
headquarters of WOPI, secretly sending information back
to NASO, but I also have WOPI's leader fucking my brains
out morning, noon, and night! To the other women of WOPI,
I am a difficult case whose conditioning Alexandra is
undertaking personally. But I know otherwise; Alexandra
is almost in MY thrall, willing to do anything -
including letting me use her secure computer - so long as
I continue to give her the hard-pounding sex she had
belatedly discovered she needs.

Well, I'm going to have to break off here. I've put a lot
of technical stuff in attachments. I expect her shortly,
in fact. I'm afraid I was rather naughty this morning.
After fucking her, I ate her to one or two fewer orgasms
than usual. This just about guarantees she will slip away
to her room sometime in mid-morning to let me finish her.

Next time I'll go into more detail about those "other"
WOPI operations. Some of them are amazing.



That was the last message Teresa had received, over two
months ago.


Comments please to Homer Vargas. I would enjoy exchanging
ideas about future directions for this story.
You my read other stories of mine at


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