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The WOPI Chronicle Part 05

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Archive name: wopi5.txt (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas (Vargas111@yahoo.com)
Story title : The WOPI Chronicle - Part 5/?

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

The WOPI Chronicles (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
By Homer Vargas

Chapter 5
Alexandra and Charlie

Alexandra was horny as a skunk. Of course she was
always eager to get back to David at this time of
day, but for the last hour it had gotten bad. A
warm glow welled up from her crotch that made her
mind dreamy and unfocused. Regardless of the
raised eyebrows among the women on her staff, she
would have rushed back to David if Claire hadn't
asked her to see Charlie Roemer, for what she
didn't even know.

She didn't realize just how horny she was, though,
until Charlie turned up. She supposed he was one
of Claire's indulgences, as David was hers. Today
she understood Claire. God, he was good looking.
She hardly paid attention to whatever the young
man was asking, something silly and administrative
that Clare should have handled. But WOW! From the
moment she laid eyes on Claire's well-hung stud,
Alexandra's pussy started getting wet. She
realized something was strange, but she could
think about only one thing -- getting in bed,
spreading her legs and letting someone fuck the
shit out of her. And Charlie was the most
available someone

"Charlie? You are staring at me!" Alexandra
smiled, pleased by the boy's obvious leer.

"Forgive me Miss Milan, but I just couldn't help
it. You are a very sexy woman."

"Why that's sweet of you to say so, Charlie," she
said indulgently. "It's very flattering for a
young man like you to compliment a woman my age."

"I don't know what you mean about 'your age,' Miss
Milan. Why you can turn a guy on quicker than any
twenty year old. You've got a great body. And you
know how to show it off to make a man look at you!
That low cut blouse, that short skirt you've got
on! I'm getting a hardon just looking at you," and
he dropped his hand to his crotch to demonstrate.

Alexandra's eyes followed the boy's hand as it
stroked the bulge in his jeans. By now Alexandra's
pussy was doing most of her thinking. His rippling
muscles and evidence of an exceptional cock made
her dizzy. Another torrent of juice leaked down
into her soaked panties "Why, Charlie!" she said
in mock surprise, getting up and coming around to
sit by him on the couch. "If I didn't know better,
I'd think you were trying to chat me up. I warn
you," she grinned, "If you are trying to put the
make on me ... you'd better call me 'Alexandra.'"

"I can't help it, Miss Milan, uh, ... Alexandra,
you turn me on."

"Is that so? And just what part of me turns you
on, Charlie?" Alexandra leered, taking him in her
arms and kissing him. "Is it my boobies, Charlie?"
she whispered and drew his hand to her breasts. "I
saw you eyeing my boobies. If you like them so
much, why don't you slip me out of my bra. Then
you could feel me up good and tell me if my
titties feel as good as they look."

With that phrase the unseen observer knew
Alexandra was lost. The woman was already thinking
only of her own animal pleasure and what Charlie
would do to her tits. Charlie didn't have to be
told twice and began fondling her sensitive

"Oh, Alexandra, you have gorgeous breasts. They
are so big and round. These melters can seduce any
man. I can't resist a woman like you. Feeling up
your titties makes me so horny. I just want to
suck them and kiss them and play with your nipples
between my lips."

"Then go ahead, Charlie! You ought to know what to
do to a willing woman. Don't be shy."

"Oh, you are magnificent, Alexandra," he sighed as
his mouth began skillfully to work on Alexandra's
rapidly hardening breasts. Soon her eyes were
closed and she was squirming at his touch.

"Oh, I see you're all woman, Alexandra, maybe a
little oversexed!" he hissed. "These babies are so
responsive to my touch. Your tits are getting hard
as rocks. sucking your nipples makes them stand
out. Oh, Alexandra, you're getting horny, aren't

"Oh, yes, darling." she sighed, her voice getting
thick and slurred with lust, oblivious to the
change of Charlie's behavior from prey to
predator. "You're feeling me up so good. Oh, I
love what you are doing to my tits! I'm getting
such a buzz I can hardly think."

"Well, if you like the job I'm doing on you
boobies, honey, isn't there is another part you
want me work on?" he whispered maliciously.

"Oh, yes," she gasped, pulling up her skirt.
"Here! You can get into my pants. I want you to
play with my pussy."

"You are incredibly hot, Alexandra. I never
dreamed I could get this far with you. When I saw
you sitting there showing me everything but your
beaver, I fantasized about getting you out of this
skirt and now you are asking for it. Let me get
these panties off of you."

This was a little more than Alexandra had counted
on, but his hand was already between her legs, she
couldn't resist him. Willingly she let him lift
her ass and pull down her flimsy, sopping undies.
His hot gaze on her cunt aroused her even more.

"There, you are, Alexandra, lovely and naked for
me. You have a beautiful pussy, so soft and
furry." he spoke softly, stroking her. "And you're
so wet inside," he said dropping the pretense of
the naf as his fingers massaged her labia.

"Slow down, darling," she pleaded, starting to
feel herself loosing control.

"Why slow down, Alexandra? Your pussy's juicy
because you're in a hurry to be fucked. Let me get
my hand in there, where you want it, in your cunt.
I'll finish getting you ready for a good lay. Yes!
... You like that, don't you, baby. You like me to
finger your clit. Open your legs more for me,
honey, so I can diddle you better."

"Oh, Charlie, Charlie! That's enough. I'm ready
for you in me, now! I want you to fuck me."
Alexandra moaned. Gone was Alexandra's attitude of
amused indulgence of an impetuous and almost
innocent suitor. Gone was the idea she was taking
advantage of an aroused young male. The tables
were completely turned. Alexandra had been
masterfully seduced and was about to get fucked,
in every sense of the word. A rutting female
animal had been unleashed in her. Claire's
boyfriend was taking her where he wanted at the
speed he chose.

"I will, baby. I am going to fuck you ... good.
But don't get impatient. Let's make it more fun.
Don't you like this?" he asked as his fingers
vibrated in her cunt "Don't you like having a man
play with your pussy?"

"Oh, yes, darling! Oh... Oh ... You're going to
... You're making me ... You're making me cum! ...
Ai! ... Ai! ... Ai! " Orgasm after orgasm racked
Alexandra's shapely body as the young stud
continued massaging her clit rhythmically.
Alexandra was panting and barely coherent.

"Oh, Alexandra, baby, you're making such a mess.
Your honey pot is overflowing and all your pussy
juice is running out. Should I stop making you
cum?" came the cruel, taunting question.

"No, Charlie, no! Don't stop. I love it. I want
it!" she pleaded between orgasms.

"Of course you want it, you horny slut. You love
to come. So I'd better find some other way to
protect the couch. What if I just eat you? I will
have to lap quickly to stop your juicy cum from
leaking onto the couch. Would you like that,

"Yes, Charlie! Eat me! Run your tongue in me and
get me off."

For the next several minutes Charlie was silent as
his mouth brought Alexandra to orgasm after
orgasm. Silent, Alexandra was not. She howled in
ecstasy each time that a climax took her. Soon she
was delirious with arousal.

Sensing she was near total defeat, Charlie gave
her clit one final lick and got up on his knees.
"I have another idea, Alexandra. I think a large
cock in your cunt is exactly what you really need.
Your pussy is so hungry. I think she needs to be
fed. I've got some nice hot fuck for her I think
she'll lap right up. Do you think she'll like
this?" he teased as he brushed her labia with the
tip of his cock. "Would she like a big dick?"

"Yes, darling, Please! I can't take any more
teasing. I've got to have you in me. Ai! I can
feel your prick touching pussy. But I want it all
the way in me. I want to be full of you, darling,
to feel your prick deep inside me. Yes, darling!
Oh yes!" she moaned as he slid his cock in her and
started slowly to move it in and out.

"Oh, yes, Alexandra. You are getting what you
asked for! I've got my cock deep in you, fucking
you. I'm going to do it nice and slow because
that's the way you like it. Yes, I can tell you
really needed a good screwing. Your pussy was
starving for some thick man-meat. Fucking feels
good, but it's not enough. You need to cum again,
Alexandra! You need me to bring you to orgasm with
my cock." he hissed as he started fucking her

"Yes! Ai! ... Yes! Fuck me! Ai ... Ai ... Yes!"
Alexandra whimpered in assent as another massive
orgasm again washed over her."

"You are getting fucked good, Alexandra, but
coming and coming is really taking it out of you.
You can't stand much more stimulation. You need
release. You want me to cum in you, don't you?" he
asked, slowing momentarily while the overpowered
woman caught her breath.

"Yes, darling. I want your fuck in me," the
delirious woman sobbed. "I want my pussy to be
full of you. Pump me so full of your spunk I blow
up like a balloon!"

"You'll get it, Alexandra, a good load of jism.
It's what you need. My cum in you cunt will give
you temporary release. You are about to be totally
satisfied, woman. It'll trickle deep down into
your womb, Alexandra, sating your passion,
sedating you. That's what you want, isn't it?"

At the brink of orgasm, Alexandra could only

"My jizz is a drug, Alexandra, a narcotic that
will make you very sleepy." He spoke more softly
now, continuing to fuck her methodically, holding
her on the very brink of the cataclysmic orgasm
she craved. "You're drifting down to sleep,
Alexandra, deeply asleep, deeper and deeper."

Charlie's words seemed to come from far away.
Alexandra could hardly understand what he was
saying. The urge to come drove all thought from
her head.

"You can't stay awake any longer, Alexandra. You
are going to sleep a long time without being able
to wake up. In a few hours, I'll tell you to stir
a little bit, honey, just enough to know you're
feeling really horny. It'll be all right because
I'll be there to take care of you. You'll have a
little food and then I'll put my prick back in you
and give you another dose of the thick white love
medicine. When I fuck you again you will go right
back to sleep. You will just sleep and get fucked
while we go on a long trip."

"Trip?" the helpless woman moaned.

"Yes, a long sleepy trip, love. And when I finally
let you to wake up, you and I will be far away
from here. We'll be in a warm and pleasant land.
You won't need many clothes there, Alexandra. You
can run around happily in your skimpiest things.
You'll wear your mini skirts and hot pants and
string bikinis because you'll always be feeling
very sexy. The clothes will show everyone how
randy you are, eager to get laid any time. You are
going to be horny the whole time you're there,

"Going to be horny," she replied, without real

"Yes, Alexandra you'll be a very horny woman, but
you won't be frustrated because there will be
plenty of men with hard dicks to keep a randy girl
like you happy and satisfied. You will have plenty
of time for food, fun, and fucking. Every time you
get the urge for some cock, someone will be there
to supply your need. You'll spend many happy hours
on your back, Alexandra, with your legs wide apart
and your pussy full of some man's cock."

Something did not sound quite right. "No,
Charlie," she tried to object. "I have to stay
here for my work with WOPI. Just fuck me here,"
she pleaded.

"No, you don't want to stay here to work," he
whispered. "Your work would take up too much of
your time, Alexandra, time you would rather spend
screwing like a ferret in heat. WOPI is the past.
WOPI was long hours of desire and frustrations
punctuated with moments of pleasure. Let it go."

"Let go?" the horny woman asked.

"Yes. The present is the bliss you feel now, the
contentment of having a big cock still thick
within you. And the future is the pleasure you
will have when you get all the fucking you can
take. I'm going to take you on a very long holiday
and you won't be interested in coming back to
WOPI. You'll just be thinking about men and
getting fucked all day and night long. So, close
your eyes, darling. Let me fuck you to sleep,
Alexandra. Sleep, and you'll wake up in paradise."

"Sleep? ... No, Charlie, NO!" Alexandra protested,
realizing too late that something was terribly
wrong. "Stop talking like that, Charlie; I know
what you are doing. You are trying to hypnotize
me!" she protested, feeling WOPI's techniques
being used against her.

"Just a little, Alexandra. I'm just helping you
relax. You've tried to be a dominant female too
long. Hypnosis will help you give in to your
deeper, submissive side, the side that makes you
do anything to get fucked. Don't fight me,
Alexandra. Surrender to the pleasure," he slightly
increased his tempo, driving her closer to climax.

"No, no," she protested, but she was already
starting to buck against him.

"Surrender to my prick, going in you so deep, so
good. You need some come, Alexandra and that's
just what I'm going to do, give you a big charge
of fuck. Get ready for an injection of my man-
seed. Yes!" He grunted and came, and came again
and again. As the hot fuck blasted into
Alexandra's burning vagina, it began to douse the
fire of passion that was consuming her insides.
The incredible tension in Alexandra's over-excited
body drained away. Her muscles relaxed; her eyes
fluttered closed.

Suffocated by lust, at last, Alexandra's sated
mind succumbed to the hypnotic words and she
drifted deeper into unconsciousness.

The watcher of the scene from a hidden camera,
gurgled with excitement. That took care of
Alexandra. Now SHE would take care of Captain

To be continued.

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