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The WOPI Chronicle Part 07


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Archive name: wopi7.txt (Fm)
Authors name: Homer Vargas (
Story title : The WOPI Chronicle - Part 7/?

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001. Please
do not remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial "free"
sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites. Thank you
for your consideration.

The WOPI Chronicles (Fm)
By Homer Vargas
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Teresa prepares to rescue David from the women of WOPI. But
what if David does not want to be rescued?


Chapter 7 - Teresa to the Rescue

"Because it has all the markings of a wild goose chase,
that's why!" Rutherford Brady was almost shouting now. He had
never expected Teresa to accept his "no" easily, but she was
very persistent. "How can you be so sure you can find the

"The tech boys place the latitude and longitude about 45 Km.
northeast of Cadiz. There is a little town there, Alqueria,
where I can look around. A complex the size David describes
can't be hidden.

"And why you, instead of one of our Spanish agents?"

"For one, they may have been compromised. For another I'm as
expert in hypnotic control as anyone in NASO. Finally, can
any of them hope to get into the place passing for a Latin
American 'indocumentada' looking for work as a maid?"

Rutherford gazed at Teresa. She sure didn't look like a maid
right now in her black, shrink-wrap miniskirt and demi-bra.
He tried to imagine the dark-skinned fireball in scruffy
clothes, but all he could come up with was her in no clothes
at all. He shook his head. She had a point. She could look
the part of an illiterate peasant, as he knew her
grandparents had been. Teresa had used raw intelligence (and
her stunningly sexy body), fueled by a passionate hatred of
the drug traffickers who had murdered an older brother, to
claw her way into and then up the NASO hierarchy.

Moreover, Rutherford knew she wasn't going to give up because
it was David. He was a friend but he had been more than that.
They had become lovers almost as soon as she arrived from the
Central American branch. Everyone knew it could not last;
each was too dominant, but for a few months they had carried
on an incandescent affair.

"Oh, Rudie, you know I'll do a good job, for YOU. I want you
to be proud of me," she to cooed.

Somehow the cleavage between those large, mouthwatering
breast seemed to grow. Warning bells started going off all
over Rutherford's brain. He didn't want to give Teresa an
excuse to try to seduce him; he was pretty sure she'd
succeed. Knowing when he was beaten, Rutherford sighed, "Very
well, Teri, start preparations."

"Actually, I have completed them. I just have one more thing
to take care of in the office," she smiled.

Presumptuous of her to anticipate his agreement, but typical,
Rutherford mused as he watched Teri's sinuous hips wiggle out
the door. He wondered if he had done the right thing. Damn!
No panty lines.

Back in the office, Teri checked her air tickets and computer
security protocols to see that everything was in order.
Clothes and disguise had been packed last night. Yes, just
one more piece of business she needed to take care of before
leaving. She wasn't going to have much opportunity for sex
for she didn't know how long. Better go off as well satisfied
as possible. "Ralph, " she spoke into the intercom, "come in
please, I NEED you.

She had removed and folded her blouse and was unhooking her
bra when the young man came in with his steno pad. His eyes
grew wide with concern when he saw his sexy boss half-naked.
"Oh, no, Ms Carrillo! You're not going on mission, again, are
you?" A strange look of fear and excitement came over him.

"Ralph, sweetie, you knew when I hired you, it wasn't just
for your shorthand. You know what I need!" Teresa almost
growled with lust.

"Ms ... Ms ... Carrillo, do you want us ... You want me ...
to make love to you?

"Oh, Ralph, honey" she cooed as she slinked closer. The
jiggle of her dark breasts reached out and seized the young
man's eyes. "How sweet of you to even THINK about making love
to a grown-up woman like me. Of course I wouldn't ask that of

A mixture of relief and disappointment flickered across
Ralph's face. Now he was really confused as Teresa continued
approaching him with the same fire in her eye. Her hands were
on the zipper of her skirt and her magnificent tits were
undulating marvelously.

"You can put any thought of making love to me right out of
your mind, honey," she husked. "All I want is for you to bend
me over this armchair and fuck the daylights out of me!"
Teresa said matter of factly as she dropped her skirt.

"But warm me up, first, baby," she instructed and pressed the
astonished young man onto his knees. "Yesss!" she hissed and
drew his face into her already dripping bush. Some time later
with the assistance of the staff of her staff assistant,
Teresa was howling in ecstasy through her umpteenth orgasm.

Down the hall Teresa's cries of delight were clearly audible.
Rutherford sometimes wished agent Carrillo could find some
more conventional way to prepare for fieldwork. He knew,
however, that Ethyl would be pleasantly surprised that night,
although secrecy as well as modesty would not allow him to
explain source of his ardor. He seldom made love to his wife
as vigorously as on the days that Teri left on a journey. And
he was pretty sure that the conception of several babies born
to women working on this floor could be traced to the same

Even before the last of Teri's howls had died away Rutherford
heard drawers and file cabinets being closed and locked as
people began to rush home to take care of suddenly urgent
business. Using a washroom in the next several minutes could
also be embarrassing.

A half-hour later, when Teresa's heels were clicking smartly
down the corridor heading for the exit and a waiting car, few
were around to hear them.


Several thousand miles away Captain David Knight, if somehow
he could have known of the goings on back at NASO
Headquarters, would have been utterly incapable of
understanding what all the fuss was about. He certainly would
not have felt any need for being rescued. He was spending
another wonderful day with his new girlfriend. Claire didn't
give him as much attention as the first days after they met
(that was getting pretty fuzzy now, anyway) but she still
made him feel special.

Every night after dinner, even if he had eaten alone and was
already dozing off, Claire came to him. It was heaven to feel
her slip into his bed and let her take him in her arms. As if
her weren't already sleepy enough, she would place a hard,
firm nipple of one of her perfect breasts into his mouth and
allow him to nurse as she whispered soothing words to him. It
never failed to send him off to dreamland.

Later -- he never knew how much later, time with Claire was
always fuzzy -- he often woke up enough to realize that his
marvelous, sexy girlfriend was ready for him to please her.
What a joy and privilege he felt that she had chosen him to
bring her pleasure with his mouth and tongue between her
legs. Day after day she had gently instructed him in her
preferences and he felt a deep pride in knowing just how to
bring her to orgasm after orgasm. His reward was to be
permitted to drink the rich spend of her climaxes. He adored
the way she tasted as he did everything about her.

Sometimes when she was especially pleased with his service or
particularly horny, she would fuck him. To lie on his back,
looking up through half-closed eyes at her golden hair flying
and her rounded white breasts bouncing up and down as she
rode him to orgasm, was recompense far beyond his deserts.
And the sleep that overcame him when she at last let him come
in her was the sweetest slumber a man could experience.

David sensed more than remembered how they slept when she was
finished making love to him and wanted to be held, her large
ass pressed into the crook of his crotch, one of his arms
under her neck and the other over her waist, his face buried
in her neck. She held his hands, sometimes clasping the upper
one to her breast if she wanted to be felt up one more time.
If she rolled, he moved to compensate, maintaining as close
contact of their bodies as the male and female anatomies

Mornings were almost as good as nights. Claire was very
generous with her time, letting David spend many long lazy
minutes drinking her essence before she arose. It was almost
incredible to think that this perfect woman let HIM put his
face between her soft plump thighs and bring her to one
screaming morning climax after another. Then when she was at
last well satisfied, she drew his head to her bosom and put
him back to sleep with her luscious breasts and soft words.

When he woke again after Claire had gone, he headed for the
gym. Claire insisted he stay in shape; "It improves your
stamina, darling," she had explained. After lunch he was
always sleepy and napped in his bed, drifting off to soft
music. Later, he was free to return to the gym or read or
just sit and fantasize about her and reflect on his good
fortune to share the bed and body of this most wonderful

When the time came, he would not fail her.
Comments please to Homer Vargas
I would enjoy exchanging ideas about future directions for
this story.


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