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The WOPI Chronicle Part 10


The WOPI Chronicles (MC, Fdom, Fm, Ff, Preg)
by Homer Vargas
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Chapter 10 Teresa and Alexi

This was turning out to be the best vacation ever. Teresa
wished she could remember what argument she had used to
persuade Rutherford to send her to this island "to
unwind," all expenses paid, and for as long as she wanted
to stay. Her cottage was comfortable and spacious. The
sky was blue, the water was green, the sand was white and
the boys were hunky and plentiful. Case in point, the
young Adonis sleeping in her bed this morning, Ricardo,
or Roberto, or Rodrigo. She hadn't paid much attention to
his name when she picked him up last night in the disco
of the hotel at the far end of the island. She knew he
spoke Spanish and danced Latin. That had been enough for
then. Teresa bought the drinks because she was pretty
sure his allowance wouldn't cover them. She suspected his
mother might wonder where he had spent the night, but
Mother needn't have worried. Teresa had taken good care
of her son last night - and vice versa.

Teresa had a ball with R., dancing salsa and meringue and
cha-cha with him until 3 AM. Then she brought him back to
her bungalow when the fun REALLY began. Teresa was amazed
that a mere boy could have such a talented tongue. She
wondered if one of his high-school teachers had taught
the lad how to eat a grown woman's pussy. Whoever she
was, Teresa wanted to shake the woman's hand! R. had her
coming non-stop even before he began to fuck her. Ah,
youth! He screwed her three times to Lord knows how many
climaxes before finally collapsing. She was too grateful
for his service last night and too good a sport to
attempt to roust him again this morning, thought her
ever-eager pussy sure needed some morning attention. He
deserved to rest, poor baby.

Teresa knew she was going to like this island from the
very first day. She had noticed how the burly taxi driver
who was waiting at the airport to take her to the resort,
appreciated a curvy young woman in a mini. As he
continued to glance at her through the rear-view mirror,
Teresa just got hotter and opened her legs to give him
something more worthwhile to glance at.

About halfway down the mountain toward the beachside
resort, Teresa decided the distraction was making his
driving dangerously erratic. In the interest of road
safety she told him to pull over and let her fuck his
eyes out. She sat Trevor down on the wide back seat (Love
those old British cabs!) and sat herself down on his
thick, satisfying prick. Putting her arms around his neck
for stability she bounced happily on his massive member
while his mouth busied itself with her tits. When she
finished with him she was glad she had chosen the scenic
overlook. Several other vehicles had stopped to overlook
the scene of a small brown woman fucking a large back man
like a nympho bunny.

Interestingly, there were few other guests at the resort,
mostly women. In the cottage next to her was Alexi, a
large but well-built older woman whom Teresa gathered was
taking time off from some kind of executive position.
Apparently Alexi didn't take chances and had brought her
staff assistant. From the sounds coming from the cottage
most nights, Teresa surmised that his staff was of
considerable assistance.

Not that Alexi was exclusive. In the clubs Teresa and
Alexi frequented, the two women had a kind of friendly
rivalry for the attention of the young swains that
swarmed over both of them. Usually it worked out that
Teresa scarfed up someone in his twenties or younger and
Alexi took home a nice thirties-something. Sometime,
though, they both went after the same guy and Teresa
didn't always win. Teresa could understand that; some men
couldn't pass up the opportunity to get lost in Alexi's
ample expanses of hips and bosom. Besides, Alexi had one
slightly unfair advantage that Teresa could hardly
begrudge; Alexi always wore clothes skimpy enough to show
she was a little bit pregnant.

Teresa put some money in an envelope for R., gave his
cock a little kiss and left to prowl. She thought of
calling room service; the server was always a delicious
boy, but she didn't want to disturb R's sleep. Besides,
Teresa seldom had trouble finding a gardener or a bellboy
or a lifeguard for a mid-morning romp. It was a great way
to settle down for a nap because by ten or so, Teresa's
late night was catching up with her. Later, she almost
always had more wine with her lunch than she intended and
it made her sleepy again. Seldom, however, did she have
to take her siesta alone.

Teresa looked down at the date on her watch. It had been
exactly two weeks since ...Suddenly she shook herself,
almost violently and looked around. It had been exactly
two weeks since she had been betrayed! For a moment fury
boiled up against David for having seduced her, leaving
her vulnerable to hypnosis by that witch Claire, but she
realized he was totally in the woman's power and could
have done nothing less.

She remembered everything, including all the parts Claire
wanted her to forget. Fortunately, Teresa's post-hypnotic
suggestion from a self-hypnosis session before entering
the WOPI compound had kicked in to break the spell. She
knew where she was and WHAT this place was. She would
have to find and un-condition Alexandra. But first she
would have to deal with Alexandra's minder, Charlie.
Foolishly, Claire had mentioned him as she gloated over
how she had dealt with Alexandra before putting Teresa
under that afternoon.

Having her mind back didn't negate the effects of the
testosterone patch under Teresa's armpit, however and
there was no way to remove it until she was off the
island. She still needed to get laid. Well, she didn't
want to do anything out of her new character, anyway.
Tonight was many hours away and her pussy needed some
masculine attention, now! She closed the door of the
cabin and had started for the beach when she saw him:
tall, blond and with something very interesting in those
Speedos. Teresa licked her lips.


Charlie wasn't hard to find. Teresa knew Alexandra's
favorite nightspots; there weren't all that many. About
22:00 that night she spotted Alexandra's "assistant"
sitting at a table in the back of "Y-not?" eyeing
Alexandra who was already on the dance floor with a lanky
blond kid. She imagined his job was to stand by, ensuring
that Alexandra had a bedmate in case she didn't fancy any
of the local talent that night. Probably something in
Alexandra's conditioning, and her own until she broke it,
required constant sexual satisfaction to keep her under
control. It didn't look like Charlie was going to be
needed tonight; Alexandra was all over the boy and the
kid was in heaven.

"Girlfriend abandon you?" Teresa asked with a smile and
bit of sympathy as she sat herself down beside him. The
man was himself probably under Claire's control, but
unless he was a zombie, he had to miss Alexandra's arms
and body on nights like this.

"A little too old to be my 'girlfriend,'" he replied he
sniffed. "She's my boss."

Teresa didn't challenge him; that was the truth, after
all. "The difference in ages doesn't seem to bother her.
Don't you mind seeing the boss getting hers from a kid
instead of her faithful employee?" Teresa asked.

"She's just the boss," he lied.

"She has the cottage next to mine. More often than not
she's with you. I've heard her; you must be a very
valuable employee," Teresa teased. "Whatever. Does that
leave you free for the night?" Teresa leaned closer. "I'd
love to dance."

"Sure," he said and offered her his hand.

For the next four hours Teresa let the music move them.
At first hot Latin rhythms then techo beat drenched them
in perspiration but later the orchestra turned to slower,
more romantic tunes. Teresa melted happily into Charlie's
arms and felt his manhood respond to her firm shapely
body. This was going to be fun!

Glancing over into a corner Teresa saw Alexandra with her
skirt rucked up and her blouse open. She was near
(another?) orgasm from a dandy little finger fuck as her
partner sucked and fondled her tits. She would be taking
her night's find home soon. Charlie must have noticed
too. "She doesn't need you tonight, Charlie," Teresa
whispered, "but I do. Let's go."

As she led him back to her cottage, her hip bumping
seductively against his, Teresa wondered just how strong
Claire's conditioning of the young man was. She was going
to enjoy finding out. As soon as she closed the door
behind them she attacked his mouth hungrily. Charlie knew
he hadn't come here to play gin rummy and kissed her back
with passion, his hands immediately finding Teresa's

The erotic dance preceded as choreographed by a million
years of DNA. Both partners were soon naked and Teresa
wasted no time in leading Charlie to her bed. Her
ulterior motive did nothing to reduce her excitement at
taking the strong, handsome man into her arms. His
erection showed his arousal was equally genuine. She
briefly considered letting him eat her, but decided to
get straight to the main event. Her only indulgence was
to make sure she was on top. He didn't object; Claire
probably enjoyed fucking him that way, too.

The well-trained muscles of Teresa's pussy quickly
brought Charlie close to orgasm. "You want to come for
me, don't you baby?" she asked without expecting a reply.
"It feels good to just lie there and let me make you
come." He was going under quickly. Apparently his
vulnerability to Fdom sex was not exclusive to Claire. "I
know you need it, baby. It's OK I'm going to give you
just what you need. Relax, Charlie. Relax and let me fuck
you. Relax and let me make you come. You need a good cum
baby to make you sleep. Come for me Charlie. Come!"

She held off her own orgasm as she felt him explode
inside her and his breathing grew weak. His erection
subsided only slowly. Lucky girl, Claire, Teresa though.
She hated taking advantage of men this way, but she had
to. Maybe some other time it would be different. Placing
her lips beside the ear of the sleeping man, she began to
speak. Only when her commands been given and tested did
she at last slid a hand into her spermy twat. She came
hard at the first touch of her clitoris and settled down
for the night beside Charlie.


About 10:00 the next day Teresa was looking out he window
of her cabin. She saw Charlie enter Alexandra's unit as
she had instructed him. Soon the lanky blond kid from
last night beat a hasty exit. Yes, yes. So far, according
to script. The first sounds to emerge from the cabin next
door were angry. Teresa giggled. Did Alexandra have the
kid fucking her when Charlie entered? She wasn't worried.
From her own reactions to the hormone patch, she knew
Alexandra couldn't stay angry long at a male that had
come to fuck her, or do anything about it, even if she
were still mad. At 10:10 she heard Alexandra squeak.
Charlie was a fast worker. Teresa wasn't really
surprised. Charlie had many weeks' experience of screwing
the older woman. He knew all her hot buttons.

By 10:20 the only sounds from Alexandra's cabin were
periodic little yelps of pleasure. Teresa could only
imagine what Charlie's tongue was doing to Alexandra, but
she obviously liked it. When this was all over Teresa
intended to give Charlie a big reward. Another ten
minutes and Alexandra would be more than ready. Not too
proud to borrow a technique from her adversary, Teresa
checked the tape on her walkman and the battery of the
vibrator and waited.

To be continued

Comments please to Homer Vargas
I would enjoy exchanging ideas about future directions
for this story.


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