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The WOPI Chronicle Part 11


The WOPI Chronicles (MC, Fm, Mf, Ff, preg)
by Homer Vargas
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Chapter 11 Escape from the Island

"I'll kill the blond bitch!" Alexandra's eyed blazed with
anger, although to a casual observer, the conversation
between small, dark young woman and the larger, bottle-
blond older one looked like nothing more than a tete-a-
tete over drinks by the pool of the resort's main hotel.
If they giggled occasionally, well, they were probably
just comparing bedmates from the night before.

"I know how you feel, but as an officer of the law, it's
my duty to advise you against it," Teresa grinned.

"But Claire's ruined my career, taken over my
organization, stolen my man!" Alexandra caught her self.
"I mean ..."

"Don't worry, Alexandra. Everything between David and me
is over. I have my own personal grudges to settle with
Dr. Hillary, however. I don't appreciate her trying to
turn me into an oversexed bimbo any more than you do. But
right now the most important thing is to stop her from
using WOPI in the ways you never dreamed."

"You're right, of course." Alexander shuddered to
remember some of the things Teresa had told her: sexually
enslaved women used as payment to grease the wheels of
international terrorism and the even more terrifying
attempt to plant a dominatrix-mistress in the bed of one
of the holders of a key to the decaying Ukraine atomic
arsenal. "We just have to find Claire's agents here and
deal with them. The regular employees will do what I

"Well, we have one big advantage there," Teresa grinned."

"What's that?"

"They are only men." Both women giggled.


Over the next several days, a number of important men on
the island - the supervisor of the telephone office, the
head of the port, the air traffic controller, the Chief
of Police -- received unexpected and quite pleasant
visits from a sexy little brown woman they had never seen
before. When the visit ended, generally late on the
following day, each was very tired and knew he had a lot
of explaining to do to Ms Milan. Fortunately, Alexandra
had a very convincing manner of letting her wayward
employees know she understood and had forgiven them.

The weekly shuttle between WOPI headquarters and the
island presented more of a problem. There was no way to
know exactly who would be aboard and what loyalties they
had. Alexandra grinned and suggested they take no
chances. When the plane landed and taxied to the tiny air
terminal, passengers and crew were annoyed that some
bureaucratic snafu prevented them from disembarking
immediately. Fortunately the terminal could provide them
with an umbilical hookup to keep the temperature bearable
and the air fresh. Pretty soon the grousing stopped as a
measured amount of N2O fed into the air line had everyone
in a festive mood.

Although it wasn't all that hot in the plane, most of the
women soon felt more comfortable stripping down to just
their panties and heels and not even the Captain objected
that all the air hostesses followed the custom of the
moment. It would have been rather hypocritical of him to
have done so. He had his hands on the hips of the forty-
ish purser who sitting in his lap, his mouth licking her
oversize breasts and his prick buried deep in her pussy.

Although the number of male passengers outnumbered the
women, no one made a fuss since the women were all
willing to entertain one man with a blowjob while riding
another. The only difficulty arose when all the men had
been fucked as many times as they were capable of and
they were snoring. This left the women, especially a few
of the older ones who were just getting started, rather
frustrated. But they, too, were getting pretty sleepy by
then. When the main door was finally opened, only one
woman was not happily snoozing with her face between the
thighs of a pretty partner who was returning the favor.
The exception was the purser who had never made it out of
the pilot's cabin, having fallen asleep in the saddle.


The coordinated takeover of WOPI headquarters went as
smoothly as the changing of the guard at Buckingham
Palace. Alexandra was back from "vacation" to give
instructions to the loyal employees and there were plenty
of NASO operatives to take care of the rather few rogues
in Claire's operation. The only real problem was what to
do with the culprits without calling attention to NASO.

Rutherford didn't like the idea, but Teresa's logic was
unassailable; Women of Power, International as an
organization, with Alexandra as it's head had to
continue. Teresa assured him that Alexandra, having been
a victim of eroto-hypnotism herself would never dabble in
mind control again. The captives who had merely had their
attitudes toward women changed were sent home to very
pleased wives and girlfriends, as earlier captives had
been, with no memory of their abduction. A few had to be
de-programmed to remove their devotion to WOPI as an
organization. The women slaves were found and
rehabilitated. David was sent to a facility to undo his
enslavement to Claire herself.

Most of the WOPI dommes were relatively innocent, as
Alexandra had been, and were rather frightened to learn
that their organization had been partly taken over and
used as it had been. Deep conditioning to try to remove
their ability to manipulate minds was considered, but
rejected as impractical. As someone pointed out, you can
never forget how to ride a bicycle. Most were more than
happy not to be facing criminal charges and to accept
help finding work as psychologists, marriage counselors,
and the like.

That left Claire and the core of her supporters. Everyone
agreed that they should be put away where they could
never cause trouble again. The trouble was where? They
could not be indicted and tried without compromising
secrecy. As usual Teresa came up with an idea that
Rutherford totally opposed. To persuade him she required
a very long session in his office with the door closed.
He had been right about his inability to resist her if
she put her mind to it.


Six weeks later:

"What do you mean you "got me" a full disability pension,
Teresa. I don't WANT a pension. I'm a damn good NASO
operative." David was not happy as he sat on the bed of
in his room of the secret NASO psychological clinic.

Teresa patted his hand reassuringly. "I think so, too,
David, but the psych boys say a vulnerability like yours
to female domination can never be totally overcome. But
look at it this way. You're a brilliant thirty-five with
a lifetime annual income in the six figures. You can do
anything you want: write, teach, start your own security
consulting firm."

"Just as long as you can do it from home," declared a
feminine voice from the door.

"Alexandra!" David looked up in surprise. "What are you
talking about?" Teresa smiled and said nothing.

"I've gotten the tests back. Seems Claire's plan to get
me pregnant on the island was unsuccessful," Alexandra
grinned and sat down on the bed by David.

Now it was Teresa's turn to laugh. "Yeah, and I guess
that's a beach ball you're hiding under your dress?"

Alexandra just beamed. "No. Claire's switching my pills
for placebos was quite effective in getting me knocked up
alright. It just happened BEFORE I went to the island.
Guess who the father is?" Her voice grew softer and she
took David's hand.

Alexandra was beaming at David and Teresa turned to gape
as well. The shocked man could only sputter. "But ... but
I couldn't ... I didn't ...I ..."

"You could and you did, sweetheart," Alexandra chuckled,
placing her lover's hand on her protruding tummy. "I
would have told you sooner, but you were not allowed to
have visitors. So, would you like to come live with this
big old girl you 'got in trouble?'" She kissed him deeply
before he could answer.

David looked at her and paused. A rush of images and
emotions flooded over him as she smiled expectantly.
"Yes, but on my terms," he replied seriously.

Alexandra' face fell, but she persisted. "Anything,
darling. I'll even give up WOPI if you ask me to."

"No, I want you to continue with WOPI. I'm proud of the
way you've re-oriented the organization. I don't want to
interfere with your professional life - too much" he

"Then what?" she asked from curiosity and a little
apprehension. Had she mis-judged him? Maybe all the
conditioning and de-conditioning had changed him. Or he
bore her a grudge for what he had been through. She could
hardly blame him.

"You have to marry me and promise to keep giving me
babies to take care of until you can't have any more!"

Alexandra's shriek of joy almost hurt Teresa's ears. When
she slipped out of the room, Alexandra was still sobbing
for joy in David's arms.


Six months later:

It was mid-morning and Claire was waking up from a nap.
The soft <flop> <flop> <flop> of the slowly turning
ceiling fan kept the warm tropical air moving
comfortably. As most days, Claire woke with the
determination to get off this infernal island with her
trusted lieutenants and resume her plans of world
domination. As with most days, however, she and her
cohorts had more urgent maters to attend to.

"Ricardo, Roberto, Rodrigo, whatever your name is, ven

"Se¤ora?" the slim brown boy smiled when he entered,
having learned long ago to discount Claire's rants.

"Where have you been?" she complained, then softened,
mollified by the large erection she could see in his thin
shorts. "You haven't milked me since daybreak; you know I
don't like to go without that long. Get up here with me
and get to work on my titties!"

"Si, Se¤ora," the boy cheerfully replied dropping his
shorts. A bit awkwardly he clambered onto the bed and
fastened his lips on her engorged breast. His tongue
hardly touched the rock-hard nipple when the warm, sweet
liquid began to spurt into his mouth. As always, it was
hard to keep up for the first minute or two. He
remembered the stupid drinking games he and his friends
used to play. If they could only see him now!

He became aware that his other hand, the one holding the
breast that he was not suckling, was getting slick with
milk that was oozing out in envy of its more fortunate
sister. The flow from the first breast was slackening and
Claire was moaning with relief. He shifter to take the
other breast to his mouth. Claire let out another
contented moan as the second bloated mammary began to
gush its life-giving nectar.

He suckled for several minutes more, but knew he had to
be cautious. Nursing the rich milk from the soft breasts
of this sexy woman always made him drowsy. Claire
wouldn't like it if he went to sleep before finishing the

He felt her tug on his shoulders. Reluctantly he pulled
his lips from her breast. Both nipples were still giving
occasional spurts and the sheets were going to be a
sticky mess, but there was no help for it. "Lista, Sra.

"Oh, God am I ready!" she gasped. "Your working my tits
always makes me so horny. Hurry up, baby, screw me!"

The boy smiled. Nursing her tits, eating her pussy,
bathing her -- everything his did made her horny, he
thought as he started to push apart Claire's chubby legs
for better access to her treasure. Usually she had him
eat her first, but apparently today she was too hot for
more preliminaries. He knee walked closer, trying to aim
his cock at the entrance to her vagina. A yellowish wet
spot on the sheet proclaimed her excitement as did her
ripe aroma.

God, he loved this job!

His first thrust missed. He hadn't been able to get into
proper position; her legs weren't spread far enough

"No, no! Not like that," Claire complained. "Shit! I
guess I'm getting too big for the front door. Help turn
me over," she ordered, pulling up her knees and rolling.
The boy grasped her ample buttocks to stabilize the woman
once she got into the classic doggie position. Risking
her ire at the delay, he paused monetarily to marvel at
this vision of feminine perfection: the moist pink pussy
held open and inviting by her soft white ass pointing
skyward, the twin breasts hanging like ripe melons, still
leaking milk, and the upside-down mountain of a tummy
stretched tight with his baby. His second thrust found
the mark perfectly. He felt her come almost instantly as
his thick brown cock plumbed the depths of the panting
woman's hot, wet box.

God, he loved this job!

One year later:

Carmen had made the transition to life outside WOPI more
successfully than most. Her consulting business, much of
it international, had really taken off. Tonight she was
off to New Delhi for several months. She couldn't be sure
of getting regular sex for who knows how long; she had
become very picky since she married. Better go off with
herself and her husband as well satisfied as possible.

"Mi amor, ven aca, I need you," she called out.

She had removed and folded her blouse and was unhooking
her bra when the young man came in with their three-month
old daughter asleep on his shoulder. His eyes grew wide
with concern. "Oh, no, Carmen! You're not going on
another trip so soon, are you?!" A strange look of
sadness and excitement came over him.

"It's business, Ralph. Besides, sweetie, you knew when I
married you, it wasn't JUST for your child care skills.
You know what I need!" Carmen almost growled with lust.

"Honey. . . er . . , Carmen darling, do you want us ...
You want me to ... make love to you RIGHT NOW?

"Oh, Ralph," she cooed as she slinked closer. "How sweet
of you to think of making love to me, under the
circumstances. Of course not."

A mixture of relief and disappointment flickered across
Ralph's face. Now he was really confused as Carmen
continued approaching him with the same fire in her eye.
Her hands were on the zipper of her skirt and her
magnificent tits were undulating marvelously.

"You can put any thought of making love to me out of your
mind for later, honey. Right now just put Teresita down
in her crib, bend me over this armchair, and fuck the
daylights out of me!" Carmen hissed as she dropped her
skirt. "You can make love to me afterwards."

Later the happy couple were lying in each other's arms
though with Carmen's departure time in mind. Carmen
nibbled Ralph's ear and giggled. "Well, at least THAT
should take care of having to bring you a souvenir from

"Huh?" Ralph asked groggy from just having brought his
wife to several howling climaxes before leaving her pussy
sloshing with his semen. "What do you mean, 'souvenir
from India?'"

"It's sort of like making you buy a gift for yourself,"
she continued teasing and massaging her softening cock.
"I hope you don't think I'm stingy."

Ralph looked at her quizzically. "I don't get it"

"No you don't, at least not yet; I got it." She laughed
mysteriously then took compassion on her sweet, loyal
husband . "Can't you figure it out? I postponed this trip
until I was sure I was fertile again. When you and
Teresita and you see me next in a few months, stud, I'll
be showing."

Two years later, NASO Headquarters:

"I know it's hardly a secret," Rutherford announced
jovially to the assembled employees in the large NASO
auditorium. "I never have been good at keeping secrets,"
he paused and looked around to make sure everyone laughed
at his little joke and continued. "But today I'd like to
announce my retirement from NASO. After twenty-five years
with the agency, I have decided I want to spend more time
with my family and to let Ethyl resume her career." He
pulled the smiling woman at his side closer to him and
gave her a kiss that was far more than perfunctory. An
unscripted titter ran through the audience.

The toddler at her side, the infant sleeping in a
stroller nearby and Ethyl's well-filled maternity dress
showed just how Rutherford had already been spending time
with his family recently. In fact, Teresa had been pretty
much running the agency for the last two years as
Rutherford's infatuation with first one, then two, and
now three of Ethyl's "second crop" pregnancies distracted
him from interest in day-to-day matters at the office.
Everyone knew that Teresa would be named as his


Two years and a few months later:

Charlie looked up at his beautiful wife, his cock slowly
softening. "Wow! I've never been fucked by the head of an
intelligence agency before, he teased.. I think I like

"You'd better, mi amor. I intend to keep you very busy at
it. At that, and other duties," Teresa added

"What other duties?" Charlie asked, not able to think of
anything he wouldn't be happy to do for this bright,
sexy, and almost insatiable woman.

Teresa took a hand from behind her back and held up a
small card with a large blue "plus" sign on it. "I'm
planning to have about ten more of these, stud, and
you're going to take care of 'em."

The End

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corrections for this story.


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