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Archived Sex Stories

The Waterfall


5th story

1) This is a work of fiction. You must not read this if the laws of your
country do not allow you to read erotic works at a certain age. I know
it’s crap but that’s life. We all have to obey rules for the good of
others. It’s called society and on the whole it’s a good thing.

2) I know that it’s hard to stop people using this as they wish to
because of the nature of the Internet. However this is my work
and I want you to respect that please. If you do copy this keep it as it
is. Including this bit.

3) A big thanks to X whom is helping me spell check these stories. My
spelling is awful. I know it. I know you know it. That is.

4) This story is based on an idea by X and wouldn’t have been written
without her idea. So if you rip me off by doing naughty things like
coping? it and taking my name off you will be ripping her off too.
Believe me, you don’t want to do that.

5) You can make remarks to me about this or any other stories I’ve
written at

Please understand that I cannot reply to every letter. But I do read
them and they do help me to feel that writing these stories is

Finally I will be reposting all my stories (the remix versions, i.e.
spell checked), in one album soon, maybe called “Susan’s Greatest
Hits”…or misses.

Read on and enjoy!

It was hot. Very hot. The sun was high, the clouds long gone.

Martin, my boyfriend, and I were sitting by the small waterfall hidden
away along the small river it fed near our hometown. We were just laying
there, on a sand bank type rise, thinking of nothing, looking up through
the trees at the ridge where the waterfall gushed over into the pool
near us.

My name is Susan; I’m 21, with long blonde hair. I have a slim figure,
and small breasts. The boys don’t seem to mind. My boyfriend was 23,
tall, bronzed and well built. He had a mop of blonde hair. I stole him
from the Rocky Horror Show.

Martin was wearing swimming trunks and a loose open shirt. I was in my
bikini, blue, tied at the sides and back. Earlier we had been talking
about sex. He had wanted to know if I had ever had experiences with
other girls. I told him ‘no’, leaving out the odd moments I had been
through at an all girl’s school. It didn’t seem to count. The only thing
I could admit to was touching my friend, Jenny’s breasts, when once we
had been sharing a man together. That had shocked him. I guess despite
our active sex life he had thought me fairly innocent.

Now we lay, side by side, holding hands. At some point he raised up and
looked along the river.

“Hey there’s someone coming.” He shook my hand.

I looked up. “I think it’s a girl.” Whoever it was seemed far away, and
strangely enough, instead of treading the path, was wading along the
river’s edge. She was dressed all in white, with long flowing black
hair. I felt a little annoyed. Today was our off workday. I wanted it to
stay ours.

The figure got closer and we saw it was a woman. I guessed she was about
30. She had a long white cotton dress; I could see a row of buttons
going from her groin to her chest at the front of it. She seemed to be
totally wet, the dress clinging and hugging her figure. I looked at
Martin. He had noticed. Turning back to her I took more detail in. She
had a good figure, and the dress was soaked. It clung to all the right
places. I realised she looked sexier like that than had she been wearing
sexy under wear. In fact apart from a thin pair of pants she seemed to
have nothing else on. I could see the dress hugging her breasts, flowing
between them, stretching over them.

I turned to Martin, “A dream?”

He laughed, “Sorry…yes a dream.”

She was closer now. Her face was attractive, dark, like an Italian. Her
eyes were brown or at least dark. Her hair hung around, straggled and
wet, it added to her sex appeal…that and the wet dress.

“Hi,” she said

“Hello.” I smiled.

“I’m not disturbing you am I?” She asked.

I looked at Martin and could see part of him was being disturbed. “No.”

“I used to come here when I was a kid,” she told us. “Used to stand
under the water fall. Thought I’d do that today.”


She smiled and waded out a little towards the gushing water. Martin
watched every movement as her hips slid from side to side. “Try not to
break your neck Martin.” I warned him.

She was near the waterfall when she called out for us to join her.
Martin didn’t. And to this day I don’t know why I did. I waded through
the swirling water to where she was standing. I guess it was then that I
realised I found her attractive. Something about the way her hair hung
around her face and shoulders, the way the dress clung to her full but
firm breasts, the way her hips moved as she swayed in the water. I felt
I wanted to touch her, to reach out, stroke her, caress her.

She moved under the waterfall, the water pouring all over her. She
laughed loudly, shaking her head, lolling back. Then she returned to
where I was standing. We talked for a while, then she suddenly said,
“You’re lucky. He’s very sexy.”

I looked at Martin who was watching from the shore. “Sometimes you’re
right…not always.”

She laughed. “I’m sure those sometime are worth the rest.”

Our eyes met, and I don’t know why, but then I just looked at her
breasts. And I looked. And I didn’t look back up. I suddenly realised I
was staring and she knew. She was standing two feet away! I shook my
head. “I’m sorry…it’s the heat…I was lost somewhere.”

She spoke softly, I could only just hear above the water’s roar. “It’s
ok. You can touch them if you like.”

It took a minute. “What did you say?”

“You’re right. It’s the heat. I said, ‘you can touch them…if you like.’”

I stared. It was unreal. Fifteen minutes ago this woman didn’t exist. We
were out in the country. I couldn’t believe what she had said. I wasn’t
sure if I was angry or if I wanted to laugh. I stared straight at her.
She smiled; her eyes flitting down to my bikini top…then ever so slowly
she raised them back to me. Before I knew what I was doing I slowly
reached out and brushed the under side of her left breast.
I don’t know what Martin did. Maybe have a fit or what, but I didn’t
care. I felt strange. I felt horny. I didn’t know what I felt. It just
seemed right.

My hand stayed there and then moved upwards. I felt the nipple, hard,
brush against my finger and then slip under my palm. I cupped her
breasts. She leaned forward, took my head between her hands. Her eyes
held mine. Her lips parted a little and then suddenly her tongue slid
past my lips and into my mouth.

I heard Martin wading up behind me. Her tongue caressed mine slowly and
softly. I had never kissed a woman like this before. Her tongue was so
smooth, so soft. My hand stayed cupping her breast, squeezing it
slightly. I heard Martin say something, but all I can remember was it
sounded like encouragement rather then anger. Then his hands went
around my waist.

“Sue, is everything ok.” He asked.

I pulled my head away from this woman, my eyes not daring to look at
his. “Yes.” I muttered.

“Would you like to join. I think Sue would be happier.” She said,
adding, “Wouldn’t you Sue.”

I nodded.

Martin seemed at a loss. The woman gently turned me around so I was
facing Martin. Then I felt her hands pull the string from my
bikini top. Her hands swept around my sides and
up under the bikini, cupping both my breasts. She let the nipples out
through her fingers and looked at Martin. “Suck them.” She told him

Wild eyed but happy he leant his face towards my chest. I felt his mouth
cover her fingers and my nipple, and his tongue shoot out to lick around
it before he sucked into his mouth. My head lolled back on to her
shoulder. With her chin she made it clear she wanted me to turn my head
towards her. I did and she kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue
pushing past my lips, caressing and playing with mine. I reached behind
me and felt her hip. I moved to her front, pushing my fingers between
her legs and started to rub back and forth.

Her kiss became more intense. I felt our teeth knock as her head moved
around on my lips. Her tongue was deep in my mouth. Her hands mauled my
breasts while Martin sucked on one of them for dear life. I felt my
bikini slide down. Martin tugged at it and I never saw it again. I
suppose like us it just floated away. (here it falls, see above) :-)

She pulled away from me and then knelt down in the water behind me. It
was only about a foot deep where we were standing. The roar of the
waterfall was loud and spray drenched us. I felt her fingers untie the
strings of my bikini bottom on my hips, and then that too fell down
around my
legs into the water. I felt her mouth close over my back and move down
to my bottom. She licked and sucked one cheek before licking the backs
of my legs. At the same time one hand moved to my pussy and fingered it
from the front. Her other hand was rubbing Martin’s swimming trunks. I
glanced down and could see he was rock hard already. I pulled his head
up and kissed him wildly. He almost fell backwards at the force of it.

I could feel the woman’s tongue push between my legs. Long hard licks at
my pussy while from the front her finger found that special place and
was rubbing me there. I couldn’t kiss Martin any more. It was so
intense. I was biting my lip. My eyes were closed. My body shaking a

Suddenly Martin dropped to his knees and started to lick at my pussy
from the front. It was unreal. I had never known anything like it. The
woman took her hand away so Martin’s tongue could lick at my clit. It
was getting difficult to stand. I had never believed I could feel like
this. I steadied myself by holding on to their heads…within seconds I
could feel the build up and then suddenly I was there.

I have never cum so quickly in my life. It just flushed through me. I
was panting and moaning and almost crying. Finally I had to tell them
to stop.

Martin looked up at me and stood up. She stayed where she was. I saw
her hands reach for his trunks and then start to feel around them.
Finally she moved forward and tugged them down in one go to his knees.
His 6-inch cock sprang free, pointing upwards and outwards. She held it
in both hands with her fingers and then pulled the skin back from the
head. Her mouth moved forward and just engulfed it in one go. No playing
around, just straight in. I could see her suck her cheeks in; she was
really sucking at it. Martin held her head and looked at me. I just
nodded. I didn’t mind anymore.

Her hands held his cock straight out in front of him while her head
moved back and forth over it. I sat down in the water to watch. She
gestured me closer. Crawling over to her she offered the cock to my
mouth. I struck my tongue out, licking at the wet cock head. I let my
tongue tease the eye and then ran it around the head a couple of times.
Then opening my mouth I plunged it over the shaft letting his cock ram
into the roof of my mouth. The woman fondled his balls with one hand and
my breast with the other. I started to move my head back and forth along
his cock. He had reached down now and was cupping her breasts. Her hand
squeezed and played with his balls. She then moved close to me and stuck
her tongue out to lick along the shaft near the base. We then started to
kiss his cock together, biting, sucking and licking at it. Martin must
have been in heaven.

She stood up and lifted her dress over her shoulders and then peeled her
pants down. She looked beautiful. Her skin all shiny from the water.
Her breasts firmly standing proud. She asked Martin to sit in the water.
I sat back and he did as he was told. She looked at me and again I
nodded. Standing over him she lowered herself down. I saw her hips go
into the water over his cock. His head went back and I knew his cock had
slipped inside her. She begun to thrust around in the water, up and
down, side to side, forwards and backwards. Martin didn’t know what had
hit him. I reached to her breasts and let them brush my hands as she
moved. She craned her head to mine and we kissed deeply.

She did this for about four minutes then suddenly sprang up, stepped
towards him then just smothered his face with her pussy. I saw her hands
reach behind her and clench her bottom to him. I could see the underside
of his chin under her legs as his mouth and tongue ate into her.

The top of his cock was pointing out the water so I hovered above it, my
tongue lapping at the cock head, licking around it.

Suddenly it was her turn to shudder and shake. She yelled loudly, and
then grabbed his head with both hands and forced him into her. I saw her
bottom clench as she came. I stroked it whilst I kissed it. For nearly a
minute she shook uncontrollably before finally stepping back and
sitting down in the water. She started to laugh.

Martin stood up and began to wank his cock. I could see he was close. I
crawled over and opened my mouth. The woman saw this and did the same.
tongue licked the side of my face and we started to kiss. This was too
much for Martin who started to grunt and then shot a wad of cum out. It
hit me above my mouth and dropped straight on to our tongues. She licked
around my lips, pushing some of the cum around my face, sucking some of
it into her mouth. She pulled away and engulfed his cock head, just as
her mouth closed over it I saw him shoot a second wad straight into her
mouth. Like my bikini top, I never saw that again either. She swallowed
it straight down. She held his cock in her mouth and I saw it tense for
a third load. Then she pulled her mouth back. I grabbed his shaft and
pointed it straight at my mouth. The fourth, and final spurt shot out
hitting my tongue hard and swirled around my mouth. I closed my lips
over his cock head to wipe away the drip at the end of the eye before
pulling off him.

The cum was still in my mouth, and before I could do anything the woman
held my head and forced her open mouth on to me. I felt her tongue ram
my mouth and caress my teeth and tongue, the cum swirling around
exchanging between our mouths. We kissed long and harder and somewhere
in there during that time the cum slowly dissolved until we broke from
each other. No cum to swallow.

Martin looked down at our cum drenched faces. He smiled.

For a few minutes we just sat there. The woman got up and looked around
for her dress. It was snagged against some rocks. She walked over to it.
“I have to go now.” She said.

“Wait!” I called out. “Who are you.”

She smiled. My name begins with ‘X’. I’m at the hotel by the lake. I’ll
tell you the second letter next time we meet.”

With that she turned and walked back along the river. Her hand suddenly
up above her shoulder, and her fingers wiggled a goodbye.

Martin looked at me. “Was she a friend of yours. I mean you have met her
before. You do know her?”

“Yes.” I lied.



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