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The Wedding Fiasco


The Wedding Fiasco {John Jabbin} {MF rape}

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The Wedding Fiasco
I can't believe I let this happen! How could I have
been so naive, so trusting? How is it that just one
simple decision could have made my life such a
nightmare? God, I feel so used, so ashamed!

It started out as a weekend like any other except that
Andy, my new husband, was out of town on business for
the first time since we had been married. It was the
same weekend that Leslie from work was getting married
and I remember thinking how sad it would be that Andy
didn't get to come to the first wedding I had attended
since our own. In the church, I cried thinking about my
wedding and how wonderful it had been -- and what
a wonderful husband Andy had turned out to be.

Then I went to the reception and enjoyed myself too
much. What was I to do for the rest of the day? Andy
was gone and I really didn't want to go back to the
house by myself. So I stayed and danced and drank too

There was this guy there named Steve. He was a
relative of Leslie, for God's sake! He seemed so nice
and sweet at first.

He looked dashing in his blue blazer and tan pants. He
was dressed nicely and had a good build. God help me
but I actually thought he was handsome with his sandy
hair and boyish charm. I remember thinking that all
the other women would be envious that he was spending
time with me.

We danced together. He flirted a little. At first it
felt nice. No one's really flirted with me for a while
now. But I told him I was married -- happily married --
and he didn't seem to have a problem with that. We
danced with other people, but we always ended up talking
somehow. He seemed like such a nice, charming guy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Sam ... dude ... I got to tell you about this bitch I
rode last weekend. I'm talking about a fine piece of
pussy here, not like the skeezers you used to hang out

"I went to another fucking wedding! Damn, my family
has more fucking weddings. Usually I hate them, but
it's hard to turn down free booze and there's almost
always a cousin or two I can talk into a quick blowjob
in the parking lot. I know the dirt on all those
bitches and I've fucked most of them more than once.

"I was all set to settle on a hummer from cousin
Rhonda when I saw this fresh bitch dancing and having
a good time. Sam ... dude ... she was fine, man! Her
name was Lori and she was about 5'5", with blue eyes
and long brown hair. She had small tits, but man, she
had gorgeous legs and a nice ass.

"And this bitch was out trolling for cock and I don't
think she even knew it. I was suave with her, dude. I
was playing Mr. Nice, you know, 'May I get you some
more champagne, Lori,' and 'Would you care for another
dance, Lori,' or 'Would you mind ever so much bending
over so I could fuck you in the ass, Lori.'

"Oh, dude, this bitch was eating it up. I thought she
was gonna drop on her knees right there and suck my
cock, man. But we were cool. I waited until she was
liquored up to make my move."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He seemed like such a nice guy. He really did. Why
didn't I see through it? He must have been playing me
for a fool the whole time. Even when we walked out to
my car together, he seemed so kind and considerate. He
asked me if I was okay to drive home and I told him I
was. But then I tripped a little in the parking lot
and Steve caught me before I fell. From then on he
insisted that he drive me home.

I know now it was a stupid thing to do. At the time,
all I could think about was that I could do worse than
having a nice, handsome guy see me safely home. What a
fool I was! What an awesome, bloody fool!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I probably would have settled for a quick fuck in the
back seat of her car if she had offered, man. The
bitch had me wound up tight by that time.

"But I was thinking the whole time, I have the shit
you had given me two weeks ago still in my pocket,
man. Shit yea, I hadn't had a chance to use it since
we pulled that trick on your sister. I still dream
about that night, man. You are so lucky to have a
steady ass to ride like that one.

"So I figure, why not put this shit to good use. I
mean, this is some prime pussy and she was out on the
prowl for dick while her ol' man was gone. Is she really
gonna tell anybody that she fucked around while he was gone?
She was a fuckin' newlywed! Like she's gonna tell
anyone she spent an afternoon being humped by a guy
she never met before. This wasn't a common whore, Sam.
This was a sweet, naive little bitch that probably
never had an ass fucking in her life, man.

"That's what made it so sweet!

"So, we're walking out to her car and I trip the
bitch. She was so wasted she didn't even see me do
it. I caught her before she fell and got a free feel
of her ass while I was doing it. It was righteous
man, you should have seen it. Then it was just a
matter of nicely convincing her that she was in no
shape to drive home.

"The bitch gave in way too easy. That's when I knew
she was hungry for it, man! She was practically
drooling on my cock already!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I never should have invited him in. I see that now,
but he had driven me home. He had to call a cab. It
seemed like such an innocent thing. He asked if I had
anything to drink. I was just going to have one drink
with him as he waited for his cab. That was it. Just

He sat in the living room as I made the drinks in the
kitchen. When I brought them in and set them down, he
asked if I had a phone book so he could look up the
phone number for a cab company. I was only gone for a
minute. Even though he had been acting like a
gentleman, it didn't feel right to be here alone with
him. I wanted him to call a cab and be gone.

I brought back the phone book and the cordless phone.
Steve thanked me for the drink and said it was
delicious. I picked up mine from the coffee table and
drank it as we talked. He was looking in the phone
book the whole time, but he didn't seem in a hurry. He
told me stories about Leslie from years ago. I hadn't
known Leslie used to be so wild, but apparently there
was more to her than I realized. Some of the stories
began to get quite risque and I grew more and more
uncomfortable with being alone with Steve.

He started telling this long,involved story about
going to a mall with Leslie and a few of his male
cousins. Leslie was wearing a short skirt and somehow
they convinced her to take off her panties and ride up
the escalator in front of them.

I tried to tell Steve I didn't want to hear anymore. I
felt flush and I couldn't seem to think clearly. I
tried to stand up. I don't know if I was reaching for
the phone or to go lie down. I almost fell and Steve
caught me and helped me onto the couch.

I felt woozy, like I was in a dream. I felt his hands
on me. He was laughing at me. I didn't understand what
was happening. I tried to make him quit. I tried to
tell him to stop. It was like my body wasn't working
right. It was like I was swimming through fog. A thick
white fog.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"She invited me in, man, and I asked her to fix us
some drinks. While she was playing wifey in the
kitchen, I had a chance to look around. This Andy
fella had it made, I tell you. He has a sweet cunt
like Lori and a nice place. She had the house all nice
and decorated. A regular fuckin' newlywed cottage.

"She came back with the drinks, as sweet as Donna
fuckin' Reed, man. Her ass was movin' sweet and I
couldn't wait to get my hands on her. She sat the
drinks down and I asked her for a phone book. I had
already made sure there wasn't one in the living room.
While she was gone I slipped the roofie in her drink
just like we did with your sister, Sam.

"When she came back and started drinking her drink, I
thought I'd cum in my pants every time she took a sip.
Man, this bitch was making me hard. She wanted to talk
about Leslie, my fucking slut of a cousin. Leslie
plays straight now that she's got a job and a new
husband, but she was fucking us when she was thirteen.
She was a wild bitch back then and would do anything
on a dare. I don't know how many times Leslie's given
me a quick blow or let me pull up her skirt for a
quick feel. If this bitch was such good friends with
Leslie, I probably didn't even need the roofies.

"And you know what, Sam, I'm not even sure that they
worked on her all that much. First of all, I think she
was hot to fuck anyway. I think probably half of her
acting dopey was bogus. They sure hit her quicker than
they did your sister. We were talking one minute, then
the next she was acting loopy.

"I helped her to the sofa, putting my hands all over
her ass as we went. This bitch had a nice ass, too. It
was solid and firm. She fell back hard on the sofa
like she was woozy. I took her face in my hands and
looked in her eyes. They were all glazed over and
unfocused, like when a bitch is so fucked up with
booze or drugs that you can do almost anything to her.
Man, that's a sweet sight, ain't it, Sam? Knowing you
have this bitch right where you want her and you can
do anything you want to her ass. Sweet!

"I was laughing my ass off, man. You should have heard
her. She was all, 'What's happening? Please stop.
Please stop!' Fuckin' delicious man. Every time I'd
reached out to grab her, she'd try to slap my hands
away. But it was like she was swimming in slow motion.

"She had on a nice dress. I pushed her back on the
couch and ran both my hands up her skirt. Man, ain't
that sweet, running your hands up the skirt of a
classy bitch like that? Don't ya just want to push
them all over and run your hands up their fuckin'
skirt and take control of their frigid cunts. I
reached up and grabbed her pantyhose and everything
and pulled all that shit off of her. I fuckin' hate
pantyhose. No bitch of mine is ever gonna wear that
shit. You can't get at their cunts fast enough with
that shit on.

"Black silky panties, man. That's what she had been
wearing. Any bitch that wears black panties is just
begging to be fucked. Just wear a fuckin' mattress on
your back! They were crusty too. I took those crusty
fuckin' panties and rubbed them under the bitch's
nose, taunting her with her own cummy panties.

"She had me hard as a rock, I don't mind telling you.
So I pulled her lower on the couch and spread her legs
out. I didn't even take her dress off, man, or my
pants. I just whipped it out of the zip. She was
squirming around but she was fucked up. It was easy to
spread her out and dick her hard.

"Lori was a sweet fuck, man, I'll tell you that. She
was tight, fuck she was tight. Probably because she
was dry. I had to work to screw this bitch the first
time, but I was so hot for her I didn't give a shit. I
knew that after I dumped a load in her that the second
time around would be sweeter, eh Sam? No better cure
for a dry cunt than a cum dump, eh bud?

"You should have heard her moaning, Sam. I've fucked
chicks that were so fucked up that they didn't even
move. This chick was sweeter than that. She was fucked
up but her head was rolling around, she was moaning
hard, and she was squirming underneath me like she was
trying to get away but couldn't. Fucking fantastic
piece of ass, man. I pumped that bitch so full of cum
she was choking on it!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He wouldn't stop. I couldn't get away. The fog kept
swirling and I kept going in and out of consciousness.
Sometimes I could see him on top of me; I could feel
him inside of me, hurting me. I still see him in my
dreams at night, in my nightmares.

No matter what I did I couldn't get away. I screamed
inside. Nothing came out. I tried to scratch and hit
him. My fists bounded off him uselessly.

Even as he raped me, all I could think about was what
I was going to tell Andy. How was I going to explain to
him why I had let this animal into our lives?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"The only reason I got off of her was to pull off my
pants and to pull up her dress higher. My dick wanted
back in so bad I didn't even lose my boner. That first
fuck was over too quick, if you know what I mean. Now
that the heat was off, I just wanted to toy with her.

"I fucked her again, slower this time, but harder too.
Have you ever tongued a bitch while she was trying to
resist your kiss? Very nice! Then I pulled her head
back and looked into her eyes. It was like she wasn't
hardly there, man. It was like fucking a life-sized
flesh puppet. Absolute control, mother-fucker. It's
the first time I've ever felt like that with a bitch.
She was awake and moving and moaning, but I still had
absolute control.

"So you know I had to do it. You know what I love. I
flipped that bitch over and fucked her in the ass
good. I was brutal with her ass, too. There was no
reason to hold back.

"What a sweet ass to fuck! I think she was cherry.
Every now and then she'd squeeze down on it, but that
just made it feel better. She couldn't really resist
me. That's what made it nice. As I rocked her back and
forth, I could slap her ass and reach underneath and
really yank on her tits.

"But it was her ass I was in love with. When you have
a bitch turned over and you're plowing into her ass, you
own her. She may be married to this other guy, but for
about three hours that day she was mine. I owned her
ass. Literally. And I used the bitch up.

"After I had cum on her ass, I shoved my dick in her
mouth. That was pretty cool. It was all slimy with my
cum and smeared with her shit. I still shoved it in
her mouth. I'm glad I had kissed the bitch before,
'cause I sure wasn't gonna kiss her after that, eh

"You know what I did after that? You're not gonna
believe this shit. I got something to eat. That's what
I did! No shit! I raided her icebox, got a beer and
some coldcuts, and ate as I looked at her moaning on
the couch. The bitch never shut up.

"Actually, it was cool to listen to her, Sam. I never
heard a bitch moan that long. As I sat there listening
to her, I started getting hard again just listening to
her moan. You think that's weird, Sam? Is it strange
to just sit there and get a boner listening to her

"It got me going, so I fucked her again. It only
seemed to get better. The longer I used her, the
harder I did her, the more I enjoyed it. It's sick I
know. It felt really whacked out at the time. A real
rush. That's what it was, Sam. It was a rush being
able to control her and do anything I wanted.

"She was some other man's wife, but I owned her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hours later I started to come out of it. The house was
dark. I tried to get up, but at first I couldn't. I
had to lay there in the dark, not knowing if that
bastard was gone or not. All I knew is that I hurt.

I hurt everywhere. My head hurt, my arms too and
everything below my waist hurt the worst. I could feel
his semen. The bastard! I could feel that bastard all
over me.

I think that's when I quit feeling. At some point,
when you've felt enough, there's nothing else you can
feel. I was numb. I just lay there, holding my
stomach, wishing it would all go away. Wishing I
didn't have to get up. Wishing he'd come back and kill
me. I just wanted to die.

Somehow I got through that night and the next. When
Andy came home, I tried to be the same, but I think he
knows something is wrong.

It's hard, especially when he wants to make love. I
know it's not him, but every time I feel a man touch
me, I think it's Steve. I can't tell Andy. He'd never
believe me if I tell him that I invited someone home
after a wedding. Andy has a streak of jealousy. He'd
never forgive me if he knew that on his first trip
away from home I brought another man into his house.

Two weeks ago, I missed my period. Today, the home
pregnancy test confirmed it. Andy has to go out of
town again on a trip soon. I may have to get an
abortion while he's gone. I can't stand the thought
being made pregnant by the man that raped me. I'm not
that strong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"So Sam ... dude ...I'm telling you, we can do this.
We can get away with it. After I was done with her, I
went through her shit. I found an extra key to her
place. It had a fuckin' label on it, man. And get this
shit. Cousin Leslie happened to mention in
conversation that Lori's ol' man is going on another
business trip.

"We can do this, Sam. She didn't tell anybody the
first time. She won't tell anybody this time. We can
go in masks or something. I don't give a shit. I just
got to have this bitch again. I'm telling you, it's
prime pussy!"


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