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The Weekend

This is a work of erotic fiction. This work may contain description of
sexual intercourse between consenting adults, non-consenting adults, adults
and children (both consensual and non-consensual). If you are turned off
but such works, leave now.

The author, bentspoon, exerts his rights over this work and wishes to be
known as the owner of this piece of literature. You are free to read and
distribute his works provided it is clearly mentioned on all copies that he
is the author of the work.

The author maybe contacted at bentspoon@excite.com for clarifications
and comments.

If you are still here I guess you really want to read, welcome aboard.


The Long Weekend

Lucy watched the door close behind the man who called himself Charles.
She slumped to her knees and began to weep. Her tears flowed off her
cheeks and formed a dark spot on the carpet. Her tears were less for the
humiliation of being raped and more because she had orgasmed. Again and
again as the three men had used her and abused her she had felt her juices
flowing like a torrent. Even worse, the men had discovered it and had
taunted and teased her about her state of arousal.

She stumbled to her feet and made her way to her bedroom. The entire
house reeked of sex. Smells of the men and her arousal enveloped her. The
smells kept her lubricated. She opened her closet, took out her dildo and
lay down on the bed. She slipped it into her, not a difficult task since
she was slick from her flowing juices and the cum of the men. She turned
the dildo on and her mind wandered to Sunday evening.

It promised to be a very boring weekend. Her husband was leaving out of
town and she faced the prospect of a long weekend. Tom had surprised her
with a dildo. He said it was to keep her from being naughty while was
away, he needn't have bothered.

On her way back from the airport she stopped off at a pub to have a
couple of drinks before heading for home, a lonely home. As she was into
her second drink a huge black man came up to her table and asked if he
could join her. She smiled as she held up her hand and showed him her
wedding ring.

The man backed off to the bar. She noticed that he had two more men with him, one black and one white. They all looked like truck drivers and
were having a good time. Time and again their gaze would turn to her and
after a while it started making her uncomfortable. She paid for the drinks
and left.

She drove home and began to cook dinner when the doorbell rang. She
opened the door to find the three men from the bar at her doorstep.

"Yes?" she asked them.

"We hear you are all alone for the weekend honey. Thought it was
terrible for a husband to leave such a pretty lady alone. So we are here
to keep you company", as he said this the three of them pushed their way
into the house and even before she could react the man had a knife at her

He came close to her ears and said, "Now listen good honey. It doesn't
take much to run this across your throat. One false move, even if it ain't
one and I just feel it is, I will not hesitate to use this baby.

She nodded her head too scared to open her mouth.

"I'm Charles, this here is Tim" he said pointing to the white man. "And
that is Robbie."

She looked at the men as he pointed to them.

"What's cooking?" he asked.

"Macaroni" she answered.

"Well honey you got guests, very hungry guests, so why don't you pop
some more macaroni in?" he asked.

She nodded and he let go of her head. She scampered to the kitchen and
began to put on some more macaroni. She was shaking with fear and she
almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the hand on her backside. She
turned around and discovered it was Tim, the white.

He smiled a wicked smile and said, "Don't mind me baby. You just keep
on cooking."

She was frozen with fear until he screamed, "I SAID KEEP ON COOKING."

She turned to the cooking table and began cutting the vegetables, he
hands shaking and making it difficult for her to do anything properly. His
hands squeezed and caressed her ass cheeks, to her chagrin she realized
that she was actually enjoying it. She felt him begin to lift her skirt
and she whispered "No, please."

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back till her ears were at his
lips. He took her lobe and sucked on it for a while. Then he said, "Baby,
you wanna live through this? There is only one way, donít say no. It is a
sure shot death ticket. Take that piece of advice from me." Then he let go
of her hair. She held on to the table for support as she felt the skirt
being raised and then his hand making its way into her panties. He
continued to caress her. She clung on to the table top.

"Why aren't you cutting the damn fucking vegetable? Who asked you to
stop?" he said.

She resumed her work. She felt him pull her panties down. When they
were half way down her thighs he lifted his foot and stepped on them
pushing them to the floor. His foot pulled at the panties and she stepped
out of them. She felt them fall somewhere at the other end of the kitchen.

She felt the cool breeze on her ass cheeks and the warmth beginning to
spread in her lions. It was the last thing she needed, to get aroused.
But she seemed powerless to stop her body from reacting to the situation.

Just then they were joined by Charles and Robbie.

"Hey man! What are you up to? Don't tell us that you have been
troubling the good lady while we've been away!" Charles announced.

"Oh! I see that Lucy here had a really nice backside." He dumped a
paper cover full of booze bottles on the table next to her. She felt his
hand join Tim's on her bottom.

"Mmmm very nice, very nice indeed" he commented.

"C'mon let's settle down as she gets things arranged" he told Tim.

"Hey bitch! Do you have a barmaid's uniform or something close to it?"
he asked her.

She ran through her wardrobe in her mind and said, "Yes, I have a black
dress and a white apron."

"Great! Get in to it and no underwear. Once you are done come serve
our drinks for us" he told her.

She nodded and went into her bedroom. She took off her clothes,
everything and took out the black dress. It was a sexy dress that clung to
her and accentuated her figure. The dress ended quite a good way above her
knees. Her legs, recently cleaned of all traces of hair, looked good
enough to eat.

She looked at herself in the mirror and it told her what she already
knew - that she was a very sexy woman. A woman that men would want.

Her 34 size breasts went well with her trim and lithe figure. She stood
firm and straight, even without a brassiere to hold them up.

She put on a pair of black high-heeled shoes. It lifted her height from
5'5" to 5'7". She then went to the kitchen and put on the white apron.
She then went back into the bedroom to look at herself in the mirror once
again. The effect was stunning. Any man would yearn for her.

She knew that her life depended on playing along with the three thugs in
her living room and she wanted to give them no reason to complain.

She went back into the kitchen laid out the drinks they had brought on
the table. The beer packs she stacked in the refrigerator. She checked if
she had ice, there were a couple of trays not completely full and so she
filled them. She served up some snacks and as she was about to pour the
drinks she realized that she didn't know what each of them wanted. She
grabbed a paper pad from over the refrigerator and a pencil. She stuck the
pencil in her ears and went out into the living room. Before she stepped
out she took a deep breath.

The weekend - II

Lucy strode into the living room, up to the thugs who had made
themselves comfortable in her home.

"Alright what will it be?" she asked.

She took the pencil from her ears and held it in her fingers. As she
waited she chewed one end of the pencil. The men looked at her like she
had hit them with a sledgehammer. For a moment there was silence.

"You do learn fast. I get a feeling you are going to live through this
" Charles told her.

"I'll have a Scotch on the rocks" Charles said.

She scribbled it down.

"A draught of beer for me" quipped in Tim.

"Me too" piped Robbie.

She took down the orders and returned to the kitchen. Once inside she
leaned on the table and took a couple of deep breaths. She felt ashamed
and little. She didn't know if she would be able to carry herself through
the weekend.

She quickly made up the orders and served the snacks. She put them on a
tray and carried them out. The guys were all on the couch. She went to
the table in the center and bent down to place the tray on the table. It
was only after she bent down that she realized that Robbie, who was sitting
behind her, could now see her naked backside. She felt the heat from his
stare on her bare skin. Her juices were flowing freely now.

She poured everybody's drink and began to serve them around. None of
them raised their hands to take the drinks so each time she had to bend low
to give them their drinks. This meant that while she was serving one her
backside was displayed to the other two. Charles was served first, them
Tim and lastly Robbie. After she had finished serving Robbie she began to
leave when Charles called her back. She went and stood in front of him.

He reached under her skirt and ran his fingers over her cunt. She knew
she was caught out. He drew his hand out and remarked, "Gentlemen, we have
a dripper." He raised his wet fingers for all to see and then motioned for
her to sit beside him.

She sucked her juices off his fingers on his bidding and sat there
trembling. They hadn't touched her sexually except for the exploration of
her bottoms in the kitchen and now this. She had never known fear such as

"Shall we unwrap our gift?" Charles asked. His question was answered
with nods and a whistle from Tim.

"Stand up" he commanded her. She stood and faced him.

"Undo the apron" he went on.

She reached behind her back, undid the knot of her apron and took it
off. She dropped it next to her on the floor.

"Now the dress" he said.

She again reached behind her and pulled down the zipped. She took off
her dress and stood naked in front of the men except for her shoes.

Robbie started up some music and wondered how she danced. Charles asked
her to dance for them.

She closed her eyes and let the music envelope her. Then she began to
move. Her body let the music take control. She had willed her mind to
forget that she was naked, that her audience was three men who would rape
her before the weekend was over and that she was alone.

When the music faded out she gyrated to a stop. She was sweating. Her
hair was wet and disheveled. The men held their silence for a while, a
while short while. She had her eyes closed. She waited.

The first sound she heard was that of a zipper being pulled down.

"Come here honey, Big Daddy has some candy for you to suck on" Charles
informed her.

She opened her eyes to look at her first view of an ebony black penis.
It hadn't grown to its entirety that she could tell. But it was already

She went up to him and knelt before him. She held his penis at its base
and pointed it at her lips. There was a faint twitch that told her that he
was extremely aroused.

"The dance must've been really good" she thought to herself.

She lowered her head until her lips remained suspended over the
throbbing, black penis.

She felt Charles tightening up and fighting the urge to push his penis
into her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and licked the drop of precum that
was forming on the tip of his organ. She heard him moan as her tongues
lightly flicked itself over the tip of the sensitive penis.

She spread the sticky fluid over her lips and then generating some
spittle she let it drop on the tight penis in her hand. She watched as the
spittle made is way down the side of the rock hard organ and when it
reached her hands she pushed upward with her fist. She continued to
massage the penis making it slick with her saliva. Then without warning
she swooped down to take it into her mouth. She sucked hard on it,
bouncing her head and maintaining the tempo that her fist had set. She
felt the tip touch the back of her throat. She wanted to gag but something
kept her going, not allowing her to slow down.

She felt herself being pulled to her knees. She was now on all fours.
She did not stop sucking even when she felt a penis push at the entrance of
her vagina. It happened without her knowledge. Soon she was being banged
on either end by black penis. Tim was sitting beside her and playing with
her nipples.

The groans of pleasure from all three of them filled the room. She
found herself building up to a massive orgasm. Charles groaned as his
penis began to spurt forth thick seed into her mouth she swallowed hard to
keep up with the flow of his juices. The warm liquid filled her mouth and
she could feel some of it trickling off the edges of her lips. As she
swallowed she felt her orgasm beginning to build. It came like a wave and
hit her like a physical punch in the stomach. She tightened her vagina muscles to release the ache in her. The action pushed Robbie over the edge
and he filled her with his seed. She felt the warm seed flow through her
insides like a river in spate.

Charles fell back on the couch and Robbie to the floor. She slumped to
the ground and turned over so she was on her back with her legs spread side
open. She could feel remnants of Charles' sperm on her cheeks and Robbie's
flowing out of her cunt. She also felt a shadow fall across her eyes. She
opened her eyes to see Tim towering over her undoing his pants. She
groaned inwardly but she also knew that she had no say in the issue.

He knelt between her legs and took her in the missionary position. He
didn't find it very difficult to go in all the way on the first try since
her cunt was nice and slick with Robbie's cum. She felt his breath on her
shoulder as he began to pound at her body. Each thrust forced the air out
of her and left her gasping. Before she would be able to take another
lungful the next thrust would come leaving her gasping again.

She had just had a huge orgasm and Tim's uncaring thrusts were hard to
take but she didn't have a choice. She lay there allowing him to ravage
her already ravaged body. He kept pounding and she was impressed by his
strength and stamina. As she became aware of his prowess she found herself
getting turned on and her body began to try and match time with his

Moans began to escape her and his thrusting became more frenzied.
Suddenly the entire world disappeared and it was just the two of them,
riding each other. Their sweat covered bodies slapping against each other.
Someone could have drop a nitrogen bomb in there and the two of them would
have continued without breaking step.

She could feel him completely, his feet on her feet. His stomach that
came attached itself to her and then broke away with a smacking sound. His
drink laden breath, which strangely turned her on. His balls banging into
her at the end of each thrust. She had never experienced such a heightened
awareness of her partner in bed before.

His thrusts were no longer regulated. As he approached his orgasm he
wildly banged into her spurring his sperm out of him. The intensity of his
excitement brought her to the brink of her own release. As the first warm
strings of his sperm escaped into her she contracted her muscles in an
orgasm of her own. The tightening of the muscles made his sperm shoot hard
into her. As they both let their personal orgasms overtake them she
thought to herself, "If this doesn't get me impregnated I don't know what

He collapsed over her, exhausted. Their bodies made slippery by their
sweat. He kissed her hard on her lips and rolled off into a deep sleep.
She raised herself on her elbows. She noticed that both the others had
passed out too. She looked between her legs and watched Tim's sperm flow
out onto the carpet under her. She lay back and wondered if she should
call 911.

The weekend - III

She opened her eyes to the morning light. Her first sensation was one
of relief. She couldn't believe the nightmare she had dreamt - she was
being raped. It had been both wonderful and terrible at the same time.
She tried to roll over and she could not. It hadn't been a dream. She was
lying in her bed, eagle spread. Her arms and legs were tied to the
bedposts. Panic began to overtake her.

"Hey baby! Were you tired out. Three fucks this morning without waking
up! That is something" Charles said.

She was horrified. She had been fucked thrice and she hadn't been aware
of it.

The others came into the room and suddenly her large bedroom looked very
small. Tim came to her side and undid the knots that held her. He lay
down next to her and told her to get on top of him. He lay with his head
to the foot of the bed. She got up and impaled herself on his already hard
organ. The morning deposits of sperm had left her wet and ready for easy
entry. She lay down on him and began to move over him.

Robbie came to the foot of the bed, his penis pointing at her. She
reached up with one hand and began to masturbate him. She pulled him
closer and took him in her mouth. She thought to herself, "This position
is perfect for Charles to fuck me in the ass."

She hadn't finished the thought when she felt cream and pressure being
applied to her orifice on the backside. Then she felt the penis at her
entrance. Charles pushed, slowly at first then with more urgency. Slowly
she felt her muscle give way and allow the intruder in. Charles pushed
until he was in all the way.

As Charles was busy at her ass, Tim held her shoulders and kept rocking
her over him. The rocking not only pushed him deeper into her, but also
pushed Charles in and Robbie's penis kept hitting the back of her throat.

The three men now pounded her, all at their own speeds. She found it
difficult to concentrate on all three and decided to enjoy the sensation of
being filled completely. As all the men kept pounding her she felt
feelings that she never knew existed within her. She loved being taken
like a slut and that scared her. But that fear was in the background,
right now all she had was the pleasure of being raped.

Then it happened, all three men began to spew forth their cum into her.
She relaxed and let it happen.

They pulled out and began to dress up.

Charles came to her and said, "You are a good fuck baby. We had a great

Then he turned and walked out.

She wobbled to the door behind them and watched them leave.

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