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The Workout


The Workout (incest, forced m/b)

My dad has a way of making me feel guilty so that I do things I don’t
want to do. Like now, I’m spotting for the asshole as he works out with
his barbells. To him, this will turn into a mano-a-mano thing because as
soon as he is done, he will push my buttons and challenge me to top his
lifts. I not weak but I can’t lift as much as he can and he knows it.
It’s a power thing.

As he lifts, I space him out and the anger seeps in. To begin with, he
is in total denial of my gayness. I hate him most for that. My anger
simmers. I want to control him, own him. To get even with the man who
denied my gayness. Fantasies swirl around my head of how I get even. The
anger builds and builds until...In an instant, I have him bound to the
workout bench, his calves to the legs of the bench, his arms to the barbell
posts, around his waist and under the arms.

“What the fuck, are you doing, shithead” he demanded as he struggled
with the bonds.

“I’m going to fuck you, old man. In fact, you are going to beg me or
you are never getting up” I spat.

“That will be the day, fagot. I screw pussy not fagot assholes.” He
spat back.

We’ll see! I retorted.

Holding his head still, I licked the inside of his ear. “You’re the
fag. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be a cock hungry slut”

“Never” he shouted

Moving to the other ear, I sucked on his earlobe and stick my tongue in
his as far as it would go. I panted into his ear as I fucked his ear with
my tongue. He moaned; I was getting to him.

“Yes, daddy dearest, you know you want my cock. It’s all an act with
you,” sticking my tongue as far in his ear as possible. He moaned again.

Moving to his chest, I attacked his nipple. I bit the nib over and over
again as my hand rubbed his cock thru his shorts. Surprisingly, it wasn’t
limp nor was it erect. I alternated between biting and sucking his nipple.
Lifting my head to see his reaction, I saw that his eyes were shut tight
and a scowl on his lips. He was fighting it but I was getting to him.
Moving to the other nipple, I repeated the process. My hand had slipped
inside his shorts and found his now hardening cock. I jerked him in rhythm
to my nipple sucking.

Moving to his armpit and I gave it a quick lick. I could taste a
combination of sweat and deodorant. I love armpits sucking and it fueled
my lust, mixing with my anger. My hand moved to his balls as I lapped at
his pit. I was focused on licking every part of his pit. I forced myself
away to look at him. The scowl had gone and his eyes had relaxed and he
was breathing heavy. He had given up fighting his bonds, too. Moving my
mouth back to his nipple and my hand back to his cock, I sucked and jerked

“Ready to fuck now, old man?” squeezing his now erect man meat.

He didn’t respond, He tried to hold back a moan but it didn’t work. An
“Oh” escaped his clenched lips. I, again, attacked his nipple with my
lips; With my hands I jerked his rigid cock and tweaked his free nipple.
His breaths got shorter and his moans got more frequent.

I had him primed. It was time to move in for the kill. Stripping his
shorts down to his knees, I engulfed his man pole to the root. He let out
one continuous moan as I sucked up and down on him. My fingers found his
asshole and tickled it. He tried to lift his hips to give me access.
Sucking him down my throat, I tongued his balls. Reversing my actions, I
suctioned, attempting to force his cream into his pole. He was thrashing.

“Ready to beg” I asked, still tickling his asshole.

“No” he moaned even though he was delirious with lust

Taking him back in my mouth, I sucked for all I was worth. I forced my
finger up his ass and fingerfucked him. I thought he was trying to get my
finger out of him but rather struggling to get more. I couldn’t believe
it. My big strong dad was getting off on being fingerfucked.

I asked him again, “Ready to fuck?”

“YES!" His asshole seeking more of my finger.

“Let me hear it?”



FUCK ME!!! I NEED YOUR COCK, FUCK MY ASS” he screamed, rolling his head
back and forth, still wanting more of my finger.

NO! I screamed,


Pulling my finger from his ass, I dropped my shorts.


I gave it to him but not where he expected as I forced my dick into his
mouth. He sucked me like a pro! His cheeks puckered around my dick and
his tongue was everywhere. My dick shot down his throat. He didn’t even
gag.The anger had turned to lust. I mouth fucked him as hard as I could
and he took it all. This made me crazier. Pulling myself from him, I
moved between his legs. I pulled up on his legs and the bindings snapped.
Throwing his legs over my shoulders, I rammed my cock into him, dry.

I fucked him so hard that I thought the bar bell was going to fall off. I
was in heat. My cock, his ass, that’s all I could think about. Pound in,
jerk back, over and over again. His asshole tightened around me and I
fucked him harder! Somewhere along the way, he had snapped the bonds and
was jerking his own meat. Slapping his hands away, I took hold of man pole
and jerked him as I pounded int to his ass. I wasn’t just jerking him; I
was wearing the skin off. His hips bucked faster and harder to get every
inch of me into his gut. With his hands free, he was pinching my nipples,
spurring me on.

My pounding continued, the lust building and building inside my brain. I
was in overdrive, ramming my concrete cock into him again and again.


That did it, forcing his legs off my shoulders and pulling out of him; I
grabbed a handful of hair and literally, threw him to the floor. He landed
on his hands and knees. I mounted him like a dog does his bitch.

“YOU WANT MY COCK, old MAN, HERE IT IS!” I screamed, grabbing his hips
and ramming my cock into his belly. He lowered his head to the floor
giving me better access to his ass. Pounding and ramming, ramming and
pounding. He spread his cheeks to get more of me. He wanted it; I was
going to give it to him. I wanted make him taste my cock in his mouth from
the bottom up. My cock felt like concrete and his ass felt like Jell-O.
Blood appear around his asshole, but I wasn’t going to stop. I would rip
his guts to shreds if I had to. He called himself a bitch; I would make
him MY bitch!

Beside me lay dumbbells with padded round ends. Pulling out of him, I
grabbed one and shoved it deep into his ass and fucked him mercilessly with
it. He screamed but not in agony.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....deeper, shove it deeper!” So I did! ‘Yesssss...” was
his response.

His response got me so hot that I needed release. Moving to his head I
rammed my cock down his throat. I got into a rhythm where I would ram my
cock down his throat as I pulled the dumbbell from his ass stopping just
inside his anus. Then ram the dumbbell back in as I withdrew from his

My brain was about to explode. I rammed the makeshift dildoes so far up
his ass that it completely disappeared. He moaned around my cock and
sucked me harder. The lust in my brain like a fever. I grabbed his head
and mouth fucked him with all my might, shooting my load directly to his
belly. I continued pounding his mouth until I felt the last drops of my
cream leave my dick. I pulled out and his head hit the floor.

Moving back to his ass, I forced my hand up his ass so that i could grab
hold of the dumbbell. I rammed it even further up his gut. This was too
much for him and he shot his own load onto the floor. Pulling the dumbbell
completely out him, I pushed it back in and fucked him lazily as he
continued to spit his seed.

He collapsed on the floor, the dumbbell popping out, covered with his
own shit. Dropping it and standing above him I asked him who he was.

“I’m your bitch” he moaned.

“Who are you?” I asked again

“I’M MY SON’S BITCH” he yelled.

My only response was to piss on him; his head, his back, his ass, his
legs. I was claiming my property and proud of it!

As I pissed a thought occurred to me; What do I do about mom?

(To be continued?)



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