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The pickup


The pickup

Life had worked out OK for me. I got married young. We had a couple of
good kids and off they went to college. They always visit the old man when
they are in town. The marriage didn't make it. No, I wasn't unfaithful
nor was she. My mistress was my career. We had a nice big house and an
apartment in the city so I didn't have to go home during the week. It
sounded good at the time but it made for to many nights away. Of course
this changed things over time. She kept the house and I kept the
apartment. It was closer to my office anyway. We had good sex on the
weekends and I thought that was all it took. Hey I am not crying. What
was most damaged was my Ego. At least neither myself, my ex, or the kids
had to worry about money. We had plenty of that. That was the upside to
my career. I had developed a comfortable routine. Working 12 to 15 hours
a day all week long and I had a standing suite in a local Hotel that
featured a good Bar and restaurant. I almost always managed to pick up
some company on the weekend. They never knew my address or phone number
and I liked it that way. I could afford escorts or Call girls but the
possibility of failure, the competition, made it all the more rewarding.
It was better than just sex it was conquest.

I was sitting at my standard table drinking my second standard drink and
looking over the pool of possibilities. I was strongly considering going
to dinner alone. I just wasn't in the mood for small talk tonight. Just
then a new one walked in. She was a winner for sure. I knew the
competition would be, pardon the pun, stiff. She was a tall strawberry
blonde, Dressed to get a man's attention. Her hair was in a single
ponytail held by a rhinestone clip at the side of her head just behind her
left ear. Tall Black leather Heels with ankle straps and rhinestones
adorned her feet. They led to the longest smoothest set of legs I had seen
in awhile. No hose, and a nice tan. The legs were attached to a heart
shaped ass that was just barely covered by a short black miniskirt. It
came to what I guessed would be the bottom crease of her cheeks. She had
on a silvery semi sheer tie top over what looked like a black leather
Bustier or short top. A nice leather and rhinestone choker matched the
heels and her tiny clutch purse.

Normally I would be right over and offering to buy her a drink but
something about her made me hesitate. She was asking to get picked up,
dressing like that and coming in alone, but she seemed nervous and unsure
of herself. She sat by herself at the bar and brushed off the first guys to give her a shot. I sat there with that feeling that she was somehow out
of place and vaguely familiar. I sat there for most of an hour and watched
her, but not close enough to draw attention, wondering why she looked so
familiar. She managed to slam every guy in the bar. It popped into my
head like magic. I was staring at Julie Westin. My Ex and I divided the
friends when we divorced as well as the money and houses, and the Westin's
went to my ex-wife. It wasn't as if I was close to them. They were
somehow attached through the kids. I think my ex-wife met them when my
daughter was babysitting for them. They started coming to all the required
parties and events and you get the idea. I remember that I thought her
husband was a loud mouth jerk. Julie was normally a very conservative
demure soccer mom. Not this leather wearing hottie in a bar. It came to
me in a flash of brilliance they were playing the old sailor and the
prostitute game or a close variation. He would come strolling in the door
and pick her up and off to a motel room they would go. I felt a little put
out. Why did they have to pick my bar to play their silly games. I got up
and slipped out the side door. I would be a little early for my standard 9
o'clock dinner reservation But I wasn't going to stay here to witness this
stupid game play out.

As I got to the breezeway that led from the hotel and bar to the
restaurant, I saw a group of police cars near the parking lot entrance. I
wandered by the cars being as curios as the next guy. The cops were in the
process of having a car towed away and a very loud obnoxious drunk was
cuffed up and sitting in the back of one of the cruisers. You guessed it.
It was Ray Westin the asshole. It looked like he had gone and gotten
himself arrested for drunk driving or something. I would just as soon not
get involved, but I couldn't leave a woman standing at a bar waiting for
this asshole to rescue her. Her only sin was to marry such a total jerk.

I went back in and walked to the bar. Julie was getting her brush-off
line ready for me when I said hello. I could see the look of embarrassment
and humiliation on her face at being caught dressed like that by someone
she knew. I was trying to be a gentleman and as nicely as I could, I told
her about Ray. The look of embarrassment was quickly replaced by terror.
She ran as fast as her heels would allow to the door but the last cruiser
was on it's way out of the lot as we got there. It was of course following
Julie's car hooked to a tow truck.

Julie burst into tears and ran to the ladies room. I stood there
looking stupid and being stared at by all the other people in the bar.
After a minute I went back to the bar and ordered another pair of drinks.
One for me, and a stiff one for Julie. In a few minutes she came out her
makeup repaired and a brave look on her face. She did accept the drink and
thanked me for being so nice. I asked if she needed a ride somewhere and
she said she would be ok. She told me she had money and could get a cab. I
was about to say goodbye and go to dinner when a made a quick decision. I
looked at her and said. "Julie I have dinner reservations next door. I
would love to have some company. Honestly just dinner and a chance to talk
to a pretty lady nothing else." She looked me in the eye probably
remembering I was divorced and after thinking about it said. " John I
would love to as long as you know I am only having dinner I don't want to
ruin your evening or give you the wrong idea."

Dinner was pleasant and we shared a bottle of white wine. I was
enjoying the view and Julie either didn't realize or didn't care. She was
a beautiful young lady. The top she had on was a sheer metallic top tied
in front and it covered not a bustier but a small satin tie on top. From
the back you saw mostly nude back with just a hint of satin ties to let you
know she had something on. The front was low cut enough to give you a good
view of cleavage. We talked about the divorce and our kids and all kinds
of safe subjects while we ate. The skirt just barely covered her cute
little butt. I was fantasizing about what type of panties she was wearing.
We finally talked about her husband and I could tell she was getting
pissed. It would be his second drunk driving arrest. I asked if she wanted
to call and check on him. She said no let him sit and sober up in jail.
She decided to explain the sex game they were about to play when I told her
it was no big deal. Lots of couples played out their fantasies. She
blushed and said. "Well it was more Ray's fantasy than hers and she felt
silly dressed that way." I told her she was ravishing. She didn't need to
feel silly. I went on to say any man would be proud to have her as a date.
She looked at me and said. "Are you proud?" It was my turn to blush. I
answered her back. " You are an incredibly attractive lady. Of course I
am proud Julie." As I gave her my answer, I reached over and put my hand on
her arm. She didn't pull away but she did blush. Dinner was over and I
asked if I could call her a cab. She told me I probably should but said
she was disappointed about not at least having a few dances. I told her I
would be happy to escort her back to the bar if she wanted to dance. Of
course she told me really I shouldn't. I said to her. "Julie it is only a
friendly trip around the dance floor nothing else." Well she was thinking
about it and not deciding so I took her hand and walked out into the night

She looped her arm through mine and I could feel her soft breast rub my
upper arm. " At least I will be with you so all the others will leave me
alone." I replied. " If you don't want them to I will be your date kinda
so they will keep their distance." We entered the bar and took a small tall
table close to the dance floor. I ordered another round of drinks and Took
Julie onto the floor. She was a marvel to watch. I did my basic required
step so I had a reason to stay close to her but what I did certainly didn't
qualify as dancing. Three songs later we sat for a rest. Julie knocked
off half of her drink and looked like she was having fun for the first time
that night. We talked a few minutes. Julie asked me if I thought the
other guys in the bar were watching her. Of course I told they were. She
held my hand and leaned close enough to whisper. " Ray wanted me not to
wear anything under this top but I just couldn't." The thought of her with
nothing under her cover top gave me an instant erection. I whispered back.
" You should have tried it you would look great and the metallic color and
texture hides the important parts." She looked at me and thought for a
moment. " You really think it wouldn't be to scandalous?" she asked. My
reply was. "Of course not." Julie finished her drink and picked up her
tiny clutch bag and told me she would be right back.

I wondered how this would play out. Julie was definitely getting a
little drunk. I waited for several minutes and then she walked back. As
she walked through the bar she turned many heads. She sat down and I
looked at her flushed face and her erect nipples. "They all looked at me.
My god all of them." She said to me. "Are you sure this isn't to much?" I
scanned her body. I loved the deep cleavage and the sides of her rounded
pert breasts. Her nipples were erect but just barely visible. More like a
shape and a shadow than actual nipples. "Julie you are hot. I love it." I
answered, not really answering. We got up and danced several more dances.
I could tell she was really into it. Her top swayed and her skirt just
barely kept her legal. More men were watching then not and I was with her.
After several dances Julie asked if we could take a walk and cool off.

Out the door into the cool evening breeze we went. It was quiet and
secluded and we were all alone. Julie was on my arm and smiling. She told
me she was having a great time. Maybe Ray getting arrested was a blessing
in disguise. "Are you sure no one can see my nipples John?" Julie asked. I
decided to push a little and slipped a hand over her ribcage under her
breast until the back of my hand pushed her top back and exposed her left
tit to the evening air. " Only if I did something like this." I replied. I
heard a sharp intake of air as her perfect nipple stiffened. I stared as
she held still for several minutes and then she reached up in a
self-conscious manner and tugged her top back over her breast. " I think
you should call me a cab now John." She said to me. "Of course Julie" I
replied. We walked into the lobby to use the courtesy phone and I looked
her in the eye and said. "I have a suite here Julie. Are you sure you
wouldn't like to come up for a last drink?" She just looked at me for a
minute and then said. "Well only one and then I really need to get home."
We headed for the elevator arm in arm.

In the elevator Julie stood very close. I could smell her perfume and
see the hairs on her neck standup when I blew on them. I put my hands on
her hips and she turned to me. I gave her a passionate kiss and she
returned it. We got off the elevator and I unlocked my door. Once inside
I mixed both of us a drink from the courtesy bar and Julie turned on the
radio. We each had a sip and then Julie led me to an armchair and asked me
to sit down. She put down her glass and began to dance. "Ray has always
wanted me to do this." Julie said. " To bad he isn't here to see it" I
said. " Yeah to bad." She danced with rhythm and grace and soon her top
was untied. My hand lingered near my crotch. With her back to me she
slipped off her top all together. I was having a hard time not whipping my
cock out and stroking it. She dropped her top on the bed and twirled. Her
breasts were magnificent. Her nipples were stiff and bright pink. Her
short leather skirt unzipped all the way down one thigh. I was soon to see
the panties I had been fantasizing about. She dropped her skirt and
continued to dance. Her lean athletic frame adorned in rhinestones and
shoes. Her panties were a tiny black thong with matching rhinestones sewed
on. She came to me and continued her dance. I don't know where she
learned to lap dance but she was as good or better as any dancer I had
slipped 20 bucks to. With her back to me and between my spread legs she
flicked at the rhinestones on her hips and the thong came off in her hands.
My God she had some night planned for the stupid asshole that was now
sitting in the county drunk-tank. She turned and leaned on me rubbing her
breasts over my face. She sat in my lap and unbuttoned my pants. My arms
were around her caressing her ass cheeks. I looked between us and could
see a tiny puff of strawberry blonde hair adorning the top of a shiny wet
pussy. She slid to her knees and grasped my now throbbing cock. " This is
what Ray would have had if he could have been here," She said to me. Her
eyes stayed glued to mine as her mouth engulfed me to the root. I could
feel her throat contract and see her eyes water. The soft velvety feeling
of her sliding up and down my shaft was unbelievable. I was about to cum and she sensed it. She stopped and said to me," Please John, not yet.
There is one more thing Ray wanted me to do and I am going to do it with
you." She reached to her clutch purse and picked up a small tube of hand
cream. She squeezed a large dab in the palm of her hand. She stroked me
until I was completely covered in the cool lubricant. She stood and turned
her back to me. Standing between my legs she reached behind and grasped my
cock. Julie bent at the waist and squatted until my greasy cock, guided by
her hand made contact with her cheeks. She stopped and exhaled. This
conservative soccer mom stood in front of me in the nude and with her eyes
half closed moved my cock till she found her tight little pink asshole.
She applied pressure ever so slowly. I sat there paralyzed with amazement
and watched as my throbbing dick slowly disappeared up her perfect heart
shaped ass. When she had impaled herself to the hilt she stopped and let
her anal passage adjust to my intruding cock. She put her hands on my hips
and slowly started the trip back up. As she reached the top she picked up
her right hand and put it in front of herself and applied pressure to her
clit and pussy lips. Julie began lowering herself back down ever so slowly
and she moaned an animal moan. As she came down on me she threw her head
back and her pony-tail whipped my face. I grabbed it as she went back up.
She left her head back and mouth open and her breathing became loader and
more labored. I could feel her fingers through the thin membrane
separating her pussy from her ass. As she fucked herself with her fingers
her knees began to quake and her asshole was twitching and grasping my rock
hard cock. I pulled her down on me by her pony-tail until she hit bottom.
I released the pressure on her hair and she lifted back up rapidly. I
pulled her down and then released again. She looked at me over her should
as best as she could with me holding her hair. Her eyes were glazed over
in lust and passion. I kept increasing the pace and she kept fucking my
dick faster with her asshole. Life went black and I rocked through the
most intense orgasm I ever had. When I finally started breathing I became
aware of Julie settled completely in my lap with me cock still buried in
her rectum. She was gasping and twitching and I knew this wasn't a fake
orgasm. After we recovered I allowed the lady to extricate herself from my
lap. My softening cock came out with an audible pop. Julie went in the
bathroom and cleaned up. She came out half dressed and was picking up her
top when she walked up to me and said "Thank you Bill that was wonderful.
We didn't even cheat on my husband we only explored his fantasies for him."

I went to the bathroom to splash my face with water and wash off my
slimy cock. When I got out Julie was gone. Sitting on the desk, were her
panties and a note. It read

"Dear Bill,

Thank you again for a wonderful evening. I am going to tell Ray all
about the man that picked me up. I will tell him about showing my breasts in public and being fondled by another man. I will tell him about dancing
a strip tease and giving the man my very best blow job. I will even tell
him I let the man that picked me up in the Bar have my ass. Don't worry he
wont believe me. Please keep my panties. If Ray gets arrested for
drinking again I just might call you up and ask you to give them back.

Kisses, Julie"

I wrote myself a note to remember to send an asshole named Ray a case of


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