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Archived Sex Stories

The trouble with Evelyn

This story follows "the trouble with swapping". It is independent of that
tale, but follows a couple of the characters.
I hope what this story lacks in structure, it makes up for in it's hot
scenes. enjoy, and if you do, write me a note if you will. Ace
The trouble with Evelyn; by Ace, 2000
Dear Angela;
I agree, it's time we cleared the air about what happened with Evelyn.

I was hoping we could do this face-to-face when you come to California, but
I can understand how you would want to sort it out first.

I'll start at the beginning; last summer, after graduation, I was working
for my Uncle Joe down at the garage.

Evelyn worked across the street from there, and she used to bring her
Cadillac in regularly for servicing. She dropped it off one morning, that
was the first time I saw her. Well, you know what a fuss Evelyn always
makes of her appearance. I couldn't keep my eyes off her as she walked
through the dingy garage, she looked too clean and well-kept to even be
walking through our place.

I asked one of the other guys who she was.

"Oh, that's Evelyn," Bob told me, "she's running the business across the
street, ever since her husband left her. She's old enough to be your

"I don't care," I told him, "I think she's damned sexy. Why did her husband
leave her?".

"Another woman, I heard. Some young black chick. Whoever it was though, I
bet she didn't have a tighter ass than Evelyn."

She was wearing a cream-colored business outfit; a kind of padded jacket,
and a matching skirt that came halfway down her thighs. She wore really
high heels, a fair amount of jewelry, and you know how perfect her makeup
always is.

I didn't think any more about it that day, until at closing time she came in
again. She caught my eye and gave me a big smile, and I couldn't help but
smile back at her.

I found her exciting, and I thought this was pretty harmless. At that time,
I had been going out with you for three months or so, and I already liked
you a lot. I didn't think a little flirtation with someone like Evelyn
could possibly lead to anything.

I was at the sink washing up, when Joe came up to me, with Evelyn couple of
yards behind him.

"Johnny, can you give Evelyn a ride home on your way? We can't put her car
back together until tomorrow."

I was a little surprised to realize that I was excited by the idea of just
giving Evelyn a ride home. At that stage, I still never imagined it would
go farther, let alone as far as it did. I just thought it was fun to have
such a sexy and totally unattainable woman in my car.

I realize now how outrageously she was flirting with me during the ride. I
had trouble keeping my eyes on the road, she had so much leg showing. And
she kept batting those big blue eyes at me.

When we got to her house, she asked me if I wanted to come in.

"I'm pretty grubby." I told her, "I really need to clean up."

"You can come in and use my shower." She sort of laughed back at me,
challenging me with her eyes.

Well, you know how I can never turn down a challenge. I parked the car and
we went into her house. I was pretty impressed, I'd never been inside a
place like that before. I stripped off in her bathroom, and I intentionally
left the door unlocked. Somewhere, I was pretty sure that what was going to
happen was what was going to happen. Another part of me just couldn't
believe that this was true.

Sure enough, Evelyn walked right in as I turned on the water.

She was still in the same clothes, heels and all. It was strange to be
naked in front of a woman, especially a sexy woman old enough to be my
mother, dressed in a $1000 suit.

"Are you finding everything all right?" She asked me, sitting down the
toilet lid, crossing one stockinged leg over the other.

"Oh yes." I replied, a little bit stupidly.

It was like a kind of adolescent dream, like a fantasy I'd been having for
years but could never even really visualize.

I turned my back partly to her, so that she wouldn't be able to see my
rising hard on.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have the cutest little ass?" She asked

"No, actually, I don't think anybody ever has." I told her.

I didn't turn around at first, but I didn't close the curtain either. I
washed myself, and she sat, straight-backed, her hands folded on her lap,
and watched.

Her brazenness was possibly a little bit contagious, and I turned around so
she could see my hard on bobbing in front of me. That was the point, wasn't

I feel strange going into such detail about this, but it's what you asked
for so specifically, and I expect the same level of disclosure from you!

She held a towel for me as I stepped out of the tub.

"Hold your arms above your head." She told me, and she toweled me off as I
turned slowly around.

She toweled my hard cock, and gripped it through the towel. She didn't
touch it with her bare hand, though.

Without saying anything, she took my hand and led me into the living room.

She sat me down the couch, and took a few steps back.

"What gorgeous hunk of boy you are!" She said, looking down at my naked
body, my hard cock bobbing above my lap.

I felt really self-conscious, and I could feel my cheeks burning, but it was
also very exciting, and I was enjoying myself enough to ignore the

She sat down next to me on the couch, still fully dressed, and took both my
hands in hers. We just sat like that for a minute, looking at each other;
each anticipating what we knew was going to come.

She leaned forward, and we kissed, still holding hands, her still dressed in
that suit.

We kissed for quite a while before she let go of one of my hands, and put
her freed hand on my penis.

It was the first time in my adult life that anybody had done so, and it was
like electricity from my toes to my head. How I wish it was you, Angelica,
that was the first to touch me there! Even while Evelyn stroked my cock and
my body with her fingertips, I was wishing it was you. But you'd told me
that you weren't ready, and Evelyn certainly was. And I'm afraid so was I.

Clumsily, I started to remove her clothes. But she laughed, and standing up
told me; "You'd better let me do that."

She stood in front of me and undressed, slowly and erotically. You know how
Evelyn can be.

When she was naked, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.
"We'll be more comfortable in here." she said.

She lay down on the bed, and I lay on top of her while we kissed and fondled
each other. Finally, she put her hand on my cock, and guided me into her.

The feeling of entering a woman for first time is something I hope to always
remember. She was warm inside, wet and welcoming. I was surprised at the
feeling of her vagina muscles squeezing against me.

And there was a kind of general euphoric feeling, a feeling that I was where
I belonged, where I'd always wanted to be.

I want you to tell me how it was for you, your first sexual experience. I
asked Evelyn once, what it was like for her, but she told me she couldn't

I was quite proud of myself, how long I was able to hold out. And after I
came, I was able to still keep going for quite a while. Evelyn told me that
that older men can't do that.

I guess we made love for an hour or two that first time. I felt like
Superman, the way Evelyn had one orgasm after another. Finally, though, she
had enough.

"What you trying to do to me?" Was what she said, as I recall.

"Can I see you again?" I asked her at the door as I was leaving.

"Oh yes. Definitely." She said, smiling at me the way she does.

I actually had a date with you the following night, it was a Friday. I
badly wanted to make love with you, but didn't I always? You let me down
gently, telling me that you still thought it was too soon. I took you home
around midnight, and I was so randy, I couldn't stand it! So I drove over to
Evelyn's house and rang her doorbell.

She looked surprised to see me; I supposed she would've been surprised to
see anyone at that hour.

She was wearing that blue nightgown, you know the one, it's kind of silky
and clingy.

"Why Johnny," she said to me, "what can I do for you at this hour?"
I just looked into her eyes for a minute, and she smiled. She knew exactly
what she could do for me.

I spent that night with her, and we made love again in the morning before
breakfast. Then we had the first of those "Evelyn talks".

"Johnny," she said to me, looking me strait in the eye, and holding both my
hands, "we've had some great sex, and I'm really flattered that you came
back to see me again last night. I wouldn't mind to have sex with you
again, but I don't want to take advantage of you. I don't want you to fall
in love with me or anything. It might sound silly now, but it's a chemical
thing. If you keep pumping your sperm into me like you have over the last
few days, we'll both have to be careful about falling into an emotional
trap. I like you Johnny, you're already a good lover. I'd like to make you
into a great lover. But with the difference in our ages being what it is,
we have to both remember the limits on our relationship."

I couldn't think of anything to say. Evelyn continued;
"Do you have a girlfriend, Johnny?"

"No" I lied.

"What's her name?" She laughed.

"Angela." I admitted.

"Is she pretty?"


"Do you two have sex?"

"Not yet."

"Was it your first time, with me the other night?"


She looked pleased. "You can be my lover, Johnny. But I want you to keep
seeing this Angela. I want you to love her, and I want you to make love to
me. And I want you to be completely honest with me. I want you to tell me
about your dates with her, I want you to tell me the first time you make
love with her. And until that happens, it will be my pleasure to make you
ready for her. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes" I agreed.

"Do you have a photo of her?" Evelyn asked

I was worried that showing her that picture might make her jealous, but
finally, I showed her the picture I have of you in the bikini on the beach.

She looked at it for quite a while, and she had to admit that you're quite a

"That's what I've been telling you." I told her.

"Why did she keep her hair so short, like a boy?" Evelyn asked of you, "She
would be really gorgeous with longer hair."

"I think Angela looks pretty good just like she is." I told Evelyn.
She laughed, "you're right of course. She has a lovely face, and a great
smile. Big firm tits, too!"

Later on, as I came to know Evelyn better, I wouldn't be surprised at
remarks like that.

"She looks very exotic, is she Hispanic?"

"No," I told her, "her parents are from Iran. Well, her father is, her
mother was."

"The poor girl has no mother?"

She looked really sorry.

"No", I told her.

She looked at the picture little bit more, and then noticed your eyes.
"She has blue eyes?"


"Very striking, black hair and blue eyes." She said.

I like Evelyn a lot. She has a happy disposition; she's good to talk to.
But somehow, she wasn't my girlfriend. That was always only you.

Evelyn was more like a friend, a family member. A strange mixture of
trusted aunt and lover. How could a woman 30 years older than myself be a
girlfriend, anyhow?

I didn't actually realize at first how old Evelyn actually is. I don't know
if it would've made a difference, anyway. Do you know that she's actually
48 years old? She sure doesn't look it.

So that's how it was for the next few weeks. You and I were going out and
having fun, and after I took you home, I'd often go over to Evelyn's place.

She really did seem to like to hear about our dates. She would always grill
me about what had gone on between us physically. She kept your picture,
that one of you smiling in the bikini, in a little frame on the kitchen

She liked to talk to me about her husband as well. I found it rather odd,
she would tell me of her husband, and then I'd tell her of you, and then
we'd have sex together.

She didn't understand why you wouldn't make love to me. She didn't buy the
line that you weren't yet ready.

"That girl looks ready to me. How old is she?"

"Seventeen." I told her

"Seventeen! And she's a virgin?"

"Well, so I'm told."

"Why don't you bring her over here, Johnny. I could make us all some

The idea made me little nervous, she knew all about you, but I had never
told you of her.

"What will I tell her? Who am I supposed to tell her that you are?"
"Oh I don't know, tell her I'm an old friend, a friend of the family."
Anyhow, if you recall, that's exactly what I told you.

I was happy that the dinner went off well, and that you and Evelyn seemed to
like each other so much. I actually felt a bit like the odd man out.

Of course, you must know by now that that phone call that Evelyn got was a
set up. She intentionally left us alone in her house, to give me a chance
to seduce you.

We did get pretty hot on her couch that night, and I was left pretty charged
up. Evelyn defused me later on, when I returned to her place after I took
you home.

I have to go to a class now. I'm going to post this as it is, and I'll
write more when I get back later tonight.
Love and kisses, Johnny
Dear Johnny;
Thank you so much for that outrageously explicit letter! It was more than I
was hoping for. Reading about you and Evelyn in such graphic detail makes me
burn with jealousy, but it also excites me terribly!
There are some things that I need to tell you as well.

The day after our first dinner at Evelyn's house, I went over to see her, to
take up her offer to let me use her computer for my schoolwork.

We started talking, and I found Evelyn to be very charismatic woman. We
also had one of those "Evelyn talks".

She asked a lot about my sexuality, she was fascinated that I was still a
virgin. I was able to talk to her very frankly about sex. I found that
really surprising, as I've never been able to talk about sex with anyone
before Evelyn. Isn't it amazing how far we've all come in the last few

It was clear to me the she really likes you. Of course, I didn't yet know
that your relationship with her was more intimate.

We talked for hours, about every kind of thing. I guess you can say we
bonded. Evelyn wanted me to let you take my virginity. My God, I can't
believe I'm actually writing this down!

I guess our conversation got pretty outrageous, but I can't bring myself to
be quite is explicit as you were. Sorry about that.

I left Evelyn's house quite late, and she gave me great big hug as I left.
I haven't felt so close to another woman since my mother died.

Anyway, that's the way things stood when we all got together the following
Friday. That time, when Evelyn went out, leaving us alone in her house, we
both knew why.

Evelyn's photographer friend is coming over tomorrow to shoot some pictures
of me. Evelyn says if they come out well, she'll show them to the agency
the she used to get modeling work from.
(Snip boring gossip)
Love, Angela
Darling Angela,
My heart leapt when I came back from my class, and found that I already had
mail from you!

Even though you asked me to be as explicit as possible, I was really nervous
about sending you that letter.

I confess to having mixed feelings about the idea that you only made love to
me only after intervention by Evelyn.

On the one hand, I feel kind of flattered to the object of so much
attention. On the other hand, it's terrible to have one's illusions
shattered. I thought I had seduced you on my own.

We've never really talked about that night. A thousand times I've wanted to
apologize to you. I was totally confident in my ability as a lover. Until
that night, my experience was limited to Evelyn. Perhaps it was the
old/young thing that turned her on so much, I don't know.

But after how good I seemed to be with her, I still never figured out why I
was unable to make you come. Were you nervous? Did it hurt?
Love, Johnny
Dearest Johnny,
You mustn't feel guilty! No, you didn't hurt me. And yes, I was nervous.
You were good and gentle and kind. If anyone's to blame, it's me.

You know how conservatively I was brought up, it's amazing my father even
let you take me out! Even now, if he knew that I was going to California to
live with you, he'd never stand for it. As far as he's concerned, I'm just
going to school.

I enjoyed making love with you, even though I was unable to come. There's
more to it than just orgasms you know!

Besides that, there's more have to tell you.

I went to see Evelyn the next day, Saturday. I had to talk to someone about
it. As we talked, I'm so sorry to tell you this Johnny! I realized that I
was attracted to Evelyn. Her hand was resting on my bare knee, and her blue
eyes seemed so reassuring, so good and kind. We were sitting very close
together, and I had an urge to kiss her. That's when the truth struck me,
that's when I realized that I've always been attracted to other women. I
mean, I guess I've always known it, but I suddenly realized that it was

I hope you can handle this Johnny, I'm not sure that I can. I really like
you, and I still want to come to stay with you while I go to school, but I'm
not sure about sleeping together. I do like to cuddle with you Johnny, you
make me feel good. If it's really important to you, I suppose we could
still share a bed.

I made love with Evelyn. I didn't think I would ever tell you that, but I
feel that you must forgive me. After all, you did the same!

As I said, were sitting closely on the couch, and I had an urge to kiss her.
Of course, there was no way I was going to do that! But somehow, or faces
just kind of approached each other, and our lips touched. I had never
kissed anyone [in a romantic away] before except you, and I was a bit uneasy
about it. But it felt so sexy and good! It was so exciting, and I realized
that it was what I wanted. She stroked my cheek and my neck, and I couldn't
resist running my hands up her flat stomach to her firm little breasts.
There! I can also be explicit!

We spent a lot of time, and Evelyn told me later that it was also her first
experience with a girl. We stripped each other, held each other.

We went to her bedroom, and she used a vibrator on me, until I came, for
the first time in my life.

I felt very complexed about this for several days afterwards, I felt guilty
when I was together with you, thinking that it was unfair to take your time
and your love, once I had cheated on you. Then sometimes, I would think it
was all only harmless. After all, what can two women do to each other?

Of course, I went back to talk to Evelyn about it again. That is, I tried
to talk about it, but somehow we found ourselves in bed together. The
second time, it was even better. I'm sorry to tell you that, Johnny, but
you should know the truth.

We did have our talk, afterwards. She told me about you and her. Yes, I
already knew. I respect you so much for telling the truth, though!
You are a great lover Johnny, that's what Evelyn told me. Of course, she
takes quite a bit of the credit for herself, for being a great teacher!

Evelyn always wanted to get us all together in the bed at once. I suppose
that would have been any middle-aged bisexual person's dream, two teenagers
at one time.

I told her no way, though. It would have been just too much for me, too

It's too bad you had to go out to the West Coast already.

I hope this hasn't been too much for you, Johnny. If you don't want to see
me anymore, I fully understand. I'm sure there are plenty of girls in
California, probably even plenty of heterosexual one's!

I got really turned on writing this letter. I never intended to actually
send it, but I was so excited by what you wrote, that it's only fair that I
do. Let me know how it makes you feel.
Anxiously awaiting your next letter, Angela.
Dear Angela;
I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, have been under a lot of pressure
with my schoolwork, and frankly your last letter did knock me a bit

I'm a little confused, are you trying to tell me you're lesbian, or that
you're bisexual?

You seemed to be insinuating that you don't desire men, never did desire
men. But when we used to make out, you seemed to be really into it. Was I

You say you like to cuddle with me, that gives me hope.

You always have a place in my home, and in my heart. Please let me know
what's been going on.

Love, Johnny

Darling Johnny,
A lot has happened in the last week.

We had a lot of fun with the photo shoot. Evelyn squeezed me into some of
her dresses, I was kind of bursting out at the seams, but both Evelyn and
George [the photographer] thought it looked great. Evelyn spent a lot of
time making up my face, and I was wearing stiletto heels and net stockings!

It made me feel terribly sexy, dressing up like that. You know I'm really
a T-shirt and jeans type of girl.

Evelyn really likes me like that, and she's been dressing me up all week,
just for fun. We did go out once while I was in one of those dresses, and
the shoes, too. We sure got a lot of attention! It made me feel strange,
like a different person.

Evelyn took me to a club, and we danced together. A lot of guys came up to
us, some were nice, but some said the most obscene things. Evelyn was cool
as a cucumber, though, and got rid of them all pretty easy. We sat at one
of those little tables, and I really felt like a fish in a bowl. And Evelyn
kissed me, right there in public! That is too much for me, and I made her
take me home.

We got the photos back, and Evelyn thinks that I'm very photogenic. She
took them to her old agency, and they say for sure I can get some work. I'm
going to scan the pictures in and send them to you.

I stayed with Evelyn overnight once, but I didn't dare do it again in case
my dad would notice. He would think I was with a boy.

Evelyn made me feel so good, I just can't explain it. I wanted to be with
her all the time, I kept thinking of her in the night when we were apart. I
was infatuated.

Then a couple of days ago Evelyn heard that her husband, Carl, is coming
back. She's been beside herself ever since she heard, it's all she can talk
about.. She was awfully upset at the way he left her last year, with some
black floozy, apparently.

Evelyn says he's the greatest lover she ever had. Apparently they used to
be into swapping partners with other couples and all that sort of thing.

Anyhow, he'll be here tomorrow, and I suppose that will be the end of the
relationship between Evelyn and myself. I've been having really a lot of
fun with it, Evelyn's brought a lot out of me that I never knew was there.

I can't say that I'm not jealous, though. How must you feel Johnny! I've
told you everything, not only because I want to be completely honest with
you, but because I thought you might also enjoy hearing about these things.
It did excite me to hear about you and Evelyn together. Does that make me
strange? Well, I guess it's been shown that I am strange.

It's true, Johnny, I enjoyed your touch, your kisses. I did want to have
sex with you, long before I met Evelyn. Still, right now I'm not sure of my
sexual orientation. I always enjoyed the feel of your body against mine, I
like the taste of your mouth, I feel warm and happy when you hold me in your
arms. Yet, I felt very uncomfortable when you actually entered me sexually.
I thought it was something that I wanted, but then when it actually
happened, I'm sorry, but I really didn't like the feeling it all.

Evelyn thinks I should try again, she thinks I was just nervous, with it
being my first time and all. I'll come to California Johnny, and I'll dress
up for you if you want, like I did for Evelyn, and we'll try again!

Your love, Angela

Dearest Angela;
Your simple letter has lifted me from the deepest despair to the pinnacle of
ecstasy! I feel I'm walking on air, just knowing they your mine again, or
at least that you probably will be soon.

Yes, hearing about you and Evelyn together does turn me on. Perhaps I also
am somewhat strange. That story of you and her kissing in the club together
makes me crazy!

How did you get in, anyway? I thought you have to be 21 to get into any of
those places.

I got the photos, you look amazing! Will be saving myself for you, thinking
of you every day.

Love, Johnny

Dearest Johnny,
I have my flight reservations, and I can fly out to be with you in
California next week, if you still want me to, after you've read the rest of
this letter.

Evelyn's husband Carl arrived last week. Evelyn is like a different person
when he's around, she's not that self-confident totally assured Evelyn that
we know. It's almost gross, she seems to agree with just about anything he
says. He could say the sky was green at night, and she'd agree.

Before he showed up, Evelyn kept insisting that she wouldn't take him back,
no matter what. In fact, she kept repeating it so often that she reminded
me of my dad saying how he wouldn't ever drink again.

She asked me to be there when he arrived. He was due in around 3, and I was
there all morning with Evelyn. We had fun dressing up as usual, and Evelyn
really fussed over my makeup. She told me she wanted to show me off to
Carl, to show him how well she could do without him or something.
She told me that Carl had always wanted to see her with another woman, I
guess that's something that turns a lot of guys on. Anyhow, she wanted him
to know what he was missing.

She told me to wait in the living room when the doorbell rang, and I heard
her answer the door and show him in. I lolled about on the couch, showing a
lot of leg as she had asked me. Carl came in the living room, walked up to
me and shook my hand.

"You must be Angela," he said, "Evelyn told me you were a beauty, and I see
she wasn't lying."

Evelyn sat next me on the couch, and she was pretty outrageous as she talked
to Carl. She really laced into him, in a subtle kind of way of course,
about how he gone off with their boat and another woman, and come back
without either one. All the while she was talking to him, she would be
tracing across my body somewhere with her fingertips, my bare thigh, or my
neck. I know she was doing this to wind Carl up, but he seemed to be just
enjoying the show.

I went upstairs and changed back into my own cloths after a while, and when
I slipped out the back to go home, I could hear that they were still arguing
as I left.

I came back the next morning, and sat down with Evelyn in the kitchen. I
could see immediately that she'd slept with him, and I felt very hurt and
jealous. I know I shouldn't be telling you this, Johnny, as you're the one
who must be the most hurt and the most jealous.

Carl came sauntering in after while, in a bathrobe. That's when I could
really see the change in Evelyn. It's like he'd hypnotized her, she was
like, spaced out or something.

She told me again later, and again after that at some point, how Carl was
"the greatest fuck" she'd ever had.

Well, it was pretty clear where the cards lay. I told Evelyn that I was
going out to California to be with you.

We both loosened up after while, Carl went off to do some work on his
computer, and somehow we started talking about sex again, the way Evelyn
loves to do.

She was trying to describe to me how to give a good blowjob, she said I'd be
able to keep you going all night in total ecstasy if I could just master
that. Is that what Evelyn did for you Johnny?

She said she'd have to show me, and she called Carl to come in to the living
room where we were sitting by then.

"Pull your trousers down and take seat, sweetie, I want to show Angela how
it's done."

I was completely shocked at this, but I just sat there and watched.
Evelyn started stroking and sucking on him, and would stop every now and
then to give me a little commentary on what she was doing. I can't really
say how the next thing happened, how it was that I agreed. Evelyn kind of
held his cock in my direction, and told me to try it. If I had thought even
for second, I would never done it, but somehow I was so used to doing what
Evelyn said by then, that I just lowered my head down and did as she asked.

I tried to do what she had been doing, and she encouraged me and gave me
little tips on how to improve my technique. Carl just kind of groaned with
pleasure, when I looked up at him, he was smiling down at me with real joy
on his face. The way his eyes shone at me, it encouraged me to keep going a
little longer.

"Don't you think Carl has the most gorgeous cock you've ever seen?" Evelyn
said to me. I didn't want to say that I thought yours was much nicer, so I
just nodded and smiled.

"And Carl has perfect control," Evelyn carried on, "he can keep it as long
as he wants, and come on command! Can't you Carl?"

"That's right," he said, "it's a gift I have."

Evelyn was sitting behind me, running her hands up and down my body as I was
doing this to Carl. She tweaked my nipples and she whispered in my ear;
"don't you want to feel him in you Angela? Wouldn't you like him to fuck
you? It so good, Angela. It's so good to have a man inside you. Johnny is a
very nice boy, but you really must try Carl. Doesn't his cock feel good in
your mouth, Angela? Isn't it a joy to give him pleasure? Let him give some
back to you now, do it for me, Angela!"

As I look back on it now, I can't understand how I let this keep progressing
farther and farther along, but I have to tell you the truth, all the truth.
I let him, I willingly let Carl have sex with me.

This Carl isn't really very good-looking, not compared to you. He's not a
bad looking guy, don't get me wrong, but he's a fossil! I mean, really.
Evelyn might be 48 and look 35, but Carl is 60 and looks 60.

He's friendly enough, and I did kind of even like him by that time, even
though I felt really jealous about him taking Evelyn from me, so I guess he
must have something going for him. I suppose I'm just trying to justify
what I did, but I don't think it can be justified, not to you.

Even though you went with Evelyn before I did, it was because I wouldn't
have you. But I knew you're waiting for me there in California.

I still wasn't sure about this, but between the two of them they managed to
calm me down, and soon I found Carl's hands on my body, his lips on mine,
and his tongue in my mouth.

Evelyn took off my shirt, and then my bra. Carl ran his fingers over my tits in a really slow, sensual kind of way.

"She has the most lovely firm tits, Evelyn." He said,
"And your skin is so perfect, creamy and smooth!" he said to me.

He circled my waist with his arms, and he kissed my nipples, one at a time.
I found that I was holding his head in my arms, hugging him to myself.

Meanwhile, Evelyn stroked my back.

Evelyn kept telling me to relax and let it happen, and I did, even though I
knew it was wrong. I found after a while that I was starting to enjoy this,
having two people adore and love me like that.

Carl kept kissing my mouth, and Evelyn went down on me. There seemed to be
hands everywhere, sliding up-and-down me. I had an orgasm, something that
still doesn't happen very often with me [compared to Evelyn, anyway]. I was
like putty in their hands after that.

I lay with my head in Evelyn's naked lap, and she stroked my face, and told
me how great it was going to feel when he entered me.

It didn't feel so bad the second time, being penetrated by a man's penis. I
felt very bad about it afterwards, because it should have been you. But at
the time, to be honest, I have to say that it felt okay, even perhaps, good.

Even though they both abused me, my naiveté and my youth, at the same time
they were kind and gentle. Carl was in no hurry, he seemed to really enjoy
just being there, inside me and on top of me. They both held me, and Evelyn
kept reassuring me. Soon I wasn't afraid of the feeling anymore, the
feeling of Carl's penis going in and out of me.

Carl held me in a very firm grip, and his bright blue eyes seemed to bore
into my head. When I stopped being afraid, it started to feel really good,
and when I felt the orgasm building in me, I was very happy, happy to know
that I can enjoy sex with a man, that I would be able to live with you and
we could be happy together.

For the first time I came with a man's penis inside me, and I found it
better, more natural, more friendly, than the orgasms I'd had from Evelyn
and her vibrator.

"Evelyn, it looks as though your lovely young under study swings both ways
after all!" Carl said.

He smiled at me, truly pleased that he'd been able to do that to me. He
didn't change his pace though; he kept pumping in out of me, slow and
steady. He kept one hand behind my neck, and he would lift my head and give
me a kiss every now and then. Evelyn held her body against mine the whole
time, and she was also stroking me and kissing me, saying little things to
reassure me. Soon I felt the next orgasm building from within me, a warm
friendly feeling from deep within my soul.

Evelyn started to talk softly, insistently, into my ear;
"Would you like Carl to come inside you, Angela? He will if you ask him to.
It's so good to feel a man's hot sperm squirting inside you, Angela, then
you know that you really satisfied a man. Ask Carl to come inside you,
Angela, then you'll have full experience."

I didn't want Carl's sperm inside me, not at first. I thought if I didn't
let him come in me, though, he'd just keep pumping away at me forever until
I told him to.

"Okay" I said.

"Okay what?" Evelyn asked.

"He can."

"Tell him, Angela, tell Carl exactly what you want him to do."
It was no way around it, I had to tell him, and I had to let him do it, too.

"I want you to come inside me, Carl."

Carl seemed awfully pleased at what I had said.

"Say it again Angela, I want you to tell me that you want me."

"Come inside me, Carl. I want to feel you coming inside me. Please come
inside me, Carl." I told him, I figured that would have to do it.

I felt another orgasm coming, it was so perverse, all of this. Making it
with his old guy, old enough to be my granddad, and Evelyn being there, not
quite participating in the sex, acting more like helper. And then this
dirty talking, I'm afraid I must be a really twisted girl, because it made
me excited, Johnny. I felt a third orgasm coming, and I held on to him
tight, and I felt him squirting me full of his disgusting old sperm, and the
feeling pushed me over the edge, I had the most powerful orgasm so far. And
then I realized suddenly where I was and what I was doing, I realized I had
put everything in jeopardy and that you might not be able to forgive me this
incredible betrayal.

I suddenly noticed the sags and wrinkles in his body, his thin gray hair. I
wanted him out of me, I wanted him off of me, I wanted to get out of there,
to run home and have a bath. But I didn't want to be rude, so I stayed
there for a while with them before I got dressed and went home.

I didn't want to go back there to Evelyn's house, not ever. But I had been
doing some work on the computer over there, so I had to go back at least
once so I could get it. Carl wasn't there, and Evelyn and I had a good
talk. She set my mind ease, and soon I didn't feel so bad about what had
happened. Evelyn and Carl come from the swinging generation, they really
believe that all that sort of thing is just great, and Evelyn convinced me
that it was just my conservative upbringing that was making me feel bad
about it. After all, hadn't it felt good at the time?
She still believes in her "free love" 60's philosophy, even after her
husband left her. But then, as Evelyn says, he did come back.

I guess I wouldn't feel so bad if it had just been the one time, but by the
time Carl came home, Evelyn had me convinced that everything that had
happened was perfectly acceptable, we were all adults, despite some of us
being noticeably more adult than others!

Then Carl came home. He gave me a hug and a kiss, and sat down with us for a
while. I was surprised to realize that he was exciting me, he kept paying me
little compliments, and burning into me with his eyes. A part of me wanted
to do it again, but another part of me didn't. I wanted to feel those
orgasms again, but I didn't want Carl.

Carl went into the other room to check his messages, and Evelyn and I went
upstairs. Evelyn made me up and dressed me in that transparent blue nighty
of hers.

"You look absolutely stunning, Angela! Let's go show Carl." Evelyn said.
"No, Evelyn," I told her, "just you. I don't want."

"Don't be silly, Angela! Carl will really enjoy seeing you in that

She brought me downstairs and presented me to Carl, like a gift. She
paraded me up-and-down the room, leading me by the hand, and old Carl
watched, looking pleased.

Evelyn and I sat down on the couch opposite Carl, and we made out for a
while, but somehow it was more for Carl's pleasure than ours. Still, I
realized that I was enjoying teasing him, and as Evelyn and I caressed and
kissed, I made sure he could see what our tongues were up to.

I had only wanted to tease him, a kind of revenge for his taking advantage
of me earlier. So I wasn't completely happy about it when he came and sat on
the couch behind me.

At first, he just stroked my back, so I didn't say anything, but when at
some point I turned my head to look at him, he took my chin in his hand, and
kissed me on the lips.

I knew that I should have stopped right then, and I don't know why I let him
keep kissing me. I guess it was nice, he smelled kind of good, and the
inside of his mouth had a different texture to Evelyn's, and a masculine
taste that was pleasant, somehow.

"Angela, would you like to make love with my husband again?" Evelyn asked me
after a while.

" Yes." I told them, and we all went to the bedroom, and Evelyn held me in
her arms and kissed me while Carl went down on me. It was terribly sensuous
and exciting again, the awful feeling of disgust was completely gone. I even
noticed that, and was happy about it, thinking that I was adjusting well.

Carl is very skilled with his tongue, and I never knew quite where it was
going to go or when, and soon he built me up to an orgasm.
He lay on his back, and I got on top of him, and he was inside me again. I
did it myself this time; I took his penis into my hand, and pushed it into
myself as I sat down on him.

I can't bring myself to reveal any more details, even though I know you
would probably like to hear them. But I will say that Carl did not
ejaculate inside me the second time, he kept himself for Evelyn.

They both want me to stay here with them, but I know it's you that I want.
It's nothing against Evelyn and Carl, they used me for their pleasure, but
they gave me some, too. I thought perhaps that I loved Evelyn, but now I
see that it's not so. She only loves Carl, and she wants me to stay mainly
to please him, I think.

Please tell me what I should do, Johnny. Do you still want me, after all I
have said and done?

Send to you with deepest love, and deepest regrets, Angela.

Dear Angela;
You lift me up, and you send me crashing down again.

It's very distressing to me that you had sex with another man.

Yet, I still want you. I don't know if it will work out between us, but we
can try.

I'll be waiting at the airport for you. Do try to keep yourself for me until

Love, Johnny
Dear Johnny;
I'm sorry, Johnny, but I am going to have to disappoint you again.
Evelyn and Carl are going to Europe for a second honeymoon, and they've
invited me along.

I said no, at first. But the trouble with Evelyn is that she won't take "No"
for an answer.

It's just too great an opportunity to miss. We are going first class all the
way, and Carl is going to buy me a new laptop so I can stay in touch with

Evelyn has been taking me shopping, and we bought some really sexy outfits
for me. We are supposed to meet photographers in Paris and Rome, to shoot
some pictures of me on location. Evelyn's arranged everything through her
old agency. I might even get to work a fashion show!

I know I can't expect you to wait for me, Johnny. I don't even know how long
we'll be in Europe, but Evelyn is talking about six months.

I hope I will be able to hold Carl off, and stick with Evelyn. I know that
doesn't bother you as much. But he's a randy old goat.

And if he does manage to seduce me, I want you to know in advance that I
will be thinking only of you.

Forever yours in my heart, Angela

Ace, 2000
Author's post script; I'm not sure if there will be more of this story, but
just about anything might happen to Angela in Europe. suggestions welcome.


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