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The Pedicure by Lostgirl

Tommy decided he wanted to accompany to the mall. I didn't mind really,
although I wasn't sure why he wanted to go. So, in my rather blunt fashion,
I asked him.

"I just want to see what you do there," Tommy replied.

I laughed to myself, because I don't really *do* anything when I go, or
at least I don't plan to do anything. I buy something or see a movie or
whatever as the mood strikes me. It's a little chance to people watch or
dream, totally unstructured time. Perfect relaxation for a girl from the

It was Sunday, and already late in the afternoon... not enough time
for a movie. Tommy was drawn to the food court and while he got us a
snack, I sat watching the black girls in their promenade, showing off
their hairdos. I considered whether or not I wanted my hair done.
Nah, it would be a waste when I shampooed Monday morning, but maybe a
manicure. I looked at my sandal-clad feet, a manicure *and* pedicure,
that's the ticket! I saw Tommy returning with two big cookies and coffee
for me and soda for him.

"I'm going to get a pedicure," I told him.

"Cool, I'd like to see that," he responded.

I always found it difficult to believe that Tommy had been married for
six years. Wouldn't he be sick of feminine rituals? However, Tommy
keeps reminding me that his ex wasn't into all this *girlie* stuff and
finds my primping endlessly fascinating. Hey, whatever makes him

We finished our cookies and headed to the nail parlor. My regular
girl, Min, could take me in about an hour, but that meant she would
finish after the mall had closed.

"You're sure that isn't a problem, Min?" I asked

"No problem, Dr. Meg, you're a good customer."

Min, a pretty girl from Vietnam, always called me that, since I
insisted she call me by my first name and her desire to show respect
for my 'office.' Tommy watched Min and then looked at the other women
in the parlor. Tommy couldn't see much through the white lab coat Min
and the others were wearing, but he had enough imagination to
compensate. I was certain of that! Today, though, Tommy wouldn't
need imagination, as his eyes rested on a young college student in low
riding jeans. The girl was leaning over the counter, the small of her
back exposed, showing an elaborate tattoo that most certainly extended
down to where the crease of her ass began. Her little top was held up
by spaghetti straps and it gaped a little as she leaned over. It was
comical to watch Tommy glance and shift to look down without being
noticed. As we wandered through the mall killing time, I teased him.

"Did you get a good look?"

"At what?"

"At that little girl's titties?"

"I almost got to see a nipple, but she moved."

"Oh come on, she wasn't leaning over that much."

"Oh yes she was," Tommy said with a grin, "You're just too short to
see what I can see. Why do you think I asked you out? It was the
only way I could see your tits, because you're always wearing a bra!"

I laughed. I wasn't offended. I have large breasts that Tommy and I
enjoy tremendously, but clothes just don't hang right if I don't wear
a bra. Of course, once we were on the subject of tits, we stayed
there, quietly commenting on the breasts of the women in the mall. I
saw Tommy adjust his pants once and I felt a warmth grow between my
legs. I would look up at Tommy and he'd smile down at me with that
focused attention that told me he was ready for whatever came next.

By the time we returned to the nail parlor, I had that keyed up
feeling as if I had way too much caffeine. I felt giddy when I saw
Min come up from the back room.

"Are you ready, Dr. Meg?"

"Oh yes indeedy, I'm ready alright!" I responded. I felt foolish
because I was getting loud, I often do when I'm horny. It embarrasses
me, even though Tommy doesn't seem to mind. Tommy stood there while I
sat down and slipped off my sandals. Min bent over to place the foot
bath in front of me, and Tommy started as he realized she was wearing
a miniskirt. The knit fabric stretched over her compact hips as she
bent down, outlining her curves and riding up her slender thighs. I
saw Tommy's trousers tent a little... he quickly found a seat where
Min could not see him, but I could. I smiled at him and rolled my
eyes, Tommy's such a hornball, that's why I love him.

Tommy picked up a magazine to cover his erection, since there were
others besides Min still in the parlor. He continued to watch Min's
ass, flipping the pages without looking at them. Tommy glanced down
at the magazine when Min got settled on the bench in front of me. I
don't usually keep women's magazines at home, and Tommy had opened to
a perfume ad with a very naked woman on it. I don't think it would
have startled him if he hadn't been trying to control himself in this
shop filled with middle aged women.

Now in my current state of horniness, I had the sudden urge to tease
him. I'm usually the straight-forward one, Tommy being the far better
flirt than myself. I was able to catch his eye and I smiled, making
certain he was watching while I unbuttoned two extra buttons on my dress
showing just a bit of lacy bra and ample cleavage. Tommy's broadening
grin and nod demonstrated his approval. He leaned back with the magazine
barely covering his erection, his glance moving casually from the erotic
advertisements to my chest to Min's ass.

Min sat in front of me and took my foot out of the bath. As she
worked on the cuticles and callouses, Tommy's eyebrow arched in an
expression of lurid curiosity. Tommy has always been fascinated by
sub/dom stuff, although it hasn't yet interested me. He was
apparently intrigued by Min's servile posture before me, and my
suspicions were confirmed as he gestured for me to spread my legs a
little. Now I always thought Min was a sweet girl, and I didn't want
her to be thrust into my boyfriend's sexual role-playing games without
her knowledge.

"I think my boyfriend likes watching us."

"Excuse me, Dr. Meg?"

"Oh I'm sorry, maybe I'm crossing the line..."

"Oh no! I understand, it's just my English..."

Min looked up at me through her eyelashes, her shiny smooth black hair
falling across her cheek like a veil. Although her smile was barely
perceptible, the sparkle in her dark, dark eyes was unmistakable. She
spoke very quietly.

"You see, Dr. Meg, I can see him in the mirror. I can see how he
looks at you and how he looks at me."

Min and I just stared at each other for a moment, her hands still has
she held my foot. The only employee remaining came over and spoke to
Min in Vietnamese. Min nodded and responded, pointing to the entrance
of the parlor. I watched with a building excitement as the other girl reached up and pulled the security gate down from above, leaving a six
inch gap. I felt myself virtually ooze between my legs as I saw that
the gate was not widely spaced bars or chains but a solid surface like
a garage door. No one would be able to see in except near the floor.

Tommy looked me with undisguised lust. He questioned me silently,
mouthing the words, "Is this for real?" I merely shrugged, not
letting him on Min's little secret. Let him squirm, I thought. I
smiled innocently as I slid my hips forward in my chair. About this
time, Min was finished scrubbing and buffing my feet so that they
were now soft and smooth. I do love pedicures, I'm addicted to the
pampering. Now it was time for the lotion, which meant that Min would
be massaging my feet, ankles and calves. Normally, she's very
businesslike, quick but thorough. However, she was slower this time,
Min's thumbs pressing in my arch, using a firm stroke. I was pretty
hot at this point, so I closed my eyes and leaned back, enjoying her
touch. I wanted to rub my clit so badly, but I didn't want to let on
to Tommy yet.

I opened my eyes a little to look at Tommy. Apparently he didn't know
Min could see him because he had taken his cock out and was stoking it
slowly. Evidently he was willing to wait this out, he and I hadn't
done a threesome yet although I told him that it wasn't out of the
question. Tommy wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by, it was
clear. I glanced down at Min, and saw her trying to hide a smile, her
eyes darting to the mirror to watch Tommy. She spread her legs a
little wider on her little bench and stuck her little ass out, which
caused her little skirt to ride up more, giving Tommy an even better
view. He began to stroke faster, then caught himself and slowed down.
I began clenching my pussy as it dampened my cotton panties. I
wondered if Min could smell me.

As Min began to massage my calves, I realized that her hand was moving
up higher than usual, lightly touching behind my knee. She lifted my
foot and rested in on her shoulder and slid her hands to my thigh. My
eyes flew open as I looked at her. She didn't meet my gaze, Min was
watching Tommy. Tommy stood up, startled as myself. He slowly walked
over, his cock still in his hand and watched us closely as Min
caressed my thigh. My white cotton panties were clearly visible by
both my manicurist and my boyfriend. This was too much for me, if Min
was ready for this, so was I. I placed my other foot on her shoulder,
so that my skirt slipped off my thighs to my hips. I reached down
between my legs and lifted the skirt to my waist, slipping my hand
underneath the waist band of my panties. I leaned back again as I
began rubbing my clit. My pussy was soaked... oh god yes...

I felt Min's hands move on my thighs again... massaging with expert
care. I heard the rustle of fabric and looked again to see Tommy
helping Min take off her lab coat. He was rewarded with a vision of a
delicate neck and shoulders, her skin the color of peanut butter. I
know it sounds silly, but that's what I think of when I see her. Min
shyly commented that her skin was too dark, that she would love to
have my complexion. My pale, pasty complexion. Sigh.. We all want
what we can't have. Before Min turned her attention back to me, Tommy
lifted her top over her head. Min began to take off her skirt but my
boyfriend stopped her. "Leave it, I've really enjoyed it so far."

I kept my eyes open this time, as Min ran her small hands up and down
my legs as Tommy stood behind her, caressing her firm young breasts.
I could see that he was pressing her cock against her and her hips
ground against him. I wasn't going to take long to cum. I rubbed my
clit in double time and began gasping, I felt my legs tremble and the
aching in my pussy crescendo. As I moaned and grunted, Tommy muttered
encouragements, promising that I would feel his cock before the
evening was over. As I rested my pussy, I pulled my underpants down
my legs, Min helping take them off. Min began kissing and licking up
from my instep, leaning farther forward on her bench. There's a
padded foot rest in front that she normally straddles, but now she
kneeled on the bench and leaned against the foot-rest for support.
Tommy took this as an invitation and pulled Min's panties down. The
young woman gasped and cried out in her native language, she returned
to English, but only saying 'yes' and 'please'.. but in heated
moments, that's all I say, so who am I to judge?

I thought maybe Tommy would go down on her, but he was too far gone.
He entered her quickly and began fucking her with a smooth stroke.
Tommy can be so considerate... you see, Min was still tonguing my
inner thigh and she would have lost her rhythm is he had started
banging her. Tommy muttered something about her being so tight, and
by the startled expression on Min's face, one could see she had not
been treated to a cock as thick as Tommy's. Tommy's not a freak of
nature or anything but he's got a nice substantial cock that I call
Snickers, as in Snicker's Satisfies. As Tommy worked on Min's pussy,
Min had worked her way to mine. She settled into a rhythm of licking
and sucking in sync with Tommy's thrusts. The young woman worked with
the arrangement, not against it, and it was beautiful thing to watch
as well as experience. She lapped up my juices and even rubbed her
tongue against my puckered asshole, which always excites me.

As Tommy got closer, he leaned over Min and massaged her breasts. Min
was gasping and crying out, sounding about ready to cum. I watched as
Tommy reached down and began rubbing the hard bud between her legs.
The girl let out a long keening moan, almost sounding like she was
weeping. She grabbed onto my hips and I brought her head to rest on my
pelvis, stoking her hair as Tommy brought her over the edge. Tommy
moaned and began cussing, a sure sign he was ready to cum. Min's
orgasm probably the final straw against Tommy's control. Tommy
grabbed Min's hips and pulled them towards him, I imagined the many
times I've felt his cock throb inside me as his semen splashed against
the walls of my pussy. I watched as he stood panting with his arms
around Min's waist.

"Tommy, that was beautiful," I told him. It was true, he's a wonderful

As my man's body relaxed he helped lift Min of her little bench, and
gave her one of his famous bear hugs. I might have failed to mention,
Tommy's a bear of a man, and looked more so with this petite girl in
his arms. Min returned the hug and smiled up at the man, then a look
of panic crossed her face.

"Dr. Meg, we forgot your pedicure, we haven't painted them. And we
didn't even get to your hands!"

I smiled and said that it was okay. She wouldn't even let me pay, and
I suppose she's right about that. But I go there to feel pampered,
and that Sunday, Min, and Tommy, made me feel more than pampered. And
as for doing my hands, I smiled to myself wondering what that would
lead to.


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