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The Ceiling Fan

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
First she heard the crash and then the scream. Well, it was
Saturday and he did say something about home improvement
projects. "Want me to call a doctor? Are you hurt?" No
response. He'd only been at it five minutes and already
there was the possibility of a life threatening injury.

She found him kneeling on the den floor, picking up pieces
of the new ceiling fan. She tried not to laugh when she saw
the mess he made. The old ceiling light was now a pile of
broken glass laying next to the over-turned step ladder. It
looked like he fell off the ladder and landed on the fan.
It was a mess, but he didn't seem to be any worse for wear.
Well, except for the split seam in the back of his pants.

"HEY, STOP THAT!" he said when she slipped her hand into
the tear. "I've got work to do here and it's no time to
fool around."

"You've really done a lot already," she said trying to hide
her smile. "Maybe a sex break is just what you need to get
re-energized." No underwear made it easy for her to give
his balls a quick squeeze while she talked.

"Out of here woman. I've got things to do." He tried to act
stern when he said it, but she wasn't fooled. "Well, if you
won't leave, you're going to help," he said in his most
workmanlike voice.

He put the ladder back in place and she held his hips as he
tried to install the new fan. She couldn't resist and let
one of her hands drift back to his cute butt cheek. "Is
that a flashlight in your pants?" she said as she gave his
butt a little squeeze, "Or, are you just happy to see me?"

She didn't like being ignored by a man with a tent in the
front of his pants. Well, the bulge did look inviting so
she gave it a little nip with her mouth and waited to see
what would happen. Nothing. Hmm, he was playing hard to
get, so stronger measures were needed.

A man holding a fan in one hand and a screw driver in the
other is in no position to stop someone from having a
little fun. She had his pants pulled down around his ankles
in no time and noticed that his cock was no longer thinking
home improvement. "You just go ahead with what you're
doing," she said as his erection bobbed up and down in
front of her face, "while I amuse myself down here." She
started sucking his dick and pretended not to notice work
had come to a complete halt.

"Uh, you mentioned a sex break," he said in a tiny little
voice. "If you help me down maybe now would be a good
time." He was amazed she could touch so many parts of his
body as she helped him down the ladder. But, once he was
down . . .

The fan was forgotten and his new improvement project had
to do with making her feel good. He threw her T-shirt and
shorts across the room and pulled her down on the soft pile
carpet. She purred like a kitten as his mouth sucked her
nipple. She felt an ocean of lust get ready to crash
through her sea wall. His hand moved between her legs and
he rubbed her clit with his thumb while one of his fingers
got wet inside her pussy.

She made some new sounds as he played her body like he was
Stradivarius and she a violin.

He was under her. She trapped his cock inside her pussy and
did all the work as he lay on his back enjoying her up and
down movements. With a small moan, her body took charge and
moved faster and faster, as he started pressing up against
her, complementing her thrusts with his own.

His strong arms wrapped around her as she began her orgasm.
His control was gone as her pussy muscles milked his cock
sending him over the edge. She didn't want it to end, but
when it did they lay together for the longest time savoring
the experience.

"You know," she said after regaining some of her composure,
"I think it would be a lot more fun if you forgot about
your Saturday projects from now and we just did this
instead." The ceiling fan didn't get installed until much
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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