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"The girls Next Door"
Author: Gilglim
(FFF+, Les, Wife-slut, Voy)

Dedicated to: Rebecca( ...of HAPRest fame)
Do not read the following story if you are under 21 years
of age. Do not read it if it is illegal for you to read
about lesbian sexual activity. Do not read this if you are
afraid that your wife is going to be seduced by the three
incredibly sexy lesbians that live next door.

"The girls Next Door" By: Gilglim
I had been glad that my wife finally had some friends to
hang-out with. She had moved to St. Paul from Portland,
Maine in order to marry me after our long-distance romance
had become unbearable. Jenny got a job, but didn't really
have any friends at work. My wife is beautiful, but not
extremely outgoing. When some college girls moved-in to
the small house next door, Jenny helped them move-in and
gave them some furniture from our basement that we had been
planning to throw out.

The three girls were college seniors, only about 4 years
younger than Jenny. Vicky was a petite, pretty, blonde
girl that looked younger than she was and had a high, soft
voice. Tina was a taller red-headed woman with a model's
figure. Bobbi was pretty also, but kind of plain, with
short black hair that made her look like a tomboy. Jenny,
my sexy brunette wife, was soon good friends with them.

At first they went shopping or to the movies once or twice
a week, but after a few weeks, it seemed like my wife was
hanging out with them more than me. I wasn't as close with
my friends so I was home alone a lot and a little jealous
of all the time she was spending next door. All sorts of
strange ideas cropped into my mind. Maybe they were doing
drugs and my wife was getting hooked. Maybe one of the
girls had a boyfriend who had talked my wife into joining
them in bed. These ideas were ridiculously paranoid, but I
couldn't help it. So I started showing up unexpectedly to
try and "catch her". Thankfully, nothing was unusual.
They'd just be talking and watching TV. I'd come up with
an excuse like, "I was just going to ask Jenny where she
put the flashlight" or "Just wanted to let Jenny know that
her mother called". No one acted suspicious, on the
contrary, they'd invite me in and we'd hang out until I got
bored and went home.

One evening, I devised a plan to put my mind at ease once
and for all. Since I tinker around with computers and
electronics, I had a USB camera and a spare 30Gig hard
drive (and countless other gadgets). I could plant the
camera and a microphone in their house, running the cables
to my basement and store the video on the big hard drive. I
booted Linux and got busy hacking a little program that
simply streamed low quality web-cam video and audio to
file. I wrote a shell script that would stream an hour and
save it by date and time. Then I used 'cron' to schedule
the script to run once an hour. For compression, I made it
drop identical frames. So if the room sat empty for an
hour in the middle of the night, the entire hour would be a
single frame taking almost no space. I tested, and
tinkered and tested some more and finally calculated that
unless there was non-stop activity in the house, the 30Gig
drive should store nearly 2 months of data. If the drive
was nearly full, the script would delete the oldest file
before starting the next. I was proud of my little project.
That next Saturday my opportunity arrived. My wife asked
if I could fix a leaky faucet for 'the girls next door' (as
she always referred to them). I told her I was busy just
then, but if she'd leave a key for me I'd take care of it
while they were out shopping. That afternoon, I planted the
camera in an air duct in one of the walls in the living
room. The house really only had three rooms (Bedroom,
bathroom and a big living room / open kitchen) and closets.
I chose the living room because it had the biggest view.
The bedroom had bunk beds and a twin sized bed. I didn't
want to invade their privacy too much. The bathroom was
out of the question. The real reason for having the camera
in their home was to make sure that my wife wasn't getting
into trouble or cheating on me... I decided I could
determine that in the living room without being too

That decided, I mounted the camera and microphone and ran
the cables along the cable tv wiring to the back of the
house. I cut a groove in the grass and stuffed the cable in
the dirt to the back of our house and into the basement. I
quickly fixed the leaky faucet and checked everything
several times to make sure that it was well hidden. It was
perfect. Even if you knew that it was was
nearly impossible to find. Back in my basement , I viewed
the first images. It showed me fixing the faucet in the
kitchen. It was jerky (only a few frames per second) and
grainy, but I could clearly see what was going on. I could
even see into the bedroom if the door was left open.

A few days later my excitement faded. After all that
effort, I found out that my wife was not doing drugs. Nor
was she fucking one of their boyfriends. In fact, very few
men visited the house. Based on their conversations, some
of the guys that did stop by were gay, complaining about
their boyfriends, etc... For about a week I scanned
through the files looking for anything unusual, but found
nothing. The girls, it seemed were typical, studious
college kids. Bobbi was kinda touchy-feely with Vicky and
Tina. She would pat their behinds as they walked by or
massage their shoulders as they watched television. But
other than that the videos were utterly boring. I left the
computer on, but quit watching the captured video after
about a week. My conclusion was that my wife had a good
set of friends and that there was nothing for me to worry
about...and up to that point I was correct.

About three weeks after I setup the camera something
changed. It was my wife's 27th birthday and she took the
day off from work. When I got home from work...she wasn't
home. I figured she was with 'the girls next door' and
sure enough, she came home from there at about 8pm. That
wasn't unusual, but she acted kind of wired and tired at
the same time. When I kissed her, I could tell that she
had had a couple of drinks, but there was something else on
her breath. We went out to dinner and when we got home,
she went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. Like
most couples, our sex life was not as active as it had once
been, but traditionally, we would make-love on birthdays
and holidays. I decided that it must have been because she
started drinking early in the day. Besides, our sex life
wasn't the best in the world. For example, after a lot of
prodding about what her sexual fantasies were, her only
response was that she had fantasized about being a stripper
on occasion, but she knew that she would never be able to
take off her clothes in front of a group of men in real
life. So I decided that the lack of sex that night wasn't
too unusual.

Over the next week Jenny continued to act odd. Sometimes
she seemed more defensive when I asked how her day had
gone. Everyday without exception now she would spend at
least two or three hours with the girls next door. Once she
even sat up in bed at about 1am and said "I can't sleep,
I'm going next door to see if anyone is awake to hang-out
with." I woke up again around 4am, as she climbed back
into bed. Something strange was going on with my wife. It
didn't dawn on me until the following day, that I could
have gone to the basement and check on her that night.
Since the hard drive kept a two month archive of files, I
could still go back and check on what had happened.

The following day, Jenny announced that she was going to
the movies with the girls. I kissed her good-bye and told
her to have a good time. Then I went to the basement to
try and find out if the archived video might help me figure
out what had happened with my wife.

I randomly selected a file from a couple of days ago at
about 6:00pm, figuring that my wife would have been home
from work and stopped by at the girls' house. The video
kicked-on and showed my wife and Bobbi sitting on the
couch with a blanket across their laps (it was November).
Tina was sitting back in the recliner and Vicky was fixing
something to eat in the kitchen. I was relieved to see
that nothing unusual was going on. Everyone was dressed
normally. The audio was low quality, but I could hear over
the tv that the evening news was starting. My wife was
sitting in the center of the couch with her arms stretched
out on either side on top of the back of the couch. Bobbi
sat next to her and absent-mindedly massaged Jenny's
shoulder. I was used to seeing her do this with her
roommates, so this didn't catch my attention. I skimmed
ahead about ten minutes. The video showed the same scene
except that Vicky had joined them with what looked like a
bowl of soup. She looked over to Bobbi with a smirk and
said, "Don't you think it's time for a break?"

Bobbi looked to my wife and giggled, "What do you think,

"Just one more time," Jenny said shakily. Everyone laughed
and went back to watching TV. I didn't understand the
conversation, but nothing looked odd, so I skipped forward
a few minutes.

Still the same scene. Jenny was relaxing on the couch with
both her arms resting on the back. Bobbi sat next to her
rubbing her shoulder and the other girls were just watching
TV with them. Then I noticed something odd. It looked
like Bobbi's other hand was in my wife's lap, under the
blanket. I flipped back to the last two scenes and notice
that it had been there all along. The video was not very
good quality and I couldn't make out all of the sound, but
I was amazed when I realized that it looked like my wife
might have another woman's hand in her pants. I watched
closer as the scene played on. I could barely see a little
movement under the blanket. My wife seemed to be leaning
back into the couch with a little more force and closed her
eyes. Bobbi looked over to her and said, "don't fight it".
The other two girls turned away from the tv to watch Jenny.
Bobbi turned to them, "Wanna see?" Everyone giggled except
for Jenny who seemed to be concentrating. Bobbi kicked the
blanket off of their laps. Jenny's jeans were unzipped and
pulled down about halfway down her thighs. This held her
legs together and Bobbi was taking advantage of this,
sliding her fingers down between them to rub my wife's
clitoris. Bobbi moved her other hand from Jenny's shoulder
to her breast and started rubbing it through the T-shirt.
Jenny clutched the back of the couch with both hands and
gasped as she orgasmed. The three roommates smiled at her
as they watched her cumming.

"That makes 4 times in less than an hour, " announced Tina.

"Not bad for a DIT.", Bobbi commented.

As Jenny came to her senses she asked, "What's a DIT?"

Vicky giggled and said "Dyke In Training, silly girl."

I was stunned. I stopped the video playback and regrouped
my thoughts. Was I mad? Sad? Upset? No...I was simply
surprised. I was even a little relieved. After all, there
was a reasonable explanation for how my wife was behaving
and it didn't involve drugs or another man. It occurred to
me that "another woman" didn't seem to bother me at all.
Now that the shock had subsided, I was more curious than
anything else...and a little turned on. After a little
investigation through the archives it was clear that my
wife had found out, through conversation about a week
before her birthday, that 'the girls next door' were 'into'
other girls. Tina and Vicky were bisexual, but were more
interested in girls than boys. Bobbi was simply a lesbian.
My wife had taken the news in-stride and acted like it was
nothing important. Because of her non-chalant reaction to
their news, the girls had been more open about their
affections towards one another. They would kiss in front
of Jenny and pat each other's behinds, etc...

After a couple of days they started to try to get a rise
out of her. Jenny had been witness to a scene similar to
the one I had just seen...except that it was Vicky frigging
Tina, while Bobbi and my wife looked-on. Jenny had acted
like it hadn't phased her in the least to see one of her
friends making the another friend orgasm in front of her.
None of the girls next door talked about it...even when
they were alone... but it was clear to me that the lack of
a reaction from Jenny was daring them on to go further and
further to see how far Jenny would let them take it.

The day after Tina got frigged, my wife went next door as
usual and she was greeted at the door by Bobbi. Tina was
kneeling on the floor in front of the couch eating-out
Vicky. I could tell that the 'girls' were thinking to
themselves, "this has got to get SOME kind of reaction".
Jenny surprised them all (including me) by simply sitting
down in the recliner in front of the TV. She acted like
she was watching TV, but she spent most of the time
glancing uncomfortably over towards the couch. Tina
countered by being rather active about the cunilingus she
was performing. Vicky helped out by getting more and more
vocal. After a couple of minutes, my wife gave up the
pretense of watching tv and simply stared at the girls.
The only person in the room who was honest about how they
were feeling was Bobbi. When she saw how this was
escalating, she exclaimed, "Damn, I wanna get in on some of
that! I'm next!" Everyone in the room burst out laughing
and the tension of the moment subsided. Vicky came loudly
about 30 seconds later. True to her word, Bobbi slid out
of her jeans and panties and pushed Vicky out of the way,
taking her place. While the girls were switching places,
Tina looked over her shoulder at my wife with a big, wet

"Don't be shy, Jenny", Tina said. "If you want a closer
look, then kneel down here next to me." To everyone's
surprise, Jenny got up and quietly knelt next to Tina.
Bobbi put one of her feet up on the edge of the couch seat
and cocked her knee to one side so that her crotch would be
wide open. Jenny must have been able to see and smell the
juices from about a foot away from where she was sitting.
Tina went to work, taking her time and pausing to make
numerous comments. "Your wet enough to drown a cat.", she
commented to Bobbi. After licking for a couple of seconds
she turned to Jenny and said, "She tastes really tangy. If
you want to cut-in at any point and have some just let me
know." Jenny declined...but stayed where she was and
couldn't take her eyes off of Bobbi's pussy as Tina licked
it. "I think she's going to cum pretty soon," she said a
minute later. Bobbi hissed, "less talking and more
licking". Tina giggled as she went back to work. Jenny
put her hand on Bobbi's knee as Bobbi started trembling in
orgasm. Bobbi gasped and stared directly into my wife's
eyes as she came on Tina's tongue.

There was silence in the room for a full minute. Finally,
Bobbi leaned forward and kissed my wife on the forehead.
"Thanks for your encouraging touch", she said, smiling at
Jenny. Tina was also smiling at Jenny with juices dripping
from her chin. "Your turn", giggled Tina. Jenny paused, as
if thinking about it. Then she said, "I better not... I am
married, as you know." There was silence for another full
minute. Then Jenny said, "I've gotta go. I'll see you
tomorrow." Then my wife rushed out of the room.

The girls talked about it after she left. They were
unanimous in thinking that they had almost broken Jenny.
It would only be a matter of time.

The following day, the girls took a different tact.
Instead of the constant sex, they would show Jenny that
they were affectionate. (They had finally gotten a
reaction the previous day, so now they wanted to start
seducing her.) When Jenny stopped by, nobody was having
sex. They were all just hanging out talking. After a
couple of minutes there was almost a look of disappointment
on Jenny's face. After all, she'd been getting quite a
show for the last few days.

As they were talking Bobbi and Vicky were getting friendly
on the couch, but not in a sexual manner. Vicky was laying
across Bobbi's lap while Bobbi stroked her hair. After a
few minutes it was just Tina and my wife talking. Vicky had
sat up next to Bobbi and they were kissing like teen-aged
sweethearts. They didn't even look like they were putting
on a show. They were just enjoying each other's affection.
I think that this may have had an even greater effect on
Jenny than the previous day's display. I could imagine her
thinking to herself, "I guess being a lesbian isn't just
licking a wet pussy. They look like they are really in

After about ten minutes the girls rejoined the
conversation. "Your birthday is in two days... how do you
want to celebrate?", Vicky asked.

"I was thinking about going to the Health Club and swim and
use the sauna. It's so chilly out, that I wanted to do
something that you'd associate with summer-time, " said
Jenny. "You guy's can tag along if you like."

"That sounds like a great idea," said Tina. "Then we can
come back here and have a beach-front picnic...minus the

"Yeah," Bobbi chimed in. "We'll turn up the furnace to 90
degrees and lay out some beach towels."

Jenny giggled at their enthusiasm. "OK, you silly girls...
but you have to make the picnic food, because I'm not
cooking on my birthday."

Vicky replied, "You let us worry about the food. The only
thing that you need to do is make sure that you're wearing
something sexy. No one-piece swimsuits are allowed on this
beach." Everyone laughed.


It was all starting to make sense they must have seduced my
wife on her birthday, which is the first day that I had
noticed her acting really odd. So I jumped ahead to that
day. They had gone to the health club in the morning and
must have been planning a lunch party. It must have run
awfully long, since she hadn't come home until around 8pm.

I checked the 10am file and the house was empty. So I
tried the 11am clip and about 20 minutes into it Jenny and
the girls arrived. They were all wearing sweat suits, and
had their swimsuits on underneath. They were laughing and
having fun. Bobbi kept swatting Jenny's behind
periodically as they teased each other. Jenny didn't stop
her. Vicky made margarita's and served them up to everyone
with great fanfare. They laid out the beach blankets and I
saw Tina go to the thermostat, turning up the heat I
imagine. Bobbi turned on the stereo and put on a Jimmy
Buffet CD. Over time the girls started taking their sweat
suits off. First the tops and after a while my wife looked
out of place because everyone else was wearing a bikini and
Jenny still had on her sweats. They started teasing her to
take off her sweats and join the party. Jenny was slugging
down her margarita and enjoying the attention, but kept her
sweats on. About an hour later they were on their third
round of drinks and the girls were starting to chant "Take
it off, Take it off."

Jenny was eating up the attention. It wasn't like they
hadn't seen her in her bikini at the club. So she made a
show of standing up, dancing around to each of the girls in
turn and slowly unzipping her sweatsuit jacket. In
retrospect, I don't think that the girls would EVER have
seduced my wife if not for this little episode. They had
no idea what kind of effect this must have been having on
Jenny. For Jenny, stripping was a life-long fantasy that
she would never fulfill, because she didn't want to take
her clothes off in front of a bunch of sweaty, balding
middle aged losers at a grungy amateur strip-club. Jenny
had never thought about stripping in front of three younger
female friends. This situation just fell into place. They
were begging her to strip and she didn't feel threatened by
them in the least. Jenny took on a completely new persona
as she strutted around the room. Her jacket was completely
unzipped, but she held the edges over her breasts, pushing
her tits together and showing off her cleavage to each of
the girls. When she took off her her top she was wearing a
bikini top that I had never seen before. It was rather
tiny, and very stringy. Jenny has the kind of nipples that
stand out. Even when she isn't cold or excited, you can
see them through a thick sweater. In this tiny bikini top
they poked straight out through the material. She was
clearly very turned on.

The girls went wild. Jenny took her tits in her hands and
shook them. Everyone laughed as Bobbi put a dollar bill in
her mouth. Jenny surprised us all by dancing over to her
and shaking them in Bobbi's face. I could see Bobbi grab
Jenny's ass through her sweatpants. Jenny just smiled down
at her. The girls started chanting, "More skin, More skin!"
So Jenny started sliding her sweatpants down lower and
lower on her hips. The triangles of fabric on her top
barely covered her nipples as her chest bounced to the
rhythm of the music. Finally she faced away from the girls
and slid her pants to her ankles showing her bikini clad
behind plainly as she bent over. The girls loved it. Jenny
deftly removed each foot from the pants and made another
circuit from girl to girl, getting swatted and groped as
she went along. At one point she turned away from the
girls, setting her feet apart, she bent over again and
reached between her legs running her finger over the thin
crotch of her bikini bottoms. I could see the wet spot
even with the low quality video, so I know that everyone in
the room had a clear view of the same thing.

Vicky went to her purse and returned with a fist full of
dollar bills, which she distributed to her roommates.
Jenny would dance up to one of them and do their bidding.
Tina took a bill and was tapping her lips with it. Jenny
danced over and gave her a long wet kiss full on the lips,
while Tina ran her hands up and down her legs. Jenny
pushed hands away if they got too near her crotch or
nipples, but her ass and breasts were fair game if you
avoided those spots. Vicky put a bill in her mouth and
Jenny buried Vicky's face in her cleavage, shaking her tits
vigorously. Vicky's hands were busy and Jenny kept having
to stop her from going too far. Bobbi tapped her lips and
got a wetter kiss with lots of tongue and slipped the bill
down the front of Jenny's tiny bikini bottoms. This went
on for about a half hour. The girls kept pushing the
limits. They kept pulling the ties and Jenny would have to
retie them while dancing around. Then they would try
slipping the strings lower on her waist and Jenny would
have to slide them back up. The next time that Jenny bent
over and did the finger-over-the-crotch move Bobbi stepped
forward and knelt down behind her and grabbed Jenny's ass-
checks in each hand and watched the crotch rub from about
10 inches away. Jenny took her time. Everyone hooted when
she stood up again. A few minutes later Vicky stepped
forward and knelt the same way Bobbi had done with a dollar
in her mouth. Jenny bent over in front of her and gave her
the same show. While Vicky watched and rubbed Jenny's ass
and thighs, she also reached up with her left hand tugged
the bikini bottoms up into Jenny's butt-crack. After
another round of dollar bill kisses and gropes, Tina
stepped forward and knelt with a bill in her mouth. Jenny
did her job and bent over in front of her. After a few
seconds, Tina reached up with both hands and slowly slid
the bottoms over my wife's ass and pulled them down. As
they passed over her crotch, there was a moment when a drop
of the shiny wet goo distinctly dripped from my wife's
crotch to the floor. Tina reached up and ran her own
finger over my wife's slit for a few seconds before Jenny
stood up and pulled the bikini bottoms back on. I backed up
the video and watched that scene about 5 times. It was
clearly the moment that my wife decided that she would
allow it to be more than just a game.

A few minutes later the CD finished and the room was quiet
again, but the show wasn't over. Jenny had her bikini back
on, but she was sitting on the couch with the girls
gathered at her feet. She had her knees spread and the
crotch of the bikini bottoms pulled to one side and was
fingering herself in front of the girls. After a few
minutes Bobbi said, "Let me help you." Bobbi sat next to
Jenny and reached between her legs and started fingering my
wife. Jenny sat back and let go. Vicky started taking
Jenny's flimsy top off while Tina squatted at Jennys feet
with her hands in her own bikini bottoms, staring intently
at what the other girls were doing to Jenny. Vicky
caressed Jenny's nipples and started sucking on them. Less
than a minute later Jenny was cumming loudly.

"Wow," I thought to myself, "so that's how it happened."

The rest of that day was spent with the four of them having
sex and taking breaks to chat and giggle. At first, Jenny
would just watch the other girls doing eachother and let
them do things to her. After a couple of hours of playing
around, the girls started teaching Jenny that 'it is better
to give than receive'. Before she left to have dinner with
me, she had licked and fingered all three girls.

It had been about three hours since my wife went to the
movies (I had been skipping ahead and playing the video
back at higher than normal speed as I went along.) I
decided to see if my wife was next door now. Being careful
not to interrupt the recording aspect of the program, I
turned on a live monitor utility. Since I had just seen a
high-speed version of my wife having sex with 'the girls
next door' over a seven or eight hour period, I was not
shocked to note that my wife and the girls had returned
from the movies and were 'getting it on' in the living room
again. Jenny was kneeling in front of the recliner with
her head buried in Vicky's crotch. Jenny's skirt was
bunched up around her waist and Bobbi was kneeling behind
her with her hand thrust between my wife's legs from
behind. Bobbi seemed to be absentmindedly finger-fucking
my wife while she supervised her licking Vicky. "I've
never seen anyone so engrossed in licking pussy as our
little Jenny, here" Bobbi commented to Vicky. After a
couple of seconds Vicky gasped, "Don't tease her about
it... she's doin' a great job!" Bobbi was right, though.
In less than two weeks my wife had gone from timid stripper
to the insatiable queen of cunilingus. She seemed
oblivious to what Bobbi was doing to her. Jenny seemed
entirely focused on making her current partner orgasm.
Vicky did exactly that about 10 seconds later, but Jenny
just tightened her grip and buried her face with renewed
vigor. Jenny rode Vicky like a rodeo star as she bucked
around. Twenty seconds later, Jenny loosened her grip and
sat back on her heals. Vicky caught her breath and said,
"Jenny, you're the best." Jenny's chin glistened as she
grinned proudly over at Bobbi. "Wanna go next?" she asked
Bobbi. "Let me ask Tina... it's her turn." she turned
towards the bedroom. "Ti-na! your up!" ... "Go ahead,
I'm still on the phone!"

Bobbi slid out of her jeans and took Vicky's place in the
recliner. As I watched this scene unfold, it struck me
that this was actually happening right at that moment less
than 40 yards away from me in the house next door. I
watched with renewed interest as Bobbi bent down and kissed
my wife deeply before leaning back and coaxing my wife's
mouth towards her crotch. Jenny started off slowly,
clearly relishing each individual stroke of the tongue that
she delivered to Bobbi's groin. Bobbi ran her fingers
through Jenny's hair and talked to her while Jenny looked
straight up into her eyes without being pulled away from
her task. "Yeah... that's good... you like that don't
you... Mmmm... I like it toooo... don't rush it... let me
take my time..." Bobbi did take her time. It was ten
minutes before she came... and even when that happened.
She simply held Jenny's head away from her for half a
minute and then pulled it back saying, "slowly now, it
won't take me much to cum again." Jenny made Bobbi cum 4
more times in a row. I don't know who was happier about
it. Jenny seemed so proud of herself every time she made
someone cum. I think that she preferred that over having
an orgasm herself.

Jenny sat back on her heals and waited patiently while
Bobbi went to get Tina. Tina wandered into the room in a
tank-top half-shirt and a pair of low-rise panties with a
cordless phone at her ear. She plopped down in the
recliner and put a leg on either side of Jenny. Tina
seemed to ignore my wife and focus on her conversation.
Jenny leaned forward and lovingly nuzzled the crotch of
Tina's panties. After a few tender kisses through the
cotton, Jenny used her left hand to pull the panty crotch
to one side and started french kissing Tina's crotch. The
only indication that Tina gave that she even knew that
Jenny was licking her was by sliding her butt forward a few
inches to the front edge of the seat to give Jenny better
access. Jenny took her time and didn't seem to mind that
she was being ignored.

Tina continued her conversation. "Yeah, the one I told you
about..." [pause] [giggle] "Yeah, she's here right now
licking my pussy as we speak." [giggle] "No, I'm not
kidding. A couple weeks ago we thought she was too tight
to crack... now we can't keep her out of our pants."
[chuckle] [pause] "I'm serious! She comes over everyday and
won't leave until she's done all three of us." [pause]
"Don't believe me then." [pause] "Well, if you come to our
party on Saturday night, you'll get your chance. We're
gonna find out if little Jenny EVER gets tired." Jenny
stopped for a moment and grinned up at Tina. "Sound's
fun!", Jenny said lecherously and then returned to her

"Damn, she's getting really good at it too." [longer pause]
"How old is she?" [pause] "Well then bring your niece
along... seventeen is old enough. We'll show her a good
time." [pause] "I don't know I'll ask her." [looking down
at Jenny] "Wanna do another strip tease for a bigger
audience?" [Jenny nodded enthusiastically.] "She says
she'll do it. Now will you come?" [pause] "Great... around
8pm... See ya..." [Tina put the phone down, leaned back
and looked down at Jenny] "You're gonna make a lot of
girls happy Saturday," Tina said smiling.

A few minutes later, Tina had cum and Jenny said. "I'd
better get home. Thanks for taking me to the movies. See
ya tomorrow." I quickly shut off the video monitor utility
and turned off the screen. Grabbing a book, I went upstairs
to act like I had been reading this whole time.

When Jenny got home, we chatted for a few minutes about the
movie and then she told me that she'd be at a party on
Saturday. I asked if I was invited and she said, "Sorry, I
think it's a 'girls night out' kinda thing. You probably
would be bored anyway." I replied, "You're probably right.
I've got a computer project I'd like to work on anyway."

We had sex that night. I had to instigate it, but it was
actually much better than usual. I guess she didn't hate
having sex with me at least. I imagine that she was trying
harder than usual to please me... probably out of a feeling
of guilt. Looking back on it, I probably would not have
let her lesbian infidelities slide if she had refused me.

Things started to settle into a pattern. I would get home
from work everyday at around 5:30pm. My wife would already
be next door with the girls and would get home at around
7:30 or 8pm for a late dinner with me. We never discussed
what she was doing next door. Sometimes I would watch the
live or recorded footage while she was next door. I
started sorting out the really sexy scenes and saving them
in a different directory so that they wouldn't get
overwritten. I especially liked the strip show and was
looking forward to Saturday's performance.

When Saturday came around, I was reading a book in our
living room and watching out the front window as cars
arrived, turning into the driveway next door. There were
about 8 cars that arrived, parking in the driveway or on
the street in front. Most cars had two or three girls in
them. Most were college aged girls, like the 'girls next
door', but there were a few women in their 30's or 40's.
About half of them were very feminine looking and the rest
ranged from tom-boyish to flat-out tough looking dykes.
Not a single male arrived. My wife headed over at 8:30. I
was surprised by her outfit. She was dressed like a
catholic school girl. She had her hair in pig-tails and
wore a plaid mini-skirt with white, knee-high stockings and
white dress shirt. Her black bra was clearly visible
through the blouse. I gave her an inquisitive look. "The
girls are always teasing me about my age, so I'm dressed
like this as a joke... I'll take out the pig-tails after I
get there." I chuckled and told her to have a good time.
"If I get too drunk, I'll just sleep over. I should be
home around noon tomorrow." she said as she closed the door
behind her. I set my book aside and headed to the
basement. I wanted to catch the reaction from the girls at
the party.

As I flicked on the live-feed, I noted that the party was
already in full swing. Around twenty young women were
packed into the little house. The furniture was pushed
back against the walls and some folding chairs also lined
the walls. Multi-colored lamps added mood lighting. Some
of the girls were dancing. It looked like a tiny night-
club. Just then, my wife arrived and there was round of
hoots and whistles. Bobbi loudly announce, "The
entertainment has arrived." I could tell that my wife was
nervous, but the approving cat calls and whistles gave her
confidence and she started to take on the strutting,
confident, exhibitionist personae that she had discovered
the first time that she stripped.

People cleared out of the center of the room and sat or
stood at the edges of the room, clearly waiting for Jenny
to do her thing. Bobbi and Tina moved two coffee tables to
the center of the circle and pushed them together to form a
little square stage. Jenny's confidence broke as she
protested to Vicky, "I didn't think that I'd be doing this
right away. I don't know anyone here." Vicky replied,
"Actually you do know Martha and Sharon, but I think that
your show will be a fine introduction to the rest.
Besides, they've heard all about you." (I recognized
Martha as the 30-something, butchy librarian at our local
branch library and I later found out that Sharon knew Jenny
from the health club.) "Great, now they all think that
Jenny's a slut," I thought to myself.

Reluctantly, Jenny stepped into the center of the circle of
women and as another bouncy, eurotech dance song started
she mounted the stage. Everyone hooted and clapped as she
danced around. Jenny's pig-tails bounced around as she
shook her stuff. When she put her hands over her head, the
buttons on her shirt would strain against her breasts.
When she bent forward, the hem of her skirt would rise up
enough to show off her pink panties. Everyone cheered her
on. Despite all this, Jenny was a little restrained until
people started pulling out the money. Bobbi started it off
by stepping forward with a dollar bill and getting a kiss
from Jenny. Pretty soon Jenny was swapping spit with most
of the girls there. I guess the money and kisses made her
feel like a slutty stripper, because her new personae
returned full-force. People kept trying to reach under
her skirt, but she politely held them back. She strutted
around and started unbuttoning her shirt. A new round of
cheers rang-out. Pretty soon her shirt was wide open and
her tight fitting black bra was fully visible. After a few
more one-dollar kisses, she threw the shirt into the
audience. She paused for a moment before tongue-kissing
Sharon. She must have had a little apprehension about
knowing her from somewhere else. But she clearly was
letting loose, because Sharon's hands reached up and cupped
both of Jenny's breasts throughout the long kiss. The
room applauded. Pretty soon Jenny's tits were being
handled by everyone and her bra was being tugged askew.
The girls started paying a buck for a kiss and were allowed
to reach into the bra cups. Her nipples were peeking out of
the tops of the cups when she finally discarded it to the
cheering audience.

A few minutes later girls were paying a buck to suck on her
nipples and squeeze her ass under the skirt. This is when
she started doing her bend-over routine. She would step
into the center of her little stage, setting her feet apart
and bend over rubbing her finger along the crotch of her
panties so that the girls behind her could see it clearly.
She had to repeat this three times in a row facing
different directions so that the whole room got a chance to
see. The girls loved it.

After another round of kisses and gropes, she did the bend-
over routine again, but this time she flipped her skirt up
and pulled her panties up into her butt-crack before slowly
rubbing her finger over her crotch. Once again the girls
loved it. After kissing a few more girls, Martha stepped
forward. Once again Jenny hesitated momentarily before
dancing towards her. Martha announced to the crowd, "Fifty
dollars!" Everyone cheered. Jenny bent forward and kissed
Martha while Martha played with her tits. Then Martha
whispered something into Jenny's ear before handing her the
$50 bill. Jenny paused, then squatted down and put her
hands down behind her as if she were going to 'crab walk'.
Then she raised her pelvis into the air, as if to offer it
to Martha. Martha took her sweet time, running her hands
up and down Jenny's legs. Then Martha delicately lifted
Jenny's skirt up and laid it over her stomach. Jenny
waited patiently as Martha pulled Jenny's panties down.
Jenny lifted each foot, allowing Martha to remove the
panties completely and put them into her pants pocket.
Then Martha slid Jenny's feet further apart and leisurely
ran her hand up Jenny's leg to her crotch. The entire room
closed in for a better view as Martha finger fucked Jenny.
Fuck-juice was dripping off of Martha's finger when she
finally pulled it out. Then Jenny stood up and went back
to dancing around the room as if nothing had happened.

Everyone stepped forward with bills in hand and Jenny went
around the room, kissing girls and being fingered by
everyone. I was surprised by how she dealt with the
butchier women. I would have thought that she would have
been a little cooler towards them then the feminine looking
girls, but the opposite was true. The tougher looking
girls would man-handle Jenny and she seemed to melt into
their arms. Probably the oldest woman (and the most butch)
was a forty-ish woman named Toni. Toni motioned for Jenny
to come over. She didn't even give Jenny any money. She
just stripped off the rest of Jenny's clothes (her skirt
and shoes) except for the thigh-high stockings and pulled
her off of the stage. Everyone was clapping as Toni groped
my wife. Jenny was clearly kissing back and didn't even
try to hold Toni's hands at bay. After a very long kiss,
Toni commandingly asked, "You want to lick some pussy,
don't you?" Jenny responded by nodding submissively.

For the first time that night, Jenny put her hands on
someone else. She dropped to her knees and proceeded to
unbutton and pull down Toni's pants. Toni sat down on the
front edge of one of the folding chairs and pulled my
wife's face to her crotch. Jenny ate her enthusiastically
and Toni came quickly. Everyone there seemed to be on the
edge, just like Toni had been, because more girls started
stripping out of their clothes and lining up. Vicky and
Bobbi pulled the coffee tables out of the center of the
room and replaced them with the recliner. They also put
down a pillow for Jenny. As Jenny got situated in front of
the recliner she looked around the room grinning at all of
the women who were lusting after her. Sharon, the pretty
young girl from the health club, was up next. She lifted
her skirt and held her panties to one side for Jenny.
Jenny inserted a finger and started licking the clitoris,
genuinely relishing each stroke of her tongue. While she
licked, the other girls grabbed her ass and played with her
tits. Bobbi teased her saying, "as soon as you finish all
of us, we'll do you." Jenny moaned enthusiastically into
Sharon's crotch.

Girl after girl orgasmed while my wife sucked on their
clits. Her chin would glisten and quim would run down her
neck as she grinned up at the next beautiful woman that she
was about to eat-out. About two hours later only the three
hosts were left. The tip of Jenny's tongue stuck out
comically between her lips as she grinned up at Vicky. A
mixture of saliva and quim was dripping from the tips of
Jenny's hard nipples. She was clearly exhausted but still
enjoying it. I was amazed as she ate the last three girls
with almost as much enthusiasm as the first. The crowd
cheered her on as she ate the last girl, Bobbi. After
Bobbi came in her mouth, she sat back on her heals,
grinning up at Bobbi and announced, "I told you I could do

Bobbi lifted her into the chair and asked for a volunteer.
Vicky stepped forward and knelt at Jenny's feet. Other
girls took turns sucking on her nipples and kissing her
mouth. Vicky exclaimed, "Damn, I've never seen someone as
wet as this" and went back to eating her out. Jenny shook
all over as she came for nearly a full minute. The girls
let up for a minute and then made her cum again and again a
third time. Finally they let Jenny go. By then it was
about 11:30pm and some of the girls left. About half were
still there after mid-night, talking and drinking in small
groups. From what I could pick up from various
conversations, it turned out that Sharon was Toni's
seventeen year old niece. She had never been with a woman
before tonight.

Jenny, it seemed, had taken it upon herself to show her how
fun girls could be. At least three more times that night
Jenny and Sharon 'made it', mostly 69'ing. I think it
empowered Jenny to be the 'experienced' one for a change.

It has been about a year since that party. Since that
night, my wife has been the 'main attraction' at several
other parties. She always closes her act by eating out
everyone at the party. Sharon hangs out next door at
least three days a week now. When the 'girls next door'
graduate and move away, I imagine that Sharon and Jenny
will still be hot for eachother. Jenny also spends time at
another neighbor's house, Patty. She is a housewife that
is Jenny's age and is married with three kids. I don't
know how they hooked up, but Patty was at one of the
parties and if Jenny has a day off from work during a
school day, you can be certain that she'll spend most of
the day at Patty's house.

I still get sex when I ask for it and Jenny is still my
best friend, so I guess I don't mind too much that she has
become the town's biggest lesbian slut.


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