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Story - The Laundry Written by Blab (,


The sign said:


Ah, but rules don't apply to me. Besides, I had an early meeting in the
morning and I didn't have any clean shirts. And it was only 10:15, so I
was bending the rules more than breaking them.

And besides, I'm not the only one, I thought as I stood in front of the
laundry room door. I could hear one of the dryers running inside.

The laundry room in my building is at the end of a long hallway on the
parking level. I opened the door and started down the hallway, walking
past all the storage rooms. As I got closer to the lighted laundry room at
the end, I realized that somebody was in there.

It occurred to me that it might be the building superintendent, and I
didn't want him to see me with my laundry bag slung over my shoulder. I
walked softly, knowing that the dryer would mask most noise I made while I
got close enough to see who it was. It probably wasn't the super, but no
sense taking chances when I'd only just moved in a couple weeks before.

The first thing I saw as I crept around the corner was a woman's hand
holding a magazine. Whoever it was, she was sitting on top of the dryer
reading while she waited for her laundry to finish, and since the machines
were against the nearest wall, she was facing away from me. OK, not the
super, but it was still possible that this was his wife, who I had met when
I dropped off my deposit. But this hand looked too young, from where I
stood in the dim hallway. I took a couple more steps before I realized
that there was a picture of two nude women kissing on the page of the
magazine she was reading!

OK so I know there are women out there that look at dirty magazines.
It's just that I hadn't really met any before, and I was rather amazed to
have found one sitting in my laundry room! But I also knew she'd probably
be embarrassed to be found reading such a magazine. I turned and softly
walked back down the hallway towards the door, intending to make a lot of
noise down there and give her a chance to put the magazine away while I
walked back acting innocent. That's what I intended.

As I crept even more quietly back down past the storage rooms I
struggled with an idea that kept drifting through my mind: I wanted to spy
on her. Halfway down the hall I dropped my laundry bag softly to the
concrete floor and walked quietly back towards the brightly lit laundry

She had turned the page, and the current one had an advertisement for
phone sex on it. Most of the page was text. I was pretty sure she was
reading P*nthouse F*rum or something like that - those have always been my
favorite. Compared to a magazine with just pictures, erotic stories always
wins with me. I got close enough to read the words "Name and Address
Withheld" before I heard her sighs.

It was really hard to hear her, even standing just a few feet away, over
the sound of the dryer. I realized suddenly that she was only holding the
magazine with one hand. I silently creeped just a little closer, so that I
could just see her profile around the corner of the room. She was leaning
way back against her laundry basket, which was propped between the wall and
her. Her bare legs dangled over the edge of the dryer. I could just see
the curve of her arm headed down over her stomach, and over the bunched up
fabric of the skirt at her waist, from where I stood holding my breath in
the hallway.

I could see the edge of her mouth, her lips slightly open with the tip
of her tongue sticking out just a little. I strained my ears, making out a
musical breathy sigh coming rhythmically from between those sweet lips.
The pale skin of her cheek was smooth, and my gaze traced the line of her
jawbone where it met her neck. Her jet black hair was tied up, exposing a
lot of her neck to my view. I watched the minute dance of the tendons in
her neck telegraph the slight motion of the arm between her legs.

My erection strained under my shorts, and I squeezed it through them as
I stared. I struggled to keep my breathing quiet as I stood watching her.
She turned the page, shifting slightly as she did so, and then I could see
the top of her hand between her thighs. Her wrist was moving back and
forth, and I could picture in vivid detail exactly what her fingers were
doing. Suddenly her dryer sputtered and stopped, and I flinched back into
the shadows, wondering how I would escape the hallway without the noise to
mask my steps. However as I watched, the girl put the magazine down on her
leg and reached behind her. I heard the sound of coins dropping in a
vending slot, and then the dryer started up. Blessed white noise filled
the room again as she leaned back and continued reading.

Soon her faint sighs grew louder, becoming more moan than sigh, and then
I saw the muscles in her leg tense in spasms. All at once she was moaning
loudly, the magazine dropping as she threw her head back and cried out. I
moaned a little with her, hardly aware that I was doing it, my hand pulling
at my shorts-covered cock as I watched her orgasm.

A moment later I realized just how hard I was breathing, wondering why
she hadn't heard me so close behind her even with the dryer running.
Suddenly I was very nervous about getting caught watching her, and I snuck
back down the hallway, grabbing my laundry and leaving her alone. A half
hour later, after masturbating furiously in my apartment while I recalled
the exquisite vision I had just seen, I came back down to wash my shirts.
There was no sign of her left. I hadn't even seen her face.


Whenever I passed a girl in the hallways or stairwells of my building I
studied her, trying to compare her to my memory of the girl I saw in the
laundry room that night. I had only seen her face from way to the side and
behind, so it was hard to be sure. There were a few young and attractive
women in my building, but it was a toss up which of them I had seen.
Still, I found myself searching every face I passed for something I'd

A week had passed, and I had given up on identifying the laundry girl.
And then one day, while I was sitting out next to the building's pool
enjoying the sun on my day off, a shadow fell across the magazine I was

"Hey nice to see you again," said a female voice behind me. I squinted
into the light, but her face was just a dark blotch against the glare of
the sun behind her.

Unsure of myself, I said, "Yeah, how are you doing?" I leaned over in my
chair trying to get a better look at her, but the more I saw the less I

"Oh I'm doing fine. Lots of laundry to do, though. Guess I know what
I'll be doing all night tonight." With a wave she walked away, and as she
turned and stepped into shadow I suddenly realized it was her.

I cursed at myself, sitting there on the pool deck. She knew. I was
suddenly afraid she was on the way to the building superintendent to report
me right that moment. But she hadn't sounded angry or embarrassed at all.
Maybe it was just a coincidence that this girl happened to mention doing
her laundry to me at random...

But she acted like she recognized me, like she knew me. We'd never met.
If I had ever been introduced to her, I was certain I'd remember it. In my
fantasies, inspired by her sitting on that dryer, she had always been
gorgeous when I finally did see her face. The truth was better than the

All afternoon and evening I pondered what happened. The phone never
rang, the super never pounded on my door - and thank god neither did the
police. I convinced myself that she was just being friendly and chatting
with the neighbors, and it was complete coincidence that she mentioned
doing her laundry late at night when I had in fact seen her doing more than
her laundry late at night the week before.

So then I wanted to try to talk to her some more. Maybe we could hit it
off or something. I had this feeling I'd really like to get to know this
gorgeous girl that enjoyed reading dirty stories as she masturbated. And
it just so happened I knew where she was going to be that night.

I had just did my laundry the day before, so I spent an hour crinkling
up clean shirts and underwear and tossing them in my laundry bag. Then I
spent another hour rehearsing things to say when I saw her. It occurred to
me that it was possible she'd be playing with herself again when I got
there, but then I discarded the idea. I just wasn't that lucky. However
just in case I put on a black shirt and my quietest sneakers.

I waited until it was 10 PM, and then I slung my clean dirty laundry
over my shoulder and headed down to the laundry room. I heard the washing
machine running as I walked in the door. Walking softly but trying to act
casual, I treaded down the hallway to the lighted laundry room.

Nobody sitting on the dryer, but as I walked into the room she greeted
me from the bench against the other wall. "Hey, cool, I was getting lonely
in here!" A novel instead of a dirty magazine, and her clothes were all in
place, but she was definitely the same girl.

Lamely I said, "Yep I need to wash some clothes too." She smiled happily
at me while I considered how inept my conversation skills actually were.

It wouldn't have mattered, because she completely floored me when she
said, "I had a real hard time figuring out who you were, because I only saw
your back and the back of your head while you were running away last week.
But then when I saw you from behind at the pool today I recognized you." I
guess the panic showed in my face, because she stood and stepped quickly
towards me. "No no, I'm not angry," she reassured me. She stepped closer
and put her hand on my arm which still held my forgotten laundry bag. "I
really liked it when you watched me. Should I ask whether you liked it

I was holding my breath, and when I said, "Yes, I did," it came out
rather loud and awkwardly. And then as my brain caught up I said, "Oh wow
you saw me, I'm sorry... Um, yeah, yes I did like watching you... last

She smiled again, her teeth bright against her maroon lipstick in the
flourescent light. "So do you think you might be interested in watching
me, again?" Her voice softened, sounding so girl-like and innocent, but her
words had an incredibly non-innocent effect on me.


I looked in her eyes, floored by her words. She stood there looking at
my face, just smiling and waiting for me to respond, but I couldn't seem to
say anything. My mouth hung open for a few moments before she laughed a
little nervously and said, "Maybe it's not a good idea..."

I quickly spoke, "No wait, yes I do want to watch you." I swallowed and
breathed for a second as her smile got bigger. I felt more confident as I
said, "I've wanted to watch you doing that again since I saw you last week.
I looked for you too, the whole time, but I never really saw your face."

"Oh, that's so sweet!" She must have been nervous about confronting me,
because I could see her relax when she heard what I said. She reached out
her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Nikki, nice to meet you."

I dropped my laundry bag on the floor and took her hand, "It's really
nice to meet you, too. I'm Blab. I just moved into the building a couple
weeks ago."

We shook hands and chatted a little, feeling more comfortable with each
other with each passing moment. Nikki had this incredible openness about
everything she did, whether speaking exactly what was on her mind or just
expressing her emotions in her face as we talked. We were talking about
stupid stuff, like the parking situation around the apartment building or
the crazy married couple that always screams at each other at midnight.
The conversation gradually worked around to what I had seen her doing the
previous week.

I asked, "Is that the first time you've done that? Down here in the
laundry room I mean."

Her mouth crooked in a shy smile and she said, "No, I've done it a few
times before. It's that dryer..." She looked over towards the dryer that
she'd been sitting on when I had watched her. "It vibrates just the right

"Oh?" I said questioningly. I had suspected the motion of the dryer had
something to do with it. With impeccable timing her wash load stopped at
just that moment, leaving the laundry room suddenly quiet. We stood
silently for a moment, and then I decided to just go ahead and blurt it
out. "Will you show me now?"

She looked back at me and paused for a moment before saying, "OK." I
watched as she self consciously moved her wet clothes to the dryer and then
slid some quarters into it. The noise of the dryer filled the room again.
When she was done she stood in front of the machine, her eyes moving
nervously between me and the floor for a second.

I stepped up close to her again and reached for her hand, holding her
fingers softly in mine. She focused on my face as I said, "When I watched
you last week, you were the sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my life. I felt
guilty for peeping when I thought you didn't know I was there, but I
couldn't force myself away." She licked her lips, looking up towards my
face as I spoke. I leaned towards her and kissed her mouth softly,
lingering with our lips together for a moment before I continued. "After I
ran away..." She laughed a little when I repeated her description of my
retreat. I smiled and started again, "After I ran away, I went straight up
to my apartment. I had the hardest erection I ever remember having, and I
was pulling it out of my pants as soon as I closed my door. I closed my
eyes and remembered how you looked, how you sounded, as I stroked it..."

Nikki's eyelids wavered, half closing, and her mouth formed a pout as
she listened to me. When I mentioned stroking my cock she sighed, and I
just had to kiss her again. That kiss took a lot longer, and neither of us
felt nervous after a few minutes. As our lips parted I brushed my mouth
along her cheek up to her ear and whispered, "Please show me again, I'm
dying to watch you."

She set her laundry basket against the wall and I helped her up onto the
dryer, and then kissed her some more while she sat on the edge with her
legs dangling. I slid my fingers up and down her bare thighs below her
skirt while we kissed, feeling the tremors of the dryer against my crotch
where I leaned against it. When I stepped back and looked at her the sight
took my breath away. Her skirt still covered much of her lap, but it was
bunched and wrinkled where it lay. Her pastel top heaved with her
breathing, the round curves of her breasts moving in and out. She looked
at me with shining eyes, her mouth half open and inviting. She grabbed the
material of her skirt and slowly began to pull it up her legs, teasing me
with the slow exposure of her skin.

She asked, "But what will you be doing?" Her eyes darted over towards
the bench behind me when she said it. I took another step back and sat
down, bringing my eye level to just above the height of her crotch.

"Is it OK if I sit over here and touch myself?" I asked, grabbing the
bulge of my erection through my pants. Nikki merely nodded and pulled her
skirt the rest of the way up, exposing her panties to my view.

She leaned back and lifted her ass for a moment, pulling her panties down. I groaned out loud when I saw her pussy for the first time. She had
a patch of short pubic hair below her stomach, but her pussy was completely
bare. I could see a slight glistening shine of wetness on her labia, which
were thick and looked incredibly soft. Spreading her legs wide apart, she
slid her hand immediately down to her cunt, stroking her outer lips for
just a moment with her fingertips before dipping one finger into her
channel. She collected her wetness on her finger, spreading it around her
folds in sensual circles.

Watching her fingers intently I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down,
leaving my erect cock bare and throbbing. I glanced up at Nikki's face and
saw her looking at my erection with an intent gaze, as her fingers began to
move faster around her outer folds. I formed a circle with my thumb and
forefinger and began to slowly stroke up and down the shaft of my cock,
paying special attention to the sensitive ridge around my swollen head. As
I watched her, Nikki matched the pace of my hand's movements with her
fingers rubbing her slit. I closed my whole fist around my straining
erection, squeezing it tightly for a moment before resuming stroking.
Nikki leaned back against her laundry basket and brought her other hand
down to her pussy.

I called out, "Oh god," groaning as I saw her insert one finger and then
two into her wet opening. While she fucked herself with one hand she began
to rub her clit with her other. She moaned in time with her fingers'
motion, still watching my hand moving on my cock intently. And then she
pushed the fingertips of one hand down against the top of the dryer between
her legs, stretching her fingers wide so that she could reach her clit with
the thumb while her fingers pressed against the white surface beneath her.
She began to fuck her cunt in earnest with the fingers of her other hand,
thrusting in and out hard and fast. I realized that her other hand was
picking up the vibrations of the dryer and translating them directly to her
thumb pressed against her clit. She gasped and whimpered with the
pleasures her fingers brought her.

My hips bucked up off the bench, and I realized I was close to orgasm. I
called out, "Oh shit, Nikki, I'm going to cum..." I moaned as spasms of
pleasure shot outwards through my body, centering on my cock as I jerked
and pulled on it with my fist.

Nikki yelled out, "Oh yes, oh god... Yesss..." I saw her hips bucking
up off the dryer, her knees quivering and shaking as she began to cum. My
cock surged and exploded in my hand, white jets of cum shooting out from
the tip and arching up through the air, landing on my stomach, the floor,
my legs. We seemed to be linked together in our mutual orgasms, both
groaning and cumming while we watched the other.

Gradually we both calmed, spent and exhausted sitting across from each
other in the laundry room. As my breathing returned to normal I reached
into my laundry bag and pulled out some article of clothing to wipe myself
off with - I wasn't even sure what it was. Then I stood and walked over to
Nikki, still trembling on top of her favorite dryer. Her hands covered her
tingling cunt, and I pulled one of her wrists up towards me. I saw the
oily sheen of her juices on her fingertips, and I took them into my mouth
and sucked. Her eyes had been mostly closed as she recovered, but the feel
of my lips around her fingers roused her. She looked at me sucking on her
fingers and groaned again, then she pulled her fingers out of my mouth and
grabbed my hair with that hand, pulling me close for drowsy kiss.


Nikki's hand clutched my hair, pulling my face close to hers. Her lips
were soft as I kissed her. I leaned against the dryer and slid my hand up
along her thigh, hungry to touch what I'd been watching her fingers
touching. Nikki groaned into my mouth as I very gently brushed my
fingertips over her swollen flesh, shuddering slightly against me before
she pushed me away.

Hopping off the dryer, Nikki said, "Wow." She giggled a little, smiling
at me.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Why don't you let me go up to my apartment and clean up while you start
your laundry, then meet me there? I'm in 203." She kissed me again and
walked out of the laundry room.

"Holy shit," I muttered to myself after the laundry room door closed.
It almost felt unreal to me, thinking about what had just happened. I
caught myself about to empty my laundry into the washing machine, realizing
that it wasn't dirty in the first place. Nikki's dryer load finished, and
since her basket was still there on top of the machine I went ahead and
gathered her laundry in the basket.

I stopped at my apartment and grabbed some beer from the refrigerator,
wishing I had wine instead, and then arrived at Nikki's door.

I knocked and heard her voice asking, "Blab?"

I answered, "Yeah," and she opened the door. She wore a T-shirt and her
skirt was gone, the shirt hanging just long enough to tease my gaze. She
thanked me sweetly with a lingering kiss for bringing her clothes up, and
took the cold beer I offered her. She giggled, and then I laughed a
little. Suddenly we were both laughing, our mirth escalating as we
acknowledged the awkwardness and let it pass.

Nikki led me into her living room and sat down on her couch, patting the
cushion beside her. As I sat down she placed her beer on the coffee table
and molded against me, so I put my beer down beside hers and kissed her
some more. My hands traveled up the outside of her shirt, following the
contours of her body as my lips followed the contours of her mouth. I put
my hand on the bare skin inside her thigh and she sighed into my lips,
adjusting her hips and opening her thighs a little as I slid my palm up
until I could feel her bare pussy again. I teased her folds with my
fingers and her mouth froze against my kiss. I sat back a little to look
at her face and she groaned as I stroked her. I slipped my fingers up and
down, feeling her wetness slippery against them, and Nikki moaned louder
and louder. Then I began to scoot off the couch, intending to kneel on the
floor between her legs, but Nikki sat up and closed her knees.

She grabbed her beer and said, "It's a beautiful night outside, let's go
drink our beers on the balcony." She stood and handed my beer to me as I
stood beside her, a little confused.

Nikki's apartment looked like pretty much the same floor plan as mine,
but her living room faced the street, instead of the alley as mine did.
Where I had just a cheap window, her apartment had a sliding glass door
that led out onto a small balcony. She had a tiny table and two
comfortable looking chairs, and they filled over half the space, but I
immediately liked her little outdoor private space. It practically hung
over the sidewalk two floors down, and as I sat down next to her it felt
like we had an opera box seat.

I figured I'd sit back and try to figure out what Nikki had on her mind.
I didn't wait long. She took a long swig of the cold beer, swallowed it,
and then stood and knelt in front of my chair. As she unbuttoned my shorts
and pulled them off me I realized we weren't in the box seat, we were on
the stage!

She had my erection in her hand before I breathed twice, and I gasped as
her mouth enclosed the head. Her mouth was cold from the beer, but swirled
with heat that grew quickly as she sucked me deep into her mouth. I
nervously looked around, wondering how visible we actually were from the
street. I could see the sidewalk easily, but there was a banister with
bars running to the floor of the balcony, and I thought they might obscure
the view a little. As I glanced back up I saw curtains move in an
apartment across the street and wondered if somebody was watching Nikki
suck my cock from the dim window. As I imagined somebody watching, maybe a
couple even, the idea suddenly turned me on as much as I had been when I
watched Nikki making herself cum. Even so shortly after masturbating in
front of her, my cock swelled in her mouth, feeling harder than it had ever
been to me. I grabbed her hair in my hand, pushed my hips forward and my
cock deeper into her mouth, and groaned loudly without care. She moaned
and then sucked hard on my cock, approving of my noises, and I did it
again. The more noise I made up on that balcony, the harder and faster she
sucked my cock. Then I was glad I had just cum, because I surely wouldn't
have been able to resist shooting my cum in her throat. I pushed at her
for once, stopping her from sucking my cock, and she opened her eyes and
looked lustily into my eyes as she stood up.

"Wait here just one second." She put her finger to my lips and slipped
away, almost running through the living room and disappearing around a
wall. When she returned she carried a little bottle, and I saw the words
"oil" and "lubricate" on it before she put it down on the table behind me
and pulled me to my feet. My shorts were on the floor and my cock jutted
out naked under the sky above her balcony. Nikki led me over to the edge
of the railing and knelt at my feet, bathing my stiff cock with her tongue
and mouth for a moment more, and then stood up and leaned forward over the
railing, her legs parted and her pussy and ass presented to me.

"Do you want me to use that stuff?" I asked, pointing towards the table
beside us. Nikki shook her head and said it was for later.

"Fuck my pussy, please, now..." Her voice cajoled me sweetly, and I took
my place behind her, pressing the underside of my hard shaft along the
cleft between her cheeks. She impatiently reached back between her legs
and pulled my length down, aiming it forward and guiding the head along her
slit. When I felt her opening warm around the swollen head of my cock I
gripped her hips and gently pushed forward. She was wet and slippery with
her juices and I slipped almost halfway inside with that first soft push.
She felt so hot around me that I groaned, and Nikki said, "Oh yes, oh god

I pulled back just a little, feeling her tighten around me as I moved,
and then I pushed deeper. Soon I was moving my entire length in and out of
her, and she squeezed and released me with every thrust. As I gripped her
hips tight and fucked her even harder, she turned her neck and told me,
"Don't cum yet... mmmm... I want you. To fuck my... Ass. oohhh."

My cock throbbed inside of her, and she moaned as if she could feel it.
I thought for a second about the fact that her voice had been loud enough
that people could have heard her from the street below us. I slowed down,
barely moving my hips to keep the barest of friction inside her as I
reached sideways to the bottle on the table. Nikki started to thrust back
against me, fucking herself on my cock as I squirted oil onto my fingers.
When she felt my lubed fingertips slipping over her asshole she groaned
loudly again. She squirmed her hips around so much as I rubbed my fingers
over the muscle of her anus that I kept losing contact, and I thrust hard
with my hips, burying my cock in her cunt and pinning her against the
banister as I pushed tentatively against the ring of her opening. She
gasped with a long intake of breath as my finger slipped inside.

Nikki's hand snaked between her thighs again and she began to rub her
clit with her fingers as I pushed lightly but steadily with the finger in
her bum. I began to slowly move my cock in and out, which inspired Nikki
to rub harder with her fingers on her clit. As I slowly stroked my cock in
and out of her wet pussy I gradually sank my finger deep in her ass and
began to move it in and out to match the pace of my cock. The tight muscle
of her ass squeezed my finger tight, and just imagining that tightness
around my cock made me throb inside her pussy as I fucked her.

I leaned over her back and asked her, "Are you ready?" Nikki just moaned
and nodded her head yes, squirming her ass against me. I pulled my
straining erection from her wet pussy and contemplated her beautiful butt,
then I pulled my finger slowly out of her ass and poured some more oil all
over my cock, catching drips with my fingers and rubbing it over her
asshole. I noticed that her fingers still circled over her clitoris as I
aimed my cock straight at the little hole in her ass and pushed firmly.

The head slipped a little and I rubbed it up and down over her asshole
before pointing it straight and pushing again. I watched the swollen tip
suddenly slip inside of her as her ass opened around me. A guttural growl
came from Nikki and her fingers redoubled their speed as I pulled slightly
back and pushed forward again. Inch by inch I worked my cock into her ass
until finally she tightly squeezed my entire length inside of her. Then
there was nothing in my head except fucking her, holding onto her hips as I
thrust in and out of her ass, jamming her forward against the railing as I
pushed harder. Soon I knew I was close to orgasm and I warned Nikki. She
said, "Oh yes, oh god I'm going to cum when you cum in my ass, yesss..."
And at those words she drove me over the edge. I yelled incoherently into
the night as my cock began to spurt into her bottom, throbbing and spasming
with every surge of pleasure that went through me. Nikki started to call
out, the pitch of her voice rising as she moaned loudly and came with my
cock spurting and thrusting in her ass. The waves of orgasm receded, and I
sagged against Nikki as she sagged against the balcony railing.

When I stood and slipped out of her she turned quickly and hugged me,
covering my mouth with tender kisses as she whispered how good I had made
her feel. I felt like Don Juan as I swaggered over to the chair and sat
down, grabbing my beer and swigging the liquid, not caring that it was


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