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The Lost Bet (mod Fdom, MF, cum)
by OneIdleHand
Nintendo 64 had entered the house, and the "kid" in her husband
resurfaced each day when he returned home from work. She had been
getting better at Mario Karts and had won at least a few of their
matches, but a lot of it was luck. She wasn't good enough to count on
winning, and she didn't mind losing so much that she would even think of

And, while the gaming was fun, the sex had been great. Whether it was
Nintendo making him more playful or just the right timing, Steven and
she were in a sexual peak, enjoying each other frequently over the past
several weeks. She didn't know what to think of biorhythms, but clearly
they were dancing to the same tune. And just as he was more playful
with the Nintendo, he was more playful with her.

It was the drawn out sound of "Hayyyyyleyyyyy," that had become Steven's
invitation to her, to either Nintendo or sex. In this case, however, it
was to be an invitation to both. Upon sitting down at the Nintendo
controller, Steven had grabbed her wrists holding them firm, and said,
"Four races. Whoever wins the championship wins the other person. The
other person has to do whatever the winner says for...24 hours." Light
bondage games weren't exactly new between them, so Hayley figured that
she would be tied up shortly afterwards and played with to his content.
Clearly, he did, too.

The problem was, she won. Tie him up? Tease him? Well, yeah, but...for
24 hours? She was certain Steven had some elaborate scheme he had been
planning. She didn't. She needed time, so she made him write a coupon
giving her rights to him at a time of her choosing. This was anti-
climatic, she was sure, but she needed time to think. Steven just shook
his head.

The next day, while he was at work, she decided to take a short nap, as
the kids were wearing her out. She normally didn't fantasize much, but
her thoughts turned to the coupon as she played casually with her clit.
She knew a good bit about what turned Steven on, and he would generally
do anything with a hard-on. The problem was deciding what she was
willing to make him do, or do to him. It was so much easier being tied
up and not having to make the decisions. Tie him up? Give him earplugs
and a blindfold? Surprise him by licking and playing with various parts
of his body? Yeah, but...he would let her tie him up any time she wanted.
And she had.

Her thoughts backed away from the play bondage they had become
accustomed to. What she had now was control of her husband for day...
The coupon said simply, "I, Steven, promise to do whatever you tell me."
This was an opportunity for something...more. Thinking less specifically
about her husband, what would she want to do to a guy who was tied up?
No, what would she want to do to a guy who had to do what she said? She
didn't even have to tie him up.

She had to stop thinking like a 35 year old mother of two. What if she
were 20? What would she do with a guy then? Besides fuck him silly.
Get him to wear panties? Clean the house! Watch him masturbate? What
she would really like to see is a guy suck his own cock. Steven
couldn't bend that far, though. Still, the idea of him cumming in his
own mouth... She hadn't realized it, but she was on the edge of orgasm,
and she gave herself to it. Her nap came quickly afterwards.

The next day, her thoughts again turned to what she would like to do
with her husband. She toyed briefly with making him come up with ideas,
since he seemed to have a lot of fantasies, or, at least, kinky ideas.
Still, in a way, this was giving up the control she had won. She
reflected on the things they had done and on what she knew turned him
on. But that wasn't the point. Turning him on was a means to an
end...namely, turning her on.

Later that day, she was working with a graphics file on her computer,
and she remembered an image he had used on a sexy note to her. He
tended to use a mask image whenever he gave her a note, like an
invitation for dinner out, with RSVP by wearing no panties. It was his
trademark for kinky ideas, usually. She found the "Mask.cgm" file. Her
ideas quickly took firmer shape, and she began making notes of her own.
This would take him to a new level, beyond just the play, IF she had
the courage to see it through.

A week later, she told Steven that her period was beginning. This was a
frustrating time for both of them, usually, but this week she would use
to finalize her plans. And, her husband had to travel out-of-town for
the week. She knew he masturbated frequently on his trips. This didn't
normally bother her, as it improved his staying power when he returned.
But this time, she didn't want him to cum. His trip called for a few
more "notes."

Sunday evening, as he was packing his suitcase, she held out the coupon,
and said, "This gives me power over you. I intend to use it sometime
over the next week to 10 days. You will not masturbate until I give you
permission. This is where you say 'Yes, Mistress'". He replied
appropriately, although looking surprised to hear her be both
authoritative and suggestive. "I mean it! I can play the 'Bitch' role,
and you had better do exactly as I tell you." She knew that this would
turn him on, frustrate him for a week or more, and store up for her a
large load of cum when the time came. A win, win, win situation for

As was the case on most evenings when he was out-of-town, they talked on
the phone. He had promised he had not played with himself, and she had
hinted that she was looking forward to her night and reminded him that
he would have to do anything she wanted. Just to further ignite him,
she said, "Again, you promise to submit to me completely, right?
Anything I say, you will do."

"Yes, I will do anything you ask," Steven answered.

"Don't disappoint me," she said in a stern voice, and hung up. She was
surprised at how excited she was ordering him in that way. Although not
naturally dominating, her juices were flowing just thinking about what
she would ask, no, command, him to do.

On Thursday, she called his motel and left a message with the desk,
saying that he should check his voice mail She didn't leave her name,
but told them she was his "boss".

She then called his office number, which rolled to his voice mail.
"This is your Mistress. I have considered carefully what I require of
you. Tonight, you will shave all hair from your cock and balls.
Scissors, Nair, and wax are under the passenger's seat of your car. It
will hurt, but that's too bad. You shouldn't wager for things unknown.
If you shave all your pubic hair, I would find that pleasing, although I
do not require it. You will not call me tonight, and you still cannot
masturbate. Now, make yourself bald, slave."

It took her three times to get it right, but her third attempt sounded
as commanding, and perhaps even as bitchy, as her voice would allow.

Was it a hopeful look in Steven's eye when he returned on Friday? She
didn't say anything about her message or intentions. In fact, she went
to bed early, complaining she wasn't feeling well. Of course, she
played with herself fiercely, hoping she could make it until the next
evening, and then through it. She had never done anything like this
before, and she wasn't feeling particularly confident. It was a good
thing she had written out the notes.

She had carefully avoided making any plans with their friends for
Saturday evening. She had taken a long nap Saturday afternoon to make
sure she could stay awake into the evening, as getting tired had killed
many a sexual appointment before. She had Steven put the kids to bed,
as early as possible but late enough so that they would stay in their
rooms. Meanwhile, she took a bath, which wouldn't raise any suspicion.
She shaved her legs, and read "Penthouse Letters" to turn herself on and
give herself the courage to go through with what she had planned. She
then dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt, giving no hint of her

She went downstairs to the den and found him playing Nintendo. She
challenged him to a quick race, playing half-heartedly. While he was
paying close attention to the screen, she reached out quickly and turned
off the TV, pulled the coupon out of her pocket, put it in front of his
face, and said, "Your first command is that you are not to say anything.
You do exactly as I say. My second command is to go take a shower.
You'll find instructions when you get there. Go!"

As he stood up, Hayley changed her mind. It was, after all, a woman's
prerogative. "Wait! Face me and look down at the floor. I'm going to
walk the dog while you shower. But I want you to count to 30 after I'm
outside and slowly remove your clothes, facing the window. Keep the
lights on and your head down as you undress. Do not hide your cock with
your hands or clothing. Just leave your clothing on the floor. When
you are completely naked, I want you to stroke yourself 10 times, and
then you can go upstairs."

As she gathered the dog and was walking towards the door, she wondered
if he would really do it. She had no idea whether he had shaved
himself, and undressing in front of the window was something she would
do only in the horniest of moments. Her heart raced at the thought of
what she was doing.

Standing outside, she quickly checked to make sure no one else was
around, although at that point, it would have been too late to do
anything. She looked in the window, watching him. It was dark
outside, and the lights inside their den made him easy to see. The
neighbors across the street could even see him if they chose to look out
at that moment. She had always wondered what it would be like to see
someone nude through a window. It was her first experience as a voyeur,
even if she did set it up.

He started with his shirt and then his socks. Average build, some
muscle definition in his torso. It was the body of her lover. Even
with shorts on, she could tell he was HARD underneath. He paused for a
moment, then pulled down his shorts and underwear at the same time. She
gasped at the sight. There was not a hint of pubic hair, and his cock
was fully erect. Six thick inches, which fit her perfectly. He gave
her a pretty good show, she thought, stroking himself with a slow pace,
even giving his balls a squeeze. He walked to the stairs, and she
quickly walked the dog, thinking of the note he would find upstairs.

It was a folded piece of paper with a picture of the mask , set on the
bathroom counter. "You will take a quick shower. Nair and wax are on
the counter. Make sure you are smooth. You will then lie on the bed,
playing with yourself, while reading "Penthouse Letters." You will not
cum. You will do this for half an hour or until I enter the room. When
I enter, you will be silent and close your eyes."

About 45 minutes later, she noisily climbed the stairs and entered the
bedroom. She was thrilled, but trembling, when she saw him lying with
his eyes closed, slowly pulling on his shaven cock. She stepped closer
for a good look at his cock as she set a bag on the end of the bed. She
had never seen it shaven before. It looked longer. It looked cleaner
for some reason. It looked like something she would want to play with.
This was going really well, she thought, as a smirk quickly grew across
her face.

She told him to open his eyes. If he had been expecting a vision of a
lingerie model or super slut or something similar, he would have been
very disappointed. She hadn't changed her clothes at all, but instead
was holding a note in her hand. She didn't even look at him in the
eyes, still engrossed with his shaven crotch.

He opened the note. "You're not done yet. You will continue to
masturbate for me, knowing that I will be watching. I want to see your
cock hard, and purple. You will squeeze your balls between your legs to
make it as big as possible. Whenever you feel pre-cum on your cock, you
will lick it off your fingers. You will also wear the blindfold, ear
plugs, and ear muffs that are in the bag that I placed on the bed.
While you stroke yourself, there is only one thing that you are
permitted to say. Whenever I squeeze, pinch, or pull on your nipples,
which I will do as roughly as you do mine, you can say this: "Please,
Mistress, let me cum." To make it clear, YOU WILL NOT cum UNTIL I KISS
YOU ON THE LIPS. And not only will you beg to cum, but you will beg for
your cum. Should I place a little on your lips, you will eat it. And
then you will say "I love the taste of my cum. More please". Do NOT
forget! Now, OBEY!" He appeared to read the note again, and then
reached for the bag. This was easy!

Truly, one of the most difficult tasks for her during the past week was
making sure that the video camera worked. As soon as her husband had
the ear muffs on, she went to the hallway and picked up the camcorder.
She turned on every light in the room, as this was an opportunity that
did not arise every day, and she would be upset if her memory was ruined
by a technical glitch.

Looking through the eyepiece somehow separated her from the experience,
but she enjoyed zooming in on his cock, watching the skin stretch as he
pulled on it. She saw that he was rubbing a finger around the head of
his cock, collecting the pre-cum, and she panned out a little to make
sure she captured it on tape. She followed his hand to his mouth, where
he licked it off. She rubbed herself while continuing to film him,
watching how the size and color of his cock changed as he pulled on it
and squeezed his balls with his legs and hands. His cock was hard and
hairless. The shaft was veiny and red. His cockhead was swollen and
purple. It was gorgeous, it was hers, and it was on video. More pre-
cum, another obedient lick.

After half an hour, she placed the video camera on a stack of books on a
bookcase that she had previously made sure was a good filming position.
The angle was adequately downward and set to capture his upper body.

It was inwardly surprising how much she enjoyed controlling him, without
even tying him up. While she was aware that this was her husband,
watching him perform as commanded made it easy to regard him simply as a
"man with a cock." A man with a cock that promised to submit to
anything she commanded, and had submitted. A man with a cock that she
controlled. And truly, other than the trust between them, that was how
he had behaved. There had been no moments of foreplay or intimacy that
they shared as lovers. She had commanded. He had obeyed. A man with a
cock? No, a male with a cock. A sexual instrument to command as she
wished. She lost all second thoughts about what she planned to do. He
was hers to enjoy.

Mindful of the camera, she decided her video needed more sound.
Climbing on the bed to the opposite side of the camera, he would know
she was nearby. She also knew that he didn't know he was being taped.
The blindfold was effective, and the combination of hearing plugs and
the earmuffs meant he couldn't hear a thing. She pinched his right
nipple, but there was no response. She then pulled it hard. His mouth
opened to draw a quick breath. And then the words came that she wanted
on tape. "Please let me cum, Hayley. I want to lick it all up for
you." This was better. He hadn't said 'Mistress,' but she had no way
to remind him now.

She pulled both nipples, and held them tightly. "Please let me cum for
you. I love the taste of my cum." A "Yessss.." escaped her lips. She
didn't think he loved the taste of his cum, but it had always turned her
on when he did, usually licking it off her breasts. But she rarely
asked him to do it. It seemed like he had always brought it up,
so...maybe he did love the taste of his cum.

She leaned closer and bit a nipple with her teeth. "Please let me cum.
You know I masturbate all the time thinking about licking it off your
breasts." He had strayed from the script, but this was okay! He was
frequently gripping his cock very hard, and she knew he must be very
close to cumming. . The cock seemed huge.

She had seen her husband masturbate one night a couple of months
earlier, where he had played with himself for over two hours. It
surprised her mostly because it was a work night for him and it was past
midnight when she came to bed, finding him stroking a cock that looked
ready to burst. The cum covered his chest that night, far beyond the
usual amount. He had later said that he had expected her to come to bed
earlier, but she never came. So he kept stroking himself waiting for
her. It was too late that night for her to get any physical enjoyment
from it, but the sight and the smell of all that cum had lingered in her
thoughts. With a week without orgasm, if he held to instructions, which
now seemed likely, then this orgasm should be huge.

She gave him a long wet kiss on the mouth, and then withdrew to watch
the show. It was time for her pet cock to cum. She felt the rhythm of
his stroking increase. She removed her finger and watched his hand move
quickly over his cock as his body stiffened. Her mouth opened slightly
as the cum shot across his chest in streams, the first reaching his
face, the second, third and others falling shorter, coating his chest
and abdomen, with a small white glob stuck at the slit on his cock. The
smell of it all was a turn-on for her. She was happy she videotaped it
This was going to be the perfect video as a lead-in to her naps. As the
cum dribbled and settled on his chest, she remembered that in many ways,
the fun was just beginning. Everything that had just come out the man's
cock would go into the man's mouth.

She removed her T-shirt. As she thought about what she was about to do,
she was aware of how her nipples ached and how wet her cunt was. Which
was good. She lowered her left nipple and rubbed it in his cum, aware
that the camera was watching. She lowered it to his mouth, which opened
to suck her nipple. His tongue licked off the cum but then started
sucking in her breast. It felt good, but it wasn't part of the plan.
As she removed her breast from his mouth, the man said, "Let me lick up
more cum, please". How nice of him to ask! After letting him suck a
little more off her breast, with him pleading for more as instructed,
she decided to deprive him of her breasts and let the man work for his
cum. She slowly dabbled her fingers in the sticky cum, and stuck it in
his mouth. She did this again, and still he begged for more.

Watching him suck cum off her finger, she surprised herself, thinking
nastier thoughts. She gathered more of his cum and rubbed it under his
nose, where his sense of smell would be overwhelmed. Deciding she liked
that, she spread more cum over his face, which somehow gave her a
feeling of power. She had let him cum on her face once, and that was
it. But now, she kind of understood the turn-on as she spread it out on
his cheeks. If only he wasn't wearing the blindfold, she would enjoy
dribbling it on his eyes. What the heck? She scooped some cum in her
hand, quickly lifted the blindfold, and wiped it on his eyes which he
quickly shut. No need for the blindfold now. She put another finger of
cum in his mouth, which he sucked and licked, adding, "Oh yes, feed me
my cum, Hayley. You know I love to eat it for you."

Yes, but, Mr. Male with a Cock should be able to fend for himself. If
he couldn't suck his own cock, then he could at least suck his own cum.
She grabbed his hand, rubbed it over his stomach, and moved it to his
mouth. His face showed surprise. He then licked the cum from a finger.
She guided each of his fingers and his palm to his mouth, until he had
licked it all up. No comment from the man. She thumped his mouth with
a finger. "Please, let me suck more cum.," he said. Surprisingly, he
sounded even more turned on. Yes, his cock was hard again. She guided
him to the stringy piece of white jism at the top of his cock, and he
again licked it off his fingers. As he began searching out more cum
spots with both hands, she quickly got off the bed and grabbed the video
camera to better capture the moment.

Very quickly, however, her pussy could wait no longer. She replaced the
camera, stood on the bed, removed her sweatpants and panties, and sat on
his cock, which felt hot, filling, and wonderful. She normally
preferred to lie on top of him, but sitting let her watch him eat his
cum. She went slowly, until he had licked all the cum that was visible
on his chest. She increased her rhythm, not caring about the camera
that was now filming her in her wanton passion. She grabbed both his
hands and led them to her nipples, which he pinched hard and pulled away
from her body, stretching her tits so that any movement registered in
her nipples. The smell of his cum, which was even stronger with his
hands on her, combined with the furnace in her cunt, caused her to
orgasm quickly.

Now satisfied, she had one thought left of what she would like to
include in her movie. Moving off his cock, she let her cunt juices run
into her hand. It was mixed with cum. So much for thinking his balls
would have been empty. She wiped her hand over the man's lips and face,
and repeated the process until her pussy was empty.

She stepped off the bed and turned off the camcorder, hiding it under
her side of the bed. She would figure out what to do with that, later...
She removed his earmuffs and earplugs, and then his blindfold. The cum
had dried on his eyes, and she decided that, yes, she liked the look.
He managed to open his eyes, and she held a finger to her mouth, making
it clear he was still hers. His side of the bed was wet, his chest was
sticky, and cum and her juices had dried on his face. She reached over
and grabbed her final note off the bedside table, handed it to him, and
went to the bathroom.

"You have done well, my obedient cum-licker. Somehow, I feel my evening
would not be complete if the game ended here. Therefore, you will go to
sleep without wiping off with a towel, washing your face or brushing
your teeth. Whether you like the taste of your cum or not, I do not
care. I love that you have to taste it. You can be my husband again
in the morning, but until then, you're my cum licking slave. Enjoy the
taste. Oh, and whatever plans of revenge you're thinking? Well, there
won't be a re-match."
Written by OneIdleHand. Feedback welcomed at

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