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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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The True Contest - (Seinfeld > mf / mf / mf)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Elaine walked into the diner to find Jerry and George already
seated at their normal booth. She dropped her purse down and took a seat
next to George.

"You all right?" Jerry asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

"What's with you men?" Elaine responded. "You always get what
you need and don't even think about what the woman needs."

"Are we talking about what I think we're talking about?" George

"Not all men are like that you know," Jerry said, not offering an
answer for George.

"Ya right, tell that to my clitoris," replied Elaine.

Kramer came bounding through the door in his usual manner. He
seemed lost at first then finally sighted the three at the booth and shuffled
over. Sitting down next to Jerry he ordered a cup of coffee and returned
his focus back to the other three at the table.

"Kramer, can I ask you something?" Elaine spoke up.

"Shoot," Kramer responded, pointing his hand at her as though it
were a gun.

"When you're with a woman, do you satisfy her needs?"

"The K-Man satisfies all," Kramer said with a dopey grin on his

"Oh ya right," George bursted out.

"What?" a confused look fell over Kramer.

"You, the guy who's always mooching off people, never helping
out; you're actually saying that you of all people is a good lover?"

"You betcha," Kramer said, not offended by anything George said.

"I'll tell you what," George started. "I'm a better lover than you."

"You wish," Jerry intervened. "I'm better than both of you

"No you're not," Elaine stated, speaking with experience.

"I've changed since we were together," Jerry quickly responded.

"Well then there's only one way to settle this," Elaine said, a
wicked smile coming across her face. "We'll have another contest."

"And who's the judge?" Jerry asked, all three men bewildered.

"I am," Elaine stated, holding out her pinkie.

All three men suddenly got very aroused at the thought of fucking
Elaine. They all eagerly extended their pinkies and made it official.

"So what are the rules?" Jerry asked excitedly.

"We start tomorrow, you each get to pick the location and
position," Elaine began. "And afterwards I'll decide who the best is."

The three men nodded and began fantasizing about what they
would do the next night.

# # # #
# # # #

The buzzer cried out as George jogged for the intercom. He pushed
the talk button and simply said, "ya?"

"It's Elaine," the voice squabbled back at him.

George pushed the button to open the door downstairs then
unlocked his front door to permit Elaine entry. He clasped his hands
together as he looked around the apartment to make sure everything was
perfect. George had been fantasizing about screwing Elaine since the first
time they had met. He checked his robe to make sure it was tied tight then
took a seat on the couch and waited for Elaine.

A few minutes later Elaine walked into the apartment in a brown
trench coat and locked the door behind herself. Turning to face George,
Elaine untied the coat and let it fall to the floor. Elaine wore a tight red teddy with matching panties and stockings. Both George and his cock
immediately stood up.

"So where shall we complete the transaction?" Elaine asked.

"Well call me old fashioned but I prefer the bedroom," George
responded, leading Elaine into his bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom Elaine said, "all right big boy, show
me what you got."

George flushed a little then untied his robe and dropped it to the
ground. George's six inch cock was like most other men except for the fact
that his was about two inches in diameter. Elaine had never tried a dildo
that big let along a mans dick. Turning slightly, Elaine looped her thumbs
under the waistband of her panties and began to slowly pull them down.
As she reached her knees, she gave George one hell of a view of her ass
and pussy. Looking back, Elaine saw George's cock already secreting

"I ... I ... I thought we'd do it doggy style," George managed to say.

"You want to just jump right into it?" Elaine asked, wondering
about any foreplay.

George gave her a blank look as he searched for a meaning to her
words. Elaine gave up and climbed onto the bed. Nestling onto her hands
and knees she felt the bed shake as George climbed up after her. Elaine
felt the bulbous head of George's thick cock press against her outer lips. A
moment later George thrust forward and got half his dick into her cunt.
Elaine screamed as the monster entered her, never before had her pussy stretched so much.

George's eyes rolled back inside his head as he entered Elaine. Her
pussy was so tight he felt like cumming right there, but withheld that urge.
Pulling back, he thrust his dick back into her, this time getting all of him
inside her. Elaine moaned again and George joined in with his share of
cries. Never before had George experienced so much pleasure. He started
to build a rhythm and Elaine brought her hips back to meet him with each

Elaine felt George's balls slamming into her cunt as his dick
continued its assault on her. Again the beast entered her but this time she
managed to keep herself from calling out. As they fucked constantly for
nearly ten minutes Elaine's cunt seemed to finally get used to the immense
girth of George's cock. Then, without warning she heard George cry out,
his dick pulsating and three hot streams of cum shoot into her. George
collapsed onto the bed next to her panting.

"That's it?" Elaine asked, barely close to an orgasm herself.

Again George gave her a bewildered look. Elaine got up and
picked her panties up off the floor. Replacing them on her body she
grabbed her coat and stormed out of the apartment leaving George asleep
on his bed.

# # # #
# # # #

Elaine walked down the quiet street to Jerry and Krammer's
apartment. She couldn't believe what George had been like, no way would
he win the contest. Reaching the entrance, Elaine was about to push the
intercom button but saw the door was broken again. She let herself in and
got into the elevator which fortunately was already on the bottom floor.
Getting off on the fifth floor she walked down the hallway and stopped
outside the two remaining parcipatents doors. She already knew what
Jerry was like so she knocked on Kramer's door.

There was a small crash then the door opened a minute later.
Kramer stood gawking at Elaine with a giant smile on his face. Elaine
entered the apartment and slowly walked into the living room with
Kramer following closely behind her.

Elaine stopped suddenly and turned around. "All right, lets see
your goods."

Kramer complied and began taking his clothes off. He dropped his
pants then underwear, revealing his lengthy dick. Elaine stared at it,
already it was seven inches and still limp. Shrugging her shoulders and
letting the coat fall off her, Elaine stood in her red teddy before Kramer.
Immediately his cock snapped to attention and grew another three inches.
The ten inch python was certainly longer than George's but only half the

Kramer, wasting no time, advanced on Elaine and began kissing
her soft skin. He pulled the lace top over her head then pecked at her hard
nipples with his sensitive tongue. Kramer tugged Elaine's panties down
while he gently kissed her neck. He felt Elaine take hold of his cock and
start stroking it.

Elaine felt the sticky ooze of Kramer's precum on her fingers while
she played with his cock. Kramer continued kissing her neck and ear lobe
- one of her favourite turn on spots - as he lowered her onto the couch.
Elaine lay on her back with Kramer between her legs. She felt the head of
his cock touch her cunt, then with a thrust he was inside her.

Kramer let out a little yell as he entered Elaine. Pulling back, he
thrust again and got half his length into her. Taking hold of Elaine's legs
which were up in the air, Kramer used them to lunge farther into Elaine.
Another three thrusts and Kramer had no problem moving in and out of
Elaine swiftly. Kramer let go of her legs and moved his hands up to
Elaine's tits while his pelvis continued to move like a jackhammer.

Elaine felt Kramer begin to softly knead her breasts while his long
cock flew in and out of her wet cunt. Something about the shape of
Kramer's dick seemed to hit her clitoris every few thrusts, sending massive
waves of pleasure ripping through Elaine's body. She began to move her
pelvis around to increase the pleasure she felt when Kramer's dick was
inside her.

Kramer felt the urge growing in his balls, he wanted to cum so
much. Releasing Elaine's tits he grabbed her legs again and lunged one
final time. Pulling back suddenly, his cock exploded; his first shot landing
on Elaine's chin, his second falling shorter and onto Elaine's breasts, and
his third and final stream of cum landing on her stomach.

Elaine felt Kramer's dick leave her, then moments later the warm
goo hit her. Opening her eyes, Elaine saw Kramer sitting at the other end
of the couch panting. The cum on her began to roll down her sides as she
fired beams of hatred from her eyes; again she went unsatisfied. Wiping
the cum off herself, Elaine picked up her clothes and redressed before
going out into the hall and knocking on Jerry's door.

# # # #
# # # #

Jerry opened the door and saw a very pissed off Elaine. She barged
in without saying a word and sat down on the couch. Closing the door
behind her, Jerry followed her and sat down in the armchair next to the
couch. He decided to get the ball rolling and took off his shirt. Elaine
didn't seem to notice so Jerry went ahead and took off his pants too.
Finally Elaine turned to look at him and she rose up off the couch, slowly
removing her coat. She dropped it to the floor and stood there in her tight
red teddy.

Elaine could see Jerry was aroused by the large bulge in his boxer
shorts; she was surprised it hadn't broken the waist band. Letting her
panties fall to the ground, too, Elaine sexily strut closer to Jerry. She saw
him slide his boxers off and let his a little above average cock slap against
his stomach.

Jerry held his dick steady as Elaine mounted him, her
legs on either side of him. She kneeled above his cock, her
cunt lips mere millimeters away. Jerry felt Elaine begin her
long, pleasurable descent onto his cock. Inch by inch he
disappeared into her, her lips finally settling at the base
of his shaft. They both paused a moment, revelling in the
pleasure the pair felt.

Something about Jerry’s cock had always made Elaine
feel very good. There was some unique shape that no other
man she had been with had; it just seemed to fill her.
Elaine leaned in and passionately kissed Jerry. While their
lips were locked she felt him lift her top off and let her
perky tits free.

The most appeasing aspect of Elaine to Jerry had
always been her tits. Their perfect shape and wonderful
firmness had always made him long to feel and grope them. He
buried his face into the marvellous breasts before him as
Elaine began to rise up off his cock. He felt his dick about
to leave her when she suddenly stopped with just his head
still trapped in her cunt.

Elaine began to gently rotate her hips with her pussy still holding Jerry’s erect cock. She not only knew it was
pleasurable to him, it hit her g-spot and sent waves of
pleasure rushing through her body. Added with the sensations
from her tits, Elaine was in heaven.

Amidst the erotic activities, Jerry managed to mutter,
“gonna cum,” from between Elaine’s tits.

Jerry felt the pressure swelling up in his balls. Any
second he would let his load fly and by on cloud nine. Just
as Elaine came up one final time, he knew the next contact
would push him over the edge. Only this time she came down
and buried Jerry’s cock up her ass. The moment his head met
pressure from her cheeks, Jerry came. He fired stream after
stream of cum up Elaine’s ass, providing lubrication for his
cock to go fully up her tight ass.

Elaine felt the warm liquid fill her ass and begin to
drip out. What she felt next was unexpected; she felt three
fingers enter her wet cunt and hit her g-spot. She came and
her body spasmed. Drained of energy, Elaine collapsed
forward onto Jerry who was equally tired. They sat there,
Jerry’s dick still up her ass, just panting.

Elaine turned her head slightly to look into Jerry’s
eyes, “you won.”


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