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The following is intended for adults readers who want to read adult fiction.
Anybody who is not legally permitted to view such material should read no
further. All rights to this story are reserved by the author. Permission
is given to archive this story in places where no fees are charged for
legal adults to view it and if no words are changed, including this
disclaimer. Hope you enjoy

My Time at the Wilson Farm...
by Hector's Pup

There were moments in the six years that I spent at the Wilson farm that
made it the most memorable period of my life. Wade and Betty Wilson were
distant relatives who had a farm twelve miles from where I went to college
and graduate school in Eau Claire, WI. They provided me room and board in
exchange for about twenty hours a week labor, making it feasible for me to
attend school. What made it so memorable were their daughters Kathy and
Billie. When I started, Kathy was eleven and Billie was eight.

My quarters were in a separate structure which had its own plumbing, heat,
and kitchen. I got all of the eggs, meat, dairy products, and seasonal
vegetables that I would want from Wade and Betty. It was all cordial, I
worked hard, and I pretty much kept to myself when I was on the farm. I
couldn't help, though, catching moments of Kathy and Billie growing up.

One curious area of development was their preoccupation with the male sex
and apparatus. When they would herd animals they would get the male
animals to obey or act by tapping or poking them in the balls. I also
caught glimpses of them petting the family dogs, rubbing their bellies in
such a way to bring out a hardon and would cup the dog's balls in their
hands. Kathy certainly influenced Billie in this area of curiosity, but
somehow, I got the impression that Billie was more of the energy behind the
goings on.

As time went by, I would notice instances that gave me pause for concern
and greater reason for me to keep my distance from these two vixens. When
they would play with boys, I noticed instances, that isolated appeared to
be innocent mistakes, where the boy would take some kind of a shot to the
groin. Once, as I was working on a fence, a boy came limping by me in
tears holding his groin. Billie came after him smiling. When she saw me,
she stopped smiling, turned and went back into the cover of the trees.

When I was in graduate school, and Kathy was able to drive, she started to
tease me with her dress and actions. Now I knew not to upset my apple
cart, and I knew the "jail bait" laws of the area, so I tried not to even
let on that I surely enjoyed her shows. She became a regular "Daisy Mae".
She would wear shirts that she modified to be sleeveless, and she would tie
the shirt tails just below her relatively large breasts. With out a bra,
wearing cutoffs that showed part of the cheeks of her ass, makeup, and
varying hairstyles, it was more and more difficult to fully concentrate on
my chores much less, my studies. My favorite days were when she would wear
a tank top type undershirt, a bandanna around her neck, work boots, and
shorts that she would roll the pant leg up as far as they would go. I
could get the full picture of how her young breasts were developing,
especially when her sweat made the material a little more transparent.

Billie, on the other hand, was growing jealous of her older sister, because
when she tried to dress like her and get a reaction from me or others, she
wasn't developed enough to pull it off. By this time, Kathy's interest
was evolving more in the direction of using the male anatomy for her
pleasure, while Billie's was still in the direction of abusing it. Added
to this, the frustration of not keeping up with her sister in the hormone
department, added a little spice to her adventures.

Well, it had to happen. Billie was calling for help from the barn. Wade
was in town and Betty was visiting at a neighbor's. So I went into the
barn to see what was the matter. Billie explained that a pig had run in
under some equipment and couldn't get out the other side and she wasn't
strong enough to pull it back out by the hind legs. She asked if I would
try. I got down on my hands and knees and started to slide my upper body
in, reaching forward with my arms. I didn't realize what Billie's view was
until I felt a small hand on my balls through my sweat pants. I couldn't
raise my body and, in fact, I got stuck on a piece of metal by my sweat
shirt when I tried to back out of this tight spot.

As I was about to say something, in walked Kathy. "What's the
probl....Ooooh! What have you got there Sport?" she asked Billie. I looked
ahead at the pig and realized why it had wedged itself into this mess when
I spotted a little blood from a scrap on its ball sack.

"You've got a nice set down here, Johnny." said Billie as she gave me a
gentle squeeze.

"Oh Johnny, Billie is right, these do feel nice." As Kathy replaced
Billie's hand, kneaded my balls and started to rub my penis.

"Thank you both for the compliments. Now could you please help me out?" I
didn't know what else to say or what strategy I should use under the

"If we help you out, will you do what we say for the rest of the day?"
Kathy tossed back in negotiation.

I was in no position to say otherwise, because I was wedged in. If they
could move some things from the outside of either leg, I could strain
against my groin down and push out, but as it was, the metal projection
catching my sweatshirt was actually digging into my back, and it was
impossible for me to go forward at all. "What did you have in mind?" I
asked, as if I had a choice in the negotiation.

"We would like to learn more about you after all of these years. You
hardly give us the time of day." Kathy said, as she tried pulling my
sweatpants down from my butt. Feeling the urgency to be out of this
predicament, I acquiesced and directed them how best to help me out.
When I was free, my pants were half way down my thigh and my shirt was
tucked up under my arms. Kathy went around back saying, "Let me see how
serious your scrape is." as she pulled my sweatshirt up my arms, but not
off, blinding me and restricting my arms. Billie was picking up my balls
and flopping them in her hand since I hadn't put any underwear on. Kathy
started kissing the scratch, pulled her body up to my back and hugged me
while she searched for my nipples with her fingers. This was too much and
I started getting a hardon from these ministrations.

Billie's reaction to the hardon tipped off Kathy, who moved one hand down
to my shaft to feel for herself. This all felt so good that I didn't try
to get out of my sweatshirt bondage. Kathy's other hand moved from my
chest to my scrotum from behind, so she was playing with my hardon in one
hand and my balls with the other. At one point, she took both hands on my
balls from behind between my legs, squeezed and pulled up, forcing me to
bend over in pain. As I did so, Billie looped a slip knot around my wrists
and pulled it secure. Next, I was pulled upright by the rope on my wrists,
helped by a pulley overhead. The pain in my nuts and belly was now
replaced by fear and uncertainty.

Billie pulled a stool up in front of me and started to absentmindedly swing
a stick up to the bottom of my balls with her wrist resting on her crossed
knee, tap, tap, tap... as Kathy unbuttoned her shirt, leaving it on,
saying, "We'll let you go sooner if you give me an orgasm. Billie here
will be my enforcer." tap, Tap, TAp, TAP...

"Oooh, owe. What do you want me to do?"

"I don't want a swelled belly so I want you to use your mouth, nose, what
ever. Billie assume the hold." Billie stopped tapping and reached around
from behind and grabbed my balls in a two handed grab, while Kathy
proceeded to tie my hands to each of my ankles respectively. Kathy took
off her shorts and laid on a table with her hands holding her ankles,
pulling her bent legs apart. Her shirt fell to the sides and I could see
parts of her breasts, because they were so firm. Her bush was lightly
sprinkled with pubic hair and it started to glisten with moisture in
anticipation, while I was guided with one hand around my balls and the
other on the base of my neck, in a comical waddle, until I was face to bush.
I heard Billie's stool being pulled up and the tapping started again. "Get
going!" Billie said, as she poked my left nut with her stick.

I started lapping for all I was worth. When Kathy said "Faster" to me,
Billie picked up the pace of her tapping. When Kathy told me to "Lick
harder!" the tapping grew harder. When Kathy said "Yes! Yes! That's it!
Eeeeya, arghh, oh yes, oh yes." Billie got up from the stool and slapped up
to my nuts with her open palm, then before I could collapse to the ground,
grabbed a hold and squeezed. Kathy curled up in ecstasy on the table while
I tried to curl up on the floor in agony.

Billie, pretty pleased with herself asked Kathy if she should untie me and
let me go. Kathy got up and sat on the edge of the table. As she started
to button up her shirt she said the story would be that I tried to rape her
when Billie came to her rescue, if I ever breathed a word of this incident
to anyone. With the prospects of a trial, maybe jail, my career in the
balance, of course, mum was the word.

I kept to myself even more after that until I graduated. Oh, and the pig
made out okay, until the Wilson's needed bacon.


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