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Theatre Experience By Mrs. Looney

(MF Group Voy Exh Squirt)

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

Doug and I were regulars at a swingers club in Dallas. During the three
years we dated we went to the club almost every Saturday night and always
had a great time. I wasn't really into the swing scene but loved going to
the club to dance. Though I had no interest in "swinging", we were quite
popular with other couples at the club.

One Saturday evening we arrived around 10:00. The parking lot was
already packed and we had difficulty finding a parking spot. He finally
found a spot in the lot across the street. We parked and made the trek
across the street to the club. It was in a warehouse district, and being
such, the streets themselves were deserted except for those going to the

As we walked through the doors into the club, all eyes turned toward us.
I was about 29 or 30 at the time and Doug was around 34. I was a slim 130
lbs. at a height of 5'8" with long shapely legs and a great tan. Doug was
5"11 and 190 lbs. and black. We were quite a contrast to the mostly white
clientele of this club and for some reason people liked to watch us.

We worked our away around to the back of the club, speaking to those we
knew along the way. The bar and pool table were at the back and I always
played a game or two of pool before we danced.

Doug really wanted to get me involved in the swinging scene with him.
I'm quite sure he had been with several of the older ladies in the club.
He was my elder but seemed to be drawn to more experienced women in the
club. Most were women whose husbands either liked to watch her having sex
with another man or just weren't as interested in sex as their wives and
didn't mind them getting it elsewhere. This did of course, bother me, but
he would never admit to it. I tolerated his wandering because I was
addicted to the sex. Doug taught me a lot during our time together. My
first marriage had ended in divorce a couple of years ago and he had been
the only man I had ever had sex with. Being with Doug was a continuous
sexual adventure.

A prime example of this adventure occurred after leaving the club that
evening. I held tightly to his arm as we left around 1:30am and headed to
the car. I was pretty buzzed by this time having had a couple shots of
tequila and a top shelf margarita or two. Maybe it was three or four.
Needless to say, I needed help just walking to the car.

Maybe this is a good time to tell you what I was wearing that evening. I
usually dressed fairly elegant, consisting of silk and lace undergarments,
and a tuxedo jacket with a satin collar. This particular evening I was
wearing a demi cup black lace bra, black lace thong and a garter belt with
black thigh high stockings with lace at the top. All this was topped with
a black tuxedo jacket that barely covered the top of my stockings. I also
had on high-heeled black shoes that made it even more difficult to walk
without support.

"I have a surprise for you", Doug said as he drove out of the parking
lot and away from the club.

"Oh? What's that?" I replied. Even though I was buzzed, the dancing
had kept me from getting drunk so I still had some of my wits about me.

"You'll see in a few minutes" he answered.

We drove around for a while talking. I'm sure he was letting me sober
up a little before we arrived.

"Here we are", he said as he pulled into a brightly lit parking lot,
which was half full. He parked the car then turned his attention to me.
He saw the astonished look on my face as I noticed exactly where we were.

"What are we doing here?" I asked.

"We're going in to see a movie" he replied.

Not believing what I was hearing and needing confirmation, I asked "What
kind of movie?"

"You know this place is an adult book store. They also have a movie theater upstairs," he answered with a grin on his face.

I was appalled that he would bring me to a place like this after such a
wonderful evening of dancing.

"Why would I want to go in there to watch a movie? Why can't we rent
one and go back to the house?" I asked.

He was enjoying my squirming knowing full well that he could talk me
into going in. He also knew I would probably enjoy it once I went inside.

We entered the front door and went directly to the counter to pay for
the tickets. I was so uncomfortable that I wouldn't even look around to
see what, or even who else was in the place. The man behind the counter
told Doug that only couples were aloud in the theater on the weekends so we
didn't have to worry about being harassed.

That made me feel better, yeah right. I wanted to go, and told him so.

"It'll be all right, I promise," he said.

As usual, he talked me into it telling me I would enjoy it.

"Let's go," he said as took my arm and led me toward the stairs on the
far side of the building.

There were undesirables scattered through out the building. I made
every effort to avoid eye contact with any of them.

As we approached the stairway, I realized what I was wearing and said,
"They'll be able to see up my jacket."

Doug looked at me smiling and said, "Let them look. You have nothing to
hide." I remembered what the man behind the counter had said, "Only couples
are allowed in theater on the weekends." That meant none of the single men ogling my lace-covered backside could follow us up. It was kind of
exciting knowing they were looking but couldn't touch. I didn't mind that
at all.

We were approaching the top of the stairs and I had no idea what to
expect. When we arrived at the top, we turned to the left where there was
a long hall with closed doors on either side. The entrance to the theater
was a closed door at the end of this same hall. As we slowly walked down
the hall, me holding tightly to his arm, we could hear moaning coming from
a couple of the doors. I looked at him quizzically, wondering why I had
let him talk me into this. He knew I didn't want to swap partners and be
with anyone else.

"We're not going to do anything like that tonight," he tried to reassure
me. "I just want to show you off a little". I knew I was his little sex
toy. I couldn't seem to muster enough will to break things off with him.
He basically had me wrapped around his little finger and he knew it.

As we neared the theater door, it opened giving us a full view of the
screen on the far wall. At first sight, it appeared to be like any other
movie theater, pitch black except for the lights reflecting off the screen.
My eyes were trying to focus in the darkness. This was difficult because
the walls were painted a dark color. I could see there were about 8 rows
of 30 seats each with an isle down the middle.

"Let's sit here," Doug said as he chose seats near the back of the
theater and near the door. I was really scared, afraid to look around. I
didn't want to see what might be taking place just a few seats away from
us. Doug, of course, was checking the place out as best he could in such a
dark room. I knew he was excited to be here and he didn't want to miss a

After his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed a large opening in
the wall immediately to our left. It appeared to lead into an alcove. A
3-4 foot wall extended from the opening to the alcove to the wall with the
screen on it. The short wall had a few supporting columns to the ceiling.
We could see that people were in there but couldn't see what was happening.
Doug had to check it out.

"Come with me," he said as he pulled me from my seat and walked to and
through the doorway.

It was so dark it took a couple of minutes for our eyes to adjust enough
to the darkness before we could move further into the area without running
into someone. There were no chairs, only couples lining the wall. I still
couldn't tell what they were doing. By the time my eyes had gotten
accustomed to the darkness enough to see those around me, Doug had found us
an open spot on the wall where we stood for a while, just observing our
surroundings. Once everyone got used to us being there and according to
Doug, figured out we weren't police officer's, they loosened up a bit and
resumed what they were doing before we arrived.

There were approximately 8 to 10 couples in that alcove. One couple was
cuddling and kissing. Another couple was into some heavy petting. I could
see the man had her breast out of her bra and was teasing her nipples. She
was really enjoying it, as he obviously was. On the other side, a woman
was on her knees giving her companion a fabulous blowjob. It was only a
minute or two later when I heard him say he was coming. She opened her
mouth so we could see him come.

"Can you see what they're doing?" he asked excitedly.

"Yes," I replied, "and I can't believe they did that in front of all
these people."

Doug knew I would loosen up now. Just knowing that others would be
watching would make me horny and I would do just about anything.
Thankfully, it was dark, but unfortunately very public. I have to admit
this was going to be exciting but I was still nervous. As expected, Doug
and I were doing the same things as the others around us. By this time I
really didn't care who was around or what they were doing.

"Suck me," Doug said as he placed his hands on my shoulders and began
pushing me down.

"Watching all these people has made me hard as a rock. I need to feel
your warm mouth around me," he continued.

I responded, "but what about all these people?"

"You know you like it when people watch us dance at the club. You enjoy
the attention. No one will bother you, they'll just watch. Give them a
show they'll remember" he said, "you'll be much more pleasant to watch than
what's on the movie screen".

I loved giving him blowjobs and he loved getting them. I did as he
asked and lowered myself until my mouth was even with his crotch. He
unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Reaching into his boxer shorts
he pulled out his thick 8" cock. I believe the size alone amazed those
close enough to see. What they didn't know was he wasn't completely hard

It was time to show them what a real blowjob looked like. I reached up
with both hands and guided his thick black cock into my mouth. As he grew
to his full length and got really hard, I really got into it. It was
difficult to his entire length in my mouth. I sucked on him like a
lollipop and swirled my tongue around the head. He really liked it when I
did that. The feel of his hard cock in my mouth was wonderful. Doug could
last for hours before coming so I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I

Needing to rest my legs a bit, I rose to stretch them. I noticed the
couple to our left, who'd been standing about 5 feet away, had moved much
closer. They were within arms distance and watching us very intently.
Then I noticed that other couples had also moved closer to us. I suppose
they couldn't see well enough and were moving in for a better view. I
automatically assumed they wanted a closer view of Doug's big dick.

"I told you they would enjoy watching you," he said.

He then pulled the cups of my bra down to reveal my perky breasts. He
then kissed and tweaked my nipples driving me absolutely insane. My
nipples are very sensitive and seem to have a direct connection to my clit.
He was also rubbing my clit at the same time. I was on the verge of coming
when he stopped sucking and rubbing and pushed me back down to continue his

"Selfish bastard," I thought. He always gets his blowjob and makes me
wait to have my orgasm.

I continued sucking his big black cock and then began massaging his
balls with one hand. He likes it when I grab hold of them and pull down
bringing his cock with them. I was having a good time.

"Move closer," I heard Doug say to someone. Then I heard a squishing
noise and opened my eyes to see what it was. He had his hand under a
woman's dress. He was obviously fingering her pussy from the squishing
noises. She was enjoying herself. Her moans got louder and louder until
she finally climaxed with a great sigh. She kissed him on the cheek and
moved away a few steps.

The movie continued as if all those in the theater were giving it their
undivided attention, and unaware of the show over in our corner. All of a
sudden the movie stopped. There was no sound to cover up the moans of
those in the alcove. It was also completely dark with the exception of the
red exit sign over the door. I stood up quickly, wondering what was going
on. The movie had obviously broken. There were quiet whispers in the room
wondering how long the lights would be off.

Doug pushed me back down so I could continue my ministrations. I sensed
people closing in around me. There was the scuffling of feet moving closer
and whispers I couldn't understand. I could actually hear the labored
breathing of those around me.

It was only a few short seconds before a warm, soft hand was reaching
into my jacket. Gently moving my bra aside, she began messaging my entire
breast. It felt so good. She cupped my breast in her small hand and
gently massaged it working her way to my nipple. As she gently rolled it
between her warm fingers, chills ran the entire length of my body. An
electric shock made it's way to my clit. I began breathing heavier and
almost forgot about sucking on Doug's big dick. I couldn't believe someone
else was fondling me and I was enjoying it. Above all, it was another

On my other side someone began kissing my ear and neck then maneuvered
their way to my other breast, repeating the actions of the woman on the
other side of me. But this time her mouth was on my nipple. This was
unbelievable. Two different women were suckling both my sensitive nipples.
I can't believe I was allowing this to happen and I was really enjoying

To my utter astonishment, I felt another hand moving my thong to one
side allowing free access to my pussy. A finger grazed my pussy lips.

"She's so smooth", the woman whispered to her husband. "She's shaved
completely clean and it's so soft".

"Let me feel" her husband said, joining his wife in her pursuit of my
smooth pussy. They were both amazed at how soft and smooth it was.

I was really hot by this point. My pussy was dripping wet. It gets
really slick when I'm this turned on. The woman's fingers were sliding
easily over my pussy lips and clit. It felt so good. I was in ecstasy.
Her husbands' hand was now competing with hers for access to my dripping

There were at least 4 sets of hands on me at one time. My legs were
getting weak in that squatting position. Others were crowding around us
and were helping to support my failing legs. It was also getting difficult
to breathe in my confined little space, but oh, how good it felt.

With these 4 sets of hands playing with my nipples, pussy, and clit, I
had the orgasm of a lifetime. I let out a load moan and squirted all over
the couple's hands and Doug's pants. After I stood up, I realized there
was a puddle in the floor from where I had cum. This had to be the most
incredible experience I'd ever had.

The movie came back on with full lights and sound. It was really bright
in there now. We had almost adjusted to the complete darkness. Everyone
slowly went back to their original spot on the wall and left me to finish
Doug's blowjob.

After a long while, Doug came with the force of a fire hose. A long
thick stream of come rushed into my mouth and down my throat. I obviously
swallow and enjoy every bit of it. He pulled me up, zipped his pants and
buckled his belt and said it was time to go. As we were leaving, we passed
a girl being fucked by the biggest cock I've ever seen. That's another
story in itself.

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