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Title: Their Own Thoughts
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mdom, ws, mdom
Author: Caesar

Their Own Thoughts

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/11/16 17:20:21 $

"Man, your insatiable!"

Bill laughed and patted the curly head of hair that moved above his
lap. "Shove a battery up my ass and I keep going and going and

Both buddies laughed at their own crude humour.

Cray sat down next to his best friend and looked down at the expert
blow job that his friend was receiving. Bill slapped his friends
shoulder, "You look like you want a piece buddy?"

"Fuck you!" They laughed again.

"Then maybe you want a piece of mom here?" Bill again patted the top
of the mature woman's head, possessively.

Cray humphed and replied, again watching the mature woman's technique,
"She's not bad Bill - but she has nothing on my mom." It was an old game they played - comparing the sexuality of both of their mothers,
while it was an unspoken rule between them - 'hands off'!

Bill and Cray fell silent for a few minutes, while the head between
Bill's legs moved up and down evenly, expertly. The only sounds in
the room was the sloppy licking and sucking sounds of lips pleasuring
a hard teenage cock.

"Why do you think they do it anyways?"

Cray turned to his buddy and frowned, "Do 'it'?"

"Yea. Why do you think our mothers get off when we do?" He chuckled
at this small joke - he was the only one though. "Don't you ever
think about it?"

"Sure I think about it." Cray took a deep breath and then revealed
his thoughts, "Both our dads basically ignored them and then the only
guys in their life, us, were sneaking peaks at them. Hell, they were
probably starved for cock before those first times!"

Both teenagers laughed, both of them gazing back in time to their
first times with their own mothers.

Bill was not satisfied though, "If they were starving, those first few
weeks they had to have their fill of cock don't you think?"

Cray had an answer for everything, "Sure they were. But they were

Bill stroked the top of his mothers head until she mewed with
pleasure, "I like to think that she fell in love with what lay between
my legs."

Cray reluctantly admitted, "My mom had to be reminded what was at
stake... but she has never complained once we hit the sheets."

Bill frowned at his friend in displeasure at the reminder of his
forced dominance, blackmail being another word, of his own parent.
Cray saw the look and became defencive, "Hey... fuck you dude, not
everyone gets a willing sex slave like your mom!"

Bill thought to change the subject before another heated battle ensued
- but Bill did not consider his mother his 'sex slave'. "I don't
think it was only that our mom's were starving for guys - there had to
be more to it, else most guys would be banging their old ladies?"

Cray took a long breath to calm down, having expected a defencive
argument, "Maybe they are and none of us can tell anyone?" Both the
teenagers laughed at the joke before Cray became serious again, "Who
knows what goes in their heads - I had to get mom drunk before she
turned into a slut and bedded her only child. You got lucky, your mom fell, like, in love with you or something."

Bill laughed, his thoughts momentarily taken back to those months
before he and his mother had passed the final boundary toward their
new lives. "Once I figured out that mom was willing to do anything
for a guy she loved, the rest was easy, yes."

Cray would not relent though, "But why did she fall out of love with
your dad? And why not with someone else?"

Both guys looked down at the naked body between Bill's knees, her
voluptuous pale skin not a traditional western sex-symbol but very
sexy. "I think dad and mom fell out of love long before anything
happened between us - they only stayed together for me and my sister."
Cray nodded, having heard this before. "As for why me... perhaps
because I was the closest male that regarded her as sexy and over time
she came to desire my awkward lust-filled looks."

"If you have it all figured out - why did you even bother asking me?"
Cray suspected the answer to his question already.

Bill shrugged, which his buddy could not see with his eyes watching
the expert-loving technique of his best friend's mother. "I was also
wondering about you and your mom."

Cray looked over toward his friend with a firm gaze - any conversation
about Cray and his mother was always a tender subject. Rather than
explode in anger and frustration, as he does most of the time, Cray,
instead, decided to answer honestly and openly, "You know how I used
to tell you about her teasing me?" Bill nodded, indeed remembering,
thinking how lucky to have a hot looking woman like Cray's mom flashing her very sexy body at her only son. "She would strut around
in these outfits right out of a lingerie catalogue - ask me to come
into the bathroom to scrub her back as she lay in the tub - to brush
her hair almost every night. mom would also catch me looking at some
part of her body like a starved man and she would then scream at me
for being a pervert and a criminal. Then she would drink...!"

There was a very lengthy pause that Bill wisely knew to keep quiet,
"...and drink... and then, one night when dad was out of town I just
sort of snapped. She fought me at first, but as soon as I was inside
her she became all loving and tender - soon begging me for more. For
some reason I took the pictures that first night and mom was drunk
enough to pose in every filthy way I wanted. We went all night and
most of the next day - mom drinking whenever she started to become

"It was the pictures that controlled her?"

Cray suddenly looked furious at his best friend and opened his mouth
to yell at him, threaten him. Instead, he suddenly took a very long
deep exhale of breath and then calmed down. "I like to think that she
lusted after me and the photos were only the nudge she needed to
commit incest."

'Incest', it was the one word both teenagers tried not to use. It
sounded vile and stained - and Cray tried hard to ignore the dark side
of his relationship with his mother while Bill truly loved his mom and
what they were doing.

Yet, incest was exactly what they were doing.

Cray needed to change the subject, "Do you remember that first time we
had a 'private party'?

It was their own phrase for the two couples, son's and mother's,
getting together to fuck. The first time had been in Cray's living
room, each couple copulating on either of the two large couches.

"Yea, I remember."

"Watching you and your mother across the room got my mom so hot she
didn't need any 'persuading' to let me inside her." Persuading
equalled blackmail or rape and it bothered Bill that it was spoken by
his best friend so commonly.

Both teenagers chuckled, Cray more so than his friend.

"Your mom wanted even more than to watch if I remember?" She had
surprised the three of them when she boldly asked if she and Bill's
mom could sixty-nine on their sides while their son's watched and then
fucked the others mom from behind. That was not the first of such
requests by Cray's mother either.

Cray stopped laughing immediately, "Yea - sometimes I had to reign her
in else she would fuck anything that moved."

"What about that peeing thing?"

Cray suddenly turned bright red and then rushed to get his answer out,
"Like I told you it wasn't about peeing, it was about doing something
kinky and new. mom goes nuts when we pass the envelope."

"Did she when you peed on her?"

"Oh yea; she screamed and threatened me before I did it and then after
I was dry, she was begging me to fuck her." Bill sensed a sadness in
his best buddy. "It was pretty cool actually."

The conversation was drifting and both boys knew it. Cray asked, "I
could never seem to figure out why your mom didn't seem to mind being
watched? She some kind of exhibitionist or something?"

"Mom? Good god no!" Bill laughed until he hurt the tempo of his
mothers work and immediately calmed to a chuckle. "You and your mom are like our secret little family - only you two know about her and I
and to top that, you guys are doing it as well. mom would not want to
do it with anyone else watching us - but you guys are different."

Both guys laughed lightly again, though neither could say why they

Nodding with his chin, "You ever gonna come with that thing?"

Bill chuckled, "She loves to suck me and after so many blow jobs she
knows exactly what to do to get me off or to prolong the experience.
If you get my meaning?"

Cray chuckled as well, his eyes minutely watching Bills mom suck him.
"Your a lucky guy buddy, especially for a woman that never even tasted
another dick before. Hell, all my mom does is suck to get me off -
the faster the better - your mom makes fucking love to your dick!"

Bill again stroked his mothers head, ensuing another mewing from her
filled mouth. "Yes, I am lucky. There is no other woman I could
imagine being with but my mom."

"I bet she loves you so much she'd even agree to let you pee on her?"

Bill frowned at the question, his turn to hold back the anger, "I
would never do that to her Cray."

He was relentless, "Yea, but she would do it if you wanted her too?"

Bill understood that this conversation could go forever unless he
answered truthfully, as disgusting as it felt to him. "She probably
would, yes."

Cray looked triumphant. "Just about everything you guys have done was
the first time for her?"

Guardedly, "Some things yes." Most things, his parents had a strict
in the dark missionary marriage - the last years of the marriage were
in separate beds which makes copulation near-impossible.

"You see buddy - thats fucking love for you! Your mom would go down
on a football team if she knew you wanted her too. While my mom would
kick and scream all the way to the locker room and then turn into a
slut as soon as she saw all the hard dicks waiting for her."

"Whats your point Cray?" Bill didn't like this form of questioning at
all - he did not like to think of his mother being degraded by being
urinated upon nor being with another man, let along a team of them.

"Thats my point Bill! That your mom does what you want out of love
while mine does it out of pent up lust."

The heated discussion died away and the silence was thick - only the
lyrical sounds of Bill's mom sucking her son was heard.

After looking at his own mothers loving technique at sucking him, Bill
suddenly felt like defending his buddies relationship with his own
mother. "She loves you man."

"Not like that Bill." Cray nodded with his chin at Bill's mother sucking him slowly and expertly.

Neither could deny that statement - Bill had seen how his friends
mother was a cold fish before being warmed up, and then she was in a
rush to get off, as if to enjoy everything before the inevitable
orgasms ensued.

Cray continued with their original discussion, "Then there was what
happened after those first weeks?"

"You mean like mom and I moving in together?"

Cray nodded. The timing was right for Bill - moving in to his own
apartment that his father was paying for so that he could be closer to
University. Only after Bill and his mom had 'broken the ice', so to
speak, she had told her husband, Bill's dad, that she wanted a divorce
and immediately moved in with her son. They lived more like a
marriage couple now, rather than mother and son. "Nothing I could do,
and I tried everything man, could get mom to leave dad. He still
loudly fucks her every Sunday night like clockwork while I listen in
my room and then he seems to ignore us for the rest of the week."

"Do you think he knows?"

"Yea, he knows. But I don't think he could care less. No matter how
much I fuck my mom, she will always belong to dad. That has been made
plain to me time and time again. Its not like you and your mom Bill."

"Well, my dad knows about us too."

"No fucking way?"

"Oh yea. He's been over a dozen times and every time he seems to find
his way into my bedroom and stares at the bed." It was a queen sized
bed, nothing special - but in an apartment that both mother and son
shared, it was the only bed. "My dad is a lot of things but he is not

"Thats true." Ceded Cray. "Then there are the changes in your mom."

Bill nodded in agreement, "She lost weight, now dresses like a girl half her age and looks great... and then there is that glow about


"Yea. It was something dad said on one of his earlier visits - that
mom was glowing all the time now. Something she never did while they
were married."

Cray hung his head, "Probably like my mom seems to glow Monday morning
after my old man bangs her."

That shut down that conversation quick enough.

Cray asked, reopening the wound, "Why does your dad not say anything?"

"I have no idea. Why doesn't yours? I always thought it was
humiliation of having your son satisfy your wife... or something like

"No that doesn't sound like my dad at all. I think he knows that mom is his, like some type of fucking possession like his custom-made golf
clubs, and nothing we do on any of the other six days a week will
change that."

"If he knows - then how does the pictures force her ...?"

"They are useless toward him - its her friends you see? Her status in
the neighbourhood. A scandal like her fucking her own son would ruin
her well-groomed nose-in-the-air status immediately." Cray sighed
deeply and then continued, "She and I are only having a little fun in
dads mind, so sometimes I had to force her by getting her drunk or
blackmailing her. By the time we are fucking she loves it, she gets
off and then Sunday rolls around and she immediately forgets about

Bill nodded his head, not completely understanding. "If things are so
strange at your place - why not just forget about fucking her and find
another woman to bang?"

Cray hung his head for a long while before he spoke, "Its because of
you and your mom - its what I wished my mom and I could have. That
she would love me so deeply that she would do anything for me, even
give up her life."

"Sounds like you love her Cray?"

"Yea, I love her. Thats why its hard when I had to force her to
fuck... you know?"

"Yes I think I'm beginning too." Suddenly Bill jerked in his seat and
looked down at the top of his moms head, "Mom... what are you

Bill grasped his mothers head in both his hands and let out a long
drawn out groan of delight as he orgasmed. Cray watched with a
certain sadness in his soul and a firmness in his jeans.

Minutes later Bill's mom released the soft saliva covered penis from
between her lips where it had been for a very long while and sat up on
her heels. She smiled softly toward Cray and brightened when she
looked at her son.

Cray looked at the full frontal nudity of his best friends mother -
having seen it numerous times in the past. It did not compare on
scale with his own mothers natural beauty, her hard body and sexy face
rather than this softly curved tiny plain woman.

"Your a lucky guy Bill." Cray meant every word.

As his mother knelt before him, licking her lips with her pink tongue,
the tightness of her nipples and the slickness between her soft thighs
communicating how much she enjoyed her actions with her son. He know
when she was like this, nothing was forbidden and traditionally this
was the time they tried new things - like anal sex, which he was
pleased to discover how much she loved it.

Bill considered telling his mom to lay back on the floor before
telling his best buddy to go ahead and mount her. It was passing the
boundary that both had agreed not to pass - but Cray's tale was
heartbreaking and his best friend saw no way out of his dilemma.

But before Bill could make that fateful decision, Cray suddenly stood
and said, "I better be going - you probably have home work or
something to do and I should be getting home for supper."

"No problem Cray - thanks for coming around."

Just as he was about to leave, Cray stopped and talked and spoke to
both mother and son, "You two have something special - never forget
how rare it is!"

Bill watched his best friend leave, feeling rather depressed for him
after their talk.



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