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Themes or Playing Truth or Dare with my Tomboy Cousin on the farm during
Summer Vacation

Felix Phile November 2000 email: website: * This is an attempt to cover in a single story many of the themes used in my favourite stories by other authors. As I am
travelling a well-worn path, do not expect to find anything of great
originality. Rather, think of it as variations on a theme.

This is also the longest story that I've written to date, so I'd
appreciate any comments regarding its quality versus my other stories.

I'd like to thank my fan/editor/reviewer for his help on this story. He
knows who he is. *

Chapter 1

The summer that I was sixteen I stayed for a month on my aunt's farm. I
was a city boy, born and raised, and I didn't know thing one about farm life. That was going to change. My aunt and cousins lived on a farm that
had been in our family for many generations. My uncle had died many years
before and it had been up to my aunt to keep the farm going. My aunt was
quite a bit older than my mother and had her children late, so she was
probably almost sixty by this time.

At first Aunt Mary had run the farm with hired help, but gradually my
cousins had taken over a lot of the work as they grew up. Tom was the
older of my two cousins. He had just finished high school and would be
starting at a local college in the fall. Karen was close to my age, about
six months older than me.

I never knew my cousins very well. The farm was about five hours drive
from the city where I lived and we just never seemed to get together very
often. My aunt and my mother were sisters, but not very close. They were
very different people and never had much time for each other. My mother was a liberal urban professional. My aunt was a church-going conservative
farm-wife. Every now and then they would manage to get the families
together, but in recent years I always seemed to be doing something else
when it was time to make the trip.

Tom wanted to take some time to himself before college and was
backpacking around the interior of British Columbia with some friends.
This meant that they were going to be short of hands for a month, so my
aunt thought that I fill in. She said it would be a good way for us to
spend some time together and we all agreed it would be a good idea.


So one Monday morning we hauled my suitcase and duffle bag down to the
bus depot and I climbed aboard for the long trip to the farm. My aunt
would meet me at the other end, at the stop near the farm. I spent a good
part of the trip wondering if I'd made a mistake and was going to regret
wasting the last days of summer vacation working on the farm.

The bus shuddered to a halt and the driver called out 'Smithwater'.
Realizing that it was finally my stop after hours of butt-numbing travel, I
climbed out of my seat and worked my way to the front of the bus and down
the steps to the road. The driver had already opened the luggage racks in
the side of the bus. I pointed out my suitcase and bag for the driver to
pull out. I slung the bag over my shoulder and grabbed the suitcase as the
bus pulled away. Looking around I spotted my aunt coming out of the
general store with a bag in one hand.

She saw me and walked over. Holding me at arm's length, she looked me
up and down, then said, "Well, you're certainly my sister's boy. Give me a
kiss." She offered me her cheek for a polite peck.

I carried my stuff over to her car and put it in the trunk. The car was
a big old Buick sedan of some kind. It had once been a dark green but was
now much lighter in colour. We got in and she drove us off down the road.
During the trip to the farm Aunt Mary filled me in on the arrangements for
my stay.

It turned out that there wasn't going to be all that much work to do.
They had once been in the business of raising cattle for slaughter but
there just wasn't enough money in it these days, especially if they had to
hire people to help out. So instead they just rented out most of the
pasture to other farmers, boarded a few horses for a circus in the
off-season, and raised some animals for their own use. Aunt Mary managed
to get by on her husband's pension benefits and some other bits from here
and there. I would have chores to do but I'd still have a fair bit of time
to myself.

It didn't take long to get to the farm and soon I was carrying my stuff
up to the house. They lived in the old farmhouse, made out of stone
gathered from around the farm when it was originally cleared. Aunt Mary
led me up stairs to where I'd be sleeping. Since Tom was going to be away,
I'd be staying in his room. She said that he'd cleared out a couple of
drawers in the dresser for me to use. There were two bedrooms on the top
floor, used by Karen and Tom, along with the bathroom.

After I'd put down my luggage, Aunt Mary took me on a tour of the house.
On the main floor was the kitchen, living room, dining room, and a room
that my aunt used for her bedroom. The dining room and living room were
really just one room separated by a huge stone fireplace that had once
heated the house. The basement was mostly one big area with laundry,
furnace and storage, but there was a small room at the back which had a
couch and TV.

As we were finishing the tour we heard a door open and Aunt Mary said,
"Oh, that must be Karen now."

We went back upstairs and sure enough, my cousin Karen had just come
through the door into the kitchen. I recognized her even though we hadn't
seen each other in years. She looked pretty much the same, just a little
bigger. Karen was a slim girl who stood about three inches shorter than my
five foot ten. She was dressed in a sleeveless flannel shirt and jeans cut
off just above the knee. I would later find out that this almost a uniform
with her during the summer. I saw a pleasant face topped by wavy brown
hair that was kept quite short. In those clothes she could have passed for
a boy of about twelve, if not for her eyes. But those eyes gave her away;
green, the colour of moss on the side of a fir tree, framed by exquisite
lashes. No one who saw those eyes would mistake her for a boy.

I extended my hand and Karen reached out to shake it, then looked down
at the grease covering her palm. "Oops, sorry, I was working on the bike,"
she said.

She went over to the sink and started washing up. As she did we made
pleasantries over the noise of the running water.

"How are you doing? How was the trip up?"

"Oh, I'm fine. The bus was okay, just kind of boring. How are you?"

We went on like this as Karen finished cleaning up, then moved to the
dining room while she set the table for dinner. As we were doing this,
Aunt Mary was putting together a meal of cold chicken and salads from the
fridge. She explained that she wasn't sure how hungry I'd be so she didn't
want to fix a big meal. As we ate we continued to update each other on our
current situation, school, plans for the future, hobbies, that sort of
thing. It turned out that Karen's 'bike' was a 125cc dirt bike that
someone had abandoned and she was getting running again.

After supper we had coffee in the living room. We talked until I tried
to stifle a yawn. Aunt Mary noticed and suggested that we call it a night;
Karen would get me set up with whatever I needed. I said goodnight and we
headed upstairs.

After we parted I went into Tom's room and looked around. It looked
like a typical teenage male's room except that he'd obviously cleaned up
knowing that I'd be using it. I unpacked some of my belongings and put
them into the dresser drawers. I went through the usual preparation for
bed, including pulling out the novel I'd been reading on the bus. After
trying to read the same paragraph five times I decided I should give up and
go to sleep.

Chapter 2

The next morning I was roused by Aunt Mary calling me to breakfast. I
got out of bed with my usual morning stiffy waving about and went to the
bathroom. After finally managing to piss things settled down and I went
downstairs. After breakfast I went for a shower. As I washed my erection
started to return and I was tempted to do something to take care of it, but
I knew Karen was waiting her turn for a shower.

The plan for the day was that Karen would show me around the farm and we
would load some hay into the loft of the barn. After dressing I met Karen
in the kitchen and we headed out. The first place she showed me was the
chicken coop. They kept about a dozen chickens so that they could have
fresh eggs for themselves and some neighbours. The place was a literal
shit-hole; I mean it was about a foot deep in a mixture of chicken-shit and
straw. Karen explained that it was one of those things that they always
meant to take care of but never did.

Next we went to the barn. It had once been used for the beef cattle but
now it was mostly empty. At one end was the motorcycle that she'd been
working on as well as a bench covered in tools. Above it all was the
hayloft with steep stairs leading up and an open area for tossing down
bales. They didn't need much hay these days, but kept some for the horses
that got boarded at the farm.

After that we walked up to the field to see the horses, then off through
the wood that grew in one corner of the farm. There was a swampy area in
the middle of the wood, created by the little creek that flowed through the
swamp. It was quite pretty with wild flowers and bullrushes. The tour
took most of the morning so we went back to the farmhouse for lemonade and

After lunch we headed back to the barn where there was a wagonload of
hay to be put into the loft. Since the loft was about ten feet off the
ground we were going to use this cranky old conveyor-belt contraption to
get the bales up there. Karen started it going while I climbed onto the
wagon. I started to toss bales onto the belt as Karen monitored the
machine. The bales would go up the belt and fall off the end into a pile
in the loft.

When Karen was satisfied it was working okay she grabbed a bale and
tossed it on the belt. The first time she bent over to do this her shirt fell open and I caught a flash of white. I paused for a moment until she
stood up and then I threw my bale on the belt.

I waited while Karen bent over to take another bale and watched
carefully. This time I saw right down her shirt to see a plain white bra
containing small but developing breasts. 'Shit, she's got tits!' I
thought. I'd been thinking that she was still the skinny twelve-year-old
I'd known before.

Karen threw the bale on and reached for another. Again I looked down
her shirt. Being sixteen and not having jerked-off that morning I quickly
developed a hard-on. Almost mesmerized, I stood there, staring down her
shirt, trying to see every detail. Karen threw one more bale on the
conveyor and then turned to look at me. Since she was on the ground and I
was on the wagon, her eyes were level with my crotch.

Karen must have noticed the bulge in my pants because she just stood
there and stared at my crotch for a moment. When she realized that she was
staring she looked up at me and saw that I was looking down at her partly
open shirt.

I'm not sure who was more embarrassed but Karen's face was turning red.
She stammered out, "I'd better go in the loft and move some bales. You
finish down here." With that she went inside and up the stairs.

I went back to work loading bales onto the conveyor, thinking about what
I'd seen. All of a sudden my skinny cousin had become a 'girl'. Not only
that, she'd seen me with a boner, if she knew what it was. I was feeling
pretty embarrassed.

Pretty soon all the bales had been sent to the loft and I headed for the
stairs to see if I could help. Karen was taking bales from the pile and
stacking them neatly at one end of the loft. I joined in and we quickly
finished stacking the hay. It had been hot work and we flopped down on a
low stack of bales to cool off. Soon we started to talk.

"So, what's your school like?" I asked.

"I don't know - it's like any school I guess."

"I mean, like how big is it? That sort of stuff."

"I guess there's about a few hundred kids."

"You're going into grade eleven, right? What's that going to be like?"

"Well, I'm going to be taking two sciences, 'cuz I want to be a vet."

"Like a veterinarian?"

"Yeah, a veterinarian."

We went on like that for a while, comparing our schools and our plans
for education. We both wanted to do post-secondary. She wanted to go to a
nearby college with a strong agricultural program, I was going to go to
university for physics. I was at a large city highschool and told her
about all the different groups of students there - the rockers, the
football players and the cheerleaders, the artsies, the nerds. Her school
didn't have quite the same range, there were the town kids, who lived in
Smithwater, and the farm kids, but there weren't enough of them to form

She explained that the story was that Smithwater got its name when an
early settler named 'Smith' pissed over the side of his wagon. That wasn't
the official version, but it was the one that got passed down through the

We talked about what we did after school. I would go with my friends to
a restaurant and play cards until the dinner crowd started and they'd kick
us out. She'd drive around with friends who had cars, or sometimes just
hang around the general store where I'd got off the bus. Lately she'd been
working on the motorcycle that she was fixing up.

We talked for quite a while, gradually feeling pretty comfortable with
each other. I guess it was because we were cousins with the family bond,
and were also about the same age and going through similar experiences.

Eventually it we ran out of talk and Karen said, "Hey, you want to work
on the motorcycle?"

"Sure," I said, even though I didn't know shit about them.

Karen got up and walked over to the hole that was used for dropping hay
down to the floor below and suddenly jumped through it. I saw her grab the
opposite edge for a moment, then let go. I walked over and looked down.
Karen was standing below looking up at me.

"Well, come on," she said.

"No way," I replied, "I'd bust a leg. I'm taking the stairs."

"Come on, you chicken! You saw me do it. I dare you."

At this point I didn't have much choice, I'd just been dared to do
something she'd already done. So I crouched down next to the hole and
surveyed the situation. It was about a ten foot drop to a dirt floor. I
figured I could do it. I made the leap, aiming to grab the opposite edge
before dropping to the floor. My fingers touched but I didn't get a good
grip, so I ended up hitting the floor a little too hard. I fell on my ass
but didn't hurt anything other than my pride.

I expected Karen to heckle my missed jump but instead she just held out
her hand to help me up and said, "See, I knew you could do it if you just

She pulled me to my feet and we walked over to the motorcycle. Karen
explained that there wasn't much more work to do, just some cleaning and
adjustment of the carbeurator. We worked on it for a while, or rather,
Karen worked on it while I held tools for her. We finished up with her
throwing some pieces into a jug of some sort of solvent. By now it was
late and we went back to the house for supper.

After cleaning up, we sat down to a nice meal of corned beef, potatoes,
and boiled cabbage. Karen mentioned the tv in the basement and that it was
down there because Aunt Mary never liked watching it. I had no objections
so we decided to see what was on the two channels it could get. Cable and
satellite hadn't reached the farm yet.

Since I was still feeling pretty grungy, I decided to have a shower and
put on my sleep wear, which consisted of sweatshorts and a T-shirt. Karen
said she'd do the same and meet me in the basement. Not long after I got
down there, Karen showed up wearing a flannel nightgown and a housecoat.
Pretty conservative wear, but something her mother would approve of.

We checked both the channels and the best thing seemed to be some sort
of romantic comedy so we left that on. After we'd got settled in on the
couch, and completely bored by the movie, Karen turned to me and said, "So,
are there a lot of girls at your school?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I said, "about half. Why do you ask?"

"No reason, just making talk. Are they pretty?"

"Yeah, some of them. Some aren't."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

I had never really had a girlfriend but didn't want to say, so I joked,
"No, I have several, I'm the Casanova of my school, the chicks just can't
keep their hands off me."

"Come on, tell me the truth."

"Okay. No, I don't have a girlfriend."

"How come? You said there were lots of nice looking girls at your

I decided to tell her the truth and explained that there were lots of
nice looking girls, but not that many that I was friends with. I had never
really dated any girls and just hadn't been in a boyfriend-girlfriend
situation. There were a couple of girls that I liked but I didn't see them
outside of school. Then I asked Karen about boyfriends.

"I don't really want to talk about it," she said.

"Well, you have to; I told you about me."

"No, I don't think I should."

"I won't tell anyone. When I leave, it goes with me."

This satisfied her, and she told me about this guy she used to go
driving with after school sometimes. She liked him and started to think
about 'going steady', then one day they parked down by the lake and he
kissed her. This wasn't a problem until his hands started roving. She
didn't tell me exactly what he did, but she didn't like it and he wouldn't
stop. That was the end of that.

After Karen told me about her misadventure we watched the end of the
movie and went to bed.

Chapter 3

The next morning I woke with my usual piss hard-on. I wanted to do
something about it, but I wasn't comfortable doing it in someone else's
house. I got dressed and went down for breakfast. I found out from my
aunt that she was going to the church for one of the committees and that
Karen was going with her. I would be the only one there for most of the
day. I told her that I could find stuff to do and not to worry.

I went out for a walk and passed by the chicken coop. Looking at the
pile of crap inside I figured I could help spend the day cleaning it out.
As I went to the barn for a shovel I saw the car go by and waved to my aunt
and cousin.

I went to the coop and started shovelling the mixed straw and chicken
shit out the back window. Pretty soon I'd kicked up so much dust that I
had to get a bandana from my luggage to tie around my mouth and nose. I
worked pretty hard so that I had cleaned the place out by a little after

I went back to the house and scrounged a lunch out of leftover corned
beef and other contents of the fridge. Once I was full I realized that I
was pretty much covered in dust from my work. I went upstairs and

Going back to Tom's room, I pulled some clothes out of the dresser and
put them on. I got a little nosy and started looking in the other drawers.
I figured that Tom would put anything interesting under his underwear, so I
poked around there. At the very bottom, under a ratty pair of boxers, I
found a small box of condoms. 'Oh ho,' I thought, 'Tom's up to tricks, I
see.' I put them back and decided to look in the closet.

'Now where would I hide something in here,' I pondered. 'Ah ha, a box
artfully buried under some old clothes.'

I pulled out the box and put it on the bed. Opening it, I found a pile
of Playboy's. Picking one, I lay back on the bed and flipped through it.
Careful study of Miss November's turn-ons and turn-offs soon had the
expected result - a raging hard-on. This time I was alone in the house and
I figured it was time I did something.

Since I had all the time I wanted, I settled into a long, slow session
of masturbation. Very shortly I noticed that the rhythmic motion started
the springs of the old bed squeaking. Since I was alone in the house I
wasn't worried, and started working my way through Tom's literary

It took me close to half an hour to peruse November, December, and
January. I came to a pictorial of a cute girl with short brown hair that
reminded me of Karen. I concentrated on completing my exercise and the
springs really got squeaking for a couple of minutes. It wasn't long until
I blew my load into a handful of tissues.

Just as I stopped my motions I thought I heard a creak from the hall.
'Must be imagining it,' I figured. I cleaned up and put away all the
treasures that I'd uncovered - careful to arrange things just as they'd
been found.

As I left the room I noticed that Karen's door was closed. I thought it
had been open earlier, maybe I'd heard the wind blowing it closed. I went
downstairs and started poking through the old magazines kept in the living
room. Some time later I heard a noise and looked up. It was Karen coming
down the stairs.

"Hi," I said, "I thought you were out."

"Yeah, I was, but I got a lift so I came back. Mom's going to be there
'til supper."

Wondering what she'd heard, I asked how long she'd been back.

"About an hour, I didn't see you so I went upstairs to my room for a

'Shit, she'd must've heard everything,' was my first thought. "Um, I
was in my room reading," I told her.

"Must've been a pretty good book, you were in there a while."

'What's she mean by that?' I wondered. Then I said, "You must have been
reading too, you were in your room for a while too."

"Yeah, I must have been," she answered.

Wanting to change the topic I quickly suggested, "Um, how about we go
outside until dinner?"

"Sure," she said and we went out. We walked around the farm for a while
and out the swamp in the woods. Karen asked if I'd ever walked in a swamp;
I told her I hadn't, that it sounded gross.

"Oh, don't knock it until you've tried it, come on - I dare you."

Another dare. I figured this shouldn't be too bad. We took off our
shoes and socks and started walking into the swamp. It wasn't bad, just
really gooey. You could feel the ooze sliding between your toes as your
feet sank in.

As we moved further in, our feet sank more until it became hard to walk.
Karen stumbled and grabbed on to my arm. She left her hand there and soon
we were walking with her hand on my upper arm and my hand holding her
elbow. We started giggling at each rude sound made by squishing mud and at
every stumble. We made our way back to the bank where we picked up our
shoes and went down to the stream to wash.

"See, you tried it - you liked it," Karen said.

"You were right," I admitted. Then thinking that I'd like to balance
the books, I said, "Maybe I'll find something for you to try someday."

"Maybe you will," she replied.


Later that evening we were down in the basement tv room, watching the
less boring of the two channels. I don't remember what was on - probably
some sitcoms. Once again Karen brought up the topic of girlfriends.

"Last night you said you'd never had a girlfriend, did you ever kiss a

"Sure, of course I kissed a girl."

"No, I mean a real kiss, like necking."

"What do you know about necking?"

"I'm not completely ignorant you know."

"Oh really? When have you been necking?"

"I've been out to the lake a few times."

"Yeah, so I'll bet nothing happened."

"Well, you tell me what you've done, Mr. Experienced."

"All right, but you've got to tell after."

"Okay, deal."

So I told her about going to a party with some friends, but most of the
kids were from another school. I was sitting next to this girl on the
couch and we were talking when somebody put the lights out. She started
talking about how the people must be necking in the dark and I figured out
that she wanted to neck too, so I turned to her and we started kissing.

"So was it just kissing, or real necking?"

"Well, we did like, french kissing after a bit."

"You mean with tongues and stuff?"

"Yeah, with tongues."

"Well, that's real necking I guess. So did you do anything else? Like
touching or anything?"

"You mean like feeling her? I put my hand on her sweater and she didn't
stop me, so I rubbed her there while we kissed."

"Is that all you did? Come on, the truth now."

"Okay, I put my hand up her sweater and onto her bra. Then I put my
hand inside so I could feel her."

"No shit? What did she do then?"

"You really want to know?"


"She put her hand on my pants and started rubbing."

"No shit! So what did you do?"

"I put my hand up her skirt and felt her panties."

"God, you did that in a room full of people?"

"Well, it was really dark and a bunch of people were making out too."

"What happened then?"

"Nothing. It was getting late and some people had to go home before
they turned into pumpkins. They had to be back by eleven, would ya
believe? That kind of ended the party."

Then Karen starting asking about the girl at the party and whether I'd
seen her again.

"Nah, I didn't really like her, it was just because of the party I was
with her."

"So, why'd you do it?"

"Well I still want to make out and stuff. Just I didn't want to do it
with her again. I think she was probably like that with a bunch of guys."

Then I asked Karen what she'd done. She seemed reluctant to tell me,
but when I said she had to be fair and tell the truth, she did. It came
out quickly, like she was trying to say it while she had the courage.

"It was that guy in the car, we were kissing and that was okay, and then
he put his hand on my chest, kinda like you did to that girl. I pushed it
away and we kissed a bit more and he did it again, but it was nice so I let
him. He wasn't the first guy to try, but he did it nicer. I even let him
open my shirt and put his hand in my bra. He tried to open my pants but I
wouldn't let him, so after a bit he stopped and we just kissed again."

"Was that it? Did you stop there?"

"No, we didn't stop. When we were kissing he took my hand and put it on

"What do you mean, 'Put it on him'?"

"His pants were open and his thing was out. He put my hand on it."

"No shit! What did you do?"

"Shit, I got out of the car!"

"Why'd you do that?"

"'Cuz he scared me. I'd never seen one or touched one before. And, I
was worried about what would happen if I stayed in the car."

"Don't you want ever to be with a guy sometime."

"I don't know, maybe. Not with him."

"Well, you don't know if you don't try."

Karen recognized that I was throwing back her own line and grinned. She
said, "Yeah, maybe when I find someone I feel safe with."

That was pretty much the end of talk for that night.

Chapter 4

Thursday morning Karen went out with the tractor and wagon to get a load
of straw from another farm down the road. This was going to have to be
stored in the loft too. I went with her and helped to load the wagon.
This time we were both on the ground and I couldn't get a view down her
shirt, no matter how I tried. I think maybe Karen noticed me trying to
look though.

We drove back with me sitting on the bales on the wagon. Karen pulled
the wagon up next to conveyor, but she ran into the barn before coming back
out to start the belt moving. I made sure that I was standing on the wagon
looking down at Karen when we started unloading.

She bent over to grab a bale but didn't lift it right away. I tried to
look down her shirt but I didn't see any white bra this time. She stood up
and put the bale on the belt, so I quickly put one on too. Karen bent over
again and I shuffled a little closer to the edge to get a better angle. I
still couldn't see her bra so I bent over to pick up a bale. When I did
that I could see right into her shirt. 'Holy Fuck!' I thought, 'she's not
wearing a bra.'

I could now see her entire right breast inside her shirt. It wasn't
very big, but the nipple was sticking out like a little peak on the
hillock. I froze, not noticing that Karen didn't move for a moment either.
Then she stood up and put her bale on the conveyor. I moved and put mine

Karen bent over again and paused. I immediately tried to get another
look and did. 'Jeez, it's like she's showing me.' I thought. I developed
a raging erection very quickly which was uncomfortable in my pants. I
turned away and tried to adjust it discreetly.

I turned back and picked up a bale to carry to the conveyor. After
loading the bale I walked back to where I could look down Karen's shirt again. As I did I could see she was looking at me. But she wasn't looking
at my face, she was looking at my crotch - which was at her eye-level. I
looked down and could see that my hard dick was actually making a tent in
my pants. When I'd tried to adjust it earlier I'd just made it more

'Fuck!' I thought, then turned away and said over my shoulder, "I'd
better go up and stack some bales." I went into the barn and took a moment
to get my hand in my pants to adjust myself properly. I went up to the
loft and started stacking the straw against one of the walls. There
weren't that many bales and soon Karen came up to help move the last of
them. As she helped I tried to look down her shirt again. I didn't get a
good look but I did start to get hard again.

When we were done I went over to the hay to lie on it while Karen sat on
a bale of straw. After a minute or two I heard her ask, "Felix?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Do guys always want girls with big tits?"

"Jeez, what a question - why do you want to know?"

"Well look at me, it's not like I have a lot up front you know."

"Karen, some guys like big tits, some guys want 'em really huge; but I
think those look deformed. Me, I think small tits can look really sexy,
depends on the girl."

"I had a feeling you thought that way, it kind of showed," she said with
a smile in her voice.

"Aw shit, I'm sorry about that, I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

"It was kind of hard to miss, you know, almost in my face," she teased.

"Fuck, stop - you're embarrassing me. I mean, it's bad enough that
happened in front of you, but you're my cousin too."

"Come on, it really is okay you know. It's not the first time it

"Waddaya mean? When did it happen before?"

"Okay, there was this time when I was baby-sitting a couple of kids down
the road. The boy was about twelve and the girl was about six. Anyway, I
was giving the girl a bath and I was kneeling over the tub washing her. He
was hanging around behind me and I think he saw under my skirt. So, like,
his pajamas had this little tent in them. I thought it was kind of cute,
but he ran off to his room and wouldn't come out."

"Yeah, well, let's talk about something else, okay?"

Karen agreed and suggested we work on her motorcycle. I thought it was
a good idea, but she should go first and I'd be down in a minute. Karen
agreed but I could see a smirk on her face just before she jumped down.

I waited until my boner was completely gone, then followed her. She was
over at the bike bolting the carb back on. I handed her tools for about
half an hour while she sat on the floor and did mechanical things. I
wasn't a complete doofus about machines, I just didn't know much about
internal combustion engines.

I just finished putting away a wrench when Karen stood up and said,
"That's it, we're done."

"You mean, like for the day?"

"Nah, done-finished. The bike's ready for testing."

"No shit? Okay, whadda we do?"

"We take it outside and start it."

So we wheeled the bike outside and Karen tried to kick start the bike.
The first couple of times it just coughed back at her and didn't catch.
Then she fiddled with something on the side with a screwdriver and tried
again. This time it did start and made a sound like an oversized chainsaw.

Karen played with the throttle and did some more adjusting with the
screwdriver until she seemed satisfied. She handed the screwdriver to me
and hopped onto the bike. She revved the engine a couple more times, then
took off for a quick trip up the road and back.

When she got back she had a grin on her face like she'd just won the
lottery and a backstage pass to Rod Stewart. (I hated Rod Stewart even
then - but she was a fan.) She yelled at me over the sound of the bike,
"Come on, you've got to try it, it's a blast."

"No way, it's dangerous - and we don't even have helmets," I yelled

"You chicken-shit, you only live once! I dare you!" she taunted.

I couldn't let her get away with that, so I climbed on behind her. The
bike wasn't really meant for two, so I was squeezed in pretty tight behind
her. I wasn't sure where to put my hands but Karen reached back with her
left hand and pulled my arm around her waist. So I ended up with one arm
almost all the way around her narrow waist and the other holding her hip.

"Hang on," she yelled over her shoulder and we took off down the road.
We end up going about a mile right to the paved road. We had to turn back
because neither the bike or Karen was licenced. It was pretty cozy
snuggled up to Karen like that and every little bump made my crotch rub
against her butt. I was hoping she wouldn't notice that there was a newly
swollen appendage squished between us.

When we got back I quickly got off the bike and walked away, acting like
my legs were sore from the ride until the swelling in my pants had returned
to normal. Karen put the motorcycle back into the barn and we went back to
the house.

Since we were both badly in need of showers we took turns in the
bathroom after supper. After cleaning up we met down in the basement tv room. I was wearing my usual sweatshorts and T-shirt; Karen was bundled up
in her thick housecoat. We checked the tv and couldn't find anything of
interest so Karen suggested we play cards.

After debating the relative merits of 'Go Fish!' versus 'Crazy Eights'
we settled on 'Euchre' as a game with some challenge. Karen took a
double-deck of bridge cards down from a shelf and prepared one of the
packs. I grabbed an old kitchen chair that was in the corner to use as a

Karen delt the cards onto the chair and we made small-talk as we played.
Once again, Karen brought up the topic of girls in my school and why I
didn't have a girlfriend. She seemed obsessed by the topic.

"There must be some girls that you like. I'll bet you have some really
beautiful ones in your class. How about the cheerleaders?"

"Yeah, there are some of the really fancy ones, you know - the type that
get picked as 'Most Likely to Date the Quarterback' or whatever. They're
not my type though."

"Okay, so what is your type? Is there anybody?"

"Well, there's one girl in my math class that I think is pretty cute.
But she's really shy and she always goes right home after school. She's
greek and I don't think her parents speak English very well. They make her
go home right away."

"So what's she look like?"

"She's cute like I said. She's not very tall and she's slim, with
really wavy long hair."

"Does she have a nice figure? Like big boobs and all?"

"Come on, I told you already - that's not important. She does have a
really nice butt though."

As we were playing Karen's robe had gradually opened up. She had one
knee up on the couch so that she could turn towards me. Every time she
bent over to play a card it seemed that her robe loosened. I eventually
noticed that her knee was bare and that whatever she was wearing under the
robe was not the conservative nightgown of the other evening.

The robe opened to the point where I could see bare chest almost to the
level of her tits. In fact, one time when she bent over to put down a card
the robe drooped enough that I got a brief glimpse of a nipple. I thought
I saw a bit of fabric inside the robe but I wasn't sure.

I'm not sure why, but I said to Karen, "You know, it almost looks like
you didn't put on anything under your robe."

Karen looked down but didn't seem surprised at how exposed she was. She
said, "Sure I did, I guess it's just not showing." Then she stood up and
opened her robe to show me what looked like an oversized basketball
singlet. "See, I'm covered," she said.

I certainly did see -- and she wasn't very covered. It was red with
white trim (her school colours?) and must have been intended for a
six-foot-plus player. The front was just high enough to cover her tits but
their location was clearly marked by the impressions of her nipples in the
thin material. The armholes dropped almost to her waist on the sides. The
length of the shirt was enough to reach to the middle of her thighs, and
the whole look was incredibly sexy.

She held her robe open long enough for me to get a full impression, then
held it closed as she sat down again. I noticed that she didn't tie the
sash this time.

I let my heart slow a little, then said, "Is that what you normally wear
to bed?"

"No, this is the first time actually. I bought it to wear over my
clothes for the basketball playoffs, but it's just been in my closet

"Oh, well -- it looks, um, comfortable."

We started to play again, but now her robe was fully open. I was
getting peeks constantly and her bare thighs were making me wonder if she
was wearing panties. I had a raging hard-on that I was fighting to conceal
by leaning forward all the time. At first Karen didn't appear to notice
either my position or that I was distracted, but then she commented, "You
seem a little uncomfortable Felix, is something bothering you?"

"No, I'm okay, maybe my back is bugging me from the work today," I

She looked at me with a bit of a smile, then said, "You do look a little

'Fuck,' I thought, 'what does she mean by that?'

"I think I'll be okay with a little sleep."

"Is that all it's going to take? Won't it need a little rubbing?"

"Hunh?" was my answer to that.

Then she looked at me and said softly, "You're hard -- aren't you? I
made you hard, didn't I? Just like when we were loading the hay. Come on,
please tell me the truth. I did it, didn't I?"

"You were trying to do that?"

"Yeah, it happened before and I wanted to see if I could do it again."

"Oh great, now I look like a pervert, getting turned-on by my cousin."

"I'm sorry, it isn't your fault -- I did that to you. I just wanted to
see if I could get a guy interested."

"Of course you can. You're really pretty and sexy. I mean, I wish I
had a girlfriend as sexy as you."

"You do? Really?"

"Yeah, now can we watch tv or something."


Karen turned on the tv and fastened her robe. I sat with my feet on the
couch and my knees up to hide my erection. I was hoping it would go down,
but I couldn't get the image of Karen's small tits and smooth thighs out of
my head.

Karen sat at the other end of the couch with her feet coiled beside her.
I could tell that she was occasionally stealing a glance over at me and
seemed to be thinking about something. She must have come to a decision
because she turned to look at me and said, "Felix?"


"You're still, um, excited?"


"Well, um, I told you about the time the guy made me touch his, um,

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, I never got to see one."

"So, what's that got to do with me?" I said, even though I had a pretty
good idea.

"Well, like, d'ya think maybe you could let me see?"

"No way, we're cousins."

"That's what makes it okay, it's safe, it's like just in the family."

I was sitting there with a boner that seemed like steel and the girl who
gave it to me was asking to see it. I wanted to find a reason to let her.

"Come, I dare you," she said.

That was all I needed. I put my feet down on to the floor letting my
erection make a tent out of my shorts. I could hear a pause in Karen's
breathing as I undid the drawstring in my shorts. Looking down at myself
as I did it, I lifted the front of my shorts over my hard dick; it stuck up
like a flagpole. "Oh god," I heard Karen whisper.

Just then I heard my aunt call down the stairs, "I'm going to bed now,
don't you two stay up too late."

I jerk my shorts back up almost doing myself damage in the process. I
muttered "Fuck!" just as I heard Karen say the same thing. I looked over
at her as she stared back at me wide-eyed.

"I guess we better go upstairs," I said to her. This wouldn't be a
problem now as my once rigid organ had deflated almost instantly.

"Yeah, no kidding!" she answered very seriously.

I followed Karen up the two flights of stairs, calling out "Good night"
to my aunt's bedroom door as we passed. When we got to the hallway between
our bedrooms Karen turned to me and whispered "Thanks," then gave me a
quick peck on the lips before heading to her room.

I lay in bed unable to sleep, with thoughts of what had happened going
back and forth in my head. Soon my erection returned and I figured that I
might as well do something with it. I wasn't going to need a magazine for
inspiration this time. I started stroking myself as I lay on the bed, then
remembered the noisy springs.

I got off the bed and lay on the floor to continue. With visions of
Karen in her basketball shirt running through my mind, I soon reached
climax but didn't have any tissues handy. I got up and headed for the
bathroom to clean up. As I tiptoed through the hallway I could hear a
muffled squeeking sound coming from Karen's room.

Chapter 5

When I got dressed in the morning I was wondering what kind of greeting
I was going to get from Karen. I went down to the kitchen and as I entered
I saw that Aunt Mary was doing something at the stove and had her back to

I looked at Karen who was sitting at the table. She gave me an
ear-to-ear smile as I came in. Aunt Mary turned around and Karen's grin
disappeared to a demure 'Good morning.' I sat down as I returned the

As we ate, Aunt Mary detailed the day's plans. She was going to be
spending the day running a series of errands for her church. Most of them
seemed to involve checking on house-bound seniors and making deliveries;
Karen would be going with her to help. I offered to join them but Aunt
Mary insisted that it would be quite boring and I should use my time for
myself. Since Karen was standing behind Aunt Mary nodding her head in
emphatic agreement, I didn't push it and said that I could find something
to do.

Aunt Mary then said that since it was the beginning of the weekend,
perhaps Karen and I should find something to do that evening - Karen
suggested a movie. That sounded fine to me so I agreed.

After breakfast Aunt Mary and Karen drove off in the Buick and I was
left to my own devises. I spent the morning walking around the farm and
exploring the woods. Not being much of an outdoorsman - it was fun to spot
some frogs in the swamp and to try climbing some of the trees. As noon
approached the day started to become hot and I headed back to the house for

I read my novel for most of the afternoon sitting in the shade with some
lemonade to sip on. After a couple of hours I decided on a change of
material and went up to my room to poke through Tom's Playboy magazines.
This got the inevitable rise out of me which I took care of in a leisurely
wanking session.

Aunt Mary and Karen returned in the late afternoon. Karen had picked up
a newspaper and we sat down in the kitchen to go through the movie listings. It came down to a choice between a long drive to the city or
going to the drive-in for a comedy/action double-feature. I'd never been
to a drive-in so I voted for that. Since the movie couldn't start until
late we chose to pick up some burgers in town for supper.

About seven o'clock Karen came down wearing a cardigan and a knee-length
skirt. We said goodbye to Aunt Mary and took off in the Buick with Karen
driving. We got food and sat in the park in the middle of town to eat it.
Afterwards Karen took me for a walk down the main street and pointed out
all the areas of interest, mostly old buildings.

As the sun set we went back to the car and drove to the drive-in. We
picked a spot somewhere in the middle and grabbed some drinks from the
snackbar. Once we were back in the car and settling in to wait for the
feature Karen mentioned that she didn't like sitting behind the steering
wheel and did I mind if she slid over a bit. Of course I didn't - so Karen
moved to the middle of the bench seat.

The movie began to roll, I have no idea which one it was - just some
highschool-hijinks thing. Karen put her feet on over to the driver's side
of the transmission hump and leaned back against my shoulder. This wasn't
really comfortable so I put my arm across the back of the seat and let her
lean against my side. We watched the movie and sipped our drinks, laughing
at the sophomoric humour.

Maybe the night was warmer than we expected, or maybe it was because we
were sitting close together, but Karen said she was getting too hot. She
sat up and undid her cardigan, then took it off and tossed it beside her. I
watched as she did this and saw that she was wearing a sheer blouse
underneath. It was hard to tell in the dark car but I thought I could see
the shadow of bare nipples under the blouse.

Karen leaned back against me but this time reached up and grabbed my
hand to pull it around her shoulder. We stayed like that for only a few
minutes when Karen started squirming as if she wasn't quite happy with our
position. She tucked her shoulder under my arm and pulled my hand onto the
front of her blouse. I realized that my hand was resting right on her
breast and from the feel of her hardening nipple, there wasn't much
covering it.

Karen let out a little 'Mmmm' sound and pressed lightly on my hand.
Half of my mind was thinking 'She's my cousin, we shouldn't be doing this';
the other half (located somewhat lower down) was thinking 'Wow, a handful
of tit!' I started to caress very gently, feeling her nipple sliding under
my palm. Karen settled a little further into my side and let her arm fall
on to my thigh.

As I felt up her tit, Karen's hand would slide up and down my leg until
her elbow bumped into the bulge formed by my erect dick. As soon as this
happened her arm stopped moving. Soon after that her elbow began sliding
up and down the ridge in my pants. By now I had completely lost interest
in the movie as I was thinking only of the sensations in my hand and

My swollen organ was becoming quite uncomfortable; I tried to discreetly
adjust it but as I began to slip my free hand into my jeans Karen felt the
movement and turned her head to look at what I was doing. "Take it out,"
she whispered hoarsely.

"What?" I said, rather obtusely.

Karen sat up and turned so that she was facing me. "I didn't get a good
look last night. Can I see it again, please!"

I didn't say anything, I just slid down a bit in the seat so I could
undo my jeans and lower the zipper. As I tried to work my erection out of
my briefs Karen looked on impatiently. I realized I didn't have enough
room so I lifted my ass off the seat and slid my jeans and briefs down to
my thighs. When I did this my erection stood up proudly.

I looked at Karen, who was staring open mouthed as my cock waved
slightly with my pulse. I could see her hand, which was resting on the
seat, lifting up towards me, then moving back to the seat. It looked like
she wanted to touch, but was unsure.

"Go ahead, touch it," I said, "It's okay."

"Really, are you sure?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure," I said.

She reached out her hand and touched the tip. My cock jerked away and
then back. Karen pulled her hand away quickly.

"It's okay, it just does that, don't worry," I said as I took her wrist
and gently pulled her hand back. I made her apply a little more pressure
and guided her hand so that her finger tips began to slide up and down the
shaft. As she felt more confident I let go and put my hands down beside
me. I closed my eyes and lay there, revelling in the feeling of having
someone else playing with my organ for the first time.

As she became accustomed to touching male equipment, Karen added some
variations. She grasped my dick and began to milk in a motion that must be
familiar to all farm-raised women. I put my arm up and pulled her down so
that her head rested on my chest. This let her keep an eye on what she was
doing but also let me return to playing with her breasts. I began to undo
the buttons on blouse and she looked up at me. As I slid my hand onto a
bare tit for the first time our lips came together and we began kissing.

Obviously neither of us was completely inexperienced or very expert in
kissing. We fumbled around with deep tongue kissing for a bit but settled
down to some gentle nibbling and pecking eventually. As the kissing and
Karen's stroking drew me towards climax we separated so that I could lie
back and enjoy the moment. A bead of lubrication formed on the tip of my
erection and Karen first ran her thumb through it, then spread it around
the head.

I could see her staring at her own actions and the tip of her tongue
emerging to delicately wet her lips. "Taste it," I said to her. "Taste it
- I dare you."

Karen paused for a moment and then bent her head down to just touch her
tongue to the lubrication. Her tongue retracted as she sampled the taste.
Again her tongue came out to lick lightly across the head. She treated my
cock like it was an ice-cream cone, holding it in her hand and licking all
around the head.

I noticed that her position on the car seat had forced her skirt up her
legs and that they were exposed almost to her hips. I rolled a little
towards her, not enough to dsturb her head in my lap, and reached over to
put my hand on her leg. I slid my hand upwards, taking her skirt with it,
until I exposed the side of her panties. Karen was wearing lacy white
bikini panties, the type a girl might wear if she thought they might be

I ran my hand across her tummy, pushing the skirt up to her waist so
that everything below was uncovered. I could see the darkness of her pubic
hair through the fine material. As I moved my hand down onto the mound her
legs parted to give me access to the area in between. As I slid my fingers
over the smooth panel covering her pussy I could feel heat and dampness
coming through it.

I rubbed a finger up and down the groove that had formed in the panties,
forcing a moan from from Karen and her grip tightened on my cock. I moved
my hand back to her leg and then under the elastic of her panty-crotch
where I felt fine hairs on swollen lips. I sought her groove once again,
this time without the intervening panties. As I moved my fingers into that
dripping slit I touched a slippery pea. Massaging it gently brought
another moan from Karen and then I felt her mouth engulf the swollen head
of my dick.

I won't tell you that it was the best blowjob that I've ever had, but it
was certainly the most memorable. Karen was totally inexperienced and
didn't anything except take the head in her mouth and start sucking. Not
that I was complaining, it was the best feeling I'd ever had in my life -
to that point.

I rubbed her clit and stuck a finger into her pussy, pushing it in and
out; Karen continued to suck while squeezing with her hand. It didn't take
very long before I realized that I was going to cum.

Age-old instincts had my hips rocking as they tried to thrust my cock
into the available orifice. "Karen, I'm, I'm, I'm, oh shit!" was about all
I managed to say before I started spasming into her mouth. She seemed to
know what I was trying to say and wasn't completely surprised. She
swallowed everything and continued to suck on my cock as it wilted,
reluctant to give it up.

Eventually she lifted her head and rested it on my shoulder, looking at
me. I lowered my head and we kissed. As our tongues wrestled her hips
began to move. I had stopped playing with her pussy during my orgasm but
now I returned to it. I thrust my finger in and out in time with the
movement of her hips, rubbing her clit with my thumb. I kissed my way down
her neck and onto one of her rigid nipples. Her hips began to move
frantically, driving my finger harder and harder into her, until her back
arched and she let out an animal-like groan in orgasm.

As Karen came down from her climax she took my hand away from her pussy and snuggled up against me. We cuddled for a few minutes watching the
movie, which was now into the second feature. I realized that we were
sitting there with my jeans open and her entire chest exposed. Not that I
minded looking at Karen's breasts, but we did feel a little exposed and
maybe a bit chilly. I did up my pants while Karen buttoned her blouse and
arranged her skirt.

We watched the rest of the movie without doing much, except for my
wayward hand which couldn't stay away from her tits. When the movie was
done we drove back to the house. Aunt Mary had gone to sleep so we tiptoed
upstairs and said good-night with just a quick kiss. I think we were both
in shock from the evening's events.


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