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Themes or Playing Truth or Dare with my Tomboy Cousin on the farm during
Summer Vacation

Felix Phile November 2000

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when people didn't pay - they had to put locks on the boxes.

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Chapter 6

Saturday was shopping day for the household. It was a tradition that my
aunt and cousins would drive to a large mall on the outskirts of the city
to spend a good part of the day getting all the things that weren't
available locally or in good variety. This meant groceries, clothing,
haircuts, or anything else.

Normally Aunt Mary and Karen would shop together while Tom might wander
off on his own. This time Aunt Mary decided that Karen should show me
around while she got the basics done. We would meet at the supermarket in
several hours to help her load the car.

Karen dragged me off to a record store where we argued over the merits
of several albums. I was a fan of 'progressive rock' while her tastes were
much more main-stream. She said that my music was undanceable and boring.
I conceded the first point but said that hers was mundane and superficial.
We agreed that disco sucked but was acceptable when dancing.

Next she took me to a clothing store. I didn't think that Karen had
much of an interest in clothing other than from a practical point-of-view,
but she surprised me by spending ages picking through some 'girl clothes'.
Finally she had selected three pieces to try on and she dragged me to the
changing rooms at the back of the store. When we got to the change rooms I
told her that I didn't want to hang around while she tried on the outfits.
She said, "So don't," and pulled me in to the cubicle after her.

I realized that my feet could be seen under the door so I sat sideways
on the small bench that was attached to one wall, with my back against the
wall and my feet on the bench. Karen peeled off her jeans revealing that
she was again wearing high-cut frilly panties that looked sexy as hell.
She made sure that I got a good look at her small but shapely ass as she
bent over to pull her jeans off her legs.

Her first item was a pair of satiny pants that fit her nicely but that I
didn't think suited her. The second was a tube top. She took off her
blouse and pulled the top over her bra. I said that I couldn't judge the
top with her bra on, so she pushed the tube down to her waist and took the
bra off. Her tits looked beautiful and her nipples stood right out. Even
with the tube back on I could still see the little points.

I thought the combination of top and pants was very sexy but also kind
of trashy. She looked like some of the girls back at school who wanted to
be 'disco queens'. The last item was a demure-looking sundress. She
changed into it while I watched with undivided attention. My favourite
part was when she was squirming out of the pants and her panties almost
came off with them.

The sundress suited her perfectly. There was nothing blatantly sexy
about it, but it fit her slim figure and showed off her legs. Without her
bra I could just make out where her nipples pressed against the front and
jiggled slightly with her movements.

Karen changed back into her old clothes and peeked out of the room to
check that no one was looking before letting me out. She took the dress to
the front of the store where she paid for it and we left. We walked around
a bit more before meeting up with Aunt Mary and heading back to the car.

That evening, after eating a bucket of chicken that we picked up on the
way home, Karen changed into her new dress so that she could show it to her
mother. Aunt Mary agreed that it looked very nice on her and perhaps she
should wear it to church in the morning.

I hadn't realized that they would be going to church on Sunday; my side
of the family had never had much to do with religion and I hadn't been to a
church service since I was a little kid. I cornered Karen in the kitchen
and asked her about it. She said that my aunt would be expecting me to go.
Luckily I had packed some clothes that would be acceptable in church during
the summer.

Karen went back upstairs to take off the dress and came back down in her
housecoat and slippers. She said that it didn't make sense to get dressed
again when she'd have to change again in a couple of hours. We sat at the
dinner table drinking coffee and talking with my aunt, who pulled out an
album of family photos and pointed out various relatives that I had never

Not too much later Aunt Mary announced that she was getting tired and
was going to start getting ready for bed. It was still early enough that
Karen and I would be up for a few more hours. We went down to the basement
to check out the TV. This time there was actually something watchable on -
one of the stations was running a Saturday night double feature. This
week's theme was classic westerns so they were showing 'Stage Coach' and
'High Noon'.

I sat on the couch while Karen fiddled with the TV. Once she had the
reception at its best she joined me on the couch, but sat down at the
opposite end. I was a little surprised as I thought she might want to
cuddle up with me. Karen sat with her back against the arm of the couch
with her knees up and her housecoat wrapped around her legs. I settled in
and we started watching TV. We'd been watching the movie for a little
while when Karen spoke.



"Do you think I have nice legs?"

I glanced sideways at her, then said, "Yeah, sure, they're nice."

"What do you like about them?"

"Well, they're nice and slim - and really a nice shape - and you've got
smooth skin."

At this Karen stretch one of them out and put her ankle over my leg.
Her robe had parted a bit and I could see her leg to midway up her thigh.

"Rub it for me, would you?" she asked.

So I took her foot and started giving her a foot rub. I did this for a
few minutes while we watched the movie, then put her foot down.

"Now the other one," she said and put the other foot on my leg. When
she did this she brought the first foot back towards her and her robe
parted baring both legs. I could now see to just below her crotch and
wondered what she was wearing under the robe.

As I rubbed the second foot, Karen's other knee began to swing gently
from side to side and I began to get glimpses of a shadow between her legs.



"Do my legs look good enough to eat?"

I looked at her and said, "Hunh?" in confusion, then looked down as her
knee swayed further to the side than before. This action exposed her
crotch to me so that I could see the curly hairs and full lips of her

Catching her meaning I replied, "Yeah, most definitely good enough to

I took the foot I was holding and lifted so that I could start nibbling
on her ankle. I quickly nipped and licked my way up her legs as I switched
to a kneeling position between them. Parting her thighs with my hands I
nibbled on the soft inside of one then the other. I had never eaten a
pussy before but I was eager to try.

By this point I had spread Karen's thighs far enough to fit my shoulders
between them. I sat back on my heels while gently holding her knees with
my hands so that I could get a good look. I had never seen a real, live
pussy before and I was sure going to take advantage of this opportunity.
I'd seen enough of them in the copies of Penthouse that circulated amongst
my friends that I had a good idea of the geography, but those were all
trimmed, airbrushed, 2-dimensional and unreal.

There were so many details in front of me that are now burned
permanently into my memory - the slim, smooth, pale thighs that led to
prominent hip bones and flat stomach; the brush of untrimmed pubic hair
that started as a small, rounded delta and ran down between her legs; the
pink line of her inner lips that were slightly parted; the drops of
moisture that clung to the hairs around the slit; a faint, undefinable
odour that would always bring back this memory.

I could have looked for hours, but other desires pressed me on. I
leaned forward again to put my mouth on her pussy. My first attempt ended
with a mouthful of hair, but the second time I parted her lips with my
fingers and started licking the slick pinkness between. The taste was new
- a sourness combined with a musky smell. Up and down I licked,
occasionally sticking my tongue in her hole. I found that licking her clit
brought the greatest response and concentrated on that.

The sourness soon disappeared and her juices flowed. I found that I had
to swallow occasionally as the combination of her secretions and my saliva
filled my mouth.

I'm sure that I wasn't very good at what I was doing, but Karen didn't
seem to mind. She grabbed my head with both hands and it felt like she was
trying to flatten my face on her pussy. I pushed a finger in and out of
her while I kept licking. She was saying "Yeah, yeah, that's it, oh yeah,"
but switched to "Oh shit, oh shit," as she got closer. I could tell when
she came because her thighs closed on my head and she went rigid. When she
came down she pushed me away; I think she got really sensitive afterwards.

I sat up and wiped my face on my sleeve. Her robe had come undone and I
could see that she was wearing the basketball singlet again. I guess she
knew I liked it. I moved from between her legs and sat down. Karen moved
over next to me and reached down to rub the ridge in my jeans.

"It looks like you need a little attention here," she said and pulled
down the zipper. I helped by undoing the button and pushing my jeans and
briefs down to my knees. My erection sprang up into the air where Karen
wrapped a hand around it.

As Karen stroked me, I pulled her towards me so that we could kiss. We
wrestled tongues for a bit and I slid her shirt up so that I could play
with her tits. I moved my hand from one to other, stroking them and
twiddling her nipples. Then I bent over so that I could suck on them.

I tried this for a bit but the position was uncomfortable so I pushed
Karen onto her back on the couch. I knelt between her legs on my hands and
knees so that I could suck on her tits and Karen kept rubbing my dick.
Eventually I moved up so that I could kiss her on the lips again. This
positioned my hips so that my cock was resting in her pubic hair. Karen
held it there while we both moved our hips in the ancient dance.

I could feel the base of my cock sliding across her clit and moved down
so that she could push the head against her button. This rubbing brought
Karen very close to a second orgasm and we were both humping like crazy.
On one stroke my cock-head began to slip into her opening.

We both froze for a moment, then Karen whispered, "We can't, I don't
dare, I'm fertile now."

The idea of putting a baby into my cousin stopped me cold. "Yeah, I
guess you're right," I said and sat up. I wouldn't have been able to stop
myself if we'd stayed in that position.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you," Karen said, then crawled over on
the couch. She kneeled beside me and bent over to put her mouth around my
cock. Just like the last time, she treated it like a lollipop, holding the
head in her mouth and licking all around. I reached around and grabbed her
ass then moved down to where I cold get my fingers into her pussy.

We were both very close to cumming from the earlier action. I started
thrusting so that I was fucking Karen's mouth. As I rubbed her clit her
climax hit and it felt like she was trying to suck my cock all the way in.
This was the last straw for me and I started shooting jets of cum into her

Karen sat back on her haunches and wiped her hand across her mouth.
"See, I keep my promises," she said.

"You sure do," I replied, then bent over and gave her a kiss. "Good
thing your mother went to bed early."

"Yeah, but we better get some sleep too."

We both stood up and fixed our clothes. I followed her up stairs to the
top floor. We had a final kiss and I couldn't resist slipping a hand under
her robe to give her ass a squeeze.

Chapter 7

We left for church after a late breakfast. I was wearing a good shirt and slacks, Karen was wearing the dress she'd bought the day before. I
suspect that she'D put on some makeup but nothing that a guy like me could
spot. I do know that she looked very pretty and managed to make her short
haircut look very feminine.

The service wasn't too bad with some hymns that I lip-sync'd, but didn't
actually sing because I didn't know the tune. Karen kept poking me in the
ribs when she thought no one would notice - I don't think she took church
very seriously either.

Afterwards Aunt Mary introduced me around to a bunch of her friends. I
met a few of the other kids in the area, and I think one of the girls was
giving me the eye. Karen introduced and explained that I was her cousin
who was visiting for the month. I found out that her name was Sarah and
that her parents were also very involved in the church.

When Sarah found out that I was Karen's cousin and not some out-of-town
beau her eyelash fluttering and smiles seemed to increase. She was
certainly an attractive girl with long curly blonde hair and a nicely
developed figure. Sarah asked me if I'd be at the tea that afternoon but
Karen said she didn't think so. As Karen led me away, Sarah said that she
hoped to see me again before I left.


Aunt Mary had a bit of a surprise for us and said that we should go up
the mountain for a picnic. It wasn't really a mountain but it was the
local high-spot and we could get a view of the countryside. We got
sandwiches and salads from a store, then drove up the mountain. At the top
there was a picnic area with a couple of tables and a good view of the
farms and river below.

We ate lunch while looking at the view. We could see vehicles on the
road so Karen and Aunt Mary made a game of trying to guess who they were
and where they were going. When we were finished Karen said she was going
to take me for a walk so that I could see the rest of the mountain top.
Aunt Mary said she would stay at the picnic area and enjoy the quiet.

Karen led me along a path that wrapped around the side of the mountain,
over some rocky outcroppings, to a small clearing that overlooked another
part of the countryside. Karen started pointing out some of the local
landmarks but I kept looking back at her. She was silhouetted by the sun
and I could see her body in outline through her dress.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me for a kiss. She
feigned a coy surprise at this. As we got into the kiss I ran my hands
over her cute little butt, then under her dress so I could get a feel of
her pantihose-clad ass. By her reaction, I decided that Karen liked this,
so I tried to run my fingers right underneath to her pussy.

I managed to get in a stroke or two before Karen pushed me away and
said, "Don't, my mom'll notice something if we do this."

"Okay," I said, "but I just want you so bad. You look so good today."

Karen blushed and said, "Anyway, we'd better get back. But we'll find
some time later, honest."

We took our time getting back but even then Aunt Mary said something
about Karen looking flushed. I said it was my fault because I'd made her
chase after me over through some of the woods.


At supper that evening, Aunt Mary told us that she was going to the
church for some committee meeting or other. She asked if we'd like to come
along for a ride into town but both Karen and I begged off. The meeting
would take an hour or so, and there was sure to be some socializing after,
so we knew that she'd be gone for at least a couple of hours.

After Aunt Mary left I told Karen that I was going upstairs to get out
of my good clothes. I hadn't finished unbuttoning my shirt when I heard a
knock on the door. Karen came in and told me that she thought maybe we
could give each other a hand getting undressed - that seemed like a good
idea to me so I let her finish my shirt.

I sat on the bed to take off my shoes and socks, then stood up again.
Karen undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankles so I could step out
of them. I made Karen turn around so that I could undo the back of her
dress then I turned her back again to lift it over her head - this left her
in a bra and pantihose-covered panties.

I knelt on the floor to roll her pantihose down her legs and pull them
off. I could tell by her breathing and colour that she was getting excited
- I already had a three-quarter erection pushing out my briefs. I stood up
and pulled her to me, where I could feel my hard-on rub against her tummy.
We kissed and I reached behind her to undo her bra, which I managed without
too much fumbling. As we stepped apart to remove her bra, Karen reached
down and began stroking my erection through my briefs.

I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her to me trapping her hand
between us. We kissed for a moment then I pushed her onto the edge of the
bed. I moved to her tits so that I could suck on her nipples and lick all
around. I kissed my way down her tummy to the top of her panties. I
grabbed the sides and tried to tug them off but Karen had to lift her butt
to help me.

I returned to her pussy and separated her legs so that I could munch on
her little pink clit. I sucked and licked and stroked until she neared
orgasm. I wanted to bring her off but she stopped me. Pushing me to my
feet, Karen knelt down on the floor and pulled off my briefs. Once I had
stepped out of them she stayed there and started sliding her hands up and
down my rigid cock. She reached one hand around to my ass and pulled me
forward, guiding my cock into her mouth.

She had already learned from the last time, nodding her head up and down
as she sucked on my cock. It felt wonderful, but I really wanted to fuck
her instead. As I was trying to keep from cumming I looked over at the
dresser and suddenly remembered the pack of condoms I'd found a few days
earlier. I gently eased my dick out of Karen's mouth. She looked puzzled
so I said, "I have a better idea." I helped her to her feet, then went to
the dresser and pulled out the package. I showed to Karen who recognized
what it was and smiled.

We sat down on the side off the bed and I opened one of the envelopes.
Karen watched intently as I put one on the head of my cock and tried to
pull it down. After a little struggle I realized that it was upside down
and reversed it. It unrolled easily after that. Karen scooted to the
middle of the bed and I knelt between her legs. I looked at her and said,
"This may hurt and even bleed I think."

She said, "Don't worry, that's been taken care of. I've been riding
horses since I was little and it got broke way back."

"Cool," I said and moved into position. I slid around a little trying
to get my cock into the right spot until Karen reached down and directed my
cock to it. Even then it took a few false starts before everything was
lined up just right. The head of my cock slipped into the opening of her
pussy and I began pumping my hips. It didn't go in easily until her
lubrication got spread around, then my cock eased into her tight tunnel.

I had never felt anything like, not even when Karen sucked my cock. I
was watching Karen's face as my cock slid into her pussy - her eyes were
almost closed and she had a look of intense concentration, as though she
wasn't sure about what she was feeling. Pumping gently in and out, a
little further in each time, eventually our pubic regions met. I kind of
froze, savouring the sensation of being totally buried inside another

Karen opened her eyes and smiled at me - I lowered my body down onto her
and we kissed. Karen pulled her knees up and wrapped her legs around me -
our hips seemed to start rocking together at the same time. I could tell
that it wasn't going to take long before I came, and I thought Karen was
really close too - I could feel her pussy squeezing rhythmically as we

Then it happened, my cock started spurting as my hips drove hard, trying
to force my cock even further into her. Karen reached down to my ass and
pulled me tight against her as her climax was triggered by my motion. As
our orgasms subsided we broke apart and I rolled off to lie beside her.

"Wow," I said.

"Yeah, wow," was her reply.

We lay there as I lightly stroked her breasts and thighs, admiring her
slight but sexy body. I ran my fingers through her small patch of pubic
hair, not quite believing that I had a naked girl beside me, let alone that
I had just been inside her pussy. Karen's hips starting rocking very
slowly and I ran a finger down over her clit. As she lay there I fondled
her clit, playing with it until she soon had another orgasm, then pushed my
hand away.

"It's late," Karen said, "Mom's going to be home soon. We better get
cleaned up."

"Yeah, I guess. It's not like we want her to find us here."

I got up and saw that my cock was still somewhat hard, it had never gone
completely down. Karen saw it bouncing in front of me and giggled. I
pulled the condom off and wrapped it in a bunch of tissues before burying
it in the wastebasket. Karen got up, picked up her clothes, then gave me a
quick kiss and ran across the hall to her room.

Chapter 8

Monday we decided to visit an abandoned railway station. It seems that
there had been a railway line in the region years before, but it after it
had stopped being profitable the railway company had stopped operations on
the line. The rails had been pulled up for scrap long ago and the
buildings boarded up. A few years back the right-of-way had been turned
over to some group and made into a snowmobile trail.

It took about forty-five minutes to drive to out to the station so we
had a bit of time to kill. We were talking about this and that when Karen
mentioned the other night when she'd come home earlier than I'd expected.

"I guess you didn't hear me when I came in. I could hear your bed
squeaking when I went up to my room."

'Shit,' I thought, 'that must have been when I found Tom's magazines.' I
tried to bluff my way out of it, "Oh yeah, I guess I must have been doing
my exercises - I must have been doing pushups."

"Yeah, right, tell me another one! Maybe you were working on
strengthening your right arm. Come on Felix, you can tell me the truth. I
won't tease you, but I want know about guys."

I thought about it, then I remembered that Karen had disappeared into
her room for a while about the same time, "Okay, I'll tell you, but only if
you tell me what you were doing at the same time."

Karen was quiet for a moment, then she said, "Okay, it's a deal - but
you have to go first."

I put my thoughts together then started to explain, "Well, it's tough
being a guy you know. I mean, I see all these girls and women, and so many
of them make me think of sex. Like, even when a girl's not pretty, she may
have really nice tits or something.

"And even when there aren't any girls around I still think of girls all
the time and the feeling gets so bad that I gotta do something. And I see
you and you're so pretty and sexy and I just had to do something. So, when
I was alone I went to my room and I took care of things."

I didn't want to tell her about the magazines because then she'd know I
was poking around Tom's room. She hadn't asked how I found the condoms,
but I could always say I found them when I was looking for a drawer for my

Karen wasn't quite satisfied with my explanation and asked, "What do you
mean, 'Took care of things'?"

"Do you really have to know?"

"Please, I can't ask anyone else."

"Okay, okay. I take my -- my penis -- and I stroke it, just like you
did, until the stuff comes out."

"Is it good?"

"Yeah, but it's way better when someone else does it!"

She laughed and said, "I'll bet it is."

Now I turned on her and said, "Now you have to tell me what you were

Karen actually seemed eager to explain - she was still kind of shy about
it, but I think she was excited too.

"It's like this, you know, I think about guys all the time like you
think about girls all the time. Sometimes it's a cute butt, or maybe some
nice shoulders. Sometimes it's even when some guy that I've never seen
before but he gives me a nice smile and I think what it would be like to
kiss him.

"Sometimes it gets strong - a lot of times it gets really strong, and I
feel it right between my legs and I got to do something about it. Like
when I got home that night and I could hear you in your room. I knew what
you were doing, and I thought about it and I could see it in my head. I
just had to go to my room and do something."

"So what DID you do?"

"The same thing as you, dummy."

"You can't do that, you don't have the parts."

"Okay, but I do have that little button down there, ya know. It really
likes being rubbed."

"Yeah, it sure does!" I agreed

I was getting pretty turned on thinking about Karen playing with her
clit, and I think she was already excited before she told me. I was trying
to think of something to do about it when we suddenly turned down a dirt

We went down the road for about ten minutes until we got to the station.
It was in the middle of some kind of forest with just the dirt road leading
to it, and the snowmobile path running past along the right-of-way. It
looked like it was pretty isolated this time of year. The station was
bigger than I'd imagined. It stretched about a hundred feet along the
crumbling platform and had a second floor for about half the length.

We got out of the car and circled the station, walking through the tall
grass that grew all around it. All the windows and doors had been
boarded-up but someone had ripped down one of the boards covering a
doorway. We walked up the steps at one end of the platform and went over to
the doorway to look inside.

It was pretty obvious that people had been looking exploring the insides
of the station over the years. There were a couple of discarded pop cans
and the usual crap written on the walls by 'taggers'. It was also pretty
filthy inside with the dust of half a century. I started to step through
the doorway when Karen said, "You're not going in, are you?"

I was kind of surprised, because Karen seemed so adventurous. "Sure,
why not? It looks okay to me." I stepped inside and started looking around
what seemed to be the main waiting room. "Come on in, it's just dirty,
that's all."

Karen cautiously followed me in. She stopped beside me and put a hand
on my arm. Speaking softly she said, "Okay, but these places really give
me the spooks. I always think there's a dead guy in the basement or

I took her hand and we poked around, looking into the little rooms off
the one we were in. It was pretty dark; the only light was the little bit
that got through around the boards on the windows. At the end of a hallway
we found a narrow staircase leading up to the second floor. I started to
go up but Karen pulled back. "No Felix, I don't want to go any further."

"Stay here then, I'll just have a quick look around."

I left her downstairs while I went up and looked around the upper floor.
It was a bunch of small rooms, probably offices for the stationmaster and
telegraph and stuff like that. I went back down the stairs and back along
the hall looking for Karen. She was back in the main room with her back to
me, looking out the door. I don't think she heard me coming back. I was
walking softly because there were loose floorboards and I didn't want to
step through one. As a joke I crept up behind her and went 'BOO!' in her

Karen screamed.

I mean really screamed. I hadn't realized how really spooked she was in
the old building and I had just totally freaked her out. She screamed and
turned around and started pounding her fists on my chest. I wrapped my
arms around her and tried to soothe her, "Shit, I'm really sorry Karen, I
didn't really mean to scare you like that." I held her while she gasped for
a bit and finally got her breath back.

I led her outside and over to the car where I hugged her again and
started to apologizing all over, "Geez, Karen, I'm really sorry. I mean, I
didn't know you would scare so easy."

Karen said, "Yeah, it just kind of this thing I have. Some places just
get to me. But don't you worry, I'll get even sometime."

I laughed and started rubbing up and down her back. After a bit, Karen
tightened her arms around me and we started kissing. The kisses went from
gentle to voracious and I slipped my hands down to squeeze her ass through
her cut-offs. As I moved my hands down to cup her cheeks I felt wetness,
like she'd sat in a puddle or something. I felt around a bit and Karen
noticed, "What's the matter, you looking for something?" she asked.

I stepped back and looked at her - I could tell by the dark stain on her
shorts they were obviously wet from front to back. "You're all wet," I

Karen looked down at her front then twisted around trying to look at the
back. She ran a hand all over then said, "Oh shit, I pissed myself!"

I looked at her in disbelief, then said, "Fuck, I really did scare the
piss out of you!"

Then I realize how embarassing that would be and said, "Oh shit, I'm
really sorry again."

Karen looked at me for a moment, then said, "I guess that's two I owe

She didn't seem mad at me and I asked her, "What are we going to do?"

"Well, I sure can't go home like this. And I can't even sit in the

"You can't leave them on, you get a rash. Try explaining diaper rash to
your mom."

Karen laughed at that.

"You're going to have to take your shorts off and let them dry," I told

"Yeah, right! I'll just run around buck naked for a while."

I thought about that, and it made a pretty appealing picture. "Sounds
good to me, I'll keep an eye on you."

"Yeah, I'll bet you would!"

"What else can you do? You have to do something."

Karen thought for a minute, and felt around her shorts at the same time.
Then she looked up and down the snowmobile trail as if evaluating the risk
of someone coming along.

"Okay," she said, "but you have to take your shorts off too."

"But my pants aren't wet."

"I'm sure not going to run around with my pants off unless you do it

I was pretty sure she had something in mind, so I went along, "You go
first then."

"No, we both do it at the same time."

I agreed and we started undoing our shorts. We were both pushing shorts
and underwear down our legs at the same time, but I was trying get a look
at Karen's cute little bush as we did so I fell behind. I was hopping
around on one leg, trying to get my shorts over my shoe when I felt a smack
on my bare ass.

Karen shouted, "That's one!" and started running away.

I sat on the ground and pushed my clothes off the rest of the way. I
looked up and saw her running around the station so I ran off after her. I
seemed to be faster through the tall grass, or else she wasn't trying very
hard. I caught her around the waist and we both fell into the grass.
Karen was lying on her stomach and I thought her slim ass atop coltish legs
looked totally munchable. I knelt over her calves and said, "I'm the big
bad wolf, and I'm going to eat you all up!"

I bent down and started nibbling on her firm cheeks. Karen giggled and
wriggled for a bit, but as I moved towards the separation between her
buttocks she got quieter. I spread her cheeks slightly with my thumbs and
saw her little pink rosette between them. I'd never thought about it
before, but now I wanted to taste every part of her body. I chewed my way
to where I could stick my tongue out and touch it. Karen went kind of
rigid, but as I gently licked her butthole she slowly relaxed.

I kept it up for a bit while I slid a hand underneath to her pussy. I
played with her clit and was rewarding with a handful of girl-juices. I
used my other hand to rub her anus gently with a finger. As Karen got more
agitated I fucked her pussy with a finger, then worked another into her

Alternating the motion of my fingers, so that one went in as the other
went out, really got her going. Karen was making a repetative 'Unh, unh,'
sound. She pumped hard against my fingers then let out a long, "Ohhhhhhh
gggggggod!" and collapsed.

I eased my finger out of her butt then slid up her body so that I was
lying on her back with my rigid cock resting between her buttocks. I
kissed the back of her neck and Karen turned her head to kiss back. After
a few minutes she began rocking her ass under my erection then said softly
to me, "I guess you didn't bring any protection with you?"

"No, but I sure wish I had."

"Would you like to try something else?"

"What do you mean?"

Karen arched her back so that her butt lifted up and my cock was forced
into the crack of her ass. With a bit of hesitation in her voice she
asked, "Have you ever thought about anal sex?"

I had never really thought about anal sex. Sure, I'd heard of it, but
just thinking of naked girls was exciting enough for a sixteen-year-old. I
thought about it then, and I was horny enough to put my dick in her ear, if
that was what was available.

"Are you sure you want to try? It might hurt."

Karen kept rubbing her ass against my cock. "Yeah, I want to try," she

I pushed my weight off of Karen so that I was on my knees and she moved
into the 'doggy' position. Taking a handful of the lubrication that was
running down her pussy, I rubbed it onto her butthole and eased a finger
inside. Karen put her head down on her arms and pushed her butt onto my
finger. I think she really like the feeling of having something in her

I pulled my finger out, and tried to push my cock into her little pink
hole, but it wouldn't go. "I can't get it in," I told Karen.

"You have to push harder, it's just tight," she said.

So this time I moved a little closer, and holding my cock in position, I
really pushed. This time I could feel the ring of muscle give way as my
cockhead forced its way in. Very quickly the knob was inside her anus.

"Okay, stop there, stop there," she said breathlessly.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute."

We held still like that while Karen adjusted to the feeling. I had
never felt anything quite like it, it was even tighter than when I jerked
off. I could feel Karen's ass squeezing, almost pulsing, on my dick.

I guess Karen was ready, because she started pumping her ass back and
forth. I pushed and my cock eased into her ass, until I was all the way
in. It was amazing - hot and tight in a way that was different from her
pussy - it felt like a hand was gripping my cock. I put a hand underneath
and played with her clit while I tried to fuck her ass. I couldn't slide
in and out the way I could with a wet pussy so I just rocked a little.

Pretty fast I was going 'ohhh, ohhh, ohhh' while Karen was going 'oh
shit, oh shit, oh shit'. The feeling overwhelmed me and I knew I was going
to cum so I pulled her hips back tight against me and thrust hard into her.
I shot and shot and shot until I was empty. We fell forward onto the grass
and Karen kind of 'pooped' my dick out of her.

We were lying in the grass caressing each other when I began to hear the
sound of an engine, like a motorcycle or a chainsaw. We could hear it
getting closer and I got up on my knees to see what it was. Looking down
the snowmobile trail, I could see that it was a couple of those
balloon-tired all-terrain-vehicles.

I looked at the car and realized there was no way we could get there
without giving the riders a good look. "Lie down!", I said to Karen and we
both tried to get as low as possible in the long grass.

We heard the machines drive up to the station and stop. Over the sound
of the idling engines I could hear a man and a woman talking. I risked
lifting my head just enough that I could see them through the grass. They
were sitting on the machines and I guess they were deciding if they wanted
to stop. They were looking at the car when I saw man point at something by
the car and woman stood to take a better look. She started laughing and
said something to the man. He started laughing too, then they drove off.

After they had disappeared down the trail, we got up and walked back to
the car. I looked down and realized that they had been looking at our
shorts and underwear lying beside the car. I guess they figured that there
were some half-naked people in the car or nearby who probably didn't want
them hanging around.

By now Karen's shorts were dry enough that she could wear them in the
car. We figured that they'd be completely dry by the time we go back to
the farm again so we got dressed and started the trip back.

Chapter 9

Tuesday we couldn't get together at all. Aunt Mary was doing some sort
of meals-on-wheels thing for the church, except that it wasn't hot meals.
She took me and Karen along with her and we spent the day dropping in on
house-bound seniors and other people. Mostly Aunt Mary was just checking
up on them and make sure that they had food in the cupboard and enough oil
or wood or whatever for heating. I think she brought us along in case
there was some sort of chore to do. She had a toolbox in the trunk of the
car and we'd do whatever little repairs they needed. Or maybe get the
winter clothes down from the shelf in the closet, or whatever we could do
to help them out.

We grabbed burgers from a greasy-spoon for dinner and didn't get in
until late. There wasn't enough time left in the evening to be worth
staying up, so everyone headed off to bed after some hot chocolate in the
kitchen. I was lying in bed reading my book about half-an-hour later when
I heard a light tapping on the door. I went over and opened it - Karen was
standing there in her basketball shirt. "I was hoping you were still
away," she whispered, "Can I come in?"

"Yeah, sure," I said.

Karen came into the room and I closed the door quietly.

"I'm cold," she said, "can I get in your bed?"

"Yeah, sure," I said.

Karen got into my bed and patted spot beside her. I lay down and we
pulled the covers up. Lying there facing each other, Karen said, "I like
this, it's really cozy."

"I like it too," I said, and wrapped my arms around her.

We hugged and kissed for a bit when Karen reached down and started
stroking my butt through my shorts. It seemed like a good idea so I
reached down to grab her ass. I worked her shirt up enough that I could
grab her bare cheeks with my hand and fondled them, going back and forth so
I wouldn't play favourites.

Karen could feel my erection pressing against her and moved her hand
into my shorts where she could slowly masturbate me. I slid my hand
between her legs and found a sopping wet pussy. I pushed my finger into
Karen and wiggled it around, trying to discover the layout of her insides.
Karen started pushing my shorts down and when they were off she rolled onto
her back and whispered, "Fuck me, Felix, fuck me!"

I got off the bed and grabbed a condom, thinking that I'd better replace
them before Tom got back. This time I got it on without trouble and moved
back to the bed. Karen spread her knees wide and I got between them. I
had a little trouble finding the right spot but Karen reached down and
guided me in.

Once again the sensation was unimaginable, at least for an inexperienced
guy like me. I slid into the wetness and we started to fuck, but the
springs were really squeaky. "Shit," I whispered, "your mother will hear."
I got up and said, "Come on, we'll use the floor."

Karen got off the bed and onto the floor. I quickly moved back into
position and we were at it like rabbits. It wasn't really comfortable on
the floor and I got rugburns on my knees, but it was great anyway. Karen
wrapped her arms and legs around me and I grabbed her beautiful ass and we
had a great fuck. Afterwards we got back under the covers and fell asleep
in each other's arms. Luckily I woke up to piss about two o'clock and
Karen went back to her bedroom.


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