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The Question of a Third (MMF, light exhib)
By OneIdleHand

I hadn't liked taking a vacation day to deal with a contractor, but I
had finally succumbed to peer pressure. The green carpets fronting
every other house in the neighborhood weren't noticeable in and of
themselves, but when driving past our patch of regularly mowed weeds,
the lack of investment was evident. To put things aright, a lawn
sprinkler system was going to be needed, mostly because I was too busy,
I kept telling myself, to move a hose and sprinkler around the yard
from day to day.

But my vacation wouldn't be ruined, if, that is, the contractor showed
up roughly on time. He was already half an hour late. I liked
planning things, and plans called for tasks, and there were times for
each task.

9:00 - Load the car for the camping trip. Done.
10:00 - Meet with the contractor.
11:30 - Meet Hayley at the Mall for lunch.
12:30 - Go to a convenience store, fill up the car with gas, and pack a
cooler with ice.
12:40 - Leave to go camping for the weekend.
3:30 - Arrive in the Great Smokies.
4:30 - Pitch a tent.
5:30 (and thereafter) - Screw like bunnies.

A simple plan indeed. The phone rang inside. Surely it was the
contractor, calling to tell me he was just around the corner.

"Hello." I managed to say it without any condemnation or venom. The

"Hi Steven. It's a blast from your past!" My mind was fractured by
damning the contractor while wondering who this was. A familiar voice,

"Okay, I give. Who is this?"

"Ahhh, come on. You have to at least guess." A slight southern drawl.

"The voice of Christmas past come to torment me. Who is it?"

"Not even a guess?"

"Oh, fine. How about a hint?" I wasn't much in the mood for games,
but I knew this person, and it certainly beat stepping on ants in the
driveway waiting for the contractor.

"Brown Sugar."

"Good on a sweet potato. Also a Rolling Stones song. How about
another one?"

"Banner Hall, Room 3...something or another."

Ah! I thought I knew who this was, but decided to play dumb.
"College. I lived there."

"Run, rabbit run. I want to shoot you with my gun."

"Bateson!" Eric, a college roommate for a year, who always changed the
words to that particular Pink Floyd lyric.

"Yeah, man. How's it going?"

"Good, I guess. All 12 years since I've heard from you. You pretty
much dropped off the planet. How about you?"

"Good. I've been managing forest tracts for a paper company in
Virginia for the last five years. I decided to take a road trip to
Florida for a couple of weeks and thought I'd stop by!"

Stop by? "Where are you?"

"I-85 and Sugar Creek Parkway. You live near here?"

"Yeah, only several miles. But bad timing. We're leaving shortly to
go camping. You ever heard of calling ahead?"

"Yeah. You know me, though. I just like to get into the car and
drive. I didn't even know if you still lived here until I found a
phone book."

"I'll have to introduce you to the internet. I gather you're still

"Yeah, mostly not by choice, or, mine anyway. Where are you going?"

Paradise, I thought. Hayley and I had scouted a primitive camp site
two years ago and had camped there once last year, which had been
perfect. Perfect mind digressed. "Eh, in the Smokies, just on
the Tennessee side, in the National Park."

"Hey, if I'm not being too forward, I could go with you. I'd like to
go there. I was going to camp at some beach in Florida, so I have a
few supplies with me, although I was going to stay in motels too."

Three of us? It would be rather odd. And it would certainly change my
expectations for the weekend. "Let me, ah, think about it. Why don't
you come over for a bit? I'm waiting for a contractor and then I was
going to leave. I may end up never leaving at this point."

Having given Eric directions, I called Hayley's cell phone. No answer.
Either the mall was blocking the signal, or she had it muted. Great.
I had to make an executive decision.

I had met Eric through Hayley, in college. She had several classes
with him during her short duration as a Forestry major before
concluding that, despite the romantic notion of working in the
wilderness, there weren't many jobs out there that appealed and that
paid respectably. I also knew that she would enjoy getting together
with him to catch up on his life. We three had enjoyed good times,
particularly in the summers when Eric and I were working and Hayley
would visit for a weekend. I just didn't know if this was the right
time. Maybe he could stop by the house on his way back.

Eric arrived shortly thereafter, and after a quick tour of the house
and remarking on each other's graying hair, the blasted contractor
arrived. He had a good understanding of the job needs, and all I
wanted was a quote and his availability. I suffered through the sales
pitch as he measured the yard, and sent him on his way to prepare a
bid. Crap. I was going to be 15 minutes late meeting Hayley.

It turned out that Eric would be returning up the coast of North
Carolina to visit with his sister briefly on his return trip, so I
decided. I had better not make the decision. I put another camping
chair in the van, as well as a small backpack, just in case, and added
several more beers to the cooler.

Eric followed me to the mall to meet Hayley. She was waiting, somewhat
patiently, it appeared, at the entrance to Ruby Tuesday's. "Hi, honey.
Sorry I'm late, but the contractor didn't show until 11:00. I tried to
call, but I couldn't reach you."

"I left it at home to charge. Sorry."

I saw a large shopping bag with no name on it. It was strange that any
store in the mall would sell something without advertising their name
on the bag. "Aha. I gather you and Denise had a good time shopping?"

"Yeah. We did. She just left, actually. But I think you'll
appreciate her input to what I bought."

Whooee. Maybe that meant that she, for once, actually walked inside
Victoria's Secret rather than "admiring it from afar." Back to the
business at hand.

"I've got a surprise for you."

She slipped a hand on my butt and gave a squeeze, "And I've got some
surprises for you."

"Let's do mine first. We'd like a table for 3." Hayley looked at me
questioningly as the waitress gathered the menus to lead us to the
table. "Behind you."

She turned, to meet Eric's wry grin. She only took a moment to
recognize him, and gave him a huge hug. "It's so good to see you!
This is such a surprise!"

When we were seated, we caught up briefly on careers, bragged on our
kids, and listened to a short recounting of Eric's girlfriend woes.
Hayley finally got around to asking him what brought him through town,
and the discussion quickly arrived at "the question." Would Eric go
camping with us?
This wasn't just any question. This question encompassed a history of
which Eric was quite unaware. This was more akin to that single point
in time in a movie when the protagonist is forced to make a decision,
in short order, that could have far ranging consequences. A
complication was that it should be a joint decision, but we couldn't
even speak of it in its proper context.

And this was the context: We didn't know if we were like every couple,
or like just a very few. But from whatever source, be it imagination,
an erotic story in "Penthouse," a movie, tv show, a book, or an
attraction of a married person to someone else, the idea of a threesome
had been a frequent fantasy discussed in our lovemaking. And in terms
of our sex life, the discussion had always sounded so...real. During
foreplay, Hayley's juices would pour in far greater quantity than I
could manually stimulate. If she wasn't really in the mood for sex but
was doing it only as a gift to me, a few words about a cock in each
hand, or lips at each nipple were sure to engage her passion, and a
very vocal one at that. The thought of watching while my wife fucked
another man...there was no plateau that was higher in our sexual
passions. The question was, could we envision, in reality, having
another man join us in bed. And the answer had been a very pleasurable

Until just after the climax. Then came the other questions. Could we
really do it? Yes. We agreed. Only a "yes" gave legitimacy to the
sexual excitement that we experienced. But then the other questions
arose, of possible jealousy, public exposure, disease, remaining
satisfied with one partner, a break in our relationship and commitment
to each other. We could seriously do it, but we could never seriously
do it. It was a paradox, and we were thankful for what it was, a great
fantasy. But the answer was necessarily a "no," and we had never made
any attempts to make it happen.

Having been married over 15 years, there had been a number of times
when, as we imagined her impaled on someone else's cock, whose cock
that would be. It was part of our wordplay as we built the fantasy. A
name. It would have to be someone that we both liked. Someone that
she found attractive. It couldn't be a stranger; there was too much
risk involved. It couldn't be someone that she could fall in love
with. The person had to have other flaws about him that, regardless of
sex, wouldn't appeal to Hayley as a "better relationship" than what we
had, yet he still had to be a friend. It would also have to be someone
that didn't run around in the same group of friends, preferably from
out of town. And so, each time the "who" question came up after its
first posing, the question became, have you thought of anyone better
suited than Eric? And the answer had always been "no."
So, would Hayley want Eric to join us camping? A "yes" would not mean
anything would happen; it was controllable. But something could
happen, and that was a very big decision. I didn't want to cast the
deciding lot. Seeing that Hayley was giving me a questioning look, and
fully aware that my suddenly stiff cock was muting all the previously
mentioned problematic questions, I gave an affirmative look that
suggested, "it's okay with me, but it's really up to you." So much
for male household leadership, but this had to be a joint decision, and
I was willing to entertain the possibility if she was.

Like the protagonist in whatever book, I could see the immensity of the
question pass through Hayley's face within the couple of moments it
took for her to lean her head slightly and run a hand through hair,
pulling it back over her shoulder. Eric wouldn't have understood the
context, but I knew what she was thinking, and she replied with a
light, but enthusiastic, "Sure. That would be fun."

We decided that Eric should follow us in his Rodeo. We could fit his
stuff in our van, but we didn't want to leave his car at the mall or
drive back to the house to leave it there. Plus, he would be happy to
head out to points undecided from the mountains just as well as from
any other place. During the ride to the gas station, we had a couple
of minutes to reassure each other that this was okay. If anything, it
gave a premise that would fuel our sex the next time we imagined a
threesome. As I filled the van with gas, Eric asked if Hayley could
ride with him so they could catch up on things, which was fine.

When we were about an hour from the camp, Hayley rejoined me in the
van, telling me what they had talked about. They had covered a lot of
the same stuff as we did at the restaurant, but with more detail. I
ventured a jest, "Did he make a move on you?"

"Ha Ha. No. But he did have the courtesy to say how nice my new top
looks, which is more than you've done!"

I looked and was immediately convicted. I really hadn't noticed. It
was a V-neck sleeveless shirt, tight in all the right places, including
across Hayley's 38C chest. The shirt must have included some support
structure, because on closer observation, she wasn't wearing a bra, and
her breasts were slightly higher than their natural position. She had
obviously purchased it with me in mind, knowing that I'm particularly
fond of her breasts. I made a mental note to thank Denise for her
input at a later time. "What else did you buy?"

"You'll just have to wait to later," She added in a teasing voice. "He
also went into a short history of his girlfriends. They apparently met
someone slightly better than him and leave him to marry the other guy
within a couple of months. He said it sort of started with me, which
surprised me. We never dated, but he said he had decided he wanted to
just as you and I started going out, but he never got the chance
afterwards. Don't look at me like that. I said he didn't come on to
me. It was just a part of his sad saga. He's been without a steady
girlfriend for two years, and he hasn't had a date in months. He works
in a small town, too."

Hayley stopped speaking, and the sound of the road noise was the
backdrop to what I'm sure were duplicate thoughts running through our

"So, what do we do, Steven?"

The discussion that followed was actually painful. I had to give more
attention to the road as we were entering the mountains, and I couldn't
do a thing about the stiff shaft in my pants other than give it an idle
rub as we discussed "the question." And we discussed it the same way
we had done in bed, only this time, there was no touching. For me,
anyway. Hayley had pulled down her shorts and panties (hardly, it was
a black g-string. She had apparently prepared her wardrobe
specifically for a sexy weekend with just me), and brought herself to
orgasm, which was no small distraction as I was driving.

Then the post-climax (for her) nuisance questions returned. "What if,
what if, what if."

After Hayley "put herself back together," the process of which left
several wet napkins on the floor of the van, we just agreed to just let
it play out. If we both wanted it, it might happen if Eric was
willing. If either of us didn't, then it wouldn't.
We paid the park fee, then drove to parking area at the far end of most
of the main loop road, well beyond the frequented park facilities and
recreational areas. We unloaded our van, packed lightly for the hike
to our secret spot, approximately a mile down a faint path, then a half
mile off of that, where we there was an excellent chance of privacy.

Then we did it again, to carry the cooler, table and chairs. Had it
been just the two of us, we would have made it in one trip. The
"campsite" was a clearing adjacent to a stream on a high bank. The
stream had attracted us on the map during our first scouting visit,
hoping for a private place to skinny-dip, one of those often considered
fantasies that had proved to be difficult to carry out. Well, we had
carried it out. The water was very cold, but there was a pool of water
several feet deep, with large boulders on one side which were perfect
to sit or lay on.

The clearing was rather modest, and the quaintness of our previous
visit was replaced by a more suburban feel as Eric's tent had to be
positioned such that his door flap opened facing toward the side of our
tent, within several feet. His tent was considerably larger than our
tent, which had chosen for it's lightweight and easy portability. Just
the proximity of Eric's tent made the prospects of Hayley and I
screwing like bunnies pretty dim, as the sound would carry easily.

After everyone was situated, the afternoon carried on, recalling our
lives in recent years as well as the times we had shared together in
college. We could have drank more beer, but we wanted to save the
other half for Saturday.

As night fell, we faced a problem. The Park prohibited fires outside
of the designated camping areas, and the fluorescent light we brought
was attracting unknown species of flying bugs. We had to move indoors,
and only Eric's tent would fit us, as our dome shaped tent was suitable
only for two.

Even in Eric's tent, which had significantly more headroom, the space
was crowded. We brought the fluorescent light in as well, which had
been a timely buy when we read an article about a family dying from
carbon monoxide exposure from a propane light inside a tent.

Eric began moving his backpack out of the tent to clear more room. As
he shuffled his bag, a paperback fell from it, which he didn't notice.
Hayley picked it up. "Penthouse Letters - V". It appeared to be a
collection of sex stories that had been published in Penthouse
magazines, categorized by types - Exhibitionism, Serendipity,
Domination, Threesomes. Aha. Threesomes.

Eric was commenting from outside. "I've got some cards in here
somewhere. We can play something while we talk."

He reentered the tent, and Hayley held up the book so that he could see
it. "Why bother playing? I'll bet there's a story in here about strip
poker." Neither Eric nor I laughed. In any other setting, it would
have been funny as hell. But the close confines of the tent, the
presence of a "bed" as such, the familiarity between us and the show of
cleavage from Hayley, made the thought of it very much within reach.
Strip poker just didn't happen in real life, just like threesomes. It
was the stuff of stories.

Eric was a bit embarrassed about his book, and continued to be so for
several minutes as Hayley read the titles to the stories on the pages
that were clearly Eric's favorites - the pages were dog-eared. "My
Wife - the Sex Slave I Always Wanted," "Horny Housewife Lures 3 Black
Studs," "Girlfriend Tastes cum for the First Time, and Can't Get
Enough." "Sorority girl is the Lone Female at Frat Party, But Not
Alone." And there were others, tons. We laughed and joked about them,
until Hayley came to "Two Couples Reunite for Strip Poker."

"See, I told you there would be one. I guess we're just one short."
Before Eric or I could make any comment, Hayley launched into reading
the story. After she read the scene set up, she looked up. Eric and I
both looked a bit stunned. I didn't know what Eric was thinking, but I
was thinking of sex, and that Hayley must want to go through with it if
she was being this forward.

"Hey guys, I'm not playing strip poker because I wouldn't want to
embarrass you," she winked, "but that doesn't mean we can't read the

Eric said, "Well, go ahead. I'll never read it the same way again!"

I heard my wife say words such as "cock," "cunt," "pussy," "tits,"
"fuck me hard" and on and on. It wasn't that I hadn't heard her say
these before, it was that she was saying them in front of another man,
in a very bawdy context. At some point, the story became just a
backdrop to what I was seeing. Eric and I were mostly stretched out
and propped up on our elbows. A quick glance confirmed we both had
flagpoles in our shorts. Hayley was sitting between our legs, with her
legs folded under her and the book held to one side to capture the

I became aware that, although certainly the temperature of the mountain
air had cooled, her nipples were fully erect, their shape and size
easily discerned through her shirt. Her cleavage, neck, and face were
also flushed. I risked another glance to see if Eric had noticed. His
concentration was lower. I looked, too.

Although Hayley's shirt was tantalizingly tight, she was wearing hiking
shorts. The hem was short, and the size of the leg pattern was large to
facilitate walking and climbing. As she sat there, with her legs
spread and folded back, the light shone up her shorts. Her g-string
was clearly visible, as was the fact that her pubic area was shaven to
within its confines. The light seemed to play tricks, suggesting at
times that she was very wet. I became aware that she finished the

No one said anything. She had quickly picked up that we had been
spying on her. Several uncomfortable moments passed, and I offered, "I
don't think I can take any more stories. Let's call it a night."

I could feel the relief in each of us, but I also felt a little
disappointed. It could have happened. A suggestion, and a fantasy
would have been realized.
Hayley left the camp a ways to go to relive her bladder, and I did the
same in a different direction. We met back at our tent, and made
facial expressions indicating we were horny, relieved, oh so close to
living a fantasy, and frustrated that we couldn't speak about these
things. Hayley held a finger to her mouth indicating for me to remain
quiet, and retrieved a bag from her pack. Frederick's! She hadn't
gone to Victoria's Secret then, but Frederick's of Hollywood! That
meant that she had purchased "tramp" clothing rather than the classy,
which is fine with me. I have an appetite for both. She held up a bra
with nipple cutouts.

We became aware that Eric was leaving his tent, probably into the woods
for a short time. It was an opportunity to speak.

"He...both of you...were staring at my crotch. What could you see?"

"Right up your shorts to your g-string. Sexy as hell."

"Well, you're lucky. If we had been in this tent, I probably would
have pulled out my vibrator and used it."

"Who says I wouldn't want to watch." Hayley removed her shirt, her
breasts bare.

"I've never been as horny. I was this close," Hayley grabbed her boobs
and pressed them together, "to raping both of you. Strip. I need your

"Why are you putting that on?"

"You'll see."

The bra not only didn't hide her nipples, but the design pressed
against the sides of her breasts, enhancing her cleavage, but more
Noticeably, forcing her areolas to protrude significantly through the
holes. Her nipples were begging to be sucked, and Hayley could hear me
gasp in awed appreciation. She relocated the lantern to the side as
she straddled me and quickly impaled herself on my cock. Aside from
the satisfaction of entering her, I was quickly aware that my balls
were being thoroughly soaked by her leaking juices. I had never felt
her so wet before, and I knew what thoughts must have been turning her
on so fiercely.

I was trying to maintain composure by thinking of anything not related
to sex so I wouldn't cum too quickly, but I knew it was a losing
proposition. Her thrusts were hot, wet, and fast, and I could feel an
orgasm building. I wanted to reach for her nipples, but I knew that it
would throw me over the edge. Despite my immersion in the sight of my
wife atop me and the tension in my balls, I suddenly became aware of
another noise nearby, a slight slapping sound that almost mirrored
Hayley's thrusts. It had to be...Eric, jerking off. But the timing? It
couldn't be coincidental.

I reached for Hayley's nipples and gave them a tug. Hayley shuddered
visibly and pushed me back flat on the sleeping bag. I beckoned a
finger, and as she leaned forward I whispered in her ear.


Hayley's eyes grew slightly wider, and she raised herself slightly and
turned her head to see what I had been watching since I became aware of
Eric's presence. The lantern was casting a clear shadow of her profile
on the tent wall, swaying breasts and all.

She was too far gone to do anything about it, and collapsed against my
chest, trying to stifle her orgasm as I came within her. Some measure
of sanity returned quickly thereafter, as it always does, and I managed
to turn off the light.

Our breathing seemed loud in the sudden absence of our lovemaking, but
it only took a few moments for my ears to relocate the sound of Eric
jerking off. Hayley became aware too, as she looked up into my eyes,
with a flicker of embarrassment giving way to a coy smile.

The sound quickened, then slowed somewhat, then ended abruptly. We
heard Eric take several soft steps, some rustling of fabric, and then
the sound of the tent zipper. He must have been watching, and possibly
listening from less than several feet from his tent.

Hayley began to softly chuckle, but I was wondering what exactly might
be discussed at breakfast. Hayley could feel me stiffen, amazingly for
soon after cumming. She turned on her side and reinserted my cock
within her. It was a long, slow, and ultra quiet coital embrace that
we shared into the night, with the sounds of the wind rustling through
the high tree leaves.

Breakfast left much to be desired, as far as taste. A mix of grapes
and trail mix took the edge off hunger, but that was it. We shared
general pleasantries about how we slept, and I was generally surprised
and relieved that Eric had not bluntly asked how the sex was the night
before, as straightforward conversation, if you can call it that, had
been his hallmark. Instead, he asked about the day's plans.

"What did you plan on doing had I not come?"

Interesting choice of words, that. "We were going to hike back to the
main path, go up the trail 2-3 miles, meet up with the creek again, and
then follow it back to here," I said. "You want to go for a hike?"

"Sure, that sounds great."

And it was true, we were going to go on a hike. But as we reentered
our tent, I realized our planned trip was slightly more complicated
than I had foreseen. Hayley had packed her bags for a trip with just
the two of us. The only shorts she had brought were the hiking shorts
she had worn the day before. And while she had brought changes in
socks, she had otherwise brought only two pair of g-strings and two
halter tops, somewhat loose but secured only by strings. The only bra
she had brought was the one that she had revealed the night before,
which wouldn't exactly assist in maintaining modesty. So my wife was
to go hiking bra-less. Had it been just me, I would have been ogling
and pawing at her all along the trail, which was her intent. But with
Eric along, .I wouldn't be the only one ogling.

After passing around the insect repellent and stocking up on water, we
were off. It wasn't long before Eric was apologizing for upsetting our

"I'm sure you were both planning on a little quality time without the
kids around, and here I am."

Hayley responded with the only thing she could, "Eric, don't be silly.
If we didn't want you to come, we would have told you. You know us,
and you know we would have. It's great to see you again after all this
time. It's not the weekend I thought it would have been, sure, but
it's been great to have you here."

Eric replied, somewhat sheepishly, "Well, know...I don't want to
get in the way. If you want me to take a long walk and leave you alone
for a while."

I wasn't sure exactly how he meant that. It was almost like he was
saying that he could go while asking if he could stay, instead. I
wasn't sure how I wanted to answer that. Hayley and I hadn't had a
chance to talk in private since we had arrived. "Eric, it's okay, all
right? I'm glad you're here, too. We're old friends; it's good to be
around you again. We three used to hang out together in school, too,

"Okay, but. you know, even back then, Hayley didn't wear shirts like
that" Eric looked at Hayley's chest, his gaze lingering a bit longer
than he probably planned. Probably. "It's pretty obvious that you
weren't expecting company."

He had a point. Hayley had recently figured out that her breasts had
"matured" to a 40D. Whatever top she wore, the fact that she wasn't
wearing a bra was conspicuous, and her exertions on the hilly trail
caused her breasts to jiggle continuously. They were eye magnets, for

Hayley responded, "Look, Eric. If you'll remember, I didn't have a
chance to re-pack after I found out you were here. I didn't bring much
in the way of clothing, and, honestly, I wasn't planning on wearing it
much. So you're right about what we were planning for the weekend.
But that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy ourselves, and I really am
glad you came. So anyway, I'll just wear what I brought. If it makes
you uncomfortable, let me know. Maybe I can wear one of Steven's T-
shirts or something."

"What, are you kidding? I think I'd rather see Steven in his clothing
and you in yours." He winked at her.

I spent most of my time, when not watching my step, ogling as I had
intended. Eric, on the other hand, was naturally investigative on the
species of trees and plants, and he was much more accustomed to walking
in the woods due to his job. Therefore, he would stop behind us, catch
up, venture off to the side briefly, and, when we rested, wait
patiently for us.

At our first stop, Eric did a fine job of casually standing in front of
us while we were seated on a fallen tree. It didn't escape me, or, I'm
sure, Hayley, that he was getting a great view of her cleavage as he
moved about. And I noticed that Hayley, after fumbling with her water
bottle, managed to lean over slightly more than necessary to retire her
shoe strings, which were probably tied just fine anyway.

So there it was. Hayley was giving a show of her tits. I couldn't
tell how much of a show it was, seated beside her. But, good for her!
I'm sure it's not many 39 year olds who can command an audience, and
she was in fine form. At 5'5", she was average height. Or, the
perfect height, for someone, like myself at 6'0", to pull close and
kiss. Everything fit. Her brown hair was cut several inches below her
shoulder. While many of the women our age have cut their hair,
Hayley's figure was excellent, and there would be no reason for that
particular concession to age be made for years yet. Her hips were
wider than when we met in school due to having two kids, and she had
matured to a woman's body from that of a girl. But she wasn't fat.
Cellulite was nowhere to be seen in her legs or hips, and her breasts
were the perfect size. They could be dressed conservatively and remain
unremarkable, or they could be let loose and raise a hungering lust.

Which was what I was feeling. I stood, and Eric casually changed his
direction as if he hadn't been looking at Hayley's breasts. Hayley had
just begun re-tying her other shoe, and I could see the view that she
had been giving Eric. Her breasts were hanging slightly, giving more
definition to her cleavage. The hem of her top remained loose, and by
moving slightly, as Eric had, I could see the darker pink edges of her
Areola, but her nipples remained barely covered. I hardly considered
it the result of careful planning.

Hayley, what were you up to? An excitement that bordered on dizziness
made me realize just how close to happening this threesome fantasy was.
It seemed that all it would take was a question to get the ball
rolling. "Eric, would you be game for fucking my wife?" That wasn't
the way to do it, but it would certainly work. Again, a certain sense
of excitement coursed through me, as I realized that, at the moment, I
wanted it to happen. I had to talk with Hayley.

Eric was very accommodating by trailing behind us to check out trees
and to gather several leaves for species he wasn't certain about.

It was also my chance to do something besides ogle. I walked closer to
Hayley, and reached for one of her breasts. Rather than receive a
playful snarl that sometimes occurs when I feel her in a non-romantic
occasion, she trembled slightly, as if she was almost orgasmic. I also
noticed that, as we had been walking for about an hour, she had broken
a light sweat. The moisture under her breast was apparent, and it was
absorbed into the fabric of her shirt. It wasn't an issue now, but I
could tell that the thin white fabric would become transparent as she
continued to sweat. It occurred to me that this wasn't beyond her
notice, or her original intention when planning the trip. But she also
could have asked to borrow some clothing from me or Eric, and she
hadn't. In fact, she.

"Touch me again."

What? My hand had fallen away from her breast so I cupped the other
one, rubbing my fingers upwards to her nipple. She gasped audibly, and
shook again.

"Hayley, what..."

"Stop. Take a deep breath. Tell me, what do you smell?"

I inhaled deeply. "Clean mountain air. A faint smell of decomposing
leaves, maybe." And then I caught it. "And you."

"I am so wet. This g-string isn't very practical, I've discovered. It
rides up into my crotch. Steven, look at my legs."

I looked. Wow. Her legs might appear to be sweaty, but it was her
cunt juice leaking, and that was what I could smell.

In typical solve it mode, I offered, "I've got a paper towel in my
pack. I can."

"No, you don't understand. I haven't decided yet. But I think I want
to., you know. Our fantasy. I'm camping out in the woods, with nobody
around. There's no one that would know. The man I love is here, and
Eric is...we've always come this...Eric is the perfect guy for..."

"A threesome. Yes, I know." I could see in her eyes that she wanted
to say more.

"I'm on the verge of turning 40. I'm fairly certain that my body isn't
going to get better over the next 10 years. This isn't about love, you
know. I love you. You're all that I want. But I think I would like
the experience, and then a memory, of."

She looked slightly at a loss of words, and she was still trembling as
I rubbed each breast with the back of my index finger. "I know, of
being the center of attention, of being desirable enough to attract two
guys. Is that it?" She nodded, but still at a loss of words.
"Hayley, it's part of the fantasy that we probably never shared. My
fantasy for you, and for myself, includes really the same thing. I
like having a wife that looks sexy enough to attract other men, proud
in a weird way that you're desirable to other men."

She looked relived that I could express what she was thinking. Then I
saw the concern on her face. "But I wouldn't want to hurt you. It's
not about lovemaking. I don't love Eric. I like him lots as a friend,
yes, but it would really be sex for sport, me conquering the
game." She gave a little laugh. "Like sport fucking. I just want to
try it for this once, but I have to know that you're okay with it."

"I am."

She looked up in a pleading way. "And that you'll still love me?"

"I do. And I always will."

Her nipples were hard points, and I rubbed them between my fingers.
She pushed my hands away, the sensation obviously too much for her.
"Steven, really? You really mean it? You'll let me fuck Eric?"

There, she had said it. "Yes. With me there. Yes."

"And you won't divorce me, or think of me as whore?"

"Hayley," I paused, and held her hands in mine, "I love you." I moved
one of her hands and pressed it against my shorts, where she could what
was a very uncomfortable erection. "I want this too." I think. "Are
you sure you want to?"

"Yes. No. I think so. Let's see how it goes. But let me call the
shots, okay? I want to be in control. If I go through with it."

I could see Eric approaching down the path. I gave Hayley a kiss,
which was a full, wet one, with her tongue. She was hungry for sex.

When Eric caught up with us, I could see that he was more than a little
curious about a certain odor, although he never was blatant enough to
sniff towards Hayley. It almost smelled like we had already sex. I'm
sure that he, as I did, took notice of what was becoming Hayley's see
through top. It wouldn't be long, and her tits would be visible. What

We checked our map and ventured off our path towards the stream. The
undergrowth was heavy and hard to pass, so we opted to head back to the
path and then back to camp.

As we hiked, I noticed a change about her. At first, I decided it was
a resolution that had come to, but that was only the start. It was
confidence that was more descriptive. It manifested itself in
different ways. Her gait changed slightly. She walked more erect. It
struck me that earlier, she had been walking in a posture that would
minimize her breasts. Now they were out there. She smiled more, she
sweated more. When Eric wasn't looking, she gathered her shirt and
wiped the sweat off her breasts and torso with no more concern than if
she was wiping her forehead..

It didn't have quite the same effect as a wet T-shirt contest, but she
certainly had our attention. Eric had the sense to steal glances
during conversation and not comment on the fact that she was offering
quite a view.

We finally returned to camp. Eric said, "I don't know about you guys,
but I'm headed for that little pool to cool off."

"Sounds good to me," I added.

"Be there in a minute. I'll grab some sandwiches from the cooler and
some beer."

Eric added. "Nah, why don't you go change. Steven and I will carry
the cooler to the creek. It'll be like a wet bar."

We started carrying the cooler and found a flat rock nearer the water
level that would be convenient. The water was freezing at first, and
then only very cold. After opening the cooler, it was only then that
we realized Hayley had followed us. Not that I minded. Her top was
going to look terrific when it was soaked. We both, by instinct, found
a rock ledge to sit on while watching her enter the pool.

Eric was a little slow on the uptake. "You're not going to change?"

Hayley said what, I'm sure, was factual, but she said it in a dead-on
sexy tone, just shy of the exaggeration of a seductress. "I...didn't
bring one. I thought it would just be the two of us." She winked at
him, and he clearly didn't know what to make of it. She removed her
shoes and socks and entered the water. When she reached the cooler,
the water level was at her waist. As she was getting the sandwiches
out, she added, "These shorts were going to need to be washed anyway."

Eric and I glanced at each other. I gave him a conspiratorial look and
said, "I think the shirt needs it too!" Eric laughed, and Hayley
turned with a "you mischievous boys" look. She handed us the
sandwiches, then the beer, and the conversation was decidedly absent
until the meal was finished.

I got back into the water and found another shelf to sit on, one that,
I was certain, Hayley and I had sat on and made love the previous year.
Eric moved to a nearby shelf. Hayley waded over, dove underwater
briefly, then emerged, pulling her hair back over her face.

Her tits now had that "wet T-shirt" contest look, no question. Her
nipples stood erect their full half inch length, clearly visible in
almost every detail. Eric was open-mouthed, and I was at a loss for
words myself. She was in charge, I kept telling myself. Still.
"Hayley, would you get us another beer?" I was going to need it, at
least. She did, and approached Eric very closely before handing him
the beer, giving him quite an eyeful. Then, although there was ample
room on my shelf for her to sit, she chose to sit in my lap. Aside
from putting pressure on my cock, her position also kept her breasts
above water and directly in front of Eric.

"Hayley, I think your breasts have gotten quite a bit larger than
college," said Eric. There, count on Eric to make it direct. I was
glad this was out in the open, yet curious as hell how this would work,
if it would work, and the odd sensation of dizziness came back with the
realization that this was "really" happening.

"Yeah. They were 34B's then, I think." She reached over for my beer
and took a sip, a rarity for her. She must have been a lot more
nervous than she sounded. "I didn't know what I was missing, I think.
I used to say that `more than a handful is a waste,' but I don't think
that's the case." She grabbed one of my hands, squeezing it under her
breast, demonstrating that she was obviously bigger than a handful.
"Steven, what do you think?"

"I, eh..."

"Hey, guys. Wait. Remember there's a single guy over here. I didn't
even bring a girlfriend!"

Hayley laughed in a carefree way that I could barely even remember
hearing before. She turned slightly and wrapped her arms around me,
kissing me. And her kiss was not a romantic one. It was her method
of saying she wanted it hard, fast, and now. She broke the kiss and
said ever so softly, "Yes?"

It took a moment for me to realize what she was asking, but the
question answered itself. I responded with a whispered "yes," noting
the glint of excitement in her blue eyes.

She kissed me again, this time in the "I love you" manner, and scooted
off into the pool. She walked halfway to Eric and plunged underwater.
The water was crystal clear, but it was still a surprise when she burst
through the surface without her top. I could only see her back as she
walked towards Eric, away from me. But it was one of the sexiest
visions I've ever had.

Eric was awestruck, his mouth slightly open, clearly not believing the
turn of events.

"Who says you don't have a girlfriend here?" She reached out to his
hands, and literally had to pull them to her breasts. His hands didn't
move. Hayley, I could tell, was nervous, probably wondering if
she...we...had misread the signs.

Eric looked over her shoulder at me. "Steven?"

"It's okay. It's the first time for us, too." I wasn't sure if he
knew what I meant, but he understood the permission. Hayley turned
slightly, and I watch him as his hands reached for my wife's breasts.
While they didn't look different as he cupped and stretched them, it
was strange to see something so familiar yet not be able to feel them.
He slid off the ledge to stand in front of her in the water, then bent
to suck at her breasts.

Hayley was no stranger to foreplay, but she had other ideas. She
reached to his pants and began unbuttoning his shorts, then unzipping
them. I was sure that she was pleased with what she felt underneath,
she was smiling so much. She dipped underwater as she pulled his
shorts down, returning moments later with them in hand, tossing them
onto a rock. His hands returned to her breasts as they engaged in a

Which was strange. We had fantasized about the sex, but never about a
kiss. Unexpectedly, it made me jealous. If this made me jealous, how
was watching them have sex going to be? It was a strange source of
comfort that my hand subconsciously found my cock, which was rock hard,
and began rubbing it through my shorts. I realized that I was
extremely turned on, even watching my wife kiss another man.

Hayley broke the kiss, finally, revealing that her hand had been
working at his cock underwater throughout. "Steven, I'm very cold.
Would you get our sleeping bags and towels and spread them out in front
of the tents?"

It made sense to me. My feet were getting numb. After I had spread
the towels over the sleeping bags, I saw that Hayley and Eric were
approaching. It was strange to see Eric naked. Even as roommates, we
had avoided that familiarity. He was sporting an erection, and it felt
weird even checking him out. He was slightly longer, but thinner, than
me. However, most of my attention was on Hayley. She was still
wearing her shorts, but she was topless, and her breasts were jiggling
with every step. It occurred to me how infrequently I saw her naked
while moving. It was always standing, lying down, getting dressed. It
was a tremendous turn-on just to see her in this way.

Hayley said, "Steven, I explained to him that this isn't about me and
him. It's about you and me, and him. He's a bit nervous, but no more
nervous than me. Anything else you want to add?"

"Eric, this is really okay with me. I think! We had talked about
something like this for a long time, although we never would have
planned it. But we're here, and we both want it to happen. The main
point is this, it's our job to pleasure her. That's it."

Eric looked somewhat tense, but his eyes burned with desire as he
continued to take in the sight of Hayley's breasts. "I've never
experienced anything like this, but I've always dreamed about it. And
even though I never said anything about it, even in college I always
wanted to get in her pants. This is like a dream come true."

"You're right. It is." said Hayley. There was a silent pause, as we
each waited for the next move. Hayley looked at each of us briefly in
the eyes, me first, then Eric. "I want you both to fuck me. Eric,
help me with these." Hayley stuck her thumbs under the waistband of
her shorts.

Eric did, admiring the g-string that was buried in the folds of her
cunt. Hayley had trimmed her cunt neatly in a narrow "V", but with the
g-string nestled within her slit, her hair was on display. And then,
even the little patch was gone, and my wife was standing in front of
another man nude. They laid down on the towels, and I stripped to join

Hayley said, "Steven, first, I want you to feel my cunt before we go
any further." I placed my hand on her, and was surprised by the heat
that I felt, as well as by the amount of fluids that had already
escaped her cunt.

"I've never seen you so wet." It was all I could say. Eric had been
watching, and, as I removed my hand, he lowered his face to Hayley's
pussy, where he inhaled deeply before giving her a long lash with his

Hayley reached to lift his head. Eric looked like he wanted more
foreplay, but Hayley quickly added, "There's time for play later.
Right now, I want you to fuck me."

Eric knelt at her legs, which were only partially open. In a variation
of his sense of humor, he added, "Aren't you going to make me feel more

Hayley looked briefly confused, so I helped by reaching to her knee and
pulling it up. She understood, spreading her legs wide, opening her
cunt for him. It was quite a sensation to see my wife spread herself
for another man. I watched as he guided the swollen head of his cock
against her clit, teasing her. This prompted a sharp response from
her, "IN me, not on me." And I saw for the first time another man's
cock enter my wife, one smooth stroke and then my vision was blocked.

I watched as her leg left my hand to wrap around his back. He was in
deep, and she wasn't letting him out. I could see her facial
expression change from lustful desire to passion as he thrust within
her. red splotches appeared at her neck, her lips parted for her heavy
breaths, and her eyes fluttered. Her tits were flattened under his
chest, and her hand was scratching at the towels. No, they were
searching. She remembered me. I reached for her hand to hold it, but
she threw it aside. I moved closer and placed her hand on my cock.
She immediately grasped me with the tightest grip she had and began
stroking me.

I was so mesmerized by what I was seeing that my concentration was far
from what I was feeling. I could tell that Eric was close to orgasm,
and my wife encouraged him, surprisingly, I thought, "Yes, that's it.
You feel so good. cum inside me. You know you always wanted to. I
want to feel you cum." His thrusts were so hard I wondered if they
were hurting her, but it wasn't anything I hadn't done to her before.
Eric's face tightened, and I knew she was getting her wish. She, too,
was lost in the experience, her eyes fluttering. When the last of his
orgasm subsided, he withdrew, a sight that I was surprisingly curious
to see. Maybe it was because my view had been so limited, which was
certainly something that I had never considered in the fantasy. But
the result was. His cock was drenched with sticky juices and cum, and
some of it oozed from my wife's cunt.

In our usual love-making, she's usually ready to roll over and, with my
help, finger herself to an orgasm. But not this time. She quickly got
on all fours, spreading herself again. "Fuck me, Steven. Fuck me."

It was only then that I realized my cock was still rock hard and that,
somehow, I had managed not to cum. Her face was somewhat hidden by her
hair, but it struck me that she wasn't even looking at me. She just
wanted to be fucked. So I moved behind her and entered her with one
quick thrust, noticing how different it was to enter her when she was
so wet, so heated, and so open. I was fucking my wife's just-fucked
pussy. Unbelievable.

Eric slid his head underneath her dangling breasts, and I could hear
Eric sucking noisily as Hayley whimpered from the added sensual input.
She continued to arch her back and rock backward to meet each of my
thrusts. She finally gave up on holding herself up on her hands,
lowering herself to her elbows, no doubt filling Eric's face with tit.
My self-control was at an end, and I grabbed her hips, pulling myself
into her harder with each thrust. Hayley began to howl, somewhere
between a squeal and a scream. She gave herself over to words.
"That's it, Eric. Suck that tit. Don't move from it. Keep going.
Steven. keep. Oh!. I'm going to cum." She lost herself in moans as she
orgasmed, and I came within her, with massive throbs running through my

I was spent, but my cock didn't retreat as it normally did. I was
still turned on as hell, with what I had witnessed. Eric, too, was
showing signs that he was ready for another round. I decided that it
wasn't youthfulness that allowed quick recoveries, it was the
excitement. And I hadn't been this excited since our first year or two
of sex. I was sure that Hayley was probably feeling the same.

In our lovemaking, Hayley sometimes would get sore, and I was wondering
if this would put a damper on our activities for a while. Hayley
regained her breath and then nudged Eric to roll over on his back. She
then stood astride him, her cunt in glorious view. "Steven, move a
little closer." I knew what she was going to do and didn't pass up the
opportunity. It was strange seeing Eric's cock as I neared his side,
but my attention was quickly moved to my wife's cunt as she slowly,
provocatively, descended onto Eric's cock. She reached back and felt
the firmness of his cock, and she retreated slightly to better position
herself to ride him. Then began the show. Her legs were taught as she
raised and lowered herself slowly. I tried to commit each of the 15
strokes to memory, amazed at what I was what we had allowed
to happen. Then she settled onto him and began moving her hips in

Hayley has never been too fond of the taste of cum, so I was surprised
that she beckoned me to stand, taking my cock in her hand and licking
it, then sucking it as she rode Eric. We had talked through this scene
in our fantasies, and here we were, doing it. Just a little while
later, I came squirting onto her tits, watching as it beaded on her
breasts and ran down.

The sex, from this point on, was frequent but not constant. We all
required a little time to recover between rounds, which allowed just
enough of a break to add water to our dehydrated dinner packs and heat
them with the small cook kit. The conversation wasn't deep and it
wasn't about "old times." It was strictly on the new times, and what,
specifically, we could do next.

It wasn't the super kinky shenanigans of idle fantasies. We didn't cum
on her face, or tie her to a tree, or in any way treat her like a
"slut." It was all about sex, or, in Hayley's terms, sport sex -
breasts, cunt, cocks, mouths, and hands.

Later that night, our visit to Eric's tent fulfilled the possibility of
what had been there the night before. We were naked, except for
Hayley. She had brought out her special bra, as well as stockings and
panties that matched the bra. She read to us again several stories
from Eric's book, gradually losing her garments so she could place a
hand on her clit as we fondled her breasts and listened.

The stories led to the expected conclusion, which took us deep into the
night with our play. We finally fell asleep, together.

The following morning, the "questions" returned, a measure of reality
for each of us. Eric had woken early and gone for a short hike, as he
later explained, feeling restless about our relationship. He blamed
himself for taking advantage of us, both in going camping and by
"getting personal" with my wife. We reassured him that everything was
okay, even though we weren't entirely sure it was. Or wasn't. It was
too early to tell.

But we could tell he was glad to hear this, because he offered to
return with us for the week. To which we answered a gentle "no." We
needed time for ourselves. But only after a couple more morning

By lunchtime, we packed the site and hiked towards the cars. Eric
would take souvenirs in a couple of ways. His tent smelled of the
hours of sex that we had the night before, and Hayley stripped when we
reached the cars to remove her g-string, which by that time was nowhere
close to clean. She hung it on his rearview mirror, she said, as a
safety precaution to keep him awake on the road. We bid Eric farewell,
which again included a long kiss between Eric and Hayley. Then we
went to the camp showers to clean up a little more properly than our
frequent dips into the stream pool had afforded.

During the trip home and for the following week, Hayley and I did a lot
of talking, and a lot of screwing, some of which was hard sex, some of
which was tender love. She reassured me that, while she had enjoyed
the feeling of being fucked by another man, and had enjoyed Eric's cock
in her hands and mouth, he wasn't "better" than me, just different.
And it wasn't just the sex with another man that had excited her, it
was the feel of my cock in her hand while he fucked her, or the
awareness of my eyes upon them that made it an experience for her. It
wasn't about Eric; it was about the two of us with a third, which was
something completely new.

Her favorite memories weren't of the intercourse, although she liked it
a lot. First, there was the remembrance of all that nude skin
touching her at once. We hadn't anticipated that. And secondly, it
was holding an erect cock in each hand. This brought a sense of
complete satisfaction that she had in her hands the essence of two men,
both primed for sex, with just her.

And the question had been modified. It wasn't "Could we ever, really,
have a threesome?" It was "Did we want to again?" And when Eric
called a month or so later to check up on us, the question was not
nearly so hard to answer.


The Author would like to emphasize that while I have tried to make this
story realistic, I in no way encourage or suggest that couples seek sex
outside of their marriage. Comments I receive usually indicate that
someone gets hurt. Enjoy the fantasy.


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