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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Slut of Tides"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine woke up to find herself bound. Rope was bound
around her wrists and ankles, and was in turn bound to stakes. Her
mind was still cloudy from the heavy sedative she had fallen victim to,
so she wasn't taking it very seriously. Somewhere in her clouded mind,
she kept thinking that there should be a chapter in the industrial
espionage agent's handbook about waking up bound and spread-eagle. Amy
already had a title for it: "Now you're fucked."

The roar of the surf drowned out her giggling. Amy wondered why
the ocean was so loud, and then she remembered her mission. She was
supposed to infiltrate the small marine-science company that had made a
breakthrough in developing a new shark repellant. Her employers,
Paragon Industries, needed her to find out the repellant formula and
save them from simply buying the company out.

The bound brunette felt her ass itch, and that's when she noticed
that she had been stripped. She lifted her head up to confirm her
nudity in the moonlight. Still a bit sedated, she cataloged her bits
to make sure they were all there. The drugged agent checked on her two
small breasts, her long limber legs and all ten of her toes. The toes
took her the longest to count, as the moonlight was kind of dim.

Her toes felt the water first, a freezing cold splash as the wave
washed over her bound feet. As the water receded, Amy's drugged mind
began to clear as she realized the danger. The tide must be coming in!
If she was still trapped here, she could drown!

Amy fought against her bounds in the darkness. That is when she
discovered another fact of her bondage. Something very large was
stuffed into her stretched sex! Amy was impressed by the quality of
the sedative she was a victim to, Amy couldn't believe that she was
just now noticing the impressive implement inside her pussy. She must
have really pissed off whoever trapped her here.

"Oh shit, it was Bethany Taylor!" Amy cursed as memories came
back to her. Bethany, the busty blonde agent of Diligent Enterprises,
was working undercover as a lab technician at the marine company. Amy
saw her while working under her cover as a cheap slut the head lab
scientist was trying to impress. While Bethany had to do actual
science to keep her cover, Amy just had to pretend that laboratories
turned her on. Her contact, Dr. Fennessy, snuck Amy to the lab every
night in exchange for hot oral sex. While Dr. Fennessy slept off his
blowjob, Amy had checked out the lab.

From there, the details get fuzzy. Amy vaguely recalled a fight
of some sort, and she seemed to remember getting hit with a dart after
hiding the shark repellant formula, but she didn't remember much else.
Perhaps that was why Bethany stole her clothes; to search later in a
quieter place. It didn't explain the bondage, the imminent death trap
and the really big object in her pussy, so Amy was sure she was
forgetting a few details.

She clenched on the large object, and tried to shift her hips.
She discovered that another set of ropes were looped around the object
and connected to her ankles. A thin rope around her waist was also
tied to the object, keeping it firmly inside her. When she moved, so
did the large phallus. As another wave struck the soles of her feet
and froze her calves, Amy recognized the object inside her. It was a
flashlight, one of those heavy-duty super durable types.

"That ain't right," Amy said in her drugged, yet still offended

She pulled with her legs, her tight, fit, long limbs of power,
but the stakes held tight. Worse, it only made the flashlight pull and
tug inside her. Seducing Dr. Fennessy was strictly one-sided; Amy
didn't even get a kiss out of the deal. She was already highly aroused
from the powerful blowjob she gave him, but now the sedative and the
flashlight were teasing her into new heights of frenzy. As the water
splashed against her knees, she barely noticed the cold of water for
the heat between her thighs.

"Damn, what the fuck did I do to Bethany to piss her off like
this?" Amy said between clenched teeth. In a flash, she remembered.
Amy recalled seeing Bethany bending over the shark tank, and Amy
remembered vividly how flat Bethany's ass was and how easy it was to
push Bethany into the tank. Amy saw it as a golden opportunity to wipe
out an enemy agent, as well as get rid of a personal nemesis.

The cold surf washed over her knees again, and the receding water
sucked on the skin of her calves and feet. To Amy's befuddled mind,
she imagined that this is what a blowjob must feel to a man. She
struggled harder, writhing and squirming in her bounds but she only
succeeded in making the flashlight dance within her horny sex.

"I guess she got out of the shark tank alive," Amy grumbled.
Then she thought about Bethany's over-abundant chest, and wondered if
Bethany was immune to drowning.

The waves crashed higher this time, drenching her waist with a
powerful splash of freezing water. Amy arched her back in shock,
tugging at her bounds in vain. As the water pulled away, Amy could
feel the flashlight pulling back with the water until it reached the
limits of its makeshift rope cradle. When the last of the water was
gone, the flashlight was pulled back into Amy's sex by the tension of
the ropes. It was barely an inch in total motion, but Amy's breath was
stolen by this tiniest of thrusts.

"I need to get out of here!" Amy screamed. It wasn't the
drowning that concerned her as much as just a simple need to get
seriously fucked.

Despite the power of her thighs, she couldn't pull her feet loose
of the stakes. Amy strained, Amy grunted and Amy's thighs bulged with
desperate fury, but still the stakes held tight. The flashlight
continued to jiggle within her, striking at her stretched walls with a
merciless exploiting of her desires.

The tide was coming in, slowly covering more of Amy's nude body.
The cold water lapped against her thighs and stomach while the suction
of the undercurrent of the waves pulled at the sand beneath her. The
moving sand rubbed against her bare buttocks, teasing and stroking
Amy's sensitized skin. Even the smallest grains of sand striking her
sex was enough to make Amy moan for her denied bliss.

She shifted her attention to her wrists. Amy remembered having
cool watch with a rope-cutting laser, but sadly, Bethany must have
swiped that too. Her arms were stretched out too far to get even the
slightest of leverage to pull with. Amy couldn't even touch the ropes
with her fingers to seek out a loose knot.

The tide crashed down harder on, shoving the flashlight deeper
inside her. Amy gasped at the sudden penetration and then screamed as
the freezing water lapped over her small breasts. Her nipples hardened
like twin peaks of concrete from the cold. Despite the immediate
danger, Amy wondered if this was the tallest her nipples had ever stood

The tide was coming in fast, and Amy was no closer to escape.
The sedative had sapped her strength as well as her thought processes
so all she could really do was struggle weakly and moan loudly as the
flashlight teased and fucked her. The sand continued to erode
underneath her naked buttocks and under her smooth legs, stroking the
helpless brunette in its deadly seduction.

As the tide came in, the water began to rise over Amy completely.
Now her long brown hair was floating briefly in the water before being
pulled over her body with the withdrawing tide. The agent had to hold
her breath as the saltwater covered her face and she tried to ignore
how the flashlight was fucking her harder with each wave.

The waves pushed the flashlight in, and the undercurrent pulled
it back out.

The waves pushed the flashlight deeper, and the undercurrent
pulled it harder back.

The waves pushed the flashlight even deeper, and the undercurrent
teased her by almost pulling it out.

The waves fucked her, and the undercurrent fucked her again.

"Shit!" Amy cried out as she finally succumbed to an orgasm. She
clenched on the thick flashlight as the water pulled back briefly over
her body. Her body was shaking and her buttocks sank deeper into the
wet sand as she shuddered all her body.

That was when she noticed how loose the stakes were. Amy froze
as her mind began to clear. The orgasm awoke her body and snapped her
from her sedative daze. She noticed the stars, she saw clearly how
close she was to the marine laboratory and she felt how wet and weak
the shifting sand had become under the relentless tide.

Amy pulled and struggled with all her might. As the stakes
became looser, Amy writhed and tugged harder and faster. The
flashlight was savagely fucking her now from all the movements and the
crashing of the surf drowned Amy's moans.

She yelled her triumph when her left arm came free. Amy quickly
pulled loose the other stakes while the waves continued to shake her
body with freezing water. When the last stake was pulled from the wet
sand, Amy scrambled out of the water and collapsed higher up on the
beach. She was exhausted, fucked and cold, but she was happily alive.

"Remind me never to push Bethany into a tank of sharks again,"
Amy groaned. The agent wondered if she found the shark repellant or
not. She couldn't remember, but she figured it didn't matter. Bethany
had stripped her and obviously took the formula if Amy had found it.

Amy reached around her waist and untied the knots that held the
flashlight in her sex. Gripping it firmly, Amy pulled the impossibly
large flashlight from between her thighs. Her pussy ached as the
enormous intruder exited her body.

She awoke about a minute later. The relaxation of tension had
knocked her out. It took Amy another full minute to just sit up. She
kicked the flashlight away without looking at it. Amy didn't even want
to see how big it was. It might give her a complex.

As she tried to stand on shaky knees, she felt like there was
something still inside her. Collapsing back to the sand, Amy gave
herself a quick exam. Buried deep within her sex, she pulled out a
tiny plastic bag. The agent laughed. It was a standard issue Paragon
Industries concealment-bag; for safekeeping and hiding sensitive
information. Better yet, there was a small roll of film inside.

Amy didn't have to open it to know that she must have found the
shark repellant formula after all.


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