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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Dial V for Voyeur"
By Shon Richards

Woman's voice: "Took you long enough to answer."

Man's voice: "Sorry, I've had a rough morning so far. Do I know you?"

Woman: "I know you, and that's more important. You're Larry Abbicks,
the guy who compiled the report on how tax breaks will effect major
corporations next year."

Larry: "Look, if you want the tax break report, you're wasting your
time Ms . . ."

Woman: "Call me Amy, Amy Valentine, I work for one of your rivals,
Paragon Industries. Listen Larry, before we go on any further, turn on
your television and turn it to channel sixty."

Larry: "Okay. I'm at the channel and there's a flat-chested woman
sitting in a hotel room. She's got long brown hair hanging down over
her shoulders and she's talking on the phone. Hey wait, it looks like
this hotel."

Amy: "Very observant. If you call me flat-chested again, I'll sniper
your ass. Look, I'm waving."

Larry: "Holy shit! How did you do that?"

Amy: "It was easy. I knew which room you had reserved, and arranged
for a close circuit with some hidden cameras. Do you like my outfit?"

Larry: "Yes."

Amy: "I admit, it's not much; just a black cotton bra. I just find
panties and for that matter, pants, to be so limiting. Do you like my
long legs?"

Larry: "Yes. Do that twirl again."

Amy (laughing):"Why don't you just ask to see my ass? Here, I'll spank
it for you."


Larry: "Oh my God!"

Amy: "Nice, isn't it? So round, firm and I just love the way a
handprint looks on my ass."


Larry: "Your ass is the greatest ass I've ever seen."

Amy: "I know."


Amy: "Now, Larry, I'm looking at you, and I have to tell you something.
You're kind of cute, but you look like Hell."

Larry: "It was the damn maid. She came in, and-"

Amy: "Larry, I don't want to hear about you and some maid."

Larry: "I was just explaining that-"

Amy: "Larry, do you know what this is?"

Larry: "It looks like an orange dildo. It's huge."

Amy: "Twelve inches actually. Now watch, because I won't be able to

Larry: "Holy Fuck! You swallowed the whole damn thing! Your head is
tilted back but Jesus! I swear I can see your neck bulging."

Amy: (wet slurping noises as the dildo slides out) "I can be such a
slut sometimes, Larry. Larry quit touching yourself. I can see you,
remember? If I see you jerking off, I'll turn the camera off right

Larry: "Sorry, sorry. It's just too much. You tipped your head back
and sucked it all down. I've never known a woman who can do that."

Amy: "You do now. Larry, watch me as I spread my thighs. I'm doing a
perfect split here. Do you see my pussy?"

Larry: "Yes."

Amy: "Good, now look at the dildo. Watch as I press it against my
lips, and wiggle my pussy open."

Larry: (choked whimper)

Amy: "Ah, there. I'm sliding in. Mmmm, I love feeling it enter
slowly. It lets me enjoy every inch. It also lets me adjust. A
tight, wet pussy needs time to adjust to all this girth. Do you have a
lot of girth Larry?"

Larry: "Yes."

Amy: "Good, length is nice but I like girth. I like to feel filled,
you know? Like there's a hollow space inside of me that is completely
obliterated by a cock."

Amy (moaning): "Ohhhh, it's in now. Does it look silly? I mean, my
pussy lips are stretched around an orange dildo."

Larry (quickly): "No! It doesn't look silly"

Amy: "Good, because it feels so nice. You know what I like to do?
Some women masturbate by moving the dildo but I prefer something
subtle. I like just playing with my clit. It's pretty sensual I
think. My pussy is filled to the brim, but only my clit is being

Amy: "Watch."

Larry: "Wow. I'm watching your thighs contract. I can also see the
dildo moving. Every time you stroke your clit, I can see the end of
the dildo shift as you clench."

Amy: "Mmm, I bet it does. My vaginal muscles are very devolved. Right
now, that dildo is being massaged and squeezed like you couldn't

Larry: "Can I please masturbate with you?"

Amy: "No."

Amy: (a low long moan that lasts a good twenty seconds.)

Larry: "Please,"

Amy: "Hush Larry, I'm about to climax. My clit is hard between my
thumb and finger, my pussy is clamping down on the dildo and my breath
is slipping away from me."

Larry: "Oh God."

Amy: "I think if I grabbed the dildo and fucked my pussy, I could
climax in less than three strokes. Want to see?"

Larry: "YES!"

Amy: "Okay, count my strokes."

Larry: "One."

Amy: "Oh!"

Larry: "Two."

Amy: "YES!"

Larry: "Three!"

Amy: (sharp gasp) "OH! I did it!"

Larry: "God, I want you."

Amy: "You can have me. I'm in room 423, just bring the tax breaks

Larry: "Shit!"

Amy: "What? I'm not good enough?"

Larry: "You are, you are. It's just that maid I was telling you about.
She came in, dusted one chair and kicked me in the head. I woke up
when the phone rang, and my briefcase was open and the files are gone."

Amy: "Fuck! What did she look like?"

Larry: "She was blonde, quite pretty in her maid's uniform. Oh, and
she had the biggest, softest looking tits I've ever seen."

Amy: "Damn it, damn it, damn it! That was Bethany Taylor.
Congratulations Larry, Diligent Enterprises knows everything."

Larry: (silent pause)"Hey ummm, can I still come over?"

Amy: (silent pause)"Why not? You win some, you fuck some, I guess."

The end.


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