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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
e-mail at

Special thanks must go to Jimmy-Hat who assured me, that this did
not suck.

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"Desperately Seeking Morgana"
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor was in a quandary. She was standing outside the
secret camp of the popular Pop singer, Morgana, which happened to be
located in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands. Her bike was
hidden behind a convenient rock. Before her, the camp was bustling as
they prepared to train for the world tour that the aging sex
symbol/singer/shock queen was about to unleash on the world. Speakers
blasted Morgana's music while a cold Scottish wind blew through
Bethany's hair.

The question Bethany couldn't answer was simple. Which was
worse, Morgana's over sexual music or the stink of the Scottish

Bethany covered her nose and held her long black trench coat
tighter to her ample body. The blonde had watched every movie that had
come out that dealt with William Wallace, and none of those romantic
movies had mentioned how much a land that was constantly damp and rocky
could stink. It made her wonder if the Scottish fought for
independence so that they could move somewhere else.

The disappointed agent dismissed these thoughts and reviewed her
mission. It was another keeper for sure. Morgana was a singer who had
somehow managed to set trends and styles for little teen sluts
everywhere for close to fifteen years. This world tour she was
planning was being prepared in complete secrecy, which could only mean
one thing. Morgana was about to reinvent herself for another two years
with new fashions, styles and potential merchandising.

Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises, demanded to know what
Morgana's new style was. They needed to know so that they could start
flooding the market with cheap knock-offs of her clothes, groom their
own musicians to counter Morgana's new image, as well as get the jump
on whatever new fetish she was going to be promoting.

Equipped with only a camera and years of despising Morgana's
music, Bethany was ready to exact some petty revenge as well as make a
nice fat paycheck. She planned to buy a Stevie Nicks dress that the
singer wore last year on tour with this bonus money. Hopefully, the
dress will make up for having to endure the Highland stink.

Bethany walked casually to the camp, acting natural and trying
not to breath through her nose.


"Holy shit!" Amy Valentine exclaimed. Standing before her was
Morgana's personal own catering bus! After only twenty minutes of
sneaking into the secret tour camp, Amy had already found something
personally related to her idol, Morgana, the Immaterial Girl.

Amy thought about sneaking in and grabbing a sandwich for a
souvenir but she stopped her impulse. This mission was too important
to risk fucking up. If all went well, she might actually meet Morgana!

When Amy's employers, Paragon Industries, had sent Amy to
infiltrate Morgana's secret camp, Amy almost offered to do it for free.
It didn't bother her that this mission was to gather intelligence on
the pop star's fashions to get the jump on Morgana's merchandising.
Amy knew the music diva was a millionaire already and besides, Amy was
a professional.

"Holy shit!" Amy exclaimed again. It was Morgana's dog, Imp, and
he was taking a shit!

Okay, maybe she wasn't being very professional today, but she had
her reasons. As a flat-chested girl, Amy had clung to Morgana's sexy
music and image when she was a teenager. When Morgana danced around
with a tiger in her video, "Hump a Virgin," Morgana had single handedly
brought garters and hose back in style. Amy had been able to get more
dates in high school just by showing a hint of white pantyhose. As far
as Amy was concerned, that made Morgana a gift from Heaven.

Amy shivered as a cold wind blew past her. "Perhaps dressing
like a fan of Morgana's had been a bad idea," Amy mused. She was
decked in a short black miniskirt and a leather vest. Several
bracelets hung from her wrists as well as a secret camera located in
her Celtic medallion. Her long brown hair was flowing around her face
because she had opted to tease it out like she did in the 80's. Amy
looked like a stand-in for Morgana, and strangely enough, people seemed
to assume she worked there.

"When I finish this job, I'm going to buy Morgana's iron corset
on E-bay," Amy sighed. It wasn't going to be easy to sneak photos of
her idol out of a remote Scottish location, but then, that's why they
paid industrial agents like Amy the big paychecks.

A blonde walking by in a trench coat caught Amy's eye. Morgana
had a reputation as a fetishist and a full-blown pervert and her work
crew reflected that. Even in this wet weather, several women were
topless and one man had crawled by on all fours. A woman in a trench
coat drew more attention here than a boy band in a pre-school.

It also didn't help that the woman was Bethany Taylor, Amy's long
time nemesis.

"Excuse me," Amy asked a man wearing a leather hood and carrying
a cattle prod. "I noticed that woman over there was carrying a camera.
I thought none were allowed." Amy threw in a pouting lip for good

"A camera?" the man asked. "Good, the boss has been getting

The man rushed off and Amy smiled. That's one less problem. Now
all she had to do was find the wardrobe department.

"You!" a man yelled behind her. Amy turned around and found her
arm roughly grabbed. She resisted the urge to break the hand.

"You girls weren't supposed to wonder off like that," the man
complained. "You'll have to hurry if you're going to make the
selection process!"


Bethany wasn't one to surrender. When the five men rushed her
with cattle prods, the blonde didn't even think of surrendering. She
kicked one, punched another and did a wonderful throw on a third. In
short, Bethany kicked ass right up to the point that one of them got a
lucky hit with their cattle prod.

A butt-load of volts will put anyone down, even a disillusioned
Scottish Epics fan.

When Bethany awoke, she noticed her shoulders were hurting like
Hell. There were chains wrapped around her wrists that were hoisting
her above the floor. She dangled from a twisted tree, swinging in the
cold win. Bethany was surprised to find herself still clothed.

"You're awake," Bethany heard, and she groaned with recognition.

It was Morgana, the Immaterial girl herself! She was wearing her
red hair short these days, as well as wearing a red plaid skirt. A
simple black shirt was kind of shapeless on Morgana's body, but perhaps
it was to hide any left over weight from the pregnancy she had
recently. Even Bethany had to admit that for an older woman, Morgana
still had her sultry good looks. Bethany tried to memorize ever detail
she could for her debriefing later.

The music diva sneered at Bethany, shaking her head with disgust.
"As reporters go, you're pretty stupid. My men picked you out

Bethany said nothing. If Morgana thought she was a simple
reporter, all the better.
"The question is who do you work for?" Morgana asked. "Tell me, and
I'll call them to come collect their reporter. Then I will ban them
from doing interviews with me."

Bethany bit her lip. Her first thought was just to lie and name
one, but once she called them and found out she was lying, she would
get suspicious. The hanging blonde was in another quandary, and the
Highland smell was still present.

"Oh, a tough one?" Morgana laughed. "Good, we could use some
fun. It's time to play my favorite reporter game."

Bethany frowned. The perversions of Morgana were legendary. Who
could forget her book of pornography entitled "Climax"?

"I call it, Truth or Strip." Morgana smiled.


Amy Valentine was brought to a makeshift stage in the center of
the camp. A nude girl was just finishing her act, something involving
a glass bottle and a pierced nipple. Amy scanned the faces of the
crowd of people watching the stage. They were three women, all of them
dressed alike in business suits and black rimmed glassed. They looked
like Buddy Holly's older sisters.

"You're next!" the man urged and he pushed Amy onto the stage.

"Hello?" Amy asked. She had no fucking idea what she was
supposed to do.

The three women stared at her. Amy was worried, if she failed at
whatever they expected they expected of her, then she might get
escorted out. Were they expecting a dancer? A contortionist? Maybe
they were interviewing women to be groupies?

After an uncomfortable minute of silence, one of the women yelled
an instruction.

"Strike a pose!"

Amy did.


"First question," Morgana said to the hanging Bethany. "Whom do
you work for?"

Bethany kept quiet. Morgana only smiled.

"That's the spirit!" Morgana said. She reached for Bethany's
coat, and unbuttoned the long trench coat. Bethany looked in horror as
the pop star unbuttoned Bethany's pants and roughly pulled them down!

"Oh look, true blue panties," Morgana sneered.

"Next question, who do you work for?"

Bethany kept quiet. Morgana shrugged and took a pair of scissors
from one of the guards. Starting at the bottom of Bethany's shirt,
Morgana slowly cut a slash right up the middle to Bethany's neck. Once
Bethany's shirt was slit, Morgana pulled the shirt apart to reveal
Bethany's impressive blue bra.

"I need to cherish this sight," Morgana gloated.

The hanging agent considered her options. It would be too easy
to lash out with her legs and strangle the pop star or break her neck.
Bethany wanted to, but she couldn't begin to imagine how pissed
Diligent Enterprises would be if one of their agents had killed the
most popular singer in the world. Bethany growled as the situation
became clear. She had to submit to this woman's game in order to keep
her cover.

"Now dance for us!" one of the women screamed at Amy.

Amy was relieved to dance at this point. The women had kept
asking her to strike poses, and Amy's nerves were getting rattled by
the constant standing still. At least she could move around while she

"Hey Mr. DJ," Amy yelled at a guy standing by a stereo. "Play
some music for me and my legs!"

"Another question, who sent you here?" Morgana asked.

Bethany ignored her. Morgana laughed and slipped the scissors
underneath the cleavage of Bethany's bra. With a single snip,
Bethany's bra popped open and her large breasts were now exposed to the
cold Scottish air.

"Impressive," Morgana said with honesty. She reached up and
fondled Bethany's tit. The heavy globe was kneaded and crushed by
Morgana's fingers and Bethany cried out as Morgana twisted a nipple.

"You are certainly a beautiful stranger," Morgana admitted. "Are
you sure you don't want to tell me who you are?"

"Go to Hell," Bethany said. Morgana twisted her nipple even
harder. The cold wind blew again, and Bethany shivered as it ripped
past her naked body.

"That's another piece of clothing," Morgana said with a smile as
cold as the Scottish wind. She didn't use the scissors this time.
Morgana simply ripped Bethany's panties from her body, exposing her sex
and buttocks to the elements.

"Ooops, we're out of clothes," Morgana said. "We'll have to play
a new game. I call it, Truth or Fuck."


Amy had been dancing for ages. Simple dances, mixed with
occasional dirty moves she knew from working undercover as a stripper.
She didn't know what the three women wanted, but Amy was having fun.
You could say she had slipped into the groove.

"Excellent," one of the three women yelled. "Now, give us the
look of love!"

"What the?" Amy said. She stopped dancing and looked at the
three women. She pictured them as her three favorite people, her mom,
her dog, Skippy, and her favorite masseuse at the company spa, Jean


"One more chance," Morgana warned. She had the large black dildo
in her hand and there was no doubt where it was going.

Bethany moaned as she realized the futility. She could confess
right now, and get her company into trouble, or she could kill the
stupid celebrity and possibly get fired. Of course, her other option
was to get dildo-fucked by this pervert.

"Damn, I hope it's at least warm," Bethany sighed.

"No answer?" Morgan asked. She didn't look disappointed.
Morgana pressed the tip of the dildo against Bethany's pussy. Moving
very slowly, Morgan slid the dildo in a single inch. Bethany shivered
as the ice-cold dildo pushed it's way inside her.

"Now tell me the truth," Morgan snapped. "Whom do you work for?"

"Fuck you!" Bethany snarled.

"No, fuck YOU," Morgana said. She pulled the dildo out,
surprising Bethany who expected to be penetrated. Her surprise turned
to shock as she felt the warm lips of Morgana on her sex. Bethany
shuddered as Morgana delved deep into her pussy. The hanging blonde
felt that she could complain but she couldn't bring herself to object.
Morgana's mouth was warm, eager and a welcome distraction from the
Scottish cold.

The worse part was, Bethany couldn't believe how GOOD Morgana
was! The pop queen had a reputation as a pervert and a sex fiend, but
Bethany thought it was just hype. The truth was, Morgana was the best
clitoris licker Bethany had ever enjoyed. Morgana's mouth was hungry
and giving at the same time. Bethany looked down and at that moment,
the clouds broke and a single ray of light fell on Morgana's red hair.
The sight was magical and Bethany felt like she on center stage.

"Deeper and deeper!" Bethany moaned as Morgana obeyed her wishes.


Amy was doing a complicated series of rolls and tumbles,
executing the moves exactly as the three women had commanded. The
three were amazed. No matter what they asked, the agile brunette
eagerly performed. Her breasts were small, but her legs and ass made
up for it and there was no denying the girl had a slut quality that
they were looking for.

"Who's that girl?" one of the three asked the others.


Bethany had lifted her legs over the shoulders of Morgana,
clenching the pop star's head with her thighs. Her shoulders were
burning form the tension of the chains pulling, but Bethany could care
less. This was the pussy licking of a lifetime. Fuck, it was like
being licked for the very first time.

Morgana sucked Bethany's clit into her lips and flicked the hard
bud with her tongue. Bethany shivered as the wind blew her trench coat
around her body but all she could think about was the pop singer
between her legs. Morgana's red hairs whipped around her head,
snapping like tiny lashes against Bethany's belly and thighs. As the
wind increased, so did the lashing of Morgana's tongue inside Bethany.

"Can't stop!" Bethany moaned. Her orgasm unfolded within her,
sending waves of bliss through her hanging body. Bethany's hips danced
against Morgana's lips, seeking more of the expert singer's tongue.

"Enough," Morgana said as she stepped back. She kissed Bethany's
stomach with her wet lips; wiping Bethany's desire against the blonde's
own skin.

"Take a bow," Bethany sighed, still shaking. Bethany didn't
think she could ever listen to Morgana's songs the same way again.

"I will," Morgana laughed. "Get her down and escort her from the
camp. I think she's caused enough commotion."

"Congratulations, you're hired!" one of the three women declared.

Amy relaxed from her topless headstand. "Hired for what?"

"To be a tour dancer, of course!" one of the women said. "Leon
will take you to the costuming department and get you dressed."

"Today must have been my lucky star!" Amy exclaimed. Now she had
a tough decision to make. Does she get dressed and walk out of here
wearing the clothes her employers sent her to get? Or does she quit
her job at Paragon and go on tour with Morgana?

The end.


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