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"The Hand That Rocks the Booty"

Amy Valentine slipped off her robe and put her long brown hair
into a ponytail. She climbed onto the table and shivered, like she
always did when she climbed onto this table in the nude. Her
employers, Paragon Industries were nice enough to assign her a masseuse
for after every mission but for some reason, they drew the line at
making sure she had a warm table to lie on.

The door opened and a masseuse she didn't recognize came in. He
was quite good looking with short black hair and a pair of deep brown
eyes but he wasn't her Jean Maurice. Jean Maurice knew every corner
and kink in her body and talent like that just couldn't be replaced.

"Don't take this the wrong way," Amy began. "But where's Jean

The man shrugged. "He called in sick. I'm his replacement,

Amy rolled the name in her mouth and then winced. A sore muscle
on her jaw flared up. To his credit, Jacque recognized the signs

"Had something in your mouth for too long?" he asked. His
fingers went to her face and massaged her jawline. His touch was
gentle and surprisingly effective in easing the soreness.

"You can say that," Amy replied. "My last mission was something
of a jawbreaker."

"Mission?" Jacque asked. "I thought all of you were executives
and engineers. You make it sound like you are some sort of spy."

Amy smiled. "Well, I am. I go out and bring back information
from our competitors. Oh! That feels nice! And it's warm too!"

"Yes, I believe in heating my oils before using them," Jacque
said. He continued to pour the oil onto her back and down over her
firm buttocks.

"Your ass is quite firm I must say," Jacque complimented.
"Although I am worried about this bruise here."

"That's nothing," Amy replied. "I fell off a bridge and landed
on a boat some twenty feet down. I was lucky I didn't break anything."

Jacque laughed. "My, what an exciting life you must have!" His
hands rubbed her back in hard wide circles and his fingers broke down
the tension in her muscles. Amy moaned softly as pains she didn't know
she had were being taken away.

"It's definitely exciting," Amy said after she regained her
breath. "This past mission, I had to fall off a bridge, dodge machine
gun fire, seduce a software designer and then fight this bitch on top
of a yacht. She ended up in the river and I ended up with the data."

"Uh oh," Jacque said. His hands went to her left thigh and Amy
nearly cried out at the sudden pain.

"You have a nerve here that jumped when you mentioned 'the
bitch.' Somebody you know?" Jacque asked. His hands isolated the
nerve and Amy moaned again as he pummeled her taunt thigh.

"Yeah," Amy said between clenched teeth. "Her name is Bethany
Taylor and she works for Diligent Enterprises. She's the only
industrial agent nearly as good as me."

Jacque's fingers sank into Amy's thigh and massaged the muscles
that yielded before his touch. Amy parted her thighs instinctively,
allowing him better access as well as submitting to her own desires.
The nude brunette lifted her ass as his nimble fingers found exactly
where the pain was coming from.

"She's just a competitor?" Jacque asked. "You shouldn't let
yourself get that upset. She just has the same job as you. Don't let
it get personal."

"That's easy for you to say," Amy said. She wanted to get angry,
but his fingers were too amazing. "Bethany has been on my case for
years. If she isn't one step ahead of me, she's one step behind. Oh

"Like that?" Jacque asked. His fingers were massaging her
buttocks, pulling her cheeks apart and hitting those clusters of

"Oh yes, yes, I do!" Amy moaned. She lifted her ass as her
fingers clutched the end of the table.

"There's no reason to be upset about the blonde now. The mission
is over, right?" Jacque asked.

"True," Amy sighed. "But the bitch is keeping me from getting my
paycheck. See, I got the virus from the programmer, but if she got the
virus too, then she knows how to stop it. It'll be difficult enough to
insert the virus into their mainframe and there's no reason to go to
that trouble if they can just stop it. It'll take a few weeks to find
out from our spies at Diligent Enterprises on if Bethany got the virus
or not. Which means I can't have the new porcelain bath tub installed
for at least a month."

"That would explain a lot of the tension I'm feeling," Jacques
responded. "Your backside is just one solid knot."

"I'm not surprised," Amy sighed. "See, the other important bit
is that it only takes one word to stop the virus. That's it. Just one
word, and the whole virus mutates, and offers itself to the system that
it is infecting. So, if Bethany knows the right word, then her company
will end up with an even nastier virus to throw back at us. I might
have fallen off a bridge for no reason at all!"

"Shhh," Jacque soothed. "You're undoing all the work I just

"Sorry," Amy apologized. "I just-Oh!"

"Do you mind?" Jacque asked.

Amy felt Jacque's fingers move past her buttocks and slip right
into her sex. His oil coated fingers felt wonderful against the walls
of her sex and her back arched as she pressed against him. The stress
of the mission was obliterated with a single thrust of his knowing

"I don't mind, at all!" Amy cooed.

Jacque's fingers performed their special magic inside Amy. They
would widen, stretching her from the inside, and then close back
together, trapping her folds between his fingers. The oil mixed with
her desire to create an elixir that guided his fingers in a smooth
glide. Even his fingertips were skilled; his nails would tug on her in
ways that made Amy's eyes cross.

She felt a finger press against her anus and Amy lifted her ass
higher. The nude agent moaned as his finger invaded her ass; impaling
her deeply. Coated in oil, Jacque slipped easily into her tight anus
while his other hand continued to stroke her sex. Amy forgot about
viruses and codes as her body came alive with sensation.

"Do it!" Amy hissed between clenched teeth and Jacque obliged.
He fingered her ass while his hand continued to masturbate her. Amy's
back and buttocks rolled with the thrusts, fucking his fingers in
return. Her legs spread and her hands clenched the table till her
knuckles turned white. It was that good.

"You need this, don't you?" Jacque asked, not unkindly.

"Yes!" Amy hissed. The double penetration was becoming blurred
in her mind. She could no longer feel the individual points of entry.
To Amy's stressed body, she was simply being fucked, completely and
totally fucked.

"Yes!" Amy hissed again as she reached orgasm, her anus and pussy
overwhelming her body with bliss.

"Yes!" Amy hissed again, as Jacque continued to stroke her
towards another orgasm.

"Yes!" Amy hissed after a third orgasm, and again after a fourth.

When she could take no more and her body was feeling a good kind
of numb, Jacque finally relented. He removed his fingers and Amy's
body collapsed like an appliance unplugged from the socket. While he
quietly dried his hands, Amy made small moaning sounds of afterglow.

"Better?" Jacque asked.

Amy simply nodded.

"Mind if I ask one more question?" Jacque ventured. When Amy
shook her head, he asked it. "I'm just curious, what was the single
word that could stop the virus?"

Amy was silent as she rolled over. She had a huge smile on her
face and her eyes were shining.

"Thank you, that was the best part of the massage," she said.
"Now I can collect my paycheck."

Jacque looked confused. "I don't understand."

"The only reason you would ask me that, is if Bethany didn't get
the virus," Amy responded. "You can go back to Diligent and tell our
blonde acquaintance to go fuck herself."

Jacque frowned and looked angry. "What makes you think I work
for your blonde enemy?"

"You called her blonde earlier," Amy replied. "I never mentioned
she was blonde, that was something you called her first. That was when
I knew that you knew Bethany personally. Her blonde hair and big tits
are the only things people ever remember about her. From there, it was
just a matter of seeing what you want."

Amy jumped off the table. "Now you better leave before I tell
Paragon they have a spy inside the building. I have to go buy a bath

The end.


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