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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"The Legend of Indian Hollow"
By Shon Richards

"My name is Elder Vrice," I told the two young ladies. "I will
be deciding if you are fit for trial or not for your violation of
Indian Hollow."

That got their attention. The two had been arguing with each
other from their separate hospital beds. Why two government agents
would be so hostile to each other was beyond me. I also didn't care.
The insanity of the outside world was why the religious people of
Indian Hollow avoided most contact. You can't tell me that "Survivor"
is the product of a healthy society.

"What violations?" the blonde asked. She looked stunning with
the sunlight reflecting off her long blonde hair and I had to keep my
mind off her wonderful cleavage. I knew that this one, Bethany Taylor
was the name she gave us, had to be sinful. Women just don't look that
good in a hospital gown without being a sinner of some kind.

"You and your partner landed your parachute right on top of
Howell's Shrine," I told her. "You desecrated the holy ground that no
woman had stepped on in over a century! It will take us a week to do
the proper ceremonies to cleanse the town founder's shrine! We have
tolerated the federal government spying on us for years, but this time,
you have gone too far!"

"We are NOT from the government!" the brunette snapped. This one
had the look of a sinner too. She said her name was Amy Valentine and
claimed to work for some company called Paragon Enterprises. I didn't
like how she made a habit of uncovering her long legs and constantly
crossing and recrossing them. It was terribly distracting and I had a
duty to perform.

"Oh please," I said as I answered her. "Am I really to believe
that you two are from competing major corporations and that you were
engaged in some sort of espionage on board a plane? Do you really
think I would believe that the two of you fought in midair and that you
had to share a parachute? It is obviously just some sort of clever
ruse designed to confuse us so you two can spy on us!"

Amy frowned, wrinkling her nose in a cute way that tempted me
further from my path. "What kind of sick things are you doing here
that you're so paranoid?"

"See?" I asked her. "Questions like that just prove my point."

"Fine," Bethany sighed. God, her breasts strained against her
nightgown for a split second and I thought I was going to have to sit
down. "We're evil government agents bent on destroying your holy town.
Can we please call our lawyers for the trial you plan on having?"

I relaxed. This was much more familiar territory. Back in my
element of religious law, I could forget how wonderfully luscious
Bethany's chest was and how fit and desirable Amy's legs were.

"Lawyers?" I asked sarcastically. "Oh, that's right. Your
system of justice has so much faith in God that you rely on wealthy
people trained in a legal language no one else understands to tell you
if you are guilty or not. We are a refined and sophisticated society
based on the Eight Dreams of Clarity that Ignatius Howell had."

Amy looked a little worried. "If you don't have lawyers, what
kind of trial are we expecting? Should we expect trial by combat?"

I laughed. "We're not barbarians! We shall draw lots among our
Town Elders and those who are chosen will don the masks of the Lesser
Gods. In the roles of the Divine, they will debate your fates while
trying to emulate the wills of the Lesser Gods. This insures that your
trial will be fair and just. Just pray that brother Cole doesn't get
the Blight Bat mask, he tends to be a little violent. If you are
really lucky, sister Mohan will draw the Wealth pig mask and you'll
only be fined for your crimes."

The simplicity and honesty of our system stunned the two agents
into silence.

I left the two and went to work preparing their trial. In the
privacy of my office, I performed the lottery to determine who would
assume which God's role. When I say lottery, I mean I just picked
people but that was something you don't tell the others. As Senior
Elder, it was a heavy burden to keep such a secret, but really, these
things were too important to leave to chance.

After making the proper selections and calling the participants
to make sure they would be present for the trial, I took the rest of
the day off. I needed my rest for tonight's activities as I had given
myself the Fertility Wolf's role, and I had big plans for the two
agents. The last time we had government trespassers, they were just
four young college age boys and there was no chance to "relieve" my
stress. Those four had actually tried to give us some fool story about
taking a road trip to a distant college to get some video tape before a
girlfriend saw it. Why does the government think we would believe such
fool stories?

I smiled as I remembered their screams when the Moon Harlot had
her way with them.

My secretary, the lovely Ms. Winters, awoke me from the nap I was
taking in my office. I was having erotic dreams about the government
sinners and the sight of the ash blonde Ms. Winters only reminded me of
how badly I wanted to keep dreaming.

"What is it Ms. Winters?" I demanded harshly.

"The two women have escaped!" she said in disbelief.

I shared her confusion. "How did they get past the sheriff's

"Sheriff Colt said they disarmed his men after seducing them!" my
secretary said.

"All of them?" I asked. There were eight deputies assigned to

Ms. Winters nodded.

I shook my head. What a bunch of sluts. So much for that story
of being enemies, they were working well enough together now. I
honestly didn't expect them to escape, and certainly not armed. The
town of Indian Hollow was a peaceful community; two crazed women could
do a lot of damage. Hell, considering how pissed off they was this
morning; I knew they wouldn't just be content with leaving.

"We have no choice, Ms. Winters," I said as I opened my desk.
The special keys were right where they had lain for the past seven
years. "We're going to need the Blight Bat to get these ladies back."

"Okay," she said. "I'll go get the mask while you call whoever
you want to be the God."

"You misunderstand me," I told her. "I don't think a man in a
mask will be enough. We need the Lesser God himself."


Through a secret door in my office, down a long winding stone
staircase and over an underground river, I led Ms. Winters into Indian
Hollow's greatest secret. There was a reason why old Ignatius Howell
settled here. This was literally where the Lesser Gods dwelled.

We passed several locked stone doors, each of them ten feet high.
Ms. Winters was terrified but it couldn't be helped. The Lesser Gods
were strange and demanding. I wouldn't be able to control the Blight
Bat without her aid.

In front of the Blight Bat's locked cave, I drew the circle.
Fortunately, the Church keeps a vial of doe blood for just this sort of
occasion. Ms. Winters kept quiet as I recited the chants and spells
that would awake the beast. She was a good secretary and a devout
woman. I was just lucky she had a pretty mouth as well.

"Now Ms. Winters, listen carefully," I instructed her. She knelt
in front of me as I commanded and didn't even flinch when I unzipped my

"The Blight Bat is an angry creature and doesn't fear any man or
woman," I explained. "Only with what Howell described as an "Iron Rod
of Flesh' can he be controlled. You must give me an erection and you
must help me keep it. If my member flags or climaxes, the Blight Bat
will be out of our control and he'll return to his lair. Understand?"

"Should I take off my blouse?" Ms. Winters asked.

"Of course not," I told her kindly. "I am a religious man."

She nodded and began to stroke my cock. I was already hard; my
dreams of Amy and Bethany were quite explicit. Ms. Winters had a
steady rhythm and a strong grip that surprised me. When she licked her
hand to give us better lubrication, I knew I would need to talk to her
later. She was a bit too experienced for her age.

I groaned when she took me into her lips. My cock was engulfed
in her wet mouth and I felt her tongue playing with the underside of my
tip. Her cheeks sucked in and she brushed her light blonde hair out of
her eyes so she could look at me.

Damn it! Who had been fucking my secretary?

The Blight Bat roared in my thoughts and I stopped thinking about
the capable Ms. Winters. I was in control of the beast! With my
member locked in Ms. Winter's lips, I pushed my senses towards those of
the Blight Bat.

WE looked around our cave and found it too dark and dismal for
our power. Using my human knowledge, WE pushed from the ground and
unfurled our wings. The stone was immaterial to us as WE shifted our
density to glide through the solid earth. With a roar from our lips,
we flew upon the world once again.

The Moon was yellow and bright; a true hunter's moon. WE heard
the sounds of the town below us, and our hunger was immense. WE wanted
to destroy. WE wanted to rape. WE wanted to bring the Blight to all
that walked, crawled and lived!

I reached for Ms. Winter's hair and felt her silken tresses. My
cock responded and I thrust against her tongue. Using my desire, I
wrestled control of the Blight Bat away from his hunger. I couldn't
sublimate him completely but I could steer him. Once he heard my
thoughts on our prey, WE merged together once more.

WE turned in the night sky. Our wings felt and caught the wind
as well as the scent of those WE sought. The two smelled unique in
this town and they were easy to pick out of the faithful. WE flew
towards them with all our speed. Our eyes saw their hospital gowns
beneath the trees and the fear and disbelief on their faces.

Their guns were useless. The bullets could not harm the divine.
WE kicked Amy to the ground but she rolled with our kick and avoided
any injury. Bethany fired at point-blank with her gun and WE laughed
as her hot lead melted into us.

Elsewhere, Ms. Winters sucked slowly. She was teasing and
wonderful, but always in control of my eager cock. My balls were
cupped and squeezed, aiding me in my control.

WE picked up Bethany by the throat and WE had to struggle with
our hunger. Her breasts were larger than the River Maiden! The wind
rippled threw her gown and nearly disrobed her while she was in our
grasp. Quickly, WE threw her away before our lusts overwhelm us.

Amy kicked US in the back and WE growled. The fool thought she
could win! WE spun around and knocked her back down to the ground with
our wing. She slid into the dirt and left a wake of flying leaves in
her path. Her hospital gown rode up from the hit, and her bare legs
were shining in the moonlight. WE paused, salivating as WE smelled her
sex from afar.

Gods, it was such a sweet smell!

WE stomped towards her while our tongue flickered about our face.
Amy yelled something to Bethany but in our lust, we didn't hear what
she said. The fallen brunette started yelling louder as we approached
and WE managed to regain our composure to hear what she said.

"The bitch ran away!" Amy screamed. She was angrier at Bethany
than she was mad at her doom.

"Perhaps you two really are enemies," WE growled. WE stood above
her, our cock coming to life and swinging between our knees. Amy's
eyes widened as she saw her future mate.

"Hey, does that mean you'll let us go?" Amy tried desperately.

"Well to be honest," WE growled. "WE really don't care now."

Elsewhere, my fingers were pulling Ms. Winter's head towards my
cock. I needed to sink deeper into her, yet I also had to retain
control. The Blight Bat was about to attack Amy and I had to make sure
it didn't turn sexual. I wanted her destruction, not her rape and to
keep control, I had to keep my 'Iron'.

"Fuck you asshole!" WE heard seconds before Bethany barreled into
us from behind. In our struggle for control, WE had neglected our
senses! Now the blonde bitch had us on the ground and on top of Amy!

It was too much! The skin of the young women sang when it
touched our skin. As WE grasped and kicked against their soft bodies,
WE could feel the straining of Amy's fit legs. WE could feel the
pillows of Bethany's breasts as we pushed against her. WE could smell
their long hair as it whipped against our face and WE could hear their
sexy throats as they groaned and yelled.

"Oh shit!" I yelled as I pushed my cock down Ms. Winter's throat.

WE screamed as Amy grabbed our cock. The strong women had her
arm wrapped around our cock as she delivered kick after kick into our
stomach. The kicks were painless but the grip on our cock was making
our ears fold back onto our head.

Bethany was worse. The busty blonde's nightgown was ripped in
several places and the moonlight was revealing her tits. They swung as
she swung and they bounced when her fists connected with our body. WE
knew we had to fight her, but after years of being locked in that cave,
all WE wanted to do was fuck those nearly divine breasts!

It was so unfair! Who the fuck ever fights the damn Blight Bat?

Elsewhere, I was whispering and begging.

"Ms. Winter, keep me hard," I groaned. Sweat was coming from my
brow as I struggled to keep control.

Ms. Winter answered me with an affirmative moan. I trembled as I
nearly climaxed right there.

Back at the fight, things were getting worse. The bitches were
too fast! WE were so much stronger than them but the could move!
Watching Amy's legs flash in the night and Bethany's tits jiggle as she
dodged was giving them the edge they needed to stay ahead of my lust
distracted swings.

Angered at being defeated by mere women, WE lost our mind and
tried to bite Bethany. She nearly died as our great jaws almost
clamped on her face but that bitch Amy, kicked her just in time. As
Bethany went flying back, our jaws snapped in frustration and in anger,
our tongue flicked out at her.

Our tongue struck her on the left nipple.

The taste of Bethany's nipple was like wine with our heightened
senses. I tasted her sweat, her fear and her soft skin with one quick
flick. It was our undoing.

Elsewhere, I shuddered and climaxed in Ms. Winter's mouth. My
faithful secretary was stunned and immediately fell back. I yelled in
anger as my cock continued to ejaculate and sprayed Ms. Winters with my
seed. The thick streams landed in her hair and on her face; a
testimony to my weakness.

WE fell apart. Our wonderful divine body was seized and torn by
the cosmic laws of magic. Without my human control, the divine part of
the Blight Bat was ripped back to his cave where his essence dwells.
WE watched helplessly as the two agents stared in amazement. WE
couldn't even throw a final insult at the two unbelievably lucky sluts.

"Elder Vrice, what happened?" Ms. Winters demanded as she wiped
my cum from her forehead.

"I failed," I said miserably. "Amy and Bethany are well on their
way out of here, no doubt to continue on whatever infernal mission they
were on."

"Shall I call the sheriff?" Ms. Winters asked.

"No, there is another of the Lesser Gods I must go to now," I
told her.

It was with heavy dread and dire fear that I pulled out another
sacred key from my pocket. Ms. Winters said nothing as I turned to
another of the locked caves though she did whimper when she recognized
the glyph on the floor before it. She didn't understand how dire my
crime was.

Only the Moon Harlot could punish me properly now.


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