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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"I Know What You Did Last Halloween"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine struggled to get into the rubber fox suit. The fit
brunette sucked in her breath but it didn't help. The problem was her
ass, not her stomach. Her ass was so round, firm and ample that the
tight rubber suit was stretched to its limits. She had to remove all
of her clothing down to her underwear just to fit the rubber over

"Damn it," Amy cursed. "Why couldn't I steal a costume from a
fat chick?"

The agent looked down at the woman she had stolen the costume
from and remembered that she picked this target for a reason. The tied
up blonde was a Diligent Enterprises courier. She was scheduled to
pick up some important microfilm from another Diligent Enterprises spy
at this stupid Halloween costume party. Amy's company, Paragon
Industries had sent Amy to intercept the microfilm. Of course, they
didn't bother to tell Amy what was on the film but that's why they paid
industrial agents like Amy the big paychecks. She planned to use the
money to buy an autographed collection of Will Eisner.

Amy had knocked out the courier and stuffed her into an office
closet but the costumed courier didn't have the film on her yet. That
was why Amy stripped her and tried to put on the tight rubber outfit.
It was up to Amy to act the part of the courier and get the film
straight from the other spy.

Amy only knew of the courier; she had no idea who she was to
receive the film from. She shook the captured woman awake and tried to
interrogate her. The lady wasn't talking.

"Who's your contact?" Amy yelled. "What were your code words and

The woman didn't say a word.

"What are you, deaf?" Amy snapped.

The woman laughed. Silently.

"Oh shit," Amy whispered. The lady wasn't deaf she was mute!

"Genius," Amy admitted. Anyone who tried to pose as the courier
would blow it as soon as they spoke. It was so simple and clever; Amy
just knew that Diligent Enterprises had to have stolen the idea from
another company.

Amy slipped on the hood of her new costume and checked herself
out. She had to admit that it was a great outfit. red rubber encased
her entire body from her long legs to the top of her head. Only her
red lips were visible on her face as the red hood covered even her long
brown hair and covered her face with a feminine fox's face. blond hair
came out of the back of the hood and looked completely natural. A long
bushy tail connected to her ass completed her fox appearance.

"Great, all I have to do now is mingle and hope the other spy
recognizes me," Amy sighed. It was a hell of a way to spend Halloween,
but it beat getting chased by demons again.


Bethany Taylor resisted the urge to scratch her head. Her blonde
hair was tucked under a black wig and it was getting itchy in the heat.
That's what she hated about working undercover for; the bastards always
had the heat turned up too high. Even at their stupid Halloween
parties they kept the heat blazing. Bethany wondered if they were just
preparing themselves for their futures in Hell.

She couldn't understand why she was getting hot; she wasn't
exactly wearing warm clothes. All she had on was her black wig, a very
light gypsy skirt and spangled bikini top that revealed more of her
massive breasts than they covered. Bethany wondered if it was the
jewelry that was making her hot. She had on over a dozen bracelets,
eight rings, three gold necklaces, two silver armbands, two gold hoop
earrings and an ankle bracelet.

Bethany always had been an Esmeralda fan.

The agent looked anxiously around the room for her target. The
sooner she ditched this microfilm the better. It was a complicated
mission of blueprints stealing, smuggling and secret hand-offs, but it
promised to pay well. It had better. Spending two weeks with the
geeks posing as a clueless intern had been murder on Bethany's pride
but then, that's why they paid agents like Bethany the big paychecks.
She had her heart set on purchasing Lon Chaney's makeup case.

"There we go," Bethany said as she spotted the courier from
across the crowded party. The fox outfit stood out easily in the crowd
of ghosts, vampires and cheap pirates. The geeks parted before the
lovely woman wearing the outfit almost as if they were afraid of
touching something so sexy. Even Bethany was impressed. The fox lady
had legs that Bethany could only dream of having and the rubber suit
clung to the woman's ass like a lover.

The fox lady came closer and Bethany noticed that she could see
the outline of the lady's sex through the skintight rubber. The bushy
tail swished back and forth between the fox lady's limber legs. She
barely had any breasts to speak of, but the rubber suit clung so
tightly that Bethany could spot the woman's hard nipples.

Bethany's own legs trembled slightly at the rubber-encased
perfection. The gypsy agent didn't realize just how starved she was
for sexual attraction. Working at MacroHard was like being in jail:
there was sex to be had but you didn't want it.

"Hello," Bethany said as she approached the fox lady. The red
lips smiled back at Bethany, a little uncertain.

Bethany leaned in closer; her ring covered fingers stroking the
fox lady's arm. The rubber was warm to the touch.

"I have the microfilm," Bethany whispered. "Let's find a closet
where we can make the exchange.

The fox lady's smile was much warmer now. That was when Bethany
made up her mind. Paychecks were nice, but she deserved a more carnal
bonus. It was the holidays after all.

Bethany tried to steer the fox lady towards a broom closet she
saw earlier, but the costumed woman strongly resisted. The gypsy
admired how the fox woman's muscles bulged under the rubber when she
stood her ground. Bethany wondered how those legs would feel around
her head.

"Okay, how about this office then?" Bethany offered. It was a
small office belonging to the manager of quality control. Bethany knew
it would be empty since it was almost never used.

The fox lady agreed and Bethany locked the door behind them.


Amy was relieved to finally find the spy at last. Her fox outfit
was great to look at but it was rubbing the cleft of her sex in a most
distracting manner. Before the raven-haired gypsy woman contacted her,
Amy was considering running to the bathroom and masturbating to relieve
the insistent pressure. Now she was just minutes away from completing
her mission and having a celebratory finger fuck.

She held her hand out for the microfilm but the busty gypsy just
smiled. Amy smiled back at her. The gypsy's wonderful cleavage was
dazzling Amy with a combination of spangles and an impressive abundance
of flesh. She also loved the gypsy's combination of purple eye shadow
and stars made of glitter on her cheeks. The makeup was so artful; it
hid the gypsy's face like a mask. In Amy's aroused state; she couldn't
help fantasizing about the mysterious gypsy woman.

"Damn," Amy thought to herself. "I bet she's more stacked than
that cow Bethany!"

"What's your hurry," the gypsy said in a husky voice. Amy
thought she recognized the voice but the gypsy's exaggerated Romanian
accent made it impossible to place. When the gypsy stepped closer and
locked lips with Amy; she stopped trying to place the voice altogether.

The heat of the kiss surprised Amy. The gypsy must have been as
desperate as Amy was! It was a hot melee of tongues and lips as they
each struggled against each other. Amy felt the gypsy wrap her arms
around Amy and squeeze her ass as she pulled her tighter. The rubber
clad agent shivered as she felt the gypsy's breasts flatten against her
own breasts.

"Oh yes," the gypsy said in her mock accent when she finally
broke their kiss. Amy's lips were tingling and she wasn't sure who won
that exchange. She decided to seize the initiative and cupped the
gypsy's breasts in her hands. The gypsy arched her back and moaned as
Amy dipped her head and nibbled on the cleavage that was boring from
the spangled bra. The soft flesh was salty from sweat, and sweet from
whatever magical perfume the gypsy used.

Amy nibbled the ample breasts of the gypsy while her hands went
to the hips of the gypsy. Through trial and error, Amy found the
secret places on the gypsy's breasts that caused the best reactions.
Whenever she found a special spot, the gypsy would shake suddenly and
all her jewelry would jingle together from the vibrations.

"Enough!" the gypsy cried. She pushed Amy away and they both
looked down on her breasts. They exposed flesh was glowing red from
where Amy's mouth had bit and sucked. Amy smiled wickedly at her

"Turn around my fox," the gypsy said in her heavy accent. Amy
did as she asked, leaning against the desk in a seductive manner. She
even lifted one leg coyly and shook her ass to make her bushy tail

"Sinful," the gypsy moaned as she kneeled behind Amy. It was
Amy's turn to cry out as the gypsy bit her ass. The rubber was so thin
it provided no protection as the gypsy's teeth sunk into her firm
buttocks. The gypsy's hand cupped Amy's sex and stroked her slowly
through the rubber suit. Amy was pinned by the skillful hand as the
gypsy relentless bit Amy all over her ass. No round curve was left
unbitten and every time Amy's hips flinched; the gypsy's hand just
pressed harder against her sex. It became a harsh dance of biting and
groping and Amy had to enjoy and suffer in silence.

Finally, she could take no more. Her sex was enflamed from the
rubbing and she was sweating hard inside the rubber. She had to have
satisfaction from this sensual gypsy eating her ass.

Amy lifted one leg onto the desk and then the other. The gypsy
paused in her biting and stood up. Amy smiled her best "lick-me" smile
and swept her hand across the desktop. Hundreds of complaints and a
Macintosh fell off the desk and landed loudly on the floor.

The gypsy laughed. "You may be mute, but you are not quiet," she

Amy smiled proudly and spread her legs. With the claw of her
glove, Amy slit a hole in her rubber pants at the crotch. The rubber
split to reveal her shaven sex and the gypsy laughed lustfully.

"I agree, but move over," the busty gypsy whispered. She climbed
onto the desk with Amy and removed her bra. Her luscious breasts
sprang free and Amy just had to have them again. As the gypsy gently
pushed Amy onto her back, Amy was already gathering the gypsy's nipples
into her mouth. Suckling, Amy reclined on the desk and only when she
made the gypsy cry out and beg did she release those quarter sized
nipples from her lips.

"Such a bad fox!" the gypsy chided. Her nipples were now as red
as the rest of her breasts. The gypsy stood on the desk and lifted her
skirt to her hips. Amy almost laughed but remembered to stay silent at
what she saw. The gypsy wore only a gold belt for underwear.

The gypsy reversed and stepped over Amy's head. Amy spread her
legs wider as the gypsy knelt down and lowered her own sex to Amy's
waiting mouth. It was dark under the gypsy's skirt but Amy didn't need
to see a thing. Her hands pulled the gypsy's belt until her lips and
tongue found the gypsy's secret camp.

As Amy's mouth opened the nether lips of the gypsy, she felt the
reassuring weight of the gypsy's breasts press against her stomach.
The gypsy's fingers pulled the rubber covering her crotch as her tongue
made first contact with Amy's clitoris. Amy clenched and her lips
vibrated against the gypsy's sex as she moaned. The gypsy clenched as
well but her tongue never ceased in flickering over Amy's sex lips.

Amy delved deeper as she pulled the gypsy down onto her. Her
tongue wiggled and sought those special places that would make the
gypsy quiver and moan. The gypsy's sex buckled and moved as it tried
to impale itself on Amy's tongue. The prone agent enjoyed the erotic
dance on her lips and she was sure to tip the gypsy for her performance
with generous bites and licks.

Meanwhile, the gypsy wasn't content just to be eaten. Amy heard
the squeaks of her rubber suit as the gypsy writhed on her body. She
shuddered as the gypsy slid her ring-covered fingers deep into Amy's
sex. The various ridges and gems of the costume jewelry penetrated and
excited Amy's pussy with unexpected sensations. As the gypsy finger
fucked Amy, she would catch Amy's clitoris between her teeth and let it
slid in and out of her lips.

Amy's thighs began to tremble and she felt an unexplainable urge
to perform better. Stopping briefly to wet a finger, Amy pulled the
gypsy's buttocks open as she continued to lick at the sweet valley of
the gypsy's sex. When her finger was as wet as the gypsy's pussy, Amy
went into action. Wiggling and pushing she squeezed her finger deep
into the gypsy's ass while still under the cover of the gypsy's skirt.

"Shit!" the gypsy cried out pleasantly. She froze in her licking
as her ass accommodated the invasion. Below her waist was a maelstrom
of bliss yet for some reason, the gypsy felt she couldn't let this
escalation go unanswered.

The gypsy used her fingers to claw, rip and tear a bigger hole in
the fox suit. When her ripping reached the silent woman's ass, the
gypsy smiled. She removed her fingers, which were already slick from
masturbating Amy, and placed them at Amy's ass. To the amazement of
everyone involved, Amy's tight ass accepted the entry of three of the
gypsy's fingers.

Amy shook as her anus was wonderfully violated. The gypsy lifted
one of her heavy breasts and placed the nipple on Amy's sex. Amy's
hips began to buckle as she fucked the offered nipple. This didn't
mean she stopped what she was doing. Amy made up for her restriction
on moaning by savagely licking and eating the gypsy's sex. She
communicated all of her passion and desire through relentless oral sex
and anal fingering.

Together, the two battled to make the other loose their

Together, their two hips fought against the anal and oral

Together, the two women climaxed together.


"Wow," Bethany said to the silent fox lady. The gypsy-clad agent
was on the floor from where she fell off the desk. The climax she
enjoyed had taken her balance, her wind and her will to stand.

The fox lady was sitting in the office chair where she had
crawled. Bethany smiled as she noticed how the fox lady kept her legs
apart as if she was trying to preserve the bliss she had experienced.
The gypsy also took pride in the hickey she had left on the woman's
thigh, biting clean through the rubber.

The fox lady tried to rise and failed. Bethany tried to get up
and failed as well. Bethany was completely exhausted. That wasn't
sex. It was more like a sexual war of endurance that they both lost.
They weren't going anywhere.

Later, the fox lady was able to stand without teetering. Bethany
gave the fox lady the microfilm while the fox lady gave Bethany a kiss
on the top of her head. Bethany wished she hadn't been wearing a wig
so she could feel those lips again. At least Bethany got to enjoy the
sight of the fox lady's ass as she went out the door.

Bethany rested for a while before rising. All in all, it was a
fantastic mission. The information her company leaked to Paragon
Industries about a microfilm exchange went flawlessly. When Sara had
been attacked and her fox costume stolen; she had activated a hidden
panic button located in the bushy tail. This allowed Bethany to become
alert and keep her eye out for the inevitable imposter. The microfilm
filled with misleading information was now on its way to Diligent
Enterprises' competitors and best of all; Bethany had gotten the fuck
of her life.

She wondered who the Paragon agent was.

Bethany twisted the gem of her thumb ring. The ruby flashed
twice to signal she had an open line with Sara. Twirling her wet pubic
hair with a finger, Bethany checked in with the bait girl.

"Sara, you didn't happen to recognize who stole your costume, did

"Sure," Sara answered back. "It was that brunette you use as a
dartboard in your office."

Bethany froze in mid finger twirl.

"Fuck," Bethany cursed. "This is why I hate being bisexual! You
can't ever have an anonymous fuck without consequences!"

Bethany took a deep breath. "Maybe I'll get lucky and she won't
find out."


As Amy headed for her car; she had to walk carefully to hide the
gash the gypsy woman made in her rubber suit. Walking carefully also
helped conceal how little balance Amy had. Her thighs were numb and
her ass was sore in a rare pleasurable way.

Amy unlocked the door to her car and stopped to pull out a hair
caught in her teeth. The agent giggled as she realized that the hair
must have been a souvenir from the gypsy woman. She wondered if she
would ever meet someone that formative in sex again.

She looked at the hair she pulled out and her blood froze.
Thought the gypsy's hair had been pitch black, the pubic hair in her
fingers was pure and natural blonde. Amy stared at the pubic hair with
disbelieve as she realized she did recognize the voice of the gypsy
after all, bad accent and all.

"Fuck," Amy cursed. "Maybe I'll get lucky and she won't find


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