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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Rush Fuck"
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor waited patiently outside the service entrance to
LockTight Security Headquarters. The moon was hanging high in the
night sky and the alley she was crouched in was deserted. A cold
autumn wind blew by and Bethany shivered from the top of her leather
jacket to the bottom of her black jeans.

Her employers, Diligent Enterprises, were annoyed with LockTight
Security. Home security was the latest craze sweeping the nation and
LockTight provided the best. Their innovative technologies and quick
powerful anti-theft weapons made then a household name that held far
more value than Diligent's equivalent security company. Competition
like that had to be taught a lesson.

Bethany's mission was simple. She was to break in and steal the
prototype for the new LockTight Security Camera. Not only would this
prototype allow Diligent Enterprises to copy the technology, but also
the resulting press would be devastating. How safe will your home be
if the company who protects it was robbed?

A good invasion needed a good beginning, and Bethany had a great
one. Rather than dodge the various lasers and cameras, Bethany had
arranged for a block wide power outage. Of course, a building like
this would also have it's own generator but a quick blowjob with one of
the maintenance workers earlier had allowed her to sabotage the
generator as well. Once the power went out at midnight; the building
would be as dead as a morgue.

The blond shivered again and realized that basic black leather
might look good on her busty body but it didn't keep out the cold.

"Being cold is a state of mind, although I would have worn warmer
clothing," a voice said behind her.

Bethany spun around with her gun drawn but the man was already
dodging to the side. She stopped herself from pulling the trigger when
the man drew his sword and stepped out of the shadows. He was wrapped
in grey cloth from head to toe with only his eyes revealed but Bethany
recognized those hard lines under his clothes. It was Rikimaru; the
top agent of the Duchandu Corporation and family.

"I missed you in Berlin," Bethany said as she holstered her gun.

"Did you get my dagger?" Rikimaru said as he sheathed his sword.
He came closer and Bethany pulled him to her. He crushed her lips with
a kiss as she crushed her breasts to his hard chest.

"Yes, it was very beautiful," Bethany finally answered him. "Did
you get my painting?"

"Yes," he whispered. "A self-nude was very generous of you. I
now possess a copy of your beauty and your skill."

They were about to say something else when they heard a silence
descend on the area. Street lights and buildings shut off together and
plunged the two lovers into darkness. They enjoyed a quiet second of
being in each other's arms before remembering their mission.

"My watch says eleven o'clock, an hour before the power was
scheduled to go down," Bethany said.

"Ah, then you are here for the camera prototype as well?"
Rikimaru asked. "I had arranged for the power to go down at quarter to
midnight, so it wasn't I."

"Damn it, someone else is after it too," Bethany growled. "Come
on, let's beat them to it."

"I can not aid you," Rikimaru said reluctantly. "The honor of my
family demands I obtain the camera first."

Bethany kissed him again. "I understand. I'll take the west
stairs and you take the east and the fastest one there wins with no
hard feelings."

Rikimaru kissed her again. "I will leave your gift when I take
the camera."


"Eleven o'clock, right on time," Amy Valentine said. The
talented agent kicked down the front glass door, secure in the
knowledge that no alarm could activate without any power. Her
nightvision sunglasses spotted the baffled security guard that was
stumbling around in the dark.

Amy paused before attacking him. She thought it was a shame he
couldn't see her. It was a cold night so she was wearing a long black
wool duster with a stylish cut up the side. Her legs were encased in
special thermal heated black stockings and Amy wished the guard could
at least appreciate how nice her legs looked as they peeked out from
Eleven o'clock, right on time," Amy Valentine said. The talented agent
kicked down the front glass door, secure in the knowledge that no alarm
could activate without any power. Her nightvision sunglasses spotted
the baffled security guard that was stumbling around in the dark.

Amy paused before attacking him. She thought it was a shame he
couldn't see her. It was a cold night so she was wearing a long black
wool raincoat with a stylish cut up the side. Her legs were encased in
special thermal heated black stockings and Amy wished the guard could
at least appreciate how nice her long legs looked as they peeked out
from under her coat.

"Trinity has nothing on me," Amy whispered as she ran up to the
guard. He looked around and tried to see in the pitch darkness where
the sound of running feet was coming from. Amy leaped in the air and
kicked him twice in the face before hitting the ground again.

"Who needs wires?" Amy laughed as she headed for the west stairs.

The quick agent spotted the blonde first. She recognized Bethany
on sight, or to be more accurate, she recognized Bethany's bust and
long blonde hair before she actually saw Bethany's face. Amy followed
behind Bethany for two flights of stairs just to let Bethany trigger
any traps that might still be active.

Just as Amy was about to throw two grenades, Bethany opened the
door leading to the third floor. Amy paused because she knew the
prototype camera was on the top floor. The leggy woman didn't think
anything was of importance on this floor. She was tempted to go look
but she remembered how large her paycheck was going to be for stealing
the camera. It would be plenty to commission that symphony in C she

Amy continued up the stairs.


Bethany dodged down the hall and spared a few seconds to knock
down a befuddled security guard. A second guard spun around at the
noise and Bethany's nightvision contacts could see the guard raise his
gun at her. As she dropped to a defensive crouch, she saw the guard
fall over as a silver blade slashed through his arm. The guard was in
pain but as Rikimaru stepped over him he knew he was lucky to be alive.

"I see you remembered the emergency central elevator," Bethany
said as she approached Rikimaru.

"Of course," he answered. "This elevator has its own power
supply that kicks in during a crisis. I thought that was why you
suggested I take the stairs."

"Can't blame a gal for trying," Bethany laughed.

They stepped into the elevator together. The doors closed and a
small red light illuminated the two as they ascended. Bethany 's hand
grabbed Rikimaru's ass while Rikimaru's hand played with her long
blonde hair.

"We should really keep our minds on the job," Rikimaru whispered.

"I do," Bethany replied. Her fingers pinched his ass sharply and
Rikimaru groaned.

The elevator stopped suddenly and they both looked at the
computer monitor. They were on the sixth floor, and the monitor was
saying something about a security override. As they read the monitor,
both of them heard the hissing of gas.

"Oh shit," Bethany said. She reached into her jacket and pulled
out a small black box. Rikimaru simply watched as Bethany pressed the
box to the doors. There was a spark and then the doors opened.

"Good job," Rikimaru said as he went to run out the door. His
forward motion was abruptly stopped as he pulled against something.
Looking down, he saw that his belt had been tied to the elevator bar.

"Thanks," Bethany said as she ran out the door. Bethany ran down
the hallway as Rikimaru cursed behind her. Halfway down the hall, her
heavy breasts were knocking the wind out of her as they bounced under
her jacket. She stopped and unzipped her jacket to examine herself.

Her bra was missing.

"Rikimaru!" Bethany hissed.


"Thanks a bunch," Amy told the guard as she tightened her thighs
around his neck. The guard had shown her the panic button that shut
down the emergency central elevator which Amy realized was the only
thing that could explain why Bethany took such a detour. He slipped
into unconsciousness, but he'll wake up with happy memories.

Amy released her thighs around his neck and went back to the
stairs. She was on the fifth floor and she quickly ascended to the
sixth, seventh and eighth. On the eighth floor landing, a guard was
scanning the stairwell with large clunky nightvision goggles. His
glowing green bug-eyes gave Amy plenty of warning time to jump onto the
wall and bounce onto him with a roundhouse punch that would have made
her tenth grade gym teacher proud.

Unfortunately, there were two guards.

The second guard scrambled up the stairs and behind a blast door.
As Amy chased him the guard slammed the bulletproof glass door shut and
locked it down. There was no way she could continue up these stairs

"What kind of assholes put guard doors on a staircase?" Amy
muttered. She opened the door leading onto the eighth floor and looked
for another way up. After this mission, she was seriously considering
filing a report with OSHA.

The answer was obvious. Just because she stopped the emergency
central elevator from working didn't mean the shaft wasn't still
available. Amy removed the control panel and within seconds, she had
the elevator doors opened.

As she was about to enter the dark shaft, Amy heard a curious
noise. It was a "WHAP, WHAP, WHAP," sound and it was coming down the
hall. Amy waited by the corner trying to remember where she had heard
the strange sound before. Just as the noise was about to round the
corner; Amy unleashed a vicious kick at chest level. She connected
with someone and the noise abruptly came to an end.

Amy looked down at an unconscious Bethany. Curious, she unzipped
Bethany's leather jacket to discover that Bethany was apparently going
braless for this mission. Shaking her head, Amy didn't bother to zip
Bethany back up before ascending the elevator shaft.


The guard fell down clutching his hand where the shuriken had
sunk into his soft flesh. Rikimaru stepped over him as he went looking
for the emergency central elevator shaft. Some idiot had installed
doors on a stairwell and he had to make a detour much to the discomfort
of the guards on this floor.

The hall was pitch black but Rikimaru was undeterred. He had
been trained by one of the cruelest and most successful families of
Japan. Experimental surgery on his eyes meant he just had to squint a
lot. As he approached the elevator, his highly tuned eyes recognized
the bountiful paradise that was Bethany asleep and with her jacket

Rikimaru hesitated in front of the open elevator doors. On the
one hand, the doors were already open, which meant someone was ahead of
him. On the other hand, Bethany's lovely tits were just lying there.
It was a terrible temptation.

"Just a quick bite," Rikimaru whispered. He dropped to my knee
and took a soft nipple into his lips. His mouth devoured her breast
with a greed that surprised the stoic assassin. Thoughts of the last
time he suckled on this wonderful woman raced through his mind as the
nipple grew harder between his teeth.

Reluctantly, Rikimaru let the nipple drop from his mouth. He
thought about tasting the other nipple, but he restrained himself.
There would always be next time.

The elevator shaft was an easy climb for him and he berated
himself for not thinking of this earlier. There were no guards in the
shaft and no pesky blast doors to make him take detours. Rikimaru was
so used to slicing and sneaking his way past guards he often didn't
think of these simpler routes.

When he reached the top, he moved to the final lab. The door was
already open and two moaning guards alerted him to the fact that he was
late. The sight of a woman in a black duster assured him that he
wasn't 'too' late. The woman was carrying the prototype camera in one
hand and with the other she was shooting open a window.

"Halt, or face the consequences!" Rikimaru said as he unsheathed
his sword.

The brunette spun around and her duster swirled to reveal black
stockings. Oddly enough, she was wearing sunglasses in the dark
laboratory. The woman was also smiling and looking at his crotch.

"What consequences?" the woman challenged. "You're going to poke
me with your little sword? Shouldn't you tuck that back into your

Rikimaru felt a tremor of doubt. He did have a powerful
erection; a lingering memento from sucking Bethany's tit. He was sure
that it wasn't poking out of his robe but considering how warm and hard
his erection was, he couldn't be sure. Doubt and a strange
embarrassment were clouding his mind so he made a fatal mistake.

He looked down.

That single second was enough time to Amy to jump onto a desk and
then leap at him with a kick. Rikimaru never saw the foot that slammed
his head against the wall. By the time his eyes focused again, Amy was
running for the window she opened.

"You should really get laid," Amy laughed as she jumped through
the window. Rikimaru hobbled over to the window and watched her duster
float in the wind as Amy discarded it. A parachute sprung from her
concealed backpack and the agent gently glided off in the moonlight.

Rikimaru considered throwing some shurikens at her when he heard
someone behind him. It was Bethany, and her jacket was zipped back up.
She didn't look amused.

"I woke up with a wet breast and extremely horny," Bethany said
as she stepped up to him. "I hope I have you to blame."

Rikimaru laughed. "You were exposed and very tempting."

"Damn right I am," Bethany said as she slipped an arm around his
waist. The lights came back on and alarms were ringing through the
building. The two ignored the klaxons.

"Did Amy have anything to say?" Bethany asked.

"Just that we should do this," Rikimaru said. He spun Bethany
around and pulled her jeans down in a single motion.

"She IS a smart agent after all," Bethany admitted.

Rikimaru slipped his eager cock into Bethany's even more eager
sex. As the alarms continued their screaming warnings; Rikimaru bent
Bethany over a lab desk and fucked her with unrestrained passion.

Bethany cried out as her lover pounded her from behind. There
was no technique or any of his usual nimble skill. There were only his
strong hands at her waist and his hard cock in her sex. The thrusts
were so strong, Bethany's breasts were slapping against her again under
her jacket. This time, Bethany didn't have any complaints.

The deafening alarms overshadowed Bethany's moans as she
climaxed. Rikimaru's own groans of climax were suffocated by the
shrill alarms as well. Despite this, both lovers knew of the others
bliss by the tightening of walls and internal splashes of cum.

"One day, we should really go out for a date," Rikimaru yelled as
he pulled out.

"Fine," Bethany yelled back. She wondered briefly how he managed
to pull her pants down without unzipping her. "My next mission, I'll
pack a dinner."

The end.


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