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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Horizontal Limit"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine swerved to the right and sent a huge wave of snow
up in her wake. If a hail of bullets hadn't of ripped the ground she
was previously at, the agent might have had time to appreciate the mist
of snow she created. As it was, the young woman was too busy skiing
for her life to really enjoy the Swiss mountains, the way the wind
ripped through her long brown hair, or the refreshing speed she was

Another burst of bullets sent her swerving to the left but one
bullet ripped through the sleeve of her jacket. A red rage descended
on Amy. She had just bought this white ski outfit, and she loved the
way the pants hugged her long legs and round ass without restricting
her movements. It also came with these cute pink butterflies on her
white gloves and matching jacket that had the same design as her pants.

"If Bethany ruined this outfit, I'll kill her," Amy swore as she
ducked another barrage of bullets.

Amy did a quick pat down to make sure she still had the
blueprints stashed in her jacket. They were still there, and Amy
sighed a cold breath of relief as she zipped down the mountain. Amy's
employers, Paragon Industries, had discovered that their chief rivals,
Diligent Enterprises, was building yet another of their secret mountain
labs in the Swiss Alps. Diligent was fond of these mountain locations
because they were so hard to break into once fully functional. Amy's
mission was to get there before the lab was completed, and steal a copy
of their blueprints. More than likely Diligent Enterprises would
bulldoze everything and start over to make the plans useless, but the
costs would be enormous and enormous costs are why Amy got paid the big
paychecks. Amy already had her heart set on buying an antique katana
to round out her collection.

Amy's daydreams were disrupted by the disintegration of her right
ski! Fragments went flying as Bethany's bullets finally hit their
mark. Amy struggled to keep moving on one ski; her powerful thighs
straining to maintain her balance at the tremendous speeds she was
reaching. With a quick presence of mind, she darted to between two
trees, and released her ace in the hole. She tagged both trees with
her ski poles, and pressed the special trigger.

"If the boys at R and D don't pull through this time, I won't be
alive to strangle them," Amy muttered.


Bethany smirked. After a second, she allowed herself to smile
and then she gave herself permission to laugh openly. She had just
shot off one of Amy's skis, and it felt good. She wondered if she
would feel just as good when she caught up to the flat-chested bimbo
and took the blueprints out of her cold dead hands.

The busty blonde opened a burst of gunfire from her rifle and
decided that there was something to be said for heavy weaponry.
Usually her employment with Diligent Enterprises required her to carry
concealable weapons but since she was babysitting the construction of
this new lab; Bethany armed herself with the biggest, meanest automatic
rifle she could find. The vibrations and kickback from the rifle
slowed her skiing down, but Bethany kind of liked how the kickback
always made her breasts jiggle. It was like the world's deadliest

Bethany was also pleased to have winged part of Amy's outfit.
The white ski suit looked great on Amy, and even Bethany's co-workers
made comments about how hot the infiltrator looked. Bethany had just
spent a large amount of money on her blue ski suit, which came with a
matching bra that lifted Bethany's large breasts into a streamlined
shape, but no one at work even mentioned it. The blonde hated that.

She watched Amy duck between two trees and then pull towards the
far right. Bethany shook her head. The blonde couldn't believe that
her enemy seriously thought that going between trees was going to throw
Bethany off. Bethany followed right in Amy's trail and zipped between
the trees as well.

That was when she hit the trap. Bethany skied right into
hundreds of tiny invisible wires, slamming against them at full speed.
The wind was knocked from her as her forward momentum was suddenly
stopped. She released her grip on the rifle and braced herself for the
fall against the snow but instead she found herself suspended between
the trees. She was stuck against the web!

Bethany struggled but she couldn't free herself. She saw the two
devices that were causing her dilemma. Twin boxes attached to each
tree were extending metal coils that wrapped around the trees and the
web was emerging from the coils. The web itself was made of small
wires covered with some sort of adhesive. Every inch of Bethany's
outfit that touched the web was stuck fast. Hanging spread eagle
between two trees in her ski outfit, she looked like an Alaskan
Dominatrix's wet dream.

"Oh, now I am REALLY pissed," Bethany swore.

Amy tried to ski as long as she could, but exhaustion began to
set in. With Bethany safely trapped behind her, Amy could relax but
she still had miles to go before she hit her rendezvous point and the
sun was beginning to set. Night was rapidly falling on the mountain
and Amy was one ski short of a safe escape.

"Damn it, I need a miracle," Amy said. "Where's a singing nun
with a warm cabin? Where are some friendly elves working for Santa?
I'll take a secret city that only appears once every ten years at this

That was when she saw the campfire. It was a modest tent and the
fire was more of a flicker than a flame but Amy wasn't complaining.
She steered her single ski like a snowboard towards the camp, her
thighs screaming from the exertion.

There were two men sitting in front of the fire and Amy yelled
and waved to them before approaching. The waving was enough to send
her off-balance the agent fell flat to her side. In a tumbling roll,
the exhausted brunette crashed into their tent.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Amy exclaimed. "I am so sorry!

The two men rushed over to her and helped her to her feet. Amy
was surprised by how easily they picked her up and she noticed that
both of them were handsome young men with curly blond hair. As one of
them removed her single ski, she realized that she got her miracle
after all.

"Sorry about your tent there," Amy said.

The men looked at her blankly. They sat her down and went to
work on putting their tent back together. Amy debated what kind of
cover story to give them when she realized they were speaking to each
other in a language other than English. She tried greeting them in
German, French, Japanese and Spanish, but she couldn't find a common
language to communicate in.

"Oh well, talking might not be needed tonight," Amy laughed as
the two muscular men put their tent up.


Bethany hung on the web. The blonde screamed, she cursed and one
point, she even tried just throwing a tantrum. The web still held, and
she was still trapped.

Night was approaching and her walkie-talkie was hanging uselessly
on her hip. At one point she tried to pull her arms free of their
sleeves, but her large breasts were filling the jacket so tightly, she
just didn't have any room to maneuver. It was a bitter irony she
didn't appreciate.

"Activate Heater Wear" Bethany intoned to her jacket. Her jacket
and pants began to warm up. Diligent Enterprises were firm believers
in not letting their agents freeze to death. She wanted to get a bra
with the special heater circuitry, but the cost for enough material for
her bra was considered too high to be practical.

"Maybe this adhesive shit will freeze and fall off in the
morning," Bethany groaned.


Amy couldn't pronounce the names they tried to teach her. Her
lungs were burning from the cold air and she was too worn out to care.
The one on the left she called Cook because he cooked the wonderful
vegetable soup she was eating. She called the one on the right Giant
because he was nearly a foot taller than his friend. They seemed to
accept their new names with smiles and they were content just to call
her Aim.

They gave her some questioning looks when they held up her single
ski so Amy gave them a strange pantomime about hitting a rock. She
knew they must be wondering what she was doing on skiing on an
otherwise abandoned mountain, but the language barrier helped her avoid
any explanations. Every time the two men would point at the mountain
and then at her, Amy would just relax her shoulders and smile blankly
like a lost girl who just couldn't understand what grown-ups were

One thing she did understand was that they liked her ski suit.
Cook would keep running his hands over the smooth lines of her thighs
while Giant would point to the various pink butterflies on her jacket.
The outfit was an international hit.

When the sun was completely gone and the stars filled the sky
like Giant's dimples, the two men began to whisper to each other. Amy
thought it was sweet how they were whispering when she didn't
understand anything anyway. She decided to give them some privacy
asking where the bathroom was. Through some rather explicit charades,
she got her point across and they pointed to a dip in the snow where
she could have some privacy.

When Amy came back, the two were no longer whispering. Cook
opened the tent flap and showed her their problem. There was only one
sleeping bag, a double that the two men obviously used together. She
felt a wave of disappointment as she wondered if they were gay.

Giant held up two fingers and wrapped them with the fingers of
his other hand. Then he held up three fingers and wrapped them in his
hand. He gave her such a questioning look; Amy was reminded of small

To answer them, she slipped off her jacket and kicked off her
boots. She climbed inside the sleeping bag and gave them a beaming
smile. With both hands, she patted the space on either side of her
before unzipping her ski pants.

Despite the language barrier, the two handsome men began to
strip. Communication was finally achieved.

Bethany looked in disbelief as twenty handsome guys trudged
through the snow towards her. They were wearing sweaters with a high
school logo, and all of them looked to be about eighteen. Behind them,
she saw a bus parked on the mountainside.

"Excuse me Miss," the lead guy said. "We're male cheerleaders
trying to hike this mountain to earn money for new uniforms. Do you
need help?"

Bethany couldn't believe her luck! "Yes! I'm so glad you showed
up! Please, get me down from here!"

"Sure Ma'am," the handsome teen said. "But I'm afraid we're all
virgins, and you are the prettiest woman we've ever seen. Would you
mind if we pulled off your pants, and all had sex with you? We would
love it if you made men out of all of us."

Bethany shrugged. "Sounds good to me!"

That was when she woke up from her dream. A harsh wind was
blowing the trees so hard, it shook her awake. The dazed blonde looked
around, but she could find no trace of the stranded male cheerleaders.

Outside the tent, the temperature was rapidly dropping to
dangerous levels but inside the tent, steam was filling their cramped
quarters. Amy was between the two burly men and she kept moving and
shifting to warm her cold skin against their powerful bodies. They
assisted in warming her; Cook was nibbling on one of her small breasts
while Giant's mouth was on the other. Amy's tiny buds were engulfed by
the large men, their wide tongues licking and swiping her nipples until
her flesh was on fire.

Amy's hands reached into their underwear and she giggled at their
modesty. They were groping inside a tent, yet they kept their
underwear on. It must have been a European thing. Amy didn't care.
Their cocks were solid and ready to be found, and her fingers gripped
each as hard as she had gripped her ski poles earlier. They were
uncircumcised and Amy had fun playing with the excessive skin. From
their groans, the men were having fun too.

"Aim!" Cook groaned.

Amy rolled over towards Cook. She didn't speak his language but
she knew how to lift one thigh in invitation. She pulled his mouth
towards her, and greeted his tongue with a kiss as he greeted her pussy
with the solid length of his cock. Amy groaned as he impaled her,
pinning her against Giant's reassuring warmth.

Long, casual strokes cemented their bodies together. It was a
long fuck, one devoid of speed and suitable for the thin mountain air.
His hand held her muscular thigh up to allow his cock inside her, but
Amy loved the way his strong fingers kneaded her thigh with each
thrust. Mouth to mouth, she groaned her appreciation as he sucked her
bottom lip.

Amy felt fingers grip her buttocks and she felt bad for poor
Giant who was being left out. She was about to reach for his cock when
she felt his girth being pressing against her tight asshole. Her eyes
widened in shock as Giant lived up to his name and filled her ass with
his immense size. She moaned in relief as the cock slid suspiciously
easily in, meaning he must have lubricated himself while she was being
fucked by Cook. She didn't care about the details; she was just
enjoying the feeling of being penetrated by both men.

The two men worked together with a patience that amazed Amy.
Giant was slow and steady; taking care to open Amy's tight ass
tenderly. Cook was slightly faster, plunging up into Amy's sex with
greater need. Their arms and hands encompassed her entire body,
groping and touching her smooth skin. Amy was under a double cocoon of
male bodies and the hot sleeping bag. She just relaxed into their
thrusts and pushes as they filled her completely.

She turned her head and kissed Giant as he fucked her ass. His
mouth betrayed his urges, telling a different story from the slow
penetration of her buttocks. Amy returned the passion of his kiss
while Cook kissed her exposed neck. With both their mouths now on her
as well as their cocks, Amy was ready to cum.

"Don't stop!" Amy said between kissing gasps. Her climax hit her
like the mountain wind. Amy moaned as her sex clenched on Cook's cock
while her ass clenched on the cock in it as well. She felt her orgasm
bounce from cock to cock, feeding back on itself until her entire body
was trembling.


The wind woke Bethany up again. The blonde tried to look around
as best as she could. Since her body was plastered to a web, there
wasn't a lot of visibility to be had. In essence, she just wanted to
confirm one thing.

"Damn it, I'm still stuck," Bethany said between shivers.


In the morning, Amy discovered the bad part about waking up
between two handsome guys who had ejaculated in you the night before.
For one thing, the double morning breath was deadly. For another
thing, frozen cum made it extremely sticky to move without hurting

"Who's cooking me breakfast?" Amy asked out loud.

As it turns out, Giant made her breakfast. Amy decided it was
too late to give Cook another nickname. She simply ate the stew Giant
prepared and gathered her strength to once more assault the language
barrier. After an amusing pantomime where Cook thought she was asking
for another round of sex, Amy finally communicated the need to take a
spare ski.

"Good-bye, Giant, you were a great ass-fucker," Amy said. She
didn't care about how she sounded. The agent understood that it was
the emotion that counted.

"Good-bye Cook, when I'm trying to pull frozen cum out of my
pubic hair, I'll think of you always!"

The two men just smiled dumbly and waved good-bye to the
mysterious woman.


Bethany fluttered in the morning breeze. She was still stuck to
the web. To her disappointment, the adhesive remained effective
despite the cold temperatures or the length of time that had expired.

"Need some help?" she heard from behind her. From behind the
trees walked two handsome blond men.

"About time you guys showed up!" Bethany snapped. The two men
started to cut her clothes.

"Well, we had to wait till Amy left the campsite first," the
bigger man said. "Although I have to admit, that was a great outfit
she had on!"

"Yeah, I wish I could of figured out a way to ask her phone
number without giving away that we knew English," the smaller man said.

"That girl can eat!" the bigger man agreed. "I was terrified the
whole time she was eating. I just knew that at ant minute she was
going to check to see if she still had the blueprints."

"You did get the blueprints, right?" Bethany asked as they cut
her jacket loose. She was glad to get the conversation off the stupid
outfit Amy was wearing. The smaller man held her topless body as she
leaned away from the web. Despite the freezing wind, she could smell
the sex on his body.

"Of course we did," the smaller man confirmed. "It was a great
plan. By the time she reached our tent, she was begging to spend the
night. When you first told us to camp there until the laboratory was
built, on the off chance that we might offer refuge to escaping agents,
I thought you were crazy! But when I saw that pretty lady crashing
into our tent with that cute little ski suit, I wanted to take back
everything I said about you."

"I get called crazy a lot," Bethany said as they cut her pants
off. She fell into the snow, naked and cold. "It's one of the prices
of being right all the time."

"Look, as much as I would like to gloat about out-smarting Amy,
can you guys get me some clothes?" Bethany asked between chattering

The men laughed. "If you can wait a minute, we can set the tent
back up," one of them said.

"And then we can show you why she called me 'Giant'," the bigger
one laughed.

Bethany smiled. "If there's breakfast later, you can even tell
me about her stupid outfit again."

The end.


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