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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Dances With Thighs"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine felt her hips swaying to the music. She tried to
restrain herself but the music was seeping through her skin, spreading
through her long legs and pulsing through under her dress. The leggy
brunette wanted to forget her mission and just dance.

"A drink madam?" a waiter asked her. She waved him off. That
was the fifth time in ten minutes that a waiter had asked her a
question. She smiled. It meant her clothes were having their desired
effect. Her slinky blood red dress shimmered in the dim light of the
party, drawing people's attention to her long legs and long flowing
brown hair. It was the perfect dress to catch royalty.

Today was Prince Badru's coronation in the small yet oil rich
country of Qugeria. As appropriate for a filthy rich member of
royalty, a huge party was being held in the summer palace. There was a
fifty piece jazz band and a ten-foot high ice sculpture of the future
king in addition to the hundreds of guests that had gathered here to
celebrate the king. The celebration would last for days mostly because
with a new king came new gifts and new deals with foreign lands.

Amy represented one of those foreign interests. In these trying
times, oil was just as valuable as ever. Amy's company, Paragon
Industries, hoped to obtain sole use of Qugeria's oil fields now that
King Badru's father had passed away. Paragon's nemesis, Diligent
Enterprises, lost control of the oil with the Prince's ascension, and
Amy was to ensure that they didn't regain their advantage.

"This should be easy," Amy said to herself as she spied Badru
dancing with a pretty Asian. Prince Badru had a long history of
granting ridiculous gifts to women who pleased him. According to
rumor, he gave the serving girl who took his virginity a mansion in
Sweden. The first woman to give him a blowjob was in charge of a
profitable diamond mine. Recently, a princess who gave him anal sex
now owned a Caribbean island. The talented agent had no doubt that she
could give the prince something worth a contract with her company.

Seducing a King in order to secure oil rights for the next fifty
years wasn't going to be easy, but then that's why they paid industrial
agents like Amy the big paychecks. She already had her heart set on
taking a vacation in Al Amarja this winter.

The new King finally broke away from his asian dancing partner.
Badru had been dancing all-night and seemed to be tireless. Amy walked
with confidence across the dance floor. She planned to show him a few
moves he would never forget.

She caught his eye from across the dance floor. The King was a
handsome black man just barely twenty. Of course he saw her. He had
to see the confident woman who was striding towards him with her brown
hair flowing around her. His eyes were afire and Amy knew he was hers.

That was when a blonde woman took his hand and began to dance.


Bethany Taylor finally had the moment she was waiting for. The
King had stopped dancing long enough for Bethany to approach him. A
Middle Eastern princess was closer to the king, but Bethany snatched a
piece of ice from a waiter's tray and threw the hard ice cube at the
princess's ass. As the princess spun around to see who had touched her
sacred ass, Bethany was pushing past her to the king.

"May I have this dance?" Bethany said as she took the young man's
hand. He was transfixed by something and when he turned around, a look
of irritation was on his face from being distracted. His annoyance
melted into lust when he saw who had his hand. Bethany had that effect
on people.

He took a moment to look at her dress, a sparkling blue dance
dress that hung on impossibly thin straps. Her blonde hair was
gathered in exquisite curls around her heart shaped face. A single
pearl hung on a necklace that was nestled comfortably above her
swelling cleavage.

"I would be delighted to dance with you," Badru proclaimed.

"That's all?" Bethany asked and the young man blushed.

Bethany Taylor smiled as the music began, a fast jazz tune that
set her hips to shaking. This mission was going to be a breeze. Her
employers, Diligent Enterprises, had an agreement with Badru's deceased
father for exclusive rights to their country's oil. With Badru's
ascension, the oil rights had to be renegotiated. Bethany wasn't too
worried about that part. As Badru's eyes followed her dancing breasts,
the blonde figured it would only take one vertical dance followed by a
horizontal one to seal this deal.

The King was an amazing dancer. His hips and shoulders flowed
together while his eyes never left Bethany. The blonde had to struggle
to keep up with him, as the pace he set was incredible. The music
moved faster and Bethany wondered if the band had been commanded to
follow the lead of the new king. At this rate, her breasts were going
to fly out of her dress. Perhaps that was the plan?

Badru backed away from her and the crowd parted for the King. He
was caught in the music and was dancing backwards as the song reached a
crescendo. Bethany watched his smile grow bigger and bigger as he
backed away as he anticipated how sweet it would be to reunite as the
music permitted. Bethany arched her back and shimmied her shoulders,
calling him back with her swaying breasts.

As the music hit its peak, a hand on his shoulder spun Badru
around. The crowd gasped at the thought that someone would lay their
hand on the King. Bethany was just as stunned but for different
reasons. The foolhardy woman who had touched Badru was Amy!


Amy could see the King was upset, but she placed a finger on his
lips before he could protest. The music slipped into a slower tempo
and Amy allowed herself to move ever so slowly. As the King watched,
Amy's body came to life with a sensual crawl that traversed her body.
Her body absorbed the music and let it soak through and through.

Transfixed, Badru watched as the beautiful woman in the red dress
danced. He forgot about the busty charms of the blonde as he watched
legs that could run with the gazelles. Her feet stabbed the ground
like a huntress, claiming the floor with every step. He matched her
feet, following in step with the sensual march she was dictating.

Amy smiled as Badru joined her dance. He came closer and closer
till they were inches apart without touching. She spun her head and
swept her hair across his face and she could see him breathing in her
fragrance. Their hips matched each other, fucking together in harmony
without the aid of sex.

She could see Bethany over Badru's shoulder. The blonde was
glaring but still dancing. Other men tried to dance with Bethany but
the agent brushed them off. Bethany only had eyes for the man Amy had
already ensnared.

The song ended and Amy and Badru paused for breath. They were
smiling and Amy waited for him to speak first. She wanted him to ask
the questions on his lips so that she could reel him closer into her
grasp. Plus, she didn't have any breath left to speak first anyway.


Bethany had seized the advantage before; she planned to do it
again. As her rival Amy gasped for air, Bethany walked back up to the
King and slipped her arms around him from behind. Once again the crowd
murmured but the band wisely decided to play again. The song they
choose was slow and sultry which suited Bethany perfectly.

Pressed against his back, Bethany danced slowly. Her knees bent
and her hips melted against him as her breasts flattened against his
broad back. Badru was sighing between her arms as he felt the hard
points of her nipples through her dress. Her hands roamed indiscreetly
over him, teasing and roaming in a very disrespectful manner. Bethany
felt the king up as the slow music floated through the room.

The King began to move with her, his buttocks rubbing against
belly. Together their bodies melded as they fell into synchronization.
His hands reached back and clasped Bethany to him with a desperation
that matched Bethany's hardness of her nipples. He could feel her
heart beating against his back through the infinite softness of her

As they danced and rotated, Bethany saw Amy fuming. The blonde
laughed. Silently, she mouthed the words "Your turn, bitch."


"My turn?" Amy growled. Her shoulders pulse with the slow tempo
of the music. She felt her anger pool inside her as her legs began to
move. The music was slow, but Amy's body was raging. Within the
confines of the tempo, she danced. Enraged but constrained, her body
slithered in place.

Badru watched as Amy's body expressed its desire. She broke free
of the music and danced her frustration. Amy's legs followed a
different beat, one that matched the sensuality of the song but was
pounding to an internal drum. She ran her hands through her hair and
curled her lips in lustful anger. Her body demanded his attention and
refused to be ignored any longer.

Amy moved up to him and wrapped her hands behind his neck. While
Bethany continued to dance behind him, Amy pressed herself against his
front. King Badru was melting between their gyrating bodies. The
beautiful brunette was rubbing her long legs against his while the sexy
blonde was grinding her soft breasts into his back. The music was
clouding his mind but he retained enough of his faculties to understand
that there was a decision to be made here.

He looked into the eyes of the determined woman in front of him
with the talented legs.

He felt the blonde behind swivel to the right, and she dragged
her nipples across his back.

He shivered as the woman in front of him rubbed her thigh against
his leg.

He moaned when the blonde behind him bit him on the arm.

"You!" he said as he spun around. Bethany smiled as he grabbed
her by the arm and dragged her from the dance floor. She looked over
her shoulder to catch the stunned anger on Amy's face. For fun,
Bethany blew her a kiss.

"Asshole," Amy muttered as the king left with Bethany. She was
too pissed to think straight which is why she scowled at the waiter who
approached her instead of just hitting him outright.

"Excuse me madam," the waiter said timidly. "But the King's
Mother, Zakiya, desires a word with you."

"Oh shit," Amy said. The waiter said nothing, but his face said
he agreed with her.


King Badru dragged Bethany into a small hallway. There were a
few people standing around, escaping from the noise of the dancing.
The King merely waved his hand and they all cleared out. This was the
kind of power Bethany could get addicted to.

"You have driven me mad," the King said when he turned to
Bethany. He held her by the waist as he dipped his head down for a
kiss. For a young man, his kiss was forceful and didn't allow for

"I am all yours," Bethany said when he finally broke the kiss.

"I know," Badru said without a trace of doubt.


Amy was also escorted to an adjoining room but instead of a
hallway, this place had a throne. Sitting on the throne was a stunning
black woman dressed in gold. A few wrinkles and an endowed chest
betrayed her maturity, but the sparkle in Zakiya's eyes was far greater
than that of her son. When Amy walked in, the enthroned woman waved
her hand and all the servants left in a hurry. The door locked behind

"If this is about your son, I'm sorry if I've over stepped
myself," Amy said.

"Silence," Zakiya commanded. "You performed well, but my son has
always been a fool for cows with enormous udders. Although you were an
excellent dancer, you lack the development my son lusts for."

"Thanks?" Amy said uncertainly.

"Take off your dress," the Queen mother commanded.

Amy almost protested, but part of her was curious. She reached
behind her and unzipped her red dress. Pulling from the hem, Amy
lifted the dress over her thighs, her hips and over her chest and head
before letting the dress drop to the floor. Her small breasts were
naked as well as her sex.

"I see you did come here to fuck my son," Zakiya said. Before
Amy could deny it, the Queen mother rose from her throne and lifted her
own skirt. The gold parted to reveal legs as fit as Amy's and a dark
sex that was just as bare of panties.

"Come dance with me," the Queen mother ordered.


King Badru pulled Bethany's dress straps down and freed her
breasts. As the plump melons fell loose, Badru caught them in his
hand. He took a deep bite and savored the sweat that had collected
from the dancing.

Bethany moaned as he plundered her breasts. He didn't care about
the sharpness of his teeth or the sensitivity of her hard nipples. He
simply took. Bethany began a different kind of dance as she squirmed
in his grip. With her nipples trapped in his hands and lips, she
danced to the music of her moans and sudden gasps.

"Magnificent," Badru groaned when he finally came up for air.
His face was covered in a sheen of their sweat. "Simply, magnificent."

"I'm glad you think so," Bethany said. She resisted the urge to
cover her mauled breasts. "If you want them, you can have them for

He interrupted her by pushing down on her shoulders. "Yes, I
want them," he groaned. When Bethany was on her knees, the King pulled
open his pants. His cock sprung forth, dark and flushed with royal

"Your breasts," Badru demanded.

Bethany smirked but she obeyed. Some men are just easier to deal
with after their orgasm. Cupping both slick tits in her hands, she
lifted them towards his cock. His dark length slid easily between her
white mounds and the King moaned with satisfaction.

He placed his hands in her long blonde hair and pumped his hips.
Slowly, he fucked her tits while his hands used her hair like reins.
Bethany kept her breasts tight around his cock but her soft flesh gave
easily to his hard thrusts. She tipped her head down and kissed the
tip of his cock every time it emerged from the valley of her breasts.

Badru danced between Bethany's breasts. His hips had the same
perfect rhythm as he penetrated her tits. Back and forth and up and
down, his cock weaved through Bethany's pillowy flesh and Bethany
moaned as she wished that his cock would dance like that between her
legs. All she could do was content herself with kisses upon his cock
while Badru pumped faster and faster.

Her breasts began to burn as the friction dried the sweat from
her body. It wouldn't matter. Badru's grip tightened in her hair and
he groaned like a lion as his cock twitched, and then exploded. A long
stream of cum landed on her outstretched tongue. As Bethany swallowed
his royal semen, more cum continued to fly upon her breasts.

"Breasts for oil, sounds fair to me," Bethany said to herself as
Badru continued to shudder.


Amy shuddered as Zakiya slipped a dark thigh between her own
thighs. Her skin was smooth than any Amy had ever felt before. As
Zakiya's thigh pressed against Amy's sex, Amy moaned at the silky
touch. There was almost no friction as Zakiya's leg rubbed into Amy's
swollen clitoris; pulling the moist desire from her open lips.

"Lift your thigh," Zakiya commanded. Dazed, Amy complied. She
raised her leg until Zakiya was resting her sex on Amy's leg as well.
Amy was ashamed that her leg wasn't as perfectly smooth as the Queen's,
but the Queen ignored her blush.

Together, the two settled onto each other. Their thighs joined
their sexes and the Queen's breasts were crushing against Amy's humble
chest. They gasped for a moment as they felt their hearts pound

"Now we dance," Zakiya whispered and she began to move. Slowly,
carefully and tenderly, she led the dance as they writhed in place.
They didn't move a step but their hips and legs were in constant
motion. She pressed Amy to her bosom as their intimate dance crippled
the young woman's strength. Zakiya held Amy easily as Amy moaned in
constant bliss.

"Faster," Zakiya whispered and Amy groaned in the black woman's
expansive chest. Amy obeyed though. Faster she danced, driving her
thigh against Zakiya's sex until her knee was slick with the Queen's
desire. Faster she danced until she could feel the solid nub of
Zakiya's clit digging against her. Faster and faster she danced until
she made the Queen cry out with a long whimpering moan.

When the Queen climaxed, her dark thighs clenched against Amy's
leg and Amy fucked harder against the impossibly soft skin of Zakiya's
leg. Amy lost her composure as she blatantly humped the leg of the
Queen. She buried her face deeper into Zakiya's dark warm cleavage as
she humped herself to her release.

Amy's orgasm stole her breath so that her moan became a choked
whisper. She slid from Zakiya's thigh and knee, landing on the floor
hard but she didn't care. Her legs were exhausted from the dance and
she didn't even care that she was sitting before a Queen with her legs
wide open.

Zakiya looked down at her. "Now, tell me. What you desired of
my son?"


"Oil?" Badru asked. "My country has oil?"

Bethany paused in her cleaning of her breasts. She looked up at
the King to see if he was joking but his eyes were as devoid of
duplicity as they were of consideration.

"Oh fuck me with a plastic spoon," Bethany cursed.


Zakiya laughed. "You were trying to seduce my son? My son is
just a pretty face. You don't think that brainless twit actually makes
policy do you?"

"Well, what about those gifts he gave to those other women? The
diamond mine and the mansion in Sweden?" Amy asked.

The Queen sat back down in her throne, smiling as her afterglow
settled with her. She swept her skirt back over her sex and Amy noted
how brightly one of Zakiya's knees shone. Zakiya took a sip from a
chalice before explaining.

"Those gifts were bribes," Zakiya laughed. "My son is
incompetent in the ways of seduction. By the time he was 18, he had
been slapped more times than he had been fucked. His father and I
despaired that he would try to marry the first woman to suck his royal
manhood. We decided to hire several women to indoctrinate him."

Amy had to laugh. "Oh well, so much for the oil negotiations."

"Oh, was that what you wanted?" Zakiya said. "Come by tomorrow
and I'll have my ministers negotiate with you."

Amy blinked. "What? You don't even know who I work for?"

Zakiya shrugged. "Who cares? As part of the deal, I want you to
come back next year for the anniversary party. Good dance partners are
rare in this day and age. If I want to give the rights to the oil to a
good dancer, that's my prerogative."

The Queen smiled as she rubbed her thighs together. "Like I
always say, it's good to be the Queen."


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